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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  January 8, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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inch for some. the system will be followed by a front later tonight into tomorrow. flash flood watches for the recent burn areas. wind advisory starts at noon. the winter weather advisory starts tonight but this is a warm system and the winter weather will not make it until later on and in the higher elevations. steady to a heavy rain and wind advisory for noon. there will be some 4 inch amounts for some around rush river and towards marin county and santa cruz mountains. this system may dig a little south. it is still developing off the coast of the bay area. it will continue to pump in a lot of moisture and some steady rain. once the front approaches, that will pick up the rain and give us heavier rainfall. and 40s and 50s on the temperatures, the winds will pick up later, not too bad right now. moderate to heavy rain and this
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is the frubt that will give us the heavier rainfall. 50s and 60s for the temperatures today. 6:00 thshgs rain usually causes problems. westbound 34, let's look at it. so far, not looking bad but ypg it will change. in murinda, it is very slow because of an accident near college avenue. there is an overturned vehicle with traffic very slow. it will take you a lot longer if this is your commute because of the crash. in oakland, tough drive. i would recommend 880 instead of 580. 580 is slow because of earlier crashes. bay bridge is backed up all the way to the maze. it is not lighter than usual and it is busier, a lot of people back to school and work. 880 southbound, slowing this
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morning from hayward into union city. san mateo bridge looks okay. 101 is slowing. the santa cruz mountains commute will be slow, there was an accident near the summit. traffic will be slow. not good driving conditions right now in the santa cruz mountains. back to the desk. the storm moving through the bay area right now is a reminder of last winter's rain and the flooding that hit the coyote creek area. >> and alex is back in the low lying areas with more on what it is like out there right now with the rain soaking the south bay. >> reporter: we are back where we were 11 months ago. george and i, my photographer and i were right here 11 months ago as the floods swept out of coyote creek and wiped out neighborhoods. let's show you some video here.
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we have seen steady streams of rain. alex savage is following the traffic implications but we saw a lot of wet roads and slick roads. the rain is filling coyote creek and everyone is hoping we do not see a repeat of the floods last february when it hit in late february and followed a series of stomz that left the ground saturated. with no place for the rain to go, the creek jumped its banks and costed an estimated 100 million in damage as residents had to evacuate. the city of sab jose had failed to anticipate the effects of the flood but did respond well in the after math. since the flooding, work crews have built up berms along coyote creek to keep the waters in the banks. the city has been working
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diligently to prep for this year's storm, according to the mayor and we will have more from him on about what san jose has done to prepare. you can see the work here in the low lying areas still underway. a lot of folks are hoping this latest round of storms does not lead to flooding again. >> don't forget, for all of the latest weather conditions, download our app. steve paulson and our weather team will post updates on facebook, twitter, and instagram. 6:04 is the sometime. firefighters battled an electrical fire on the roof of trump tower in new york city. it caused a lot of smoke. no evacuations were ordered. there are reports of two people being injured, but the fire is now under control. much of the northeast will
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be seeing a relative warm up, following another stretch of bone chilling cold. states like vermont and maine saw new record lows. look at that freezing water. temperatures in boston area, heavy snow, three foot title surge flooded the parking lot. we are looking at how the cold weather impacted millions of people. >> reporter: the blast of arctic air set new record lows in vermont, and maine, and boston tied a record low. a house in dorchester went up in flames and turned into an icy skeleton. locals spent the weekend just digging out. >> the first thing that goes through your mind is the car and when you have to get out. >> reporter: dead fish have been turning up in florida, unable to
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handle the cold temperatures. investigators are looking into the death of an 84-year-old outside of a facility. the chill in western new york caused water falls to freeze and a water fountain to turn into an ice volcano. there was also something beautiful near minneapolis. there was a massive ice castle with tunnels, fountains, slides, and towers. in new york city, a frozen pipe caused a water main break at the airport and disrupted operations already hampered by the frigid weather. and things went on as usual with the no pants subway ride in new york, but with hats, scarves, and gloves. time is now 6:06, former
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state senator today mark leno will file papers to run for mayor of san francisco in a special election to fill out the rest of ed lee's term. tomorrow is the dead line for xn who is interested in running to file the paperwork with the city's department of elections. now acting mayor london breed announced she would be running among others. local lawmakers say they have learned important lessons after the wildfires in fall. they have now drafted a bill that creates a state would noitification plan. counties would have to create local guide lines for a federal alert system that would send emergency text messages to cell phones in the area.
