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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 29, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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men. the suspect is believed to be in an employee at the law firm and officials say it appears he killed himself. tonight we're getting a look at cell phone video taken as people were running from that law office in a panic. authorities say one other person was wounded and is hospitalized in stable condition. officials haven't released the names of the dead. stay with us for continuing coverage on this breaking news. we have live pictures to show you now. a beautiful san francisco skyline. the bay bridge, the embarcadero buildings and all its splendor. crowds will gather for the new year's eve celebration after a foiled plot to attack pier 39 on christmas day and now preparations are under way to keep everyone safe. >> as ktvu's tara moriarty tells us, police insist there is no credible threat to the city but officers will be ready just in case. reporter: san francisco hopes to ring in new year's the way it does every year
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with fireworks along the waterfront. this year, however, in the wake of a thwarted christmas terrorist attack at pier 39, san francisco police will be extra vigilant. >> we want the public to know again that there are no credible threats and it's important that they see officers out there but there will also be officers out there you won't see. >> reporter: the department will be collaborating with the fbi but chief scott wouldn't satisfy if snipers would be used from building tops as new york city will do for its celebration, this in the wake of the deadly las vegas massacre where a gunman sprayed bullets on concert- goers from a hotel room. >> what is important is to make sure everyone is safe. >> reporter: acting mayor london breed says the city's emergency operations center will be activated as well as the sobering center on mission street. >> we don't want people drinking and driving so use our public transportation system. >> reporter: alex is visiting from riverside where he says his city's festival of lights celebration took extra safety precautions this year, as well.
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>> this year, for the first time ever they had snipers all over downtown. scary that we have to be at that point but if it works and it helps people feel safe, then it's worth it. >> reporter: police will be out in full force on sunday evening. no discretionary time off is being granted for officers. and a note about fireworks. they are illegal in san francisco. so if you would like to see them, don't try it yourself. head down to the embarcadero. it's a free show. leave it to the professionals. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. bart is getting ready for new year's eve. 195,000 people are expected to use the agency sunday night. peak times for bart ridership on new year's eve will be between 10:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m. bart's spokesman appeared on the "four on 2" today and talked to us about bart ridership and what the transit agency is doing to beef up security. >> we have had a game plan that's worked in the past.
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and that includes putting every officer that's available out on trains and in stations to keep the peace. in addition, we get assistance interest the alameda county and san francisco county sheriffs and then the transit security administration has its own team of security air marshals actually who can patrol train cars. >> trains will run every 20 minutes after midnight with extra trains standing by in downtown san francisco after the fireworks show. bart service will run until 3 a.m. new year's day. ac transit is doing its part to make sure folks get home safely on new year's eve. for the third year in a row, the transit company is offering free fares on all bus lines starting at 8 p.m. new year's eve through 5 a.m. new year's day. the fare boxes and clipper card readers will be covered and will not accept payments during these hours. one thing to keep in mind, though, bus service on january 1st will operate on a sunday schedule. all right. how about those fireworks? i think 4th of july we got
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fogged out. it will be clear, i would think. >> yeah. it's a pretty slam-dunk time of year for fireworks in terms of fog because we don't typically have -- yeah, the summer fog is a summertime thing. radiational fog, valley fog, if you are going to have that a winter fog that's going to come in the early-morning hours. so the fireworks display at crissy field and anywhere around the bay area going to go off without a hitch. here's how it goes. as we end 2017, the weather in san francisco crissy field is going to be in the upper 40s and mid-50s for the most part. it's going to be nice looking weather partly to mostly cloudy but those clouds are high clouds so they have literally no impact on your fireworks display. if you are wondering how everybody else is doing, 200 million people below freezing yet again today. a percentage of this country is experiencing temperatures below freezing, um, high percentage of this country.
