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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 5, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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where the water submerged a bridge and vegetation. the last time snorkelers enjoyed the trail was several years ago. today we are following the latest developments, involving domestic violence allegations against aldon smith. and we will speak with soledad o'brien who hosted the o.j. simpson documentary. we will go to scott reese who is watching the a's and the giants head of opening day. >> mike washes have been working -- my collages have been working overtime and they will also get more wet work we will talk about the changing weather in a minute but first it is breaking news. caltrain has been experiencing
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delays after someone was hit and killed by a train this morning and we have ktvu's christien kafton on the scene. >> reporter: the train is still developing in those delays. we are at 14th street in san francisco south of the caltrain station and you can see it is still on the truck into the site you can also see an ambulance. we understand that this was a fatal incident but someone was recently pulled from the train and placed into the train when it hit a person trespassing on the track. emergency personnel showed up here to the scene and trains were stopped in both directions with 500 passengers onboard. caltrain said there was no
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onboard injuries. we did see somebody who was taken off of the train on a stretcher. we are not sure at this time. we also went to the 22nd street station where we saw a number of passengers waiting. the latest is that there could be delays of 30 minutes up to one hour and at this time they are not running either north or south bound. back to you. >> thank you so much christien. we are hearing the suspected linebacker aldon smith may have checked into a rehab facility after he was about to be questioned about a domestic violence incident that happened saturday night. his fiancie recorded it in the apartment building near union square. the women who manages the building tells us that she saw a women saturday night believed to be the fiancie being escorted from the building.
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>> a few minutes later they came out with some girl and put her into the police car. that was about it. >> aldon smith left the scene before police arrived but smith called asking them to take him to rehab and they hope he can get help for his substance abuse problems. >> his problems started when he was with the 49ers when he was arrested on suspicion of dui in san jose. in 2014 he was suspended by the nfl and following his third dui arrest in 2015, he was released by the 49ers. he was picked up by the raiders before being suspended by the nfl for a hit and run. in february 2017 he was investigated for alleged domestic assault. aldon smith is in rehab and
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for more we are joined by evan rosenblum and if police are looking for aldon smith, do you think that they could arrest him at this facility? >> reporter: i believe that they could. after the incident he contacted his fiancie's father who is a dr. and said i need help. they said the first thing you should do is get to a rehab clinic. he has a problem according to people we have been speaking with. it is something that has been building for a very long time with him. he was involved in a situation where he was intoxicated in a car crash. all of this build up to this incident and instead of going to police he went here to try to clean it up. the fiancie tells us she still
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cares for him. i think that is why the family is directing him toward the rehab center. >> you think that is something you could get through the criminal justice system. right now a lot of people see his actions as running away. >> reporter: that is a fair point. i think they want the best for him and they are under the impression he will not get the best so they directed him to this facility that he can get the help that he needs. the fiancie doesn't hate him. she wants to see him ultimately get better. she feels that he has a real medical problem, and that this is the best way to help him. >> is there any obligation that the folks are going to have to help out the authorities who are searching for him at this point? it >> reporter: from what i
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understand, he is there but if cops say there is a warrant out for his arrest, they can do that. i am guessing they probably will do that. >> have you found out if there is a warrant out for his arrest? or is he just somebody that the police would like to talk to? >> reporter: he is currently a suspect. i would imagine if they are going to try to arrest him but that is all i know for now. >> you have reported he has had troubles in his personal life. >> grade. the last story we did come he got engaged february 14. before that the mother of his child has gone after him saying that he has not paid child support for a long time. his argument was i haven't been paid in a long time and until
