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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  February 28, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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later today. meteorologist mark tamayo will have the latest on when to expect it. oakland's mayor libby schaaf firing back. an emotional return for students, parents and teachers to the florida high school for the first time since a troubled teenager killed 17 people there with an assault riffle. good afternoon. immigrants rights groups are rallying at i.c.e. offices in san francisco. they are protesting the arrest of 150 undocumented immigrants in california. more on today's demonstration and a dispute between local leaders and the federal government. >> reporter: i am sure you can hear and see some of the behind
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me. you can see several hundred people with their signs in front of the i.c.e. offices. now, just before noon the crowd started marching this direction from jackson and battery with a banner that said no deportation, chanting their message. you can see that they have blocked off part of the street here. this is washington and samsung. the other intersection is blocked, as well. this is the banner people were carrying. they started painting a sign on to the pavement here. it says bay area united. this demonstration, this protest in response to an immigration operation conducted by i.c.e. in northern california over the past several days. representatives for immigrations and customs enforcement in san francisco say about half of the 150 people who were detained in the latest northern california operation either had prior criminal convictions or had been flagged for deportation. the other half did not. they were detained for being in the country without
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documentation, which as a first offense is a civil violation. i.c.e.'s acting director thomas homan warned in the past that i.c.e. agents not able to detain people would lead to collateral requests. >> these collateral arrests we feel are based on racial profiling and it's extremely disturbing, the things that people are being targeted, questioned, or detained for, based on the color of their skin or ethnic backgrounds. >> reporter: i.c.e.'s director blamed mayor libby schaaf for helping 800 people elude because of the warning she issued about an impending i.c.e. operation. >> what she did is no better than a gang lookout yelling police when a police cruiser comes in the neighborhood, except she did it to the entire community. >> reporter: mayor schaff defended her actions. >> what i did was my job as the mayor of oakland and reflective
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of the values of the people that i represent. >> reporter: the group scattered at this protest today say they are concerned i.c.e. is trying to retaliate against the bay area in california and they are worried about the impact of those collateral arrests on families and children. >> it's a tremendous impact on that young person, that family, and it reverberates throughout the community. people are in tremendous amounts of fear. >> reporter: and back out here live, you are looking at one of the entrances to the i.c.e. office building on washington. the other is on jackson. on either side there are people who have formed a human chain to block the entrances. we have seen a couple of the immigration and customs enforcement vehicles have to be redirected on to another street and turn around. [ inaudible ] >> it appears we lost ally's live signal. you see a large group gathering in san francisco marching and chanting on one side, sitting
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in silence, arms linked on the other as this unfolds in san francisco. we will keep track of the protests, any traffic problems that may pop up. let's switch to our other big story today. the weather and what could be the biggest storm of the season heading our way? >> that's right, gasia. we have a potent cold front tomorrow. a lot of instability, that could keep the showers, the thunderstorms and possibly low snow levels in the forecast friday into the weekend. some of the highlights, some of the expectations, rainfall easily over 1 inch across most areas. in fact, a few spots topping 2 inches. winds gusting to 40 to 50 miles per hour. a wind advisory kicks up for the bay area for your thursday and the sierra will pick up significant snowfall. i've not used the word blizzard warning at all this year, but they have a blizzard warning that goes into effect for the lake tahoe area heading into thursday and friday morning.
