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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  December 27, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PST

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the big new year's eve festivities. authorities are not taking any chances putting plans in place just in case there is an emergency. part of the plan is implementing a new emergency text alert system. put in place for the upcoming holiday. more on the efforts to keep people safe as they rang in the new year.>> reporter: peer 39 in san francisco was crowded with tourists on any given day. you can imagine on a night like new year's eve with views like this and a free fireworks display. it could easily attract 200,000 people. after learning of a terror plot plan for peer 39 on christmas day a large celebration is bound to bring anxiety for people but not stopping others.>> nothing is going support it.>> reporter: department of emergency management is giving residents interest peace of mind through
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alert sf.. we set up a special registration code for our emergency text message system. what people can do is if they are coming to celebrate new year's eve in san francisco they can text the phrase -- 2888 777.>> a one-time code so visitors can sign up without the hassle of receiving alerts after new year's eve. the messages will be pumped out of the emergency operations center filled with representatives from various departments.>> as the department finds credible threats we will be sharing that information with our state local and federal partners so we can make our streets as safe as possible during the new year's eve the 70s.>> reporter: it is one helpful tool. having a plan is another.>> it is really easy to get separated from the people you are with.
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if there is an emergency it is harder. make sure you have a media plan in place where you can go to meet up with your people if you get separated.>> reporter: a heavy police presence along with extra firefighters and dispatchers in case of an emergency. text the phrase -- 888777. if you missed that information you can get it on our website. click on web links. security on the las vegas strip is tighter than ever for you new year's eve. more than 300,000 visitors expected to bring in 2018. federal officials are teaming up state and local law enforcement to make sure the celebration is safe. more than 300 national guard troops are being deployed. from las vegas to new york new year's eve preparations are in
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full swing. hundreds of thousands are expected to go to times square to watch the ball drop. security will be tight it car and truck rental locations to prevent vehicular attacks. there will be increased security at office towers and hotels which comes in response to the shooting in las vegas. an arrest has been made in a violent unprovoked stabbing in santa rosa. mn was taken into custody steps away from where he is suspected of stabbing a 61-year-old last week. officers were called to lolos market last thursday after a customer stabbed another customer in the neck. news of the attack has people who shop there on edge.>> we come on saturdays and sundays. we eat at the restaurant. i will be more aware of my surroundings.>> the victim suffered life-threatening injuries. his condition has been upgraded to serious. investigators are trying to figure out a motive. and
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accident involving a google bus left a motorcycle is dead. it happened before 7 pm. a witness told us a motorcyclist slammed into the side of the bus at the intersection. the man on the motorcycle was pronounced dead at the same. a woman driving behind the bus or shoreline boulevard pulled over to call 911.>> and i was on the phone with 911 i was telling her people are running over to the individual and trying to help him. at that point someone tried to turn him over and there was a screen.. it is unclear who is at fault or if there were passengers on board the google bus at the time. the bus driver remained at the scene and appear to be cooperating with police. is spokeswoman issued a statement. we are saddened to learn of this tragic incident. our thoughts are with all of those affected by this
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tragedy. man behind bars facing attempted murder charges after crashing his car into a market leading police on a chase. it happened in concorde yesterday afternoon at the farm bureau market. the chase ended about a mile away at fifth street and alameda. the suspect david gopi of concorde assault someone he knew in front of the market and tried to run the person over. he missed and his car crashed into the market. sped off and police started to chase him. he was eventually taken into custody with help from a police k-9. the person he is accused of trying to hit has not been identified in a motive is unclear. cl a touching tribute today as chp headquarters in west sacramento. for the officer who was killed in a crash by suspected dui driver on christmas eve. officer andrew camilleri was on duty on interstate 880 when
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a car plowed into the back of his car. candace with more on how the fallen officer was honored.>> reporter: on a clear sunny day a tribute to a fallen bay area chp officer. officer andrew camilleri was on duty stop on 880 on hayward christmas eve on a suspected impaired driver crashed into his patrol car killing him and injuring another officer.>> this is a tragic event. not only for the family of the state of california.>> reporter: acting commissioner led wednesday ceremony. that acknowledges a killed officers in the of watch.>> it is my honor to call the name of the california highway patrol's recent hero. officer andrew camilleri . id number 21 653. hayward area end of watch december 24 2017.>> reporter:
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in the front row set his family including his widow and children.>> it is a day we should not be here. this does not have to happen. we talk about the highway patrol but all law enforcement. we talk about driving safely. not driving impaired. we get the message out every day. we need to have more people listen and take heed.>> reporter: the driver of the red cadillac that crashed into his car remains hospitalized. his identity concealed until he is taken into custody. there is evidence he had left a party before the crash and was drunk and high on marijuana.>> we need to confirm that. that is why we are doing a test to make sure -- to determine whether or not it was they are.>> reporter: a single moment that now impacts entire communities and lives.>> officer andrew camilleri epitomizes what he chp officer should be. a dedicated and selfless public
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servant. he will not be forgotten.>> reporter: he was 33 years old and a member of the chp for 16 months >> if you would like to pay respects a public memorial service for fallen officer andrew camilleri will be held saturday in stockton. 8:30 am at the christian life center. we received word of another earthquake. this time near hollister and san benito county. it measured 3.4. it was four miles south of hollister along the san andreas fault. the third one to hit the area in the last 24 hours. two other quakes hit santa clara county last night. police investigating the death of a person whose body was found in golden gate park. it was discovered before 7:30 am this morning.
