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you know music . >> you are very sharp. >> we have our own little areas where we are okay. that was the band when i was growing up. low snow levels are possible today along with hail. if it gets into the hills now you are talking mission peek, sonoma mountain. if it gets below that you are a grizzly peek. below that the san bruno mountains. it is in the forecast later today and tonight into tomorrow. we get a little break. a front went through yesterday. for me it is all about me right here, when that front went through at about 1130 i was like, wow. that was pretty intense. i'm sure you encountered it if you were out driving. now we are in between. the front has gone through and now the colder air is filtering in. once it does it will destabilize the atmosphere and we will pop-up is widely scattered showers. 30s and 40s on the temperatures
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. more cloud coverage to the south. they are held up a little bit more in the 40s. a lot of 30s. lafayette, walnut creek, blackhawk. there are some partly cloudy skies and there. this will be an active pattern. the cold air arrives today and it will really arrive by later today. off and on rain. hail and low snow levels possible tonight and into tomorrow. 4:31 on a friday. let's hope today is a little quieter. this man was dancing fast yesterday . >> by the way, joan baez also did that song. she is on a final to her i saw. she's doing that song. good morning. we have better conditions as we look at some of these commutes. you can see traffic is moving along relatively well. there have been no major issues driving through. if you're driving to san francisco it is a nice looking drive as well. there have been no major problems.
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80 westbound, fairfield, vacaville traffic is looking good. yesterday at this time we had traffic that was very slow, even at this hour, because of the heavy rain. right now you can tell the road centers look green. that is what we want to see. you can see traffic is looking good as you drive on 680 and it continues to look good all the way to the bay bridge. let's go back to dave. a man who was convicted in the 2012 murders of a family of a five in san francisco was sentenced to life in prison. been time luke was given five consecutive life sentences. no chance of parole. investigators say he was deep in debt and facing eviction and killed the family while robbing them after he just lost money at a casino. in florida jury selection enters a second day in orlando in the trial of the widow of the pulse nightclub shooter. 31-year-old noor salman pled not guilty to federal obstruction of justice charges,
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aiding a terror organization, and lying to investigators. prosecutors say she knew about the attack ahead of time and did not warn the authorities. omar mateen, her husband, killed 49 people at the nightclub on june 12 of 2016 before he was shot and killed by police. salmon was arrested here in the bay area after she moved to her mother's home in rodeo. court documents suggest the defense will argue she was abused and feared for her life. if convicted she could get life in prison. a nursing assistant in walnut creek accused of sexually assaulting a patient. 29-year-old cody bock of clayton has been arrested on charges of felony. police say he turned himself in after a warrant was issued for his arrest. police started investigating him in october after a patient reported being sexually assaulted.
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the hospital says he has been placed on administrator leave. a couple from joshua tree in southern california is in jail. their three young children were discovered living in a plywood box. the children are 14, 13, and 11. san bernardino county sheriff's deputies say the children had been living in the box for four years. deputies found them and their parents while checking out the property earlier this week. they thought the blaze was abandoned. there were mounds of trash all over the place. an empty trailer had up to 40 cats roaming inside and there was no electricity or running water. the fbi arrested a man who was suspected of sending threatening letters containing white powder to donald trump junior at -- and a law professor at stanford. 24-year-old daniel for cello was charged in massachusetts. he is accused of sending letters with powder to five people including stanford professor michelle dubber who
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opened it on valentine's day. the wife of donald trump junior ended up in the hospital after opening another letter two days earlier. that substance turned out to be cornstarch and no one was hurt. in a statement michelle dubber said, quote, i am relieved that an arrest has been made. it is important to let the criminal process work. our campaign is not going to be intimidated by threats and personal attacks. miss dubber is leading the effort to recall south bay judge aaron persky after his controversial six-month prison sentence of a former stanford swimmer for sexual assault. a new report shows violent crime is down in san francisco. property crimes are a different story. amberley reports on the 2017 crime stats that were released yesterday. >> reporter: homeowner john
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smolinski is the block captain of la playa park neighborhood watch in san francisco's outer sunset neighborhood. he has taken security precautions in response to concerns over property crimes. he says saturday afternoon thieves kicked down a neighbors door to burglarize the homa . >> there is a pandemic of package theft out here as well. apartment building owner down the street, he has had his garage broken into several times. >> reporter: crime statistics show that there were 54,000 property crimes reported in 2017, up i 7000 cases from the year before. that includes home burglaries, bicycle and package theft, and vehicle break-ins. police say often the thieves they arrest are given probation, not jail time. and then they go out and commit another crime . >> we catch them again committing another crime, rather than send them to joe for the first crime they give them probation again. there are no consequences for
