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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 14, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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a woman. so he wrote it in. his story went viral inspiring the hashtag be like ryland. >> on this valentine's day, we're going to start you off with not pink or red but international orange. an awfully pretty picture of the golden gate bridge. right now in san francisco, 120 couples are lined up to get married at city hall. that is a jump over the usual 36 to tie the knot. also alameda county clerk's office is busy this valentine's
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day. a lot of people choosing this day to get married. let's talk about staying married. what are some of the main factor that's couples cited on what it takes to stay married for a very long time. >> appreciating your partner. >> oh. >> love. >> love. i like it. >> love was named one -- the top reason to get married. when it comes to staying married, long time married couples, shared interests is number one. satisfying physical relationships is number two. and sharing household chores is number three. >> okay. >> i help out. >> a practical approach. >> i like it too. >> my wife was out ripping out plants and putting down sod and doing things in the yard. >> my husband was doing that. >> i walked in and i'm like what is happening here. >> more in love than ever. >> happy valentine's day to you. >> yes. whether you're celebrating or shunning valentine's day, we will talk about it a little more. first we have to start with pretty serious and surprising news for many. ten students got sick, five had to go to the hospital after eating an unknown substance at
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a middle school. it happened at james lick in san francisco. that's where we find allie rasmus. she spoke with one of the student who's went to the hospital. >> reporter: yes. we spoke with him as his father was dropping him off at school around 8:30. he still had his hospital bracelet on his wrist. after getting checked out at the hop. matthew garcia insists he didn't eat the candy that made everyone sick but he was with a group of other students who did so they were all among the five students that ended up being transported to the hospital to get checked out. now, garcia says he was treated and released from the hospital around 6:00 yesterday. he is doing fine today. earlier in the day yesterday garcia says his friends, nine other male and female students at james lick thought they were eating long strips of candy. they got sick from it. ten had to get medical treatment and five had to go to the hospital.
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garcia has been in touch with his friends since the ordeal yesterday. they have been texting with each other. all of his other friends and students are doing okay today and they have all been released from the hospital. >> it looked like regular candy. it looked like a regular walgreens thing, like a regular candy. >> at what point did the students realize it wasn't regular candy. >> some started feeling like dizzy, throwing up. >> i think it is pretty crazy. i did not wake up yesterday morning thinking i was going to be in the hospital. >> reporter: now, the other question this morning, what exactly was in that candy to make the students sick? garcia says several students suspected it was a marijuana laced edible. officials at the school district have not given us an update on what if any tests have revealed or what was in the candy that the students ate. yesterday firefighters said they would be working with the hospital and poison control to determine what may have been in that candy that made some of the students sick yesterday. back to you guys.
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>> allie, thank you. new at 9:00, a homicide investigation is underway in san mateo county after a man's body was found at a beach parking lot overnight. deputies made the discovery at 1:00 this morning at gray whale cove state beach off of highway 1. we will share video now from the san mateo county sheriff's department. deputies say the man had visible injuries to his face and upper body. no word on any suspects at this time and we don't know yet how the man died. today the couple suspected of stabbing a young woman and leaving her die ton a remote road will make their first court appearance in the case. >> 19-year-old daniel gross and 25-year-old melissa leonardo. >> both are facing murder charges. ktvu crime reporter henry lee brings us up to date on the investigation. >> reporter: these are pictures of the victim, 19-year-old lizette cuesta from facebook and instagram. cuesta known by friends as liz recently moved with her dad to
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tracy from san jose. she met daniel gross and melissa at some point. the couple now accused of killinger had. this is a picture of the victim from facebook. she was found crawling on the road near livermore. >> i gave her my blanket. she was soaked in blood. >> reporter: she had opinion stabbed, tied up and left for dead. she was able to identify the people who attacked her. authorities arrested the couple at their home in modesto. the love i have for you is never ending. >> they are both currently in custody in the jail in dublin on a no bail status for the murder of lizette cuesta. >> reporter: the investigation moved quickly because of the victim's last words known as a dying declaration. authorities are not yet ready to discuss why she was killed. >> we have a lot of things that we need to fill in as far as
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motive. >> reporter: all investigators will say at this point is that all three were friends. >> on the night of the incident, lizette got into the car with the suspects, consensually as they knew each other. we're also now trying to put together what exactly happened from the moment lizette got in that car until ultimately we found her at about 2:00 in the morning on tesla road that night. >> reporter: ultimately authorities say they wouldn't have made the arrest without the victim who clung to life just long enough to id her alleged killers. >> the fact that lizette was so strong and able to survive is truly a testament to her character as a person. >> reporter: the case is being reviewed by alameda county prosecutors. the suspects are due in court tomorrow. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. last night in san jose, friends of lizette cuesta gathered for a vigil to remember her kindness as well as her strength. she struggled to survive and touched many people as they gathered at the skate park in san jose.
