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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  January 11, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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nobody is safe when it comes to graffiti.>> and elizabeth on the rise in oakland. the concern and one neighborhood where the problem is spreading from buildings to the streets. -- graffiti on the rise. in one part of oakland postal service trucks had this might have become a growing target of taggers. we begin looking at the issue after a cameraman spotted a postal truck covered in graffiti at a gas station. check out these pictures outside the civic center post office. we are told 40 trucks have been tagged in the past few months. the problem appears to be getting worse. the story you will see only here.>> reporter: i spoke with a postal inspector. vandalizing a mail truck is a federal crime. they have seen this growth of graffiti ever since the parking
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lot they use across the street close.>> some u.s. mail trucks rolling out with the new markings. red white and blue paint. covered over by graffiti and letters. >> we have to have those repainted and clean.>> reporter: a postal service spokesman said the tagging outside their facility on 13th street increased after the parking lot they were leasing across the street closed and was sold.>> we have been renting space there. to park vehicles. we had fencing.>> reporter: they have had two-part trucks on the street overnight. 40 trucks have been tagged in the past few months.>> that would be a vehicle out of service for a small time. it cannot make deliveries.>> reporter: a setback of time and money. driving to the downtown area there was graffiti on nearly every building.>> every day it is something.>> reporter: this oakland native has an art gallery on 14th street.>> it
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seems like nobody is safe when it comes to graffiti.>> reporter: he appreciates artwork. but not when people deface his storefront. he is had to spend thousands to clean or remove her feeding. a blow to his business.>> if that is really the case then why tag and art gallery. why tag a school or church? that is what the city should really put more time and attention into. figure out who they are and how we can work with them. the police are too busy to try to chase down graffiti artist.>> reporter: vandals who deface federal property can face felony charges in time in prison. there is a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest > is there word on how much the graffiti is costing the postal service?>> reporter: they are working on an estimate.
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they are trying to find another secure parking lot. where they can house all 340 trucks that they have. police have looked at a shelter in place in santa rosa after ending a standoff with an armed man. they ordered it at 2 pm near dutton avenue. after they received a report about an armed man inside a car. police negotiators try to make contact with him for our -- hours. they made an arrest after 8 pm. the man was involved in an attempted armed robbery at a convenience store on tuesday. and matt was sentenced to 30 years in prison for drugging and sexually assaulting 15 men. joseph courtney pleaded no contest to felony sexual assault and other charges. his defense attorney said the six was consensual. prosecutors argued the victims were not unconscious. -- knocked unconscious.
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alameda coroner identified a man from fremont killed when a tractor-trailer that was backing up paint him against a loading dock. the accident happened in an industrial area of fremont on stewart avenue. police say travis was helping direct the big rig driver to back up when he was panned between the truck and the loading dock. the driver did not immediately realize what had happened. he was pronounced dead at the same. shocking images of children living on the streets of oakland pushing local leaders to speed a new project to house the homeless. the efforts to place shelters and tiny homes on church property.>> reporter: these images depict the severity of the homeless crisis in oakland. small children living in a tent on east 12th and 23rd -- little to no cloves and no fault of
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their own they are sleeping outside in cold rainy conditions. it is simply heartbreaking.>> when i saw the kids homeless my heart just fell. i don't have words to express. i have four kids and seven grandkids. i could imagine them being homeless. >> reporter: the reference of the photos is oakland police advised her mother about resources available. shelters are open to families like hers. with 4000 homeless people citywide the need for more resources is insurmountable.>> a million-dollar budget for a first year of helping homeless to serve 1000 people.>> reporter: interfaith council and voted leaders -- invited leaders to a meeting at the temple to get the ball rolling on a project to provide safe shelters on various church properties in the community.
