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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 2, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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backgrounds to attend. other guests will be from charities and local schools as well as community members. ♪[music] >> all right. the clock says 9:00. and off we go. good morning so san francisco and beyond. friday is here, as are the pockets of rain, maybe even lightning and snow on mount tam. that sounds fun. welcome to the 9 as we look at san francisco there. city by the bay. happy friday. gasia is off.
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pam will hang out with us for the next hour or so. >> my wife got a tattoo earlier this week. i bring it up because of the response that she is getting. not what does she think. people are asking, what does mike think. she says -- i don't care. it is her body. >> what does mike think. >> i don't care. what was you want. would you care if your significant other -- >> no. if she really wanted it. she is an adult woman. >> i'm glad to hear that she said i didn't consult mike before doing this. >> she had a brief consult. >> talk about yourself in the third person. >> anyway, hope you're having a good friday morning, everyone. the weather is still an issue around here. it is not done. let's check in with rosemary. >> yes. happy friday to you. it will be an interesting one out there. a mix of sun, clouds, showers, hail, thunderstorms, the whole bit. even snow falling in our hills.
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let's take a look at what is going on as far as the rainfall amounts we have seen thus far. three and four inches seen across portions of the north bay. areas over lexington hills more than three inches. san francisco, almost it looks like an inch and 7/10. more on the way. the center of the storm is still over areas of the pacific northwest. it will be here for most of the day. it will continue to bring us rounds and rounds, not only for today but perhaps into your saturday. as we get into the bay area a little closer here, you can see the rain moving on shore. if i sweep in even closer, we will look at what is going on. we have rain and snow mix right over the santa cruz mountains. areas over mount hamilton continue to see it as well. let's take a look at what is going on there from the lake observatory. we had snow earlier in the week. seeing it once again this week.
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over in the south bay, steady rain for the folks trying to get into work this morning. sunnyvale and san jose and areas like fremont. milpitas, we have some there. let's take a shift towards the peninsula and the coast where we have rain over areas of pacifica. the north edge of san francisco, getting over into areas of marin and crossing that golden gate bridge. i see a little snow over mount tam. take a look at that. snow down to about 2,000 feet. even 1400 feet reported in some areas. look to the east bay. we continue to see rain here crossing the bay bridge, crossing the richmond san rafael. over towards martinez as well. this is what we will see throughout today. just on and off stuff. snow will continue to fall in our hills as well as the sierra. we will take a look at the amounts of snow that they have received so far in the sierra. and just how long the storm will last coming up in a little bit. >> thank you, rosemary.
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well, as steve mentioned, there are a few scattered showers in the bay area today. rosemary talking about it as well. thursday's storm, yesterday, not as big as many had hoped. any helps since we have been talking about drought conditions. some of the biggest rainfalls in sonoma and marin county. kent field got four inches of rain. steve was talking about snow this morning on mount tam and a lot of low elevations. that is good news for our water supply. water districts monitoring the lakes up in the marin watershed. this is a look at phoenix watershed. a place that people like to enjoy. >> down in southern california there is concern that the storms could cause problems in santa barbara county. a mandatory vacation order in in effect for 30,000 people. one trouble spot ismont city
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that -- is montecito which was hit hard by the thomas fire. interstate 80 is open again after being closed because of dangerous conditions. caltrans opened the highway around 7:00 this morning. it was closed westbound between the nevada state line and colfax. we just checked and chains are still required on all vehicles, even 4-wheel-drive vehicles unless you have snow tires. brian hickey is in colfax where there are a lot of people who are happy to see interstate 80 open again. >> reporter: it was just after 7:00 this morning when they released traffic here. drivers are making their way up the mountain this morning. the sun is now out here in colfax. great news for drivers trying to get up to the powder.
