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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  February 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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>> good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2, friday morning, february 16th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. we're finding out a lot more about the school shooting in parkland, florida, where those 17 people were killed. >> authorities have identified the victims and provided new information about the 19-year- old charged in the shooting. nikolas cruz has reportedly confessed to the shooting. he took an uber ride to the school and was in the building for seven minutes. after the shooting, he went to a walmart and a mcdonald's. a police officer spotted him and arrested him. caroline shively joins us from broward county, florida, with more on how the community is dealing with the tragedy. caroline-- >> reporter: good morning to you pam and dave. new information coming from the hospital as well. two patients were discharged overnight. and one person is in critical
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condition and six more in fair condition. those folks are working on getting better, recovering from their wounds as investigators are digging deeper into the background of the accused shooter. a massive candlelight vigil in parkland thursday night. some students openly we want as the names of their deceased friends were read aloud. and others remembered the gunman's hostility and violent tendencies. >> he punched the window and said i'm going to cause karma one day because he got in trouble with the teacher. >> reporter: nikolas cruz appeared in court after he's accused of opening fire on the teenagers he once called classmates. >> are you nikolas cruz? >> yes, ma'am. >> you are charged with 17 counts of premeditated murder. >> reporter: the former student confessed to the massacre and is now on suicide watch.
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according to his public defender, he's struggled with mental illness his entire life. she says his brain is like a child's, but he understands the gravity of the situation. >> he's remorseful. he's fully aware of what is going on. and he's just a broken human being. >> reporter: last year the fbi was notified about a comment posted to youtube where someone named nikolas cruz wrote i'm going to be a professional school shooter. the white house is planning president trump's visit to parkland where he will meet with victims and their families. back to you, pam and dave. >> and in the media day, we're hearing from students who knew him. he was a loaner and maybe disturbed in their opinion. have we heard anything from the family he was living with? >> reporter: yes, the family was shocked. a lot of the students didn't
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seem surprised. police were familiar with this guy. they had been to his trailer park, to his home, more than a dozen times because of domestic disturbances. but the family speaking through an attorney said they had no idea what he was planning. he owned an ar-15. they didn't buy it for him. and they insisted he keep it locked up in a gun case. but he did have the key. >> reporter: can you describe how surreal it is to be there. what does it feel like being in that city? >> reporter: you can just absorb the sadness from the folks. it's almost too much to take. the vigil was just crushing absolutely. and then you here facts. the accused shooter was taken to this hospital to be checked out at the same time. so doctors were working on him to make sure he was healthy. and at the same time, they were
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fighting to save the lives of the victims. two people died at the hospital. and others are being treated. the acts of heroism are amazing. it's nixed in with the shame of what happened. >> and caroline, what's next? what happens there today? >> reporter: they will be meeting some political vips coming to town. and federal officials and they'll be going over what happened. there's definitely an outcry. they want the government to do something. why were the red flags missed? and what can we do going forward? >> rick scott will be in tallahassee meeting with legislators on the state level. and a pair of senators from florida will be on the ground today. >> caroline shively, live in parkland, florida, thank you. you can't imagine the sadness in that town as she was
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talking about and you were asking. right now it's 5:04 and we want to check on weather and traffic. and it's chilly out there. >> it's rather cold and it's going to get colder. >> okay. and snow? >> a little bit in the sierra. >> okay. >> a little bit. not much here yet, not much here yet. mostly sunny. 60s on the temps. and maybe a few upper 60s. the best opportunity for 70 would be tomorrow. but above average. and by sunday, the front comes through. the temps drop and the wind picks up. and there's not a lot of precip. there might be a teeny bit. a .01 or something. we are looking good for sunshine today. a lot of tropical clouds. 30s and 40s on the temps. oakland airport is 31 degrees. san martin is 32. morgan hill, 35.
