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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  February 19, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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fergie's rendition of the national anthem, shaquille o'neal defended the singer saying i love you, it was different and sexy, i loved it. leave her alone. today at 9:00, a big drop in temperatures, steve paulson has your forecast as freezing weather hits. the cold here means snow in the mountains, we are live in kirkwood with a look at the conditions. we are live with the head football coach of the state champions and he gives us a look at the new state bill to eliminate tackle football before high school. on this presidents' day i hope you are enjoying your vacation if you are staying home. the bay area is glittering and cold this morning but if you want to talk about real cold, this is the scene at kirkwood where it is white. 10 inches of snow in the past 12 hours. it is the first snow for quite some time in the sierra.
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a lot of you have today off maybe you're headed up to the mountains for ski week. the three of us grew up in the bay area so the question is did you guys have ski week text>> no. in san ramon they do not have that. they are off today but not for the week. oakland, piedmont, richmond they are all on break. >> i never had it growing up, usually the week around easter and we were not really a snow family. we did not get up there. >> we were not either but i married into one. >> like we said, whether you are at home on the couch or streaming us live we are thankful you are with us. a lot of people are talking about the bay area whether because it was extremely cold today but you are saying wait until tomorrow. >> just wait until tonight and tomorrow that will be the coldest temperatures. we have enough of a breeze with clouds stirring up the
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atmosphere. currently it is snowing in dunsmuir around 2300 feet as mount shasta is likely getting snow. there will be plenty of it up there but favorable areas are to the coast. mount shasta the windchill is 18, truckee 16, more 30s in ukiah, santa rosa and napa but tomorrow they will be plunging. the breeze is saving us, it is called but when that tails off all these winds are currently north but eventually tonight is when we get the critical minimums, san francisco could tie a record low of 38 from 1897 and santa rosa checking in at 25 would be a record. 26 from 1913 is the record so we have frost advisories from the coast and bay but we have a freeze warning inland tonight into tomorrow.
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as the wind tells off we have a dry air mass with showers at the coast but only 40s how about that? even around the bay berkeley at 37, tiburon 40, san francisco 43 cool degrees and 44 in alameda. a little bit of snow possible in the sierra with some of that going along the coast but inland mostly sunny but it is a chilly and cold pattern and then tonight we will see the temperatures taking a tumble. breezy on monday, clear and cold tonight with 20s and 30s. 50s for highs and another system coming thursday to give us a hint of rain but the big message is below normal temperatures and get ready for the cold. plants and pets tonight and tomorrow. with these cold temperatures homeless shelters are extending their hours trying to make sure the cold weather does not turn deadly.>> shelters are extending their hours. this one opening its doors
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extra hours and opening early in fact. the doors here at the mission neighborhood resource center opened at 6:00 this morning instead of 7:00 and they will be open 24 hours a day through wednesday morning offering people a place to go. temperatures in the city will bottom out around 37, certainly dangerous for anybody out in the elements for a long time. in response to the cold snap shelters are spending their hours of operation ready to take those in need. officials will allow any adults who need a place to go any vacant bed after 8:00 pm without a reservation will be possible. >> we are usually open from 7:00 until 7:00 but the city is requiring us to open monday to wednesday for this claimant 24 hours from monday to wednesday. it is really really cold and the homeless community needs help and they are welcome in
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our facility.>> united council of human services on jennings will be opened for 24 hours, the city is offering additional beds at the first unitarian church for the first 66 men who show up. this is only expecting to get colder over the next day. tomorrow morning is expecting to be colder. watch out for your neighbors as well, in particular elderly or those who are disabled. keep in mind it is cold enough to be very dangerous. >> christien kafton thank you. students are planning a schwinn -- nationwide demonstration after the florida school shooting. students and teachers will be walking out of class march 14 for 17 minutes to honor the 17 people who died in florida. lockouts have been proposed in the bay area including berkeley high and san francisco state. another group is planning a similar protest april 20 which
