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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 1, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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the search is on for a driver who hit and dragged in alameda county sheriff's deputy and then tried to run the officer over again. we are following a developing story out of los angeles where a shooting at a middle school has hurt at least two people. ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. good afternoon everyone. >> we begin with a search underway right now for a driver accused of hitting and dragging in alameda county sheriff's deputy in hayward.>> it happened just after 9:30 am this morning. he tried to run over the deputy again and that is when the deputy opened fire. we are live at the scene.>> reporter: good afternoon.
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there are two separate scenes and we are going to show them both to you. we are a long arbor avenue, you can see there is still a police presence here. this is where it all began and they are still processing the scene out here. now we can switch to our other camera. there is a shelter in place in the area and that is from royal area -- royal avenue down to sperry. officials are searching for a man that they say rammed one of their officers in a car and then ran off on foot. it all happened this morning when a deputy on his motorcycle attempted to stop a driver for speeding. the driver did not pull over immediately. the driver put his vehicle into reverse, ran into the deputy who was pinned to the back of the car and nearly crushed. somehow the deputy was able to get off the bike but his life was still in danger. >> the car then swerved and came forward again at the officer to run him over again. the officer fired multiple rounds into the windshield of
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the vehicle. those rounds entered the vehicle. the car continued on a southerly direction here on arbor. it made a right turn on eighth street and went down to royal avenue which is a few blocks from here. >> reporter: from there, the suspect fled on foot. it is unclear if he was struck by any of the shots fired by the deputy. currently officers are going house by house looking for the suspect. they are using drones and canines in hope of finding the suspect, which currently they do not have a detailed invest -- detailed description of. the deputy has mild injuries to his arm and hand. we will stay out here for the very latest and continue to cover this. as of right now we do know the deputy is safe. they are looking for the suspect. >> we saw them with the -- with guns d. thank you. we have no information about an officer injured last
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weekend. that officer has been identified. he was a wide receiver in the nfl, but injuries cut short his career. authorities say a car slammed into him and sped off. the officer suffered head trauma along with bumps and bruises. ktvu crime reporter henry lee has learned that he has since been released from the hospital. juan vargas faces attempted murder and assault charges. his girlfriend is facing conspiracy charges. we continue to follow a developing story after a shooting at a middle school this morning. a 15-year-old boy who was shot in the head is in critical but stable condition. three other people ranging in age from 11 to 13 were treated for cuts and scrapes. police say they treated a
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female student and also recovered a gun at the scene. no word on what prompted that shooting. 27-year-old marcel gonzalez junior was arrested yesterday at his mother's home. the suspect is suspected in an assault that happened two years ago. the victim and her parents just now came forward. he coached soccer at several schools. the girls varsity soccer coach told us this when he heard the news. >> you know, it brings it home. obviously he is from morgan hill, i understand. there seems to be an awful lot of that coming up. >> the school district issued a
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statement saying none of the students are involved in the case. they said they are shocked and deeply disturbed this could happen. mister gonzalez has been relieved of his position. police tell us they are checking into whether or not there are additional victims. the high school student newspaper reports that the student principal ordered workers to paint over a mural at the high school. james franco has denied the allegations. there are several other paintings by him that hang inside, but so far there are no plans to remove those. across the state, some are staging a demonstration to protest what they call a growing wage gap between administrators and workers. >> we're live with more on this story. allie. >> reporter: the uc workers and their union have organized this demonstration. the union is
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local 3299 and represents about 25,000 employees in the uc system who work as pharmacy technicians, patient care assistance and security workers. they are the lowest paid workers in the system. they have been in negotiations for more than a year, no resolution in sight. uc representatives, when we asked them for their response to these demonstrations today, they said they are offering competitive pay, healthcare benefits, retirement benefits, in their statement they say they have bargained in good faith since spring for service workers and since fall for patient care employees. we hope the next steps including a fact-finding phase and assistance from an objective third-party in negotiations. workers say they don't account for the unsafe conditions they
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are subjected to. many of their departments are understaffed with the workers being required to work double shifts and that the wages proposed don't cover the rising cost of living in california. >> if you sit down with us and say the lowest paid workers in the system are overpaid, while you are lining the pockets of your executives, half $1 million for it -- for disgraced ex-chancellors. there is a widening gap here.>> reporter: he mentioned a state audit done last year that found the office at tens of millions of dollars in reserve that it failed to disclose publicly. one of the people on the picket line that we spoke with said news about that specifically made her frustrated and it brought her to tears talking about it. >> we are just workers. we don't get money like what they do. we are just trying to live paycheck to paycheck.