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they will again tomorrow. in minneapolis, minus 16. minus 31 wind chill. it's a feels-like temperature. that's impressive stuff minus 7 feels like in boston so we on the west he could, we have a nice deal. wednesday this weather system, look where it is in the south. that's going to work its way back into the area and set us up for rain. rain tuesday night and wednesday. enjoy your weekend. it will be more of the same, which has been outstanding. a little frost in the mornings is bearable not minus 31. we'll see you back here. >> thank you. sierra people are heading to the slopes. big weekend there to spend the new year's eve weekend hopefully on snow. at 6:45 we'll show you the
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conditions in tahoe. and a reminder you can download our free ktvu weather app for the latest on all the conditions around california. our web team is also posting updates on facebook, twitter and instagram. happening now, the highway patrol's maximum enforcement period now under way ahead of the new year holiday. it started just minutes ago at 6:00. ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us extra patrols will be on the roads through new year's day looking for drivers who are impaired or driving unsafely. reporter: officer carlos rios of the oakland chp will be busy this holiday weekend. >> we'll be focusing on speeding violations. we'll be focusing on cell phones, seatbelts and we'll also be focusing on unsafe lane changes. >> reporter: from friday night until new year's day all available officers will be cracking down on violators to keep the public safe. >> the reason we had this maximum enforcement period is we are trying to make sure everyone gets from point a to point b safe and sound. >> reporter: not too far from his mind the christmas eve death of fellow police officer
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andrew camilleri hit and killed by a drunk and high driver. on a ride along it did take -- it didn't take long for officer rios to whip out his ticket book. he stopped this driver for blowing a stop sign in richmond. and the man in this car said he thought it was okay to drive on the right shoulder on i-80 because he had an appointment to make. >> a lot of people during the holidays tend to drive a little recklessly, especially locals. they are impatient because of the flow of traffic. >> reporter: this man driving his girlfriend's car rear- ended a bigger suv on the freeway. the chp says the bottom line is, drive safely and you will get where you want to go. now, if you do decide to drink, there are a number of other ways to get around without getting behind the wheel. you can call a rideshare like uber or take a cab. consider public transportation. you can get a designated driver. aaa is giving people a ten- mile ride free.
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it's the "tipsy tow" service. during last year's new year's weekend, 29 people lost their lives on california roadways and the chp arrested 750 people for dui. officers hope you won't become part of those statistics. in oakland, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a public memorial service is being held tomorrow for fallen california highway patrol officer andrew camilleri. the service is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. at the christian life center in stockton. officer camilleri was killed on christmas eve when a driver who was drunk and high on marijuana slammed into his patrol car. the 33-year-old had been a member of the chp for just 16 months. he leaves behind a wife and three children. you might call it the green rush. medical marijuana users flocking to dispensaries this week ahead of the legalization of recreational marijuana on monday. as ktvu's cristina rendon
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reports, people with prescriptions are trying to beat the crowds and the lock before new regulations go into effect. reporter: the line at harborside in oakland is usually not out the door in the afternoon but california is just days away from legalizing cannabis. that's why abby shier a vendor for lola lola based in san francisco is here. >> we sell prerolls to the dispensaries so i was making sure they are all stocked up for adult use on monday. >> reporter: and she is among the thousands of medical patients buying weed before the state imposes new taxes. >> the last few days have been a little bit crazy as you can see. a lot of our patients are coming in to stack up before the taxes go up in the new year. >> reporter: director of operations says because of legalization, customers can expect a 10 to 30% increase on the product price depending on the product. and right now, medical patients are buying up edibles. >> the brownie is one of the local favorite superstars. >> reporter: before dosage requirements go into effect that limit edibles to 10 milligrams of thc with no more
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than 100 milligrams allowed in a single package. it's intended to prevent a negative experience if a child or pet accidentally ingests the product. >> there's good reasons for these regulations. and the regulators have carved out a program for those who need more. >> reporter: harborside is readying for the rush by adding more registers and staff monday and for some, it means actually looking forward to the start of the week. >> i am ready for monday. yeah. i think it's going to be exciting. it's going to be crazy. it's a complete change for the industry right now. >> reporter: an employee says they have served over 1,000 customers today at harborside in oakland. they expect bigger crowds on january 1st. harborside will open at 6 a.m. monday and they are giving away gifts and prizes to the first 100 people in line. we'll have a crew there when that dispensary opens. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news.
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coming up, flu season in full force here in the bay area. after the break, what doctors want you to know to stay healthy. >> it's not perfect. it's not 10 miles an hour. maybe you get that 30% coverage. it's not 100%. president trump takes to twitter again from florida this time taking aim at immigration and the post office. i'm lauren blanchard in washington. i'll explain coming up. >> and a look at traffic now. a live look at the friday evening commute. this is 101 in san francisco. the headlights you see heading out of the city toward the bay bridge still not bad for a friday evening. >> kind of a slow week, you might say. here's a look at the san mateo bridge moving in both directions on a friday night. that's pretty light actually. easy breezy as folks get ready for the big holiday weekend. we'll be right back. right after the break.
