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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  February 7, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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the senate strikes a budget deal hailed as a breakthrough. with 23 hours until the deadline it faces big hurdles.>> it doesn't have everything democrats want. it doesn't have everything republicans want. >> good evening. senate leaders call it a bipartisan effort. there is opposition in the house. democratic leader nancy pelosi gave an eight hour speech today saying she plans to vote against it.>> reporter: quite a dramatic day in washington. the bill increases spending $300 billion. that has some conservatives saying they will vote no because the deficit could skyrocket. democrat said -- democrats say it avoids the issue of transit. the budget plan was announced in the senate on wednesday.>>
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after months of legislative games this deal is a genuine breakthrough. >> reporter: the deal appeases republicans with a $165 billion increase in military spending. democrats $100 billion more for domestic programs. it increased the debt ceiling through march 2019 and provide $90 billion for hurricane and wildfire victims.>> the compromise we have reached will ensure for the first time in years our armed forces will have more of the resources they need.'s. it doesn't have everything democrats want.>> it doesn't have everything republicans want.>> reporter: would fund the government through march 23.>> i had no attention --. that prompted nancy pelosi to deliver a record-breaking eight hour speech on daca.
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>> it is a privilege to read the eloquent statements of the dreamers. as they expressed their love of america.>> the big question is what leverage will democrats have on issues like immigration going forward?>> reporter: chair of the uc berkeley political science department said the senate bill faces opposition from tea party conservatives. >> i consider the president a friend. even if he called me and asked me to vote for this i'm afraid the answer would be no. i think it is fiscally irresponsible.>> reporter: that could force congress to resort to another budget extension.>> the big problem is the senate bill on its own would have a lot of trouble getting 218 votes from republicans. they will need democratic votes. because of the tea party opposition. it might take some time and some other concessions to get
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those votes. >> reporter: nine senate democrats will be needed to pass the agreement. it is up in the air as to what happens in the house. the state of daca recipients hangs in the air. the deadline is march 5. less than a month away. a lot of people are nervous. democrats are trying to push the issue forward.>> what are the chances they will come back around before the deadline and get a separate bill on immigration?>> reporter: it is really tough because what would pass in the senate would not get by republicans in the house. and vice versa. he is not feeling optimistic at this point. there is still a month.>> only 23 hours to go before the government shuts down again. is it likely they will be able to get a compromise bill passed in the house and senate and signed by president trump in the next 23 hours?>> reporter: there is a possibility. doing a short-term extension.
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as everyone says that is kicking the can down the road.>> reporter:>> nancy pelosi eight hour she spoke on the house for today against the compromise bill or her counterpart chuck schumer said this is a good plan for all americans. did that surprise people?>> reporter: there was a surprise that she went that long. the last record they have is a five hour speech in the house. she was part of the discussions. in talking with -- it really gives them some cover with the progressives and democratic side that she would go out there and spend those eight hours fighting for those daca youth. it helps them with some of their base. governor brown's ambitious but costly delta water project is moving forward. on a smaller scale. it plans -- it calls for one tunnel at some $.7 billion.
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it will move water from the sacramento river south with los angeles expected to be a major beneficiary. the original tooth tunnel proposal bill to get support from the water agencies that would have paid the $16 billion cost. an official said a second tunnel might come later if the funding is found. a homeless camp in berkeley is under orders to clear out or face arrest. residents say they are being scapegoated for the actions of one person. deborah is at the camp now which is right outside city hall by berkeley hyde.>> reporter: dozens of people live here. right across from mlk part. just steps away from the police department. leaders say it is orderly and trouble-free. that is not how the city sees it.>> i am livid. this is ridiculous.>> reporter: people call her mama. she helps them kick drugs and alcohol.>> i saw a 70-year-old
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man cry like a baby. because he does not want to leave from my side. >> reporter: homeless people who get clean graduate from her camp to a larger one steps away. also very structured.>> one incident will be used to attack a whole bunch of people. these people had nothing to do with it.>> reporter: provoking eviction notices and putting everyone on edge. a small fire tuesday in a tent on the front landing of the building which is still used for city council meetings.>> the people need to leave as they can.>> reporter: a camper was arrested within hours for causing the fire plus drug and parole violations. it seems that fire was just the last straw.>> we have a number of complaints about other health and safety concerns. garbage and human waste. the fires and open flames are a significant concern.>> human waste.