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we are here to fight for our dignity. >> reporter: why are they holding this demonstration today across the state, february 1? they say they are marking a moment in history when two workers died due to faulty equipment that led to a strike during the civil rights movement. martin luther king jr. came to memphis to support that strike. after he went to speak there, he was assassinated in memphis. demonstrators here are planning to have a moment of silence to moat -- to mark the anniversary of that event. uc says that the event here is not going to impact any patient care. again, demonstrations are happening at eight separate uc campuses across the state.
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bart trains her back running without delay -- trains are back running without delay today. >> is back on schedule this afternoon after a really tough morning for a lot of commuters. there were serious delays along the fremont warm springs line and it was all because of a maintenance truck that derailed along the tracks during the early morning hours. this happened around 3:20 am near the south hayward bart station. it took crews quite a bit of time to move that truck off the track. in the meantime, bart was forced to move a single track of trains through that area, slowly. >> my wife understands. i am supposed to be there at
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7:30 am, but i might not be there until 8 am. >> i am supposed to be a juror today in san francisco. if i am not there, i am worried.>> they are coming for you. >> they might.>> there was also damage to the electric third rail, so crews had to come in and repair the damage. it was not a quick fix and that closed track caused a lot of problems. >> you have a single track. trains will usually have to hold at hayward while waiting to share the track. the delay which is right around 20 minutes now, it is because we are towing that vehicle out and need to hold trains while we are doing that. >> reporter: the good news is, no one was hurt in this early- morning accident. a temporary fix has been put in place and trains are now moving normally along that section of track. still ahead, new drought
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concerns for california. a new report just released today shows severe conditions in three of our major counties. plus, how it is looking in the sierra. we are going to check in with meteorologist mark miles, already looking at the possibility of changing temperatures. a crime ring broken up, recovering thousands of electronics stolen through car burglaries. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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president trump's taking a political victory lap of sorts on the heels of the state of the union address. the president spoke to republican lawmakers today at their winter retreat in west virginia. he called 2017 one of the greatest years the gop or any political party has ever had. he thanked lawmakers for passing the tax overhaul. he also accused democrats of not wanting to see the nation thrive.>> the stock market would have gone down 50%. i really believe that. they were stifling it. they were getting prepared to stifle it. >> president trump also spoke about topics he covered at the state of the union such as
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immigration reform and military spending. meanwhile, a controversial memo is the talk of washington, with the big question being what is in it? it was prepared by republican representative devin nunes.>> it has been described as accusing the fbi and justice department of abusing surveillance powers. >> it will be released pretty quick and the whole world can see it. >> reporter: the president is still committed to releasing a controversial gop memo covering what it says were abuses by the fbi in the 2016 campaign. not everyone wants it to be made public. adam schiff says changes were made to the version sent to the white house. the white house has been reviewing the document since monday night, that the committee never reviewed for public release.
