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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 14, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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custody after report of a shooting. and a man was hit and injured by a truck in san francisco. we are learning new details from the san francisco school district after kids were sickened. ktvu fox 2 news at 12:00 starts right now.>> i am gasia mikaelian . >> i am mike milbach . it all started about 8:00 this morning after police got a 911 call from someone who said the man had shot at them. the suspect was nowhere to be found and police considered evacuating buildings in the area. he had barricaded him self near san leandro street. the suspect was able to somehow leave the area and was arrested
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by police in another city. san francisco police are investigating a crush and it is a employee who was on the job at the time. >> ktvu's allie rasmus is here to bring us what we know so far. >> reporter: there is quite a bit of construction where this accident happened and we have the u.p.s. truck in the way but we will zoom in shortly to show you the area. this was a muni construction inspector and his job was to be near the construction site making sure crews and passengers all know what is going on. we do not know if the injured worker was on the street or the sidewalk by that 8:00 this morning the dump truck hit the muni work causing serious injuries . the muni inspector was able to communicate and the driver of the truck is
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cooperating with investigators. that will all be part of the investigation but in the meantime this was 8:00 this morning when this happened and as you can see both directions are back open to traffic again. >> thank you so much, allie. there is a homicide investigation underway after the body of a man was found overnight. the deputies made the discovery this morning right off of highway 1. this is video from the san mateo county sheriff's department. the man had visual injuries to his face and the cause of death is under investigation. we are learning about a father shot to death by a vallejo police officer in florida street right near the vallejo historical museum but
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as ktvu's alex savidge reports they believe the officer did not need to fire . >> reporter: friends and relatives of ronell foster are demanding answers from the vallejo police today . >> i just want to know why they did this to him. they didn't have any right to do this to him. he has a family with kids. i am just hurt. >> reporter: last night a officer from vallejo tried stopping foster as he was riding his bike. foster took off running with the officer chasing after him. the two men got into a violent struggle and it ended with gunfire. >> i thought the officer was 100% justified because the guy would not comply . >> reporter: a neighbor witnessed the shooting and he
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said the officer tried teasing foster. >> the guy starts at the officer again to just defend himself or whatever. and at that point the officer pulled his service revolver and fired. >> but the man was not holding anything. >> i could not see the right side of the man. all i saw was him standing here. he was very aggressive . >> reporter: vallejo police said the officer fired in self- defense with no mention of the men who died. his uncle ronald jackson says the family is struggling to understand why this happened. >> they basically executed my nephew out here on the street, which is not fair to any family. nobody should have to go through this. how does it turn into a violent struggle when you are running away from somebody?
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>> reporter: the officer has been put on and mistreated leave for the time being. there will be a full investigation done by the vallejo police department in the solano county district attorney's office to determine if this shooting was justified. in vallejo, alex savidge, ktvu , fox 2 news . >> we have breaking news out of parkland, florida where there is reports of a school shooting. these are pictures in parkland north of fort lauderdale. numerous emergency personnel is outside of marjory stoneman douglas high school. this is taken from 15 minutes ago with students making their way into the streets with a lot of ambulances on the scene and police are telling teachers and students to remain barricaded. as you can see in the video they are getting out of the high school as soon as
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possible. the report of a school shooting and you can see there are people who do appear to be injured and are being transported to area hospitals. we will continue to monitor the situation taking place in parkland , florida. as we get more information we will bring it to you. today a couple suspected of killing a young woman and leaving her on a road east of livermore will make their first court appearance. >> daniel gross and melissa leonardo will be charged with murder this afternoon. fox 2 crime reporter henry the is right outside the courthouse. >> reporter: in a couple hours they will make the first court appearance here at the hall of justice. at this hour prosecutors have not yet filed formal murder charges. those suspect daniel gross and his fiancie 25-year-old melissa leonardo were each arrested by investigators on suspicion of
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murder in the death of their friend 19-year-old lisette questa who was found crawling on a test the road. she had been stabbed and left for dead. she told motorists and first responders that gross and leonardo had attacked her and the couple were arrested and investigators have not revealed a motive. last night in san jose friends gathered at a skate park to remember her kindness and strength saying she had demonstrated her strength. >> she fought until the end to get the people who did this to her. i guess it just to honor her courage and her will to get justice. >> reporter: authorities say they had all known each other and that the victim got
