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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 27, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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military. i've got the details coming up. >> this is mornings on 2. >> good morning. ah, very nice. >> very impressive, pam. >> well, thank you. i did each light individually myself at union square. >> why couldn't i have had that earlier. not until you come in. >> that's a lot of work though. i love that and the palm trees at union square. very california. still a week or so to enjoy the decorations of union square. very chilly. bundle up, right? good morning. wednesday, december 27th. i'm pam cook. so nice to see you again. >> good to see you too. a belated merry christmas. >> thank you. you too. >> steve is off today. and you brought in rosemary. we do have a holiday coming our
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way. let's make it an entire week. we have kwanzaa going, and of course we're looking towards the new year and those celebrations. and we'll remain dry for the next few days. and the first chance of rain will come on new year's eve. more on that coming up in the next half hour or so. let's take a look at the current conditions and what to expect for the afternoon today. visibility is an issue over portions of the north bay. take a look at how widespread it is. visibility down to a quarter mile in some areas. highway101 you see the fog and then it gets thick approaching petaluma and novato. and crossing into the sonoma valley. and the napa valley. highway37 you'll find it. fog in vallejo but not too thick. you may find it on the roadways. outside of that. the other headline, just how cold it is.
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33 in santa rosa. 36 napa. 34 in livermore. and closer to the water, 40 in oakland. and 44 in san francisco. for afternoon today. temperatures are going to come up slightly. one positive note. it's not a spare the air day. that's good news. and more on the possibility of a little bit of rain coming up. time is 5:02. sal is off today and we still watch the morning commute for you. interstate 880 through oakland along the coliseum. pam, you could roll a bowling ball. very light along the coliseum. >> or maybe a basketball. >> that's apropos. at the toll plaza, same story. pretty clear and smooth sailing. a little warning from marin county around the richmond, san rafael bridge, probably it's
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foggy. >> i heard it was patchy all over the place. >> sometimes around the tunnel, it can be foggy. look out for that. many people in santa clara county got a reminder that we live in earthquake county. a 3.2 quake was centered slightly east of the town of san martin. three hours later, a slightly stronger, 3.9 quake was centered in the allen rock neighborhood of san jose. no reports of injuries or serious damage from either quake. >> this morning, the body of chp officer andrew camilleri is back in his hometown. a suspected drunk driver hit his patrol car on the nimitz freeway in hayward. his journey home was marked by first responders from the bay area and beyond. >> reporter: firefighters
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saluted on overpass after overpass as a procession escorted the body of officer andrew camilleri from the coroner's office in oakland to the hometown of tracy. once at the chapel, a salute for the 33-year-old who died while serving his community. people who didn't know the officer were touched by the suddenness and severity of the loss. >> very, very sad at this time of the year. i feel for the family. just wanted to pay my respects. >> reporter: just hearing about this and i think about their family, what they must be going through. i can't fathom what they must be going through. >> ironically, officer andrew camilleri was out for the maximum enforcement period on christmas eve. trying to protect the public from drunk drivers. his suv was parked on the
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shoulder and a red cadillac smashed into the cruiser, killing him. the 22-year-old behind the wheel was apparently under the influence of alcohol and drugs. >> sometimes the greatest tragedy is a wasted life. and andrew didn't waste his. >> reporter: they attended mission city church in crazy with their 12-year-old daughter and two young sons. officer camilleri played bass in the band. he was excited about his decision to join the chp. >> it was more than a career. it was a call. it was a way for him to be able to make a difference in people's lives by being out and serving and protecting. and he's a hero. >> reporter: monte francis, ktvu fox 2 news. we know how many dui arrests were made over the
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weekend. 900 arrests were made between 6 p.m. friday and midnight christmas night. last year, 621 people were arrested. the chp says 27 people died on california roads over the holiday weekend this year. that's down from last year. the report says half of the people who were killed were not wearing seat belts. a santa rosa fire captain is recovering after being hurt while fighting a fire. crews were called to a house fire about 11:45. within 15 minutes, both fires were out. none of the residents were hurt but a fire captain suffered a muscle injury battling the flames. $150,000 damage was caused and two people have been displaced. also in santa rosa, a construction crew is blamed for hitting a pipe that triggered a natural gas leak.