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30s in the mountains. 36 santa clara. and campbell, 32. and look at this. santa cruz to watsonville, 37. cold temps in the mountains and the valley. and we're looking for sunshine. and high pressure will be our fair weather friend for two days. temperatures above average. and as we wait for the big drop, highs in the 50s by monday. 60s to a few upper 60s. 5:06, sal. >> we have traffic that's getting busier. but we're hoping for friday light on many of the commutes. let's start with the tracy super commute. and there's slow traffic coming in from tracy. it's not as slow as the first four days of the week. there's hope that it might be just a little lighter. and we don't have any collisions or stalled vehicles on the way to castro valley. and it's a nice looking drive and at the bay bridge it's light. and here it is at 5:06 and
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we're not seeing any slow traffic. let's toss it back to dave. we know more about the victims of the parkland, florida, school shooting. the dead, 14 students and three adults include a national merit scholar semifinalist. a young athlete who dreamed of going to the olympics. a senior who planned to go to college. and the athletic director who was an iraq war veteran. >> finding out why this happened and hopefully, it can just stop happening. >> reporter: aaron feis, the assistant football coach. and scott beagle both died protecting students from the gunfire. students in mill valley are planning to march to demand changes to gun laws. a candlelight vigil was held at tam high school to talk about
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how to prevent school shootings. students, teachers, parents, and community members came together to focus on ending gun violence. >> we have to start now. and so don't just sit back and mourn. take that pain and make a difference. >> novato's police chief issued a community message in response to the shooting. he says the shooting left him heartbroken and he's encouraging people to be vigilant and report troubling behavior to police. >> i would not want to live with the regret that will never go away if i could have potentially prevented school violence or some sort of mass shooting. i wouldn't want to live with that regret. >> the police chief says the department has routine drills to prepare for situations like the shooting in florida. >> stay with us on ktvu fox 2 for continuing coverage of the florida school shooting. we'll bring you new information as we get it on air and online.
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and an east bay woman is recovering after being beaten with a baseball bat in the town of byron. firefighters and contra costa sheriff's deputies responded to a call shortly before 9:00 last night. a 38-year-old woman was suffering from a serious head injury. she was airlifted and no word on her condition or arrests this morning. the chp praisings some system systems in the east bay who pulled a man out of a burning car in rocket. this happened on east 880. the driver lost control of the car and hit the center divide. the car rolled over and burst into flames. other drivers saw the crash and the flames and got out of their cars, pulled the driver out of the wreckage just before the chp got there to put out the fire. the driver who has serious leg injuries was rushed to the
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hospital and is expected to survive. >> a series of built to ease the housing crisis. the proposals would make it harder for landlords to evict tenants and give renters more time to pay their rent. landlords would have to give a valid reason for evictions. that's modeled after laws already in place in oakland. the fate of thousands of undocumented immigrants remains in limbo after the senate rejected four separate proposals to extend the daca program. one of the proposals was defeated by 21 votes. it would have funded the border wall, created a path to citizenship. a separate bipartisan measure fell six votes short of passing. that would have extended daca and funded the law and kept the
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visa lottery program intact. >> i think this is a decision that the senate is going to regret and i hope we will be able to remedy the injustice soon. >> i think we missed an opportunity for the american people. and we missed an opportunity for the daca immigrants. >> the president ordered the daca program to end march 5th unless congress can pass a fix. two federal judges have blocked the program from ending while court challenges are heard. still ahead, there's an alert this morning for dog owners. why one dog food company is recalling shipments of some of the products. and something fun to talk about today around the world a billion and a half people are ringing in the chinese new year. we'll tell you about the food, the special customs, and what it means to be born in the year of the dog. highway 4 off to a nice
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start. and you can see there are people on the road but there's plenty of room for you if you want to get on soon. looks like a nice day and a lot of mid-40s and a few low 40s. richmond, 42. oakland and alameda.