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the sheds are already up and running. many people calling them home. with the council is looking to do the summer to this project. they say they want to do it more efficiently.>> how you have utility connections if your putting units up. we are trying to figure out how to use solar power and other alternatives so they can be put in locations where you don't have hookups.>> reporter: once shelter has been created at westside missionary baptist church. the goal to have several hundred more spread throughout the county by the end of the year. help is on the way for the homeless in san francisco. officials say they are getting $42 million in new federal grants to help people get into permanent housing. the money is the most the city has received payment it will help fund housing and homeless services program >> a vulgar comment from
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trump during negotiations over immigration at the white house sparking controversy around the world. when referring to the countries of haiti el salvador and some africa countries he reportedly said why are we having all of these people from blank countries come here? he use a profane word that we will not repeat. he suggested u.s. to take more immigrants in countries like norway. after he met with norway's prime minister yesterday. the crude comment came during a meeting with lawmakers trying to hash out a deal on daca. democrats want to reinstate protections for dreamers. 700,000 young people brought here illegally to the u.s. as children. the president wants any protections for dreamers to be tied to funding for a border wall. there has not been a deal reached yet. however we think we can get
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there. we are very focused on trying to make sure that happens. the president has been clear about what his priorities are. >> a deal to pass daca protections alongside border security measures is an reach. immigration beating at the white house showed almost everyone in this body is interested in passing daca protections. >> a bipartisan group of senators has reached a deal that would extend the protections for dreamers. the white house rejected it today and told the lawmakers to keep working. 20 senators sent a letter to the interior secretary asking for their state to be exempt from the plan to expand offshore drilling. it comes to days after the republican governor of florida requested and received a promise offshore drilling would not include his statement it is now raising questions about political favoritism. some analysts are asking whether states with republican governors will get special
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treatment. department of interior responded by saying in the governor can request a meeting. a new movie about the patty hearst kidnapping has been canceled. they announced the decision after patty hearst plan the project today. the script was based on the book american era >> about her kidnapping in 1974 in berkeley by the liberation army. she was found 19 months after she was kidnapped. she was a fugitive herself wanted for crimes including bank robbery. in a statement patty hearst said the book romanticized her torture and rape. high school principal demanded the city's attention with the streets outside her school used as a dumping ground for trash. the principal told us she has spent her own money to clean up the block.>> reporter: this block filled with trash outside
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the playground at ralph high school in west oakland. >> why would they leave it here? it makes the city look bad. trying to make the city look dirty.>> how long does it take for people to realize this is a school? no one wants to see this.>> reporter: rotting food broken glass needles all left near the corner of 18th and poplar st.>> this is ridiculous. and unnecessary. a lack of caring for the students. and the families here.>> reporter: sensible betsy steele has paid almost $1000 out of her pocket to get the garbage removed -- principal. the streets have never been cleaned despite repeated requests to public works.>> i have not had the opportunity to talk to anyone in person.>>
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reporter: we saw the dump truck outside the school. the driver said he was here for the street cleaning trucks. not the big items dumped here. the stuff stayed on the streets. this man who has a tense nearby offer to haul it away like he has done in the past.>> i cleaned it up before. i would clean it again.>> reporter: this high school is known for its culinary arts program. some fear new students might lose their appetite.>> i don't think they want to come here. seeing this it doesn't look like a school you would want to learn at.>> reporter: they hope the city steps up. i reached out to the city and a spokesman said they are doing twice as many pickups. even as they pick up the trash people still dump again in the
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same place. a swimmer recovering after being bitten by a sea lion of aquatic part. an update on her injuries and what might be behind this. >> reporter: people missing following the mudslides and montecito. the latest on the search for survivors and the crew home after providing help with the efforts. we can is around the corner. there is some more rain on the horizon.
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uc berkeley student detained on immigration charges is going to miss the start of the new semester. louise was taken into custody december 30 in san diego county. he has a bond hearing next wednesday. he was born in columbia. his attorney said he came here legally when he was with his mother seeking treatment for cancer. he is. he has overstayed his visa. his attorney is working to get his release so he can return to his studies. a swimmer recovering after being bitten by a sea lion. these attacks previously considered quite rare have become increasingly frequent.>> reporter: irene was doing her usual slum with a friend in san francisco aquatic park when she said out of the blue a sea lion at her leg. the fourth attack since middle december.>> this is unusual
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behavior.>> reporter: the staff veterinarian says no one knows exactly why there has been sea lion attacks. >> they are while. sometimes as wild animals they might be unpredictable.>> christian was bitten on december 14.>> he looked angry. his mouth was open and he was looking right at me.>> reporter: he says the animal followed him and displayed aggressive behavior.>> he was able >> reporter: you can tell by the head. i knew it was a male. with his mouth he was displaying his teeth at me.>> reporter: the unexplained behavior could be due to a biotoxins throwing them offkilter. they could be hurt like this one at p or 39 whose neck was sliced open by a fishing line.>> if they are feeling pain and somebody is near them and they may react
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defensively.>> reporter: swimmers from aquatic park dolphin club say they will still work out in the water. they are prepared for sea lion encounters.>> you are supposed to swim back gently. no thrashing movements.>> some experts attribute the behavior to a recent dip in the herring population causing the animals to get more territorial over there feeding zones. that makes sense. three victims were attacked near the sea lion highway.>> it is stupid to be swimming on the sea lion highway. in a sense it is my fault.>> reporter: if you are swimming in a sea lion approaches you and starts acting strangely the best thing you can do is get out the water. it is a race against the clock and montecito is rescue crews search for any survivors from the mudslides. 17 people are confirmed dead. 43 more are missing.
