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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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>> the fire alone destroyed more than 5000 structures and killed more than 20 people. our reporter is in santa rosa tonight were our supervisors talked about the state report that detailed what went wrong.>> reporter: what is important about this is that it was the sonoma county administrators who ask for this report way back in november. what they got was incredibly frank. >> reporter: state analyst say despite sonoma county having a wide range public alert warning capability, the response was uncoordinated. >> it must stop you, and i take full responsibility and we are reviewing all of the actions and seeing what we can do better and owning up to our mistakes and fixing it.>> reporter: the analyst say the county like reliable and type double situation awareness about the fire scope and character. >> it would've been hard for
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any organization to respond in a way that would have been without any criticism or flaws. >> what we felt was appropriate for the situation was absolutely not appropriate and a horrible solution. >> reporter: it feel to utilize the federal wireless alert system that sends text to all cell phones in a specific area. the emergency alert system that uses wireless cable systems and cable television systems were not used. >> we had no plans for seniors or people of disabilities and knowing that they might have a hard time in evacuating in a fast-moving fire.>> we were really good in dealing with the disasters that we have experience. we got real good in dealing with fires like this but frankly, we have not experienced a fire like this.>> reporter: california has 57 of the counties. anyone of them at which at any time can have the same
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situation that sonoma does. it is far past time to assess and act. >> i tell every official don't wait until the disaster hit you before you make this a priority. that is exactly what it is. lake county bird two and half years ago with the valley fire right on our borders. -- bart 2 1/2 years ago with the valley fire right on our borders. >> sonoma county is a tipping point to move into a world where we just don't one and another respond to a situation and become better, but we have to lead the way into the future.>> reporter: the victims now become the teachers. hopefully, the other students and other supervisors and governments in other counties will learn that lesson. >> so tom, it sounds like yes,
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we did mess up and make mistakes. what specifically happens now? what would they do to make sure that doesn't happen again?>> reporter: i think that is about as complex of a question there is. if you look here at coffee park, they are going to rebuild it, but are they going to rebuild it to the kind of standards so that i fire cannot sweep through here. what kind of materials going to be used? that is just one of the issues. what are they going to do in the mountaintops since there is a lot of trees up there which are going to grow back? are they going to do better management? this is an incredibly complex thing that they have to deal with, but they have to deal with it now. every other county in california face risk with all of the things coming up, now we just fires, but with all other kinds of disasters. >> in the wake of the devastating wildfires up and down the state, lawmakers and sacramental discuss potential improvements to california's emergency aid system.
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the system is a network of state and local jurisdictions that work together to help neighboring areas in the event of an extreme emergency. most lawmakers say it is time for an update so that the needs of all communities are being met.>> win a mutilate city -- when you have a mutual aid city and county come to the aid, had they left enough resources in their own community to deal with the day-to-day and potential problems they might have.>> the lawmaker said the 60-year-old mutual aid system is not designed to deal with the new weather demands related to the state. more emergency response vehicles need to be retrofitted with locating services. a shelter place has been lifted after a strong odor was detected in pittsburg. people are now allowed to go outside. fire officials say
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someone reported a odor this afternoon coming from two came -- take cards in a railyard. officials were asking people nearby to stay indoors just to be safe. that shelter in place a debit lifted, and cleanup crews are still in the scene. new information about i.c.e. race that took place across northern california. tonight, we know more about a man that was taken into custody over the weekend. i.c.e. said today he racked up a criminal history during his time living illegally in the united states . our reporter is in the newsroom tonight with what we have learned. >> reporter: dozens of people have been taken into custody over the past few days. opponents say the organization is abusing his power and i.c.e. reports they are just taking bad people off of the street. to make their case, they highlighted one undocumented immigrant with a long criminal history. and this is a video of an i.c.e. operation in full swing.