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this is the satellite. lots of clouds already working their way into the bay area. a little bit of green up to the north. throughout the afternoon hours there is a chance of a few scattered showers developing especially after 3:00, after 4:00. the rainfall will pick up tonight. those clouds definitely moving in and starting to darken. so mostly cloudy skies across a good portion of the bay area for your early wednesday afternoon. look what happens. this is 4:00. we are holding on to the cloud cover. not much in the way of significant rainfall. that begins to trend upward later in the evening. this is 10:00 tonight. the rachel will be picking up. for the thursday morning commute we are expecting moderate to heavy rain first thing tomorrow morning. that is just the first of several waves that will move into the bay area over the next few days. we will talk about the unsettled weather pattern, the significant rainfall, and the sierra snowfall coming up in a few minutes. an emotional day in south florida as students from stoneman douglas high school return to class. more than 3,000 students returned to school for half day
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today with their schedule starting with the classes that were disrupted when the shooting happened two wednesdays ago, valentine's day. about 150 counselors, extra substitute teachers and therapy dogs were on hand to help students. the broward school superintendent says many of the students hugged and shared their stories. >> we know things will never, ever be the same, but we're going to try to make sure that we can figure out how to move forward. >> the superintendent also said 95% of the student body returned today. police presence was very high. hundreds of officers, both on and off duty, were around the campus. the mass shooting where 17 people were killed has intensified the debate over gun control across the country. >> the safest school in america right now. so as long as it's safe that way, i guess i'm okay. i think it will stay that way for the rest of this year with the significant presence and the efforts to strengthen and fortify it.
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it's still a scene of where my daughter, unfortunately, was murdered. yeah, there is something about that. it's hard to connect those dots and feel okay. >> the freshman building where the shooting happened remains cordoned off. the school hopes to have it torn down. at the white house president trump meeting with bipartisan members of congress, including just to his right outside of this picture california senator dianne feinstein in the discussion of guns and school safety. let's take a moment to listen in to the president. >> it's going to cost hundreds of millions of dollars all over the country. the door closes and now we can't get in. have to send a tractor through the walls. we have to be careful of that. and we have to create a culture that cherishes life and human dignity. so we can sit around, we are going to come up with some ideas. hopefully, we can put those ideas in a very bipartisan
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bill. it would be so beautiful to have one bill that everybody could support as opposed to 15 bills. everybody's got their own bill. but if we could have one terrific bill that everybody started by the people around this table, special people. these are the people that seem to be most interested, very interested in this problem, and it's a big problem. so with that i think i'd like to start -- maybe i'll ask john. you can start off and we will go back and forth. we will leave the media for a little while and they can hear us. but it's something that can be done. there is no reason for this. but again i really believe that those people, it's idealistic, it's wonderful, it's a beautiful thing. but if you think that somebody's going to be able to walk into a school if they feel they are not going to have bullets coming at them from the other direction, you are never going to solve the problem. i feel that. i feel that. i'm certainly open to suggestions. so, john, why don't you start?
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you've put in your fix nicks. >> thank you, mr. president, for getting us together and expressing your sincere concerns. >> the president starting a meeting with bipartisan members of congress, including just to the right off of this picture sitting next to him california senator dianne feinstein. you don't rarely see these two together at a table exchanging ideas, but here that is happening. of course, if you have been following the news in recent days, the president floated scenarios including arming teachers, raising the minimum age for purchasing a firearm, addressing mental health issues and improving the background check system. all of this talk might lead to action, hope many, in the wake of that terrible high school shooting in florida that left 17 people dead. we will bring you the larger points from the meeting. here at home in sebastopol increased security after a threatening message was written in a high school bathroom stall
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yesterday. school administrators sent 1,100 students home just before noon. many children were off campus looking at colleges in san francisco, but they heard about the threat through their teachers and friends. the graffiti was written in marker and it read, in part, "many will die ." >> it had a date and threat and that day was today. >> after all, take care of the kids. >> nobody thinks it will happen in their town, but if you look at the names of the towns it happens in, a lot of them were necessarily on the map before. >> police have leads on threat and it may be connected to previous incidents on campus. the santa clara county board of supervisors proposed a summit. it would bring together teachers, students, parents, doctors and gun dealers to try to come up with solutions on protecting schools and
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preventing future mass shootings. we are not seeing any video released by san francisco police during a community meeting to discuss an officer- involved shooting that happened earlier this month. [ clip playing ] >> that's the sound of dozens of round of gunfire recorded by a san francisco police body camera on february 16th. this is one of seven videos released last night at the town hall meeting. police accuse 31-year-old joel armstrong with shooting two people, killing one of them, following an argument in the city's panhandle. this shows how police tracked the suspect from that area to an rv at a homeless encampment on alameda street. three people inside the rv surrendered. the suspect remained inside. place say during the standoff armstrong shot at officers. officers returned fire, eventually armstrong surrendering, nobody was struck
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by gunfire. neither officers nor mr. armstrong or independent citizens. mr. armstrong fired two rounds from a weapon and seven officers fired approximately 65 rounds from their department- issued weapons. >> prosecutors say armstrong is a transient who served time in prison for illegally possessing a gun. last night several people at the meeting expressed their concern about the number of homeless encampments in the pa trejo hills area. now to the east bay where a 30-year-old man accused of intentionally hitting an alameda county motorcycle deputy is set to be in court today. he faces charges of attempted murder of a peace officer, among other charges. on february 1, the deputy tried to pull him over for a speeding violation, but officers say he put his car in reverse, pinning the deputy on his motorcycle. the deputy fired at the car. the man took off, ditched the car, ran away.