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it happened yesterday afternoon just after 3:00 at san miguel and peterson lane. the workers were digging with a backhoe and hit the 2-inch line. two homes were evacuated as a precaution. the leak was put out two hours later. life-threatening injuries after a shooting during a robbery that happened over the weekend. the suspects are still on the loose. >> it was friday, approximately before 3:00 p.m. okay, we heard bump, bump, bump, bump. >> reporter: he heard the gunfire from down the street from the pawnshop on mission. >> and one of my customers came in and said police are down there and this, that, the other. and they had just robbed the pawnshop and shot the guy. >> reporter: san francisco police are releasing few details, only confirming that four suspects walked in and he
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would three men at gunpoint while leaving the 77-year-old victim with gunshot wounds. >> we found out that they shot him in his hands, his feet, and i think his rear. >> reporter: 911 was called and the robbers went for the display case with jewelry. >> he tried to take out the rings. he tried to show them and didn't get a chance. >> the two other victims inside the pawnshop, ages 60 and 63 were not harmed as the robbers fled on foot. >> at least one of the suspects ducked into the clothing store just a half a block down the street. >> in the fitting room he tried to change a t-shirt and left the gun there. and they called the police
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also. police took the gun. >> reporter: the investigation is ongoing and they wouldn't disclose what was taken or confirm the eyewitness accounts. the 77-year-old victim suffered life-threatening injuries and remains in the hospital. >> when it's somebody you know, it's kind of shocking but it wasn't anything we expected. >> police are poring over the surveillance video and no arrests have been made in this case. with a history of robberies, business owners remain on high alert and they are looking out for each other. ktvu fox 2 news. our time is 5:09 and a man is facing charges of attempted murder, accused of trying to attack alameda county sheriff's deputies with a machete. it happened christmas morning just before 2:00 at a home on princeton street outside the hayward city limits. a woman was assaulted by her husband. and deputies found the man on a
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back patio and he pulled a machete from his waistband and tried to attack. a veteran deputy opened fire. >> he did everything he could to try to deescalate the situation but unfortunately these things happen so quickly. he made a quick decision and he's safe and the suspect is going to survive and we'll deal with this through the legal process. >> the unidentified suspect is expected to survive. he's facing a charge of attempted murder of a police officer. in less than a week, recreational marijuana will be legal in california. coming up. we'll talk about the effect the new regulations will have on the bay area. and back home in time for the holidays. you'll hear from firefighters who were battling the fires in southern california. another cool day around the bay area. details for your wednesday and when we may see a little bit of rain coming up. really?
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it's 5:13 and fire crews have made huge progress battling the thomas fire. it's 88% contained and no longer threatening homes. officials say most of the smoke has drifted away from communities and people are being allowed to return to ventura and santa barbara
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counties. they're slowly getting back to normal. >> and firefighters from across california and several other states have been battling the fires. some made it home in time for the holidays. mother marine nailer spoke with some of the people. >> reporter: his office is behind the wheel of a bulldozer. after 16 days on the fire lines in southern california, the newlywed just got home on christmas eve eve. >> i was just married two months ago. when we got back from our honeymoon we were off to fighting fires together. >> reporter: this is their wedding day. and this is them at base camp in southern california last week. >> we told ourselves in the weeks leading up to it that we might miss our first christmas together as a couple. that fortunately did not happen. >> when you're a firefighter,
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there's no guarantee of getting home for the holidays. >> my son is 11 and my daughter is nine. being gone for 23 days, the kids are used to me being gone but don't like it. >> reporter: he shared these photos of work on the thomas fire. we asked him what it was like returning just in time for the christmas after 23 days away. >> my wife was ecstatic. like seeing them for the first time again. >> reporter: he made it home to celebrate with his parents, knowing the last deployment was especially tough on family members. >> when injuries happen it scares everybody a little bit. >> reporter: at one point, 8000 firefighters were battling the thomas fire. and now there are fewer than 00 as the fire reaches full containment. the trump administration
