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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 2, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and president donald trump called the revelations laid out a disgrace. >> a lot of people should be ashamed of themselves.>> reporter: the republican written memo -- memo asserts that the fbi used government surveillance tactics in their investigation of russian meddling. much of this comes from a dossier that was used to watch carter page. >> what you see in here, if it is right, the fbi relied on a document paid for by the hillary clinton campaign to distort the essential part. >> reporter: the document also alleges bias by still saying still was desperate that donald trump not get elected. james comey he was fired, blasted the memo on twitter and ask is that it? the release wrecked the house intelligence committee and
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destroyed trust with the intelligence community. democrats say it is part of a bigger strategy. >> the president hopes that this misleading memo will help make the case against the fbi and the department of justice and will ultimately undermine robert mueller. and it is believed that the house may release the democrat side of the memo which will provide more context. >> i am wondering if there was any reaction today from the head of the fbi? he was very adamant for president donald trump not to release that. any word on his thoughts today? >> reporter: a lot of people within the fbi community are not a big fan of this release. we did hear from james, who called this a sad thing and saying he was extremely disappointed in this. there has been a lot of
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pushback from many people on both sides of the aisle saying it hurt the intelligence community and undermines the people that are working there. this is not going to be the end of this whole ordeal.>> on, you will find a link to that document . for current california lawmakers -- there are for current california lawmakers that are showing there are complaints against them for sexual misconduct. none of these four people were formally punished although mendoza is on leave during an investigation. the state legislator released the records today under intense media pressure. the names of the witnesses have been blacked out to protect the privacy. lecture it was revealed that the legislator paid out about
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$2 million in sexual-harassment settlement claims over the past 25 years. the documents released today do not show the same number of payouts, however some say it is a good start. >> i think it is healthy. i still have questions about what was sent out for investigation and what wasn't. i am sure that not everything that happened is going to show up in those reports. >> other documents reveal complaints among senior staffers about inappropriate behavior to subordinates. staffers also may have used to work community -- community for pornography. i reported here tells us federal agents have served inspection notices on nearly 80 businesses from san francisco to to sacramento. >> reporter: in a country that is divided, union and jill's
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roots are coming together to lift one another up in song. >> we are here to say to our workers and immigrant community do not be afraid, we stand with you.>> reporter: a rally outside of the office here in san francisco comes to roughly 77 businesses that received audit notices by i.c.e.. businesses have three days to comply and could face fines or criminal prosecution if they are not in compliance with the law. i.c.e. says the effort this week are reflected in the government's efforts to prevent businesses from hiring illegal workers. >> i am really concerned if whether or not california is being targeted. you cannot under the law target a region because of our laws on sinks were cities and have selective enforcement. >> i think it is no coincidence that it is happening in northern california, a big new region that did not support donald trump for president.
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elections do have consequences and they certainly have the right to an audit. >> reporter: a woman sit this photo showing us a notice of inspection from a local business owner. she did say the i.c.e. agent was professional . >> we have been proactively reaching out to our small businesses.>> reporter: oakland mayor libby shafi is not aware of any artisan or city.>> oakland as definitely been outspoken and proud of our sanctuary city status and clearly the government is retaliating against localities that are exerting our values. >> reporter: part of a statement by i.c.e. reads that their worksite enforcement strategy is focused on protecting jobs for u.s. citizen and others who are lawfully employed in eliminating unfair competitive advantages for companies that hire an illegal workforce and strengthening public safety and national security. but some say it is wrong. >> tearing apart families and hurting kids is inhumane.