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not far from the conservatory of flowers. it is unclear what caused the death. please are not calling it suspicious. going above and beyond the call of duty. how a sheriff deputy helped a homeless man and made a friend in the process. packages stolen from people stories. a delivery driver accused of the climb in the video they hope it leads to an arrest in the case. we are tracking the weather forecast with chances of showers showing up in the long-range.
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people in an apartment building say using a mobile app delivery service has come with a price from the delivery man suspected of stealing holiday packages from their doorsteps. it was caught on camera.>> reporter: he might look like your average deliveryman. this post employee who get bus into the apartment will end up taking more than he is giving.>> it was shocking. just to see these delivery people are delivering one and picking up five.>> reporter: a resident provided surveillance video from december 11 which shows him making a delivery to the seventh floor before 2 pm. he steals three packages that other people's doors raising them in his bag.>> for them to take advantage of the situation it is unfortunate.>> reporter:>> we expect better
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from them. from them and their employers. they do the right thing.>> reporter: a mobile app delivery service with headquarters on market street.>> we called it. we tried to call pulse make.>> reporter: hundreds of reviews of the company only one out of five stars. >> they have had a similar problem in la. it is a known issue with these companies. i don't think they do any background checks or anything.>> reporter: they say it does subject employees to background checks and send us an email saying nothing is more important than the well-being of our customers. when notified we removed the courier on the platform. the customer reviews of post- mates are not favorable he received a bbb rating of eight. they are trying to determine if the deliveryman will face charges for burglary and grand theft or petty theft. the
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spca rescued bats discovered by workers at a house in menlo park. they found 83 mexican bats. there were nesting behind a panel at the house. they fell to the ground while they were power washing the home. they called the spca.>> these bats are nocturnal. they were sleeping and being accidentally disturbed. they started sliding down the side of the house and falling on the ground.>> they were taken to the spca where they were given oxygen and evaluated. they were returned to their nesting spot unharmed. the homeowner said they are fine with them being there because they are good at pollinating flowers and eating insects. a sheriff deputy is getting attention for offering a helping hand to a homeless man. that deputy who happens to be the brother of congressman -- eric's wall well went above and
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beyond to help him get a new id cards.>> i need somebody to help me out. i have nobody to help me.>> reporter: mike myers is 67 and homeless.>> this is why i am panhandling.>> reporter: he is disabled and in pain because of a car crash.>> every day he begs for change near this freeway on ramp in hayward. alameda county sheriff deputy jacob's wall well warned her many times about panhandling.>> he would say move on you cannot do that here.>> reporter: last month he decided to write him a ticket and asked for his id. there was one problem. >> i did not have an idea.>> reporter: he tried to get a new card at the dmv. the law requires id.>> all they gave me was excuses i cannot get an idea. i have to have a birth
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certificate. i never got around to going to get a birth certificate. i have to have a picture id. i gave up on that.>> reporter: he took it upon himself to get him a new identification.>> he needed help. he was down and out on the system.>> reporter: little did they know what the system had in store for both of them. he took mike to the dmv but they had no record of him in the computer. the deputy found his birth certificate but even with that and information the deputy provided they still would not issue an id card.>> we encounter the same redtape that i went through with him a police officer.>> he said now do you see what i am talking about.>> reporter: it's a a third visit and an official letter before mike finally got a california senior citizen id card. mike and the deputy have forged
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a close bond.>> he turned out to be more of a friend than anybody else i have met in recent years.>> reporter: this is not the end of his story. with his new id card they want to help him get off the streets and get a job. a wave of arctic air continues to put a grip on the u.s. even colder temperatures are on the way. new year's eve in new york city could be the coldest in more than 50 years. residents of hard-hit erie pennsylvania are digging out after more than five feet of snowfall in the last couple days. and even more snow failed to date.>> it was pretty tough at the end of the driveway. i spent an hour just on the end of the driveway hitting through it. it was higher than the snowblower. take little cuts and eventually you get through it.>> frigid
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temperatures and below zero wind chills are prompting warnings for hypothermia and frostbite in parts of pennsylvania.>> it was so cold in green bay wisconsin a drawbridge became stuck in the open position. it was raised to allow a tugboat and a ship to pass through. authorities say it was jammed in the upright position due to a malfunction after the hydraulic system became frozen. the problem was fixed and traffic is moving across the bridge normally. the cold created a beautiful sight at a waterfall in minneapolis. this is minnehaha falls. it freezes everyone to. officials are reminding people it is illegal and unsafe to venture near the falls. don't do what they are doing. it is cold. it has been across the country
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frigid. the icing of planes at major airports like chicago and new york. the hermas in this area -- all these areas in here new york atlanta. atlanta 39 tomorrow. areas north of the redline are frigid icy and cold. there were some flight delays today. the biggest delays were at sfo because of the morning fog that was trapped in the bay. no delays right now. all the major hubs. the cold. lots of people are traveling around. this has been a fortuitous travel time in terms of weather. we had some delays yesterday. overall this has been pretty doable considering we are now coming up on january. the temperatures outside right now are chili. they will get colder. a lot like this morning. we have had spare the air days. we did not have fun today.