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he gets a paycheck he cannot pay child support. which is weird because then he went to one of the most expensive restaurants in the bay area and proposed to his girlfriend. with all of the drinking and the dui, if you go back to his playing days, he got into an altercation with colin kaepernick. the fiancie has told us she believes the drinking is a huge part of all have this problem. >> and left to sort out. >> thank you so much, evan. happening now, parents and students at rooftop elementary school worried about the safety of the children after a threat was made against the school. there's an email alert to parents and teachers saying an adult threatened rooftop elementary school last tuesday. on that day the school was put
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in lockdown. the person who made threats was arrested later that day and is a member of the school community. several parents told us the person making the threats is a mother of one of the students who was released on bail yesterday. truck after the shooting of a florida high school, more and more teachers are wondering what they can do to protect their students. some in hillsboro oregon are participating in an active student training class to help prepare for lockdown situation getting them familiar with weapons and offering strategies. one teacher said just hearing what she could do made her feel more in charge of a possible situation. >> any time you hear somebody interviewed, i never thought it would happen to me. i do not want to be that
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person. i want to be ready. we do not want to be victims. >> these teachers who participated were also offered free classes in first aid and trauma care and learning how to shoot. lyft is taking a stand in the gun control debate saying it will offer free rides to people attending gun-control rallies. the event is scheduled to take place in cities around the country on march 24. they announced it saying the company was inspired by their leadership. there is a plan to try to ban gun shows from the santa clara county fairgrounds. ken yeager is proposing to ban
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them and there is usually two shown every year. to supervisor yeager said the last one guernsey county $6000 and nationwide there are 4000 every year. the question of the day to you is do you believe a ban on gun shows would reduce gun violence? 44% if you say yes. wannabe recess there needs to be a balance. there is no data that proves it and criminals do not play by rules but law-abiding citizens do, and we are the ones paying the price for it. >> asked up on says this is what is wrong with america. when we are faced with a problem we throw a ban on it instead of looking for real solutions. >> thank you for your comments.
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we will bring some more to you. coming up the coffey park neighborhood was devastated by the wildfire and coming up, the struggle for local businesses. plus, a dramatic rescue in the sierra and the dangerous condition skiers are facing following this recent snowstorm.
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numbers on wall street really happened changed that much in the left arm. the dow jones has to been up more than 180 points and the pattern is very similar on the s&p 500. the squaw valley ski resort
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was open again this weekend after an avalanche on friday. >> whoever spotted the snowboard sticking out, good job. >> they rushed to the area looking for those who are trapped. search dogs were able to find five people who went missing. three of them did not have any injuries but one of them had to be taken to the hospital with a serious injury. the other person was treated and released. it happened hours after the body of a snowboarder who disappeared thursday was found. grants are back at mammoth mountain after a major avalanche this weekend. they were trying to cast away snow to prevent the chance of avalanche and accidentally caused one. the area where it hit was closed at the time, but some employees were buried.
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they were able to get quickly and only suffered minor injuries. it reopen on sunday but the run remained closed. kirkwood ski resort has had more than eight feet of snow in the last week. that is half of all the snow kirkwood has had all season. there is a chance for more snow says meteorologist steve paulson coming up on thursday. >> the third snow of the season will be taken by state water experts expecting a big change your echo some and many report seven feet of new snow in the past week. the captain of the boat in the san francisco aquatic park is refusing to leave. boats are allowed to stay for five nights but authorities say that bryan pennington has been
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there for 121 nights. he said his boat was damaged when the police tried to board it illegally. >> it is damaged. my vessel got damaged by the city. the city needs to fix it, and then i'm going to be on my way. >> it is near the dolphins will club close to the liens used by swimmers. >> coming up here on mornings on 2, this sunday it is a special about the interview with o.j. simpson. next we will speak with soledad o'brien about what simpson himself have to say about what happened that we have not yet heard.