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that. >> reporter: that cycle may help explain the citywide spike in vehicle break-ins. the crime report shows a nearly 25 percent increase. police say property crimes can happen in any neighborhood, but the hotspots include popular tourist attractions such as lombard street, palace of fine arts, and japan town. >> it is a target rich environment. when they know they can commit crimes here and not really face significant consequences if caught you have no reason to go commit crimes anywhere else. >> reporter: residents are frustrated . >> slaps on the wrist should probably stop. if you repeatedly commit these property crimes there should be some harsher sentencing. >> reporter: police urge anyone who sees something suspicious to report it right away. the department says it has increased patrols and they have seen a downward trend in property crimes starting late last year. in san francisco with ktvu fox2 news. san francisco's interim
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mayor mark farrell supports a ballot measure that would speed up the timeline for the police to buy tasers for its officers. >> we would be better off to have it passed through the commission. i think everybody believes that. they have had it in front of them for months and have not acted. until such time as they do act on a policy that makes sense or allows our will -- our men and women to use this equipment i will be supporting the ballot measure. >> that measures backed by the police union. if approved it would allow the police department to buy tasers as soon as august. supporters say they don't want to wait until december. that was a date set by the police commission last year. william scott says he opposes the ballot measure. he says it would prevent the police commission from making changes to the policy. federal park police in san francisco's presidio are asking
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for your help with a suspected domestic violence case. police say a man and a woman got into a car like this one after getting into a physical fight at about 10:00 tuesday morning. investigators say they left the presidio, possibly through the lumbar to gate in a silver 2012 - 2015 volkswagen jetta. the paper license plates. park police say they are concerned for the safety and welfare of both people. they are asking anyone that may have information to call the police. a giants fan who was attacked at a los angeles dodgers game will speak to some bay area students today about bullying. back in 2011 you remember bryan stow was assaulted by two men outside dodger stadium. that attack caused serious brain damage. it took brian years to learn how to speak and walk again. recently brian has spent his time speaking about anti- bullying at schools. later this morning he will address students at o'hara park
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middle school in oakland. the message today will focus on being kind to others. and telling children to speak out against bullying. parts of santa barbara county now under mandatory evacuation orders. coming up, the concern that heavy rains on the way could trigger dangerous mudslides. good morning. we are off to a better start than yesterday. it is dry and most areas. that is helping out the commute. cold air is arriving and that will really fire up thunderstorm activity later today. we start out pretty quite, but that will change this afternoon.
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welcome back. today is the deadline for students to apply for two popular programs to help pay for college. the two programs are free
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application for federal student aid and the california dream act. federal student aid is for students who are you a citizens or have green cards. the dream act is for noncitizens who attended a california high school for at least three years. applications for the dream act grant are down. officials the undocumented students are worried about the trump administration's immigration crackdown. the state superintendent says fear should not keep students from applying for financial aid they earned and they deserve. happening today, public schools around the state will be taking part in the national education association's 21st annual read across america celebration. teachers meet up with parents, city officials, and celebrities to read stories to kids and promote literacy. read across america is also always held on or near march 2 to honor the birthday of the popular children's author theodore seuss kiesel better
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known as dr. seuss. . two young girls in the east bay share a special bond, both have had heart transplants. maureen naylor tells us how a school nurse connected them to each other. >> reporter: in many ways leanne lou is a typical 11-year- old. the sixth-grader was born with a congenital heart condition and had a transplant last july. >> i couldn't run the. i couldn't do hard activities or i would get tired. i felt alone and it different. >> reporter: she was not alone. a school nurse from the pleasanton unified school district knew of another girl who also had a heart transplant here at lucille packard and she made what turned out to be a heartfelt connection. >> before meeting her i was the only pediatric heart transplant recipient in all of tri-valley.