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the detectives identified him using forensic evidence and other leads. the deputy suffered minor injuries to his car and hand. cause for evacuations in southern california. while people in montecito are being asked to leave their homes again. and again here another live look at a situation that's unfolding in san francisco. protesters blocking the streets. some of them linking arms in support of undocumented immigrants and all immigrants in the united states after a number of arrests by federal immigration agents. this is what is happening in san francisco near i.c.e. offices. more after a moment.
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today the ceo of dick's sporting goods announced the national chain will stop selling assault-style weapons across the country. alex savidge spoke to people about the decision and explains what it means for us here in california. >> reporter: responding to the growing calls for gun control in this country, today the ceo of dick's sporting goods decided his stores will stop selling all assault-style weapons like the ar-15, which was used in the florida shooting. speaking on "good morning america" today, edward stack said thoughts and prayers for victims of gun violence are simply not enough. >> looking at those kids and those parents, it moved us all unmajably. and to think about the loss and the grief those kids and
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parents had, we said we need to do something and we are taking guns out of our stores permanently. >> reporter: stack also announced his stores will stop selling high-capacity magazines and require all gun buyers be over the age of 21. these new signs were put up just today. the move resonated with joan. >> i just stopped by in order to tell your store how i appreciated the move that your ceo made. >> reporter: she drove down to this dick's store in santa rosa this morning just to let the manager know she applauded the strong stance taken by the chain's ceo. >> i really appreciate the decision your ceo made about not selling the bump stocks, the assault weapons, and the fact that he is a gun owner, but he said it's gone too far. >> reporter: here in california, state law already bans the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. however, many see this as a
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symbolic step in the right direction. mike pease bought a $300 golf club at this dick's store today to send a message. >> to support them any way i can. this one was, for some reason, i don't have kids. i still get worked up on it. >> reporter: and while many customers are showing strong support for this move, the ceo of dick's is also prepared for a backlash. already we've heard of some customers who want to return their guns to dick's stores in light of today's decision. after the sandy hook school shooting in 2012, dick's stores stopped selling assault weapons. months later, they returned to shelves at dick's outdoor chain called field and stream. the ceo of one of the country's largest outdoor retail chains says these new restrictions on gun sales are permanent.