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they would also be sent through land lines and include media alerts. zur aty could be handed over to federal officials after being acquitted of the death of kate steinly. he was sentenced to three years for a gun charge but with credit for time already served, he will not serve any more jail time on the charge. felony gun possession was the only conviction to come out of the trial. he is now facing federal charges for being an undocumented immigrant in possession of a firearm. his lawyer says they will fight the charge. in fremont , two men are recovering after being shot early yesterday morning while confronting two car burglars on the lose. kevin skies and his room mate say they found four people
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breaking into their truck, and they tried to physically stop them when they were both shot. his room mate is still being treated but is expected to recover. >> looking back, i probably would have handled it a little differently, but things happened so fast. i just wanted to get the people. >> the thieves are described as two men and two women in their 20s. they ran off and at this point, police are still searching for them. time is 6:09. an attempted traffic stop in richmond led to police arresting four teenagers and several guns. when police tried to pull the car over for running a stop sign, the car kept going and passengers through out at least
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one gun and ammunition from the window. police say they recovered two gun magazines and two loaded guns, one was stolen. female empowerment took center stage at the golden globe awards, coming up, the speech that has people talking today and what the stars had to say after the show. >> it is indeed a stormy monday, we will have updates on totals and warnings and watches. [ music ]
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flooil welcome back to mornings on 2. let's start with weather and thafk because that is our big story this morning. when we have wet roads, i know there are big backups. >> we went from last week being very light to rain and a lot of people back on this monday, not exactly easing into it. look at this picture of highway 24, it doesn't look too bad but up the road, you will start to see slow traffic. there is an injury wreck westbound 24 near college on the oakland side of the tunnel. so the tunnel is right about here but you can see the slow traffic begins here, it stays with you all the way through the tunnel and out to the crash that is in the oakland side. we are also looking at other
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problems in oakland as well. 580, an earlier accident near the lake shore exit. traffic is still pretty slow. oakland is taking a beating. 880 northbound might be the best way to get through at this moment. you can see traffic is going to be busy. 880 southbound is also slowing down. in the south bay, this is slow, an overturned accident on 18, this commute getting out to the valley to the mountaintopens will be slow. let's bring steve in. >> it has been a long time since we said it was a stormy monday. there you go. we have a stormy monday and we are getting two systems here. i believe that is almon brothers? thank you, thank you. we are getting the first system from the southwest and so far
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red wood city is the leader with.41 inches of rain. and sfo and oakland both at.29 and brent wood is at.22 out towards that area. and it is 48 degrees. this is a very steady rain, light to steady, nothing too heavy. the front will give us heavier rain fall rates. gusts are at 20 to 30 miles per hour. winter weather advisory for the sieras late tonight into tomorrow morning. it is a very warm system so the winds will be a bigger story than the snow. we will see some picking up of that activity with the second system comes in and everyone will join the rain party. there will not be a little here and there, almost widespread 2
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to 4 inches. and hence the flash flood watches for the burn areas until 6:00 tomorrow morning. some of the forecast models are taking the rain from the santa cruz mountains into the south. we will see. it is widespread for everyone. it is starting to pick up a little bit. not a lot of cold air with this first system. not as much to the north. it is lighter towards the north and a little heavier from about red wood city moving northward to san francisco and oakland. right now, that locks to be the main folks on the peninsula. southern california also getting in on the rain and they need it but they don't want too much too soon. that could happen, when they get sprinkles, they go on storm watch down there. unfortunately, they have only had.1 but they should get more.