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marks the anniversary of the columbine school shooting. leigh martinez will have more on this coming up at 9:30 as well as reaction from survivors of the park when shooting who say their school will be the site of the last mass shooting. president trump will be holding a listening session at the white house with students and teachers from marjory stoneman douglas high and on thursday the president will meet with state and local officials about school safety and students who survived the shooting are urging the president and other officials to do something about gun violence. the president went to parkland on friday where he met with injured students at a hospital and spend some time with first responders. 17 people lost their lives in the shooting, 14 students, a geography teacher, the athletic director and assistant football coach, over the weekend funerals were held. we have a closer look at some of the emotional services. >> in parkland, sheriff's deputies escorted the hearse carrying the body of victim
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jamie guttenberg.>> i heard them all crying and i was trying not to tear up. that could be you and she was really close. >> the other 14-year-old victim laid to rest a member of the school marching band and a nearby boca raton vigil for a boy who died protecting students in his classroom. and report logic watching coverage of another school shooting he said promise me if this ever happens to me you will tell me the truth and tell them what a jerk i am don't talk about the hero stuff. she said she did what he asked and then called him her first love and soulmate. meantime anger and agony, painfully clear at this anti- gun rally sunday. those in attendance say something needs to be done to prevent tragedies like this
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that claim so many lives. >> yesterday 15-year-old luke hoyer was laid to rest, he was described as a sweet person who smiled all the time. a loved basketball and chicken nuggets of video games and his dogs. people in the parking community have launched a petition to get a special honor for one of the shooting victims. 15-year-old peter wang was an rotc cadet, he helped his fellow students teachers and staff escaped the shooting. his friends say that the government should give him full military honors at his funeral even though rotc is not considered being in the military. the petition on says he died performing heroic and selfless service. there are 20 dozen signatures already but it needs 100,000 before the government will respond to it. his funeral will be tomorrow afternoon.
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find the petition by going to . we are hearing from the couple who took in the 19-year- old man charged in the deadly florida shooting. kimberly and james sneed let nikolas cruz live with them following the death of his adoptive mother in november. this morning on "good morning america" they said they knew he owned that ar 15 but they made him keep it locked up. during the three months he looked with them he was respectful and quiet. over the weekend in an interview the two said we had a monster living under our roof and we did not know. their biological son was at the school when cruz opened fire but he was able to escape unharmed.>> survivors are demanding that congress take action. this is a live picture from outside of the white house where protesters have gathered to demand action on gun control legislation. they are holding up signs as you can see a number of young
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people as well as parents and children. the group behind this is known as a teens for gun reform. they chose today to stand for the victims of the florida shooting and call for gun control and gun reform. there have been other attempts to pass legislation following other mass shootings in the past but efforts in the past have fizzled out without any changes. >> angry passionate calls for changes to the countries gun laws after last week's school shooting while many lawmakers insist it is a mental health problem congress has tried recently and failed to pass gun related legislation. a bipartisan bill from october would have banned the sale of bump stocks devices that amplify the shooting power of semi automatic rifles. it was introduced days after a gunman used bump stocks to open fire in las vegas at a country music festival.
