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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 2, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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investigation now underway into a police shooting in sant-rosa. and we are -- santa rosa. we are track wild weather. everything from rain, hail and pockets of sunshine. this as we track the late nest santa barbara county as heavy rains trigger mud slides. >> ktvu fox 2 news at noon starts now. >> good afternoon. we begin with the developing story out of santa rosa where an investigation is underway into a police shooting. this happened at the gardaworld before 3 this morning. alex savidge is there with the latest on the investigation. alex. >> reporter: mike, good afternoon to you. and the officer who opened fire early this morning had interrupted an armed robbery that was in progress here at gardaworld a armored truck company in santa rosa wherelarge amounts of cash are stored. investigators say one of the armed robbers involved in the heist pointed a gun at a santa
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rosa police officer outside the building when he was shot and wounded by the officer. employees who were -- managed to hideout in a safe and they triggered the silent holdup alarm which prompted a response from santa rosa police. the first officer who got here saw those two suspected robbers leaving the building, and investigators say the officer ordered one of the men to drop the gun he was holding. >> that suspect failed to drop the handgun when confronted by the officer, and instead, the suspect raised the firearm towards the officer. the officer was forced to fire multiple rounds at the suspect. and the suspect was struck with a -- with with at least one of the gunshots at the scene. >> reporter: after he was shot,
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the suspected armed robber collapsed in a nearby creek bed where he was captured. his accomplish ran back into the facility and was found hiding inside one of the armored trucks and was taken into custody. this is not the first time this facility has been hit. there have been several other robberies here in recent yearsas a matter of fact, there was a heist here in 2011 war number of roners got away with a million dollars in cash. the fbi has been notified about this morning's robbery. they have been involved in the previous investigations. the officer who fired this morning shooting and wounding the suspected armed robber has been put on leave as this investigation unfolds. this investigation will be done by the santa rosa police department in conjunction with the petaluma police department and the sonoma county district attorney. mike. >> alex savidge live with the latest. thank you. to the south bay where sant jose police are investigating a
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deadly crash involving a pedestrian. a vehicle hit someone at camden avenue around 8 this morning. there was no word on the victim's identity and police have not said who was at fault. this is the 6th deadly vehicle crash this year in sant jose involving a pedestrian. dramatically different weather stories depending where you are in the bay area. look at these photos. on the left, a little bit of the sunshine in the south bay. in san jose, compared to some ominous clouds over emeryville and look at this here. taken by one of the viewers in marin county. you can see hail coming down a lot in kenfield early today. it was a similar scene in the east bay when hail was coming down 579:30 in east oakland. let's get over to rosemary who is tracking the weather right now. hey rosemary. >> yeah, this is one of the days people go what's up with the crazy weather. we have sunshine and clouds and hail as you saw a moment ago
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and showers continue to move into the bay area. storm tracker 2 shows a break early on and now we are beginning to see widespread rain over areas of the north bay once again. you can see santa rosa along highway 101 to petaluma and sausalito wed roadways and thecoastline and that shade of pink there over the mount town area indicating the low snow still around for today as well. let's shift to the peninsula where we have rain falling from the coast and into san francisco. all the way down through half- moon bay. redwood city, woodside, 101, 280 getting wet weather. looks like the bay bridge and san mateo bridge a wet one at this lunch hour. if we shift back a little bit, you can see portions of the east bay mainly dry but this is going to continue to move east. and so the east bay will eventually see the rain we now see over areas of the peninsula. concord has light rain along the stretch between 680 and highway 4. have a layo has light rain and one farther shift to the santa cruz