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willingly into the car of the suspect. all three worked at a restaurant together in tracy. that is the latest in dublin. henry lee, ktvu , fox 2 news . >> thank you so much, henry. we have no information at the security agency outside of washington, d.c. with several people -- new information at the security agency outside of washington, d.c. with several people trying to enter this campus. officials out there is no ongoing security to the nsa and at least one person is in custody. the white house is working to promote the president's plans on infrastructure. >>'s personal lawyer says he used his own funds to pay a three star who had an encounter with president trump for his time in office and lauren blanchard has the details. >> keeping america safe does not need to be a partisan issue
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. >> reporter: today the hot topic in congress is immigration reform with a dual to protect the immigrants brought to the united states as children known as dreamers. >> i am hopeful senators can put his demands to be said and come up with a deal that works for both parties . >> reporter: border security guns must be included in the meanwhile the president is pushing his infrastructure plan meeting with leaders to make his case for federal funds. his agenda is overshadowed by controversy. his personal lawyer is facing questions after saying he used his personal funds to pay a pornography star who allegedly had an encounter with him before his time in office. on a separate matter the white house chief of staff john kelly called on to be resigning after discrepancies between the administration and the fbi timelines for who knew what and when up at the background
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checks for former white house staffer rob porter. >> clearly we should all be condemning domestic violence and if a person gets in the government with domestic violence, then there is a breakdown in the system which needs to be addressed . >> reporter: the chairman of the oversight committee has announced an investigation into the employment of porter and when the white house was made aware of the allegation. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu , fox 2 news. mitt romney is expected to launch his senate campaign in utah tomorrow. sources say mitt romney will make his first appearance as a candidate on friday. is looking to replace republican senator orrin hatch who is retiring after 40 years. romney moved to utah after losing the 2012 presidential election. students at a middle school got sick from candy.
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>> it looks like a regular candy. >> at what point did the students realize it wasn't? >> son started feeling dizzy and throwing up. >> coming up we will hear from one of the students who had to be transferred to the hospital and also we will find out about rain in a moment. >> we are still tracking the breaking news in florida where local agencies report at least 20 are injured after a shooting at a marjory stoneman douglas high school in broward county. more details after the break.
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getting back to the breaking news we brought you a moment ago in parkland, florida there has been a school shooting with 20 injured. this is what appeared to be a long line of students being evacuated from the campus building. it is a scene we have seen before with students showing authorities that they themselves are not a threat. three minutes ago the broward county sheriff's department said the shooter is still at large putting this in a precarious position here at marjory stoneman douglas high school that happened in the past half hour or so. police have been telling teachers and students to remain
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barricaded. earlier we showed you another scene here on campus and people being treated on stretchers and even on the sidewalk with parents being told to stay away from the school. parents are being asked to stay away from the safety with people running from the buildings i met is what -- i made s.w.a.t. vehicles. >> there is a lockdown but then deputies go in and remove everyone and see if they have any weapons. that could be the reasons we are getting part lockdown and part people running out of the building. >> it seems as though the threat is not over with clearly a large law enforcement presence at the scene. the new information is 20 have been believed to have been
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injured. we are staying on top of this breaking news and will bring you more as soon as we get it. an investigation is underway about a fire that injured two people including firefighters. on third street right near the bayview hunters point ymca performing life-saving care to a man at the scene. two firefighters suffered injuries that were not life- threatening receiving treatment at the scene and the other transported to the hospital. a fire in san carlos forced patients to evacuate. firefighters were called to the sporting goods store on highway 101 this morning. crews called for additional help when they learned a clinic at about 10 patients on dialysis machines. no one was hurt. the fire was brought to a storage area. >> the city of berkeley is one
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of the 1st to clearest of a sanctuary city for cannabis users. last night the council approved a measure prohibiting employees and police from cooperating to enforce marijuana laws. the resolution is modeled after a california policy that protects undocumented immigrants. the recreational sales became legal this year. >> we are going to provide that we will not assist the d.a. in enforcing federal drug laws. >> once the resolution was passed the mayor said berkeley may be the first to the chorus of a sanctuary cannabis city. they also voted to reduce the text out to 5% in response to licensed cannabis dealers who say they could not compete with unlicensed sellers who do not pay taxes.