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the husband of this woman taken the video was taken away by i.c.e. agents. i.c.e. released a statement saying the mexican citizen was undocumented while being in the u.s. and was a gang member who had been previously removed by i.c.e. on four previous occasions. over the past 18 years, he has a key related criminal convictions in california that have resulted in more than 50 years of prison sentencings. it includes assault with a deadly representative and , berkeley, -- deadly weapon, and other criminal activity. >> i do not regret sharing this information. i felt it was my duty to share the information that i have. and the aclu released a statement that reads report of rapid response networks suggest that dreaded enforcement is terrorizing communities of color.
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the targeting of cities and states that refuse to use their limited resources that appeal to the trump administration deportation machine is cruel and inhumane. this comes days after tom-tom lashed out in california for not cracking down on the image 13 game. >> -- president donald trump lashed out at california for not cracking down on the ms 13 game. >> reporter: i spoke with her wife -- his wife on the phone a few moments ago and what you said about his crimes and why he returned to the u.s. after being deported to mexico is coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> i have heard various numbers about how many people were taken into custody. do we know a specific number? how many have been convicted of crimes? >> reporter: not very many yet. we know about this man that we told you about because that was the information released by i.c.e.. the number is between 37 and 50
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and no official number has come out yet. students from the florida high school were 70 people were killed nearly 2 weeks ago continue to push forgot reform and watching them. -- for gun reform in washington. steve cooley's -- steve scalise spoke with a number of students on capitol hill. he wants to close existing loopholes then pass new legislation. >> they are be going back to school tomorrow, and there is a lot of trepidation as they go back. so keep them in your prayers. there will be difficult times as they reopen that school.>> students will return to class tomorrow with enhanced security measures, counselors, and there be dogs will be made available. the senate is considering a measure to strengthen federal
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background checks among other gun-control measures. but as our reporter tells us, lawmakers are questioning other proposals including the presidents called to give guns to some teachers. >> reporter: it has been a nearly two weeks since that fatal for the school shooting sparked advocacy for gun control like never before. is students prepare for school in the morning, did their efforts make a difference here watching him.>> reporter: from the white house to congress, school safety remained a top priority in washington. the efforts initiated florida has led to a number of gum proposals including a ban on assault weapons. >> they want to see action. they are tired of people telling them it is hard.>> the top people in the department of justice both have believed for some time that we can through a regulatory process not allow the bump stock to convert a weapon from semi automatic to
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fully automatic. >> reporter: a bill to raise the legal minimum age to buy a rifle will be introduced to congress this week. the white house said the age increase for certain weapons still has the president support. >> i think the number 1 thing that we are looking at is every possible i can that we can take that helps protect the safety and security of schoolchildren across the country.>> reporter: democratic leader chuck schumer argued for requiring a background check on all gun sales.>> it doesn't make sense that we allow anyone regardless of the criminal history to walk into a gun show or go online and buy a gun. >> reporter: but house speaker paul ryan cautioned against washington considering the president's proposal to arm some teachers with guns. this is an idea that some parkland students told lawmakers on capitol hill that they do not support. >> that is a question for local school boards and states.>>
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reporter: the students are also making an impact at the state level. at least five parkland related gun-control bills are being considered in florida. gemma custer -- the president son-in-law has been stripped of his high level security clearance. he is no longer able to access top-secret documents. the move follows months of delays. authorities have not yet said what held up the fbi check. the washington post is reporting that officials in at least four countries privately discuss ways to manipulate him by taking advantage of his foreign business dealings. every year swat teams from across the bay area take part in something called urban shield. they train for situations like the school massacre that just happened in florida. today, protesters gather at the the alameda board of supervisors approved
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recommendations for that law enforcement training program purple --. urban shield is designed to give them real live training to deal with potentially deadly situations. s.w.a.t. team say the training is crucial. opponents say the program reinforces legal and militarized methods of handling mass casualty events.>> impacted community say no to urban shield and believe that we need emergency preparedness program that does not rely on violence.>> the list of recommendations approved today include making sure that the focus of urban shield remains on emergency preparedness and they will be free from racial stereotypes and provide immunity access to the training exercises. tech workers are often blamed for driving up the cost of living in the bay area. a new report finds that home prices are too expensive for some of those tech figures who are making six figures a more. for the third time, the