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alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the last time there was a ban was between 1994 and 2004. in 1993, a gunman armed with automatic weapons opened fire at a law firm at 101 california. eight people were killed. six others were wounded before the gunman killed himself. california senator dianne feinstein called it a tipping point and the main reason for her push for a federal assault weapons ban. ten years later, lawmakers did not extend it. the california shooting is referenced as a reason for california's strict gun laws right. now our state does not allow the sale of assault rifles. owners have to register their weapons by june of this year. we are in for a storm that could effect two commutes, mark? >> yeah. in fact, we will have breaks in the action, but you might go outside and think the storm is long gone. in fact, you have more showers developing that could impact
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both of the commutes tomorrow. we know definitely the thursday morning commute will be impacted because that front will be slicing across northern california and the bay area. right now not a lot of radar coverage just yet. that will be changing especially after 3:00 this afternoon. then by tonight things will be picking up as the first bands of rain, at least the heavier rain bands move in from the north. current numbers in the 40s and the 50s. we have san francisco at 52. freemont 53. livermore 52 degrees. if you have any outdoor plans, doing anything outside, take advantage the next few hours because things will be changing rapidly. here is our live looking across the bay area. definitely lots of clouds back in the bay area. next storm thursday and friday, rainfall most areas picking up 1 to 2 inches. winds will be picking up as well, gusting maybe 45 to 50 miles per hour. and unsettled especially in the friday forecast. there is the chance we could have some thunderstorms, possibly some hail, and it will be cold enough we could have
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some very low snow levels here in the bay area. taking a look at the wind. now, a wind advisory goes into effect tomorrow. gusts over 40 miles per hour. so the possibility of some power outages. winds increasing out of the southerly direction. clouds increasing for today with that chance of a shower. as we expand the view out here in the pacific here is that frontal band. the dividing line between warm air and cold air that moves into the bay area. heavy rainfall beginning tonight, lasting into your thursday morning, and then behind that first wave we are still going to have more showers and some more thunderstorms possibly, especially in your friday forecast here as that cold air moves in and that shower chance will linger into the first half of the weekend for saturday. this will be a big-time snow producer in the sierra with the winter storm warning that begins this afternoon. look at these amounts going way up there. 3 to 5 feet. so this is a major snowfall for the mountains and some very
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difficult travel conditions out, as well. the national weather service issued this. a blizzard warning for lake tahoe. don't see this too often. snowfall, as we mentioned, those high snowfall totals for the higher terrain. keep that in mind if you are heading to the sierra. there is a chance they could be closing down 80 and 50 with the heavy bands moving onshore tomorrow. here is our forecast model. rain picks up tonight and lasts into your thursday morning. there we go. this is thursday morning. here is your commute. 7:00 thursday and then still some rainfall 10:00. could be focused on the southern half of the area. could be heavy rain. then behind this system we will have some breaks but the possibility of showers and thunderstorms especially in the friday forecast. we could have snowy hills in the bay area if things line up in the thursday and friday forecast. temperatures for today in the 50s. that chance of a shower. in fact, that chance increasing later in the afternoon. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. there we go. lots to talk about here. the rain and the wind, cold
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showers into your friday, and the chance of a shower still into saturday. keep that in mind. keep that in focus. sunday we'll be dry. looks like we get a break into monday as well. i guess we have been watching this and it's headed our way. to the south. in southern california people in santa barbara county are being asked to evacuate ahead of tomorrow's storm. details of the fire and mudslide ravaged area of montecito. >> reporter: officials issued a recommended evacuation warning for those in the topis, sherpa, burn areas. still recovering from the deadly montecito mudslides in january, they could be hit hard again. the national weather service predicting there could be heavy rainfall and the county warning residents there is a high risk of loss of life and/or property. the recommended evacuation order, step two of a new three-
12:24 pm
tier warning system implemented after the january mudslides. yesterday residents were told to be in a pre-evacuation mode. now officials are saying they strongly recommend you pack up and get out, and many are heeding the warning. >> we are evacuating probably tonight. yeah. >> reporter: not going to take any chances? >> no. there is no point in taking chance. >> last time i did, i got stuck at home. it was really terrifying. i am definitely going to have a bag ready. >> if this showed us anything, don't mess around. get out. be safe. >> reporter: officials say they will continue to monitor the storm closely and that residents should be on stand-by for a mandatory evacuation order, if necessary. in montecito, fox news. another live look from up above the situation unfolding in san francisco. this is where a rally is
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underway not far from i.c.e. offices. you read here some messagessage the pavement. people marching around, blocking the streets. this is in san francisco. more on this in a moment.