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this storm is really different for us in the bay area with some clouds this afternoon and even a little bit of green on the radar. the bulk of the rainfall has fallen down toward southern california as the system purchase the coastline. there is this fronts moving in from the north and a little bit of this in green with reports of measurable rainfall toward windsor over the morning. possibly you might be dodging a few sprinkles as this fast- moving front moves across the area. we are in the 50s still for santa rosa and san francisco right now is 58 and san jose checking in and 61 degrees for your wednesday afternoon. here is a look toward the winds
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that is not much of a factor at all with calm conditions on the water and scattered high clouds this afternoon. we will revisit the overnight lows from this morning. take a look at the 20s for north livermore with lakeport and geyserville 29. it is definitely chilly but we do expect most areas to be in the mid 60s and looking at your valentine's day forecast it is pretty good this evening and it is clear and cool by 9:00. the bay area is kind of in between two weather systems with this fronts moving in from the north not bringing us the major rainfall but the main impact for us is scattered high clouds with the showers still being tracked to our south toward ventura and los angeles county. here is the forecast model expecting clear skies this afternoon and we will do it all
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over on your thursday with more sunshine and heading into the weekend it will be clear as well. temperatures this afternoon upper 50s to the lower 60s with hayward 62. some of the neighborhoods will check in at 64 degrees with nothing like last week when we had temperatures around 80 degrees. the record heat is out with the dry weather pattern sticks around into the weekend. the developing story will be over the weekend with those strong winds given some attention. by sunday they could be increasing with a major cool down into early next week. >> thank you so much, mark. in parkland, florida there has been a school shooting with as many as 20 injured. we have more live pictures with police still on the campus. we have seen this again and again with students being let out of the buildings showing
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that they are not a threat not holding anything that could be dangerous. we have seen students breaking out into a run. the sheriff's department in the area tweeted that the shooter is still at large. a moment ago we first brought to the breaking news with a number of people being treated on stretchers and being treated on the sidewalk. >> some agencies report sitting at my desk watching the coverage from the chopper i saw at least half a dozen being put into ambulances. i have been going through twitter and this is from the cps 4 in miami -- cbs 4 in miami. 40 of them are crammed in a closet waiting for help. earlier i mentioned there is the initial lockdown as soon as
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you listen to the gone viral your told to get inside and close the doors. when the deputies and s.w.a.t. teams arrived then they start going throughout the school checking each room one at a time. as soon as they say everyone is safe with the cluster and then they will escort them out as we see here in these life pictures. >> it happened here in parkland, florida toward the end of the school day so this is where a lot of parents might be watching at home or getting those texts from their loved ones. there was a message to parents asking them to please stay away from the school because sometimes when you have parents were frantic it might compound an already hard situation so as hard as it is for parents to stay home, that is what they are being told to do. let's listen in here as a reporter is a speaking with someone from the school.