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2. and today the chinese new year starts. [fireworks] >> a billion and a half chinese people and others around the world celebrating the lunar new year. fireworks and fire crackers lit the nighttime sky in beijing. more than 400 cities in china have banned fireworks because of the country's smog crisis. a few vendors received permission to sell fireworks in designated areas of beijing. amber lee reports on how the bay area is celebrating the new year. >> reporter: chinese new year is a celebration of food, family, and fortunes. at the far east restaurant they prepare the traditional vegetarian dish, moss with
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dried oysters, symbols of prosperity. >> 90-year-old anna celebrates by eating a meal with family and friends. >> food is number one, right? and all we think about is food. >> reporter: roast pig is a popular dish for those celebrating at home. on the streets of chinatown, there are pop-up stands selling celebratory items and store fronts are decorated. >> everything is supposed to be new and clean. >> reporter: how tradition is observed -- >> you can see the people dressing up all very festive. >> reporter: wearing red is a popular custom as is shopping for produce such as grapefruit. >> you wash all the bad stuff and get the new stuff, the good stuff. >> reporter: at the bakery, sweet and savory treats. and taro cake, all made in a
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circular shape representing the embrace of family. >> it's like christmas. the family enjoys. >> reporter: this says happy new year. >> reporter: the owner of the shop v the red envelopes given to children and single people. it's the year of the dog. and people born under that animal in the chinese zodiac may have certain traits. >> they're loyal, good friends, dependable. >> at closing time, merchants set off fire crackers to ward off evil spirits. and in the morning, they'll set off fire crackers again to bring in good luck. amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> love it, amber. and san francisco's chinese new year parade is february 24th. watch it right here on channel 2. and hopefully, you'll join
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the parade route as well. coverage begins 6:00 saturday night. and it's fun to see everybody. >> should we practice waving to sal. >> let's practice what happens on the route. sal! hey, sal! >> any time someone wants to say hi, i'm there. traffic on northbound 100 from gilroy to san jose, looks pretty good. today has been lighter than unusual. and you can tell by looking at the south bay map as you get into the main part of the silicon valley. things are pretty light. no major issues. 280 northbound looks good getting up to highway 17 and the traffic continues to be a nice looking drive all the way to cupertino. the westbound bay bridge is getting a little bit crowded. but to not have a line is a good sign. let's bring in steve. >> are the metering lights on?
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>> they're not on. >> so that's a good sign. a few high clouds and above average on the temps. closer to 60 or 63 is where we should be. tomorrow will be the warmest day. and after that everything is going to head on down as a cold front comes in. temperatures drop supped. and tuesday we'll have critical minimum. as we get to next week. and another dry day. that takes us to 22 in a row since the last measurable rain. it's a no doubt about it that we'll hit 23 tomorrow which would tie us for the 27th place. that was set in 1852. this is all -- the longest stretch 43 days in 1864 and not that long something.
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christmas, 2014 to february 5th 2014. i guess we'll have to bank of a miracle march. we've had a few. february 2006 2.81. and march, 8.74. here's the biggy. february, 1995, a quarter of inch is all that fell. yet march, 7.88. it's going to happen. whether you like it or not. it's going to happen. we're going to get rain. i'm the only person that's optimistic. it's easy to be pessimistic. a lot of high clouds streaming into arizona. doesn't look like precip for phoenix. 30s and 40s on the temps. kelseyville is 32 and the winds are 33. 37 in vallejo. and occidental at 32.
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44 in las vegas. pretty cool. fresno to sacramento is 35. 14 in truckee. except for a few high clouds, sunny to mostly sunny and warmer. the warmest day is saturday. santa clara valley. and then a windy sunday. and highs on monday will be 57, 58 degrees. we'll see a good 10 to 15- degree drop. 60s on the temps. and low, mid- to upper. tomorrow is the warmest day and a big change sunday and monday. and wind and cold and not much rain. we could get a teeny bit but not a lot. time is 5:21. cannabis on campus. you'll meet a family that wants to inspire changes in the california school law. their crusade to help children with special needs. and cleaning up hazardous lead paint in california. why you voters may have the final say.
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a welcome back. an oakland man was charged in connection with two mail bombings, including one where the wife of an alameda police officer was hurt. he's accused of mailing a footlong explosive device that injured a man in october.
5:25 am
a month later he mailed an almost identical device to the home of the alameda police officer. when it exploded his wife suffered hearing loss and minor burns. the police officer had interviewed laverty as part of a drug investigation. we have more information about the modesto couple charged with the stabbing content of a judge woman. the couple is expecting a baby. 19-year-old daniel gross and his fiancie alyssa leonardo were back in court and did not enter a plea to charges of murder for the stabbing death of their friend lizette cuesta. leonardo's lawyer doesn't want to address specifics until he gets evidence from the district attorney. >> she's scared and frightened. this is a terrible situation for her.