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where?>> reporter: most of the people migrated in november when they were forced off guard owned property on the open border. the man arrested wasn't part of their camp. their group reported the fire. beat it down and cleaned it up.>> targeting the homeless and demonizing the homeless based on the actions of one or two homeless is something all cities do.>> reporter: >> where are they going to go?>> reporter: the councilwoman sides with the campers. calling this a model encampment.>> people have come to the council and testified how they have helped them transition into homes. and jobs. and have been a supportive community.>> the shelters are full.>> reporter: some campers are packing up. poised to leave.>> i spent most of my day begging and it was really a sad thing.>> reporter: this 27-year-old is clean after four years on heroin. he said because mama befriended him when no one else would.>>
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tried to maintain the change i have made while moving around street corners. not to be negative but i know how long that will last.>> reporter: the city says in a sweep outreach workers will be on hand to help people get into services should they choose. homeless advocates are also on standby to come here and help carry away the tents and other belongings. so they are not discarded.>> it always comes down to when you talk to homeless people they will say where do you want us to go.>> reporter: exactly. as we heard from one camp to this place. they will find new digs somewhere else if they are forced to leave. there is no hard and fast deadline right now. really the suspicion is that officers could arrive at any time and arrest them. the
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oakland city council is about to consider a tax on vacant properties. it will be used to fight homelessness. councilmember rebecca kaplan read is proposing the idea in response to vacant homes throughout the city. she said a tax might encourage property owners to put the properties to use that could increase badly needed housing. if the city council approves the measure will go on a ballot in november. a growing list of alleged abuse victims at a prestigious all-girls high school in san jose. now 20 former students say they were sexually abused while attending the school. jesse is live presentation height where the allegations stretch from the 80s to a few years ago.>> reporter: school officials say the safety of their students is their top priority. there is a growing list of students to say that is not true. the school exposed them to some of the worst crimes against children.>> i cannot understand
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how they can be a catholic school and respond to victims like this. i can't.>> reporter: 20 accusers have come forward targeting presentation high school for an internal investigation and sweeping change. this comes after multiple victims who attended the all- girls school say administrators did not report instances of sexual abuse and assault by at least eight teachers and coaches stretching back three decades.>> i reported that the teacher inappropriately touched me. and kiss my hand. and showed me a pornographic picture. that is reasonable suspicion.>> reporter: catherine said she told school brass about the incident but nothing was done. she came forward years later only after learning another student was allegedly sexually assaulted by the same teacher.>> we have allegations of a cover-up of violations in mandatory reporting laws.
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head the of ministration listen to the first known report of abuse which was four years prior to mine he would have been dealt with.>> reporter: we talk -- we tried to talk to the principal who is been in a leadership position dating back to the earliest allegations. she was unavailable. a lengthy statement which said in part we unequivocally condemned the type of conduct described in the allegation. the school conducted an investigation more than 30 years ago and to her complaint. due to privacy laws we cannot disclose the details or outcome of the investigation. the allegations made today are not the same claims that were reported to us in the past.>> it is not the school's place to investigate or to look for evidence. it is their job to report suspicions or to report when a child reports of abuse. they are to go direct to law enforcement.>> reporter: she and others are leading a push
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to pressure presentations board of directors to investigate administrators and if necessary make sweeping permanent changes. some parents say a school known for strong academics might need divine help for its collective soul. >> the system has let us down. we can only pray for the victims. pray that justice is served.>> reporter: 20 accusers hope there'd journey for justice will protect the next crop of students.>> how anything could change without leadership change.>> reporter: as long as presentations board continues to back the current administration nothing will change in girls here will continue to be at risk. mountain view police investigating reports of a possible shooting at a window that shattered at a wells fargo bank.