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mountains where pink indicates rain snow mix in higher elevations. heading to the sierra where the snow continues to pile up here. and take a look at that where we have the rain snow line. all the way down into areas like grass valley, and placerville, which could be from 1500 feet to 20,000 feet. snow is low as well, there. there's an advisory in the sierra that will go all the way until tomorrow morning. so if you are thinking about heading out to do skiing, well, be prepared. you will have winter travel and whiteout conditions for tonight and through the early hours of tomorrow. meanwhile, here at home, the snow continues to fall over our hills and the showers and thunderstorms are in the forecast for the entire day. we will push ahead for the rest of the day and what toke expect for the weekend coming up in a little bit. >> thank you. don't forget to stay with ktvu for continuing coverage of the store, snow conditions. download the free ktvu weatherapp for the latest and follow rosemary and the rest of the weather team. we follow developing news out of michigan. police say they are searching
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for 19-year-old james eric davis, jr who is a person of interest in the killing of two people at central michigan university this morning. that shooting happened in a residence hall on campus. police say neither victim was a student and that surveillance footage shows davis leaving the scene on foot. they say they believe the shooting resulted from a domestic dispute. >> at this point, none of the students, faculty or staff have been injured. they are sheltering in place at this current time. at this point our campus is safe. >> davis was transported to a hospital thursday night by campus police because of a drug related health problem possibly a overdose. the names of the victims have not been released. president trump will meet with video game makers at the white house as part of the effort to reduce gun violence. he will meet with members of the gaming industry to discuss violence in the games and how it might play a role in school shootings and violent crimes
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committed by young people the entertainment software association is a lobbyist group representing nintendo and microsoft and says study founds no link between graphic media content and real life violence. the group says video games are played worldwide but other countries are not plagued with gun violence. we are learning more details about who was arrested during immigration sweeps that took place across northern california this week. ktvu talked to bay area residents as the white house weighs in on the actions taken by oakland mayor libby shaft. >> reporter: immigration and customs enforcement sending out latest numbers of people picked up during latest enforcement activity in the bay area and northern california. ice say they arrested 232 people over 4 days. ice saying that 180 of those were convicted criminals or had been issued a deportation order or had returned to the u.s. illegally. of those, 115 they are saying,
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had felony convictions, including child sex crimes and weapons charges. the latest count comes after the justice department said it would have made 800 arrests. if it hadn't been for the mayor issuing a warning the raid was imminent. the white house speaking out about that. >> i think it's outrage a mayorwould circumvent federal authorities and certainly put them in danger by making a move such as that and that's under review by the department of justice. >> for its -- >> reporter: for its part, the mayor's office says they wereunware of a view and many in oakland support the mayor's efforts. >> i support her in light of everything that's going on, it just went out as a heads up to people and she was very clear about that. she just wanted people to be prepared. >> reporter: meanwhile, in san francisco, the interim mayor is fighting back against trump administration on the issue of immigration. san francisco leaders announced 11 million dollars in funding efforts to cover the cost of representing any
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immigrantdetained in san francisco. from oakland christian kafton. in the south bay advocates confirmed there's been more than 150 calls to a hotline reporting issactivity in the past 48 hours. rapid response network has confirmed an increase of calls reporting issactivity in sanjose. ice operations reported to the network have resulted in at least 7 confirmed detentions and the network is having a take back our community rally tonight at 5 in san jose. today the police department in san jose announced a 12-year- old girl threatened to shoot up schools in the alum rock iewn toyed school district and posted the it there on twitter. police tracked her down at her home but show was not taken into custody the twitter suspended her account. the superintendent of the school district says police have not told her who the student is so the district is unable to take disciplinary action for now. coming up, mud slides being reported in southern california
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as heavy rain comes down in the areas burned by wild fires in santa barbara counties. will you, a powerful -- plus a. powerful winter storm slams the east coast and why it could be worse than the massive storm that hit the region in the area in january.