5:26 am
she's not someone who is an ongoing -- she doesn't interact with the criminal justice system on a regular basis. this is new to her. >> reporter: sources are telling ktvu that the suspect, daniel gross admitted he stabbed the victim more than two dozen times in the head, back, and neck. he says he acted in self- defense. and he has a 10-month-old baby with another woman. three paint companies lost an appeal to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to clean up lead based paint in california. that decision by the state supreme court leaves in place an earlier ruling that held sherman williams, conagra, and -- industries liable for removing lead paint from older homes. the lawsuit was filed in 2000 by santa clara county. the companies are trying to gather signatures for the november ballot to overturn the court ruling and have the state
5:27 am
pay the cleanup costs. time is 5:27. a bay area figure skater made olympic history. coming up. the extraordinary feat accomplished by a 17-year-old from palo alto. >> reporter: a car crash in santa rosa. we'll tell you who was actually chasing the car thief in this case. good morning. we can see traffic is moving along pretty well for the most part on 880 north and southbound. we'll have more on the east bay commute when we come back. temperatures will be above average but don't get used to it. there's a big change later in the weekend. more on that coming up. ♪
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good morning to you. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's a pam cook day. i say it every week. it's friday, february 16th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. and for us at channel 2, it's payday friday. a little center kick in your -- what do you say? a kick in the step or something? >> a little extra lift in the gait. >> something like that. you can't kick too high on today's forecast. it's cold and we're in store for two forecasts. one for saturday and another for sunday. lots of sun and a little warmer. upper 60s for some.
5:31 am
and temperature drop will be sunday to tuesday. and it will be noticeable and significant. we'll go from upper 60s and 70s to upper 50s. and there'll be a good wind behind that. it's not coming in until sunday. mostly sunny and a few high clouds. and if by chance you're heading to southern california or phoenix, tucson, or scottsdale, it's cloudy. and the rain has ended for now. 30s and 40s on the temps. it's pretty cool. 33 walnut creek. and dublin and pleasanton and pinole is at 35 with el sobrante at 41. temperatures in the low to mid- to upper 60s. 5:31. anything new at the bay bridge? something new at the bay bridge, steve. we'll see what happens. i don't see the metering lights just yet. and i'll show that to you. this is a look at the solano
5:32 am
county commute with traffic from vacaville, fairfield, and vallejo moving along okay. yesterday i had a conversation about it being one of the busiest areas. east 80 today any time after 1:00 you'll see traffic leaving the bay area. and maybe heading up to tahoe. this is a look at 80 westbound heading to richmond and berkeley. if you're leaving the bay area on this long weekend not exactly an original idea. a lot of people will be doing that with you. you can see traffic here is -- well, it's unclear if they've turned the metering lights on. it's lighter than usual. all right. at 5:32, back to the desk. new this morning, police in santa rosa are investigating a car theft that led to a fiery crash. >> christien kafton in santa rosa with more on who tracked down the suspected car thief.