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former trump campaign chairman paul manafort will go on trial weeks before the mid- term elections.
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it's september 17. this comes after manafort pleaded not guilty to money- laundering conspiracy and fraud charges. rumer filed new charges last week against manafort and his business associate richard gates, who also worked on the trump campaign. gates pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy against the united states and making a false statement to special counsel lawyers as part of a deal with mueller to cooperate in the investigation. president trump is attacking attorney general jeff sessions saying he isn't doing enough to investigate whether the fbi abused government surveillance powers in the russian investigation. they will evaluate whether prosecutors and agents abused the foreign intelligence surveillance act in obtaining a warrant. the president said why is a.g. jeff sessions asking the inspector general to investigate massive fisa abuse? it will take forever. has no prosectorial power. already reports on comey, et
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cetera. the santa cruz city council has declared a fiscal emergency. now city leaders are preparing a ballot measure to increase the city's sales tax by .25%. officials say that could raise $3 million in new revenue a year, which would go into the city's general fund. they say would help decrease the city's deficit, which is expected it rise to $23 million in the next five years. a peek at stocks here. stocks made gains early on. here we are on the losing side. dow jones industrial down by .75%, losing almost 200 points. we'll be right back.
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a developing story in san francisco. that's where immigrants rights groups are rallying at i.c.e. offices in san francisco. you see the protest from high above. they have written "bay area united against i.c.e." in the middle of the street there. 150 undocumented immigrants were arrested in california. >> reporter: we are at the corner of jackson and washington where a rally, protests against i.c.e. is well underway. several hundred people are here protesting, blocking streets. we also have four groups at
12:33 pm
least of people chained together blocking at least two gates outside the i.c.e. building here on stafford in san francisco. they say they will be here as long as it takes to protest and block what they call racist deportation. just a few minutes ago we talked to [ inaudible ] and he said that san francisco would do everything it takes. in recent days, i.c.e. has arrested more than 150 people for immigration violations. many of these people had criminal violations, as well, or resisted previous deportation orders. we will be hearing from the san francisco public defender within the next half hour or so. for now, this focus is well underway. if you are planning to go through the area, you are advised to take alternate routes. for now, that's the latest. >> thank you. happening now, the body of
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reverend billy graham is lying in honor at the u.s. capitol. we are bringing you live pictures here as many people stop to pay their respects and say their final good-byes to the reverend. reporter lauren blanchard with more on the tribute to the late reverend. >> reporter: congress has canceled votes today and tomorrow and the capitol has become a makeshift memorial site. for seven hours the american public will be given the opportunity to pay their respects to the late billy graham here in washington. the hearse carrying america's pastor arriving at the u.s. capitol. the late reverend billy graham, who was 99 years old, to lie in honor in the capitol rotunda. a rare distinction. >> if there is any american who's life and life's work deserves this, it's billy graham. >> reporter: the christien evangelist preached to millions and prayed with 12 u.s. presidents. his casket placed on a historic platform draped into a black cloth used only for memorials
12:35 pm
and formal funerals. >> they built this pine platform for president lincoln's funeral. >> reporter: reverend graham the fourth citizen giving the distinction of lying in honor. the others two capitol police officers killed in the line of duty and civil rights icon rosa parks. >> he was a real leader and a wonderful man and he deserves the respect of the american people. >> reporter: former presidents bill clinton and george w. bush remembering the pastor in his hometown of charlotte, north carolina earlier this week. while president trump attending the capitol ceremony as well as friday's funeral service. lawmakers say they recognize graham's impact on the nation. >> fred trump was a big fan. fred trump was my father. >> what he did here to minister to folks on both sides of the aisle, i think that's what we really desperately need here as americans today. >> reporter: reverend graham's casket will be escorted out of the rotunda thursday morning. a treat funeral service will be