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in sapt bar county there are reports of mud slides due to heavy rains. just yesterday a mappedtory
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evacuation orders were issued for 30,000 people ahead of the storm. but just about 3 hours ago the orders were lifted. we are live in mont seeno with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. mike in what could have happened here is not lost on the residents of montecito. that's because this are constant reminders of that devastating landslide that came through here back in january killing 21 people. authorities here saying that 87% of residents here listened to the evacuation orders leaving the area. and this morning, this afternoon, those people were told they can now return back to their homes. authorities saying to us they are consciously optimistic the worst of the storm has passed and they were able to get through with minimal impact. they were prepared for what could have happened and had over 200 air and fire national guard out here waiting. that including swift water russ
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cue teams and they had santa barbara air support waiting in case something here would have happened as devastating as what happened back in january. there was a little bit of damage. we will show you a picture of a little bit of damage that happened here. there was a little flooding and a little bit of debris in the roadway on one of the roadways that was highway 182 here in the area. but not cause -- closing down that street. but, the major roadway here, the 101 has been opened. that didn't have to shut down at all. we saw that the last time there was the mudslide here with the rains back in january. so back out here live, people are able to return to their homes here in montecito. since we've been here, we have seen the traffic flow start to pick up. we haven't talked to anyone because we just arrived 30 minutes ago. but of course once we do, we do know when we are talking to people last night as they were leaving they said that they were leaving because they didn't want any -- to take any chances so i am sure many people are returning home very
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happy to return safely back to their homes. reporting live here from montecito. ktvu fox news 2. >> that's good news to hear. appreciate your time. let's check in with rosemary on our current weather situation. i gays little bit of everything here. >> yes. that's what we are going to see for today many hopefully you get a rainbow out of it. -- i guess a little bit of everything here. >> yes, that's what we are going to see for today. hopefully you get a rainbow out of it. we got this a while ago. 24 hour snowfall total. from 2 feet at north star to more than heavenly mountains and kirkwood and again widespread all the ski resorts are picking up on this. let's look at what you can expect here on our bay areapeaks. all the peaks could peck up a little bit of snow from 1500 feet to 20,000 feet is what we think at least through today, because the higher elevations are below freezing.
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we are a bit cool as well as the cold storm continues to move through the bay area. take a look at storm tracker 2where we have it all areas of the north bay at this point. a little break. had rain early on and then a little bit of a break between 11 and 10 and len and now it's back from santa rosa through petaluma san rafael, san pablo bay, san francisco bay and stretches towards the east. napa, have a layo, concord seeing light rain at this point. san francisco, oakland, also down through areas of san leandro and hayward. crossing san mateo bridge you've got rain and off to the west half-moon bay. one more shift and you are enjoying a dry moment but scattered showers will roll in over the bay area for today and we have light chattered -- scattered shower activity and pink indicating a rain snow mix. the possibility of rain and snow will remain in the forecast for today. and the thunderstorms as well. that will bring lightning and
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thunder and hail and the rainbows. giving you a view of the futurecast models. getting into the afternoon, evening drive could be slick and slow. as we get into the late night hours, if you have evening plans being expect a scattered shower activity -- plans, expect a scattered shower activity. look at your saturday morning here. and as we get into saturday afternoon, it is still continuing. the possibility of scattered shorts for the start of your weekend sunday locks like it will be a dry day. as far as rainfall amounts, not expecting nick like over the last 24 to 48 hours. but we will pick up anywhere from a quarter inch to half inch. the areas that see the rainfall and perhaps the thunderstorms. a cool one for today. temperatures in the low 50s in areas like san francisco, upper 40s in santa rosa. and for the second part of the afternoon widespread 50s in the forecast. your extended forecast is coming up in a little bit. but it locks like we are a little wet today as well as tomorrow and drying out for a few days come sunday.
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>> thanks rosemary. today north carolina memorial service for the reverend billy graham. reporter lauren blanchard joins us live from the billy graham library in charlotte with more on the service. lauren. >> reporter: hi, good afternoon. today the world got to say a final good-bye to the late reverend billy graham. it was a moment many are calling his last crusade. >> the lord has given, the lord has taken away, blessed be the name of the lord. >> reporter: reverend graham honoreded in a -- honored in a private service with 2300 in a ceremony which is more fitting for the legacy that became prominent in 1949 in los angeles. >> president trump offered the national cathedral. i said mr. president, thank you. but i think it would be more fitting for my father for his
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service his last service to be in a tent. >> reporter: earlier this week, reverend graham became the 4th private citizen to lie in honor in the u.s. capitolrotunda. known as america's pastor e. prayed with 12 u.s. presidents and his ministry crossed oceans as he spread evangelical christianity. >> he wanted to bring people together. not divide them. he preached a message of love for everyone. he didn't judge. he loved. he loved like jesus. >> reporter: at 99 years old, he died in north carolina last week at his home. those who knew him best say graham was planning his funeral service for more than a decade. >> he once said when you hear billy graham is dead don't believe it for a second. he said i will be more alive than ever. i will have just changed addresss. >> reporter: and reverend graham will be buried at the end of a brick parkway in the prayer area of the library next
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to his wife of 65 years ruth. >> lauren thank you. we will be right back after the break.
