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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 7, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PST

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a dance party. she tweeted she hopes one day she will be the one proudly looking up at a portrait of little parker. lego land is unveiling new attractions. we're join noted by a master builder with some of the latest displays. >> a very busy morning here in california. as we bring in a live picture of protesters set up outside the california peace officers association conference in sacramento. this is minutes ago. we brought it to you live. attorney general jeff sessions spoke and he got personal. he called out oakland mayor libby happen for her warning
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oaklanders about impending immigration raids, saying how dare you. seemingly in response mayor schaaf tweeted this is a good time to remind the community that the oakland crime rate has dropped dramatically in the last five years. you talk about the polarization happening. there are many that are upset with mayor schaaf and that extends straight to the white house for her warning pending immigration raids. they say that 800 people that should have been arrested were not because of her warning. she says she will go to jail to uphold the sanctuary city policy. we see this playing out in the bay area, in washington, here in the states of our street capitol. we expect to hear from the governor himself in just minutes. >> you knew this was coming when sanctuary city policy was just enacted. i thought at some point this is going to conflict and there will be a conflict. now it looks like we're there. >> yeah. not only going after the mayor of oakland but also saying to make matters worse, reading
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from his speech, the elected lieutenant governor of this state praise her for doing so and protecting immigrants. >> going after gavin newsome, who is running for governor. >> we brought it to you live on mornings on 2 starting in the 8:00 hour as attorney general jeff sessions accused california of obstructing the law with its sanctuary policies. just about 45 minutes ago, the country's top law enforcement official in the trump administration outlined a federal lawsuit against california's sanctuary state policy. >> thus the good and decent people of this country are right to insist that this country and its officials should end the illegality, create a rational immigration throw flow, protect the nation
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from criminal ail especiallies. >> sessions spoke for about 25 minutes at a law enforcement conference in sacramento. he talked about the reasons behind the federal lawsuit and also blamed local and state officials for impending immigration efforts to round up undocumented immigrants who are convicted of serious crimes. let's bring in cristina rendon who was listening to the address live in that room with the law enforcement officers. christina. >> reporter: gasia, good morning to you. we are here in sacramento outside of the hotel where jeff sessions just wrapped up his speech. it is very loud outside because protesters have taken to the streets. they have been out here all morning protesting jeff sessions' announcement here in california that he is suing the state over its sanctuary policy. we did step out of this meeting and there was a prepared speech by sessions in which he said that crimes are on the rise again. and in order to crack down on it, they have to enforce
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immigration law. he says federal law is the rule of the land and that's why they are filing this lawsuit against california. he also called out oakland mayor libby schaaf. we know that in the past week, she was criticized for warning the public of an impending ice raid. well, today, jeff sessions said his message to mayor libby schaaf is how dare you. how dare you do that and endanger the lives of law enforcement agents. so he did not make any mention as to whether or not his office will prosecute her. we just know that the doj is looking at her actions. it is under review. but he did have the specific message for oakland mayor saying he was upset with her actions. if we do have a sound byte from his speech, we would like to play it now. >> but, california, we have a problem. a series of actions and events has occurred here that directly and adversely impact the work
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of our federal officers. for example, the mayor of oakland has actively -- been actively seeking to help illegal aliens avoid apprehension by ice. >> reporter: yeah. i want to mention that back out here live, there is a large protest on the streets. we're going to actually walk and take you around here so you can see all of the people that have come out and marched in front of the hotel here. sessions concluded his speech by saying he intends to win this fight. he thinks that they will be victorious in the courts when it comes to this law. and when we talked to the california peace officers association who is hosting this conference, we were told that this is just a forum to provide opinions on both sides of the issue. they do not necessarily endorse what jeff sessions has said today. they will later this afternoon