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the republican chairman of the committee, devin nunes, says that is completely false and only minor edits were made. he says it is no surprise that the fbi and doj issues.'s objections to allowing the american people to see information related to surveillance abuses at these agencies. the showdown is drawing criticism for all sides. >> they have known this for a year and they set on this. the rest of the congress should've been informed on this before they voted yes or no on expanding pfizer. -- expanding fisa. some leading senators say they would like for the senate intelligence committee to review the memo before it is released and there are some republicans available with the content, expressing concern some of their colleagues have oversold the memo. just a beautiful winter day
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out there mark. >> we had lots of sunshine, temperatures on the mild side and what is interesting is we have the same forecast, day after day, into the weekend as well. here is a live shot out at the golden gate bridge. some high clouds and haze developing as well. hayes could be a factor not only for today but for the next few days. storm tracker, there is a system headed way up to our north. the entire state is dry. most of the state is mostly clear. here is our radar right now and we do not have any green to speak of for your thursday afternoon. current numbers, san francisco 67. santa rosa, 64. as you take a look at these, the average high for this date
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is around 65 degrees, so we are already above those temperatures. looking out toward the golden gate bridge at the headlands here, a great day for a hike. good day for a run out there as well. lots of cool -- lots of clear skies this afternoon. temperatures in the 60s and we will eventually be talking about more 70s by friday and the weekend. our last rainfall was a week ago, january 25. it looks like this will continue, not only through the weekend, into next week. some of the forecast models are hinting that we could be talking about a chance of rainfall for this timeframe. this is still a long ways out. we can't pinpoint the exact today. but you get the idea, there is no rainfall in our short-term forecast for at least the next
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week. high pressure is still in charge of our weather patterns. that storm tracking up to our north. weekend will be even warmer. we could have mid-70s out there. whenever we get in this temperature range, it is not out of the ordinary to see a few spots hitting 80 degrees. the rainfall forecast, let's put this into motion, that is where the rainfall is. if you had to seattle, they could have over 3 1/2 inches of rainfall, but look at all of the zeros up and down the state for the bay area, down to southern california as well. 60s and 70s. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast. it's like when you are in the casino and you get all the same symbols out there. it is all showing up.
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a little discouraging, usually we count on february to be a productive month. when we see the first half of the month may be dry, that is the first half of the month, gone.>> and we still need the snow. >> exactly. police say they have broken up an international crime ring. eight people have been charged in the theft of thousands of laptops and cell phones. they were breaking into vehicles , stealing items and selling them on the black market in vietnam. >> we believe the estimate is about $2 million. it was laptops mainly, but we also had tablets and some cellular phones.>> fremont police say the investigation started late last year when they noticed a 35% increase in car burglaries in the city. they are now working to return
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the stolen items back to the people who lost them. coming up, oakland-based streaming music service pandora is announcing layoffs as it plans to expand the company out of state instead of the high costs of doing so in the bay area.
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oakland-based pandora now plans to cut 5% of its workforce. the company says the layoffs will save $45 million a year.
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no word yet exactly how many employees will be laid off, but pandora last reported that it had nearly 2500 employees in 2016. according to the chronicle, they plan to expand their offices in atlanta because of the cheaper operating costs. with that news, stock in pandora is now up 8%. the index though has been wavering today. you can see the dow jones is up nine points, the nasdaq is down 13 points. business insider says facebook in its earnings report reported a 5% decline in daily use of that site. zuckerberg said it happened after facebook changed a number of viral videos people see in their newsfeeds. he says the changes will be good in the long run. strong demand and a limited
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number of homes for sale continue to drive up prices in the area. the median sales price for a single-family home in this region, $765,000 last december. 14% higher compared to december 2016. it is the 69th straight monthly increase. santa clara county soared 35% last year to nearly $1.2 million. despite reports that say millennials are the renters generation, they are finding a way to find homes. santa rosa ranks as one of the 10 places for millennials to buy homes. the research shows millennial home ownership in santa rosa shot up 11% from 2007 to 2016. 34.7% of americans under the age
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of 35 are able to purchase their own home. toyota is recalling vehicles worldwide because of a problem with airbags. toyota says an electrical issue could keep the airbags from inflating in a crash. all of the cars were produced from may 2015 through march 2016. toyota says it will notify owners in march and the dealers will fix the problem at no cost to owners. it is costing too much money and i think i speak for everyone in the city. we are all disappointed. >> $6 million spent on a computer system filled with bugs and errors. after the break, we look into why the city of oakland may have to spend millions more. also, u.s. health agencies say this is shaping up to be one of the worst flu seasons in years. why many people in the bay area
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can't follow doctor's orders when it comes to getting a flu shot.
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we have some breaking news right now out of san francisco, where a police officer has been injured. this happened during the last hour, right near alamo square.
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an officer was hit by a car. that officer has been transported to the hospital. just back in october we had another san francisco police officer hit by a man driving a stolen suv. we do have a crew on route to the scene right now. as soon as we get more information on this breaking news, we will pass it along to you. a computer system meant to track the performance of police officers does not seem to be working. >> we explain the problem and the millions more that may be spent to remake the entire system.>> reporter: it is complicated, sophisticated and expensive. more than $6 million spent on a computer system for oakland police, aimed at tracking racial profiling, dangerous police situations and officer misconduct. the problem is it doesn't really work.
