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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  January 8, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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mudslides in the barn areas. we have live team coverage tonight with our reporter who is in santa rosa. but first, our meteorologist bill martin. >> the rain is been steady all day long and has hammered both the morning and evening commute . rainfall accumulations, let us check them out. we are coming up on two inches of rain in many places like san francisco. that is a lot of rain for san francisco. there is a lot of concrete and that means a lot of runoff. some folks will be getting home a little bit late tonight. not only did it rain for both the morning commute and the afternoon and evening commute, it will keep raining tonight and probably into the morning commute tomorrow. here is some of the current rain right now. the yellow is representing rainfall rates up to one quarter of an inch an hour. but the rainfall rate even though it does not sound like
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much, they get your windshield wipers flapping enough to possibly even pull over. this makes the driving really tough. we come over here toward the fremont area and heavy showers are there also. the heavy showers have been south of san francisco, but it is going to pick up tonight. when we come back we will talk about the last flood watch in northbay. >> our reporter in santa rosa is live where he said that three months to today is when the firestorm started and people are bracing for a possible flooding event. >> reporter: first responders are looking at the level of the streams like this one here, and their clarity, which is very important because they are leading indications of whether
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or not mud flows, land flies, can come with a flooding. this park is home to a steep mountain that the fire has taken off many of the trees and brush and grasses. like other mountains like this, torrential rains good mean a great danger. the water is flowing in this creek, but is flowing -- but it is flowing clear and not bringing down a lot of mud. but at the range should turn torrential, then what could happen is that that mountain could give up a lot of debris and this creek and others may not be able to handle it. within one half of an hour of our arrival it was higher and murky ground suggestion that the mountain had absorbed what he could and the runoff is eroding the mountain. that will work its way down and
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harming those at the foot of these high and part mountains and maybe even taking out some roads. >> hopefully the rainfall rates will not produce any significant incidents. we are encouraging people that if they see any mudslides been -- then to call 911. >> reporter: hydroseeding allows basically grass to be placed on a lot to almost start growing immediately. when the grass sets in roots, that will stabilize the land a little bit more as opposed to what you see over here. neck and land. when the water gets do it, then it will start muddying and with enough water, it will start running. >> a lot of work is been done on every level to prepare for a storm like this.>> reporter: if
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rain continues to come our way, they will test that hope for months and months to come. what happens today or tomorrow probably will not be much because this is simply the first big rain. having said that if we keep getting these rainstorms, then that will be quite a different story because behind me is a 2700 foot mountain that is really wet and has many months to go. >> that indeed is a real concern. >> tom is live up there. in southern california, people whose homes were spared from the massive thomas fire last month have been evacuated again ahead of the storms there. at 6:30 pm we will show you why crews did this. >> we will take a look at the evening commute and our traffic map and you will see a lot of
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red, and that is where traffic is slow going. the square icon show is a report of accidents and hazards on the road. this is 80 in oakland -- i-80 in oakland, and right now at this hour, apparently a lot of people knew the rain was coming and maybe got away a little bit the conditions on highway 24, and the traffic is flowing fairly smoothly. it is safe to say it has been a very easy day for the chp as officers responded to numerous crashes and thought cars. -- stalled cars. >> reporter: this winter storm is a much-needed relief for some and headaches for others. as the rain was nonstop for most of the area, there was
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numerous reports of stalled cars and crashes. >> i think people need to slow down and pay more attention. >> reporter: this honda civic ended up on the roof this morning. the driver was able to walk away. with more moderate to heavy rainfall expected to the forecast, hardware stores are running out of supplies.>> we get up this year and got ready for the same amount of rain to come in case it did, and it looks like it is coming pretty hard. you cannot wait until it rains and then suddenly react.>> tarps and pumps are in high demand and even sandbags in which they will feel for you or you can by the sent -- fill the sandbags for you. >> we are missing rain suits right there. the standard large-size for most people.>> reporter: back
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to the roadways and be aware there is several locations with standing water. the slick roads have been the cause of several accidents, and with this expected to last for a while, the chp this not see it letting up anytime soon.>> i suggest that people slow down a little bit. turn on your lights. i notice a lot of vehicles of driving with no lights on.>> reporter: that is perfect advice. if you are going to drive and have your windshield wipers on, then make sure that your lights are on. stay with us for continuing coverage. bill is back with an update with the conditions in about 10 minutes. the undocumented immigrant in the case of kate steinle appeared in court today. the judge denied bail against jose ines garcia zarate with one count be in a x felon in possession of a gun.