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colfax was a camp ground last night. this is what it looked like as the interstate shut down because of blizzard conditions, traction problems for big rigs and crashes. the chp shut it down and then they got it cleared and reopened this morning. it was 5:08 to be exact when they lifted the closure at colfax. a lot of people were excited to get up there. one volleyball family too. >> most of our team is up there. the show must go on. the tournament is still on. so i had a workday yesterday so i couldn't get on the road until this morning. i thought i was going to beat the closure but i didn't. >> i think we would have made it up easier. >> reporter: now the concern is getting home. make sure that you have a plan. brian hickey, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i looked up on caltrans
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website and they say snow rated tires. if it has an m or s or an m/s, those are snow rated tires. >> i have to check. i thought i would be fine. >> watching that video, i saw suvs in that video with chains on their wheels anyways. i'm not sure if the guy checking has actually read the vehicle code. >> honestly i have driven up one time with 4-wheel-drive when they insisted chains. that's not the kind of road that you want to drive on. that is good information though. >> check your tires. >> let's talk about the immigration sweeps here. new details on the immigration operation in northern california that ended on wednesday. ice arrested it 32 people over four days. it also says 180 of them were either convicted criminals
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issued a deportation order or returned to the united states illegally. of those 115 had felony convictions. the white house says the justice department is reviewing the actions of oakland mayor libby schaaf after she warned the public last weekend that raids were imminent. the acting director of ice claims authorities could have made 800 arrests if mayor schaaf had not issued the warning. >> i think it is outrageous that a mayor would circumvent federal authorities and certainly put them in danger by making a move such as that. and it is currently under review by the department of justice. >> mayor schaaf's office says it is unaware of a review. yesterday on the 4 on 2, the alameda county sheriff was critical of her actions. >> any time that you warn criminals ahead of time that law enforcement is going to be responding, you jeopardize those officer that's will be responding. i would recommend we don't suggest to criminals that law
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enforcement is coming to look for you. >> now, many people in oakland say they support the mayor's actions. >> i support her. you know, in light of everything that is going on. it just went out as a heads-up to people. and she was very clear about that. she just wanted people to be prepared. >> in a statement -- >> ice actually blamed sanctuary city policies. the agency says ice has no choice but to continue to conduct at large arrests in local neighborhoods and at work sites which inevitably result in additional collateral arrests instead of focuses on jails and prisons where transfers are safer for ice and the community. we continue to follow a shooting at central michigan university. this is in mount pleasant. just about an hour north of lancing. according to michigan state police, two people were killed at a residents hall on campus.
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police say the two killed are not students. and they also say they believe the shooting started from a domestic situation. students despite that still being advised to shelter in place. the city posted information about a gunman on facebook. they say they're looking for a 19-year-old man who they consider to be armed and dangerous. also happening right now, the funeral for the reverend billy graham is taking place in charlotte, north carolina. we want to take you there live this morning to some of the events taking place in honor of him. first lady melania trump joining more than 2,000 people for that invite-only ceremony. it is being held under a large tent which is a reminder how graham's ministry launched during a 1949 crusade in downtown los angeles. he died at his home in north carolina last week at the age of 99. president trump will meet with video game makers as an
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effort to reduce gun violence. he will meet with members of the industry to discuss violence in the games and how it may play a role in school shootings. it says numerous scientific studies found no link between graphic media content and real- life violence. the group says games are played worldwide but other countries are not plagued with gun violence. former first lady laura bush has opened up an exhibit to show the impact that first ladies have had throughout the years. it features photos of the first ladies. she is proud of the achievements. her own mother-in-law barbara bush she says was an inspiration. she reflects on the september 11th attack, saying it changed
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everything. it led to one of her most rewarding experiences, becoming a champion for making education available to girls and women in afghanistan. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, a debate over people taking smoke breaks at work. up next, what some nonsmokers are asking for in return for not lighting up.
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>> welcome back. checking in on stocks right now. another down day. it recovered about 100 points though from the opening. the dow was down 300 points. now down 209. the s&p 500 also down. but the nasdaq is posting a gain now. getting help from good earnings reports, including the gap reporting good numbers. >> investors are worried in regards to president trump's plan that he announced
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yesterday to impose tariffs. >> very much so. >> on steel and aluminum. james mcbride with the mcbride group is joining us live on the phone. do you think the market is overreacting in regards to the announcement about the tariffs by the president or is this expected, james? >> well, it's expected in the sense that what the president has done is added massive uncertainty to the market. and investors don't know what he is thinking. is this a bargaining chip. is the guy serious. if you look at the reaction of the markets in the united states, europe and asia, they're all going down. >> if you think about t the announcement at first sight is, oh, we will keep jobs here and business here. but this is going to affect all of the care makers. it will affect boeing's stock.