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she was new to skateboarding but loved the sport's challenges and the feel of connection to the state community and sense of accomplishment. >> she would progress from here and there. she would learn by herself too. >> i'm glad it is here. i'm glad it is at the place that i met her, where i skated with her, where we laughed and even talked smack to each other. >> her friends also say they will always remember how determined lizette was and they believe that kept her alive long enough to tell authorities who killed her. we now have new information to share about the developing story, a shooting at a national security agency outside of washington, d.c. we have been covering throughout mornings on 2. officials say the incident is not linked to terrorism. earlier reports indicate that none of the injuries are due to gunfire. investigators say a black suv tried to enter without authorization. shots were fired and you can clearly see bullet holes in the
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front windshield of the suv. also the air bags de played. at least one person was taken into custody. san francisco board of supervisors officially approved a $250,000 payout to a firefighter involved in the response to the plane crash out at san francisco international back in 2013. investigators say the firefighter duckett ran over a teenager who was thrown from the plane in the crash. the coroner's report said that the teenager was live on the ground covered in fire fighting foam from the wreckage. she was struck by two rigs. she was most likely killed when the first one hit her. duckett was driving the second rig. she was wrongfully accused and being made a scapegoat for larger failures in the department's rescue efforts, end quote. a former berkeley student who was removed from a southwest flight for speaking arabic has filed a suit saying his civil rights were violated.
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he was seated on a flight to lax waiting for the plane to take off for oakland. he called his uncle and a passenger heard him speaking in arabic to uncle reported had i am to the airline staff. he was escorted off the plane and interrogated and searched by fbi agents. after he was cleared by the fbi, southwest refunded his ticket but wouldn't book him on another flight. southwest says the passenger who made the complaint also spoke arabic and asked the flight crew to investigate what were perceived to be threatening comments. they say it was the content of the passenger's conversation, not the language used, that prompted the report leading to our investigation. quite a square for passengers on united flight from sfo to hawaii yesterday after an engine cover fell off over the pacific ocean. these are pictures taken by one of the passengers. you can see part of the engine on the boeing 777 is exposed. passengers say the plane start today shake after they heard a
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loud bang. the plane made a safe emergency landing but passengers were clearly shaken. >> i turned on my phone. i took this video. and at the end i told my family i loved them. they made everybody practice emergency things. and at the end we had to sit down with our -- we had to be down and stuck with our heads down and holding our ankles when we landed. they were saying brace, brace, brace. and then there was a cheer with we landed. >> it is not clear if the engine itself was damaged. the f.a.a. is investigating the incident. millions of christians around the world are marking ash wednesday today. priests will mark crosses on the foreheads of parishioners. the ashes remind christians about the importance of repen tense. ash wednesday marks the first day of lent in which many christians give something up for 40 days. a bit of a de limb abecause valentine's day and ash wednesday are on the same day for the first time since i think 1945. >> so you can't give up wine or
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chocolate. many of you can't. >> there's the steak dinner. but you also have to fast. so i think the bishops will be out there saying -- >> you actually have a plan. >> well, the bishop -- or the -- the priest at my church said celebrate on the 13th and not the 14th. so that's what we did. >> oh, wow. very good. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, in a moment the city of berkeley appears to have made history again. the new protection passed last night for marijuana users. it is valentine's day. people celebrating with wedding and flowers. frank mallicoat is asking people about their plans and how much they're willing to spend on that someone special.