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a major nor'easter is slamming the east coast. packing heavy rain snow and strong gusty winds from the mid atlantic to main. more than 1 -- maine. more than 120 flights have been canceled because of the storm. >> reporter: a major nor'easter is pounding states along the
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atlantic coast with danging winds, snow, and severe flooding. close to 80 million people will experience some or all of that this weekend. meteorologists warn it will cause damage from the carolinas to portland maine. winds expected to gust up to 40 to 60 miles an hour in some coastal areas hitting as high as 75 in cape cod. in buffalo, snow began to spread over the city last night and things were progressively worse as the night wore on. several inches fell in a matter of hours. salt trucks tried to clean the roads. many drivers braved the conditions and headed out. meantime, a winter storm is pounding northeast ohio leading to hazardous roads and widespread power outages. several major school districts have canceled classes. winds are gusting to nearly 40 miles an hour. more than a foot of snow is possible in some areas. and in erie, pennsylvania, the storm combined gusting winds, and snow leaving more than
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25,000 in the dark with tree limbs and power lines down, officials opened up a shelter and asked residents in need to come. forcasters say parts of new yorkcould see up to 10 inches of snow. and here on the south shore of long island, the concern is beech erosion and coastal flooding. they built up the berm ahead of the storm. in long beach long island, robert moses, fox news. take a look at the market on this friday afternoon. indexes are makeed in afternoon trading after gaining back some of the sharp losses from earlier today. a lot of swings in the market these last two days. all dominated by fears about the possible trade war and more aggressive federal reserve. the dow jones down 172. nasdaq in positive territory up 41 points. facebook is responding to criticism over the messenger app that target children under 13. the company says the app provide a service for something children will do on liens. the study shows 47% of parents
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are worried about the child's use of technology. >> they want more control. so in that way we really are trying to build for families. building for families is a great business model over the long run. >> facebook says they need to do more reserve about tech addiction and admits they could be part of the problem. meantime, the european union has told social media companies to remove terrorist related, illegal or inflammatory content from the platforms or risk being flagged by authorities. tesla elon musk says he can ease traffic congestion by saving billions in dollars there are estimates that it will cost up to 15 bill yo doll -- billion dollars to build the second bart tunnel but musk went on social media and announced one of his companies can build the tube at a 10th of the cost and a 5th of the time. musk proposed building a tunneler calls -- he calls a
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hyperloops with pods carrying passengers connecting washington, d.c. and new york. iewb -- uber is starting a new service to help people get to their doctor's appointments. it allows health provideers to set up rides for patients to make sure they can get to the appointments. the businesses will be billed for the ride and rides can be set up days, hours in advance. uber says it wants to help the millions of people who misdoctors appointments each year due to transportation problems. new crime data for san fan. up -- san francisco. up next how much crimes dropped and the types of crimes that saw a spike. and heart warming story from the east bay when we return, we will tell you about a special connection between the two girls but why they say they are now part of an exclusive club they would rather not be in.
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a new report shows violent crime is down in san francisco. property crimes that's a different story. amber lee reports on the 2017 crime stats released recently. >> we install a new gate we installed a new door and dead bolts. >> reporter: homeowner is john is the block cpt of the-- captain of the neighborhood watch in the outer sunset neighborhood and has taken security precautions in response to concerns over property crimes.