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this sunday on fox 2 we will have a o.j. simpson special. >> i will tell you a story you have never heard before and it took place in 1994 concerning the wife of my ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her young friend ronald goldman. forget everything you think you know about that night, because i know the facts better than anyone. >> this will contain the previously unseen 2006 interview in which he talks about what could've happened the night his ex-wife and her friends were murdered hosted by soledad o'brien joining us this morning. good morning to you, so let it. >> o.j. simpson is not wrong when he says one of the facts better than anyone but what follows from his 2006 interview is one of the most disturbing and riveting and bizarre
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interviews. >> i know the families of the victims worked very hard to stop the book that was to be called "if i did it." >> that was in 2006. this time around when the project came to me that was one of the first questions i asked that how does the family feel and both are supportive of the project. i think what has changed is they feel that hearing o.j. simpson in his own words would be valuable that it was worth it for people to hear his description but only with his relationship of nicole brown simpson but also to have him walk through the day of the double murders. and it is so weird and disturbing that i think they
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felt that just hearing from him would have value. >> i think what everyone really wants to hear his incriminating evidence even though you know that he cannot be prosecuted for anything he says but i think that people still want to listen to him say something that says i got you. >> reporter: it is very specific and detailed. that is what is so weird about it. the whole entire thing is bizarre. you never got to hear him talk about this before, but we had a panel around us with the prosecutor and an fbi profiler and that he went on the 2006 interview with us and one of nicole brown simpson's best childhood friends and to watch him watch this interview remember he couldn't get o.j.
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simpson on the stand. to watch him was like watching someone who had been punched in the gut. it was i crazy. the fbi profiler interestingly said we think of double jeopardy meaning you cannot be tried again but sometimes you can revisit charges and i don't exactly know the details on that, and certainly it is in the past with people who went to trial and were found not guilty so there is some precedents for that. >> soledad, when we finish watching this special, how satisfied will i be with the conclusion? am i going to have a better understanding about what happened or am i going to be left hanging? >> i think you will have a very good understanding of what
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happened. i have watched every single thing and i think you are going to be stunned at just how strange this is. i watched it five times. it is just bizarre and one of the craziest interviews that i have ever seen. i think you will find it completely shocking. this is very shocking. >> thank you for joining us this morning, soledad o'brien. you can all watch "o.j. simpson: the lost confession" this sunday right here on ktvu fox 2 . video from the 1906 earthquake in san francisco was recently discovered at a flea market. the nine minute real shows the two weeks after the earthquake hit. it was produced by a studio.
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the public will be able to view that footage on april 14 at the film museum. >> it is up in santa rosa were more than 1200 homes were destroyed in october. stores and restaurants closest to copy parks are the hardest hit and they hope with the rebuilding they will be seeing more business from construction workers and for now they say the lost of customers is hurting their bottom line. >> as recovery efforts continue in houston, texas, dozens of animals are still looking for homes in california. felicia martinez has more. >> reporter: 39 puppies arrived to the airport saturday following the devastation of hurricane harvey.
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as each letter was unloaded, they are in need of further homes. >> this is getting puppies out of a situation to come into our center and they will be gone within a week or two. >> this is the second rescue to be brought to the center. >> houston has taken a long time to rebuild. they also don't have the same spay and neuter laws that we do, so there is more animals having puppies, and they are in desperate need to find places where they can shelter these animals. >> reporter: thanks to cloud nine rescue the puppies received medical fosters until they meet there forever family.
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>> how cute are you? truck that puppies name was winston. all will be going up for adoption starting next saturday. for more information on that you can visit our website and for no we are in rancho santa fe. i am felicia martinez. a new restaurant dedicated to the love of french fries is coming to the bay area. it opens today in santa clara close to levi's stadium. on the menu is six styles of fries and 20 sauces. if you are looking for something more healthy, there is the santa clara salad. >> you're in the wrong restaurant. >> i will read it has let us and french fries. >> okay. >> the doors open at 11:30. the first california location
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in texas and new york. >> i am a purist. >> have you ever tried truffled french fries? >> they are good. >> let us know what you think. >> i will eat it. coming up this is so interesting. college life for people who graduated years ago. the dorm style living coming to san francisco and what residents will receive while saving on rent. hunting for the perfect prom dress. more on the special program making sure everyone has that special dress for the big night. sorry. i can't make it.