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>> a nice bump on the nasdaq. up almost one full percent. city hall will be busy this valentine's day with 120 weddings scheduled today. last year 86 couples got married on valentine's day. on average, the county clerk's office performs 36 weddings a day. they will take home a long stem road and candy and a special marriage certificate today. things are slowing down at the flower mart this morning as most of the flowers are already at flower shops and stands. the flower mart says since fridays how soons of thousands of bunches have gone oust the facility and into the mass market getting ready for shoppers to pick up bouquets for their loved ones today. >> what better way to express your love than with flowers. we offer varieties that you won't find in any mass market
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here in california. >> the flower mart says flowers are a $26 billion spree and valentine's day is one of the biggest days for flower sales but mother's day takes the number one spot. we've been asking you how much are you going to spend on valentine's day? we see from the poll results, 5% say you will spend $200 or more. 9% say you're going to spend between $100 and $200. 30% say you will spend under $100. 56% say they are not celebrating. >> that is making me good. >> tom vacar brings a flower to everyone in the news room every year. >> a sweetheart. >> it doesn't fly with a lot of people who want to receive gifts. some people think it is a contrived holiday. on this day they ask you to show love and respect on this one day. you said why not every day. >> every day is valentine's day. >> frank mallicoat is live at a
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coffee shop in san mateo talking about valentine's day. what are you hearing? people going to be out and about tonight? >> reporter: i'm still kind of wrapping my eyes around romeo, tom vacar. >> he is a sweetheart. >> reporter: i did not know that. way to go, tom. >> yes. >> reporter: we're here at nini's coffee shop in san mateo where the food is delicious. we have a couple ladies here. you're from burlingame. and jennifer is from nevada city. >> i'm moving today. >> reporter: moving today. there you go. and waited for us to chat. do you spend a lot, paula, on valentine's day? >> i don't spend a lot. but what i do spend is all on food. >> reporter: food. >> food. that's the best way to love. right? >> reporter: so you take care of yourself and your significant other. >> that's right. i cook for others. we're having breakfast with good friends. so it is all about food. >> reporter: and will you spend $100 today. >> easily. >> reporter: easily. >> easily. >> reporter: no chocolate, jewelry or cards.
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>> i wouldn't say that. there is dessert. >> reporter: very good. how about you jennifer, you ever a new love in your life, right. >> yeah. there is love in the air right now. >> reporter: okay. >> absolutely. i didn't spend much this year. it is all going to myself. today is my valentine's day gift to myself, moving to nevada city today. >> reporter: there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself on valentine's day. >> absolutely not. self love is most important. >> reporter: you have a newman in your life that you're kind of fond of. you didn't get him a card. >> no. the relationship is way too new. >> reporter: way too new. maybe a card? >> no. not yet. but -- but like i said, there's love in the air. >> reporter: all right. love in the air. now, should the man spend more than the woman or does it really matter? >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: is this a day for the ladies or the guys. >> that is a really good question. i mean things are changing, right, culturally. >> reporter: that's true. >> what do you think. >> reporter: wow. turning it back on me. i say i will spend a ton on my
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girl. leave it at that. the guys want a little something back. >> wasn't it a time in the victorian time when the women made these fancy cards out doiles and paper? i don't know how it got turned around but good job. >> reporter: thank you for sharing your thoughts on valentine's day. i hope your man takes care of you and likewise as well. >> map eval day. >> happy valentine's day. >> reporter: happy valentine's day to you as well. ladies, a little bit of love here at nini's cafe. just want to throw this number out. 19billion plus dollars will be spent on this valentine's day. a lot of love out there, guys. >> good for the economy. >> for sure. i'm not spending a nickel. i do my heart shaped pepperoni pizza. >> there is money in the
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ingredients. >> they were already in the freezer. >> coming up in a moment, a police officer shot and killed a man in vallejo. what the man's family has to say about the shooting. president trump releases his plan to fix the roads and bridges. what it all means for the bay area.