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have attorney general javier basara addressing a different viewpoint. both sides addressing the issue. they wanted jeff sessions to be here to express his point. gasia. >> all right. thank you so much. certainly the protesters haven't left even though the attorney general's address is over. >> you talked about the mayor and her response. mayor schaaf tweeted 20 minutes ago. now is a good time to remind our community that oakland's violent crime rate has dropped dramatically in the last five years. she says the specific numbers of crimes saying that oakland witnessed its second lowest homicide total since records were kept in 1985. >> the attorney general and governor brown are expected to react to the lawsuit at 9:30. >> for more on this we are
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joined by david mckowen. >> he says we're not asking oakland or other law enforcement agencies to help us. get out of the way. did you get that sense. >> certainly the attorney general made a strong case by really pushing forward on california's law enforcement community to either help or if not at least not provide resistance. california's politicians are providing that resistance movement. they will continue to do so. of and law enforcement gets caught in the middle here. that will continue to happen. >> that is what a judge that's t determine -- has to determine. >> that's right. we are headed to the mid terms that works to the base of both parties. republicans are hoping to do well in the senate. this will help draw out their base to some degree and hold on to the house which will be very difficult. >> do you think this is a political motivation of the administration to do this or is it a legitimate concern of violent criminal who's are on
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the -- criminals who are on the streets and need to be arrested and taken out of the country. >> it is about politics. you sigh that reflected in the survey of the folks responding. also targeting undocumented immigrants is a key element to this. they want to continue to do that. that helps with the trump base. it helps with, if you will, to lay out and puts politicians in a difficult place. do you want to be against the constitutionality and the law? that conversation will get much louder over the next couple of weeks and months as well. >> from the law enforcement angle and elected leaders who support sanctuary designation, the argument is by telling the vulnerable communities that we will not arrest if you come to us with word on eye crime, you are helping your community as a whole. is the problem that that benefit, if there is one, is somewhat intangible. put up especially against illegal immigrants who commit crimes and are not found
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guilty. >> they are also pushing the bounds of what is legal here. and in addition, politicians will want to tread carefully. you won't see that so much with mayor schaaf or in san francisco. sanctuary cities. but you will see that in area that's are more purple. areas that are caught in between or independent. that will place politicians in a difficult place. california politicians will push it. are you with it or against us. that will place law enforcement in the middle and place, if you will, what happens with the trump administration moving forward. >> he took a sharp jab at oakland's mayor. he did not say anything about any possible action against her personally. >> right. whether she will be thrown in jail or if they will come after her. i think there is another issue here. if you're pushing hard on immigration and sanctuary cities, what do you do with other areas of the law in california and other state that's are on the margins. what do you do with cannabis? if they're pushing hard on this, where do they move forward on cannabis.
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i think that's the next thing to watch. >> let's say that the political will here is we don't want ice here doing these raids. >> right. >> but it is a federal law so are we just stuck here until things change. >> yes. we will be stuck here for some time before the court decides this and the administration can shop this for a little bit. so will governor brown and the state's attorney general. >> he could have given this speech in d.c. he didn't have to be in sacramento. that says a lot that this is a top priority. not just for the attorney general but for the president of the united states. >> you also have a lot of chaos going on inside of the white house. you have what is happening with gary cohn. you had hope hicks last week. before that you had general kelly, rob porter. all of these things going on. coming out to the heart of resistance, moving into the blue area and saying this is what we're going to do. it takes a lot of guts for the attorney general. >> a lot of people say the attorney general may not be in the most favorable position
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with the president. maybe this is to get back into his good graces again. >> this is about politics. this is about the law and who is going to lead. but it is all about politics and you're seeing that really today. >> a lot to digest. thank you for joining us, david. >> thank you for volkswagen me. >> we will move to you, the viewer, with the question of the day. we've been asking what do you believe is the motivation of the trump administration lawsuit against california and its immigration policies. here are the results. it is about the rule of law. why would california not have to follow the law but other states do. i'm all for legal immigration but illegals hurt that by coming here illegally. there are rules that you must follow. >> i believe it is a variety of things going on with the trump administration and california. a simple way of putting it is the government does not like california and all that we stand for.