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it was postponed until mid- february. immigrants who came to the united states from el salvador in the midst of war or natural disaster will lose their protection from deportation. the trump administration said they will revoke protective status for el salvador and immigrants in 2019. it is a blow to families from san francisco to new york city who built their lives in the united states since the 1980s.>> telling them they have to leave is not the right solution to our economic interest and our national security interest. >> the secretary of homeland security said the damage from a major earthquake in 2001 no longer justifies an extension here in the states. this is the fourth country to lose protection under the program since president donald trump took office last year. the acted mayor of san
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francisco said they will continue to stay with her immigrant community and said in a statement instead of dividing our country in search of political points and attacking the daca initiative, we should pursue comprehensive immigration reform policies that will strengthen our nation's economy and build our diversity. president donald trump travel to nashville today to deliver a speech to the american farm bureau administration. it was the first time in 25 years that a sitting president had spoke at the convention. our report is live now in washington with a speech a new team at -- and new details on the russian investigation.>> reporter: president donald trump said he touted what he sees as the success of his administration particularly when it comes to rural areas. >> we have been working every day to deliver for america's farmers is that they work every single day to deliver for us.>> reporter: the president used his speech to tout the tax form
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bill that he signed into law and announced an executive order aimed at bringing high- speed internet to more rural committees. >> every democrat in the house and senate voted against tax cuts for the american farmer. and in the latest twist in the robert mueller investigation into russian medley, the president's lawyers are preparing for the possibility that the special counsel team may asked to interview president donald trump. there has been no official request yet, and there may never be an interview. in a statement, the president's lawyer said the white house is continuing its full cooperation with the osc in order to facilitate the earliest possible resolution. >> there will be a lot of negotiations in private, but it is not in the presence interest to sit down on videotape or on record.>> reporter: on the lighter side, the president will attend the college
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championship football game in atlanta tonight. >> i think it will be a cool experience to see him in person.>> reporter: president donald trump walked out onto the field for the national anthem, and the crowd cheered him. some protests were planned to take place outside. former state senator mark leno has filed paperwork to run for mayor of san francisco. he submitted the paperwork this morning and is one of the six candidates to qualify for the ballot. the acting mayor is among the ones who have also filed. tomorrow, that is the deadline for anyone who is interested in running to file the paperwork with the city's department of economics. a new day is on the horizon!
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>> coming up, an inspiration that's making for -- inspirational speech last night at the golden globes. at 6:30 pm why some people say she could be our next president. it is raining hard on our afternoon commute and how long it is going to last when we come back. a new plan to prevent car break-ins in san francisco after report showed a dramatic increase in car break-ins. >> we are notoriously known as the city of looking glass. comfort, your sleep number setting. and snoring? does your bed do that? it's the lowest prices of the season on the queen c4 mattress with adjustable comfort on both sides. now only $1199, save $400. ends soon. visit for a store near you.
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police in the public's health of finding a man who was suspected of stealing more than $1000 of clothing from a golf club. that happened yesterday at the stone tree golf club. the suspect entered through a red door and left with the clothing. he is described as a clean shaven white man in his early to mid 20s. he is between five foot eight he had on great jeans and black nike shoes at the time. police say their investigation is ongoing. police have arrested a suspect who is accused of scamming hundreds of dollars from local business owners. officer say they arrested him this morning while he was leaving a hotel in san jose.