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>> in the south bay, the sacred heart community services say that to businesses in the area have been audited by i.c.e. dozens of visitors having calling the network this week asking about the workplace audits. sacred heart says they have been sending out trained responders to confirm that the audits have been happening, and they have confirmed that to businesses have been audited. they say it is now causing panic in the community. >> we have at 50 calls a day asking about rumors. many of these calls have been found to be untrue, but they have created a lot of panic from the folks in our community. >> officials say they can also help the workers to get in contact with immigration lawyers. number so that the flu season is not slowing down in at least 30 people under the age of 65 years old died for the flu last week. that brings
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the total number of death this season in california to 127. in the bay area, there have been at least 22 reported desk. while the cdc said the epidemic is likely to continue statewide for at least a few more weeks, lou activity is showing some signs of slowing down. state health officials want people to be extra careful and they say it is not too late to get vaccinated.>> we are really just now at the middle of the season. so we are recommending that people who have not had a vaccine yet that they get a vaccination. it is not too late to be vaccinated. >> the flu outbreak across the country is getting worse. new numbers from the cdc says at least 16 children die from the flu last week, and many states are seeing the highest hospitalization rates ever recorded. police are still trying to determine how a 12-year-old girl got a loaded handgun that accidentally went off into her
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backpack at a los angeles middle school yesterday. police say the 12-year-old has an attorney and is currently not talking to investigators. there was for students that were hurt -- 4 students hurt when the girl reportedly dropped the bag. a 15-year-old boy was struck in the head, but he is expected to survive. in san francisco, a student has been taken into custody after four -- after reportedly bringing a gun to school. the small school that it happened that is inside of the san francisco school for the arts in the city's diamond heights neighborhood. staff members observe the student on campus with a gun and called police. authorities say the student then left the campus and was later detained. lease had not released the students age, but said no threats were made and no one was hurt.
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the san francisco unified school district issued the statement afterwards and said the school has an emergency plan in place. the plan was enacted in all of the students were say. we commend the staff member who acted swiftly to alert the police department in place to school on lockdown. a hate crime is possibly being investigated on campus. >> a swastika was put inside of a stall of a restroom at this campus. >> reporter: the symbol of hate along with the distorting message were both written in pencil inside of a bathroom stall in one of the buildings on campus. about 10,000 students use the school, and we talked to one of them who said he was surprised that this type of crime happened here. >> i think it is horrible. it is definitely not a freedom of speech when it comes down to that. i am really sorry that stuff like this really happens around here. >> reporter: the bathroom where the hate crime occurred is
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located inside of the massive science building. the campus -- campus officials say someone saw the swastika and the message that read hitler did nothing wrong. at around 11:30 am this morning it was immediately reported to the campus police who ordered cleanup crews to remember the vandalism. these are the pictures of the bathroom stall after the image was removed. we contacted the anti- defamation league, and the director says that whites are premised have been trying to bolster the ranks by recruiting on college campuses nationwide. >> there is an environment were white supremacist groups are feeling in boulder to act and we have seen it manifested in several different ways throughout the bay area.>> reporter: late friday a stable was released saying in part this was an isolated incident and the college has a zero- tolerance for any acts of hate. campus officials say they are not searching for a suspect at this time, but they ask anyone
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with any information or anyone that may have seen the distorting image or message to contact them. still to come, developing news out of the east bay were a fallen tree is causing major problems for a neighborhood. details on authorities on what is going on after the break. samora record warm temperatures today -- samora record warm temperatures today and we are headed to the weekend were more records are possible. the storm warning from the district attorney about fraud. a live looked right now at the friday evening commute. that hospital curve right there and the headlights heading to the bay bridge. it is backed up big time. we want to show you another live traffic camera. all of the headlights there are trying to get into the city.