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any situation if the opportunity presents itself to bash california it's going to happen. >> and tammy says enforcing law and public safety. >> we will take your responses throughout the day and share them at 9:30. thanks for hughesing #ktvu. at 9:30 is the time that we expect to hear from governor brown and the attorney general. stay with us because, boy, there is a major weather event happening on the east coast. preparing for another round of snow and difficult weather. people are bracing for the second major storm in one week. a special performance by students of marjory stoneman douglas high school. up next the invitation received months ago that was upheld in the wake of last month's deadly shooting. at ikea, we believe that everything you need
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>> a down day on stocks. the dow jones is down by one and one quarter percent, losing
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more than 300 points. the story is similar over on the s&p and nasdaq. all right. for the second time in a week, the northeast is bracing for another big storm. lauren blanchard is joining us live from new york with how folks are preparing out there. good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning. the snow or slush is really starting to come down here in new york. it has been raining all morning. it is finally seeing the winter weather that forecasters had promised. it has been snowing in pennsylvania and new jersey and the east coast is -- is preparing for yet another major winter weather storm that is going to go all up and down the east coast from maine to the carolinas. the forecast just keeps getting worse for what is expected to be the biggest snowstorm of the year along much of the east coast. it is the second nor'easter in a week. just north of here in westchester county, new york, crews are trying to get the power back on after the last
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storm. the snow could see more people left in the dark. >> there will be new customer outages, additional outages as a result of the nor'easter particularly because many trees are in a weakened condition. >> reporter: forecasters say many states are looking at a foot of snow or more. some folks are gearing up with multiple trips to grocery and hardware stores and others are playing it safe and staying indoors. >> i went out and prepared the properties for the residents. >> coffee and bed. a good workout. and then watch a good movie. >> reporter: the storm also making travel a nightmare on the roads and in the skies. at least 2,000 flights have been canceled. and now airlines are also starting to cancel thursday flights as well. >> i don't want to be snowed in. i would like to get back home. >> i'm going to miss it all. hopefully when i come back, it is all melted. >> reporter: and in addition to the flight delays, amtrak says they have canceled more than 50 trains today. and there have been dozens of car accidents reported
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throughout the northeast. so officials are warning people, stay off the roads if you can. and mike, gasia, sal, i wish i was in california with you guys where i think it is just a little bit nicer than it is here. >> lauren, come on out. the weather is just fine. come on out. we're inviting you. >> thanks, lauren. >> reporter: will do. >> thank you, lauren. all right, you know what, steve, a lot of people hope for our weather. today will be cloudy but a little warmer too. >> we will get some partly cloudies later and near 70 for some again. san jose was 72 yesterday. that is certainly possible again today. it is a mild air mass over us for now. the cold will come back next week. everything is starting to turn over to snow if you looks towards the northeast here. watch in the last few images. from washington to philadelphia to new york. long island still looks like rape. it is turning over rapidly. the heavier snows will be to the west. you get out to parts of new jersey, upstate new york, there will be impressive totals all the way up to connecticut and rhode island and other areas as
9:18 am
well through the new england area that. is a big system. this from kyle wolf. storm blew through yosemite last week. this sunrise shot from valley view. we like that. that is a beauty there, kyle. thanks. mostly cloudy. afternoon highs 60 to 70s. there will be some light amounts of rain into thursday night -- excuse me, thursday morning. heavier is possible on the weekend. it looks to be monterey south. it is a tricky little forecast. you can see the breaks. we will get partly sunny, partly cloudies. mild here. not a lot of precip rain out of this. a couple one hundredths. more towards santa rosa north up to cloverdale. by saturday morning, we could get more moving in. tough to pin point this because it is coming in from the west/southwest. temperatures are starting out mild. mid-50s in berkeley. 56 in city. 58 in san jose. they could easily get into the low 70s against.
9:19 am
look at the moisture screaming up from the west/southwest and the tropics. that will play into our weather for the next three to five days. light rain late tonight, you guys, but mild and warm pattern will continue all the way into the weekend. march is looking very active. >> thank you, steve. >> you bet. music students from florida's marjory stoneman douglas high school had a special evening just weeks after surviving a deadly school shooting. ♪[music] >> several months ago the florida high school's wind orchestra was invited to play at carnegie hall. on valentine's day many of the students were in the school's music room participating, practicing for their new york city performance when a gunman shot and killed three staff members and 14 students, including a trombone player who played in the wind orchestra. they resumed rehearsals a week ago. they say the music is helping
9:20 am
them heal after the tragedy. >> it definitely gives this trip a new meaning. now we're playing for people that we lost. >> i feel so many things coming out of me when i play music. it definitely is being pulled out from us, from our hearts no you. >> music is the thing that allows us to express in the most pure way that we can. >> the musicians received a standing ovation for their performance last night. and the students from the other schools that performed also last night gave the stoneman douglas high school t-shirts with the slogan we band together. >> very nice. coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, boy, a payment mess. tens of millions of dollars in unpaid invoices. 2 investigates has an update on a payment problem at san francisco city hall.