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>> this is not optional. this must be implemented.>> reporter: attorney jim channon sued the city 15 years ago. part of that settlement includes development of what is termed the performance reporting information metrics environment or prime system. case paperwork and a report by an independent monitor explained that there are many concerns, beginning with delays in implementation, to continuing issues with bugs and data collection and errors in data. >> it is taking too long and costing too much money and i think i speak for everyone in the city, we are all disappointed.>> reporter: microsoft was responsible for the project, but it is behind schedule and lacking in capabilities like pulling up body cam video or accessing police academy information, so
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there is no way for bosses to check up on officers. data compiled by stanford university has yet to be added, so looking for evidence of racial profiling or bias is a -- is impossible right now. >> if they want a police department that enforces everyone's right equally and continues to lower the crime rate, then you want this system because it is very important from both a civil rights perspective and a crime- fighting perspective. >> reporter: the report says that identifying and intervening with officers behavior is severely affected by the prime problems. there is now a plan to rebuild the entire system and it could cost as much as $2.4 million more. the city of oakland responded to our question saying in part, good work has been done over the years, unfortunately the project suffered early on from staff transitions and areas where the requirements were not understood or properly
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implemented. oakland city council approved prime 2.0 and invited for vendors, microsoft, accenture, outsystems, and sierra systems , to bid on the system. oakland police are still searching for whoever is behind a deadly shooting that happened yesterday afternoon. one victim died at a new -- at a nearby hospital. a short time later another man showed up at the hospital with gunshot wounds. authorities are not sure if he was shot in that same barrage of gunfire. >> i heard shooting. i didn't go look too fast. i saw the person sitting in the car. >> that shooting victim is expected to survive. no word yet on a motive, but
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suspects were reportedly driving a silver four-door sedan. crime stoppers is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest. iman has been charged after impersonating a police officer and sexually assaulting a woman at a hotel. he contacted the victim through an internet dating site earlier this last month and arrange to meet her at a hotel. investigators say he ordered her to have sex with him. the victim, fearing for her safety, complied. the man was arrested last week. authorities believe there may be other victims and they are asking them to come forward. now to palo alto, where one man is behind bars after investigators found him prowling on the roof of a home. they arrested him after a 911 call reported him prowling on the roof of a house. they did not find evidence that the man had tried to break into the home. he is now facing charges of
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prowling and resisting arrest. checksum residents are now questioning the effectiveness of the emergency alert system following a fire on fourth street. the fire department says the community warning went out at 6 pm, but the county sheriff's office says it was never notified by richmond fire to turn on its sirens. >> as soon as you see black smoke from any industrial fire, there should be an emergency notification. the shelter in place for people in the immediate surrounding areas.>> the sheriff's department says residents can sign up for alerts on their emergency warning page. there were no emergency calls reported that night related to that fire. a lecture is being held in oakland tonight.
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james clyburn has been fighting for civil rights since he was a child. he will be the featured speaker. the lecture series highlights and honors the works of activists and civil rights leaders. tonight's talk starts at 7 pm. on the peninsula tonight, several democratic leaders are hosting a town hall on new tax law. they are calling it, how will trumps tax scam affect you? it starts at 7 pm at the college of san mateo in the main theater in building three. san francisco's interim mayor says he was not part of any political maneuvering prior to last week's surprise vote that put him in office. i sit down with him for a one- on-one interview. we discussed a number of topics . what he hopes to accomplish policy -wise and his reaction to the current turn of events that led to him being sworn in last tuesday. >> last tuesday's board of
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supervisors meeting, did you already know the outcome? >> no, i knew it would be a possibility, but nothing is a surety. >> the argument from some supervisors that i am sure you have heard is that it is classic old-school san francisco politics. not that that is illegal, that happens, it is politics. >> nothing could be further from the truth. there were so many discussions happening across all sides of the aisle. so many different people, so many different theories. i guarantee you i was not part of every discussion. >> we also talked about the accusations of sexism and racism directed at the board of supervisors. he also let me know whether or not he plans to run for mayor in the november 29 general election. we will have more tonight. north korean athletes arrive in the south ahead of the
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winter olympics. coming up. we will bring back meteorologist mark tamayo to get more details as we edge closer to what could be a very sunny weekend.