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there will be an east and southeast breeze and it is warm in the sieras so snow is not a factor. if you are headed to the central sieras, there is a winter storm watch starting at 10 tonight and really into tuesday will be the main focus. the system is still developing, 50s and 60s on the temperatures, low 60s to the south. off and on rain into tuesday and we will get a break probably all the way into the weekend, signs of more rain around the 20 or 21. you heard sal and steve say there is rain this morning and the roads are slippery, expect a tough commute. >> and alex savage is along i-80, it looks like maybe you are moving a little now. >> reporter: we are on the move now and the back up on 580 has
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cleared, the car is out of the way. we are headed over to another accident that sal mentioned on 24, westbound 24 at college. so we are headed in that direction right now and i will pop you outside so you can get a loifb look at the conditions this morning as you head out the door. there is a lot of rain coming down. the rainfall has been steady throughout the morning. you have slick conditions on the roadways, poor visibility and it is causing a lot of problems. we are seeing a lot of people going way too fast for these conditions and we are seeing so many crashes this morning. i want to take you to some video from south bay because there have been several accidents already this morning on highway 17 coming up and over near red wood estates where a car spun out and hit the divider there. thankfully, no one was hurt in that case. there was another crash on
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southbound 1 near summit road and in this case, an suv rolled over several times and landed on its roof. there were sfshl people inside but the good news is that none of them were seriously hurt. we talked with the driver this morning who explained what happened. >> hit the summit exit serve and hydroplaned and rolled over the street. >> reporter: a lot of people losing control on the wet roads this morning. this is an accident hat happened in van -- sanjose on star view terrace. the person behind the wheel did have minor injuries. i spoke briefly with one of the officers dealing with the
6:20 am
crashes along 580 in the city of oakland and he said they are seeing a lot of people spinning out and a lot of solo car crashes, people losing control on the wet roads. we are headed now to a crash on westbound highway 24 at college avenue. we will get a little closer to that coming up and get you a better look at the conditions there. back to you guys. >> thank you, alex, for keeping an eye on the commute. still ahead, president trump is back at the white house after a weekend at camp davis. more on the trump agenda for this week as his staff plays defense. look at you!
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welcome back. it is now 6:23. today the department of homeland security will decide the fate of almost 200,000 salvadorians who have been living in the u.s. for nearly 20 years. no decision has been made yet on whether to end the temporary protective status for those who came to the u.s. after a devastating earthquake in elsal vadorin 2001. the trump administration has
6:24 am
been phasing out the protection for those who fled natural disasters and armed conflicts. the white house is still on the defensive after the release of a controversial book on the administration's early days. president trump is also trying to move on with his agenda with the shut down looming over them. >> reporter: the president returned to the white house yesterday and ignored shouted questions. his critic, michael wolff has been talking. his book, fire and fury, depiths the president as mentaly unstable and disconnected. >> if i left out anything it is something even more damaging. it is that bad. >> reporter: but supporters were out in force defending the president. >> the statements are ridiculous
6:25 am
on their face and beneath the conversation. >> reporter: even the president's former chief strategist, steve bannon, expressed regret on the statements. and this comes on a weekend that the president huddled with rubcon leaders to -- republican leaders to stratjiez on the issues coming up. >> the democrats have no incentive to cooperate with the midterm elections and running on an antitrump plat form. the time is now 6:25, oprah was big last night, her speech to women dominated this year's golden globe awards, we have highlights from this year's show
6:26 am
coming up at 60. >> usually we have three or four incidents at this time of the morning on bay area roads, we have 40 to 50, that is 40 to 50 different incidents on the road. you heard me, traffic is going to be slow because of the rain. get out there as early as you can. sorry. i can't make it.
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thank you for joining us on this monday morning, january 8. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. our top story is the weather. >> i can't even keep up with the rain totals. let's get right to it. this is the best storm of the season. san mateo is getting a half an inch and other places close. sfo has.47. oakland airport has.43 as well as dublin. lark spur is showing.56. and antioch has a third of an
6:30 am
inch. and bryan adams says we are thirsty for rain and this is great. this is true but we don't want too much. it will be light to moderate and then heavy by tonight. 4 inches are possible towards the coastal hills, marin county, russian river, maybe into the santa cruz mountains. a wind advisory starts around noon and this is a pretty good set up for rain, everyone is in on measurable amounts. there is the front, the one that will bring in wind and heavier rain tonight. there should be a rapid decrease early tomorrow morning. the system is developing, not as much to the north but everyone will get rain today. 40s and 50s on the temperatures, not much of a breeze but it will crank up big time. southern california is in on the rain, 50s and 60s, a warm system, and not much help for
6:31 am
the sieras until later tonight. a car is turned onto the railroad tracks at jacqueline square and we have trains delaid on actrack -- amtrak as a result. i just saw a train go by at about half the speed. if you are taking capital corridor, this will affect you. there may be delays and we will keep an eye on it for you and let you know. the train has gone through. this is highway 24, backing up all the way into oakland because of a crash, westbound, just after highway 13. this crash has been out there for almost an hour. i want to show you a back up that has really damaged the commute. all the way through into
6:32 am