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>> james, we talked about this last time that you were on. inflation is what the market is afraid of. do you think that inflation is something that the market is concerned about? >> inflation is definitely something that the market is concerned about. and make no mistake about it. a tariff is a tax and taxes are
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inflationary. when i was visiting with you a couple weeks ago, sal, we were looking how the market reacted to inflation fears. this just adds to the concerns. it is not the smartest way of doing things as far as the markets are concerned. >> what if other countries retall rate? what if they put tariffs on u.s. exports? >> mike, that is the $64 question. what you're talking about is a trade policy of an eye for an eye. >> right. >> and the result of that is pretty soon everybody will be blind. >> right. >> all right. we will leave it at that. thank you, james. have a great weekend. >> thank you, mike. >> thank you, james. moving to another topic that we've been talking about. >> yes. >> this is a good one. is it fair for smokers to be able to take several smoke breaks at work? a new survey says nonsmokers say fine but they want
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something in return. 81% of smokers surveyed say they think smoke breaks are fair. 75% of nonsmokers disagree. also the survey estimated that the average smoker uses six days a year on work smoke breaks. the smokers who were surveyed said they would give up smoke breaks if they got an extra 11 days of vacation in return. but the nonsmokers say we're the ones that should get more vacation days. >> should nonsmokers get extra vacation days? 65% say yes. 35% say no. >> it is a big topic of conversation on facebook. frank mallicoat is at dell's cafe in castro valley talking about this idea. what do people think, frank? >> reporter: well, i'm a nonsmoker so you know what i think about that, where my opinion goes. we just left dell's cafe. we came out to talk to folks on the street in castro valley.
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38million people smoke in the united states. the people here in castro valley are not on your team. we asked the question, should you get extra vacation time if you're a nonsmoker. the answer is, you better believe it. >> i think the smokers should be penalized. however they do it, they should do it. i'm a nonsmoker. all the way. >> do you think you should get an extra week of vacation as a nonsmoker. >> i'll take it. >> while they're taking their breaks, are you saying, geez, i'm in here working. >> absolutely. >> does that tick you off a little bit. >> a little bit. if they want to destroy their lungs go for it. >> reporter: apparently the smokers are saying, well, we will give up our smoke breaks if you give us 11 extra days off a year. >> get out of here. are you serious? >> i'm serious. >> that can't be true. no. no. it doesn't make sense at all. >> that's up to the company's discretion. and if they -- you know, to try
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to squeak out a couple of time -- paid off time, that is not fair to anybody. >> yeah. >> reporter: that would be hard to keep track of, right? >> i think so. >> reporter: yeah. i think so too. how do you determine -- well, you were out there 15 minutes today and 15 minutes next week and add it all up. it is a bit of a mess. i had one friend chime in from back east and he said the nonsmokers are already getting a bonus. they will live longer and they will have more time to take vacation. there you go. that's the reaction down here at castro valley. >> frank, before we let you go. we know today is read across america. we understand that you're taking part in an event at a nearby elementary school in about 40 minutes or so. >> reporter: yeah. about 10:00, i will head up to the school right down the block here. we will read to some of the grade school kids in honor of dr. seuss who was born on this day in 1904.
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he would be 114. >> what are you going to read. >> reporter: it started back in -- that's a good question. i don't know yet. i sent them an e-mail. i hope it is dr. seuss. are you my mother or go dog go. >> greens eggs and ham. >> reporter: there you go. >> they're going to hand you a book. >> reporter: i'm going to ad lib and let it rock. we will go over that over the weekend on mornings on 2 tomorrow. >> thank you, frank. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, yesterday we were checking in with the a's vice president. we go back live to the stadium. mark ibanez is hanging out with your san francisco giants. we will hear from him coming up after the break.
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truck inspired sandwiches. only at jack in the box. >> welcome back. spring training continues in arizona for the a's and giants.