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truck what your friends say? are they still inside of the school? >> no. all of my friends were able to evacuate. >> reporter: as a parent, this must be very frightening. >> it is very frightening. my son is still at the middle school. i tried to call him and the teacher got the phone and said everything is okay but they are still locked up until they feel that they can go out. truck as a parent and a father it hits hard. >> you never think it is going to happen to you. all of this that you see on the movies and everything, it is very sad. it is very sad because you still do not know what is on. it is i feel for the kids who
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are still inside. >> you heard from that one parent saying he was absolutely terrified. the scene is not unfamiliar in 2018 with a dozen school shootings in our country the calendar year turned. >> you have heard from the parent and it sounds like he has a younger child on lockdown. certainly some relief on his part. here in the bay area schools are prepared in the horrible event that something happens like this at home. at my school we just went through a unification drill where we learned that to be reunified with our children you had better bring your drivers license because whoever is helping might not know you. what if it is a volunteer who cannot say that this little boy
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belongs to you so a small tip to pass along certainly hoping something like this never happens here at home but it is certainly a family situation becoming more and more common it seems to see students being let out of classrooms and parents arriving at schools hoping to find their child among those who are okay. >> if you are just joining us these are live pictures from parkland, florida with a shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school this morning. it came at 2:45 on the east coast. reports from local agencies say there has been close to two dozen people injured. we have seen students transported in ambulances suffering from possible gunshot wounds. the sheriff's department has said that the gunman is still at large. if you look at the clock, this has been going on for 40
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minutes and maybe the gunman fled and they are trying to figure that out right now. >> it seems to be a fairly large school. i am still trying to find an exact number on the student population. we do not know how many people go to douglas high school. shooting has impacted the community and let's listen to the coverage coming out of parkland, florida . >> we saw at least 100 students come out of that building with their arms raised under police escort and are now in a safe haven off of the property. there are school buses that are just off of the property with students being assigned and everyone will be checked before anybody leaves the premises as far as this investigation goes to get anymore amplifying
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information as to exactly where this person of interest may be whether he is still on the property or whether he was able to get out before the perimeter was set up here. the school is on lockdown with at least 20 people injured. we know that at least one person was shot with no other confirmations. broward county put it at a level iii incident which means there is at least 20 people injured. they have notified all of the area hospitals and a little bit down to the south and up into west palm finding out who can treat patients so that it is done very quickly and efficiently. that is the latest information that we have. we will come back with you again in a couple of minutes. >> this is a report from one of the helicopters providing live pictures above marjory stoneman douglas high school which is a school shooting.
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police are still working to find the attacker and we see s.w.a.t. vehicles with many ambulances and first responders working to help those injured. law enforcement officers are walking with guns drawn and a police k9 unit and the shooter still has not been found. we just heard the reporter referring to the shooter as a he. i do not know if they have any identifying information. >> we are hoping that maybe those individuals who have been able to escape they say we know the person who he is shooting and they can pass along information and i am sure they are not just checking building to building and once they do have a possible name maybe that person has a car on campus but maybe it is someone who is not
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even involved in the school that was founded in 1990. it is a student body close to 3000. it is a fairly large high school there in parkland, florida. >> it appears to have a number of large buildings on campus and as frantic as the students and parents might feel, law enforcement are looking for those who need help and for the person who carried out the attack looking for possible problems left behind by the attacker like suspicious devices or other things meant to harm. as we look at these pictures, more people appear to be leaving the building no longer under threat. coral springs police just tweeted something to worried parents. mrs. the parkland scene and we understand you are worried
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about your children. let's listen in again to what appears to be a student who just evacuated. >> nobody was that nervous but everyone just started running toward the canal. >> reporter: and you started running with people around you? >> i wasn't scared until now. >> reporter: this is a fluid situation. >> so this is the first time we are hearing that the students heard something but didn't know exactly what it was and then word came today and there was gunshots. >> i want to bring in the county sheriff. this situation has been going on for 40 minutes right now. we know you guys drain and take
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us through the process. what are deputies doing right now at this high school in parkland, florida? >> we hope to have sent a fast action response team to go toward the gunfire and start pressing the attacker. at the same time, you are having personnel respond to set up an organized response is your technical teams are getting prepared to confront the shooters. >> from your estimation, does it look like it is still an active shooter situation or perhaps could the attacker be held up in some faraway corner somewhere? >> you have to anticipate that it is an active shooter until you are entirely clear of the
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situation. they have to go through a systematic search to make sure that each and every location in that campus is covered. they have to work on getting the injured people out as they are doing that search. that is a paradigm shift that we have learned that as the teams are looking to confront the attacker others are working to evacuate the people who need medical attention. >> when you start to see the number of injuries with reports of more than 20, does it put a sentence of immediacy to go in quicker than we would if there was a report of gunfire? there has to be that sense of let's go now. >> exactly. we train to go now toward the
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gunfire and towards the attacker and do not allow him to kill innocent people. we want to confront that individual is seen and quickly as possible. >> what about advice coming to many offices and schools with the advice to run or to hide or fight. talk about how students in this situation might be called upon to react in a situation like this? suspect that is exactly what we are training civilians to do. if you can run, you run. you need to try to barricade yourself and do so you can give the first responders time to confront that person. if you have no other option,
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you need to fight. you fight with whatever you can. you can get stable guns, find chairs, break bottles, get whatever you can because it is your last effort to take on the attacker. with groups of people, you could be successful. >> we have had more than a dozen school shootings this year in our country. we had a high school where two teenagers were killed and it seems individuals are targeted but in an instance like on april 20 of 1999 at columbine you had 15 people killed and two dozen injured. it just seems that there is a different mentality and looking at the information, how would you describe the gunman at this point? we do not know exactly what is
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going on in this specific case. as you see throughout the nation, people are getting more sophisticated with the weaponry that they are carrying and what you saw in las vegas, these suspects are determined to kill as many people as they can without any one specific target. it has to be an organized response to take on these terrorists. >> sheriff, we first covered this one hour ago. the shooter is still at large. it feels like an eternity. is this unusually large situation where the shooter has not been taken down? >> i cannot explain. the shooter may have taken his own life. we don't know. we don't even know how many shooters there are.