5:33 am
>> reporter: we're starting to get more details. and let's show you the aftermath. if you take a look on the street. there are the remains of burned out cars here. and as we walk up and turn to the right. you can see there was a fence here. that fence has been obliterated. and we're hearing from family members, this started as an auto theft and turned into a high speed pursuit through the streets of santa rosa leaving one man injured and car in flames. here's what we know. some time after midnight. the victims heard a noise outside their home in santa rosa. and when they looked outside, they saw someone breaking into and steeling their white dodge charger. the charger took off and two men hopped into another car and began tailing their car. santa rosa pd saying the speeds may have reached 100 miles per
5:34 am
hour. the owners of the car lost sight of the car and heard a crash. and by the time they arrived at the crash, they found the white dodge charger smashed into six other vehicles, causing one other car to burst into fire. the driver was transported to an area hospital. we don't have an update on the driver's condition. and place have not yet been able to talk to him. coming back to the live look. you can see more of the damage. police tape is still on the scene. and as george walks closer, just to give you a sense of how powerful this accident was. this is a utility pole that's been knocked down and bent, completely out of shape. that gives you a sense of how high a rate of speed we're talking about. we're waiting to talk with the santa rosa pd. and hoping to talk with the
5:35 am
owners of the white dodge charger. and we're trying to reach out to find out what they have to tell us. and there's a convenience store and we hope we can check out video. perhaps the surveillance cameras captured the last moments of the chase. for now, back to you. >> we see the police tape up. can traffic get through the area okay? >> yes, the scene has been cleared and traffic is moving through the area okay at this time. as we said though, there were six vehicles struck in all. so clearly a pretty major accident and to give you a sense of where the chase ended up. we're on steel next to the railroad tracks in santa rosa. people in santa rosa likely are familiar with this area. >> already, christien kafton, from santa rosa, thank you. it's 5:35 right now. we are learning new information this morning about the school
5:36 am
shooting in florida after the accused shooter, 19-year-old nikolas cruz appeared in court. >> he's now on suicide watch. his lawyers say he shows some degree of autism. and he suffered from mental health problems for a long time. >> he's sad. he's mournful. he's remorseful. he is fully aware of what is going on. and he's just a broken human being. >> reporter: the atf says a year ago cruz legally bought the semiautomatic rifle used in the shooting at a store near the high school. president trump is expected to visit parkland, florida, in the next few days to meet with the victims' families and local officials. >> >> a shooter training was
5:37 am
scheduled months ago. officer rowland lamb starts his daily patrols by driving around the perimeter. and then he checks in with one of the principals before walking the campus. being immersed in the school helps them address threats on campus or online and talk to the parents and kids. >> we have a better relationship with the teachers and counselors, and we have a pulse of what's going on in the school district every day. >> different problems start to surface and we take heed of some of the details in their life that might sound off some red flags. oakland unified is the only school district in the bay area that has its own independent police department. 20 offerses patrol the middle and high schools. and all campuses are monitored at police headquarters through security cameras. our question of the day for you is in light of the recent mass shooting in florida, do
5:38 am
you think more security measures should be added to schools across the bay area? yes or no? let us know by voting on twitter. you can comment on our facebook page too. a former san jose gym teacher has been arrested on charges of child molestation. 47-year-old cliff order papadakos was placed on administrative leave in september after parents saw him taking photos of female students. the computer was searched and they found several inappropriate images on it. he is charged with seven counts of child molestation. and one count of possessing child pornography. and police in walnut creek released photos of a man who exposed himself and committed a
5:39 am
lewd act on a bus. he boarded a free trolley in walnut creek. and exposed himself to a woman and made a crude gesture. the woman alerted the bus driver and the man got away. take a look at the photo. he's at 35 to 45 years old. about 5'11". and clean shaven. mayor sam liccardo unveiled his climate change plan. the announcement came yesterday at city hall. city leaders will work with the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the plan would make san jose one of the first in the country to meet the levels outlined in the paris climate accord. that's the climate change agreement that the president abandoned last year. >> the strategy to get to the greenhouse gas emissions goal
5:40 am
is overwhelmingly on two critical components. greening our energy and electrifying our transportation system. >> the plan includes expanding ride sharing, and the use of electric cars. the city of san jose is hosting a town hall meeting tuesday a week before the proposal goes before the city council. a vigil was held in berkeley to remember the life of a young woman killed last week in a crash with an ac transit bus. [ cheering ] >> those pink balloons were released to care a message of love to 27-year-old kelly zachary who was killed on her way to work when her car collided with an ac transit bus. the people close to kelly got together to remember a person they say was filled with kindness, love, and generosity.