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president of the firefighters union has had his car broken into. this time, he vented about it on twitter. you didn't have to go far to see snow-covered mountain peaks in the bay area. more weather is on the way. you can kind of feeling out there. i will have the forecast for what good have been the strongest storm we have seen in 2018.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work
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we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. and prosecutors have charts a man from pittsburg with a deadly stabbing in a mobile home park in last week. 41-year-old eric martinez raises murder charges for the stabbing death of daniel cross last thursday. the stabbing happened during a fight between the two men, but
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they have not released any details. martinez is currently being held at the jail on $1 million bail. the president of the san francisco firefighters union at his car broken into outside of city hall. some people take a tweet by the union criticize the mayor for the car burglary epidemic of the city. our reporter spoke with both the mayor and the firefighter. what are they saying?>> reporter: those two men are actually on the same side of the car burglary issue. but some did think that tweet by the union about what happened outside of city hall was a dig at the mayor. >> i love the men and women of the fire department. i share the frustrations on twitter. >> reporter: that tweet shows a suv with this mesh window and says why at city hall did this happen. the suv belong to the president of the union.>> we were in contract negotiations yesterday
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and all enough, i found out my car had been broken into in the middle of the day out front in city hall.>> reporter: that the did not still much -- the thief did not steal much this time. o'connor said that tweet was deleted, but some thought it criticize the mayor.>> knowing these break-ins, it was not a dig at the mayor at any stretch. we actually support the mayor's efforts that identify this as a big problem. >> i have said break-ins in san francisco are an epidemic and i am working on that in the budget i have prepared. >> reporter: they ask -- asked the city for $1 million for a task force. >> we don't need a task force when we know what the problem
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is. i know our mayor has double the foot patrols which is started to have an effect over the last few months. >> reporter: auto glass shops are keeping busy. this shop owner says he has had his car broken into also. >> i feel like i am that person on the other side of the counter. you understand what people go through.>> reporter: the firefighters union president has now gone through this three times, but it is no less frustrating each time. is built today came to $175 to prepare that broken window. >> it really is a big problem in the city. in the sierra, mother nature is making up for the winter dry spell. people were busy shoveling their walkways and driveways. the storm that hit yesterday was colder than the ones in the past and brought snow with it. that make the skiers and snowboarders happy. >> the skiing conditions are great.
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we are getting some great cold storms coming through, and it is fun out there. >> another storm is expected in the coming days, and it is expected to dump even more snow in the sea area. the bay area woke up to some snow on the higher peaks also. here is what it is like this morning on mount diablo. by the afternoon, it was mostly melted though. there was also a dusting of snow on mount hamilton. livermore also saw some snow flurries. this was at 1500 feet. our chief meteorologist bill martin is here to look at some of these conditions. >> i did not realize livermore had the 1500 foot elevation change. i was looking at mount diablo this morning, and it was beautiful. the snow line was so low. so that 1500 foot would make sense. diablo is around 3800.
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now, we have over a foot of snow . this next on that is coming is probably going to be the biggest storm of 2018 for lake tahoe in the mountains. that is game on. that is what we won't. around here, we are going to get some rain. may be a couple of inches over the next few days. the mountains could get three feet or four feet of snow between now and saturday night or sunday morning. so we will track it for you. what is happening here is where are the ingredients? there they are. there is the low pressure system appear. look at the moisture tap. it is all good. this one is coming from the north. the low pressure is going to be cold core and it is feeding all of the tropical moisture into it. it will all mesh up over the top of us as we get into tomorrow night and thursday. that is good news.
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we need it. we are way behind on rain and snow. anything that we get would help, and this looks like we are going to get it. it is 55 degrees in nevada. julie pointed out. she can see the amount from her house, and that was about as pretty of a morning as you can see. >> with the sky so blue behind it and the snow on top and it was green below, and it was a great contrast. >> that to me, was one of the prettiest mornings i have seen. of course, you see what that storm does with the rain and the wind does for the bay area with our air quality. look how crystal clear that he is! berkeley will be over here. temperatures today were mostly in the 50s.