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police were called to the bank on grant road at 3 pm. witnesses thought a bullet had hit a window causing it to shadow -- shut up. they haven't found bullet casings. no one was injured and there was no robbery. officers say they collected evidence to help them determine what might have damaged the window. piles of trash mattresses and more illegally dumped. we investigated a new camera system that is doing little to catch the culprit. dmv office close for cleanup. what these are being blamed for all of this. record heat today. the seventh day in a row. we have a chance for some more record warmth tomorrow. an exclusive interview with a highway patrol officer who was seriously injured by a suspected drunk driver. we were there as he returned to his office for the first time.
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and injured motorcycle chp officer talks to us and visits his workplace for the first time since he was hit by a suspected hit and run driver. the crash broke both of his legs.>> he is unable to walk yet. he shared his story. in hopes of saving lives.>> reporter: officer lynn weight is purposeful as he rolled his wheelchair in his workplace. the highway patrol office in martinez. his first time back since a
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suspected dui driver caused a crash that left him with two broken legs. unable to walk.>> how are you feeling? >> happy to be alive. a quick reminder that you are not as cold as you used to be.>> reporter: january 15 6 pm to 44-year-old responded to a minor vehicle accident on highway 4 and concorde. the officer said he was wrapping things up with one driver involved in the incident when suddenly he heard a crash. the driver of the black suv plowed into his motorcycle and a pickup truck while the officer was standing nearby.>> i have a pretty good recollection.>> reporter: he was conscious during the ordeal.>> the truck knocked me down. as it rolled over on its side my legs were trapped underneath
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the drivers.. he pulled out his cell phone and called 911.>> for the first couple seconds it was a moment of panic. i had to take a deep breath and get myself -- get my bearings. it doesn't help the situation when you panic.>> reporter: on friday he was released from john medical center. chp motorcycle officers from around the bay area surprised him. they presented him with gifts paid for out of their own pockets. one item were the boots that he was wearing when he was injured. damage but now refurbished awaiting him when he is ready to return to work. he said he expects to make a full recovery. he has had surgery in both legs.>> there is where the rod went in. there is a large incision that goes across here. they put a plate in.>>
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reporter: he undergoes physical and occupational therapy three times a week. too many citizens and officers have been injured or killed by drunk drivers.>> we can go and try to find and peer drivers. it is up to the people who live in the area to not do that. -- impaired drivers.>> reporter: he is not angry with the suspected drunk driver. just frustrated. he is sharing his story in hopes his experience will help save lives.>> if one person hears the story in says i am not going to drive tonight because i remember what happened to that officer. the injuries that were caused by drinking and driving.>> reporter: he hopes to start walking in several weeks. the goal is to get back to work and back on a motorcycle i late may or early june. -- by late may or early june.
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that suspected drunk driver remains at the contra costa county jail. tammy walker of pittsburgh is charged with two counts of felony dui in assault on a peace officer. driving on a suspended license as well. for a prior dui conviction the left another person injured. these are blamed for flooding that shut down and openly -- oakland dmv office. it was discovered the damage this morning inside the coliseum office on 85th avenue. -- thieves are blamed. investigators say the flooding was caused by thieves who stole $50 worth of copper tubing from the air conditioning system.>> reporter: a water leak at the oakland coliseum dmv office is things to a thief who stole copper piping often a/c unit tuesday night. that copper estimated to be worth $50 when recycled is
10:20 pm
costing the dmv office thousands of dollars. for customers it means missed appointments.>> i have to find another dmv which is going to be in berkeley. which is going to be crowded.>> reporter: the office was already flooded by the time employees arrived wednesday morning. it will stay close through the weekend. they will conduct a driving test.>> drivers test this morning. they went ahead and acknowledged the appointment.>> reporter: customers appointments are being offered at other offices. in walnut creek this lobby is another typical day.>> i took a look around and i cannot believe how many employees they have. or don't have. they just hired some more people and got in there they could move the line quicker.>> reporter: for 16-year-old cecelia it is worth the wait for her first drivers license.>> my mother waited while i was doing my test. i think she only waited 15
10:21 pm
minutes.>> reporter: please say they have not been affected the oakland dmv office closure. an unexpected inconvenience for customers -- employees.>> i wish i would have known before i got here.>> reporter: they could open monday. there are no guarantees. anyone with information on the theft of that copper piping is asked to call chp oakland. a seventh day of record warmth. in february. seven days of record heat. the highs from today. not necessarily the records. santa rosa 78. 76 san jose. these are not february temperatures. this is and how it is supposed to look. well above average. a warm start in february. each day we have had record
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temperature. including today. record temperatures showed up in san jose which tied a record today. i will show you those in the next hit. a couple records today. gilroy as well. the jet stream is to the north. we don't get rain. a lot pattern. -- locked pattern. and hope ohio and mississippi valley area you have low pressure. it is very cold. they are getting a lot of snow in detroit. this pattern as long as we are warm the rest of the week they are cold and snowy. tomorrow just like today. maybe cooler. some patchy coastal fog moved along the coast. i suspect that is gone by the morning. for patchy fog in the early morning hours. thursday a lot like wednesday. illegal dumping at a new -- and a new approach to solve the problem.>>
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whatever they are doing it is not helping. >> the warriors are losing three of their last four games. we will hear about the streak later in sports. celebrities hit the golf course for charity today. who we saw at the at&t pebble beach pro-am. ♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. ♪ upbeat music travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing, with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await.