5:41 am
that was kelly zachary's father holding up that big photo of kelly. her father ironically is also a driver for ac transit. there's no word on the cause of the crash. time is 5:41. the smucker's company is voluntarily pulling back shipments of popular dog food that tested positive for traces of a drug used to euthanize animals. the shipments are several varieties of wet canned gravy train, can i believes and bits, old roy and skippy dog food. the smucker's company says low levels of the drug are not a threat to the pets, but smucker's is apologizing to customers. and smucker's is trying to find out how the drug made its way into the food. they are focusing on a company that supplies a minor ingredient used at one of the manufacturing plants. a second appeals court has
5:42 am
ruled against president trump's travel ban. the directive to restrict travel from six countries is likely unconstitutional. the u.s. supreme court has agreed to hear an appeal of a similar decision from the ninth circuit in san francisco. the justices are set to take up the case in april. a bay area athlete made olympic history. 17-year-old palo alto figure skater, vincent zhou became the first person to land a quadruple lutz. he jumped and rotated four times before landing on the opposite foot. he received his highest score of the season. first to land that quad. he is in 12th place ahead of the free skate competition. he told reporters he was telling himself, remember to breathe. >> breathe. >> and he did. he did.
5:43 am
>> and here's the latest medal counts. norway leading with 19 medals followed by germany, netherlands, and canada. and then the u.s. with eight medals, including five golds. and south korea is getting the first medal. so there they are hosting the games. and it's exciting and they finally got their first gold ever. >> reporter: and the skating is phenomenal this year. our time is 5:54. a month after the city of san francisco dropped columbus day. what a group of italian americans are working on and the upcoming deadline. and a former friends star is splitting from her husband. now there are rumors that jennifer aniston could rekindle an old romance. you can see traffic is off to a nice start on highway 24. a little bit of slowing heading up to orinda. it's cold out there but
5:44 am
it's going to get colder. not today or tomorrow. but by the time we get to sunday, monday. two forecasts, we'll have both coming up.
5:45 am
5:46 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. a bay area lawmaker has introduced legislation to allow students to use certain medical marijuana products at school. >> this is interesting. the legislation applies to k-12 students who have special needs or severe disabilities. one mother is hoping this bill will help her son. >> it's changed our lives. it's given my son his life back. >> this is jojo as a baby. >> reporter: since the age of three months, her son giovanni or jojo has been bedeviled by chronic epileptic seizures
5:47 am
which compound a birth defect. he has a rare form of epilepsy which makes the seizures severe. >> he would seize all day and wouldn't be able to stay there. the seizures took a lot out of him. >> reporter: having already tried medical devices and a battery of drugs, garcia turned to a type of liquid cannabis. four doses control the seizures and create another problem. one of the doses is needed during school time. and unlike other drugs, existing state law prohibits use of medical marijuana on school grounds. >> the code states you have to be a thousand feet away in order to administer it. >> reporter: california state senator jerry hill is trying to amend the law. sb 1127 would allow individual school districts to decide if medical marijuana can be
5:48 am
administered by a parent on school grounds. marijuana that's smoked or vaped would be illegal. >> it's not a mandate. it just allows for the needs of a district and the children within that district. but i think the law is a little slow in catching up. >> reporter: it has to clear two committees before a full vote. but the prospect means that parents would no longer have to pull their children out of class and off school grounds just to give them this type of medicine. >> it's opening the door to safe access. and that's what the movement is all about. i think that's what the face of my son represents. >> reporter: and that was ktvu's jesse gary reporting. now that the seizures are reduced to almost zero, he is set to graduate in june. if it passes in the senate and the assembly, governor jerry brown would have to sign it by
5:49 am
september 1st. that's the deadline. right now it's 5:49. and we want to check with sal for a look at traffic this morning. >> i'm just about to pull over the san mateo bridge. i want to check that out. first, let's go to the tracy super commute and westbound 580. you'll see slow traffic as you drive over the altamont pass. it finally took a while to get here. and traffic looks good from livermore to pleasanton. 880 southbound is slow as you drive through hayward. if you're on the san mateo bridge, a report of a motorcycle accident on the span. we saw the tow truck. and also traffic at the bay bridge is getting a little bit heavier. and not a big backup yet. at 5:49. let's bring steve in. we have mostly clear skies and cool. 30s and 40s. as i wait for the computer to load. lots of sun and warmer.