12:30 pm
he says saturday afternoon, thieves kicked down a neighbor's door to burglarize the home. >> there's a pandemic of package theft out here as well. apartment building owner down the street, he had his garage broken into several time. >> reporter: san francisco police crime statistics show there were 54,000 property crimes reported in 2017. up by 7,000 cases from the year before. that includes home burglaries, bicycle and package thefts and vehicle break-ins. mrs. say often the thieves they arrest are given probation not jail time and then they go out and commit another crime. >> we catch them committing another crime rather than send them to jail for the first crime they committed, they give them probation again. there's no consequences for that. >> reporter: that cycle may help explain the city wide spike in vehicle break-ins. crime reports shows nearly 25% increase. police say property crimes can happen in any neighborhood.
12:31 pm
but the hot spots include popular tour of the attractions, such as lum barred street palace of fine arts and japan bound. >> it's a target rich environment and criminals know that and when they know they can commit the crimes and not really face significant cons webss -- significant consequence they have no reason to go anywhere else. >> reporter: slaps on the risk should stop and you repeat lid committed the crimes it should be harsher sentencing. >> reporter: police surge anyone that sees anything suspicious a to report it. the department has increased foot patrols and they have seen a downward trend starting late last year. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco's interim mayor is supporting a ballot measure to speed up timeline for the police to buy tasers for officers. measure is backed by -- the
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measure is backed by the policeunion. if approved it would allow them to buy them as soon as august. supporters don't want to wait until december, which was the date set by the police commission when it approved the use of tasers last year. the police chief william scott says he opposes the ballot measure because he says it would prevent the police commission from making changes to the policy. new at noon a san francisco firefighter is and rest accused of possessing several assault weapons. according to court documents firefighter rock plychec was arrested after tips about threats he allegedly made involving gun violence. there's no word about who the threats were made against. he is currently bound by a temporary protective order which prohibits him from possessing any firearms. the fire chief tells us that police searched his work locker but didn't find any weapons. >> they are serious charges we are keeping a close eye on. having said that, he is is
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atodayed his due process rights like anyone else. >> he is being held without bail and is scheduled to appear in court on march 14th. in the city of fremont, 34 people are now in temporary housing after a fire in the apartment complex. this started yesterday afternoon on wood creek terrace near mission boulevard. 4 units were destroyed, 8 units damaged and no one was hurt and firefighters were able to put the fire out in just about a half-hour. >> we had some concerns the fire might spread to another building which is separated by a small breezeway. but crews were able to get water lines and ladder trucks up quickly and put up a good defense of that other building. >> some of the families are now staying with friends and relatives. the red cross is also helping to to put people if temporary shelters. water damage continued to delay the reopening of the oakland coliseum dmv office. it was supposed to reopen on monday but now the dmv says it will be another week.
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investigators say thieves pulled copper piping out of the heating and air conditioning unit on theroof back in february 7th. that sent water gushing into the building. curing the -- during the repairs scheduled appointments can be honored at other locationer. oakland will have a new affordable housing development. the mayor and alameda county supervisor were on hand for the ground breaking care money couple hours ago for the 94 unit building at east 12th street and 36th avenue and will be part of the victimmage. the 60 million dollar project is funded by unity council and local agent corporation. the most intense flu outbreak is about in a -- in a decade appears to be losing a little team. it's not over yet. the latest numbers from the centers for disease control and prevention show the flu remains widespread in 45 states. that's down from 48 a week before. 17 children toyed from flu related complications last week bringing the total number of
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deaths up to 114. cdc says fewer people are showing up at the doctor's office in the last week. more than 200 people have died from the flu in california this flu season. now to a story about a heartfeltmeeting between two girls who are part of an he can collusive club. it's not one they chews to -- choose to join. >> reporter: in many ways she is a typical 11-year-old but the 6th grader in pleasantton was born with a conven tal heart condition and had a transplant last july. >> i couldn't run. i couldn't do hard activities or i would get tired. i felt alone. and different. >> reporter: but she was not alone. a school nurse from the pleasantton unified school district knew another girl with a heart transplant here and she made what turned out to be a heartfelt connection. >> before meeting her, i was
12:36 pm
the only pediatric heart transplant recipient in all of tri-valley. >> reporter: she was born healthy but when she was 8 found out her heart was bigger and weaker than it was supposed to be. the high school freshman untimately had a heart transplant two years ago. >> here are my first steps four days post transplant. it was ensane. you don't think there would be another person like you, but there is. >> i was surprised and happy because there's somebody like me. >> reporter: after months of talking on the phone, they never met in person. >> how are you? >> reporter: until today. apropertyly at heart middle school. >> don't be afraid to tell anyone of the you will be fine. >> reporter: they discussedmatching scars and recoffee story and megan explained why she wanted to help. >> someone did that for me and it makes me feel good about being able to help someone in the situation where i was. >> reporter: zien is running
12:37 pm
and learning to swim and wants to help others just like she was helped. >> you are in 6th grade. >> reporter: and no matter what lies ahead, they will have someone who knows what it's like to walk in the other's shoes. in pleasantton, maureen neighlor ktv -- naylor ktvu. treacherous rolledways because of the storm. after the break, we will chat with a truckee chp officer on the latest conditions and we will check in with mary ann oroz co and she will tell us -- orozco.