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we have no information about a killing yesterday new spartan stadium in san jose. police arrested a 17-year-old boy on suspicion of murder in connection with the shooting death of a man found dead in his car. the victim's name has not been released. they track down the boy after witnesses gave officers a description of the vehicle involved in the shooting. his name is has not been released. alameda county sheriff deputies recall to a report of a small plane in
10:26 pm
distress this evening that turned out to be a false alarm. a person driving on interstate 580 to say they saw a plane go down in castro valley at about 6:15 pm. researchers did not find a crash site. officials say they found out an experimental plane might have landed in the hills and taken off again. they later make contact with the pilot. monterey peninsula and the at&t pebble beach pro-am. from her president obama is in town. he has his clubs with him. -- former. today it was all about the celebrities.>> reporter: bill murray is always a favorite. the quality of play in the challenge was significantly upgraded. that was due to the first time addition of two-time u.s. open winner in monterey native julie inkster.>> i will probably fit right in. it is all about charity.
10:27 pm
entertaining the crowd. we got a good group.>> reporter: sports illustrated model kelly were back at georgetown university.>> the best four days of golf you can have. the most beautiful courses. it feels like coming home. i'm really happy to be here.>> reporter: eight players divided in a murray team and clint eastwood play. it would determine how $100,000 was divided for charity. also at stake a years worth of bragging rights.>> i was on bill's team last year and we one.>> one team has one the last couple years. now it is time to change it up.>> reporter: a way of evening out the field. the team captains pull their own weight. eastwood putting for a par on the third hole. and murray winning $20,000 for
10:28 pm
his charity with this chip there broke a tie at 18. -- that broke a tide. the big money winners were alfonzo rivera and -- walker who missed his birdie putt at 17 and settled for a part. that was worth $80,000. a victory for team eastwood and those previously mentioned bragging rights.>> julie hit the primo shot.>> you made a pretty good punt yourself.>> reporter: murray was a true golf gentleman in conceiving the feed. -- conceiving defeat. >> reporter: it will be about
10:29 pm
fun tomorrow. wings turned serious when the tournament officially begins. that is when the proles start worrying about their career and their livelihood. -- proles. a safe city section placed to inject illegal drugs. the controversial plan moving forward in san francisco. word of more legal action in the wake of a deadly northbay firestorm. why surveillance cameras installed to stop illegal dumping don't appear to be making an impact.