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police say he scammed money by telling details about hardship that could be solved with a small loan. in san francisco, car break- ins jumped nearly 25% last year. >> that is averaging a car break-ins every 70 minutes. but as our reporter says there is a new plan aimed at reversing the trend. >> reporter: it is a reputation that the city of san francisco does not want to have. >> it does not happen in other cities, and it should not be happening in san francisco.>> reporter: car break-ins. there was one every four hours in 2017. that is why there was a board resolution to team up with bill scott to crackdown on the property crime epidemic by
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assigning each district station a plane close team to conduct their own operation. >> we believe that this will complement the foot patrols in a citywide effort to arrest and prosecute these criminals. and more than 30,000 people had their cars broken into in 2017. compare that to 2012 where there was only about 13,000 break-ins. >> in 70% of the cases, property was visible when the cars were woken into. >> reporter: the smart. campaign has been revved up advising people to not leave valuables in their cars. many have blamed it on the proposition that misdemeanors have been classified for serious offenders that make it easier for people to recommit crimes without fear of a sentence. >> we can control giving in the
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best case that we give them. our police are saying they are curious to look at the property crime stats six months from now because only then will they be able to see if their new strategy has had an impact. we are tracking a flash flood watch for northern california. it is going to stay up until tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. that means more heavy rain tonight, and it is mainly about the burn zones in the north bay. most areas, i suspect we'll be okay based on the fact it has been so dry for so long. there is also a wind advisory as well. the winds will kick up after midnight tonight. that will also go away at about 6 am tomorrow morning. it has been a nice rain a bit with up to three inches of rain in places. san francisco will have to inch of rain before midnight tonight
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with more coming through the early morning hours tomorrow morning. the heaviest rain is south of san francisco as you can see. it is going to continue. heavy rain on that afternoon commute south of oakland. so if you are driving around, then go very slow out there. at midnight tonight we will have a second wave of rain that will light up strongly. we are going to get some heavy downpours as this impulse slips through. then tomorrow morning, it will cut out, but valley bolick is a possibility -- fog is a possibility. more heavy rain tonight. we will talk about that and the mountain situation and what you can expect down the road. most people have to work
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despite the rain. some people even have to work outdoors. >> our reporter was out in the rain in the south they were she found that working in the rain can be a minor inconvenience or a major hazard. >> reporter: they would've preferred at this park sunny weather or even snow compared to the us -- this. >> you just suffer through it. you know it is going to happen so you put on your raingear. it is not like we can wait until it dries up. we had two weeks to get out of this park, so we have to work rain or shine. and while plenty of people were out working in this wet weather, not all of them were dressed for it. this crew preferred shorts. >> working in the rain is not that bad. we are used to it because we are from the islands. >> reporter: for those who are
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not used to it, the slick roads protect -- give us a hazard as this car slid down the embankment. the storm has also damaged some power lines and put some trees into this creek. >> we are trying to minimize the impact in the creek so that when things get hung up and backs up the water, we try to remove the hazard so that the water can flow freely through the system. >> reporter: the water system says they have been clearing the debris and checking hotspots and said they are ready for the storm and for whatever mother nature will bring in the coming months. >> our water reserves are in good shape and our water reserve is up. from our perspective, we are in good shape water wise.>> reporter: since the ground is
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not situated and the water reservoirs are low, they are not anticipating any problems on the storm. let's hope there are no problems into the night. you can download our free weather app for the latest on this storm including live radar and the extended forecast. we are also posting updates on all of our social media. walgreens stores are reporting a shortage of medication that helps treat the flu. some walgreens are in short supply of tamiflu, a drug you can take to treat the flu symptoms. tamiflu promises to shorten how long a person is sick of the flu . a former google employee has accused the company of discriminating against his conservative views.>> is about acting and harassing everybody
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else into silence. >> of the next, details of the lawsuit that was filed today. ken gordon jr. has a new job in the bay area and we will tell you what and where he landed a little bit later in sports. san francisco's tallest skyscraper is now open for business. we will have details coming up after the break. sorry. i can't make it.