oakland, if you happen to be getting onto this freeway, you need extra time, or use bart inside. westbound 880, taking almost 40 minutes to the bridge. this is 880 and i would use that instead of 580 getting into oakland. bay bridge toll plaza is backed up all the way to the maze. 280 and 85 are getting a little slow. santa cruz mountains commute has been slow because of a couple of different crashes. if you are driving in from that area, it will take you twice as long. back to the desk. the flash flood watch goes into effect later today for the sonoma and napa areas. >> there could be erosion in the flooding area. and we are in santa rosa where
6:33 am
the officials are busy watching the conditions. >> reporter: we are watching the conditions closely. we are inside fire station 11 in santa rosa where firefighters are ready to respond in case of mud slides, land slides or erosion problems in the burn areas from the wildfires that happened back in october. i have an assistant fire marshal, paul lowerson with me. today is the first big storm of the season and the test to see how well the city and county prepared for this. >> absolutely. a lot of work has been done over the past months to prepare us from this storm. this will be the strongest storm we expect of the season and the winds will be associated with it will be a concern. >> reporter: it could lead to downed trees? >> absolutely, the power lines could go down but the rain is what we are anticipating. we have done a lot of good work
6:34 am
over the past few months but not really a test of what we have put in place. this will be the first major test of all of the work that has been done at the county, city, and state level. >> reporter: a lot of that means shoring up the storm drains because a lot of them melted during the fire and you had to do a lot of repair. >> we had 31 locations where the storm drains had melted away. so we have done that work and the straw, the waddles, erosion control measures, a lot of good work done to keep us prepared and ready for a storm like this. >> reporter: so with 31 pipes and storm drains melted, how many have been repaired, do you know? >> most of them if not all of them have been repaired. >> reporter: that's good news. >> a lot of good work was done.
6:35 am
>> reporter: so it is good you haven't had a big storm up until now because it has given you time. >> absolutely. >> reporter: all right. we are keeping an eye on the conditions in santa rosa following the wildfires in october. you heard him say this is the first big test to see if the preparation work was effective enough or not. back to you. >> thank you. time is now 6:35. two san francisco supervisors will introduce a ballot measure to expand access to child care. they want to increase the commercial real estate tax and take the money to expand the child care act. there will be a conference at city hall to introduce the child care ballot measure. if the board of supervisors approves it, voters will vote on it on june 5.
6:36 am
it is 6:35, a small plane caught fire in the hangar at the pal lumea airport. it fire appears to have started inside the airplane but the cause has not been determined. the plane was destroyed but the hangar was only sloitly damaged -- slightly damaged. hospitals all over the country are facing a shortage of iv fluids. hurricane irma damaged production plans in puerto rico. several leading iv production companies have plans in puerto rico and hospitals are now forced to use more time consuming methods to give treatment and some are considering not doing elective
6:37 am
treatments. they are also trying to import products from other facilities overseas. gender, politics, and the me too movement dominated the conversation at the golden globes. >> i think it is time to daesz the elephant not in the room. harvey weinstein is not in the room because i have heard he is not easy to work with. he will be back in 20 years. >> one of the highlights came from oprah winfrey. she received the cecil b. demill award and had a message in her speech. i want all of the girls watching here and now that a new day is
6:38 am
on the orizen -- horizon. and when that new day finally gone , it will be because of a lot of magnificent women, many of whom are right here in this room tonight and some pretty phenomenal men fighting hard to make sure they become the leaders to take us to the time when numbered ever has to say me too again. >> that was winfrey's first time receiving an award at the golden globe. after the show, several stars talked about the scandals that have rocked hollywood. >> i don't know if we will ever be able to end abuse and sexual harassment but i think that people now will be -- there
6:39 am
consequences for it. this seems like a tipping point and we are thrilled to be a part of it. >> it has been a difficult year for the industry and a lot of things have come out of the darkness into the light. i think there was a collective feeling that it wouldn't be business as usual because i think we have to be forever changed in this moment. we are more united than ever, men and women. >> before the show, there was a common theme on the carpet, stars wearing black in solidarity. >> reporter: the golden globes are the biggest party, but over shadowed by the allegations in the industry. >> we are here to say this is
6:40 am
it. change is coming. change is here. >> reporter: many actresses dawned all black on the red carpet for the first award shows of the 2018 season to protest the title wave of sexual harassment allegations in hollywood. it is also meant to be a sign of solidarity among actresses. the me too movement helped expose a dark side of hollywood with numerous accusations, starting with harvey weinstein. it is not just women making a fashion statement, many men also wore all black to support the movement. >> it is a terrific movement to change the environment in the work place. this idea of women being treated for the consent in their souls as opposed to be objects of
6:41 am
sixiality, i can't imagine not being in solidarity for that. >> several actresses took a step further last night and brought activists from other industries as their guests to further stand up against discrimimation, harassment and abuse. it definitely over shadowed all of the awards. still ahead, rumors of a possible run for political office, coming up at 7:00, the announcement expected in about one hour by san francisco billionaire tom sires. >> and pressure on apple, why i-phones and children are a toxic combination. >> and over charging customers for under filled lattess, a
6:42 am
lawsuit with starbucks. >> there is a lot of slow traffic all over the place, including the south bay, we will have meron that straight ahead. >> it has begun, in fact, steady is adding up to a half an inch of rain for some, we will take a look at the watches and warnings coming up.