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but you are right. as minutes are taking by, it feels like hours. especially for the poor individuals still hiding on the campus. that is why it is so important to train the professional responses. >> do you know is broward county coming out for urban shield? >> we have had conversations with them and we have lessons learned through the orlando shootings. so we do all types of scenario training where you do all types of classroom training so that we learn best practices and what works best and what gaps there are that we can fill during our training missions. >> as we look at these live pictures out of florida, what
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is your feeling when you hear that there is another large shooting in our country? >> it is sickening and it is terrorizing for the students and the parents and the faculty. how do you send your kid to school tomorrow? they are supposed to be safe at home. they are supposed to be home at their school. this is horrific. >> my school recently went through a you -- unification drill. what is your best advice to parents whose first instinct might be to rush to the school? >> that creates a problem for the first responders so you have more people coming in and also a problem is the command staff that is on scene.
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they should be managing the evacuation process and the law enforcement personnel that they need and the number of paramedics on the scene organizing with the hospitals to make sure that the hospitals take care of the people who are transported via ambulance to those fights. so there is a lot going on. it needs to be organized. >> so usually you hear the gunfire, school goes into lockdown, technical teams are right, and right now they are going room by room running the students out making sure the gunman is not part of getting it out. >> what was the description of
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a suspect, how many rounds did you hear fired, what type of rounds, is it one weapon or multiple? >> getting as much as intelligence as possible. >> what is the last direction of flight down to a clothing description and even 10 issues so that you can identify the suspect if he does try to run out with the group. >> two schools present a problem because often times the campuses are not encircled by a fence. do you think bay area schools are re-examining their own policies when it comes to who is allowed to come onto campus and with what? >> i hope they are doing that and getting prepared for suspects on to the campus in a
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number of different ways. they should have an organized evacuation plan with who is going to be responsible for the management of that evacuation. >> i do not know if you can see these live pictures but when you see these students having to get out with others sitting on the lawn waiting for the parents did you ever think that we would be in a situation like this playing out every few months again? >> sadly it is not surprising. we have seen it since columbine and it is terrifying for
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everyone involved. >> 50 have been injured in this shooting. there is the possibility that this could be more than one individual going back to getting intel but i mentioned columbine earlier and that was two individuals and when you see those injured, do you start to think that maybe there is two? >> the number of weapons and ammunition that you have to plan to carry on to the campus is a lot of ammunition for one individual. so you would have to think or at least investigate the possibility of numerous shooters. >> is there anything else you would like to add about the
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situation? >> i just want to make sure our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this horrific event. >> thank you for joining us this afternoon. >> thank you, shara. >> it is a critical moment at this time coming up on one hour since the first report of gunfire on the marjory stoneman douglas high school campus in parkland, florida right north of fort lauderdale. if you have ever been in south florida it is by fort lauderdale. it started at a 2:45 on the east coast and there is a father talking right now to this local affiliate. let's listen in. >> we do not have confirms of multiple people dead. >> it looks like he was just talking with network coverage on this report with 20 or 50
12:43 pm
people injured in this most recent school shooting in america. >> it really does speak to the fact that there is not too much but authorities have been able to confirm for us just yet with some incident at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida and we showed you pictures of people being rushed into ambulances. we know that we have seen countless students being led from campus buildings and a quick line to show that they themselves are not a threat. the most important piece of information is that the shooter is not yet in custody. at this point it is still an active scene with students showing pictures of the classrooms deserted. we have heard from parents coming to the school but we got a little middle school or on
12:44 pm
lockdown next store and he is concerned about his younger child. we are trying to work on buttoning down these numbers for you. we do not know anything about the severity of injuries but certainly hospitals in the area have been told to get on alert because they will likely be receiving a number of people needing immediate help. >> right now i am also looking at footage from another affiliate. this is a helicopter. maybe the hospitals are overwhelmed, but they do have three on the site. maybe kind of mediocre injuries but not life-threatening. until those individuals can get into an ambulance and be sent to a hospital.