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held friday in -- a private funeral service will be held friday in charlotte. plans are moving forward to honor san jose's 13 police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty since 1924. yesterday the city decided to select napa-based artist gordon huther to build the mural. this will be in front of the police headquarters on mission street. it's estimated to cost $450,000. it should be done by may 2019. a nursing facility in san jose facing allegations of patient dumping. courtyard care of san jose is charged with illegally discharging two presidents on the seat. a class-action lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a patient and a former patient of the facility. the complaint says the mistreatment is a common practice known as dumping which skilled nursing facilities use to get rid of their poorest and neediest residents to make room for more lucrative clients. >> they put both of my clients out on to the street when they
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were suffering from debilitating medical conditions. >> the spokeswoman for courtyard care responded, quote, no merit to the allegations, and they could not comment specifically regarding their patients. in vallejo an investigation claiming that a substitute teacher hit a special-needs student. cristina rendon spoke to the mother of the 6-year-old who says she wants the teachers, school, and district to be accountable. >> he was like, mommy, miss patty hit me in my face. >> reporter: cell phone pictures shared by lineka hawkins showed her 6-year-old made famous after he was alleged by slapped on the cheek by a substitute teacher. hawkins says it happened last friday at highland elementary in vallejo where her son is a special-needs student. he has a speech impediment and learning disability.
12:38 pm
hawkins doesn't know what led up to the incident, but her son says he asked the teacher for space before he was allegedly hit. >> all because he wanted some space? how can you not understand that he is 6 years old? when it comes to special ed kids, you have to be well trained to cope with them. and you have to keep your composure. >> reporter: hawkins is furious with how this was handled. she says school officials called her, but no one else. >> everybody is confused on why it happened and why didn't the school call the police. why was she able to leave the campus freely without being in handcuffs? >> reporter: hawkins filed a report with vallejo police and the vallejo city unified school district. a district spokeswoman released a statement saying they were saddened to hear a teacher reportedly struck a student. the teacher was identified as a substitute and immediately pulled from the site.
12:39 pm
hawkins says an apology isn't enough to calm her son's fears. >> for him to break down like he did when the bus pulled up, he was scared to go on the bus because he didn't want to get slapped again, that's hurtful as a parent to know that my son used to love going to school and now he is traumatized. >> reporter: vallejo police are classifying the case as an assault investigation and the school district is cooperating. meanwhile, hawkins wants someone to be accountable and she is looking into possible legal action against the district. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. there is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to the person who has been shooting at the tech companies' commuter buses. there have been several reports of someone using a pellet gun to target those charter buses in the south bay and peninsula. buses carrying workers at companies including google and apple have been hit. the reward money is being offered by the storer bus company out of san francisco. the president of the san francisco firefighters union is
12:40 pm
speaking out about the problem of auto break-ins in the city after someone broke into his vehicle. tom o'connor tweeted a photo from the firefighters union account showing his suv with a smashed window. the tweet included the mayor's twitter handle with oproblemshere and city's fine. he said it happened in front of city hall as he was inside in the middle of contract negotiations. o'connor said he wasn't trying to be a critic of the mayor. >> no one is immune from this, these break-ins. it wasn't a dig at the mayor by any stretch. so that backfired. and also we actually support the mayor's efforts at identifying this as a big problem. >> car break-ins in san francisco are at an epidemic. i said it time and time again. parking your car in san francisco should not be a game of roulette. we we need to fix the issue. >> more than 30,000 auto break- ins were reported in san francisco last year. the d.a. is asking the board of supervisors for $1 million to