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imposing more sanctions on north korea. the treasury department sanctioning two north korean officials, blocking them from doing business. it's part of the campaign to de- nuclearize the korean peninsula. the u.n. imposed sanctions on friday. and those sanctions also targeted the flow of money in north korea. the trump administration faces new legal battles after a former veteran killed people at a church. griff jenkins is in washington with the story. >> reporter: the defense department under fire. cities, new york, philadelphia, and san francisco, filing a federal lawsuit, accusing the military of failing to report significant numbers of service members disqualified from gun
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ownership to the fbi's background check system. guns in the hands of criminals and those who wish to cause immeasurable harm. the lawsuit follows the november shooting at a church in sutherland springs, texas. a former military member shot and killed 26 parishioners and injuries 20 others. >> this is exactly the kind of individual who should have never passed a background check. >> reporter: the lawsuit coming amidst a push on capitol hill to make it a law for the military to report misdemeanors of domestic violence to the criminal background check system. >> we're looking at something that had it been followed, this person would not have been able to obtain a firearm. >> reporter: pentagon officials can't comment on the lawsuit but did say the department is
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doing everything it can to ensure that it works with the services to make sure that qualifying history information is submitted to the fbi. in washington, griff jenkins, fox news. we're still checking traffic. pam gave sal the morning off. and interstate 880 right near oracle where the warriors will host utah tonight. traffic is moving pretty good right now. no complaints. >> a good week for sal to be off. it's not very busy. a lot of people have the week off. and we're keeping an eye on the roads for you. in union city, dakota road will be closed. the union pacific railroad needs to make emergency repairs to the railroad crossing. take a look at the map. it will be closed between
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achieves way and 7th street. detours will be in place. be aware of that area. can you tell rosemary to find some rain somewhere? >> she's trying i think. >> and snow. just tap into the east coast a little bit. >> they would be happy to send some our way. >> they'd be happy to trade with us on any day now. and we're very spoiled to have this very quiet, nice pattern right during the holidays, but we would definitely like to see the rain return. giving you a view. storm tracker two, very quiet. we do have partly cloudy skies on the coastline. and if you look to the north bay, we have a little bit of fog. no a lot of fog. let me correct myself. as we go from the coast all the way to the napa valley. visibility from quarter mile to half mile in some areas.
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highway101, highway 12, the sonoma valley. american canyon, highway 37 into vallejo. something to be aware of. here's hoping you're cozy and have no place to be. high pressure remains in control. getting through the business week that means the storm track going well to the north. we're not going to see rain until new year's eve. there's a slight possibility. and when i say slight i mean not all the models are agreeing. some say dry and some say wet. and we're holding onto hope that we'll see rain come our way. dry conditions, partly cloudy skies. and temperatures freezing over portions of the north bay valley locations. 36 outside your door. along the peninsula, 42 in redwood city and 42 for hayward. 39 san jose. temperatures along the peninsula a chilly one for you, san mateo. and 35 menlo park. and 34 in woodside.
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34 in alamo. and 41 pittsburg. and 39 outside lafayette. afternoon highs a lot like yesterday. there's one nice change, no spare the air. 61 in vallejo. and low 60s inland. for city of san francisco, 59 and into the south bay, 62 for san jose. if you're heading to tahoe. dry with mostly sunny skies. and temperatures in the low to mid-50s for the afternoons. and 20s for the overnight lows. even though we don't have snow falling from the sky, they continue to make snow. slightly warmer tomorrow. and slightly cooler as we get into the final weekend of 2017. and on sunday, cloudy with a chance of rain. so again, the newest models have backed off just a little bit. >> oh, really? >> not what went to see. >> we'll take anything. 5:21 is the time. and one of the busiest days of
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the year for returning the holiday gifts and something has changed. coming up, the differences when it comes to returning the unwanted holiday gifts.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. one of the 49ers -- former teammates is singing jimmy garoppolo's praises.