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>> reporter: megan was born healthy. when she was eight she found out her heart was bigger and weaker than it was supposed to be. the high school freshman ultimately had a heart transplant two years ago. >> it was insane. you don't think that there'd be another person like you, but there is . >> i wasn't surprised and happy because there was somebody like me. >> reporter: after months of talking on the phone the two had never met in person. until today. appropriately, at heart middle school. >> don't be afraid to tell anyone. you will be fine. >> reporter: the two discussed matching scars and recovery stories. megan tells why she wanted to help . >> somebody did that for me and it makes me feel good about being able to help someone in the situation that i was in. >> reporter: leanne is now
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running and learning to swim and wants to help others just like she was helped. they know no matter what lies ahead they will have someone who knows what it was like to walk in the others issues. in pleasanton with ktvu fox2 news . skiers and snowboarders will enjoy fresh snow this weekend in the sierra. lake tahoe ski resorts were hit with the biggest winter storm of the season. look at this video shared with us by kirkwood. a lot of snow but poor visibility. a groomer at squaw valley, squall alpine sure this video. this is the white out conditions . the tweet says at some points it was snowing four inches an hour. they make it even more snow today. sala knows all about the morning commute. >> good morning. right now we are off to a good start in the tracy commute. much better then it normally is. usually we see stop and go traffic, but right now we just see a little slowing on the
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ultima pass. you see a little yellow, which means slow, but not a lot of red, which means stop and go. looking good from livermore to dublin all the way to castro valley. on 880 it is moving along nicely. the forecast calls for showers, but right now it is not raining . that really does help us out. yesterday it was raining pretty hard at this time. the bay bridge is dry and traffic is moving along well. i have to point to the flags. now the flags are not moving at all. they are still and down. we look at the flags a lot. now there is no wind at the toll plaza. >> i would say wait about 15 minutes and they will pickup some. you are correct. from one extreme to the other. we do have partly cloudy skies. some areas are clear and some are still under cloudy skies. we get a break from the rain. it will show up later. the cold air has moved in so here is, on elevations like hamilton and st. helena now
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you're getting down to 2500 feet or lower, that would be mission peaks, sonoma mounds. and then grizzly peek and san bruno mountain, if we get snow down to san bruno mountain it will be down very low. below that we have something else to talk about. there will be some low slope -- snow levels in the hills and to the north even lower. we had some all the way at mendocino county. colder further north. 1500 feet or 2000 if there's enough available moisture tonight into tomorrow. the front went through and that was the best one i've seen in a long time. now we are starting to get the cold air coming in. nothing too much yet, but they are popping up a little bit. it is early and they are already popping up near bodega bay. some of these may fall apart. near hamilton you can see that from the radar. there will be some isolated showers coming in on the san
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mateo coast and into the city. again, nothing too big. they are already moving in and there is no heating yet. this system will continue to pump and a lot of cold air and does stabilize the atmosphere. upper 30s for some. panel 37. 21 in truckee. still snow showers up there. a lot quieter than yesterday. now as this cold air comes in they will get their share of those later this afternoon. things are a little better there , but not done yet nor will they be done tomorrow. this is the best cold pool we have seen in a long time. that comes in and will give us a wide variety. maybe thunderstorms, hail, low snow and off and on hill today. tomorrow turning to more showers 50s on the temperatures. low to mid-. this will be probably the coolest day. if not today, maybe tomorrow. after that clearing out. sunday looks okay. a little warmer monday and tuesday. the next rain is next wednesday. if you want something to
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do this weekend ktvu mornings on two can help you whether you are a fan of flowers or you love food or you like freezing for a cause, there is something for you to do. rosemary tells us more on the we can watch. >> reporter: heading into the weekend and here are a few events happening around the bay. calling on rummage sale enthusiasts . the 59th white elephant sale will be in upland on saturday. the 96 on saturday. the 96,000 square foot warehouse of treasures is at 33 lancaster street. across the bay bridge san francisco will celebrate african-american tradition at the festival on saturday in the bayview district. you can enjoy a variety of food venues. feeling adventurous? the annual polar plunge is on saturday. freeze your tail or watch others during the dachshund splash at the aquatic parks to