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we're going to check in with mark ibanez who is in scottsdale at giants camp. tough loss against the angels. it is like it is game 7 of the world series. >> reporter: there is no such thing as a tough loss in spring training. i'm talking to some of the most hardcore giants fans i know in sal and mike and everybody else right there with them. yesterday you were really struck by the stark difference between the a's camp and the giants camp. at the a's camp, youngsters begging to do interviews. they're happy for the publicity. here you have the veteran who's are not so anxious to get up and do an interview with us. we have shots of them doing their warm-ups here. these are the pitchers too egg to make this squad -- trying to make the squad. you're getting a look at left-
9:25 am
hander tony watson, one of the newcomers. and lots of new faces here. a lot of veteran presence over all in the roster. we got a talk to one of the guys that you will want to get acquainted with. we almost got hit by a ball. good thing we're off camera. steven duggar is potentially a center fielder. he is happy as a rookie outfielder to be part of what is the giants organization and the culture that they have here. >> if you follow baseball in general, you know, you're not ignoring world series championships in a short period of time. so being able to be drafted by these guys and this organization -- i've said it before. the culture that they have here, you know, just from talking to other guys, it's a real family culture. i mean, they really care about
9:26 am
you. you know, you as a player and a human here. it's -- it's been incredible, to be honest with you. the experience so far has been unbelievable. everybody is willing to help. we truly do dedicate ourselves to winning. >> reporter: that is steven duggar. real talented guy. i'll tell you what, one of the treacheries and one of the great things about being so close -- look at this. we can hear the guys talk and the sound of ball hitting leather. it is great. but while we were off camera, just missed getting clocked by a couple of feet. it is great being this close, but, you know, i've got -- i've got to keep my third eye going. >> heads up. >> exactly. >> reporter: what do you think? >> mark, i want to ask you
9:27 am
something real quick. last year, 98 losses. >> reporter: yeah. >> they did a lot. do you think that, you know, last year was kind of a fluke? do you think this year is going to fix it all somewhat do you think about 98 compared to what they will do this year. >> reporter: they help but get better. 98 losses was a disgrace. a lot of these guys feel that. there was remorse over what happened. i mean, obviously madison bumgarner, you know, falling off the dirt bike and one thing after another. buster got beamed on opening day. it was bad from the outset. they went out and got inch cup inson and longoria and tony watson to back up the bullpen. i would be stunned if they don't improve by 15, 20 wins this year. i think there is a determined attitude here in camp. the a's are young and
9:28 am
exuberant. these are veteran guys that take this seriously and are hardcore about it. it is a different vibe between camps. the a's are young and we will say a little less stage presence over there than over here with the giants. just going about their business in a real serious, hardcore way. >> thank you, mark. have a great morning out there in scottsdale. appreciate it. >> reporter: yeah. it is a little warmer today. i will be able to take off the coat. >> thanks for rubbing it in. coming up, preparing for the academy awards. how they will poke fun at last year's mishap. celebrating the history of the city. we get a look at the free exhibit this weekend. ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for
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♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2 the 9. rosemary is joining us onset. what are we looking like today? a little of everything. >> it will be an exciting day. sun, clouds, let's talk about rain, thunderstorms, rainbows, hail, snow in the hills. we will do it all for today. so don't be caught off guard. just because you see the sun and the clouds out there and you're thinking, the storm has passed. oh, no. we have cold unstable air pulling in. low snow is definitely a possibility as we work our way through friday. a good amount of snow has fallen in the sierra. take a look at this sent to us from coop at kirkwood. it is widespread up there. in fact, if you are traveling up, be prepared. there is a winter storm warning all the way until tomorrow morning for white-out conditions. not only heavy snow at times but we will also see very windy conditions. here at home, snow is falling
9:32 am
in the hills as well. there is a look at the snow level. we expect it down to 1500, 2,000 feet or so. all of the peaks could get some snow. mount hamilton and santa cruz mountains and mount tam. let's look at what is going on. the scattered shower activity over the north bay. you see the north edge of santa rosa picking up a little bit. it stretching towards areas of richmond, the richmond san rafael bridge. over the golden gate bridge it looks like moderate rain falling over san francisco right now. we take a look farther south. we have continued rain over areas like mill pits and san jose. in that shade of white over mount hamilton indicates snow falling over our hills. we will continue to see this as we shift farther south. over areas of the santa cruz mountains it looks like we have a little bit of rain-snow mix
9:33 am
going on there. as we get into the afternoon, the rainfall will continue to accumulate. over the next 24 hours, it won't be like the last 24 hours. it will be hit or miss. only looking to quarter of an inch to half of inch. upper 30 toss 40s around the bay right now. as we get into the afternoon, chilly conditions expected with 50s in the forecast. the sun, the clouds, the thunderstorms. oh, and don't forget the rainbows much there's a look at the extended forecast. 50 degrees indicates how cold it will be this weekend. slightly better on sunday. we're dry sunday, monday and tuesday. >> wow. >> thank you, rosemary. we have to go up to the north bay. breaking news out of santa rosa. authorities have confirmed they are investigating an officer- involved shooting. santa rosa police received a report of an alarm at the armored facility just after 3:00. when an officer arrived on scene, he encountered two suspects bitting the business.