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does your bed do that? right now during the ultimate sleep number event, save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed with adjustable comfort on both sides. ends soon. visit for a store near you. we will take a live look at the bay bridge where the san francisco skyline in the background. it doesn't get much prettier than that. it has been a week of warm weather here in the bay area, and that trend is expected to continue to the weekend.>> today's soaring temperatures sparked a feeling that spring
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is right around the corner. in the south bay the temperatures hit 80 degrees today. many are saying they are ready for the warmer weather.>> i think the weather is gorgeous, especially for february. >> i have been thinking about this weather since winter started. our chief meteorologist bill martin is with us. >> we had some records today and i think we will see records tomorrow. it is an unusual pattern with well above average temperatures that are not going nowhere. the overnight low temperatures are not that cool as they are in the 40s instead of the 20s, which you might would expect. here are the high temperature for today as it was 76 degrees in santa rosa. the high temperature tomorrow will be right there. you can look at your february 2 numbers and you can see what we've got. lots of temperatures that are high like 76 degrees in san
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jose. records and probably some more tomorrow. you can see the satellite shows there is a little bit of rain activity up to the far north of us. it is not coming down here, the jet stream that is. it is not going to drop back down until maybe february 10th or 11th. we will see more of the same. it will be on the warm side with lots of sunshine. dog is not a deal and a frosted a freeze is not a deal. it will just be very mild and it kind of feels like may whether -- the weather in may. the overnight low temperatures well that they are. they are not that cool. san francisco tomorrow morning will have 53 degrees. here is your temperature at
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lunchtime at 70 degrees. when i come back we will talk about the rest of the week and the weekend. it was a picture-perfect day over the coast as sky fox was over ocean beach this afternoon where there was some people out there enjoying the sun and the spring i temperatures. you can download our free trent the weather application. -- free ktvu weather application. a huge tree came down on cherry street and sky fox was over the scene about one hour ago. that section of road is now closed to traffic. the fire department and the electric company are investigating. we have new details tonight about a fire that displaced by people including a small child. that fire has been deemed arson . they say someone started the fire on purpose at around 3:00
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a.m. on fulton street. the fire did burn to victorian homes, but nobody was hurt. the sonoma county district attorney's office is working to catch unlicensed contractors who are trying to take advantage of victims from the wildfires last year. our reporter spent the day and shows us how those things work and how many scammers have been called.>> reporter: the board looks on craig's list for ads offering contractor services, but as the did not provide certain information. last saturday, undercover agents posed as far survivors met them at the jobsite. there the bogus contractors offered bids for framing, electrical and plumbing services. >> we caught a total of 13 people. >> reporter: bids for framing
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range from $850-$13,000. plumbing bids range from $1500- $4500. >> these are significant bids well over the $500 limit where you need to have a license.>> reporter: they may face charges for illegal advertising, but those that actually gave bids face serious charges of contracting in a disaster area. >> it is a felony that is punishable by a term in prison of up to three years. >> reporter: you can add to that $10,000 in fines. this calls the residents to be diligent. >> it is really disappointing because overall i've seen the good in people and how people have really pulled together in the most amazing ways. i am also a little surprised that there are still people trying to take advantage of the situation. >> now that i know it is
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happening, then give me some pointers and i will keep my eyes open. i have a direct line to the police department if i have to call them.>> don't do what they did, are we are going to come after you.>> reporter: the law requires that all contractors put their license number in their ads, contracts, and other documents just to make sure that consumers have the right in the ability to check them out online with the contractors board. a father and a son are teaming up to keep the roads safe. >> we are both very driven and we want to serve and protect the community. >> coming up next their unique bond made possible by the chp. also lebron james responded today about whether or not he would be interested in playing for the warriors. an emotional day for a beria officer that was wounded in the
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line of duty and his warm sendoff from the hospital today. legend has it, the first voyagers arrived on canoes,
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sailing the seas day and night. they knew where they were going, by watching the clouds move in the sky or the way their boats rocked. that's how the waves and stars would speak to them. guide them. sometimes, you can find your way in the world, by getting lost in it. let your legend begin at aulani, a one-of-a-kind disney resort in hawaii it has been more than two weeks of medical treatment and an officer is out of the hospital and back home tonight. fellow officers and his family gave this officer a big sendoff from the medical center today and posted this video on facebook. they also refurbish the boots the day he was hit by a suspected drunk driver.