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>> when president trump unveiled his budget earlier this week, bay area transportation officials were quick to point out that the plan would barely cover our needs. he says 1.5 trillion dollars will be allocated to infrastructure but only 13% from federal grants ask lopes. state and local governments would be responsible for funding the rest. here in the bay area, maintenance costs $10 billion a year. the bart extension to san jose is expected to cost about $5 billion. for more on this i'm joined by
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randy from the metropolitan transportation commission. good morning, randy. >> thanks for having me. >> people can't wrap their head around the big numbers, number one. and number two, how much we need to repair and maintain what we have. >> right. i think people can wrap their head around the scale of the problem. people understand that bart needs to be replaced. i think the issue is the scale of it. the bay area alone could spend $20 billion annually just to bring our system up to good repair so you don't hit a pothole with your vehicle, you can ride your bike safely, we can improve the bart system which is 50 years old. this amount of money nationally is pitiful. it is so small. >> it is small. >> it is also pitiful with respect to the ambition. we can't fix the transportation problems, broadband with such a trifling amount of money. >> right. >> i think that is the real issue. the expectation is so high but
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the proposal is just a pittance. >> transportation funding has been bipartisan for years. >> yes. >> how can you fix a problem before you identify how to do it. >> uh-huh. >> in people are saying, hey, we should spend money on new projects. other people are saying to repair what we have. where do you think the money -- if we decide how to do this, how do we do this. >> we have aging pains in the bay area. our systems need to be rebuilt. we have growing pains too. we have a strong economy. people are stuck in congestion. we need to do both at the same time. our country use today do that. we built the interstate system, one of the biggest investments in the history of mankind. we built bart. we put a man on the moon. we can do this. but a proposal like this subpoena completely inadequate in every form.
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>> it sounds good. 1.5 trillion. but then you find out it is only $200 billion. >> right. >> the state will spend more money on transportation. how do you start? do you just throw your hands up and give up? >> no. the most important thing -- the bay area voter has been good over the years approving county and regional measures to get to the core issues. we need to repair our roads. we need to grow the system that we have. we need to extend bart to san jose. you know, oddly this same administration giving us this small package is taking that fund source away at the same time. we need to understand that infrastructure is the key to making our economy strong. it is the key to having a larger paycheck in our pockets. >> do you think there is a problem with the perception of infrastructure? we hear about problem that's
9:25 am
grab the headlines a lot more than this. as you heard, infrastructure not the sexiest problem. americans don't want to take their medicine. is there a way to think about this to make our lawmakers react. >> i think faster internet service is sexy. i believe going to work every day and getting there and feel refreshed and not beaten down. >> or taking too long to get there, right. >> not being jammed on a bart train but having space with new bart carsis a good thing. i think to a certain extent we haven't been able to give people the vision about how it affects their lives and improves their paycheck every single day by supporting the businesses that are here in the bay area. that is a challenge but we haven't done a good job at it. >> we know that some transportation planners say when you ask people to pay for what they're using, those facilities are generally maintained bert. like the bay bridge toll plaza or bart where you have to pay something. those are maintained better than the freeways. is that true. >> it can be true to a certain
9:26 am
extent. it is the cash flow that gives us the ability to do it. the last time that the federal government increased the core user fee for transportation is when ronald reagan was the president. the last time we did it in california was in 1990. and people wonder why the roads are in lousy condition. it is because, look, if your paycheck was frozen in 1990, you can't buy the things that you need. the government is in the same space. people want everything for free. that is understandable. they don't want to pay user fee, a gas tax. that is understandable. but you also don't want your car to be in the repair shop either. >> right. we will have to leave it there. thank you for being here. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, spring is in the air. changing the subject to something that might be a little more pleasant. pitchers and catchers. you heard me. they have reported for duty. ktvu's joe fonzi is live in mesa, arizona with the baseball teams.
