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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 18, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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a small plane runs into mechanical trouble and the only place to land is on the freeway. details on this landing on highway 101. a cold day around the bay area. mark tamayo will have a look at the sudden drop in temperatures. ktvu fox 2 starts right now. some scary moments today in the south bay for the pilot of a single engine plane after his engine failed. >> it happened just outside of the san martin airport. ktvu's lynn martinez explains how the plane was able to land with no one getting hurt. >> reporter: images shared on social media show the unusual
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landing for a single engine piper pa 46. california highway patrol says the call came in for mayday at 11:17 am.>> when you have some kind of unknown mechanical failure, his engine failed. due to the cloud cover, he was not able to see. he had to fly at a higher level.>> reporter: the pilot was traveling from davis to boston bill when his single engine failed. he tried to glide to the san martin airport but he ended up on northbound highway 101. the plane glided down and then landed on the center divide. the plane was small enough that it was not blocking any lanes of traffic. the pilot and the drivers on the freeway were not hurt. >> we did not see any property damage. >> reporter: the plane was escorted by chp to the san martin airport. the faa is handling the investigation into the emergency landing.
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lee martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. here is a live look outside after weeks of springlike temperatures. it is much chillier today. we had a high wind warning issued for the bay bridge. ktvu's mark tamayo has more. >> you can see the clouds out in the distance. we could see some showers forming. it could be cold enough that we could beat tracking snow. as advertised, temperatures dropped a good 10 to 15 degrees from yesterday. most areas of for sunday in the 50s. look at san francisco, 53. the wind is a major change as well with gusts over 50 miles per hour . 55 miles per hour tour the altamont pass. san francisco with 30 former. if you take a look at these numbers, the sierra reporting winds gusting up to over 100
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miles per hour this afternoon. here is a look at the flags moving around quite a bit. we will hold onto the windy conditions for tonight. you may encounter a few showers throughout the evening. there is snow in the sierra and we do have some showers developing your portions of the bay area. as we come in closer, there is not a lot of coverage. between now and 8 pm, we could see a few scattered showers develop. it could be cold enough that we could have some very low snow levels here in the bay area. it looks like the model is trying to paint the most snowfall in the santa cruz mountains. as a result, the national weather service has issued a winter weather advisory from midnight tonight through 10 am on monday. snowfall could be 2 to 4 inches. keep that in mind if you plan to travel over the summit
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tonight and tomorrow. the subfreezing temperatures are a big developing story. we will have more on that coming up. it was another day of mourning in florida. three more victims from last week's mass shooting at a high school were laid to rest. the funerals come as students are turning their anger into action.>> they have set their sights on the president, lawmakers and a push for common sense gun legislation.>> how many more students are going to have to die and have their blood spilt in american classrooms trying to make the world a better place just because politicians refuse to take action? >> reporter: a new voice emerging on the sunday morning talk shows, the students of marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida just days after 17 other classmates were killed. taking aim at the president over tweets, saying democrats and the fbi are partly to blame for the killings.>> we want to have conversations with president donald trump, senator
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marco rubio and governor rick scott about the fact that they are being supported by the nra.>> reporter: student organizers say they are determined to make wednesday's shooting a turning point in the national debate. announcing a national march on washington to demand political action on gun control. >> the march for our lives will be in every major city. we are organizing it so students everywhere can beg for our lives. >> reporter: politicians are scrambling to produce legislation in response to the attack. governor rick scott attended a prayer vigil near the school sunday. he is expected to announce a legislative package to tackle the issue. more funerals held this sunday for the victims of this deadly high school shooting, most of whom were just teenagers. later this week, president donald trump is expected to in person have a listening session
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with high school students and teachers and also meet with local officials about issues such as a school safety. in parkland, florida, phil keating, tran02 a social media campaign is gaining steam, calling for two school walkouts to protest the lack of action to protect american students from mass shooting's. one of them calls for teachers and students to walk out of class at 10 am on march 14 or 17 minutes in honor of the 17 people who died in florida. another group, national school walkout is planning a similar protest on april 20, that is the anniversary of the columbine high school mass shooting. another protest to march on washington, to call for common sense gun control is planned for march 24. one of those students we just heard from has been outspoken since wednesdays mass shooting. today, he had a message for
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lawmakers.>> we are giving all our politicians a clean slate. in the next election, we are saying if you're accepting money from the nra, there is a badge of shame on you. you are enabling things like this to happen.>> the high school junior says it is long past due that congress does something about gun control and says it should not be a partisan issue. the principle of the high school delivered an emotional video message to all of his students, the staff and the community following the horrific shooting on his campus last week.>> we lost 17 lives on valentine's day. that is supposed to be the international day of love. we are going to take the love that we got lost on wednesday and we are going to spread that over the next days, weeks, months and years. the love you shared and continue to share will help us get through these trying times. eagles, i promise you, i will hug each and every one of you as many times as you need and i will hold you as long as you need me to for all 3300 of you
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and your families. we will get through this together. our community is strong.>> the principal also thanked all of the first responders, his staff and other schools for their offers of help and assistance. jetblue is offering free flights to family members who lost loved ones in the florida tragedy. the airline will give free airfare to fort lauderdale so relatives can attend the funerals of those killed. the airline says the staff is deeply saddened about the mass shooting and says the company is honor to be able to offer assistance to the parkland community during this difficult time. in addition to airfare, jeffrey will provide access to free ground transportation with lyft and plans to hold a blood drive. president donald trump took to twitter to blame democrats, including the obama administration for russia meddling in the 2016 election. he tweeted from his west palm beach estate "obama was president, new of the threats and it did nothing." the backlash comes days after an indictment from special counsel robert mueller charging
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13 russians with a plot to interfere with the presidential election. the indictment says the russians began scheming in 2014 to undermine the american democratic system but eventually shifted the focus to trying to help elect president donald trump while disparaging his opponent, hillary clinton. facebook plans to mail postcards to people who want to buy ads related to u.s. elections in order to verify their identities and location. an executive with the company tells reuters that the postcards will include special codes to advertise to prove they are located in the u.s. facebook says the postcards will be the most effective way to make sure that russians are not buying ads well posing as someone else. police arrested two juveniles for attacking a man right in the parking lot of the ashley station in berkeley. the man told officers he was attacked by four juveniles last night but he could only identify two of them.