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bump stocks were again the focus a few weeks later when the house passed legislation ordering a study of how many gun crimes involved the devices, results are expected by the summer and in early november an air force veteran killed 26 people at a texas church. he had been imprisoned for domestic abuse but the air force never notified the fbi. information that would have prevented them from buying the guns used in the shooting. >> i am more angry with the systems around than the shooter. >> once again bipartisan legislation was crafted this time proving federal compliance with background checks but the bill has stalled in the senate. despite the legislation none of the bills would have prevented the school shooter from purchasing the ar 15 from last week. in new york, kristin mayo fox news. >> some parents are taking extra precautions now, there is a company called bullet blocker,
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they have reported 30% increase in sales for bulletproof backpacks. sales have increased mostly in the state of florida, the backpacks are built with kevlar and prices range between $200 and $500. question of the day, would you consider purchasing a bulletproof backpack for your child text 63% say yes and 27% say no. one viewer says yes but how are they tested properly? >> another viewer says there is no such thing as bulletproof anything but somebody is cashing in. >> another viewer says yes, it is sad to think we would have to do that but we don't have a choice. >> thank you for your responses. the day after the shooting we are welcoming the head of the oakland unified school district police chief and he said you can think about creating a fortress. it is not about metal detectors
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shields and backpacks it is about catching the person before they come to your campus. i can't imagine telling your son here is the backpack.>> right, it's like to even have to have the discussion is bad. >> thank you for answering the question of the day and for using our hashtag. coming up, president trump takes to twitter and accuses oprah winfrey of being biased. come, the panel that was on 60 minutes that has oprah viewers hoping she will enter the race. big sa n you've gotta go to ross. she was falling farther homeworand farther behind.ttle. we thought if we pushed harder.... but pushing harder didn't work.. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. at sylvan, our certified teachers use personalized programs to help motivate students
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president trump has been active on twitter taking aim at former president obama after the mueller indictment revealed russia's election infiltration began during president obama's second term. the actions alleged in the indictment began in 2014, the white house and the president
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argue the dates prove the trump campaign did not collude with russia and the obama administration deserves most of the blame for russian meddling because they did not act in 2014. >> i felt the obama administration should have done more and we should have done more. we can attribute this conduct to russia. >> as for the receipt indictment it accuses 13 russian citizens and their -- three companies of trying to influence the election extract president trump took to twitter criticizing oprah winfrey for her participation in a panel of -- on 60 minutes. more on the topics addressed that had the president accusing oprah winfrey of being biased. >> oprah winfrey the latest topic of focus for the president. in a tweet president trump blasting oprah winfrey blasting her as insecure and says her latest 60 minutes interview on
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his first year in office was biased, slanted and incorrect. >> polls are showing that respect is eroding. do you care what the world thinks of the country? >> the interview included a panel discussion with 14 voters from grand rapids, michigan. a follow-up to an interview she conducted just after the election talking politics, policy and the president himself. the group is weighing in on a range of topics including their opinions on president trump's tweets and illegible remarks on african nations. >> you can't say something about a country that then applies to all the people coming from it. >> he did not look at this as people. he did not say this to haitian people he said those countries. >> come on? if you're talking about the country you're talking about the people in the country. >> winfrey is considering a
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presidential bid after her speech at the golden globe awards drew widespread appraise. she has denied plans but president trump has set in his tweet i hope opera runs so she can be exposed and defeated just like all the others. as for if she will make a bid for the white house she went on to say she is not planning to run and added it is not in her dna. from washington jillian turner ktvu fox 2 news. some of the biggest names in hollywood attended the british version of the academy awards called the british academy film awards, many stars wore black to show their solidarity with the fight against sexual harassment and the times up movement. the big winners included francis mcdormand. allison janney won best supporting actress for "i, tonya" and used
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her time on camera to talk about the importance of using her voice to bring awareness to social injustice. >> there were so many people who work tirelessly who are not in hollywood but we are just pushing the movement along and doing what we can with our voices and solidarity. >> prince william and the duchess of cambridge were at the ceremonies. coming up next, some parents and coaches are fighting back against a new bill to ban tackle football before high school in the state of california. next we are live with a head coach in the bay area who has a hand on both sides of the issue.
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a group of coaches parents and former football players is working to stop a bill that would ban tackle football leagues until high school. they have created a twitter account and created an online petition which has collected 30,000 signatures, the bill to ban tackle football was
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announced last week and is meant to prevent young people from possible brain damage in the future. joining us is patrick walsh the varsity football coach from the state champion high school football team. welcome patrick. it is called safe youth football, as a parent i am not on board, i feel this is a parental decision where are you?>> i am on both sides of the fence, i am the head coach of a prominent high school in the bay area and also cofounder of a youth flag football league. i can see the argument from both sides but i do believe tackle football for many kids including myself, i was the king of red cards in soccer i did not work out in soccer so moving to football was a great release and it was perfect. so i do see both sides. it is a dangerous sport and he leads two concussions but so do
9:23 am
other sports. >> in your experience as a coach, the child in seventh or eighth grade with pads coming into your program in a better position then took someone who has never put on the pads? >> not necessarily. the great athletes rise to the top and i promote kids doing multiple things. play soccer, play flag football, do different things. develop athleticism, and when it comes to high school sports guys like us can train how to tackle properly how to hit properly and the athleticism will help the athlete play at a higher level. i call it the three deny rule. this question is asked all the time, when is a child ready to play football? my rule is your kid comes and says i want to play and you say no. the kid walks away doesn't come back not ready.