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president trump back from his holiday hiatus with a round of tweets from florida. the tweets touched on a number of topics from daca to the russia investigation to the post office and amazon, as well. ktvu's lauren blanchard joins us live in washington with more on the president's big day. >> reporter: the president was back in the public eye for the first time since christmas today meeting with members of the coast guard at his golf course in florida. [ applause ] reporter: while the president had little to say at the tee, he had plenty to say
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this morning on twitter including addressing what's next for daca. the president saying he won't deal with the democrats on immigration without getting a border wall and an end to chain migration. democrats chose not to make daca a sticking point when the government was facing a shutdown earlier this month. but they have vowed to reach an agreement ahead of next month's funding deadline. analysts say most americans are hoping for a compromise. >> most americans agree, we need border security! we also need, um, most americans agree that we need a compassionate approach to people who came here through no fault of their own, not of their own will. >> reporter: today the president also took a swipe at the u.s. post office at the height of the agency's busiest season. president trump said the post office is getting, quote, dumber and poorer, compared to online retail giants like amazon. earlier this week, in an impromptu interview with the "new york times," the president said he believes special counsel robert mueller will be fair in the russia investigation. after publicly attacking the fbi and the justice department.
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he also laid blame on china for playing both sides in the growing tensions between the u.s. and north korea. and the president is expected to remain in florida through the new year, returning when the senate comes back to session. frank? >> all right, lauren blanchard live for us in washington. thank you. meanwhile, the trump administration says it will look at ways to boost water deliveries to farmers in the central valley. the u.s. bureau of reclamation announced it will launch an 18- month study of the central valley project. the federal project is a system of 500 miles of canals and aqueducts drawing water out of the sacramento delta. farmers have complained that water managers have prioritized endangered salmon and other fish over farmers. authorities will take public comments through february 1st. california's minimum wage is going up another 50 cents for the new year.
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pedro rivera spoke with employees and business owners about the change. reporter: last year erica was working at an ice cream shop making $10 an hour so she came to this cafe where she makes a dollar more. >> it's an extra dollar. it still makes a difference. >> reporter: starting january 1st, people making minimum wage will have a 50-cent increase to their hourly pay. erica thinks this is necessary. >> i bunch of stuff is getting expensive like rent is getting really pricy, really hard to find rent in sacramento. >> reporter: businesses with more than 26 employees will have an $11 minimum wage while businesses like this cafe with less than 26 employees must pay staff $10.50 an hour. this person says he decided long before the increase to pay his staff more than what's required by the state. >> we understand the cost of living. so we want to be fair with
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them and we always look for highest quality employees. everything will be fair for everyone as long as the business is going well. we are willing to pay whoever deserves it. >> reporter: that's been one of the biggest concerns for small business owners. how will this affect business? by 2023, california's minimum wage will be $15 an hour are. he remembers his reaction to the news about the wage increase. >> i got a heart attack. [ laughter ] >> it's expected. >> reporter: but he believes ultimately it will help businesses keep employees motivated. >> nobody sticks with you around here unless you are fair with them. >> reporter: according to a company that tracks salaries, 19 other cities in california will have a higher minimum wage than the state requires. sacramento isn't one of them. but come july, minimum wage at small businesses in the city will go up another 50 cents. employees like erica believe, it's a step in the right direction. >> tax, you know, takes a whole bunch of money off. just one extra dollar makes a
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difference. well, it's been a busy day at tax collectors offices here and around the country as people adjust to changes in the tax code taking effect next year with the new tax bill. people are lining up at santa clara county's assessor's office to pay early property taxes. normally people pay the taxes in two installments with the second half coming in 2018. but the new tax law caps deductions for state and local taxes at $10,000. so the number of people are paying their taxes now to take the deduction in 2017. >> this is usually quiet season so this is time for us to wrap up the first installment payment. but in the last two weeks we have had about roughly 250 to 300% increase in people coming. >> the irs says the payments should be deductible as long as you receive the assessment and the bill in 2017.