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>> good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. a live picture of the richmond bridge. a nice setting there on the quiet bay. a mixture of sun and clouds today. there isn't a day, stev , that i actually live here in the bay area and don't appreciate the weather that we're having. but we need the rain. >> there were a couple days when it was 110 that i had choice words. i understand what you mean. granted it is very, very nice. we need rain. there are positive signs from the 24th of february to march 2nd. we're getting there. the pattern is changing. so i mean we've had, you know, a lot of warm temps. that is all changing now. we need the precip. it will get here. livermore, 26. sebastopol had lows in the 20s before the cloud cover came in.
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now 40s and 40s on the temps. there was enough to hold up the temps. so far no reports of any precip f it has been, it is very light. a lot of cloud cover moving into sonoma and napa county and lake county. that is the lake county associated with a low in southern california. it is sending clouds up to san jose, santa clara valley and the santa cruz mountains. we haven't had measurable rain here since the 25th of january. that is a long haul. the sierra snow last year was so good. this year it is so bad. 18% of normal for the northern sierra. only 25%. this is the snow water equivalent. to 5.6 inches of water for central sierra, that is tahoe. the southern sierra is only 3.3. here is the big ouch. on june 21st, the summer solstice, 2017, there was 4.8 inches of liquid. today 4.4. we had more last summer than
9:31 am
right now. we have encouraging signs. rain moving in towards southern california. they are going to get it in arizona. a closer look shows that joe fonzi is out at mesa for the a's and i think he is going to say it either is raining or is looking like it wants to. and they're going to get some over the next couple of days. not us. a lot of cloud cover. that's about it. things are changing. 50s and 60s for the temps toed. we look good for the end of the week. a cold system comes in sunday and monday that will give the sierra a little bit of snow, you guys. the next two to three weeks is looking promising. >> that is good. >> a confrontation last night at marin and florida streets near the naval historical museum. >> alex savidge has been working the story all morning. he joins us from vallejo with updated information about the shooting. alex. >> reporter: good morning to all of you. this man's relatives do not believe that he was armed last night when a vallejo officer
9:32 am
shot and killed him during a confrontation that unfolded in a courtyard area near these apartments where we are this morning. now i spoke with his uncle a short time ago and he tells me the man who was killed last night was 32-year-old ranel foster, a father of two. around 7:40 last night, an officer tried to stop foster to question him about an earlier domestic dispute, according to information from relatives. foster took off running from the officer. the officer caught up with him near these apartments on carolina street. and that's where authorities say the two men got involved in what they describe as a violent, physical struggle. now, during that altercation, the officer opened fire on foster several times and he died here at the scene. >> they basically executed my nephew out here in the street which is not fa irto any -- is
9:33 am
not fair to any family. nobody should have to go through anything like this. >> reporter: the officer who opened fire last night has not been identified. although we understand that he has been put on leave as this investigation continues. in an e-mailed statement from the vallejo police department, they say that the officer who fired last night did so in self defense. however, that statement makes no mention of the man killed being armed. but we know of course there will be a full investigation that will be done. it will involve both investigators from the vallejo police department as well as investigators from the solano county district attorney's office. >> alex reporting live there vallejo. thank you. for more of the headlines we have been working on, let's go to dave clark. >> thank you, sal. police in emryville searching for a suspect after a man was shot near the amtrak station.