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it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. nice picture for a monday. listen to that optimistic music. on this monday it will be sunny
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and we are talking about the weather all morning. we are not done with the rain yet. >> we are done for a couple days, and then it will get warm and cold.. let's enjoy the day while you can, because temperatures will be warming up. the pattern is looking interesting. the weekend snowfall in tahoe was impressive with the walls as tall as vehicles. it looks like there is more snow on the way. it was 5 to 8 feet so really good news there. warmer weather is the key here monday and tuesday with maybe some light rain north of the golden gate. friday and saturday it is a lot
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of clouds. it would mean very high snow levels. the key for us today is a good offshore wind with wind gusts 34 miles-per-hour. you can see the airflow to east at 13 which equals very warm temperatures. that is your offshore breeze with temperatures warmer than they were 24 hours ago and it is sunny and warm taking us into tuesday as well. it is clear today but eventually these systems will come up from the southwest. it does look like it will be cloudy with a mild system coming in but from the tropics almost you can see that will paint a pretty? >> reporter: picture of the weekend. it is very little and then
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you're okay friday and saturday. on sunday it is pretty good rain and complete reverse of what we just saw. it will be even warmer tomorrow with near 70 degrees temperatures on tuesday and rain on the way for the weekend. march is looking very active so enjoy today and tomorrow. ken yeager will propose a ban on gun shows and we have been asking you do you believe a ban on gun shows would reduce gun violence? it looks like 56% of you say no. we've been taking responses on this with one group saying they get it in legal ways but the vast majority do not according to some of the comments that i am looking at. >> yukon jack says no.
9:33 am
the gangs don't go to gun shows. >> jason spears says you can still buy guns of all kinds online. just do better background checks. >> keep that in mind as you take the ktvu question of the day poll and tweet us. or more and some of the other headlines, let's go to dave clark. >> bill cosby is back in the philadelphia courtroom for a pretrial hearing. he arrived at the courthouse.'s lawyers will ask the judge to limit the number of accusers allowed to testify. the judge lost year walked mention of others in the trial ended in a deadlock. his lawyers claim the accusations are mostly substantiated and do not meet the legal standard of evidence.
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at home the chp is investigating a shooting in oakland. the incident started as a crush near the oakland coliseum last night. they found an abandoned car and drivers found a man who had been shot walking along the freeway and they rushed him to the hospital. it is still not clear what led up to the shooting. lieutenant governor kevin newson will file paperwork in san francisco to become a candidate for governor. newson will hand in paperwork at city hall and his name will be on the ballot. those are just some of your morning headlines. president trump is to retain about his plan to import
9:35 am
tariffs on steel and aluminum. the president's targeting mexico and canada in the future of the free trade agreement. >> reporter: president trump is kicking off the work week with a series of tweets on trade. sunday he said our friends and enemies have taken advantage of the united states for many years. it is time for a change. this morning he continued by writing to protect our country, we must protect american steel. allies will be impacted by the changes. >> the mission is to save our industries for the purposes of securing economic security. >> he is a frequent critic of unfair deals from other
9:36 am
countries. he is also pushing for canada to treat american farmers better and for mexico to do more on stopping illegal drugs from coming to the united states. >> firm line in the sand. >> wall street was sent tumbling pacing criticism including some republicans. still terrace are expected within the coming days. officials have been trying to renegotiate for a year. the talks wraps up today in mexico city. at the white house, doug mcelwee. benjamin netanyahu is meeting with president trump today at the white house and we have some video of the prime minister and his wife arriving. netanyahu said he had wants to talk with president trump about the middle east aggression and
9:37 am