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he suffered minor injuries. a similar attack also at the ashley station started on friday night. a [ dog barking ] rider reported four teenagers punched him and stole his phone. -- a b.a.r.t. rider reported four teenagers punched him and stole his phone. thousands gathered to honor the japanese-americans forced into internment camps. it was 76 years ago tomorrow that president roosevelt signed the order which forced japanese- americans into the camps. in san jose and san francisco, there were ceremonies of spoken word, dance, stories from survivors and video clips. organizers say it was a time to honor the past and look to the future.>> i drove into day because we have a lot of things happening with muslims and travel ban's. we want to shed light on what is happening today and what has happened in the past.>> in addition to marking the 76th anniversary of the executive
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order, 2018 also marks the 30th anniversary of the civil liberties act of 1988 in which the united states granted reparations to those who were interned. coming up, the warnings from firefighters after a fire in the east bay leaves more than a dozen people without a permanent home. was sparked the war of words between -- what sparked the war of words between two basketball stars and a conservative commentator?
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[ sirens ] fire broke out today on the top floor of oligomeric apartment building. it happened on the third story of a building on brooklyn avenue. oakland fire officials the first tweeted about the fire around 2:30 pm. one person was trapped inside
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the apartment but was found with minor injuries. fire officials now say they will stay on the scene of a fire at a commercial tilting in san leandro through the night to keep an eye on hotspots. the fire broke out at 4:30 am just east of interstate 880. fire crews were originally responding to reports of a car fire when they arrived, they found a building engulfed in flames. crews were able to contain the fire by 6:30 am was a several businesses were damaged.>> this is an industrial complex with several businesses affected. at this time, it appears to be four or five businesses negatively affected. >> no one was injured and authorities are still investigating the cause. more than one dozen people are without a permanent home tonight after a fire damaged several homes and a condo complex in martinez. ktvu's allie rasmus explains more.>> reporter: a charred
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heap of metal called out onto the front steps. this stove was the source of the fire that started around 4 am at a condo complex in martinez.>> the resident started a pot of wheel to fry some food at 4 am. -- pot of oil to fry some food at 4 am. he got distracted. >> reporter: he was able to escape his home and then rushed door to door in his complex, waking up his neighbors.>> i was dead asleep. it was one of those things where the kid next to us started banging on the door saying to get up. >> reporter: all of the residents escaped unharmed. one firefighter went to the hospital to be checked out after injuring his knee. he is expected to be okay. this stove top fire comes one day after another fire in antioch started the same way, prompting a warning from fire investigators. >> the potential for disaster from these fires is huge.