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tomorrow is a transition day. we are going to transition into this next weather system and as i said, this will be the biggest storm of 2018 in the mountains. i am not so sure for us. this will be a very good storm, and it will be a multi-day event. probably all the way into friday morning. when i come back, we will diagram all of that for you. tomorrow is not that bad, and you may want to get up there and clean out the gutters because i think it is going to rain pretty good on thursday. and one day, to me, -- 1 million, 3 million, or even 4 million, home prices keep going up. even the people who some blame for driving up housing prices in the bay area are now writing themselves priced out. a new milestone for autonomous cars and why you could still soon see more drivers on the road with no one behind the wheel.
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a new report highlights how even highly paid tech workers are still finding it challenging to buy a home your. >> i reporter tells us how some homebuyers are having to change their strategy.>> reporter: this man is a father and a husband who works as an it engineer in sunnyvale. he agrees that the median salary is $210,000, and many of them are unable to afford homes and major tech hubs. >> that is a fact.
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because the cost of living is very high, so even if you are well into the six figures and you have marginal -- multiple incomes in the family, it is challenging. >> reporter: he has been looking to buy a home for one year now while prices continue rising. >> we were looking for a three bedroom house with a backyard or something like that. that has now become a pipedream. you are now looking for a townhome with no backyard. >> reporter: realtors say in san jose, the median sale price was over $1 million last month. mountain view was $2.4 million, up 51% compared to the same time last year. >> in order to purchase a median priced home in mountain view, the annual income needs to exceed three of the $40,000. that is not including any consumer debt like credit cards and car loans.>> reporter: this 1800 square foot home in
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mountain view went on the market for $2.2 million last week. the realtor said this about the open house over the weekend.>> we had nearly 80 sets of potential buyers come through each day. all of them were from high- tech. every one of them seem to be well qualified and preapproved and ready to go. and jackie worked for the city of sunnyvale, but says she cannot afford to live here and is leaving the area. >> she makes over $100,000 a year and she is leaving because she cannot afford the rent around here. a two bedroom apartment she was looking at was $3700. a studio was $2000. >> reporter: the medium price of a home -- median price of a home when you include taxes and insurance, you are looking at paying more than $12,000 a month. >> the monthly cost of $12,000 for home costing and that would
5:28 pm
be the house payment. if you put down $480,000, which would be a 20% down payment with a interest-rate of for the quarter %. a mother said she was stunned to learn what her young son told her when he came home from school.>> my son instantly ran to me and he was like mommy, ms. patty hit me in my face. >> now an investigation is evolving that's meant that about that teacher is underway. it is probably the worst kept secret in presidential politics, but now it is official. president donald trump has lost his campaign for a second term. -- launched his campaign for a second term. the burger people. they! they! nacho fries, now serving at a taco bell near you. [bong!] at&t has a network
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the bolero police departments -- valera lease department is investigating claims that a teacher had a special needs student. the mother of the boy is speaking out and says she wants a teacher, school, and district to be held accountable. their question surrounding how the incident was handled even though the teacher is no longer on campus.>> my son instantly ran to me and he was like mommy, ms. patty hit me in my face.>> reporter: cell phone pictures shared shows her 6- year-old son after he was allegedly slapped on a -- on his cheek by substitute teacher.