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't... more experts preventing security issues & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products
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available for further protection & less per month than comcast for business internet. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. after we conducted our own sting operation. the city of oakland installed cameras to catch illegal
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dumpers.>> bottom line is this problem getting better or getting worse?>> we have gone through hundreds of documents to find out if oakland is catching anyone and if they are being held accountable. candace with what they found.>> reporter: we found discrepancy is huge. last year out of tens of thousands of reports of illegal dumping the city has collected total fines from seven people. numbers don't tell the whole story. we spoke to them wanting to find out are the cameras working to catch dumpers and are they worth taxpayer money.>> reporter: ricardo in east oakland this is every day. >> does this frustrate you? >> i am used to it. as business owners if we don't take care of ourselves no one will take care of us.>> reporter: illegal dumping --
10:33 pm
multimillion dollar problem for oakland.>> there is cleaning supplies. computer supplies. there is household garbage.>> reporter: even a boat left for someone else to deal with.>> this is on the other side of the street.>> reporter: after we held our own sting operation in 2016 oakland city council approved a $100,000 pilot project. buying surveillance cameras to catch illegal dumpers themselves. they posted signs about rewards for reporting and violators will be prosecuted.>> do you think it is working? >> not at all.>> reporter: they are real. we requested the video from the city from one of the cameras on west grand and maple. they are able to move them around.>> do you think they are working to significantly curb
10:34 pm
the problem? >> most definitely not curbing the problem. they are a tool.>> reporter: crews have responded to double the number of illegal dumping calls compared to five years ago. this year they received more than 25,000 calls for service is bonding to all of them they say and thousands more.>> we call the city of oakland. almost every day.>> reporter: when it comes to enforcement in all of 2017 the city only issued 45 citations. and collected fines from only half-dozen dumpers.>> it is extremely challenging. if you don't have a license plate. if they are using a stolen vehicle which happens frequently. oftentimes the most reprehensible dumpers ignore the citations.>> reporter: why would anyone stop dumping if they feel they can do it over and over again and not get
10:35 pm
caught? >> it is a good question. that is why enforcement needs to be consequences. the easier we can make it for people to legally dump the less likely they will illegally dump.>> reporter: is for the cameras. should they invest more money into the program? >> not at this point.>> whatever they are doing it is not helping.>> we are not giving up on you and don't give up on us.>> reporter: some business owners say they are trying not to but they are close. . they want people to know about their underused bulk pickup service. even if you live in an apartment you can call the city and workers will help get rid of as much as three cubic yards of unwanted stop. the city is trying to educate people. >> 25,000 calls a year. that is 70 calls every day.
10:36 pm
where is all of this garbage coming from and is any of it coming from outside of oakland?>> reporter: most of all of this illegal trash comes from residential areas. from within and outside of oakland. a very small amount 10% compared to -- from repeated so- called militias dumpers. because most of these dumpers are from a neighborhood. they are trying to hone in on the educational piece. there are ways to legally dump. we are still asking them about enforcement. why will people stop if things are not being enforced? they are pushing for enforcement eradication and education. the multi step process. if you have a tip for our team we would like to hear from you. you can email 2 investigates. you can call 510 874-0222.
10:37 pm
napa county will be the fourth northbay county to sue pg&e over the october wildfires. there are investigating the cause. they believe strong winds and downed power lines might be responsible for some of them. the register reported that his plan to sue and said the same legal team representing lawsuits by sonoma and mendocino county will also represent napa. pg&e is putting up more power poles in santa rosa as stated by the fires. a spokesperson tweeted today crews install 12 polls and seven streetlights in the brandy lane area of coffee part. the first time the streets have been illuminated at night since the october fires. a one- year-old boy making history and melting hearts in the process. the decision by gerber that is winning a lot of praise. more records today. more records possible for tomorrow. we will look into the weight -- the weekend as well. the
10:38 pm
upcoming race for california governor. ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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and more memories. stay at a disneyland resort hotel, and you can save up to 25% on select rooms. so now's the time to get more happy! a new poll shows lieutenant governor with an early lead in the race for governor. the survey of 2500 voters finds newsom with 25% support. antonio -- at 10%. the public and businessman john cox 9%. john chung has a percent. travis allen comes in at 7%. the top two candidates in the primary will face off in november. rob porter has resigned amid allegations he abused to ex-wives. his first wife told the daily mail she endured the signal and
10:41 pm
emotional abuse during her marriage saying he punched her during a to florence more than 10 years ago. his second wife got an emergency protective order against the former staffer in 2010. after he refused to leave their apartment following a separation agreement. he denies the allegations. federal jury awarded $65,000 to a convicted murderer is san quentin prison. they found a female prison worker had used the inmate as a sexual slave. william cordova sued sylvia -- he said she forced him into trading sexual acts for her promise to help find him an attorney. cordova said the abuse started in 2010 when he became a clerk. she taught janitorial skills at the present. she no longer is works there. he is serving a life sentence for second-degree murder and robbery. losses across the board. dow jones lost 19. nasdaq fails 63.