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the 49ers fans have new confidence and teammates too. it's been noticed by his old team and its former fan who is might be nervous about what happens when tom brady retires. tom brady talked about his former backup. >> well, he's done a great job. you go in there and get the opportunity to play and win games, that's what we're all here for. it was good to see and gad for them to beat jacksonville. that helped us. and i'm really happy for jimmy and he's worked hard and it shows up when he goes out and plays well. >> and that was tom brady. >> the raiders were eliminated from the playoffs before they lost to the eagles on christmas. the raiders had five turnovers through the game. derek carr threw two interceptions and the raiders
5:26 am
fumbled three times. the raiders wrap up the season playing the l.a. chargers. last night the ucla bruins and kansas state in the cactus bill. the bruins built a 10 point lead without their star quarterback. and kansas state's backup quarterback ran for 158 yards, four touchdowns, and kansas city state won 35-17. in the two earlier games, utah beat west virginia 30-14. in the heart of dallas bowl. and in the quick lane bowl, duke topped northern illinois 36-14. tonight at levi stadium. the arizona wildcats play the purdue boilermakers in the foster farms bowl. coverage begins at 5:00 and the game starts at 5:00 30. and we'll have news at 5:00, 6:00, and 7:00 all over on the
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ktvu plus. >> got it, okay. time is 5:26. a new crackdown on the use of disabled parking placards. the new rules that take effect january 1st. >> reporter: an armed robbery, and one man shot. and police are looking for your help in finding the gunman. outside our doors this morning, another cold start. some areas near freezing. and we'll take a look at the current conditions and line up the afternoon highs coming up. ♪ ♪
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's the middle of the week, wednesday, december 27th. >> it's 5:30 and steve paulson is off today. and rosemary is taking care of us. a little fog. >> especially for the north bay folks and seeing a little bit on the coastline. another cold start. on the plus side, no spare the air. that's for the folks waiting to light up the fireplace, it's okay to do so today. and giving you a view at the fog and the visibility. and it is quite thick in areas. and we have a little ways until the sun will shine and we're looking at partly cloudy skies for today. let's check in on the visibility. i'm seeing a little bit of gray on the coastline. san francisco is reporting 10 miles visibility. through pacifica and half moon
5:31 am
bay you'll have a little bit of fog. perhaps on highway 1. and over the north bay from highway 1, stretches all the way to the napa valley. and visibility from quarter mile to half mile. santa rosa reporting a little bit more than a mile. but the darker shade of gray indicates where it's really thick. you'll find it on highway 101, petaluma to novato. it could be really thick as well. be careful. it definitely could impact the drive. highway12, highway 37. and over to areas of vallejo. temperature-wise, 33 degrees in santa rosa and 36 in napa. and 43 in redwood city. into the afternoon, partly cloudy and relatively mild, upper 50s to low 60s. i'll check in on the afternoon highs and take a look at the extended forecast including the
5:32 am
holiday weekend coming up. >> went to take a look at the roads this morning. sal is off for the week enjoying the holidays, hopefully, getting extra sleep. and it's getting a little bit more crowded. this is headed towards the highway 24 headed towards the tunnel. >> the caldicott. >> caldicott tunnel. and it's a little bit crowded. a lot of back to work today for some people. >> there's a lot of cars. >> but no fog out there. >> right, right. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. still very, very light. these are live pictures, no problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. well, san francisco investigators are searching for the gunman who stormed into a pawnshop. >> one suspect shot a man. christien kafton is in the mission district. tell us what the neighbors are saying about all this. >> reporter: good morning pam and dave. this happened friday afternoon. four men burst into a pawnshop and held the place up at
5:33 am
gunpoint and shot a man. all of this happening at 5:30 on friday afternoon. police are not releasing a lot of details about the incident. a group of men were held up at gunpoint inside the pawnshop. and one of them -- a 77-year- old man -- was shot. the robbers shot the victim multiple times in the hands, feet, and backside. and they say that the robbers demanded the men in the store open up a jewelry display case and began fires. >> down on the floor because he tried to take out the rings, something he tried to show them but didn't get a chance. >> reporter: the 77-year-old man was taken to an area hospital with what we're hearing are life-threatening conditions. the two other men in the pawnshop were not injured. no word on what the robbers
5:34 am