5:32 pm
she said it happened last friday at highland elementary where her son is a special needs student. he has a special -- speech impediment and a learning disability. her son says he asked the teacher for space before he was allegedly hit.>> all because he wanted some space? how can you not understand that. when it comes to special education children, you have to be well trained to cope with him. you have to keep your composure. >> reporter: hawkins is furious with how this was handled. school officials called her, but no one else. >> everyone is confused why it happened, and why didn't the school called the police. why was she able to leave the campus freely without being in handcuffs? >> reporter: hawkins filed a report with the vallejo police and school district. a district spokesperson said they were saddened to hear that
5:33 pm
a teacher struck a student and that safety is their top priority. part of the statement reads that the teacher in question was identified as a substitute, and immediately pulled from the site. hawken set an apology is not enough. >> for him to break down like he did on monday morning like you did when the bus pulled up, and he was scared to go on the bus because he did not want to see the lady because he did not want to be slapped again. that is hurtful as a parent to know that my son is traumatize.>> reporter: bolero police -- vallejo police are classifying this as an assault case and the school district is cooperating. police have identify the suspects in connection with a double homicide in san mateo county. police say 20-year-old devon lum
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and this other man had been arrested. the shooting happened sunday night in the parking lot of hillside market in the community of broadmoor. two people were shot and killed in the victims have been identified as michael garcia salem and 20-year-old vanessa guillory. a third person who was also shot is expected to survive. the chp says an employee with the fremont police department was hit by a truck and injured while walking last night. it happened about 6:30 pm on center street. the chp tells ktvu a ford pickup with one southbound on center street when it hit an off-duty fremont police employee who was walking in the crosswalk. the person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries, and the truck driver remained at the scene and is cooperating. working to clear a backlog of rate logs and sexual assault kits, a
5:35 pm
resolution was passed to see how much money it would take to process untested kids. cindy chavez says right now the crime lab is about 270 sexual assault kits behind. it took an average of 94 days for one kid to be processed. >> we want to get every kit process within 30 days. another thing is that we want to have zero backlog. >> supervisor chavez instructed the santa clara district attorney to report back to the board next month to let them know what resources they would need to enact this policy. white house communications director hope hicks was on the hot seat today behind closed doors facing questioning from the house committee investigating russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election. hicks is seen as an essential feature that spec figure in and -- an ongoing dispute.
5:36 pm
>> reporter: hope hicks arrived on capitol hill to testify before the house intelligence committee. the top democrat on the committee set ahead of the interview he did not know what to expect from hicks given that several other trump associates had previously refused to answer questions among them, steve bannon. >> we hope she will be fully cooperative. >> reporter: hicks, the white house communications director has artie been interviewed by the white house -- the russian team of robert mueller. >> she certainly has knowledge about what the president knew about russian interference and any directives he may have made in her presence and the june night the meeting that his son took. >> reporter: over the weekend, the same committee issued a counter memo countering a russian document alleging
5:37 pm
surveillance abuses at the justice department. the trumps administration -- president donald trump said this was a witch up. >> we have heard a lot of things from the other side that there is evidence of collusion, but time and time again they have been able to produce any evidence.>> reporter: given that there has not been any answers to the questions, republicans and democrats on the committee are considering whether or not to hold interviewees with contempt of congress. president donald trump has named a campaign manager for his 20/20 reelection bid. brad parscale was the digital director for the president 2016 campaign. he is an austin-based consultant and an ally of trumps son-in-law and senior advisor of jared kushner. the president for date reelection committee the same day he was inaugurated.
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i guess you could say it is the last straw for a famous southern california town. the new law that will have people changing how they eat and drink in malibu. it looks like the midwest midwinter, but it was in central valley. we will take a look at the damage left behind from the wild weather yesterday.