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>> 2 investigates is following story of problems with the san francisco -- with san francisco's new financial payment system and the backlog of bills that still need to be paid. >> the city plans to make sure
9:23 am
that the backlog doesn't happen again. >> reporter: before san francisco's main library was open to the public, city officials alongside contractors talked business in the basement. the main topic was the new financial system oracle people soft. with a modern and stream line process, you will find it quicker and easier to do business with the city. 2 investigates recently uncovered thousands of contractor invoices going unpaid for months. now the controller's office and department leaders are meeting face-to-face with contractors. >> we are committed to our suppliers and our city partners to figure out how to get you paid timely and to get it done. >> reporter: the deputy comptroller admitted short comings while last month 8,000 invoices were unpaid. now only about 3200 remain. totally roughing $38.6 million.
9:24 am
>> we're not going to rest until it is resolved and complete. >> reporter: 225,000 invoices adding up to $6 billion has already been paid out with the new system. more training for employees, contractors and vendors is ongoing. >> cash is king for contractors. it is really important. >> reporter: mike is president of united contractors. his association represents some contractors waiting months for checks. 2 investigates heard from several that said it was putting financial strains on their businesses. >> it's hard as contractors to understand how dynamic this whole problem is. the software, the processing, and all of that. >> reporter: but this city meeting provided hands-on trainers resources and a chance for contractors to comment or address specific invoice issues. >> it is really refreshing for them to come forward and say, this is our challenge. we're working with you. >> reporter: the city wrapped up promising to find the root cause of issues, work out bugs and discuss any disputes over
9:25 am
late payments. >> if we know there is an issue, if something is still stuck, we want it escalate today our office because we want to help folks resolve it and get beyond this. >> all right. brooks joins us live in the studio. meeting face-to-face. that is progress. ultimately it is show me the money. where is my -- where is my pay. >> it is one of those things where the city is really trying to reach out to the contractors and have that open discussion. and there were comment cards where if they didn't want to voice their opinion in the meeting, they could actually leave their comments. and they wanted to know which contractors specifically were unpaid and the invoice numbers, all of that information, so they could get on it right away. you can see the number coming down. >> i'm familiar with this pro incumbent, people soft by ora -- owe this product, people soft by oracle. what is the problem in san francisco? >> i think they tried to
9:26 am
combine so many systems. 80 were combined into one application. you're bound to have bugs that need to be worked out. i don't think they knee to what extent the issues would happen. here we are. >> certainly those affected contractors are not satisfied. >> no. but you know what, it was good to hear from some of them yesterday who said, at least now we feel like we're on the right path. the city is listening to us. and if we have any issues, we can address them. they even had several people out in the hallway that were help desk technicians. come to us right now. we're going to work this out. so they're on their computers and offering additional training and resources. >> you believe there was patience in the room. contractors being more patient. >> when we went to the public meeting, we were not sure whether there would be fireworks, people really upset leaving the meeting. >> sure. >> or if it would be a more professional and honest and open conversation. it was the latter, which is good. because it appears as though there is progress. >> when will we get to the point that this is no longer an
9:27 am
issue, in your estimation, after cover are this story. >> they're thinking in the next 60 days, they will have most of the issues figured out. i'm interested to see if there is a deeper investigation to figure out what the root cause of this system problem is. i think it is a combination of things. but there are also some things that still boggle the mind of people at the comtropical stormer's office. >> thank you, brooks. >> coming up on mornings on 2 the 9, we will take you to san francisco where we're following the latest developments from an officer-involved shooting in san francisco that turned fatal. up next, allie rasmus has more on what led to the shooting. and president trump's top economic adviser announces his resignation. the latest from the white house as it deals with more turmoil.