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the google engineer who was fired for writing a controversial memo on diversity is now suing the company.
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james damore says he hopes to send a clear message to the giant. >> i think just having diversity and a lot of diverse views and having people feel comfortable and not be harshly punished for expressing himself. >> the suit was filed today in santa clara county and claims that google let them go because of his political views. he claims the company has discriminated against white men and conservatives for years. 's attorney says that reverse discrimination is now rapid in high-tech country. >> i don't think that is so much the case with google. >> he was fired last summer after he wrote a memo criticizing the company for promoting workplace diversity programs. that memo also said the reason
6:27 pm
women are under representative is because of female qualifications. the tallest skyscraper in san francisco welcomed their tenants today. the first occupant of cell force tower made is very historic. a breakfast buffet and rainsoaked abuse was shown on twitter. a san jose art installation that uses likes to visualize the speed of sound has been extended through early march. here it is. the sonic runway is the lights that are making quite a show in front of the san jose city hall. by popular demand, it will remain on display until march ninth. on thursdays, there will
6:28 pm
be a series of special events featuring musicians, poets, and others who will perform. our new starts next with continuing coverage on the powerful storm. >> we need the rain, but we do not need it all at once. >> the wet weather is also causing some problems in southern california. also, one man's effort to help democrats win the midterm elections. the warning tonight from law enforcement about shooting lasers at aircraft.
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more on today's top stories as we are tracking heavy rain that has been falling in the bay area all morning and all afternoon and tonight is well. some areas have already seen more than two inches of rain, and the downpours are expected to continue.>> the wet and windy weather created a number of crashes as this honda civic lost control and ended up on its roof. forcefully, the driver was able to walk away from this crash. there was more than 100 accident reports today and the chp are urging everyone to be
6:32 pm
careful on the roads.>> people in the burn area's are on high alert. they have been trying to mitigate rain related problems and residents should call 91 if they see any evidence of flooding or slides. >> today's rain is a welcome sight for the water agencies after a very dry december. >> the rainfall totals are still adding up with more heavy rainfall expected tonight. our meteorologist is tracking the developments in the weather center.>> san francisco right now is over two inches of rain over the last 24 hours. santa rosa is at two inches and kentfield has over three inches of rain. we have that flash flood watch until tomorrow morning for the north bay. it is raining hard out there,
6:33 pm
and that flash flood watch will be dropped later on today. it is most intense for the burn zones. after midnight tonight, we could see the wind gust of near 50 miles per hour. a strong impulse will come through around midnight tonight. when i come back, i will set you up with a morning commute and what you can expect beyond that. in ventura county, the rain has led to mandatory evacuations from some areas worked by a wildfire.>> there is concerns the wind and the rain could wash dirt and debris into populated neighborhoods. >> reporter: to john green and so many others, this is spooky because after having to deal with the worst brushfire in california history, the next chapter could bring flooding and
6:34 pm
debris flows. as a result, sandbags are in a high demand. the sandbags are much appreciated by these three because the demand was so high this community, and it faces a sandy beach, they ran out of all things sand for bagging. >> i came up your this morning, and there was not any sand.>> reporter: by mid-day, more sand was on the way as these bags were dropped at this fire station. fire station -- firefighters were not sure if what was delivered today would last long. >> we have a lot of hillsides around this burn, and we are worried about mudslides happening. >> it is about being ready and
6:35 pm
not getting surprised. we sell a home were plastic have been draped across the hillside to serve as a barrier from the falling rain. what you cannot see is the smell. that smoky stench you get after a fire. it is a constant reminder of what the people in this community has been through and why they are trying to avoid any more unwanted surprises.>> we could use a lot of rain, but not all that much. >> reporter: so everyone is holding the bread. how are you feeling about that? >> like i said we need the rain, but not all at once. a state lawmaker from the los angeles area has formally introduced legislation designed to protect california homeowners from losing their insurance. the proposed bill comes in response to the devastating fire last year, especially in the wine country. the bill was offered after hearing from fire victims that
6:36 pm
are now worried they can be kicked off of their insurance policy. >> what we are seeing is that these insurance companies are abandoning customers, and what will end up happening is that people can no longer ensure their home through a secondary market covering the protections that we have in california.>> the bill would prevent from companies dropping customers after a wildfire. coming up, could oprah be considering a run for president and the comment from one person in particular that say it could happen. >> it has particular significance. plus this lineup coming up on bottle rock we will tell you about next. are cream conditioners bringing your hair down?