9:34 am
alex media was found by police unconscious with life threatening injuries near horton street. his family says he is still in critical condition and has a long recovery ahead. if you have any information about this case, call emryville police. well, in about 90 minutes from now, there will be a news conference about a shooting last year that is similar to the kate steinle case. 23-year-old esquivel was shot and killed by an immigrant that was about to be deported. a stolen gun was taken from the car that was stolen from a san francisco program's car. today the family will announce they are suing the police department claiming the officer did not properly secure his gun. earlier today in san francisco, three people including two firefighters were hurt in a fire. it happened at a commercial building on third street near the bay view hunter's point
9:35 am
ymca. paramedics performed life- saving care on a man who was rushed to the hospital in serious condition. two firefighters were also hurt. one was taken to the hospital but we don't know his condition right now. the cause of that fire is under investigation. those are just some of your morning headlines. hey, mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. thank you, dave. the family of a man shot and killed by a bart officer last month is planning to sue bart and the officer. the family says it is a case of excessive force and they want bart police to release the video. >> that is right. >> justice. >> reporter: family and friends say he was wrongfully killed. >> using a weapon should be the last resort. more often than not it seems to be the first option. >> reporter: his sister spoke at the rally and john burress showed a photo of kendall's back after he was shot by a
9:36 am
bart police officer last month. >> it entered his body on the back side. >> reporter: he was involved in a scuffle with another man. a bart officer responded to reports of shots fired and one of the men was found shot in the leg. police say kendall was armed when he was shot by the officer and a gun was found at the scene. burress says the body cam video shows kendall and the other man breaking apart their fight with kendall's back to the officer and burress claims the 28-year- old did not have a weapon. >> the officer started shooting and his hands went up. he gets shot. boom. boom. boom. he falls back on the ground like this. nothing in his hands. he doesn't seem to have dropped anything. >> reporter: a lawsuit was filed against the police department and the officer who opened fire. >> we want to see the officer charged. >> yes. >> reporter: ktvu sat down with the bart police chief late tuesday afternoon. >> nothing will be done until
9:37 am
that investigation takes its course. and, you know, we will continue to get the facts. it is really in the court of the oakland police department and the d.a.'s office on what they decide to do. >> reporter: in a statement, bart says, once multiple investigations into the incident are complete, bart will release all relevant information related to what happened, including video from the body cam. the bart police confirmed it ktvu that he has seen the video from the body cam but declined to comment further because of the open investigation. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. a federal judge in new york ruled that the trump administration did not give an adequate reason to end the daca program march 5th. daca is illegal because it went around congress but the federal judge said that the program is legal and therefore the administration does not have a legitimate reason to end it. however the judge also said his ruling does not mean that the government should be forced to
9:38 am
allow more people in the program. it means that the current participants in daca should stay protected. on friday the supreme court may announce if it will hear the case. in the meantime in the u.s. senate the immigration debate continues. yesterday there was little progress at the capitol. senate republicans are pushing for plans that address chain migration reform and sanctuary cities. democrats are calling for a bill more specific to young people in the daca program. still senate leaders from both sides seem optimistic there could be a deal. berkeley has become the first city in the united states to declare itself a sanctuary city for marijuana users. the city council unanimously approved the bill last night. berkeley's resolution is modeled after california's sanctuary state policy that protects under documented immigrants. cannabis sales became legal in california this past january. and that pits our state against
9:39 am
federal laws that still classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. >> we are going to provide protection. we will not share information with the d.a. we won't assist enforcement of federal drug laws. >> once the resolution was passed berkeley's mayor tweeted that berkeley may be the first city in the country to declare itself a sanctuary cannabis city. they are reducing the tax on marijuana sales from 10% down to 5%. that move comes in response to licensed cannabis dealers who say they couldn't compete with unlicensed sellers. and i do hope that you're with ugh tomorrow morning on the 9. we will be talking with the city councilman who turned that bill into a law for cannabis users. pitchers and catchers have reported for spring training and are ready to work out. ktvu's joe fonzi vin joining us live from mesa, arizona where the a's, joe, are about to hold
9:40 am
their first day of workouts here. >> reporter: they're doing it, mike. i'm going to take a moment to brag about steve paulson. steve paulson said about five minutes ago it looks like rain is moving into mesa, arizona. now we are getting light drops. steve knows what he is talking about. congratulations to him. you're right, mike, this is the first official practice for pitchers and catchers. half an hour ago they got started. it has been an interesting year for the a's organization. if you remember back last summer, they announced the site of their new ballpark near laney college. then a short time ago they said that won't work. it was another year that the a's got to the trading deadline and dumped a large majority of their veteran players, depending on the young players to, again, provide the core for this team. they did a pretty good job of
9:41 am
that. matt chapmans and ole ins of the world look like they could be core players for the future. that is a story that a's fans have heard in the past. a little while ago bob melvin addressed young players, stadiums and the state of the franchise as it exists right now. >> i mean, i know the ballpark situation fell through. but i think the timeline remains the same. so therefore, you know, as far as the front office and us dealing with the players, the focus is the guys that are here now that we want to keep here should be here for a while. the players don't get too far into that. especially the younger guys trying to make a name for themselves and establish themselves. they're not thinking about a new ballpark. they're thinking to establish themselves at the big league level. if i do well enough, hopefully i say. that is the mind-set we want them to have. >> reporter: the personality of the a's, they have got 50 some
9:42 am
players in camp this year. last year they had more than 70. it will be trying to determine what the final 25 roster is. it seems like that's what we talk about with the a's every year. an interesting development today. dave stewart, the hero of the a's in the late '80s run is in camp in an oakland uniform helping out with the pitchers. it is the first time that he has been in an a's uniform for quite some time. he looks naturally appropriate in an a's uniform. steve, you nailed it. you were right on the number with the weather. >> he is so good that he already took off for the day. he is done. you mentioned dave stewart. we know he was an a. who is the ace for the a's? kendall could be an ace. >> reporter: well, that's yet to be determined.