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do it three times, by the third time if they come and say it and they are begging you to play then they are ready. you are just testing the desire. this sport is governed by desire and passion. >> other tackle football leagues have made changes and adaptations to reduce the concussions or the likelihood but how well have those worked in your experience as a coach? >> we have had a great occurrence of winning the state championship and we never tackled to the ground in practice over the season. we don't do full scrimmages. really, the discussion should be more what happens if you do get a concussion? they have groups that talk about what happens if you do? i think that should be the forefront of the conversation because concussions happen in
9:25 am
all sports. it is more about the recovery instead of like when you break your arm you know what happens you put a cast and you come back but what about a concussion? that is where the discussion should be. >> what about the seatbelt analogy? a long time people do not wear seatbelts but now they have a law and it has gone down so why not just say yes no tackling below this age as it will reduce injury? >> you are asking a football coach that question. it is a sport that goes deep, it is a great release for kids and i think the lessons that are taught outweigh the seatbelt rule. playing with a team, giving yourself to another human being. brotherhood, family, love and commitment. all of those things happen in football.
9:26 am
i am talking about all levels. this is the ultimate team game. it is a sport where not everybody gets the ball and i think the lessons when taught properly. >> i think that sensitivity you are referring to, i have talked to guys our age and they say get up and hit him harder. that sensitivity, whether or not you are tackling or wearing pads that is a key. >> yes and i think it is a value-based program versus winning based and that is the education of the coaches. the sport itself lends to a great degree of learning and relationship building. the coaches that do that right at all levels, this includes the nfl level. the new quarterbacks coach for the oakland raiders told me there is no difference between the school when we were there and the love and commitment and brotherhood that is taught compared to the denver broncos
9:27 am
and that should be carried on. if we do lose that at any level then i feel like it will be eaten up from the ground up. >> one more question. flag football, putting your business aside, do you recommend flag football more so? >> thankfully our leagues do not conflict, it is in the winter.>> what do you tell your sons? >> they have not asked yet. i have a golfer and he loves golf.>> congratulations on the state championship. coming up, from football to the slopes. after a few bone dry weeks freezing temperatures have brought snow to this year and we will take you live to kirkwood. a violent brawl since cruiseship passengers fleeing for safety.
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many parts of the sarah got dumped on yesterday and this morning with some resorts reporting one foot of snow. the recent snowfall has made for some dangerous conditions on the roadways. chains are needed at times, if you're headed up to the sierra this presidents' day, expect traffic with low visibility and just drive slowly and carefully. joining us via skype is kevin cooper from kirkwood. as you say take it slow. you have a good crowd. >> it is a great day. definitely slow your roll, it is slick on highway 88. looking at 58 and 89 but what a great morning this morning. a great surprise of three inches at 6200 feet so the top
9:31 am
of kirkwood here coming off earlier this morning it was about 14 to 16 inches above 9000 feet. down at 8000 feet we have eight inches so water returned to winter and it is snowing now, what are you guys doing? you should be here. >> i remember doing an interview a couple of weeks ago when we had the disappointing january and you said back then only 40% of the runs were opened but what about now? >> at kirkwood we are at 100% so the last 16 inches gave us enough so we are opening back up. kirkwood is 100% but heavenly will be opening up this week so the sierra says the snowpack is down by the conditions to ski and ride are fantastic and then the storm doors are opening this week and next week as the
9:32 am
high-pressure retro grades. hopefully we will get that miracle march. >> let's talk about those with the week off for ski week. talk to me about crowds and long lines and how much more snow we are getting looking day by day until next sunday. >> this fresh snow is opening up perfectly. i don't think we will see a lot of crowding. behind me we have a lift here at kirkwood and heavenly but the good news is that tuesday will be clear and good for the roads. wednesday into thursday more snow showers, friday, saturday and sunday we are clear for the weekend so what is a good time to get up with the nice fresh snow. easy driving with great conditions. >> it should be in the 20s for the bay area and it will be called up there and the next day.>> it was definitely cold this morning at 14 degrees.