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don't ever leave something cooking on a stove unattended. if you have to walk away, turn it off. turn it back on when you come back. don't keep anything combustible anywhere near the stovetop. >> reporter: the woman who lived next door to where the fire started says she was somewhat prepared for an emergency like this.>> when the wildfires happen, they said everyone should make a file box with all of your important papers so in case of emergency you are able to open it and grab it and go. >> reporter: that is exactly what she did. because she had all of her essential documents handy, she had amco insurance claim open within moments of escaping the fire.>> the condos in this building have a shared attic. that is how the fire spread. a total of six homes were damaged either by the fire or smoke and water. a total of 13 people were displaced by this early-morning fire. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. clermont police are investigating the death of two people and a dog who were found inside a home. police were called to do a
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welfare check at a home on third street last night. when they arrived, they found the bodies of a man, a woman and a dog. police say there was a gun near one of the bodies and they have all appeared to have been dead for more than one day. police have not released their names or any other information. your dream vacation turned into a real nightmare for passengers on board a cruise where fights broke out on almost a daily basis. witnesses say a disgruntled family traveling with more than 20 guests started all the trouble last week. they were all on a ten-day carnival cruise in the south pacific ocean. it all started when someone stepped on one of the family member's flip-flops. that led to what passengers called chaos and anarchy on board the boat. many people on board say they were too scared to even leave the cabins. the family in question was taken off of the boat in australia yesterday by police. carnival says it has offered a discount on future cruises for those on board and is reviewing its security procedures. the warriors kevin durant
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and the cleveland cavaliers lebron james are not responding to criticism from fox news host laura ingraham. their public feud began when the players appeared on a video with an espn host in which they question the leadership of president donald trump. on thursday, ingraham said the two nba stars should stick to basketball weather than politics saying players should shut up and dribble. on her show friday night, she responded to calls that her comment was racist.>> almost all the stories accuse me of dog whistle commentary. many claim my line that lebron should shut up and dribble was racist. what? i wrote a book 15 years ago called shut up and sing. i have been using variants of the title to callout political celebrities for 15 years without regard for skin color, where you came from or what you do.>> reporters at the nba all- star weekend in los angeles asked james about the
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comments.>> there was a time where athletes either felt they should not speak up about things or they felt -- they did not feel the courage to speak about things going on. i do it because i am passionate about it. i do it because i know this is bigger than just me personally.>> james says he had never even heard of laura ingraham for all of this. he is not thanking her for giving him an even bigger platform to speak on social issues. kevin durant said he considers some of the comments racist. he went on to say "ignorance is something i try to ignore. i do play basketball but i am a civilian and i am a citizen of the united states so my voice is just as loud as hers. i think or even louder." a storm is making its way up the northeast. let me show you what it looks like in new york city.
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much of new jersey could see up to 8 inches of snow and philadelphia up to 3 inches. it is also getting chilly around here in the bay area. let's check in with meteorologist mark tamayo with a look at some of the changes i had.>> if you are walking around -- changes ahead.>> if you are walking around saying to yourself that it could be cold enough to snow, you could be right. we could have some very low snow levels even near the immediate coastline late tonight into tomorrow morning. here is a progression of the radar. there is not a lot of coverage but you may have encountered a few scattered showers. as we come in closer, we have some green showing up here portions of the coastline closer to the santa cruz mountains. this could increase in coverage for tonight and into monday. there is still the possibility of scattered showers for tonight and cold enough that we could see a rain-snow mix.
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the main limiting factor is not a lot of moisture with the system. as far as the current numbers go, we are already in the 40s. it is already 44 degrees in napa. santa rosa, 45. san francisco, 47. windows -- wins have been cranking up the schwinn this have been -- winds have been cranking up throughout the day. look at sfo, gusting to 38 miles per hour . the wind will continue to be a factor for tonight, even into tomorrow. overnight lows, this will be the big deal. we could be subfreezing in napa. san francisco will be in the lower 40s. the coldest morning will be tuesday morning. the coolest spots will be back down into the mid-20s. we will be below freezing for several hours. here is a quick snapshot of
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some of the projected lows tuesday morning. even san francisco in the upper 30s. look at santa rosa, 26 degrees thursday -- tuesday morning. we have a freeze warning from late monday into tuesday morning. keep your plants warm and your animals warm. protect your pipes. we have a frost advisory near the coast and portions of the bay. this very cold weather pattern is setting up for the coldest pattern of the season so far. we talked about the low snow levels for tonight and that freeze warning posted for tuesday morning. look what happens with the forecast model tonight. we could have a better chance of some showers developing near the coastline and into early monday morning. it will be brisk out there with the temperatures only in the low to mid 50s. the cool weather pattern sticks around all week long. there is a chance of a shower,
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maybe even lower snow levels by thursday. we will gradually warm up the numbers by friday into the weekend. tomorrow morning and tuesday morning, we have not seen temperatures like this in quite some time. nascar holds its version of the super bowl.>> highlights from the daytona 500 up next.
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there was a lot of action and today daytona 500. >> it was memorable for a number of reasons. today is the equivalent of super bowl sunday for nascar fans. the thunderbirds were overhead. charlize their own had the green flag -- charlize they were in had the big green flag honors. -- charlize theron had the green flag honors. austin dillon in the number 3
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car. he is the grandson of richard childress who showed his approval from the box. he is very aware of the win and the significance. >> it is so awesome to take the 3 lane car back to victory lane. this one is for dale earnhardt sr.. i love you guys!>> not long ago, he was at the top of the heap in the golf world but through a long drought, considered retirement. bubba watson was back this week at the site of his last pga win. watson in the bunker on the par 3 14th. by the time he got to the 18th, he could've afforded two parts.
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he finished around 69. >> the nba all-star game is going on right now. the sharks have the big lead in their game as well. thank you so much for watching. have a great night.
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