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the santa barbara sheriff declared the entire community of montecito a mandatory evacuation zone. among the dead is rebecca risking. we spoke to her friend and business partner by phone. >> she embodied strength and grace and elegance and poise. and love. all in one human being. she was taken from us too soon. but she will always remain in our hearts.>> a 30 person crew from marin county office of emergency services task force is in montecito helping with the rescue and recovery efforts. they were in the very same area three weeks ago fighting the thomas fire. 's squad out of moffat returned after three days in montecito. one airman described people they rescued is grateful but
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overwhelmed.>> it was a somber moment for sure. they were thankful to be out. you could see they were more worried about what was behind them.>> reporter: they picked up three victims ages 13-58. the crew had to choose landing spots carefully for their 11 son chopper. -- ton chopper. we are getting fog in spades right now. you can see behind me -- that is the golden gate bridge. you can see the fog lingering. at the coast and in the aniline valley. the bay bridge we have some fault. his ability tomorrow will be scheduled. the kind of fog -- it is the one fog. -- winter fog. current temperatures not that cool. because of the cloud cover and the dew points.
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you can see all the fog that is there because of the high pressure keeping us drive. the atmosphere is real stable. clearing on friday afternoon. mostly sunny. you start off with a lot of fog. it lasted the weekend. tomorrow morning. from reading all the way south to bakersfield on the 99. it will be on 505 and 5. not sure how dense it will be. dew points are high. tomorrow night and afternoon clears out. 70 morning moore fog shows up in the valley. you go into the bay area sunday. the beginning of the system the should bring showers late on monday night. this is next week. tuesday morning monday night -- this is the long-range model.
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a dynamic pattern. most of these focused on the north. they will be cooler. not great rain produces. these are the forecast highs. tomorrow 64. 64 san jose. well above the average. five day forecast. the weekend looks good. as we head into next week we get a wet pattern which will bring some significant snowfall to the mountains. santa clara tries to of been st. marys and men's basketball. the highlights and the rest of sports coming up. a story trending a drone captured -- 12 wales passing through monterey bay. they are making their annual southward migration. from alaska to mexico. monterey bay will watch
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seasons. the warriors are going strong. i know you are a big fan. the gaels going for the 11th victory tonight. then it is in his 17th season in moraga. santa clara tonight. did not really blowout the broncos. they worked inside -- glendale out of australia had 19 points and 10 rebounds. it was calvin hermanson will go down hard. bang his chin on the floor. he would leave the game. the basket is good in the file. he was okay. st. marys 81-57. of the pack 12 stanford taking on washington state. getting an ear full from their head coach. cardinals trailed by seven. freshman -- gives free for the two-handed dunk. 21 off the bench. dorian pickens the man for stanford.
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seven three-pointers. puts him up by 7 with over eight minutes ago. stanford 79-70. different story for cow who drops to 1-3 under first-year head coach jones. 2nd half not a lot of highlights. we picked this one. backdoor cut. nice pass to justin. he resides in honolulu. 27 points. the huskies pulled away. one second on the shot clock correct david catch issued. huskies be cow 66-56. cow 1-3. nfl investigating the raiders for possibly violating a rule that stipulates teams must interview minority candidates before hiring a new head coach. the raiders introduced gruden on tuesday the owner admitted he had been in pursuit of gruden the last six years.
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he believed he had a verbal all in commitment from gruden on christmas eve before the raiders conducted interviews with the two minority candidates. they could be docked a draft pick or two back. or find. raiders running back marshawn lynch was hanging with the globetrotters of his old elementary school in oakland.>> a lot of love for marshawn lynch at emerson elementary school. mcclurkin and christiansen and the kids absolutely love it. look at the reaction. they went outside and marshawn -- ali you pass. they talked about the abcs of bullying prevention. they are in the bay area to plate beginning saturday at oakland. three versus 100
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and soccer. 100 kids versus three members of the japanese national team. closing and. that is a great pass. part of a japanese game show. a nice pass. we will get a header. the kids not tall enough to make the save. they were in position. all 30 of them. thanks for joining us. good night.
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let's go, buddy. school time. oh, and, gloria, if you want to get together with the girls later, i could just, you know, watch the football game or something. that means he wants to watch the football game. i'm not talking to you. and what are you drinking coffee for, anyway? it's my culture. i'm colombian. oh, yeah? what part of colombia are those french toaster sticks from? gloria: babe, i'm not sure about the game. the whole family is coming over for the barbecue. it's today? si. it's the ohio state game. so, everybody can watch. i don't like watching the game with people who don't know the game. people talk. you talk at my football games. for one thing, it's called soccer. your team's scored two goals all season. i'm not taking a big risk. [ hollow clank ] how much of this did you drink? give me a break. i have to climb a rope today. haley: hey, mom? claire: yeah? can i have $40 for lunch?


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