9:34 am
at least one of the suspects was armed with a handgun and pointed it at the officer. the officer then fired multiple shots, hitting the suspect. he suffered non-life- threatening injuries and taken into custody. the other suspect was essential actually found hiding inside the facility ask taken into the custody. the person who threaten today shoot up schools this week has been identified by police. it was a 12-year-old girl who made the threat on twitter. san jose police tracked her down at home. they did not arrest her. the investigation goes on. if you have additional information, call san jose police. police searching for a gunman on a michigan college campus. a man is accused of kill two people killed on campus. the two people killed are not
9:35 am
students according to police. they believe the shooting started from a domestic situation. students have been told to shelter in place. and the engraved name of the 19-year-old man charged with killing 17 people at a high school in parkland, florida was removed from a park fence in the city. the mother of nikolas cruz involved her children in building a playground at a park and engraved their names on the park's fence. the city spokesman says it was only logical to remove cruz's name now after the deadly school shooting. those are just some of your morning headlines. hey, mike, sal, pam, i'll send it back to. >> thank you, dave. this weekend the old u.s. mint at 5th and mission street is celebrating the history of san francisco. >> it is the third annual event. it is free to the public and will have 100 exhibits to tell the tale of the city.
9:36 am
christien kafton joins us live from there this morning. >> reporter: if you can think of a better location than the old san francisco mint, tell me. i was just saying i don't think i had been here since i was a kid. and it is still one of those gems here in san francisco. if you take a look, this is one of the vault rooms. this is something that you will be able to check out if you come out to san francisco history days. thank you so much for joining us. thanks for bringing history alive. you're really looking to bring history alive for a new generation. >> we are. today we will welcome over 400 school children to the beautiful old mint. it started in 1859 and opened in 1874. this weekend we will have over 90 history groups celebrating the richness and the diversity of san francisco and the bay area's past. >> reporter: including some folks dressed in period costume and clothing as well. emperor norton, i have to pay
9:37 am
my respects. you will be here this weekend. this is an opportunity for people to learn about the role that you played in san francisco. >> indeed as the emperor of the united states and protector of mexico. the most beloved celebrity in the city's history. >> getting san francisco off to its start. >> indeed. indeed. it will be a splendid event this week. i hope everyone comes. >> reporter: if we could talk about this. this is app opportunity for kids to come on out. this will be open all weekend and it is a chance to explore history and san francisco's history from preachiest tree all the way up to -- >> yes. we start with a blessing and an opening by the first people here. and then we welcome people all day saturday and all day sunday for a free event. with 90 exhibitors, you can only imagine the fun. >> reporter: with 100 exhibits, what can we expect to see? do we see parts of the old bay bridge.
9:38 am
>> the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: oh, you can tell. international original. >> right. you will see films from the san francisco black film society, the whole basement floor will be programmed with films in the vaults. you can learn about every neighborhood. you can learn about our diverse past. the lgbt museum is here. almost every museum, every small historical society. every big one. the national park service will be here. it is a treat. >> reporter: one final note, you said the price is right. it is free. >> it is free. it is sponsored by the mayor's office, and through a very generous gift from the city's preservation fund. everybody gets to come for free. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> reporter: guys, fantastic. again, you can't beat this location. we're in the old historic mint. it is an absolutely beautiful location, guys.