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if you can't get down to the tax office, santa clara county on the other counties allow you to pay taxes online, as well. the flu season is in full force in the bay area. local hospitals say they are seeing an increase in patients with flu symptoms. some doctors say a reason for the uptick could be due to misconceptions about the effectiveness of a flu shot. we spoke with dr. larry on the 4 earlier today. he says even though the shot is not 100% effective, you should still get it. >> my recommendation i think like most doctors is, it's the best we have. it's not perfect. it's not 100%. maybe you get that 30% coverage and it does protect you from getting the flu. >> through the middle of december, 10 people under the age of 65 have died from flu- related illnesses in california. doctors say it's still not too late to get the shot. mail dipped in liquid meth and sent to a bay area woman's jail. >> there were several such mailings that went to the
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jail. >> up next, the month long operation that led to several arrests. >> 49ers coming off a signature win over the jags last sunday. how the recent success has the locker room buzzing with optimism. >> but first new details in a stabbing in the south bay as we learn the name of the teenaged victim.
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a fatal stabbing last night a 17-year-old in san jose. it happened about midnight on sunset avenue near east san antonio street in east san jose. police say it began with a fight and the officer found the victim lying on the ground when they arrived. he went to the hospital where he died. police are interviewing witnesses. there's no word on a motive for the stabbing or any suspects involved, as well. on the peninsula, authorities say a month long investigation uncovered a drug ring sneaking methamphetamine meth mail into a san mateo county women's jail. ktvu's ann rubin reports. they dipped letters and envelopes in liquid meth and mailed them to inmates. >> reporter: there's a massive conspiracy to sneak drugs into the correctional center in redwood city. >> one of our correctional
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officers while distributing the mail noticed that a piece of mail appeared to be tammered with with. >> reporter: as it turns out, the envelope and its contents had been dipped in liquified methamphetamine. >> once it's liquified, essentially any paper source can absorb it. >> reporter: a month long investigation later turned up more meth mail. authorities now believe suspects on the outside were sending the drug-laced paper to female inmates for sale on the inside. people apparently chewed the paper to ingest the drugs. >> once the drugs came into the jail, then the people who had them were also distributing, further distributing it to others. >> reporter: search warrants in burlingame, daly city and san francisco turned up 10 ounces of methamphetamine and thousands in drug proceeds. they also resulted in the arrest of 54-year-old richard wood. >> it was going on for some time. we don't know exactly how long before. but certainly, the investigation revealed that there were several such mailings that went to the jail. >> reporter: as for the five inmates who have been re- arrested in connection with the crime, they could get years tacked on to their sentences.
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>> some people think they are going to get away with it in the jail. but the fact of the matter is, there are more eyes and ears on people who are in custody than one would imagine. so it's really a foolish undertaking. >> reporter: again, four suspects in the case are still at large. the others are set for a preliminary hearing on january 8th. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. a man suspected of an armed robbery at a christmas eve party is in jail. deputies arrested an 18-year- old man around 5 a.m. in east palo alto. deputies say he was invited to a house party at a home on bishop lane used a handgun to commit a robbery and assault at the party and disappeared before the deputies arrived there. he was found at his home today where he was arrested. he is being held in jail on $260,000 bail.
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ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 starts next with a look at the economic effects of the legalization of pot. >> one of the issues is how will you finance the growth? >> up next a look at who is investing in this brand-new business. ♪[ music ] >> plus, developing news. flames ripping through a northern california school. what we have learned from the investigators. >> and ringing in the new year with snow. we'll take you to the sierra where skiers are hitting the slopes this holiday weekend. stay with us. ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30 is next. really? really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way.