9:43 am
but you're right, if you look at jerome cotton, it is young pitchers. sony gray was one of the guys they got rid of last year at the trade deadline. now it will be who is that veteran guy on the staff. and bob actually talked about that a little bit today, that kendall should be the guy that they look to and hope that he becomes that guy. he has never been in that role before. now he will be a guy that the others true i to follow. that is early in his career to happen. you hit it on the head what the personality is of the team. a lot of young players and not many veterans otherrer. >> joe fonzi live in mesa. we appreciate it, joe. thank you. bay area comedian hannibal thompson headlining at tommy t's. we will talk about his rise to the stage and some other pressing questions. please keep your shoes on!
9:44 am
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>> welcome back. hannibal thompson is a bay area comedian who we have been following for a couple years now. >> he grew up in the fillmore district where in 2005 his brother was shot and killed. then six months after that he was shot by a total stranger for being on the wrong side of town. >> he completely turned his life around and now he is headlining at tommy t's tomorrow night. we welcome hannibal back to the 9. >> welcome back. >> good to be back. >> on this valentine's day, you're in the middle. you're not married but you're not single. >> no. >> you're engaged. >> yes. >> do you think valentine's day is a big sham or do you celebrate it full throttle? >> i wouldn't say it is a big
9:47 am
sham. >> okay. >> i celebrate it year round. >> every day. >> no go big or go home. >> no. me being a comedian, i go on the road. she comes with me. we have a year-round vacation. >> do you find comedy in your personal relationship or do you stick to other topics. >> i find comedic moments in my relationship a lot. you will be surprised -- i say this all the time. how pretty women smell when they pass gas. >> oh, no. i don't -- >> not your fiance of course. other pretty women. >> her too. >> do you have to okay this stuff with her or do you do it and hope she doesn't get upset? what is the process. >> no. it is -- it is part of me. >> part of the deal. >> it is part of comedy. you just take whether it is serious or it is not serious. you just take a life experience and turn it into funny. >> i like life experiences.
9:48 am
we bring it out in this particular hour. we talk about life experiences. when it comes to politics, some comedians decide to go down that street. is that a no-no for your act or do you embrace it. >> i don't touch politics. i talk about it somewhat. as far as in my comedy, no. i'm more of a me, myself, my family, life experience. growing up in the city, traveling. that's me. >> that's what i'm looking for when i go to a comedy night. probably because we talk politics a lot. i want to get away from it. that is the venue to do that. >> politics is a touchy subject. you have one side into politics. you don't want to touch it because of feelings. other than that i'm more of myself. i want to talk about me. >> the people coming to see you, you treat them like your clients and you want to -- you want people of all sides -- political persuasions to come see your show. >> exactly. that's why i don't touch it. when you come to a comedy show,
9:49 am
you want to laugh. that's my number one goal, to make people laugh. i'm not trying to make you think or go home mad about politics. i'm just trying to make you laugh. silly me. that's it. >> do you ever sit back and reflect on how much your life has changed in really not that short of a time. >> i do it during lock flights or at home or taking a long drive. i reflect and am thankful. >> do those bad days on the streets feel like they were yesterday or a million years ago. >> i have been through so much on the streets and now i've been doing comedy for eight years. before i started doing comedy, i had never been on an airplane. it is a different experience that changed me a lot. i'm loving it. >> how are you different now than just five or six years ago. i mean you get the experience.