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well wove been telling you about the snow the sorria has been receiving during the latest storm. that's making the roads up there pretty treacherous. we will talk more about the current conditions and joined by chp officer pete mann out of truckee office and the folks in the bay area are itching to get up there. what's the current situation for 80, 9, 50 if you have it? >> yeah, absolutely. things are looking pretty good on the major highways and byways. we have emerald bay crowsed so south to north or north to south tough jump on the east shore. but chain control going on over both cults. chain control on 50 and 80 and we have one crash that looks like it's working eastbound east of donner lake road. but things are moving along pretty well with all things considered and how much snow we got. >> i know you what big closures yesterday on 80 and i am
12:41 pm
gladpeople are getting up there safe and sound. in regard to avalanches, we spoke to a couple people at a couple resorts's this were concerned about that. there was a warring for skiers going out of bounds. any of the avalanche warnings impacted the roadways in and around tahoe area? >> yeah, you know what, we typically, during the cycles we will get slides natural releases that may comfort road. nothing major that shut down any abnormal parts the roadway. emerald bay is closed for avalanche control and will remain closed until the snow heals itself a bit. but we echoed the words of sierra avalanche center and we say out of bounds is not where you want to be. back country is not where you want to go during a storm cycle. wait a few days and let the danger go away before you venture out to the outside goods. >> officer mann what's the biggest mace particular -- mistake people make driving in the conditions. >> reporter: -- >> it's just being unprepared. they maybe get a little gunning hoe whether it's driving on
12:42 pm
roadways -- gunning hoe -- gungho whether it's driving on the roads. make sure you know where you are going and be prepared. whether that's a wint are preparedness in your car or taken the proper class before heading out in the back country. >> whether it's sunshine or blizzard, the officers there in the truckee office, you are out doing the best you do. and we appreciate that. but, after a dry february, must be happy to see all the snow coming down out there. >> yes. everyone of us absolutely love the snow. you have to to want to work up here. and so, when we have the big long dry spells and even when we get a little antsy and a little shifty and stuff. and we start to get the snow and everybody is happy and things are back to normal. >> all right. chp officer pete mann out of truckee office, thanks for what you do and my best to each and every one of you for a safe rest of the winter season. >> thanks very much. thanks for having me.