9:39 am
>> christien kafton, i'm jealous. i wish i was there. a cool place. >> reporter: i don't think i've been in here since elementary school. >> me too, man. >> reporter: they didn't let me back in. >> that is christien live in san francisco. all right. about ten years ago, our next guest finished second on the last comic standing and has now starred in it is always sunny in philadelphia. he will be back performing tonight through sunday at tommy t's in pleasanton. >> good morning. welcome. >> thank you. >> quite the resume right there. >> yeah. >> that is an old resume too. i have done a lot more than that. is the show time at the apollo still on? >> it is still on. >> have you performed here before? >> yeah. i've been here quite a few times. i've been out here when i did the rough rooms, the jeffries, the tommy t's, the concord
9:40 am
theater. i've been all over. all over the place. >> tell me about your last comic standing experience. did you enjoy it. >> i don't remember it. it's been so long ago. somebody told me i lost. i don't remember. i didn't lose. it was a good experience. everybody was like you lost. i didn't lose. i was on tv every week. it's like you guys. >> yeah. >> you're on the news every day. even though you say oh. but if you weren't working, you would say i want my job back. it was a great opportunity. i got to -- i was watching it and rewatching it and hoping that i win this time. >> do you enjoy being back on the standup stage? a lot of comedians say they need to go back on stage -- >> i never left. i've always been on stage. that's what i do for a living. i love doing this. >> better than the shows, doing the sitcoms?
9:41 am
how does it compare. >> it is all the same. it is all -- you know, it is all acting, bringing, you know, make-believe into reality. >> you have been doing this for a bit now. how do you think that comedy has progressed. i grew up in san francisco in the '80s. comedy was huge here. then it went away. now it is popular again. i don't think comedy will ever die. it has been around since everything else. different comics, different people, different ways -- we have the internet comedians now. you still have the -- a lot of times the social media puts everybody on this watch what you say politically correct. a comedian says the things that you're afraid to say. that's the whole thing. you can't take that away from a comic. you've got to keep it nice. no. bill cosby was nice but we found out that he had a dark side too. so it's what comedy is. comedy has to be natural and organic so people can love it.
9:42 am
>> in the early years, was it hard to get on stage. >> as long as i got on stage for free. it was hard to get paid. you could walk up and tell a joke and get no money. it was always a great opportunity. i did blues bars, clubs, biker bars, country western shows. i've done them all. >> did somebody push you on stage or was it all you? >> no. you have to do it for real. you don't want to do it. it has to be something that you want to do. being forced into some -- some girl likes you, i don't like her. it has to be something that you want to be do. >> you can get tickets for the show tonight or sunday. saturday is sold out. >> yeah. >> we put more information on look for it in the web links section under the mornings on
9:43 am
2. you can also find it on the ktvu mobile app. >> thank you for having me this morning. >> yeah. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, we've got some multi- legged guests in the studio this morning. up next, a look at this weekend's insect palooza event.
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>> all right. tomorrow from 11:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the afternoon, incompetent secretary pa lose -- insect palooza southbound held. bring the family down for learning about insects. this morning a few of them are with us in the studio. along with the director of save
9:46 am
nature which is hosting the event tomorrow. welcome back, norm. we had you here last year. let's get to it. what is on your right hand. >> this is an eastern lobbard grass hopper. the first thing that comes to pam's mind, why isn't it jumping. >> is it going to jump or fly. i'm going to distance myself. >> when you see these colors, it means don't eat me. i taste terrible. >> great. i won't eat it. >> tomorrow -- >> this is much bigger than the average. >> it is very pretty. >> everybody will be able to handle the animals and get a chance to be connected to nature. that's what we do. we connect people to save nature. >> especially for children. how important is to get them at a young able. >> yes. we have reached half a million children in the last x amount of years. >> what is this. >> people don't eat at my
9:47 am
house. >> we don't see animals like this here, do we. >> this is from florida. >> the importance is to teach kids about it and be kind -- >> it changes their lives. this is a giant african miliped. >> no thank you. >> people get a chance to learn the difference. you don't pick up a centipede because it can bite. out here in africa -- >> i would have thought that the centipede was the nice one. >> no. you have to be careful. it is a short step to save nature around the world. satisfy nature is close to saving 1,400,000,000 acres of