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actors and activist made a statement at the golden globes last night. women wore all black as a protest against sexual harassment allegations in hollywood. many of the men wore pens from this group which helps women stand up against harassment and abuse. and oprah winfrey received an achievement and her powerful speech made many people think she may want to break the glass ceiling and washing up. >> i want all of the girls watching here and now to know
6:40 pm
that there is a new day on the horizon. win that new day finally dawns -- and it win that new day finally joins, it will be because of a lot of different women.>> oprah's longtime partner, stedman grahman said that she would absolutely do it at the people wanted it . >> that is a seismic change from what everybody else has said, and given that it is stedman grahman, it has particular significance. >> oprah herself has not given any indication that she plans to run. california activist tom steyer says he will not run for office in 2018, but will focus
6:41 pm
all of his effort to getting other democrats to win in 2018.>> they have got to be the most powerful force, the young people, in our politics, and their participation alone can compel a government that truly serves the public interest. >> in washington today, he said that he was planning to spend $30 billion in order to organize young voters. also today, another top republican announced he will not seek reelection. the chairman of the house for an affairs committee that was first elected back in 1992 said he will not run. one of the most popular entertainers around is heading to napa for the bottlerock festival. [ music ] >> bruno mars would join other big names for the sixth annual
6:42 pm
festival. organizers just released that lineup earlier this morning. many performers are expected to perform and the festival runs from may 25 until the may 27. tickets go on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. a warning tonight about the dangers of lasers. >> you can cause blank spots for the pilots. you can cause a glare on their eyes.>> up next, the incident that has helicopter crews very tentative. heavy rain right now on the peninsula and some standing water on the roadways for the afternoon commute, and it will get a little bit stronger as we move into the midnight hour tonight. i will let you know how your tomorrow shakes up -- shapes up when we come back.
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highway patrol is looking for the person who shined a laser light at a chb helicopter last night -- chb helicopter last night. -- ch p helicopter last night.>> reporter: an laser that's make an intense laser was shot at this helicopter in this is video taken from the helicopter at about 6:20 pm. you can see someone aiming a laser at the aircraft. it came near richmond parkway and giant road. no arrest has been made made and there is no motive right
6:46 pm
now. >> i don't know why they are doing except there could be curiosity as to how far their laser can go. you can cause blank spots for the pilot or flash blindness or you can cause a glare on their i.>> reporter: three weeks ago, the same pilot in the same helicopter was hit by lasers as the crew flew over a sideshow in oakland. >> i think the event was more of an entertainment factor for them. >> reporter: chp says that people who shined lasers they think it is a little dot, but at that distance it gets up to six feet wide. incidents have increased significantly over the last few years. if you are caught, you face state and federal charges and a fine up to $11,000. >> that is a serious issue.