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amelia earhart's vintage car was stolen, but has now
5:41 pm
been found. the 1932 hudson was found abandoned last night in los angeles. it was inside a traitor when it was stole on friday from orange county. the collector who owns the car said it is valued at $500,000. police are now looking at surveillance video taken at the time of the theft. northern california judge today stop state officials from requiring the weedkiller roundup from having warning labels saying it causes cancer. the judge said that the warning is also misleading. the judge also said almost all regulators have concluded there is insufficient evidence that roundups main ingredient, glyphosate, causes cancer. the california office of environmental assessment last year added that ingredient to a list of chemicals that are known to cause cancer. a german court has ruled that cities may be permitted to put driving ban's in place for
5:42 pm
diesel vehicles. the ruling said that cities and committees have the right to impose them to maintain air pollution limits without meeting federal regulations. don't expect any plasticware at restaurants in malibu. they voted last night to ban all plastic straws and utensils. the plastic ends up in the ocean and hurts marine life. the ban will take effect in june. customers are also being encouraged to use reusable straws. still to come, packed arenas with millions watching on tv. welcome to the world of e- sports. oakland is jumping right into their -- this arena with their
5:43 pm
own arena. a freak storm drops inches of hail and graupel in the sacramento area. coming up, see how much damage this calls. we are tracking the weather and more rain is coming your way for thursday. and --
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5:45 pm
the cold storm that moved through the bay area and northern california brought down awnings on some homes in the sacramento area. the storm brought with it high
5:46 pm
winds. >> the reporter shows us some of the damage. >> oh my gosh, i was scared.>> reporter: this happen for an solid hours yesterday leaving a trail of destruction. >> i was just flabbergasted and it was totally unexpected. i don't think i have processed it yet. >> reporter: sherry reeves lives that this mobile home park and is still shaken up after expensing the wild storm.>> i think about an hour after it started, i got the fire department reveal my doorbell -- ringing on my doorbell to see if i was a. >> i could cry about it, but it is not going to make it any better.>> reporter: the heavy ice way down the unit and forced it to fall. to hana biggins saw it all
5:47 pm
unfold. >> i just looked around, and then i walked outside and i looked to the left, and another neighbors awning had crashed. >> reporter: neighbors still cannot believe how much damage the late fairway storm is left behind. >> i have been in this area since 1972, and i have never seen anything like this. >> reporter: insurance agent still have to come out to assess all of the damage that was done by the hailstorm. in the meantime, residents are still grateful that nobody was hurt. >> we saw that wild weather yesterday and the low snow on the mountain peaks today. what is next? >> more rain. a different kind of system comes in and it will be potent in terms of rainfall for us. by tomorrow night, the clouds
5:48 pm
increase, and by tomorrow night it will also be raining. then on thursday it will be bad commutes both day in that. it should still be snowing in the mountains probably until saturday morning. this is the system that we are tracking and this is the more typical pattern if you will. we have the jet stream and here is the low right up in here and the cold air. it is coming from the gulf of alaska, so it is cold. but it is also tapping into this moisture which is coming from down here around the hawaiian islands. this is a good little an atmospheric river of moisture. with those two ingredients, we are going to be in good shape. we may get up to five inches of rain in the coastal hills. the current temperature is in the 50s with a beautiful night out there tonight. beautiful blue water is out
5:49 pm
there also. it is going to be a beautiful evening and enjoy tomorrow because on wednesday night, well around wednesday afternoon , i will show you. here is tomorrow morning and you see the clouds increasing. then you see it starts to deteriorate and slowly move in. here is the thing to notice. i would say this is about 400 miles of moisture streaming in. this is a wide band of moisture followed by some very cold and unstable air back here. the storm has the makings of the biggest or for the sierra this year. it is one of our top three storms for sure this year. this is a thursday event. here is thursday at 2:00 a.m. then for the thursday commute, the main dynamics are that now you get the unstable air which will give you the snow showers and the funnel clouds, and that
5:50 pm
pushes through all day on thursday. thursday could be a nutty weather day. in the mountains, we will have a winter storm warning. that will go into effect on wednesday night through saturday. that will tell you it is going to be a pretty significant event up there. rainfall could easily be two inches for most of us, but i could easily see five inches in the santa cruz mountains over a couple of days. today, san francisco mayor mark farrell joined the graduating class of city veal. that is a community labor partnership that provides training for teenagers from disadvantaged communities though and one day they can get jobs with unions. the program says this helps keep kids alive by keeping them off of the street and away from trouble.>> reporter: san francisco is a city and should always be a city of opportunity and a city of hope for everyone. when mayor lee started this
5:51 pm
program a number of years ago, that was the intention.>> right now, the cities unemployment rate is at 2.4%. this program will only help that number to go down even more. about 40 heart attack survivors had a chance to reunite today with the medical teams that helped save the lives. good samaritan hospital in san jose hosted the heart recovery reunion given patients a chance to thank the doctors and nurses that treated them. a 61-year-old patient told us he owes his life to this device. >> it took the place of my heart and so forth. here i am. i was out of the hospital in like three or four weeks. >> it essentially does the work of the heart with the heart being in a weakened state unable to provide enough oxygen
5:52 pm
to the rest of the body. >> this is the fourth straight year that good samaritan hospital has hosted this event. a new sports arena is coming to oakland, and is all for video games. >> we will have well over 100 commuters with the 10 those in play stations and xbox is.>> see how gaming is becoming a big business. why you will soon see more vehicles on the road without a driver behind the wheel. >> people who cannot drive and have to rely on public transportation to get around, this can become a new option for them.