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well kk back to mornings on 2. the dow jones is up around 31
6:45 am
points, the nasdaq and s and p a couple of local stocks to watch, pandora hit with a down grade and go pro is down after job cuts and getting out of the drone business. and apple investors are telling the company to step it up when can comes to fighting the problem of smart phone addiction. the california state teachers retirement system asked the company to add more parental controls to the devices. studies show excessive smart phone use can lead to higher risk of depression and suicide in children and teens. other side effects include disrupted sleep cycles and inability to pay attention in class. more tacata airbags are being recalled.
6:46 am
they say at least 15 auto makers bought them including bmw, toyota and honda. they can shoot metal pieces at drivers and passengers. tacata will work with the companies to help replace the airbags. they have recalled more than 43 million airbags. the defect has been linked to 13 deaths and hundreds of injuries. dunkin' donuts will start using a new recipe that may change the way some of the donuts look. they plan to eliminate artificial coloring in the donuts. this is part of a bigger plan to offer customers simpler ingredients and cleaner menu labels. they are not the first company to make the decision to remove dyes. general mills and nesly stopped
6:47 am
using some in 2015. there is concern this morning that marijuana dispensries may not be able to keep up with the demand and has some owners concerned. there is not a single distributor license in los angeles. tonight the georgia bulldogs will head down the road to atlanta for the college football championship game against the alabama crimson tide. they will be tested tonight against the top defense of alabama. nick sabin's team has a chance to avenge last year's loss and put him in the company of bear bryant with a record tying 6 career titles. georgia is searching for their first national title in almost 40 years. time is 6:47. there is a petition going around this morning trying to block starbucks from opening up in
6:48 am
yosemite national park. >> several jobs were posted online looking for employees to staff a starbucks at the valley lodge. the jobs have been closed but they can be viewed online. the petition calls for corporations to stay out of the national park. as of this morning, more than 8,000 people have signed the petition. on friday, a judge dismissed a lawsuit against starbucks that claimed the company purposely underfilled drinks to cut costs. the lawsuit claimed they make the cups too small and? struct the workers to skimp on the ingreetiants. starbucks countered that with saying that their cups hold more than the advertised ounces. the judge through out the case citing alic of evidence. we have a lot to talk about this morning. sal has a lot to check because of the rain and all kinds of
6:49 am
things happening in traffic. >> we have 40 to 50 items on my list. one of the things i want to mention is that traffic is going to be slow almost everywhere you look in the santa cruz mountains, on highway 24 and part of it is because of a crash on 24 that was there a long time. it took them a while to get rid of it but it was taken care of. the damage is done, back up from wallimate creek into oakland, a tough commute. highway 24 is still very slow. this is the east shore freeway, 80 westbound to the main, traffic is slow. look at 880 northbound, the only thing good about the slow traffic is now that it is slowed down, the accidents will be less serious because people are going so slow. now mostly fender benders. 880 southbound is jam packed.