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officer lynn way said he hopes to make a full recovery. to north bay chp officers who patrol the street are not just partners, but they are father and son. our reporter met those office today and he has more on their unique bond.>> reporter: anthony keeton sr and anthony keeton jr. are officers with the california highway patrol in santa rosa. they also happen to be father and son. >> because we are father and son, we artie had that report and connection.>> reporter: the two usually ride together. i ask you was better behind the wheel. >> i would like to say me, but he has more experience on the road that i do. >> we are dealing with a lot more technology and he is very tech savvy, were i am not. >> reporter: the other night the sun was doing paperwork in the office when his father got
6:25 pm
into a pursuit and the sun got into -- drop what he was doing and went ahead and lay down spike strips to stop that the. >> a lot of people are joking say that he got it started, but he had to have his kid initiate foreign. and then, some people are joking and saying that i said on the radio daddy i will save you.>> reporter: the father has been in the job for 10 years and his son started four years ago after serving in the army. when he graduated from the academy, his dad proudly pinned on his badge. >> reporter: like son like father. >> it is nice having a partner that you have a little bit more of a connection with.>> reporter: there might be a third generation officer in the family. the younger officers 8-year-old son is also interested in perhaps becoming a law enforcement officer as he plays
6:26 pm
with cop cars at home. our news at 6:30 pm is up next with a dramatic drop on wall street. >> after the break, the rough date that sent stocks to the biggest weekly decline in six years. parents were scrambling after one school district announced they are shutting down three schools. [ music ] a priceless gift from a father to his daughter after he was diagnosed with als. stay with us as ktvu news at 6:30 pm is coming up next.
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does of the people held a rally outside of the i.c.e. office in san francisco this morning protesting a new action by immigration agents in the bay area . 77 businesses are wanted to prove that their employees are in the united states legally. the agency notified them that they have three days to turn over paperwork on their workers.
6:30 pm
new documents released by the state legislator shows that for current california lawmakers have faced sexual misconduct complaints. the documents also reveal complaints against senior staffers for inappropriate behavior toward their subordinates. there was also allegations of staffers using their work computer to view pornography. president donald trump is accusing the fbi and the department of justice a bias after a memo was released by devin nunes. it criticized the information as they used the memo to get a warrant to use surveillance on the trump campaign. you are watching our news
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at 6:30 pm and wall street got a case of the jitters today as the dow jones lost 665 points mostly on the worries about inflation. they ended this week with the largest weekly drop in two years.>> the dow jones and the other major markets lost about 2% up to two and half %. -- 2 1/2%. >> reporter: the economy is still roaring. they added 200,000 jobs in january and wages went up as well. that that is adding to concern about raising interest rates and an overheated economy. the fear factor was high on wall street as the market try to sort out what rising interest rates could mean for the economy. some investors aware that the federal reserve could step up the pace on interest rate hikes to keep inflation in control. higher rates good impact consumer debts making loans more expensive and including
6:32 pm
the borrowing for the government's own deficit. some traders say it was time for a pullback is a market has been up over 1000 points.>> we could have an intermediate term scenario, but the corporate earnings that came out have been good. apple set record revenues yesterday and the market is not hugely overpriced. i think we are just looking at pulling back a little bit. some week earning from google's parent company also added to the downward momentum. apple shares also fell today on concerns about iphone sales. bear in mind that even with this pullback, the major indices are still up more than 3% in 2018. any downturn also creates a buying opportunity for stocks. an unprecedented
6:33 pm
penalty against a san francisco- based wells fargo. the federal reserve ordered the bank to get rid of four of the board members in connection with the feds calls widespread consumer abuses. the action comes in response to a big scandal at the bank two years ago when millions of accounts were opened that customers did not ask for. and a statement wells fargo said they will comply with the feds orders and submit a plan how they would improve the oversight within 60 days. three schools have been announced to be closed because of poor enrollment. our reporter went to glider elementary school which is one of the schools that is expected to shut down.>> reporter: were families, this news is heartbreaking. the school along with -- for families, this news is heartbreaking. the school along with two others will be shut down.
6:34 pm
the oak grove school district made the announcement this week thing they had little choice. they say the -- as the number of students shrink, so does the state funding.>> we have got to the point where the impact of declining rubble went -- enrollment and increasing costs we needed to take some action to help our district. our experts say that the school district is not alone and the high cost of housing in silicon valley is taking a toll on most school districts. he said that young family simply cannot afford to live here.>> oak grove is one of the few school districts that is admitting to what is going on. i think other districts are partly in denial or just don't have the nerve to tell the public what is going on.>> reporter: over the next three years, oak grove will face the
6:35 pm
$12.5 million shortfall. they will say $2 million a year from the schools in operating costs.>> although it is was a difficult decision, this was a decision made in the best interests of all of the students. >> reporter: officials say they will work hard to maintain care and compassion and at this point are not expecting any teacher layoffs.>> i understand the position of the district and everything and they are trying to save money and so forth. but i don't think they put a lot of thought into this. >> i am really sad that our school is closing because i will miss all of my friends. and the district is still working out the new school boundary lines and hope to have the revisions done by early march. coming up dramatic moments in the sentencing hearing of
6:36 pm
the gymnastics doctor accused of sexual abuse. new developments in the search for a custom-made unicycle taken from this woman who performs at halftime of nba games and how the warriors are stepping in to help. >> we wanted to make sure that we can keep her on the cycle and she could continue to perform here and around the world.