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with this pattern it would not be hard to get one again. it changes. the changes going to come in the form of one of these. this is what happened on monday. the high bills in in here we are. another one of those weather systems will move in as we get into wednesday. here we are thursday. here we are friday. long range models. it shows nothing. here we are saturday more clouds. sunday -- you can see this down here. monday and then right there tuesday. and into wednesday. this system organizes. more than a one day system. if it comes from that direction and has this moisture to work with. the resolution is bad. it is long-range. it gives you a rough idea.
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this general pattern could be productive. let's hope for that. december record dry -- for a lot of places in central california. and certainly southern california. there is the five-day forecast. it is going to be more of the same. enjoy it while it lasts. next week we returned to hopefully some wet and snow in the mountains. that would be tuesday and wednesday.>> we got almost nothing.>> we need some january. disneyland is apologizing to visitors affected by a major power outage today. it shut down power to tune town and fantasyland. some people were stranded on rides and others complained they wanted a refund. it happened on one of their busiest weeks of the year. disney is blaming it on an issue with the transformer. the power was restored after six hours. the warriors
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hosted the jazz without steph curry. we will find out if they had enough offense to get the victory. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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talking warriors. it was tougher than it might have looked.>> they were ahead by one point and have time. they decided to play ball for>> the third quarter came along.>> utah jazz nose was it's about.
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the three point shooting. without this guy it is taking a backseat. steph curry will be reevaluated friday. he might be ready to go this weekend. kevin durant and jordan bell and draymond green playing catch and looking great. 14 points eight rebounds and eight assists for mr. green. here is his one assist going to the high percentage shooting. kevin durant seven of 10 at 21 planes. not needed in the fourth quarter. this time to do his thing. down the lane 20-5. at one point in the third. 42 points -- and run away with it. defensive and kevin durant doing it perfectly to jordan bell. the rookie is showing up in the highlight reel every night. five points and 13 rebounds and seven assists. steph curry likes what he sees.
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patrick mccall they would like him to be more aggressive off of the fleet. quick to the bucket. he gets 18 points in 20 minutes. again you will see patrick mccall with the slamdunk. warriors when over the jazz. they have 113 out of 14. the final 126-101 making it look easy. maybe the warriors were out the cleveland cavaliers on christmas day. cleveland goes over to sacramento. the kings run up on them. here is how it went down. lebron james his triple-double. the oldest man in the nba vince carter. watching close out the third quarter with a buzzer beating 3. 24 points tonight. oldest guy in the lead. he assists beautifully -- who is a pain in the warriors side
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a little over a month ago. 109-95 the kings take care of the cavaliers. we had a little bowl game at levi. foster farms bowl. not quite the electricity we saw christmas eve day. the 49ers. you have to see this trick play. it is the boilermakers dj knox taking a handoff. 41 yards. they were kneeling to close out the first half. it did not go that way. a big gaynor turns into a field goal. perdue would beat arizona by three points. 144 left. the general direction of anthony -- 38 yard touchdown. a beautiful play. to the young man born in paris france. he did not start watching football until he was 13. he got hooked on a videogame.
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he gets the game-winning touchdown. 38-35 perdue a winner in the foster farms bowl over arizona. that is the sporting life. it was a good game.>> he did not play until he was 13.>> there wasn't a lot of people there doesn't mean it wasn't a good game. good night. really?
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