5:50 am
64 to 68. but it's one of those layers kind of a day. cold in the morning. and noon to 4:00, it's pretty nice. but the temps drop fast and they'll drop on sunday. we'll see a huge drop sunday as the cold front comes through. more of a wind and cold than precip. and we could get a teeny bit. and then a very cold pattern as we meet again on monday and tuesday. we haven't had rain since the 25th of january. and by that i mean measurable. and that takes us to 22 straight days of no rain. that's long time. and that's still not close to a record. using san francisco data, golden gate data -- twice we've had 23 dry days. in 4th place, 42 dry days. the 27th driest is 23 days which we will tie tomorrow. that was back in 1852. is there a sign of any rain?
5:51 am
maybe a teeny bit. what we have to hope for the would be a miracle march. and that's happened a few times. san francisco in 2012 -- february 2006 was a decent month. and look at march. 8.74. the biggy that stands out was february, 1995 when a quarter inch fell. and 7.88. any precip. it's possible for a little bit. using this as the system comes in sunday to monday. there's not a lot of moisture. and a couple hundredths could fall. san francisco, .02. san francisco is forecasting a .01 which would end the streak. it could be just a trace. we have a high cloud deck today. and tomorrow, mild to warm. and if you're heading to spring training, the rain has ended. some in tucson but not phoenix or scottsdale. 30s and 40s on the temps.
5:52 am
on the peninsula, a lot of 33s in there. and menlo park and -- 38 belmont. and 30s for san mateo. and foster city to free month. and montara at 42. cool on the coast. and for the next two days, looked good. high pressure will win out. and it's going to get blasted out of the way. and sunday the wind picks up. and we'll have 50s for highs on monday. today, upper 60s. somebody could eke out a 70. and more likely tomorrow. these are above average temps, and we'll go from one end of the spectrum on the temperature scale to the other. and that one you'll notice. time is 5:52. we're parents and we understand. but imagine a young child crying for a half hour on a plane? his mom tried everything. but the crying continued. coming up, the miracle flight
5:53 am
tenant who came to the -- miracle flight attendant who came to the rescue.
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:55. move star jennifer aniston will only be friends with her husband. they announced they are separated after being married 2 1/2 years. the decision was mutual and love glenn made at the end of
5:56 am
-- lovingly made at the end of last year. everyone is speculating that she'll get back with brad pitt. >> this is my favorite story of the day. a hawaiian airlines flight attendant is being praised for coming to the aid of a mother whose child was crying uncontrollably. that's a long flight. passengers say the baby was crying for at least a half hour. and the mom was doing everything she could to soothe him and nothing was working. flight attendant gina reyes -- >> i was singing lullabies to him. >> i watch that had mom literally lean back in her chair and breathe. >> she has four children of her own and she was a surrogate mother. she has that magic touch. thank goodness for her. still ahead, new concerns
5:57 am
this week about whether bay area children are safe at school. coming up at 6:00. we'll show you what's happening at oakland schools as authorities prepare for the worst. also cell phones may have more of an effect on our bodies than we thought. the study involving a thousand women. a new crash on the peninsula. and getting on the san mateo bridge will put you in the line of the slow traffic on the other side of the bridge. we'll tell you about that. and there's a crash in hayward we'll tell you about. and we'll tell you about two forecasts, one for friday, saturday. and another for sunday, monday, coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: just two days after a deadly shooting at a florida high school. oakland will host active shooter training for all of the educators. and how drivers saved a man from a burning car. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning.
6:00 am
thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. friday morning, february 16th. and i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. it's a chilly morning. we have to layer. lots of sun and a few high clouds. 64 to 68 on the high side. and there could be some near 70. today and tomorrow look nice in the afternoon and then we are expecting a cold front on sunday into monday and that's going to send temperatures down, down, down. highs from the upper 60s and 70s to the upper 50s. mostly sunny today. and everything is coming out of the north, northeast. not a big deal. high clouds continue to stream into southern california and arizona. 30s on the temps to 40s. we're seeing low 40s. san martin, 32. and santa clara and saratoga, 35 and 37. temperatures today will be


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