9:33 am
at 10,000 feet it was about 8 degrees so it is definitely a lot colder. we had 60s over the last week so it is definitely a return to winter. >> who cares as long as it is dumping. >> okay, we will check in at noon with you. thank you. for more on some of your other headlines we have been working on let's send it over to dave clark. >> here are some of the top stories we are following. bart police are searching for teenagers after two were arrested for attacking a man saturday night for -- in the parking lot of the ashby bart station. the four juveniles attacked the man saturday night but he was only available -- able to identify two. friday night there was a similar attack at the ashby station where a rider says four
9:34 am
teenagers punched him and stole his phone which was later found nearby but the teenagers escaped. in martinez there was a second fire early this morning at a condominium complex that caught fire yesterday morning. the fire at eastgate lane reignited this morning, this is the fire department helmet camera video where firefighters battled the flare up but it was under control at 1:50 this morning. nobody was injured but more than a dozen people had already evacuated after the original fire caused by a pot left unattended on a stove. >> the potential for disaster is huge. don't ever leave something on a stove cooking unattended. always turn it off when you walk away and don't think anything combustible anywhere near the stove top. >> the 19-year-old who left the pot of oil on the stove ran
9:35 am
door-to-door waking up his neighbors when he realized what happened. five of the units were damaged but everyone got out safely. one firefighter injured his knee but is expected to be okay. those are some of your morning headlines, mike, gasia, allie i will send it back to you. over the weekend survivors of the florida school shooting were on the morning talk shows calling for anne -- an end to gun violence. they're planning a walkout on march 14 for 17 minutes. leigh martinez is here to bring us more on that part of the story. >> as the funerals continue for the 17 victims of the mass shooting in parkland, anger is also building. the latest plans call for a walkout on the 14th and it will last for 17 minutes. one minute for each of the lives lost. the idea is for a mass student walkout and it is spreading with the hashtag national school walkout.
9:36 am
some students who survived the shooting are demanding gun- control. rallies were held over the weekend announcing -- denouncing white supremacist and the nra, many see this as the final straw calling on students to take action to make schools safer.>> i call on president trump and the republican controlled house and senate to work together to get something passed and stopped taking money from the nra because children are dying. >> we are giving politicians a clean slate and the next election we are saying if you're accepting money from the nra that is a badge of shame. >> president trump announced a listening session with students this coming wednesday, the president previously said mental health and early threat detection should be the main focus. the students from stoneman douglas high school are planning a march in washington dc on march 24. they are calling the movement
9:37 am
never again. we have not heard confirmation on school walkouts in the bay area only discussion of one on social media. there is another group called national school walkout planning a similar protest on april 20, the anniversary of the columbine shooting. a vigil was held saturday in tracy for a young woman who was left to die on a rural roadway outside of the city of livermore, family and friends gathered to say goodbye to lizette cuesta. she was found suffering from stab wounds on tesla road. she didn't live long enough to name her killers. her friends and family say that she had a heart of gold. >> we are still devastated. we are getting out of the shock right now as we are starting to think about what we are going to do next. we just need healing time. >> investigators to say that cuesta said her coworkers daniel gross and his fiancie
9:38 am
stabbed her in an exclusive jailhouse interview with ktvu gross said he acted in self- defense and snapped after cuesta elbowed him. they are both facing murder charges. the north bay fire relief fund is wrapping up after distributing millions of dollars and helping thousands of fire survivors, $32 million has been distributed to 6500 people. more than 41,000 people from 23 countries donated to the fund. oakland has run out of money in the fund to clear overgrown weeds and vegetation in the east bay hills. the blame is due to voters rejecting the renewal of a $65 parcel tax in 2013 that paid for wildfire prevention activities. the city allocated $600,000 to the operation but the money won't be released until july 1, the start of the next fiscal year. a dream vacation on a
9:39 am
cruiseship turned into a nightmare for many because fights broke out on a daily basis. a disgruntled family traveling with more than 20 guests started trouble on a 10 day carnival cruise in the south pacific. it started when somebody stepped on one of the family members flip-flops which led to chaos and anarchy on board the ship. many people say they were scared to even leave their cabins. the family in question was taken off the ship yesterday by police, carnival has offered a discount on future cruises for those on board and is reviewing its security procedures. maybe a family reunion or something and it appears they kind of took over. i get mad when my wife steps on my flip-flop but nothing like that.>> ruining it for everyone else that is not okay. keep some perspective. state senator scott weiner
9:40 am
has introduced a bill aimed at using the california housing crisis by allowing taller complexes. building height limit would be increased to 85 feet in neighborhoods within 1/4 mile of a transit corridor and 55 feet for areas within 1/2 mile of a major transit stop. some in san francisco say that allowing those buildings would destroy the neighborhood feel. this would be in the sunset richmond orchestral districts. the senator says it is important to encourage new housing. coming up, chinese new year celebrations are in full swing and coming up next predictions from a local master about what to expect from the year of the dog.