he also wants to get the president to revise the 2015 nuclear deal with iran. kim jong-un hosted a dinner today for south korean officials working on improved relations. the group is focusing on relations between the nations with the aim of establishing conditions for a u.s. and north korea dialogue. they sent a high level delegation to south korea for the opening and closing ceremony. after the meeting, delegation will go to washington, d.c. to try to negotiate between north korea and the united states. life after the white house is busy for michelle obama who will be at oracle arena on march 28. a sellout would bring in more than $2 million. there is speculation the
9:38 am
upcoming conversation is a way to test the water for a future political career. in the meantime, her memoir will be in stores this november. millennials are supposed to be up to date on all of the trends but they lost more money to scones last year than the grandparents according to a new report that shows 40% of americans in the 20s reported being victims of fraud in 2017. each of them lost $400. overall there is half as many who are 70 years or older. is senior speaking victims, they will more likely to lose more money. among the claims was funny to collectors and identity theft. a san francisco startup is creating dorm style living. they've already opened three
9:39 am
properties buying old or underused properties turning them into community space. residents get their own and they are developing nine properties with 8000 people on the waitlist. they are fully furnished with utilities and star city is on track to have hundreds of units opened around the bay area this year. every elementary school student in san francisco will be able to take part in a free field trip to the academy of sciences thanks to a $20 million gift. they are donating money so that students in the city can visit the museum and they also cover a free family night allowing students to bring their parents back. it is the start of prom season and leigh martinez
9:40 am
reports one group is providing free prom dresses to any teenager who needs one. >> reporter: two months before prom, high school girls begin the hunt for a perfect dress. expect these twins are going to the same prom, but their style is very different. two teenage daughters going to the same prom could be very expensive for one family. the older sister scarlett discovered this project. >> because there is three girls in the house, we have got to be a little thrifty. they are used to having my dresses. >> reporter: all of them are organized by sides. on the second floor the princess project has placed thousands dresses all donated.
9:41 am
>> this is totally free with no income verification. you just have to make an appointment online and you will definitely get a dress. >> they should pick out one address and one accessory item. >> they had 15 minutes to try it on and pick out their favorite accessory. >> reporter: it also teamed up with benefit cosmetics to keep the cost low. >> these things are a new era. >> the princess project hopes to make it possible for hundreds of bay area teenagers. >> and a beautiful dress not picked up this year will be held over for next year. leigh martinez, ktvu , fox 2 .
9:42 am
>> renting a tuxedo is not cheap for someone on a high school budget. maybe someone will help out the boys. >> that would be nice. i love the idea of giving dresses. coming up on mornings on 2 , kobe bryant is now in oscar- winner. coming up what helped him to earn hollywood's biggest award. and i am scott reese in mesa, arizona where these morning workouts are underway. coming up i will tell you about an important aspect of this year's ballclub.
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the santa fe sharks are now at a thai after a loss to columbus. they already had a 2-0 lead in the second period. san jose got one in the net during the second period and then the newest shark got his first goal. columbus got the victory ending the winning streak. next of the sharks will be playing the st. louis blues on thursday night. christmas berman is getting good reviews. he worked with coaching the team and even made a pitching change. with a long time giants fan also took the opportunity to honor his late wife wearing number 83 which was the year they were married. kathy berman was killed last may in a car accident.
9:46 am
according to the mercury news, he is grateful for the giants manager for checking in on him since her death. spring training continues in arizona today and scott reese is in mesa. >> they are just going about their business and the a's will host the white sox in a few hours from now. with all of the talk in a's,, it is easy to overlook the veteran players. we have the shortstop limited to over half a season in 2017 because of a wrist injury still taking 10 bases and he understands the prescription for winning and his part as a mentor. >> we all have the same common goal, which is to win a championship one day.