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benefit the special olympics of northern california. it is free to observe, but you must raise $125 to participate. 100,000 tulips are expected to fill union square on saturday for the american tulip day. you are being invited to. your own bunch from the carpal displays free of charge. if you prefer magnolias had to the san francisco botanical garden for the magnolia -- magnolia plant sale on saturday. the annual bloom of nearly 100 where magnolias are at their peek from mid january through march. in the south bay visit the 34th annual tales and no tales cat show. that is saturday and sunday at the santa clara county fairgrounds in san jose. in the north bay sonoma county restaurant week starts this weekend. get a prefixed lunch or dinner at a discounted price at participating restaurants. in sports sharks are home and warriors are away. that is your weekend watch. >> thank you. dozens of homeless veterans will get a chance to
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start over. up next groundbreaking on a new affordable housing complex in san francisco.
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welcome back. today a valuable resource for fire victims and business owners in sonoma county will end . the u.s. small business administration's disaster field operations center will close today at noon.
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it was established shortly after the october wildfires to help businesses and the people affected by those fires. the state of california says it spent $1.8 billion biting last year's wildfires . the the federal government should reimburse most of it for most of the money spent was with the more -- the northbay fires in october. those fires killed 44 people and destroyed almost 9000 buildings. the fires that swept through ventura and santa barbara counties in december cost a lot less to fight. san francisco broke ground yesterday on a new affordable housing complex for veterans in the mission bay neighborhood. it will be on third street. 62 units will be set aside for homeless veterans . the the building will also provide housing for 56 low income families. the complex is the dream of the late mayor ed lee who will be honored when the building is finished . >> we are formally dedicating
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this affordable housing site to our mayor edwin m lee. when these buildings are completed they will bear his name . >> the construction of the housing complex is due to be finished in november of next year. elon musk says he can help ease the traffic jams in both the bay area and in new york city. after president trump's recent announcement on improving the nation's infrastructure musk went on social media to talk about his infrastructure ideas. he blames rising costs of bureaucracy and the private sector consulting industries. musk says through technology and reduced labor cost he can build another trans bay tube at a 10th of the cost and a fifth of the time. fox has announced plans to air a two hour o.j. simpson special. the video contains the previously unseen 2006
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interview where simpson talks about what could have happened the night his ex-wife was murdered. o.j. simpson was acquitted of criminal charges in the 1994 stabbing deaths of nicole brown simpson and her friend ron goldman. the fox special entitled o.j. simpson, the lost confession will air march 11 at 8 pm and will be hosted by silver dad o'brien. good news for low income residents of san francisco, if you have parking tickets. coming up we will tell you about a new program that will help you pay those fees. new information from i.c.e about the controversial immigration raids here in the bay area. it looks like we are getting a little back up at the toll plaza. nothing major. we see a couple of lanes getting a little bit crowded. better than yesterday. we will tell you more about the morning commute when we come back. it is not often if you like to chase, today might be a good day.
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it may be one where thunderstorm activity is in the mix. more on that coming up.
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fell prey >> it's a nice day. -- it's a nice day. >> they appreciate the older music. that's a very clear look on the bay bridge at the bay bridge. there's something about whether like we've had that makes for a beautiful clear day afterward. that's beautiful. thank you for joining us for your friday morning, march 2. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm an old man. i am dave


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