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>> now rosemary orozco. >> the snow continues to pile up. we will continue with snow in our hills and the sierra mountains through at least tomorrow before it winds down. here's some of the rainfall amounts we received 2, 3 inches over portion of kentfield andcas darrow and a few more numbers. san francisco an inch and 7/10 but rain continues to fall. likely from a quarter to a half inch over the next 24 hours before we finally move out of this pattern. here's a look at the pattern. storm tracker 2 showing you the entire state of california seeing the rain and low snow levels. here's a look at the center of the storm. so until this moves out, it is going to continue to bring us round and rounds of moisture. that unstable air is in place for today. we have been talking about in addition to rainfall, we have the the possibility of authority -- the possibility of thunderstorms which includes thunder and lightning and hail and rainbows come with this
12:44 pm
weather as well. last hour, so we have seen a quite a bit of rain move ashore. north bay continues widespread. santa rosa may get a break. lake county scattered showers, and a little pink and white up there in the hills over lake county. as we look around american canyon it's widespread. napa have a layo along i-# 0 from fairfield and through have a layo and the east bay shore it's widespread rain going off. the central bay san francisco, down through san mateo, redwood sighty, woodside into palo alto, rain there. along the coast, pacifica half moon bay and communities in the between along the shore. east bay here, along the east bay shore, fairly widespread from berkeley and oakland, hayward and cuts off at fremont. it will push in. it locks like areas over 680, now beginning to see a little light rain. but that will continue to move through. so highway 4,680, 580 had see rain in the next half-hour. san jose is covered in rainch
12:45 pm
the sierra again where the snow levels are low. 2000 feet and down to 1500 feet in some areas. so the winter storm warning goes until 10 tomorrow morning. whiteout conditions is a possibility because in addition to the snowfall it's windy at times creating the whiteout conditions. a look at futurecast model at home. stopping it for the evening drive. notice the catered -- scattered showers continues to fall. late tonight it's easing up but not going away. saturday morning, scattered showers, saturday afternoon. still, the possibility of scattered showers if you are thinking about heading up to tahoe again. don't forget, you will have to deal with that travel concern. looking at temperatures at this hour, upper 40s to low 50s for the most part and that's we will remain for the afternoon today, extended forecast showing you a chilly saturday afternoon with scattered showers in the forecast. slightly better on sunday, a won -- and we bounce back monday and tuesday with relatively mild weather and dry
12:46 pm
conditions. >> my sources say it's 73 in scottsdale, arizona. >> oh, my. let's go. >> let's go right now. yesterday we were in mesa check on the a's. this afternoon mark ibanez joins us live from scottsdale arizona with more on the giants. hey, mark. >> reporter: oh, man, mike, i know you are jealous of me. give you a treat as to what emdoing right now. talk about a bird's eye view. i am basically in the giants' dugout and enjoying the san francisco giants hosting the cincinnati reds. and just now, look at this. is this great live tv timing? steven dugger hate home run. mike, you remember this morning on the morning news. >> i do. >> reporter: the 9, we told you about this youngster. >> there's your starter. >> reporter: you have to look out for him. >> maybe. >> reporter: get used to him.
12:47 pm
steven dugger is the hitter of a solo homer right here and the giant leading the reds 2-0. and madison baumgartner got in 3en- - innings work and earlier i was talking to steven and if you don't know about him, he could be the starting centerfielder. he's lead off guy, he has power, and he's got youth and exuberance and they say he is a fantastic defensive centerfielder. if you watched the giants last year, you know they need just that. and so, that's good stuff for the giants and he's happy to be with the organization as well. >> if you follow baseball in general, i mean, you are not ignoring three world series championships in a short period of time. so being able to be drafted by the guys and you know, this organization, i said it before, you know, the culture they have here, just from talking to
12:48 pm
other guys it's family culture. they really care about you. you know. yous are a -- as a player and a human here. so, you know, it's -- it's beenincredible the experience have so far has been unbelievable. everybody is willing to help and we truly do dedicate ourselves to winning. all right. >> reporter: so steven dugger a name to remember. youngster trying to make the team and sometimes you get lucky on the live shot and we got him hitting a home run. giants leading the reds. look at this sun soaked crowd here at scottsdale stadium. giants entertaining them to the tune of 2-0. this is what spring training is about. just take it easy, relaxed atmosphere. let's look at the picnic area out beyond the left field wall. this is good stuff right here.