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now to today's top stories. authorities in long beach say a man walked into a law firm where he worked and shot two men before shooting and killing himself. officials say one victim has died. a second victim is hospitalized. tonight authorities have not released the names of anyone or motive. san francisco police will have extra security measures in place on new year's eve after a foiled terrorist attack on christmas at pier 39. the chief says there are no credible threats right now but that the public will notice a very strong police presence along the embarcadero. the fbi will also be helping with security and an emergency operations center will be operating. medical marijuana users are rushing to dispensaries
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ahead of the legalization of recreational pot on monday. people are looking to beat the crowds and stock up before the taxes go up in the new year. customers can expect a 10 to 30% increase on legal pot depending on the product. new dosage requirements for edibles also start on january 1st. >> you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. after january 1st, many marijuana shops will be opening up. and then the new cannabis industry will bring in billions to california's economy. ktvu's tom vacar shows us who is investing and who is still staying on the sidelines. reporter: no matter how you slice it, pick it sort it trim it or even smoke it legalizing recreational marijuana is creating a massive addition to california's economy. the cofounder of a company, new york city-based financing, banking and legal experts who find investors to put money
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into the medical and recreational marijuana business. as of 2018, california truly is the new mother lode. >> the economic potential is quite large. the estimates run from $9 billion to $13 billion out in 2020. >> reporter: when you add ancillary products and services that will flow from the cannabis growing, processing, distribution and sales, the financial impact explodes! >> if you have a $40 billion industry, you're going to have billions of dollars of investment. >> reporter: but fearing the federal marijuana prohibition, big money sources, investment banks, retirement funds and other traditional lenders are staying on the sidelines. the ceo of oakland-based arc view that represents over 600 high net worth investors that have already placed $150 million-plus in more than 160 cannabis-related businesses. >> but until there's a change in federal law, we are going
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to be in a situation where big banks are going to at least likely stay out of the u.s. market. >> that will be one of the issues that a state like california faces is how are you going to finance all that growth? >> reporter: so arc view and others are raising funds to invest in all aspects of cannabis. >> people are investing in a wide range of things. most people want to invest in a dispensary or a cultivation or an infused product. but when they get to the table, they often find that they are more suited for an ancillary business, things like nutrients and soil -- agricultural innovations, things like software and point of sale. >> reporter: worldwide alcohol and spirits giant constellation brands invested $190 million into the canadian cannabis industry, the largest investment ever in the business. >> that is sort of the investment heard 'round the
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world. that has woken people up to the possibility in this sector that bigger companies are going to start getting involved. >> reporter: for normal income mortals investing in penny stocks is a possibility. but a highly risky way to get in on the ground floor with most folks losing their money. a burgeoning new idea, pooling resources with others in equity "crowdfunding" of cannabis companies producing consumer products. the third way to get in, start some sort of cannabis business yourself in a direct or ancillary business such as paraphernalia. eventually, most folks will invest in the stocks of well- regulated and well-funded publicly traded cannabis companies. but legalized recreational marijuana will live or die on one thing, price. if illegal pot is cheaper, the black market will remain strong. >> then you will have the
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problems if the prices are high or it's hard to get. >> i think there's no reason for a black market. >> reporter: the math is clear. if retailers charge too much or cities make it hard to get to those retailers or lay the excessive taxes on marketers, black marketeers will respond with lower prices. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. on our web team has put together an entire california cannabis section where everything you need to know is all right there ahead of that january 1st date. you can find it on our homepage. coming up, tragedy in new york city. what we're learning caused a deadly fire that ripped through an apartment in the bronx. >> the smoke, overcame her. everything happened so quick. >> and remembering sue grafton. details on the death of an author of several popular mystery novels.
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nine people with killed in egypt at a catholic church. at least one gunman on a motorcycle opened fire outside the church in a suburb of cairo. two people were killed. the "islamic state" is claiming responsibility. security is already tightened around christian churches in egypt because of recent attacks. in developing news out of
6:39 pm
modesto a fire late this afternoon destroyed one wing of the bret harte elementary school. three classrooms and computer lab were destroyed. the modesto fire department first reported it on twitter just after 4:30 this afternoon which is after school hours. they posted video of the flames that engulfed that part of the school. another wing of the school sustained heat damage. no word on the cause. in new york authorities have now learned that a young boy playing with a stove started the deadly apartment fire. 12 people have died including a young child in new york city's deadliest fire in almost 30 years. the 3 1/2-year-old boy's mother said she realized the kitchen was on fire when she heard the boy screaming. the fire spread quickly up the five-story building leaving people unable to escape. >> they couldn't escape. there was just two people, my sister and the baby eight months old. the smoke i guess overcame her. everything happened so quick.
6:40 pm
>> some residents who got out were forced to wait for help on the fire escapes in the bitter cold. well known author sue grafton died at the age of 77. a family friend says she died last night in santa barbara. her daughter says she had been battling cancer. she was known for her best selling series of alphabetically titled mystery novels. louisville, kentucky native worked as a screenwriter before releasing her first novel a is for alibi in 1982. her most recent book was released y is for yesterday earlier this year. people heading to the sierra to spend this new year's weekend in the snow. check it out. >> we saw it covered. we were so excited. >> up next, we'll show you the conditions drawing people to the ski resorts this holiday. >> and there's some snow up there. it's cold enough. they are making it right now. there's actually some real snow on the way. i'll have the details. e the details.