managed to get away with. all four of them ran from the scene and one ducked into a nearby clothing store, changing his clothes to alter his appearance. and police found the weapon and at this point they are looking for the robbers. back to you. >> thank you, christian, for the update. tougher gun restrictions are coming to california to more than 6 million gun owners. new gun regulations begin january 1st and range from updated travel restrictions to new registration rules. it will be illegal to import a firearm purchased from another state and bring it to california. also, any ammunition that was purchased online will have to be shipped to a licensed vendor. this will likely mean more fees for gun owners. >> it's going to significantly increase the cost of ammunition for folks here in the state of
5:35 am
california. in particular when you're -- it's already more difficult to get access to ammunition because of the requirements that we're placing on nonlead ammo and things along those lines. >> assault rifles can no longer be purchased after the new year. owners will be required to register with the state by july of next year. the state and national gun lobby are challenging several of the new laws in court. time is 5:35 and in less than a week if you're age 21 or older, you'll be able to legally buy recreational marijuana in california. cities are scrambling to put rules in place. tara moriarty has the story. >> reporter: san francisco cannabis clubs were hoping to ring in the new year with legal
5:36 am
recreational marijuana sales. >> i was looking to get cartridges today. >> reporter: that won't be happening until january 6th. >> reporter: we would have preferred january 1st but january 5th or 6th is on target. >> those are 20 milligrams each cookie. >> it was a complex set of regulations and it takes time. and they got it right. >> let me do a mango. >> owners of medical cannabis dispensaries must now apply for a state license in order to sell recreational marijuana. nicole elliot heads the office of can bits. >> the state had a year to come up with what they wanted to do. and it wasn't until summer that we knew what the state wanted to do. >> reporter: even that list was not finalized until mid- november. the board of supervisors had to
5:37 am
act quickly with a set of laws. would there be a green rush? would dispensaries start cropping up everywhere? >> there's not a free for all. basically, the way that the law works, 600 feet from schools, 600 feet from one another so there isn't clustering. >> reporter: state law established the 600-foot for daycares and youth centers too. >> there are so many ways to skin this cat. what you really need is a map of san francisco. and say okay, what does 600 feet look like? >> that translated to two city blocks. discussions about a thousand feet were quashed. the biggest stall on how to nail down the laws came when the idea of an equity program
5:38 am
was introduced. it was quickly aprogress battlinged but the details needed to be ironed out. >> we want people to hire folks locally, people who live in san francisco. we want to make sure that based on our equity guidelines that they have access to this new industry in a productive way. >> reporter: that includes those prosecuted on marijuana offenses in the past. >> how are you? >> looking for make a gram. >> the only supervisor to vote against the city regulations -- who oversees district 11. >> we wanted the appropriate number for the district and i think sunset wanted the same thing and twin peaks wanted the same thing. and ultimately, that didn't happen. >> reporter: the late mayor ed lee signed the legislation into law december 6th and it becomes effective 30 days later.
5:39 am
meanwhile-- >> no marijuana, no marijuana! >> some members of the asian community continue to fight to keep marijuana out of their neighborhoods. >> that one is $28, a little less expensive. >> one thing that is unclear is how much it will cost. >> excise tax, cultivation tax, sales tax. >> that's a minimum of 23% plus an additional tax being ironed out. dispensary owners say it will trickle down to the consumer, forcing the cost of marijuana up. >> they will go down over time. >> legal cannabis consumption could triple with annual sales at $240 million. it will be a green 2018. union city police are asking for help in finding a missing man. police say 35-year-old eric akin walked away from a house
5:40 am
on smith street early yesterday morning. this was after getting into an argument. and according to police, he does not live at the home. and is not familiar with union city. he has difficulty thinking and is clinically depressed. there's a photo of him. he's a white male, 6 feet tall, short, wavy, dark brown hair, and last seen wearing a gray hoodie with paint on it. if you see him you are asked to call authorities. >> the president of bishop -- the private catholic school called phelps a friend, a colleague, a mentor and leader. he had two heart attacks during bypass surgery. he also worked at saint
5:41 am
ignatius high school previously. several arrests over the holiday weekend coming up in the 6:00 hour. the surprising suspects that vacaville police say are responsible for stealing limousines. >> and how online shopping is changing the way we return unwanted holiday gifts.