6:50 am
you can see the southbound commute is filling in including the santa cruz mountains commute which is very slow into the valley. let's bring in steve with the forecast. >> we are talking about a system that is not just a normal system. we had a couple of systems in november that were okay but this is for everyone. the winds will be a factor and the rainfall will stack up pretty fast. up to 4 plus inches for some. palo alto, mill valley, oakland, and dublin over.4. lark spur is already at.3. castro valley at.39. it is gathering pretty quick. nothing too heavy but we have not only the rain but some of
6:51 am
the 2 to 4 inch amounts could cause issues for the burn areas. the wind advisory starts at noon and it will pick up later into tonight. the wind advisory starts tonight and the snow levels will be high for the sieras. there will be a surge, then a lull, and the front comes in to pick up the rainfall. the concern for the burn areas goes into tomorrow morning. there is the first system and then the secondary system is the front that will increase the wind and give us heavier rainfall rates. that is tapping into the low-level moisture. the stage is set not only for us, but the radar went from not too much to really picking up. marin county looks to be the leader of the back for the rain. there are lesser amounts in the
6:52 am
north but everyone is in line for rain. santa cruz mountains could get up to 4 plus inches. red wood city, you can see, over towards fremont and up to marin county is the focus of the heaviest. southern california is in a world of hurt probably. they need the rain but there could be isolated areas of 4 to 6 inches of rain, and a little bit of rain can cause issues in southern california so there is a high risk of flooding in the burn areas and that is why they have a flash flood watch out. 40s and 50s for the temperatures. wind is not a big factor. the sieras will not deal with snow until later on. the wind will be a big story headed up to 50 or 80. a winter weather advisory will kick in but it will be above lake level. moderate to heavy rain for tonight, 50s and 60s for the temperatures, tomorrow is a rain
6:53 am
day and then a break towards the end of the week. it is 6:52, ahead, a man accused of taking a police patrol car for a joy ride and it was all caught on camera. >> and another bay area teen is packing up and moving but not going far, what is happening today.
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back to "mornings
6:56 am
on 2", a federal prosecutor who once worked in san francisco has been named acting us attorney for the northern district of california. he will officially assume the post yesterday. he was serving as first assistant district attorney since 2016. alex tse worked as a deputy city attorney in san francisco for six years we -- this comes after the resignation of his boss. a sacramento man accused of taking a joy ride in a patrol car is behind bars all because of a citizens arrest. the whole thing was caught on dashboard camera after a resident noticed the police car driving erratically. he saw the car pull up behind him and then back up onto the side of the road and then turn around and then he sped off the wrong way into oncoming traffic. he then followed the driver and called police. the man pulled into a liquor store and then came out with a beer and that is when he issued a citizens arrest of the 22-
6:57 am
year-old man and held him until police arrived. the man then took the vehicle logic officers were responding to another crime nearby. he was booked for vehicle theft and driving under the influence. a bay area actor who appeared on the netflix series "13 reasons why" was arrested accused of looting the homes of elderly residents in marin county. the 23-year-old is from vallejo but he worked as a caregiver for the elderly in sausalito and novato. he is accused of stealing jewelry between september 22 and november 7 from six homes. in one case he found out one of his former clients was in the hospital, he then called the man's wife saying that her husband had died. when the wife rushed to the hospital he burglarized a couple -- home belonging to the couple. he had been tracking movements of his victims on surveillance
6:58 am
camera. he had a small role of a high school student in the "13 reasons why" series. a longtime movie theater in moraga has now closed for good after more than 60 years.>> believe it or not i came here when i was in high school. when it was a single theater. >> he is talking about the new rain theater that opened in 1957. more screens were added to the theater in the 90s but it struggled. the owner says the theater needs a lot of repairs. he says there's a chance a nonprofit group could take over the theater and reopen it sometime in the future. a new report says climate change could mean the end of coal reefs. the study was published in science magazine and finds the algae that sustains coral reefs are being pushed away because of extreme heat. this is known as bleaching. it is becoming more and more common.
6:59 am
it used to happen every several decades, but now researchers say that it is happening every six years which means the coral does not have enough time to recover between the bleaching periods. while losing coral might not directly affect humans, scientists say that crabs and fish and shrimp are all in danger without the coral reef to call home. today is moving day for the oakland a's front office. the team will be moving into the new office in jack london square. the old offices were split up at the coliseum and at oracle arena. some of those will remain for game day operations. officials will give a grand tour of the office space later today on the team's facebook page. 40 crashes already and it is just 7:00. we are tracking the first big storm of the season and how it is causing big backups for your morning commute. this and so much more as
7:00 am
"mornings on 2" continues. this is "ktvu mornings on 2". >> it is 7:00, back to work and back to school monday. traffic is terrible, welcome back to "mornings on 2" i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. it is raining pretty good outside of our doors, steve paulson has his hands full pick >> alameda has some of the most rain here at the mothership. we do have pretty good rain and i can barely keep up. on the peninsula and marin county into alameda and oakland. it is stormy and the wind is not here yet but it will be by tonight. some of the heaviest rain will be late tonight and tomorrow, san mateo and redwood city are at .6 inches, palo alto .45 inches. sfo 2/3 inch, danville, 1/2 inch and brent phil 1.44. the heaviest rain is over the peninsula and everybody to the north even into the santa


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