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an arctic blast is causing concern across the country. just take a look. officials in chicago are warning people to stay inside after two people died from hypothermia. and in new york the freezing temperatures have caused a part of lake erie to freeze. and ice is forming around trees and benches. record low temperatures are possible until at least new year's day. >> it remains a serious and potentially life-threatening
6:44 pm
event. >> we recommend avoiding any unnecessary trips outside. if it can wait until the it's warmer, wait. >> even parts of the south will get lows in the 20s with south florida, get this, preparing for a chance of snow next week! >> i was in texas a couple of weeks ago and it snowed there. >> it's crazy. well, quite a different story here on the west coast. snowpack levels are lower than last year. skiers and snowboarders will have plenty of snow but it will probably be manmade. mike carroll reports. >> reporter: you drive up into the sierra nevada and go skiing and you start to wonder where? >> my friends said you should not go to tahoe because there's not enough snow. you're crazy. don't go. >> reporter: then you come around the bend at boreal and you see winter! >> anytime we get mother nature to drop us snow it's great but we have awesome manmade snow up here. >> reporter: it's almost impossible to believe that
6:45 pm
these snow-capped peaks and all this snow is manmade. >> we have been making snow for weeks. >> reporter: and in that nearly two-month time frame, boreal has been able to create a minimum of 12 inches of snow to ski on. >> we were very surprised. i was so nervous that there would be no snow. and so when we pulled around the mountain and we saw it covered, we were so excited! >> wow. >> it's great snow for manmade. that's for sure. >> reporter: every ski run is open and every chair lift is occupied. >> this is definitely nice to see the hills covered in white. >> a postcard day up here. we have perfect holiday conditions. >> reporter: holiday conditions but springtime temperatures. during the daytime, in the mid- 50s. >> we came yesterday and it was so warm and i was, like, well the snow is not going to be any good tomorrow but it was fine. it was great. >> yeah, it's all right.
6:46 pm
50 degrees is all right. >> reporter: tens of thousands of gallons of water all of which does not come from reservoirs but from collection ponds like this. so that the skiers are actually skiing down last year's snowfall. >> oh, great! it's like self-sufficient mountain, huh? i knew there wouldn't be a lot of snow, but i knew there would be enough for a good time. >> it's great. it's beautiful. it was really quite good snow. not icy, not slushy. it was good. it was really good. >> reporter: at boreal ski resort in the sierra nevada mountains, i'm mike carroll, ktvu fox 2 news. i guess we're a little spoiled. . >> we are going skiing tomorrow. >> the guys have the holing ponds so it's a lot of water on the hills but they have these huge holding ponds that are from last year's snow melt. >> especially during the
6:47 pm
drought. it gets cold up there. >> there was a day and again i go back to the dark ages, when you didn't -- in the drought of '77, that was when they first started making snow. and it was, like, a guy with a hose out there all night doing this. >> bring your rock skis. >> it would be like one run. >> how did they do it at squaw? >> i worked there in '80, '81 and they were making some snow back then. >> did they have blowers? >> it was so many years. >> like big firehoses and a try pot. >> but only a couple of runs. >> now the whole thing, they plumb like your yard. the sprinkler systems, the hillsides are now like sprinkler service with pvc that runs through the things. anyway, it's really cold on the east coast. these are the turn the temperatures. you can see the cold by the color. the barney colors there the purple representing some extremely cold air and look at the feels-like temperatures. how cold it is. it's not ending. it's going to stay colds in
6:48 pm
the east. and out west it's golf weather, bike weather, it's why we live here weather, frankly. enjoy it because it's changing wednesday middle of the week next week. so your holiday weekend looks sweet. there will be clouds like today. but as far as change in weather, rain, it's tuesday, wednesday. so the weekend your holiday weekend into the new year is going to be great. just a little chilly in the mornings. maybe a little bit of frost. there's tomorrow. not as many clouds tomorrow, more clouds sunday. part cloudy, mostly sunny, mostly cloudy, it's going in and out. there's the forecast highs. these are the forecast highs. [ pause ] >> there's the forecast highs. can you say there's the? somebody work with me on that.