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5:43 am
welcome back. santa clara police are investigating after an acura slammed into a home last night. police say the car collided with a black honda after one of them ran the stop sign at lois padres boulevard. the acura went through a brick wall and into a house. no one was inside fortunately at the time. but the mercury news reports that both drivers were hurt. drunk driving does not appear to be the reason for the crash.
5:44 am
our time is 5:43. and getting a parking placard may get harder as a new state law takes effect. it's part of the crackdown on the abuse of disabled parking placards. as many as 35,000 placards being used by drivers were issued to people who are now dead. under the new law. applicants have to provide proof of name and date of birth. the number of replacement placards will go down to just four, not unlimited as it has been. the placard holders will have to renew every six years under the new law. now that all the holiday gifts have been unwrapped a lot of people are taking them back to stores. ann reuben tells us while some people drop off returns at the mall, many others will return
5:45 am
them by mail. >> the season of giving has ended and the time to return has gun. and that no longer has to mean long lines at the mall. he used to dread the day after christmas. >> you'd have the line going out the door. and nowadays. half the amount of people and you take a box and drop it off at the post office and you're done. just go back home. >> things have changed. thousands of ill chosen gifts or ill fitting themes are being shipped back. >> this is one dose of convenience that a lot of people can't do without. >> reporter: it means a boost in business for places like the ups store. all the returns will keep them busy through january. >> the number of dropoffs has gone up through the roof. if the recipient doesn't like the items, we ship it back for
5:46 am
them. >> reporter: the u.s. postal service handles 37% of the e- commerce market, accounting for 850 million packages this holiday season. >> the internet has changed everything. and we've seen a significant double digit increase for the last three or four years. >> reporter: in fact, they say they are already making adjustments to help them handle more packages like bigger trucks down the road. they want to make it as easy as possible to return an ugly sweater. all the extra boxes mean extra recycling too. and some places like the ups store will take them back and repurpose them for you. ann reuben. >> flattening boxes at my house. 5:46 is the time for you. if you ever to head out and about. some people are heading back to work. and we're covering traffic for
5:47 am
you this morning. this is 280 in the san jose area. and you can see traffic in both directions moving along pretty well. over to 80 in emeryville. a little more congested. >> i know. >> this is more like a regular commute day at quarter to 6:00. so pretty crowded as you can see heading to the bay bridge. and also heading in the -- basically eastbound but it looks north at this point. >> and you saw fog. >> folks headed north to vacaville. definitely foggy in that area, and richmond, some fog this morning. be aware of that. >> i'm blames rosemary who is in for steve. >> all right. i'll take the blame if only i get credit on the beautiful days. >> i was expecting to see fog across the city and the golden gate but that doesn't look foggy. >> the north bay is socked in.
5:48 am
and then we're seeing a little bit through pacifica and half moon bay. the valley locations seeing it. maybe closer to the rich monday, san rafael bridge. and a beautiful view there. yes, indeed. the holidays continue. let's not forget. as we celebrate the final days of 2017. going to be dry up until about new year's eve. so new year's eve may be not the best time to receive rain. but we are not going to complain and to be honest it doesn't like much. we do have a little bit of fog on the coastline this morning although it doesn't look too dense. half moon bay, pacifica. and in the north bay, highway 1 stretching all the way to the
5:49 am
napa valley. highway37 towards vallejo. highway1, 29. we're watching it and will continue to watch it in the coming hours. probably not going away completely. at least not for now. here's a look at the ridge of high pressure. we remain high and dry. and you can see the clockwise motor vehicles and how it pushes the storm track to the north of us. we are looking at the first chance of rain coming on new year's eve. and boy, do we need it. santa rosa is 51% of average. and san francisco is 41%. and oakland is 48%. and san jose just 34% of average for this time of year. temperatures outside right now. a cold start for the inner east bay. 34 in livermore. and 34 for santa rosa. some areas just above freeze, and then you have the fog in and around the bay. and in the south bay, 39 san
5:50 am
jose san jose. 39 in antioch. and for the afternoon today, upper 50s to low 60s for the north bay. san francisco will go to 59. south bay locations, 62 expected. keeping in mind a cold start be the afternoon highs last for a couple of hours and then we're cooling it town once again. there's a look at the extended forecast where we are going to be with similar temperatures, the 30s in the overnight hours for valley locations. 40s around the bay. and afternoon highs in the 60s and we're looking at a cool shot here. >> coming across the golden gate. >> there it is. >> all right, rosemary. >> 5:50 is the time right now. a five-year dial with a taco resort. we'll tell you which resort is one of the official trains sites for the u.s. ski and snow boarding team. really?