10:42 pm
s&p 500 down 13. traders are still worried about inflation leading to a faster pace of interest rate hikes the federal reserve. going out of business sales have begun at toys "r" us stores in the bay area. a large sign was posted in windows at the emeryville location readings store closing sale and nothing held back. shopper saw discounts up to 30% off. they file for bankruptcy in september and said stores it plans to close failed to meet performance standards. sold for millions of dollars. chicago-based developer aj capital partners bought the armory building on the corner of 14th and mission. the massive brick building have been used as a pornography studio since 2006. more recently a live music venue. the ceo of but the building for 14 1/2 million dollars in 2007. it was just sold for $65
10:43 pm
million. it is nice. it is really spacious in the bathroom is very nice..>> the chronicle reports the developers plan to use the 200,000 square-foot building for manufacturing and office space. and other first in san francisco. the plan to open to injection sites as early as the summer. a look at whether there is any rain in the forecast. . remember our special night?
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this year's gerber baby is making history. the first child with down syndrome to get -- when the
10:46 pm
contest. the winning photo of lucas -- of georgia. he was chosen out of more than 100,000 babies to be the official 2018 gerber spokes baby. it comes with $50,000 which they will put towards his education. as you can imagine lucas has been a hit on social media. many using the hashtag gerber baby. including the global down syndrome foundation. san francisco is planning on opening supervised injection sites in july. that could make san francisco the first city in the u.s. to provide drug users with a place to take drugs. a longtime drug user and a city leader about the plan.>> reporter: san francisco has an estimated 22,000 and serving as drug users. richard is one of them and has the needle marks to prove it.
10:47 pm
he said he is glad san francisco will have supervised safe injection sites beginning in july. he said he will use them.>> our well-being is better maintained. it will keep people off the streets.>> reporter: with used needles littering the city we found these across from the main library and a growing drug addiction prices san francisco could be the first city in the country to try this.>> what we are doing is not working.>> reporter: london brief created a task force last year that recommended the idea. the supervisors have approved it.>> we need to be compassionate and provide solutions.>> reporter: they will start with two sites. the locations have not been announced. existing detox center. it will not be running the injection sites. that will be up to nonprofit groups that already deal with
10:48 pm
the detox and addiction. they will fund them. it does create potential legal liability. san francisco police stay away. iv drug use is still against state and federal law.>> we are working with the attorney's office to make sure when a nonprofit organization is providing a service that the employees are not at risk of possible facing criminal charges.>> reporter: the sites don't mean the city is condoning drug use. she hopes it will give users off the streets and needles off the ground. -- it will get. another warm day today. tomorrow is going to be warm as well. temperatures are cooler than they were last night. the highs from today. hhs tomorrow will be kind of there. the records for today. 79 in gilroy. 76 san jose. mountain view 74. they have become -- normally in
10:49 pm
february if we had a record date would be a big deal. we could see potential record tomorrow as well. what is interesting to note is it is still winter. if you look at the difference. how little it takes. if this moisture was trained our way. that is the atmospheric river. that would be five or six inches of rain if it was coming across the pacific. it is going to stay there. it is a locked pattern. it is a global thing. how the pressure systems surround the northern hip sphere. is how they move. none of them are moving. especially the one over the east and west coast. the patchy fog in monterey. you will see the arrows trend offshore. i suspect tomorrow morning the patchy fog will be offshore. the winds work it that way.