12:45 pm
>> >> it is more than a drill. >> so you were just in the worst possible place at the worst possible time. and so you knew this was not a drill. >> kids were freaking out. some kids friends. some kids were on their phone. a lot of them were on their phones fox 2 snapchat everything. -- trying to snapshot everything. >> reporter: did you hear the noises as well? >> it was pretty much as she described. around 2:35 we were getting ready to evacuate.
12:46 pm
i did not know if there is a fire or something. after that we got outside and we saw the cops. that is when i knew it was something more than that. >> what building was this happening in? how close are you? >> we heard coming toward the back of the school. what are your thoughts? >> is somebody who was there. >> reporter: are you just completely shocked this is happening in your town? >> you hear about this all of the time.
12:47 pm
you never expected to happen here. you just do not expect this to happen here. >> reporter: parkland is known as one of the safest communities in south florida. >> we are listening to a current and former student who chose today to come back and visit former teachers. we did hear from the young man hearing some pops. it sounds like there might have been a fire alarm pulled and when that happened people might not take it seriously but then it quickly became obvious that this was a very serious situation both of them describing chaos with some students grabbing their phones and certainly a very troublesome sights and sounds here at marjory stoneman douglas high school . >> right now we want to bring in rick smith, retired fbi agent right now. we are one hour into this
12:48 pm
situation. the word from the broward county sheriff's is that they do not have the gunman in custody. are you surprised that this individual is not in custody? >> no. they have got to evaluate what they are looking at. you want to be careful about going into this parameter and possibly having to kill those people. you need to evaluate. they may not even know who it is. they will probably have to check messages from some of the students and some of the staff. so the last thing you want to do is go in and there unless you have to without knowing what the situation is. they have got a command post set up with the fbi trying to evaluate what to do. the usual protocol is to wait and see what they are looking
12:49 pm
at and not to rush in and have more people get killed. >> so it is at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. are they splitting up? there is one unit that may be goes and gets the students to bring them out and another assigned specifically to track the gunfire? >> well, the first thing you have to do is put up a command post. the last thing you want is no coordination. so once you get set up, you can get a parameter set up and do things the right way. there is a lot of pressure on them. people have been wounded and killed with a real problem down there. no question about that.
12:50 pm
>> a minute ago they described a fire alarm situation. to get everyone out on the quad and starting before an attack might happen or might just be a coincidence? >> it is hard to discern exactly what happened. that is why you need to get the multiple report things. they are probably talking to people inside the school right now. hopefully at some point there will be communication with the shooter. if that is not possible, you have got to do what you have got to do it the right time. you do not want to get more children shot. >> we went through some training here at our station
12:51 pm
learning most situations they are taken down in six minutes. does it surprise you this has gone on this wall? >> not really. i am not even sure they have a site on the person. i am not sure what they are looking at. if you have the trigger next to a kids head it is a terrible scenario to deal with and that is why i say you don't want one entity to act without coordinating with the entire law enforcement community. >> going back to columbine, they had explosives. that was two individuals. we did see what one person can do recently in las vegas.