12:49 pm
and plenty of time to get out of here and enjoy it in arizona. like asay, i really hate to rub it in but that's the dudey i've been given and i can only do what they say because everything else would be -- >> you have every right to rub it in. >> reporter: how was that for timing. the guy we are talking about hits a home run on live tv. >> you owe steven dugger a steak dinner for teeing that up. >> giants looking sharp and earlier talked to bruce and he said don't worry about spring trainingrecords. if they counted the first 6 innings we would be undefeated down here. they have had late ingle problems that don't expect to be on the roster. things are look pretty good so far. >> it would be great. hopefully we will see him in
12:50 pm
the post season in the fall. have grade afternoon thanks for that. >> okay, thanks. i will get back to work right now. see you. coming up, a big oops for steph considery. how the love for golf caused a big mess inside his hotel room in atlanta. we start with breaking news.
12:51 pm
12:52 pm
monday on morning on two. oakland mayor talk about the head up she gave prior to the recent ice rage. >> and live from spring training as the a's and giants get ready for opening day. >> monday starting at 4 a.m. on mornings on 2 complete bay area news coverage.
12:53 pm
student at the jennen ran -- jensen ranch elementary is celebrating read around america. frank mallicoat read to them. they are just starting to learn to read and they love dr. seuss. >> what's your favorite dr. seuss book? >> are you my mother. >> that's my favorite, too. how much do you like to read? >> i don't like it right now because it's really hard. >> yeah. >> but i like it because you get to cecily pictures. >> read around america day was established back in 1998 to encourage children to embrace books and read. this weekend the old u.s. mint at 5th and mission street is celebrating the history of san franciscoch the 3rd annual
12:54 pm
event is free to the pb lig and features 100 exhibits teg the story of the city. and christien kafton attended. >> we have three f's are fortress, foundry, and finance. >> reporter: history is coming alive in the old san francisco mint. the california historical society opened the doors and welcomes the public to lock back on how san francisco grew to the world famous city it is today. >> with 90 different exhibitors we are welcoming thousands and thousands of people to the free event each day, saturday and sunday. and to learn all about the depths and complexities and beauties and pain to san francisco's past. >> reporter: nearly 100 exhibitors will display theircollections. >> cable cars to history of drag, we have got it. we have got it all.
12:55 pm
so it should be great. >> reporter: students got a preview today learning about the mint and getting to interact with the historical figures like emperor norton. >> i was a man who came here and was a very successful businessman and lost my money trying to corner the market onryce and decleared myself emperor and everybody went along with it. that speaks to the -- that speaks to the spirit of reinvention. >> reporter: the historicsal days are available saturday and sunday inside the u.s. mint in san francisco and the price is right. it's free. in san francisco, christian captain fox 2 news. parts of the bay area cityinfested with rats. today at 4, we are going to speak with officials from the marin housing authority who aredealing with a nasty rat infestationch the tepees being taken to get -- the steps being
12:56 pm
taken to get rid of the problem. we will -- we will look at the market here. quite the battle on the dow today. at one point, down more than 300 points and is down 25 points now. nasdaq is up will 3 -- 83. and s&p 500 in the positive up 17 points. the world's top movie stars will be in los angeles this weekend for hollywood's biggest's wards show. final presentations are being made for the 9 0th academy award ceremony. the host jimmy kimmel is ready for everything following last year's mishap. steph curry apole joying what he did in his hotel room while practicing his golf swing and smashed a glass table on enis it a bram he captioned the photo with the hashtag idiot. the top is destroyed and broken glass is all over the chairs and floor. he brought his clubs along
12:57 pm
toatlanta because he and his teammates play on -- plan to golf tomorrow at augusta national golf club. always need to practice to getthat wing down thanks tore making ktvu our choice for news. next newscast is right here at 4 on 2.
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dr. oz: is it ok to kiss your kids' lips? >> i think this is fine. >> that's unusual. >> that's weird. dr. oz: plus, are you a social media creeper? >> i want to know who you dated before, what their habits are, what they like to wear. >> we're too busy creeping and not busy having our lives on our own. dr. oz: and can tweezing your nose hair be bad? called the triangle of death. coming up next. are you ready to save some lives today? audience: yeah! >> thank you. [applause] >> i love you, dr. oz. [cheers and applause] dr. oz


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