9:47 am
you need to make sure you have that work ethic and i am seeing that this year and it has been great. >> they are doing drills here this morning hosting the white sox this afternoon. talking to these players it is really cool how much they embrace their role and how excited they are about the futures in their franchise. >> we want to ask about the giant. >> i do have one question really quick. do you actually think that this year the a's will have a better record? it sounds like they have some exciting players. >> reporter: when you talk
9:48 am
about having more for the fans, i think the answer is absolutely. looking at what they did last year, they were really fun to watch with 24 homers in 50 games. the a's were a wedding ballclub in september so if you can get off to a hot start it will build an interest and i think that there is optimism in the team should be better than it was a year ago. >> talking about the giants, how are they looking this year? they have added andrew mccutchen this year. are they getting a lot of playing time? >> reporter: they were methodical during the off- season with many wondering when they will fill these holes. finally they add him to be at centerfield and i think that they did really well, to be
9:49 am
honest. one time superstar players two years ago were among the best in baseball and are still very good. i think they upgraded defensively and offensively and for the giants for me it comes back to will be pitching come back to where it was at and if johnny cueto bounces back do what he has been in the past and then with the rotation be solid enough that you can go out and give them a chance to win every day. the giants will be absolutely better than last year. but i am pretty optimistic. >> any talk of a possible location for the a's ? >> reporter: all talking about the field. full disclosure, this is my first day at a's camp, but i
9:50 am
can assure you there have been no plans made for a new stadium. >> okay good. thank you so much. every week we will be highlighting some of the athletic abilities and in a new segment. this week i want you to meet ellie rossi. ♪ >> impressive. ellie has been performing at the kinetic center in oakland for the past seven years and says she has crime everything -- climbed everything. >> i think it is not far from where we are. you can sign up for a comp and good for mom and dad for nurturing that little one.
9:51 am
>> that is incredible. >> we cannot even fathom and it is the entire weight of my body. >> not a problem for her. >> you have got game, ellie rossi . >> if your kid can do something incredible, we would love to see them in action. send us your video and we do ask you to use the hashtag hatkidsgotgame. >> we will see a lot of talent. >> last night the oscars marked the end of the hollywood awards season and up next some reaction from some of the big winners. introducing the prime rib cheesesteak
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introducing the prime rib from jack in the box. with strips of prime rib grilled with peppers and onions and smothered in provolone cheese and i'm challenging you to try it, martha it's on, jack. why are we whispering? try my new prime rib cheesesteak, part of my food truck series. right now is your chance to win a ktvu fox 2 mug. we are taking entries from right now to 1:00 this afternoon. don't miss your chance to win. we would love it if you took a picture with your mug and send it to us. kobe bryant added another trophy to his collection last night. he won the oscar for best
9:55 am
animated short "dear basketball" which is based on a poll written in 2015. >> and the biggest stars to call oscars last night. that includes some rockwell printing the city with best supporting actor for "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri" and adam housley has more on the winners. >> "the shape of water" . >> reporter: in a slide for the top prize "the shape of water" got the best picture win beating out "three billboards outside ebbing, missouri". >> i am very proud. i want to dedicate this to every young person showing us how things are done. >> reporter: all acting favorites did not disappoint us frances mcdormand and gary oldman got top rewards for "three billboards" and "darkest
9:56 am
hour". best supporting actress went to "i, tonya". >> you was an old friend of mine who directed me in a play at the public theater. he was very close to me. he was an inspiration. >> whoever gives the shortest speech tonight will go home with a brand-new jet ski. >> reporter: jimmy kimmel offered a jet ski to the shortest speech and brought some famous faces. the blockbuster physical "coco" won for best animated feature and it's so "remember me" too, best original. >> the quality, diversity, inclusion, and intersectional entity. ashley judd >> pretty time's up movement --
9:57 am
they spoke up for the time's up movement. >> reporter: warren beatty and faye dunaway did not mess up the best picture award. in hollywood, adam housley, fox news. >> that is it. let's do it again at 12:00. have a good one.
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♪ now here's wendy. [cheerings and applause] >> wendy: thank you for watching. [cheers and applause]


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