6:49 pm
bill. these are the forecast highs. it's not "there's the." >> these are the forecast highs. >> i don't think anybody at home cares. [ crosstalk ] >> i think people are just happy to have 60s instead of 12 below. >> you spent time in the east. you know. it's gnarly. >> that's a word they don't use on the east coast. wicked. wicked! [ laughter ] >> happy new year. >> thank you. well, the oakland raiders have reached an agreement with the university of nevada in las vegas on their upcoming football stadium. the agreement allows the university to keep control of revenue on the days it plays at the new football stadium. unlv will also reportedly be allowed to sell up to 70% of the luxury suites. it's a change from the first draft of the agreement that gave the raiders the rights to sell the luxury suites for all the unlv games. the draft will be up for approval next month. coming up next in sports,
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the 49ers look to keep their win streak alive and finish the season on a high note. scott reiss will have details coming up next.
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scott reiss joining us with sports. jimmy g giving the 49ers somebody to be happy about. >> hardbling to nfl regular season will be over in a couple of days. 9ers looking to end on a high note. they won't play in the super bowl so this is their super bowl. sunday in los angeles they play the nfc west champion rams with a chance to end the season on a five-game win streak. that was before the jimmy g show began. of course last week in jacksonville the legend grew larger. now garoppolo and company can keep the good times and the good feelings going right into the off season. >> the 49ers have something building. it's really special. like i said, this is a brotherhood. this team is, um, really close from the players and the coaches. and the front office. it's a good relationship and a lot of good things a lot of great things are coming to this team. >> so the pac-12 isn't exactly holding up its end of the bargain this bowl season. stanford gave it a good run
6:54 pm
last night against tcu but the conference is now an unsightly 1-6 in bowl games. arizona state the latest casualty taking on nc state in the sun bowl. todd graham's swan song as asu head coach. the score, nc state up 21-3 the play of the day, they have a one hand grab. it set up his own touchdown. made it 21-10 but it was a wolfpack kind of day. jacoby myers on the wide receiver screen and this is not a tackling clinic. 25 yards and in. wolfpack big, 52-31. second most points in nc state bowl game history. music city bowl, wildcats and wildcats, kentucky and
6:55 pm
northwestern. weird here, benjamin snow gets tossed from the game. 4th quarter, 17-14. johnson picked off by kyle. tightropes the sideline, northwestern up 24-14. final minute though kentucky within a score. johnson will keep it, nine yards, and in! so it's 24-23 and kentucky rolls the dice for two on the win. two-point conversion, johnson, didn't work. >> oh!! >> should have kicked it. northwestern wins 24-23. they are 10-3. arizona bowl, new mexico state, utah state. 4th quarter, utah state up 20- 13. tyler rogers to scott. >> owe's gone. >> he is indeed. actually, i'm sorry, this is wake texas, a & m. that was 50 yards. deamon deacons up 48-45. crazy game. osborne wearing number 2 so he does a little money sign, right? aggies up 52-48.
6:56 pm
but wake responds with a one- yard touchdown. that's it. wake forest 55-52 they total 1,200 yards of offense and 63 first game. new mexico state, utah state. touchdown difference 4th quarterrer. rogers to scott. and did he get the feet inbounds? initially ruled incomplete but they look at it closely, possession, let foot, drags it you only need one. so it's 20-20. we go to overtime. and poor dominic eberle, his fourth missed field goal of the game. hit the upright. so now new mexico state all they need is a field goal to win it. they do better than that. larry rose iii ballgame. aggies win in their first bowl game since 1960. that's cool. >> as we continue to wait for the next giants off season move, one of their division rivals made a significant one today. the rockies signed reliever
6:57 pm
wade davis to a massive three- year, $52 million deal. that's $17.3 million a season making davis the highest paid closer in all of baseball. 59 games over the last few years can kansas city and the cubs and turned 32 in september. a flurry of baseball signings, the winter meetings, they are trickling in. at some point the giants will do something. >> you did play-by-play for the alamobowl last night. >> san antonio. >> on a plane this morning. san antonio up here and doing sports. >> i do it for love of the game. >> i feel bad about that field goal kicker four in a row. >> he missed two all year. >> oh, no. >> he missed four today. >> that's a bad day. >> i still can't get over that ejection. he was rude but -- >> rudeness will get you tossed. >> oh, man. >> good night. ♪
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if we're going to be staying in this apartment, would you be interested in doing a little redecorating? oh, actually, i would. great, what'd you have in mind? let's take every single thing from the other apartment and put it in here. well, how about we start a little smaller? like moving the furniture around. you know, i have always thought that this couch would look fantastic on the curb in front of the building. look, we can't just throw away penny's stuff, but we can ask if she wants any of it back. you know, i wonder how she feels about all this artwork. well, i'm sure she misses this one.


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