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back to that breaking news we just brought you from san francisco where a police officer was injured after being hit by a car. we will bring you live pictures here. officers witnessed
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someone breaking into a car there and at least one suspect fled the scene in a vehicle. while fleeing, that vehicle struck an officer and possibly hit another suspect as well. the hospital -- the officer who was hit has been taken to the hospital for what has been described as non-life- threatening injuries. officers are on the scene. the investigation is just getting underway. the officer who is hit is believed to have non-life- threatening injuries. when we get more information we will bring it to you. the olympics begin just one week from tomorrow and last minute preparations are underway. >> we have more on the improving relations between north and south korea as well as what the u.s. is doing to keep athletes and spectators safe. >> reporter: it is the
12:42 pm
culmination of a massive diplomatic push, and unexpected warming of relations between the two countries. >> translator: the opening ceremony will not only states traditional culture but also the modern culture of korea, including performances from both cultures. >> reporter: the u.s. is beefing up security ahead of the games. deploying stealth bombers, at least one extra aircraft carrier and an amphibious assault ship to the area. president trump has said that kim jong-un's missile program could soon threaten the mainland -- threaten the mainland u.s. the >> all options are on the table. it has to include military options. >> reporter: with the games just days away, 28 russian athletes had their doping bands -- doping bands overturned.
12:43 pm
the international olympic committee says overturning the bands does not mean the athletes will be able to compete. >> the athletes are declared eligible for the next olympic games. >> reporter: russia has already announced that it will request to have the ban lifted, no word on whether they will take up the matter. super bowl lii is just three days away. authorities have now laid out their plans to keep fans and players safe. police in minneapolis say they will have armored vehicles, blackhawk helicopters and a network of cameras across the city. they say their plan has been shaped by recent incidents like octobers deadly shooting in las vegas and they are prepared to pull off a safe and fun event.
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>> the coaches have developed their game plan and it will soon be the player's job to execute that plan. in law enforcement it is the same thing. we have planned, we have trained. it is gametime for us and we are ready. >> authorities say they want to emphasize there is no specific orth day specific or credible threat targeting the super bowl. so far it is unclear what players will do during the national anthem during this weekend super bowl. as for next season, the nfl commissioner says he is not sure what the league's policy will be regarding how players act during the anthem. the second snow survey of the season has been completed and it is not promising.
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this is actually video from the first survey, taken just a month ago. the u.s. drought monitor says california is rapidly plunging back into a drought with severe conditions in ventura and los angeles counties. the weekly report released today shows 44% of the state is now considered to be in a moderate drought. lake tahoe is moving toward using only clean energy. they have a deal to identify energy resources and they could be using all clean energy by the end of the year. no rain here means no snow up in the sierras. we're not just talking about clear whether it could be warm and mark. >> a few neighborhoods i have seen approach 80 degrees. it could be warm. remember, talking about the super bowl, two years ago we had the super bowl here and i remember how warm that weekend was in the bay area.
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so yeah, we are locked in this dry weather pattern. watching the press briefing from that snow survey, i guess the one piece of good news is that the reservoir storage is projected to be at 105% by now. there is a lot of carryover from last year. last year we were abundant in rainfall and snowfall and that is carrying over to this year to help us as well. satellite sows -- shows clouds to the north. nothing in the area today. get used to it. the santa rosa right now, 64. san francisco in the upper 60s as well. here is that live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. a nice day to be on the water for this afternoon. in the bay or headed out toward the coast as well. this will be the big headline.