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alaska airlines. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't... more experts preventing security issues & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. storm -- dramatic moment in a michigan courtroom today where the father of three girls who
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were sexually abused by former gymnastics doctor larry nassar try to attack them during the sentencing hearing. >> would you give me one minute? >> you know i cannot do that. >> randall margraves had initially asked the judge for five minutes in a locked room. the judge obviously said she cannot do that. bailiffs wrestled her to the floor and he was taken away in handcuffs, but the judge said he would not be punished for what he did and he later apologized for what happened. >> i only hope that when the day comes that larry nassar and he has ended his days on earth that he will be escorted to one of the deepest and darkest and hottest pits and hail there is for him and people like him. >> as sentence for larry nassar
6:40 pm
is next week and he faces a minimum of 25 years in jail. but this comes on top of other previous sentences. the golden state warriors are helping out a halftime performer who had their -- who had her unicycle stolen. rong niu has been performing under the name of red panda and someone took our seven foot tall unicycle last week. it is worth about $25,000. the warriors say the new unicycle will take several months to manufacture, but it is all worth it. >> she has done a number of halftime asked for us for more than 20 years now. she has always been a favorite of our season-ticket holders and is requested to come back. we wanted to make sure that we can keep her on the cycle and she could continue to perform not just here, but around the
6:41 pm
world.>> severance in police released pictures of the man that was seen walking off with her bag -- san francisco police released pictures of the man that was seen walking off with her back. one of the greatest singers in motown has died. [ music ] >> dennis edwards was just shy of his 75th birthday by one day and he joined the temptations in 1968. edwards and the temptations were inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in 1989. his family said he died in chicago from complications of meningitis. a priceless gift from a father to his daughter. >> it means a lot to me to know that he is going have something
6:42 pm
that will stay with me throughout my life. >> the album that he recorded after he was diagnosed with a debilitating disease. we are tracking the we can forecast as we had more record he today and we will probably have more record heat tomorrow. we will see you back here with the saturday forecast.
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[ music ] it is a priceless gift of music from a bay area father to his teenage daughter. the father is dying up lou gehrig's disease and wanted to leave his daughter something special after he died.>> we are told he decided to make an album even though the disease has robbed him of his voice. and here in a bed in salivate -- >> reporter: here in a bed this man lies from the disease that is shutting down his body. his mind is sharp as ever and he knows what he is facing. he is facing lou gehrig's disease. doctors diagnosed him in 2016.