5:53 pm
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there was a new type of sport that is filling arenas around the world while millions more watch online.>> we are introduced to the sports and the bay area is about to get there on the sports arena -- e sports arena. >> reporter: the warriors are trendsetters on the actual court and the cyber court. >> in the last five years, e- sports went from basically nothing to hosting world championships at olympic soccer stadiums in korea. >> reporter: more than 2 billion gamers worldwide have made this a $100 million industry.
5:56 pm
the mba is capitalizing with the groundbreaking nba 2k leak and the warriors of one of 17 franchises that will field teams. >> steph curry has enough to do. >> it could be you playing and getting paid to do it. >> literally anybody in the world could in theory be on our team this year. once you have 150 games, you are eligible to be part of the combine. then you can shine and be seen. >> it is not actual live sports when you look at an athlete and say he is a foot taller than me. but there is something really approachable about e-sports with this everyman idea that if i get good enough for the game, i can be a pro player.>> reporter: the e-sports explosion is not confined to playing games, but it is a legitimate spectator sports. the bay area is about to have its own arena.
5:57 pm
>> what you are looking at now is this giant warehouse space. and it will be transformed into a 16,000 square foot arena that will seat 1000 fans for videogame events. >> we are going to have over 100 computers in here with x boxes, nintendo's and playstation's. this wall will be a giant wall of video screens. in here, will be our studio. that will include our analysts. >> reporter: analyst? >> yes. 4 this will be the third arena and the first to have been enormously successful. gamers come to play and watch and most importantly, interact. >> what is it like getting someone to leave their home desk in coming here to compete? the same reason why i don't like drinking at home for myself and going to a bar and spending more money and
5:58 pm
drinking there. the social experience.>> reporter: an experience that would seemingly anywhere. so why here? >> you have a lot of bay area rivalries. you have the warriors person the lakers -- versus the lakers. we wanted to build on that organic rivalry. >> reporter: which brings us back to the warriors who are ready to foster the cyber robberies and not knowing where the bandwagon is heading, but are certain they want a front world that's back row seat. >> we have to continue to work at it and not be surprised that anything that will happen. >> get this. e-sports has become so popular they are actually being considered for the olympics. senate democrats announced today their plan to say net neutrality. they are looking to reverse the
5:59 pm
fcc decision that repealed obama regulations. opponents argue this would allow corporations to charge more for internet use and it comes down to a choice between families who need the internet and corporate interests. drama at the white house as jared kushner is stripped of his top level security clearance. so far, it appears that president donald trump will not intervene . >> the decision means his son- in-law and his advisor will not be viewing many of the sensitive documents that he once had access to. >> according to fox news, the move follows commissioner kelly with looking at all security clearances. we're the move means that jared
6:00 pm
kushner will i be able to see top-secret documents like the president daily briefing. jared kushner has a wide portfolio, and the white house said the change will not affect his job. security downgrade comes after the scandal involving former white house official rob porter. that investigation revealed that many white house staffers had not been granted permanent security clearance even after year in the white house. meantime, white house communications director hope hicks spent nine hours today testifying with investigators from the house intelligence committee about russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. members of that community -- committee that she refused to answer any questions about her time in the white house. she is one of the few staffers who have been at the side of president donald trump since


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