9:50 am
you tuck it under your belt. are you better than you were five years ago. >> yes. >> are you better today than last night. >> yes. comfortablability. you think of what you're going to say next. now you don't care. you just go. you just press the gas and have fun. >> a lot more comfortable. >> yes. >> it is about having fun. >> good. >> when you have fun, everybody else has fun. >> if you want to have fun with hannibal, he is headlining at tommy t's in pleasanton. we will all of the information on under the web links section under mornings on 2 and you will also find it on the mobile app. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> happy valentine's day. >> yes, ma'am. you too. and to you guys also. >> we will be right back. >> next time that you see us, perhaps you will be married. >> yes.
9:51 am
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9:53 am
>> all right. another gold medal for team usa at the within enter olympics in south korea. shaun white, the star snowboarder, won gold. the man they call the flying tomato won his third career gold medal. it is redemption since he missed out on gold in sochi. he has now three gold medals. that brings the u.s. total for 7 for the winter games. four are gold. germany has 12 medals.
9:54 am
warriors super star kevin durant is teaming up with apple on a new tv show. it is based on durant's childhood in washington, d.c. it explores the world of youth basketball and the challenges of reaching the nba. apple is developing the show with 35 media, durant's company. apple has been trying to bring in more original programming to compete with netflix and amazon prime. the lunar new year arrives this morning. this year's big chinese new year parade is scheduled for february 24th. one of the largest celebrations outside of asia. the parade brings in an extra $2 million to businesses in chinatown alone. yesterday san francisco's acting mayor mark farrell visited the mayor and urged people to shop and dine local when celebrating the new year. >> small businesses are the heart and soul of san francisco.
9:55 am
neighborhoods are the heart and soul of our neighborhood as well. away want to support our small businesses in every neighborhood of san francisco. it is a fun opportunity to be down in chinatown during the lunar new year. a lot of celebrating happening and a great time to connect with the community here. >> the push to come out to the local shops and restaurants were started by the late mayor ed lee. a reminder that you can watch the parade live on ktvu and it starts at 6:00 p.m., saturday, february 24th. sacramento city council honored a 9-year-old boy who pointed out gender bias in his classroom. he spoke out after he saw something odd in his third grade english test. it asked if the proper pronounce for a mayor should be their or his. there was no option for pronounce that would be used if the mayor was a woman. so ryland wrote in on the test i think it should include women. at the meeting he got a chance
9:56 am
to sit in the mayor's seat and hold the gavel. he inspired the hashtag be like ryland. one 5-year-old indiana boy didn't need to wait until valentine's day to spread joy with flowers. tanner clark is known as the flower boy at his local deli. it started when they were eating lunch together one day and saw a group of elderly women sitting at a table nearby. she asked tanner if she wanted to buy them flowers and the rest is history. >> i want to put a smile on their face. i get all kinds of different colors. >> thank you so much. >> we see people who are maybe widowed or sitting here by themselves and having a cup of coffee and he hands them a flower and their whole dynamic changes. >> his mom says that she is just trying to raise him to be a gentleman. >> he can grow up and be like tom vacar. he gave me this and all of the ladies in the news room.
9:57 am
it is a sweet gesture. i hope you're with us tomorrow on the 9 because the book of mormon is playing in san francisco. we will be talking with one of the stars who grew up here in the bay area. >> i haven't seen it. >> i have seen it. it is hilarious and offensive. >> so offensive it is funny. >> it was and it has. and it has been. such a hit. that is tomorrow. thank you for being here today. happy valentine's day. is that for mrs. mike mibach. >> this is for you. >> thanks. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again?
9:58 am
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