6:47 pm
>> when you look at it, it looks like a pen light. the big story today is the weather. i saw a couple of accidents on the way into work and it is just nasty out there. >> it is nasty. the afternoon commute is deeply into their commute, and we have standing water on the roadways and it does not take much to slow the traffic down. these are the updated rainfall totals, and i think the kentfield one is pretty impressive. san francisco has also had over two inches of rain, and it is going to rain more as we see heavy showers move-in late tonight and early tomorrow morning. all of the west coast is getting slammed right now. it has been very dry, and then we get hit with this plume of atmospheric moisture. any time you get one inch of rain in san
6:48 pm
francisco, then that is a significant event. and when you get two inches, that is very significant. this is a warm storm, so the snow levels are still very high. this system is holding a lot of water, and it is raining hard all over. in that yellow line, it is coming down hard. in fremont, the commute is nasty. here is tonight and i talked about this as this will be going off at around 11:00 p.m. tonight. this impulse will move through with the southerly track, and it is going to pop and we could see up to one half of an inch of rain as it slides through. valley fog is a possibility tonight. by tomorrow afternoon, it will clear out. we will also have some fog on wednesday morning. so let's look out san francisco
6:49 pm
is tomorrow. the showers are still a possibility for the early morning commute. around 7:00 a.m., there will be a few showers, and then around noon, you will start to see some clearing. the afternoon commute will be a much better set up. it has been raining all day, and now we are going into this next impulse at around 10:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. then scatter showers after that and then clearing. the forecast high temperatures tomorrow will be on the warm side, and that has to do with the location of the storm and where it came from. here is the five-day forecast. it is raining hard, and we need it. beyond five days, there is other weather systems coming our way. >> better yet, will there be cold air?>> yes, but we will
6:50 pm
see how that goes. >> i am surprised about that number in san francisco. >> that is a lot of rain.>> two inches of rain in san francisco is big time.>> thank you bill. sports is coming up next danced deaf curry is talking about his interest in -- steph curry is talking about his interest in purchasing the carolina panthers coming up next in sports. [ event concluded ] -- and all of our plans include free preventive care. financial help is available, so check for yourself to see what savings you qualify for. open enrollment ends january 31st, so don't miss out. because you never know when life... ...will change. get covered today.
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raise your hand if you love alabama. let mack >> people have very strong opinions about nick sabin, and alabama, one way or another, we have a little bit of the game going on. right now, it is not going the way the boys in vegas figured that would. this is basically a home game for georgia. alabama and georgia took the field, and georgia is looking to score early by taking a shot deep. he is picked off there by the
6:54 pm
-- after that deflection, and alabama cannot do anything with it. then the next time georgia gets a ball, this run down the sideline gets 26 yards on 3rd down and 20 yards to go. he did not step out of bounds, and this leads to a field goal and a 3-0 lead. this is a completion right here, and that also led to a field goal by georgia and georgia has just scored right before i walked in here, and at halftime they are leading 13-0. talk about landing on your feet and for a good guy, how about ken gordon jr. fired by the raiders. here it is.
6:55 pm
he landed on his feet as he was hired by the san francisco 49ers as their assistant head coach. he will be an assistant with the defense and be in charge of the inside linebackers. the nfl musical chairs has one less see today as the chicago bears field there coaching job by hiring matt maggie. he will replace john fox for chicago. tonight, it should be fun to see steph curry back on the home court after coming back from his injury and playing three road games for which he has been named the western conference offensive player of the week.
6:56 pm
if you have been watching that guy late lately, it is just incredible. he had 45 points against the clippers on saturday, and has been averaging 35 points a game. on another topic, you know what a big fan he is of the carolina panthers, who were eliminated yesterday. he confirmed today that team is for sale and he wants a piece of it all.>> i have a day job, but i have people who are looking and trying to see how that will happen. i would love to be part of something that represents charlotte to the world, my hometown. i know a lot of the guys that play for the team, and i do think there is a certain value i can bring to whatever ownership it could be. >> i would say he brings a certain value to things. kevin durant will not play tonight as he is nursing the
6:57 pm
calf muscle strain. >> you have to check out what happened to the stanford cardinal basketball team. >> the trojans are on a timeout , and to the ram -- rim, he lays it in. davis at the horn. >> yes, what a finish. but it was not finished as they sean davis, a freshman hit a great shot from beyond half- court at the buzzer when it looks like stanford was going to lose. then everybody stormed the court, and that was sweet stuff. by the way, the stanford cardinals are playing better ball as they beat ucla and usc. >> thanks everybody and join me on the seven.
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