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a new bay area poll shows how many young people and renters are living on a tight budget. the silicon valley leadership group worked to survey five bay area counties. they found 1/3 renters and 1/4 of people under 40 are struggling to afford housing. half of those surveyed reported cutting back on food heating and entertainment to afford their rent. it would take the average millennial with college debt 27 years to save up for a down payment in the bay area. mattel is releasing a new barbie doll one month before tomb raider hits theaters. the doll was unveiled at a collector event yesterday in new york. she comes with a map, journal and has bandages from her adventures. it will include a certificate of authenticity as well. celebrations have begun to
9:44 am
mark the start of the lunar new year and it is the year of the dog. >> in china many people are asking their "i ching master" to predict for them. >> there are only about four of them in the bay area, claudine wong sat down with one of them and has his take. >> this master has been a "i ching master" for decades. >> my dad would say a scholar so i picked up the skill. >> what does it mean tax >> "i ching" scholars cover a range of technology. fortune-telling technology and this year the chinese zodiac assigned a dog. this dog is the earth dog. the earth dog is the mountain dog. >> is that good or bad? >> using the zodiac calendar the master gave us a road map.
9:45 am
some of it is a warning. >> the chinese zodiac assigned 16 animals based on repeating 60 years cycle. the earth is a bad sign for the united states. the 1st to 6 months are really unstable so we could experience a short period of economic and stockmarket chaos like mild recession. the earth dog is very smart and intelligent so if you look at high-tech innovation, we will see artificial intelligence automation and smart car. those things will bring the united states to a new economic high. >> there are 12 zodiac animals but there are five elements assigned to the animals. metal, wood, fire and earth. the president was born in the year of the dog but he is a fire dog and 2018 is the earth
9:46 am
dog. >> president trump was born in 19 46 as a fire dog. there is only one king of the year and that is the earth dog so there is a competition among dogs. the king always wins. the earth dog always wins. >> the master uses a chart but says his eyes tell him now, palms give him a look into the months ahead. >> based on the birthdate you have the roadmap. >> so what can you tell them?>> the purpose is to help people when they are having issues. i would be able to come in and help out. that kind of helping out, the success ratio is high. >> 75%? >> okay, yes that number i like that number. >> claudine wong reporting,
9:47 am
this year is all about the pullback and then the comeback. the first six months may be tough but look for the come back later on. are you guys excited for saturday? don't forget about the chinese new year parade on saturday in san francisco. julie haener will be hosting, watch it live on ktvu fox 2 news. coming up,
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it is mug monday and it is your chance to win back. to enter to win the mug go to facebook fill out the entry form, entries will be accepted through 1:00 this afternoon so don't miss your chance. these are the mugs. on one type -- site you can see ktvu fox 2 and ktvu plus on the other. if you're the big winner please send it into us. "black panther" the fifth highest grossing debut ever and paul chambers explains a film like this is long overdue. >> it is a day of like joy and celebration. the day of pure excitement. >> besides setting records at the box office it is breaking barriers.