6:46 pm
he is referring to his 16-year- old daughter nicole who brings out his smile instantly.>> he always has an upbeat temperament.>> reporter: before als, don was a surfer -- don was a surfer and clean swimming pools. he decided he wanted to make a record album of songs that he would write. he enlisted his former vocals coach to help him. >> he asked me to be his voice. >> reporter: she went to musicians and ask for money for recording time. >> he would expressive view on the world and his advice for living. his ideals and his values are very down-to- earth.>> reporter: during a recording session dalton would give a thumbs up if he liked
6:47 pm
what he heard.'s thumb is one of the few things he can still move. the album is called connections and it comes out february night. -- ninth. >> reporter: did it help you to get through this ordeal? >> it felt normal. >> it means a lot to me to know that he is going to have something that will stay with me throughout my life and for my kids to have. >> i hope that people hear the story and they realize that every moment is precious. every day is precious. >> reporter: a go fund the pages for started and he hopes to raise $300,000 so that he can leave the nursing home and live in a real home with 24- hour care. he is proud of his record and he hopes that those who listen
6:48 pm
we here is message. als maybe claiming his body, but not his heart. if you would like to contribute to the go fund me page, they go to our website at we had some record temperatures today. we had record yesterday as well, and these are some of the high temperatures for today that was well above the average. they are going to carry over into saturday and sunday for the most part. february 2 in something another day of record highs in the bay area with temperatures nearing 80 degrees in parts of the south bay. there are clouds to the north and there are some clouds offshore. it is beach weather and barbecue weather. it is not super bowl weather,
6:49 pm
but it is still super bowl season. we are looking at temperatures tomorrow that will be 10 or 15 degrees above average in some places. the overnight low temperatures on the mild side and we are not seeing any fog. this is just one of these patterns that we have to get through it before we can get to the rain. the rain right now appears to be out toward the middle of february. we will keep an eye on that. it is just not getting that chilly overnight and i would expect all of these temperatures to be in the low 30s, and they are not. the yellow 70s and the oranges are 80s. it is basically the mid and upper 70s for everybody tomorrow. right along the coast where it is typically much cooler, you will find temperatures in the 60s. it will be 75 degrees in antioch. temperatures are very warm and above the average and there is no rain anywhere close to our
6:50 pm
area. san jose will have a high temperature of 78 degrees tomorrow. the five-day forecast and there it goes. it is a good forecast and it would be great if we had 100% of rainfall. we are well below 60% of rainfall in most areas. we need some snow in the mountains and this is not the forecast that you won't. but we have it and just enjoy it and do whatever you like to do because the weather is going to cooperate completely. it was nice but it just throws you all. everything is thrown off by this. -- off. everything is thrown off by this. it is unusual to say the least. >> enjoy it while it is here is
6:51 pm
all you can do i guess. beer lovers from all over the bay area gathered at the russian brewing company in santa rosa day -- today for the annual release of pliny the younger. check out this line as some people even camped out overnight to get their hands on this beer that is only rude once a year. pliny the younger will be on tap for the next two weeks and it will also be certain that a handful of bars and restaurants in the bay area.>> i have to admit that i am a bud light type of guy. >> i haven't tried that, but i have to try that. [ laughter ] >> i will have to try it at some point. the sharks are on the road against the blue jackets. we have our sports coming up next. it's time for the 'ultimate sleep number event'
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mark has the night off and scott is in here tonight. the warriors are getting ready to go to work tonight.>> they have a 7:30 pm tipoff against the sacramento kings.
6:55 pm
they may be reeling a little bit from their loss in utah. not to mention the uniforms that are being worn. what is up with those? you cannot blame the warriors for being a little bit distracted. steph curry was off and they wound up losing by 30 points. it is barely just a blip on the radar with 31 games to fine tune the playoffs.>> we are starting to nitpick a little bit about what is going on in our game and when we come to what we know is going to be important to us in the playoffs. defensively i think that us as a whole that we have shown that when we have been locked in, we are the best defense in the league. we just have to put all four quarters together because that is what it takes in the playoff.
6:56 pm
>> i think they will be five. the sharks are still adjusting to life without joe thorton since he blew out his knee on january 23. they have lost all four games since then and are looking to get a win tonight. we had no score in the first period and the sharks are on a power-play. then, this shot gives the sharks an early 1-0 lead. in the second period this shot phthisis score. but the sharks respond and they have a five on three and this shot makes it 2-1. they then got a little bit of insurance in the 3rd period and the sharks snap a four-game losing streak with a 3-1 victory.
6:57 pm
and again, the warriors and the kings are coming up at 7:30 pm tonight. >> the lebron james to the warriors nonsense was mentioned wednesday night. espn reported that james had interest in hopping aboard the bandwagon as a free agent next season. today, lebron james shot it down and he shot down any rumor of where he might be playing after the current season. >> if you don't hear it coming for my voice, then it is not true i don't care how close they are. if it is not for me, then it is not true. i am not even like upset right now. i have to give credit to my teammates, because i am the leader of those guys, and for those you have to hear this every single day about my free agency, that is sad.>> thank you for joining us.
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cannot -- good night.
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