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lots of 60s, lots of 70s, especially by the weekend. a few spots santa cruz, santa rosa, inching closer to 80 degrees. it has been a week since we had rainfall. last thursday we had those showers and all the hail here in the bay area. that was a week ago. starting a new month, it looks like we remain dry until possibly the 12th. we will see what develops between now and then. no rainfall anytime soon here in the area. here is what is happening as we take a look at the upper-level flow. we had this cold air, this area of low pressure, that sets up a stream here. that is keeping us dry and warm. with the rain line way up to our north toward seattle. let's set this into motion into
12:48 pm
next week. you will see a bunch of zeros here in california. look at the rainfall difference here for eugene. under a quarter of an inch, up toward seattle possibly 3 1/2 inches. there is a big area here where the rainfall comes. it goes up to excessive rainfall toward seattle. temperatures for this afternoon, lots of 60s out there. a few neighborhoods inching closer to 70 degrees. here is your look at it your five-day forecast. if you want to head to the beach this weekend, it will be beautiful out there. not a typical february weekend, but that will be this weekend. >> okay, i will see you there. we have been reporting the deadly flu season in full swing. some pharmacies are now running out of the vaccine. >> we spoke with one man trying to find a pharmacy offering flu shots, but couldn't find one.
12:49 pm
>> reporter: his wife and young daughter got there flu shots months ago, but he has been sick and hasn't got one. last saturday he went to this cvs pharmacy inside this target store to get the flu vaccine.>> they said we ran out and we are not getting anymore because flu season is almost over. >> reporter: he says he was surprised. >> my wife told my daughter's pediatrician about it and she said the flu season is not over, it is so bad. >> reporter: we called around to cvs pharmacies in the area and they all said they were out of the flu vaccine for patients under 65. they said the demand was higher than what they estimated it would be. walgreens though did seem to have the vaccine in stock in the stores we checked and so did safeway. the cdc told us there is no shortage of the vaccine, that it is available. we spoke by phone to a bay area doctor who said it is not unusual for chain stores to run
12:50 pm
out. >> i don't think anyone expected such a cry as -- such a crush for late season demand. >> reporter: doctors say it is a big problem. they are still recommending flu shots and some pharmacies are running out. >> you have to make it easy for people to get their medicines. if you don't, that is a disincentive.>> reporter: as for eric, he says he will find another place to get a shot into next flu season he will plan differently. we reached out to cvs corporate headquarters but did not hear back. the cdc says there is plenty of flu vaccine available, but some people have to call around to find it. still ahead, bringing the legend of san jose's winchester mystery house to the big screen. >> they don't really know what her intentions were.
12:51 pm
>> after the break, we will hear from award-winning actress helen mirren about her role in the new film.>> reporter: --
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12:53 pm
it is considered one of the most popular haunted houses in the world and holiday --
12:54 pm
hollywood is bringing the winchester mystery house to the big screen.>> we talked to oscar-winner helen mirren about her role in the movie. >> do you believe in ghosts doctor price? >> reporter: the legend of sarah winchester, the heiress of a firearms fortune who built a massive home for ghost, comes to life in the supernatural thriller, winchester.>> the spirits killed by the rifle. >> i couldn't believe i hadn't heard this story, it is extraordinary. what is really wonderful is that sarah winchester, although we know that she lived, we have photographs, you can visit her house, but at the same time the character is shrouded in mystery.>> say what you feel is this -- is the truth about helen -- about sarah winchester. >> reporter: helen mirren
12:55 pm
enjoyed uncovering the truth about her character. >> they don't really know. there are lots of different legends that have grown up around her because no one really knows. you know, what a wonderful project for an actress to be able to start investigating all of those things. >> reporter: well most of the filming took place in australia, the cast shot some scenes in the mansion in san jose california. >> it goes on and on and on. you lose yourself within five minutes. completely lost. you have no idea where you came from. but it is all on this small scale. someone like jason would have to bend down for the doorways. >> i hope everything has been to your satisfaction so far.
12:56 pm
>> reporter: winchester opens in theaters this weekend. in hollywood, megan vogel, fox 2. let's take a peek at stocks here, just a minute ahead of the close. we continue to stay on top of breaking news in san francisco as well as the east bay. the search continues for a suspect who had a motorcycle officer with a stolen car in hayward. >> and another officer injured in san francisco. an officer witnessed people raking into a vehicle. one suspect in a car drove away hitting the officer. the officer injured his ankle but is expected to be okay. we will have details on these developing stories online at thank you so much for joining us today at noon. the news continues right now at weather is going to get warmer and warmer as we get closer to the weekend.
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it is almost here. thank you for joining us. have a great first day of february. february.
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