9:51 am
the first time marvel and hollywood in general has had a predominantly african-american cast in a big-budget movie led by ryan kugler as the director. >> it captures the spirit of african people and that felt really good. >> for years it has been set in hollywood blockbuster movies would only do well with the majority caucasian cast so to see this success means a lot to communities of color. >> it means we are getting to see something different from what we are used to seeing and something that is extremely positive. >> when you have a film where the entire cast is somebody that looks like you, you feel proud. >> the movie is not only about a superhero but it deals with issues of being from african descent, the hope is hollywood will take notice. seeing movies focusing on people of color can work. >> it is not every day that you see this many african-americans in a movie.
9:52 am
it is such a different experience. >> it is about time right? we are still kind of praising movies like this where it is not normal yet. >> there is already talk of a sequel. from oakland paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. in a couple of minutes the san francisco inaugural black history month parade will begin. it will be starting at the martin luther king jr. pool on third avenue and carol street continuing to the opera house. it will be ending with a celebration at the opera house with food, cultural activities, performances and prices. at the olympics the american women's hockey team played their way into the gold- medal game. the us dominated finland in the semifinal round. scoring twice to lead the us to a 5-0 win. the americans lost to canada in the preliminary round and canada is the defending champions.
9:53 am
the americans have not won olympic gold since the first tournament in 1998 so right now norway leads the medal count with 28, 11 goals. germany is second with canada the netherlands and russia rounding out the top five. the us is one behind russia with 10 medals half of them are gold. we went to dublin over the weekend and we thought we would be the only once but it was packed with skaters. i think it is the olympics inspiring the little ones. >> maybe they saw that on tv and got inspired. along the lines of the medal account, the us could be in a tie with russia after a russian curler who was awarded the bronze failed a doping test and had to leave the olympic village. >> a second test sample will be screened to confirm the result, if confirmed they could award the bronze medal to the team
9:54 am
from norway. >> that would diminish the chances of the russians being allowed to walk in the closing ceremonies. russian athletes have been competing under the olympic flag after positive tests from russia during the sochi games. the mlb is imposing stricter limits on mound visits to speed up ball games. the new rule was announced this morning including a limit of six visits per nine innings. that includes manager, coach or player. only six visits combined, previously it was unlimited. these changes are an attempt to have innings star on time, this comes after one year of negotiations with the players association which does not agree but has signed an agreement saying they will not oppose. >> we are getting closer to spring training, the giants first game is friday in scottsdale against the brewers, the giants manager bruce bucci
9:55 am
is expected to use most of his roster on friday to give the rookies a chance to play while the veterans work themselves into shape. the oakland a's were on the field yesterday in mesa. their first game will be against the angels on friday. when the season starts oakland hopes to get production from first baseman matt olson. >> the nba all-star game had a new format this year, team lebron edging out team stephen curry. >> they are knocking down these 25 foot shots. from downtown. >> steph curry was one of the team captains and had 11 points , his team included klay thompson and draymond green but kevin durant played on team lebron. the game did not include a lot of defense but in the final seconds of the game there was a defensive stop by kevin durant on steph curry two win the game.
9:56 am
>> steph curry's double team, he can't find him and that will do it. >> steph curry could not get off his shot as team stephen loses. lebron james was named mvp for the third time in his career. each player on his team will get $100,000 for winning and steph curry's team will take home $25,000 each. >> [ singing ] >> take a look at draymond green, he got attention on social media apps he was trying to hold back laughter during fergie's rendition of the national anthem, shaquille o'neal defended the singer saying that fergie, i love you, it was different. it was sexy and i liked it. leave her alone. a lot of focus on a tweet from roseann barr after her rendition
9:57 am
a few years ago. she said who saw the performance? i think mine was better. there is a lot of jobs at fergie but she has yet to speak out.>> i don't judge, anyone who goes and sings.>> i will speak in front of a microphone but that is it. >> we will see you back here at noon. i we worked with pg&eof to save energy because wenie. wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls.
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