9:48 am
habitat around the world. >> i'm enjoying it right there on your hand. >> okay. >> this is one of our favorites. >> oh, wow. >> this is a walking stick from australia. most think they're long and stick like. but there are 2,000 species. this is a female. i will turn her around. she is beautiful. harmless. completely harmless. >> i see the beauty in her. i love it. >> what is her job. >> one thing, she provides food for everybody, i'm sorry to say. >> oh. >> since you provide food for everybody, you have to protect yourself. >> look at that. >> and you mimic a scorpion. >> to look more dangerous. >> she says i don't think so. put your hand flat. i just saved you $1,800 in airfare to australia. this is what we call the oh my
9:49 am
of insects. >> oh my is right. >> i said thorny, mike. this is found in a malaysia. this is a walking stick. people ask is it endangered. and i say i don't know but one thing, the forests are endangered. before we get a chance to study this, we go save it. then we send all of the scientists and kids that are learning now from us into the forest to actually learn more about them. >> i would imagine this gets kids wanting to travel too. i want to go to malaysia and see these things. >> we breed all of these animals and we do about 800 programs a year. we reach kids all over the bay area. >> i think my kids would totally be into this. >> tomorrow they really stepped up for the community, bringing science to people. >> insect palooza is tomorrow
9:50 am
from 11:00 to 2:00. it is being held at umpqua bank in san francisco. admission is free. before we go to break -- >> i forgot. for the first time ever, we're certaining chocolate chip chrpi es. i bought them for the entire crew. >> do you have milk? >> no. we should have brought milk on to the set. >> thank you, norm. we will be right back after the break. ♪[music]
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>> it is not football season but just moments ago the 49ers got a win. they beat the raiders in a coin toss. they needed a coin flip to determine who will pick ninth in the draft. this is in the first round. no one need today call heads or tails. one side was the 49ers and the other side was the raiders. it came up for the niners. the san jose sharks beat the blackhawks last night at the sap center 7-2. the sharks newest player cane moving the needle for the sharks. three assists in two games since being traded at the
9:54 am
beginning of the week. the team captain scored two goals against chicago. the sharks are now tied for fourth place in the western conference. this sunday is the biggest night in hollywood as the stars gather for the academy awards. michelle palino has behind the scenes preparations. >> reporter: preparations are being made for the academy awards ceremony. host jimmy kimmel is prepared for everything, following the mishap with the best picture award last night. >> this is moonlight, the best picture. >> you have to prepare for things to go wrong. you have it in your head that everything will go perfectly. but that never happens. what happened last year, you never expect it to happen. >> reporter: expect the evening to get political, with possible comments about gun control and the metoo movement. most of the spotlight will be
9:55 am
on the nominees, winners and the year in cinema. >> i made you a champion, knowing you would hate me for it. >> reporter: allison janney is expected to take home the supporting actress award for her role in "i, tonya." >> i didn't have to worry about my double chin. i just didn't care about -- allison janney was not invited. >> are you not afraid? >> reporter: gary oldman is the front running in the best actor category for his betrayal of winston churchill. three billboards is the favorite to win best picture. the awards will be handed out sunday night in hollywood. mesh palino -- michelle,
9:56 am
palino, fox news. you will recall they were given the wrong envelope at last year's award show. >> i recall. >> after some confusion they announced "la la land" won but it took the producer on stage to realize that moonlight was the actual winner. the two did a quick rehearsal. beatty announced the winner. >> a joking guy. kenneth was partying in west virginia last weekend when he called for an uber ride home. when he got in the car, he fell asleep. the driver woke him two hours later after a 300-mile trip back to his home state, new jersey. it cost him more than $1,600. >> it was $1,635 and some change. i was like that's crazy. why did you agree to take me to new jersey from west virginia? >> dude, to make money. what do you think?
9:57 am
the trip would have cost around $800 but it was even more expensive because he offered uber xl which can hold up to six passengers. >> can't say that i've ever dropped $1,600 on an uber ride. >> no. you think he would have asked, are you sure you want to go? >> pam, thanks for filling in. >> thanks for having me. >> i'm going to wash my hands though. >> after the insects. >> have a great morning. >> have a great weekend. ♪ to hands below ♪ as thank you for ♪ the chance to grow pick your free yogurt at at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things.
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