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get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. this year, ktvu is partnering with the san francisco chronicle in the season of sharing foundation. claudine wong has been introducing us to some of the people helped by that fund. today she tells us about a single mother of two who was about to lose her home. >> i'm tired, you know.
5:54 am
i went to san francisco state university in the music department. music is part of my life. >> reporter: it's part of how she always stays positive. last may things got scary. her landlord told her she had 90 days to move. >> i had been living in my home for 13 years and i recently had hip surgery and i was recovering from a total hip replacement. and so i just had to dig down deep and get the job done. >> reporter: she was optimistic that she could get the job done. she learned that from her family. the youngest of 12 and a single mother of two, watson had faced challenges before. >> i gave birth to a child who had spina bifida. i focused the majority of my attention on helping her to be the best that she could be. >> and so when she faced the
5:55 am
prospect of finding a new home. she just went full steam ahead. >> i was going on faith. i didn't know where i was going to move. but i began to seek. >> reporter: it took about a month to find this apartment. and then another hurd toll climb. the security deposit was more than she had. and she wasn't sure what she was going to do. and then she remembered a referral given to her years ago. >> i remember keeping that referral. it was a referral if you needed help with house, if you needed help with a lawyer, just a referral of good things. >> reporter: the chronicle season of sharing funds was on the list, helping people in need of short term assistance with rent and housing is what the fund is designed to do. >> season of sharing was there for me. and that door opened and i walked right through it. >> reporter: in august, she moved into her new home. the stairs are not ideal with
5:56 am
her disability and prohibit her daughter who uses a wheelchair from visiting, but you won't hear her complaining. >> the fund helped renew an optimism for life. >> there's someone that will be able to help you if you keep your options open and you mind clear and do things to help people and food things just come your way. >> reporter: claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news. a tahoe ski resort signed a five-year agreement to be one of the official training sites for the olympic skiers and snow boarders. the resort officials call it a true honor to be picked as one of the sites. the other resorts are deer valley in utah.
5:57 am
copper mountain in colorado. timber line in oregon. and mammoth in california. >> wow, all right. can't wait to get up there. the east coast is now piling up with snow. coming up how the storms are affecting travelers here in the bay area. >> reporter: a federal lawsuit against the defense department. why three cities are suing the military. i'm griff jenkins in washington. i have the details coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: we continue to remember a chp officer who died in the line of duty. we hear from the friends about the man he was. >> how many dui arrests were made over the holiday weekend? and the prizing way this year's numbers compare to 2016. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. wednesday morning, december 27th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. steve paulson is off and rosemary is here talking about the weather. >> how about we start with the good news. not a spare the air today.
6:00 am
>> the air quality has been very bad. >> we'll be moderate today. and tomorrow looks just as good. hopefully, we'll continue to see that. outside our doors, another cold start and take a look at this. even in the dark, you can see the low clouds rolling in to the bay and swallowing up portions of the golden gate bridge. it's thick over portions of the north bay. i've seen a little bit of fog over the coastline but not near half moon bay or pacifica. you may experience some on highway 1. highway1 to highway 101, we have it in the napa valley. anywhere from a quarter mile to a half mile. the darker gray indicating thicker. petaluma, as you get closer to san rafael not


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