12:41 pm
create a task force to deal with the problem. the a's may are moving out of the coliseum. the reason the raiders are not on board with all these changes. also, biggest storm of the season is headed our way. a live look. we see some blue sky and clouds. boy, this picture is going to change in the coming hours. mark tamayo next with your forecast. also, back to the city as we bring you another live picture of what's happening on the ground near i.c.e. offices in san francisco. an i.c.e. rally is underway. people have chained their arms together. this is impacting traffic as well. more after a break.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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people in livermore saw something they don't see every day. an army blackhawk helicopter landed about 8:30 this morning. the captain was teaching students about how an army helicopter crew cares for people during emergencies and natural disasters. the helicopter is leaving the school pretty soon here at 1:00. speaking about the big storm heading our way, a lot of people have preparations to make today, mark? >> that's a good point, gasia. not only the rainfall, but the wind could lead to power outages out there. so watching out for that as a storm system approaches the bay area. outside right now though we are kind of waiting for things to develop. san jose has some sunshine with partly cloudy skies. not too much happening right now. it's taking some time until late tonight for things to develop down in the south bay. in san francisco, definitely the clouds are increasing, moving in from the north. here is our camera looking
12:45 pm
towards the golden gate bridge. solid overcast over the north bay already. some of the storm highlights, we are not talking about a few sprinkles or 0.01-inch. could be topping 2 inches. winds are cranking up with a wind advisory for tomorrow. gusts could be 40 to 50 miles per hour in the sierra. this will be a major deal. they have a blizzard warning for lake tahoe for thursday. here is our forecast model showing you the rainfall projections, and this is right through thursday. as i mentioned, those numbers adding up to over 1 inch. heavy downpours especially for the morning commute. friday we will have downpours out there. that will add to those numbers friday and saturday as well. showing you this. the satellite and the clouds streaming into northern california in the bay area. some green towards eureka, cape mendocino, and even some snowfall as well. this is another cold system. we will have low snow levels in
12:46 pm
northern california and the bay area. there is a good chance we will have some snow piling up on our hills. the snow levels possibly down to around 2,000 feet, maybe lower than that in some of the heavier downpours. current numbers, 40s and 50s. napa 49. san jose 5 degrees. clouds increasing with that possibility still of a shower this afternoon. that will be changing though for this evening as this front moves onshore and some very cold air behind this moves in for friday. tomorrow some heavy rain focused for the morning hours, but still as we had the breaks in the afternoon, that sets up the instability for the downpours to develop into the afternoon hours and with that we could be talking about some thunder and possibly some hail and that will be the same story as we take this into your friday. we are going to hold on to some showers into your saturday forecast as well. at this point sunday appears to be okay. winter storm warning in the sierra and a blizzard warning for lake tahoe. look at these amounts piling up for the higher elevations.
12:47 pm
possibly 5 feet of snow between tonight right on through sunday. so this will be a major snow producer. a big game changer in the mountains. here is our forecast model. you can pick out 5:00 this afternoon some clouds. a possibility of a shower. things develop after 7:00 tonight, especially, and then this is tonight. the rainfall picking up. in is heavier rain thursday morning and then this was friday morning as well. so a lot of accumulating water on the roadways. this will lead to a rough thursday morning commute. then later in the day we have some more breaks in the action. that's when we could have more thunderstorms lining up. for thursday, for friday the possibility still of some scattered showers, thunderstorms, and some hail. forecast highs for this afternoon 50s to 60 degrees. here is your five-day forecast. rainfall tomorrow. tracking some hail, possibly you have been hearing that grapple world as well, and sunday should be dry out there with partly cloudy skies.