12:52 pm
do you get a sense that maybe this could be two people when you are talking about a shooting at a high school? >> i just have no idea. the other thing to do is to get some video in there and some sort of camera in there. this all takes coordination and unless this person has killed himself or is about to kill somebody else, you need to wait and see what develops without waiting too long. there is a lot of pressure. you are getting a lot of pressure exerted from a lot of different forces here. >> we have seen students running from buildings what i presume is safety. can you describe how that process works? >> you have got a protocol that
12:53 pm
the school has set up whether it is a shelter in place or evacuate, i am sure that they have trained in that. with your outside the school now regrouping. >> i got to stop you. we have got to listen in really quickly to this report. >> the clothing description that we gave out earlier this person was wearing that clothing. they believe this person had been online earlier looking at a couple of websites that indicate how you could build a bomb. we are getting confirmation but right now coral springs police are out here. the address is 11735 northwest 47 drive. we will show you the area. here is the school all of the way over there.
12:54 pm
that is where all of this was taking place. they developed information very quickly and were able to identify a person of interest who has been taken into custody. we will get a little bit more information and then we will get back to you. >> so a person of interest. >> you heard from that reporter saying that a person of interest has been taken into custody. this location is residential area. we heard that reporter also say that they had discovered some information that an individual from that home had been looking online how to build a bomb. i do not know if we still have rick smith with us. obviously this person recently came in the last 48 hours looking to do some damage when it comes to building bombs. >> and you think about a
12:55 pm
digital footprint and certainly that will be part of the investigation. we are still looking to see a sheriff's department confirm the custody. we do not have this yet from the sheriff department but we have heard students saying i thought it was a drill. when we heard from the former student and student, they described people freaking out and others grabbing their phones. i think it was a young lady who said some people were snapped chatting what was happening. i am certain the fbi agent will tell you it is not the thing to do to fool around when it may or may not be a serious situation. it is how to say we are okay with parents also trying to get reunified with their students.
12:56 pm
i have seen the school say they are releasing the students now which has been borne out in these pictures. >> you talk about the chaos in the students freaking out but they're all of that we heard the sheriff talk about this. young people running for their lives but also one or two taking the time to go grab an investigator and say i think it is this individual or he said at this. again this chopper is over the neighborhood so how important it is for those individuals who came out and helped investigators lead them to this spot in hopes of this is a
12:57 pm
shooting. >> it looks like someone is in handcuffs. is looking like that individual is being taken away but as you were just talking is it one person they are looking for? the fact it is one person been taking in is good news leaving open the possibility of did they get everyone involved. certainly this is being treated as an active situation that has been going on for more than an hour. >> president trump just tweeted saying i just spoke to governor rick scott. we have had more than a dozen
12:58 pm
in this country and we have the one on january 24 killing two teenagers in kentucky. one day earlier there was a shooting in texas. down south los angeles at a middle school. >> a lot of people are remembering the shooting that happened in connecticut were with kindergartners and first graders they were killed and when you talk about turning points when it comes to our society and prevention certainly columbine was the first big one. that one in connecticut was another major one where so many stopped to ask themselves how can people get access to guns and then use them so that is the debate that is certainly going to flare up again later today but right now the immediate concern is making sure that all students and staff members in florida are safe. this is the scene 1.5 miles
12:59 pm
away from the school itself. in man is surrounded by at least six law enforcement officers. >> we do not know if he is the gunman and so often when you hear about something terrible happening others may have tried to dissuade the shooter from carrying out the action. if this person is linked in any way we do not know but socially the fact that this is good enough for us to bring to you live and also the folks knowing that there is as many as 50 people set to be injured and here we are about one hour since it started with yet to receive definitive word from law enforcement that the attacker is in custody. >> there are many emotional text being sent from students. we are just getting a sense of one here.
1:00 pm
it says len murray and his 17- year-old son is a junior at the florida high school and he sent this text that says mom and dad, there have been shots fired on campus at school with police sirens. i am in the auditorium. the doors are locked. your heart just drops and you have to get right to campus trying to locate hopefully your son or daughter. >> you just texted i am fine. certainly means the world to mom and dad when they get those words and you know that your little one is safe. when you think about how close your own community is and certainly your little one is okay but what about their friends? the concern in no way stops with your family members alone. this


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