10:50 pm
there might be patchy fog. currents of which are in san francisco mild 61. a little cooler than last night. hazy her tonight. that is not patchy fog that is haziness. he was the sky cover for thursday. it works for san jose and napa and santa rosa. partly sunny. the high in san francisco tomorrow. 72 degrees. we are on our way again. there is that big high- pressure. as it gets colder towards the weekend we get a chance for this to interact with a weak low pressure. it could create some wind on the weekend. right now steady as she goes. middle 70s. upper 70s. any time you do these numbers in february you have a good shot at a record. there is the five-day forecast. right now there is nothing big staring us down this week or
10:51 pm
next week. coming up helping the homeless. a group of college students in the south bay are working together to help those being forced out of their encampment. warriors head coach speaks to the media about the teams losing streak.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
mark is here with sports. three of the last four. the warriors have lost. how concerned should we be? knee-jerk reaction. media guys love to do that. it is concerning the trends that are beginning. time will tell a few months from now whether this was no big deal at all. just a bump in the road. some trends developing despite
10:54 pm
the fact they have lost three out of four. maybe not the best record. in two of their last three games 25 turnovers. technical fouls keep adding up. the act with whining about every call is getting old. to a lot of people. green got kicked out last night. things adding up. interesting earlier today the radio announcement was on the air and pushing tickets for the next two games. plenty of seats available including tomorrow. tomorrow night against dallas.>> ted koppel will have a special from the bay. crisis in the bay. warriors they 4. warriors in peril. when your defensive rating is 25th in the league over the previous 18 games you're not scrapping. we have enough talent where we can when games without playing at our best. ted koppel
10:55 pm
might have to be call to cleveland. disintegration does not continue. briefly put on hold for the cavaliers. the eighth time in the last 22. hosting the -- anthony wide open. minnesota of 3. lebron james was up to the challenge tonight. he comes right back. with a 3 in the final seconds. they go to overtime. one second left in overtime. they are tied again. green to lebron james. the fade. the heartbreaker stayed at the buzzer. 140-138. lebron james a game-winner 37 points. 10 rebounds and 15 assists. something to get excited about in cleveland tonight. the growing pains continue for the cal bears. rough-and-tumble game in colorado. they of lost 10 of the last 11.
10:56 pm
they made it the game tonight. rallying from a nine point early second-half deficit. down 5. 3 from darius mcneil cut it to 2. they got a foul. 42 thousand the game. they cannot get it done there. he did miss the free throw. five seconds left. 68-64 cal. pay attention. a great story. the espn staff noted this was a less than 1% chance for st. john to beat number 4 duke on saturday. and number one villanova tonight. it happened. st. john's. the warrior great up against the great -- frank's brother in law. look what happens. 33 points saturday. 26 to 9. -- tonight.
10:57 pm
st. john's now of 1. villanova full-court press. marvin clark breaks it. clinch is the victory. huge upset for st. john's.>> great victory for them. huge upset for the red storm. monterey peninsula. the same only different. every year. they always have a new act. he was a little of the star of the show as usual.>> bill murray not a one trick pony. some of the others on hand josh
10:58 pm
demello. best player supermodel kelly --. julie inkster. she was the ringer on scene eastwood. there is the captain. clint eastwood. looking good at 87. he knocks down a par putt on the third hole. his team four of the five holes and $80,000 in charity. they all raised $100,000 for combined charities. murray did not take kindly to the losing.>> when i first heard julie inkster would be playing i would this meant i was sure i would get the first pick. it is eastwood. and those guys all over again. it is okay. we weren't even that wanted here.>> meantime the used to call it -- is seems to a three
10:59 pm
times a year. national signing day. the distant future looks good for stanford. tanner mckee has signed for bar -- out of southern california. six foot six inches to 20 pounds out of corona california. distant future is good. he is a mormon. he will serve a two-year church mission and return to this and for campus in 2020. excited about the future. i'm really excited. i have trust in stamford and they have trust in me. we will do big things.>> that is the sporting life right now. the teacher inappropriately touched me and kissed my hand.
11:00 pm
and showed me a pornographic picture. a catholic high school under fire. the sexual abuse accusations coming from 20 women. eight staff members at presentation high school in san jose facing serious claims of sexual abuse.>> these accusations come from at least 20 women who are alumni of the catholic school. there is concern there could be even more potential victims. covered from our south bay reporter jesse. you talk to one of the victims and the school about the allegations and the investigation.>> reporter: school officials say the safety and well-being of their students is their top priority. there is a growing list of former students who say that is not true. the school exposed them to some of the worst crimes against chilen


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