12:48 pm
i was watching the morning news team today, gasia. you were talking about the rough commute tomorrow morning. can't stress that enough. it will be a challenge with lots of water on the snow. >> everybody wants to go to the sierra and gets in some skiing and snowboarding in. >> i wouldn't do it. despite the fact the oakland a's are looking for a stadium, they are spicing things up. they are adding a party deck in the left field stands. this is called the treehouse. it will feature a redwood patio and open air bar and lounge and views of the field. the team hopes the $1 million structure attracts younger fans aboost low attendance. it also means tearing out 300 seats, which the raiders sold to season ticket holders. coliseum officials say they are working on possible solutions. spring training in full swing for the a's and giants in arizona. a month away from opening day
12:49 pm
as teams work to refine their roster. they are optimistic about the upcoming season. we plan to get a look at both clubs as mark ibanez heads to arizona today. he will have live reports through the weekend. the warriors are gearing up to face the washington wizards tonight. instead of visiting president trump at the white house, the warriors spent their off day with a group of children at the national museum of african- american history and culture. in fact, the entire team took this photo at the museum. they are standing in front of a quote from the late reverend martin luther king jr. in 1955 just days after rosa parks was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat on a bus in alabama. the quote says, "we are determined here in montgomery to work and fight until justice runs down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream." ". ahead, a company of doctors is looking to expand in vitro fertilization. the new technology that
12:50 pm
predicts the chances of conceiving. the situation in san francisco. this is where an i.c.e. rally is underway near the federal offices. the protesters have linked arms. they are blocking off major intersections. a message in the middle of the street. more live coverage after a break.
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california has the worst quality of life in the country according to a new survey by editors at u.s. news. the study ranked all 50 states across eight categories. health care, fiscal stability, crime, and quality of life. the quality of life category found california coming in dead last. the states that came in top included north dakota, minnesota, and wisconsin. when taking all the categories into consideration, california came in 32nd in the best state survey. iowa took the top spot. new technology is offering a personalized approach to fertility treatment. a new method involves putting moms and dads' age, bmi and hormone levels to the test. >> reporter: it's a road many couples walk blindly. only holding on to hope that fertility treatments like ivf will be the key to having a bay bridge. now doctors in caramel say they are using new technology that
12:54 pm
prediction your chances of conceiving. it includes age, body mass index, hormone levels and a man's fertility level. they are put into a model and it gives a credit score for fertility. >> they like seeing the numbers. they want something else objective more so than just what their doctor is advising them to do. this says, you know, based on your numbers, and other people that have similar numbers, what's your likelihood? >> reporter: a woman's result she is her chances of having a bay bridge in 3ivf cycles. under this problem, if a patient needs all three cycles, that's included in the total price of $23,500. one round is typically $20,000. doctors are so sure about this program, they are offering a refund if they don't deliver on their promise that you will deliver a bay bridge. it's based on your personal data. for example, if your results show a lower chance of having a
12:55 pm
bay bridge, your refund will be lower. >> it's being honest. hey, here is your chance of success. you know, we feel confident about these numbers, and so we can't give you an 80% refund, but potentially a 30% refund, which is still better than zero percent refund. >> the company recently raised $6 million to expand the predictive platform. we are on top of that developing news we have been sharing throughout this newscast. the situation in san francisco as protesters are blocking the streets. they are demonstrating against immigration and customs enforcement's recent raids across the bay area and the region which resulted in 150 people in the country illegally being taken into custody. this all comes as the head of i.c.e. speaks out against oakland mayor libby schaaf. details on "the four on 2". a peek at stocks. the dow jones industrial has dropped down to 1.25% losing more than 300 point after a
12:56 pm
session that started off strong. essentially flattened and then is now on the losing side. to the south bay here. the film festival is underway. it's the 28th year. it will feature 258 films. also, virtual reality experiences during the two-week run. last night's headliner was the williams h. macy film about addiction a decade in the making. >> there is a lot of places to tell your story, and i love the work that's being done. i think we are in a golden age. >> these are the people at the forefront of a different kind of creativity who are pushing all these other things in the world forward. we just make it look pretty and tell interesting stories. >> tonight at 7:30 actor and director nick nicolas cage will be honored with an award. thank you for choosing ktvu today at noon. our coverage continues at, facebook, and twitter. keep in mind, there is a storm rolling in. you will see it and feel it for
12:57 pm
the evening commute until the early morning hours. we will be here for for "mornings on 2" tomorrow to guide you through what could be intense rain and wind. stay with us. thanks for joining us. us.
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