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>> just after 8:00 this morning, we brought you live an announcement by attorney general jeff segs saying the
9:30 am
department of justice is filing a lawsuit against california sanctuary state policy. our question of the day is what do you believe is the motivation behind the lawsuit against california by the trump administration. 3 is percent say undocumented immigrants. 17% say public safety. 37% say it is politics. 15% say something else is at play. gentlemen, are you seeing many responses? >> i'm seeing some on both sides. actually a little more supporting what jeff sessions said. one says, public safety. why do we need passports if we let everyone in without vetting them. sal, what are you seeing? >> i'm seeing a lot -- i mean, this is obviously a very partisan issue. i'm seeing about the same number of for and against what libby schaaf did and what jeff sessions did. >> just to balance it out. we are literally a country of immigrants. both sides of the issue. >> one person responded to my
9:31 am
tweet. you can be sure that i'm going to use every power that i have to stop them, meaning law enforcement agencies that don't honor federal immigration laws. he tweeted we dare you to try. any minute we expect to hear from california's governor and attorney general. they are expected to speak at the capitol. when that happens, we will bring it to you live. allie rasmus is live at 22nd and capp where police shot and killed a man in a trunk of a car. allie. >> reporter: yes. you can see that vehicle behind us here. this is 22nd and capp. the negotiates is closed and has been since this happened around 10:30 last night. the black honda civic that you see with the car door open is where this happened. and police say that they were trying to detain a robbery suspect who was hiding in the trunk of that car. let's show you the video that we have. kind of an overhead view of this intersection and the scene here. that's when the officer- involved shooting happened when they were trying to arrest a person hiding in the trunk of
9:32 am
the civic. we don't know how many shots were fired from the suspect or police. in the overhead advise you can see dozens of evidence markers scattered across the street and the sidewalk. this happened around 10:30 last night. two people in the neighborhood flagged down a patrol car as it was going by to report they were victims of an armed robbery. a short time later police found a car matching the description given by the victims. they stopped the vehicle. the driver of the car got out with his hands up. he was detained. another woman in the car was also arrested. one of the officers noticed the trunk slightly open and they discovered there was aman in the trunk of the car. in the cell phone we're about to show you sent to ktvu you can hear police using a mega phone to give instructions to the person in the trunk, followed by dozens of gunshots. you can also hear what a neighbor saw and heard who lives just outside of the scene. [gunshots]
9:33 am
>> i don't bow what he was doing in the trunk. but after that, they gave him instructions. they were giving him instructions for at least five to ten minutes before the bullets went off. they gave him a long time to get out. and, you know, to -- to, you know -- they wanted him to live. i know they wanted him to live. it just didn't work out that way. >> reporter: now, the man in the trunk died from the gunshot injuries. police say a handgun was located in the trunk of the car. san francisco police homicide units, the internal affairs divisions and representatives from the district attorney's office are out here investigating the circumstances surrounding this deadly officer- involved shooting. we're told that this intersection that has been closed since 10:30 last night will remain closed for at least another hour. we heard an officer telling the residents who were trying to go back to their homes here. >> allie rasmus, thank you. for more on some of the other headlines we have been
9:34 am
working on, let's go to dave clark. >> thank you, sal. here are some of the top stories we're following. as soon as next week, the san francisco police commission may make a decision about giving tasers to police officers. there is already a measure on the june ballot to let the voters decide. interim mayor mark farrell supports the measure but the police chief does not. he doesn't like the ballot measure because it limits the power of the police commission to make changes to the policy. if the voters and the police commission can't agree on a taser policy, the ballot measure would override the police commission's decision. also interim mayor mark farrell signed off on the giants' plan to transform a parking lot near at&t park into a major waterfront housing and commercial complex. it will be mostly paid for by the giants in cooperation with the city and the state. the plan includes 1500 housing units south of the bridge.
9:35 am
40% of the houses will be designated as affordable. it will have 8 acresof new parks and open spaces. and the trump administration responded to reports that north korean leader kim jong-un is willing to negotiate his nuclear weapons program and suspend missile and nuclear tests. vice president mike pence and rex tillerson are still urging countries to keep isolating north korea. diplomatically and economically. the diplomatic break-through came during talks with kim jong- un and south korea an officials this week. those are just some of your morning headlines. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. the city of sunnyvale want to restrict the sale of rifles. the mayor wants the city staff to create an ordinance to ban anyone from the age of 21 from buying center fire rifles. the mayor hopes that the laws
9:36 am
will change on a state or federal level but in the meantime it is up to cities to take action. in santa clara county, the board of supervisors unanimously approved plans to try to ban gun sales on county- owned property. the county now has to draft an ordinance for the ban as part of the next step. if approved, it would ban gun shows at the county fairgrounds which typically hosts two gun shows a year. a state lawmaker is introducing a bill to make sure that people can't buy guns or ammunition with the gift cards that they get from gun buy-back programs. democratic assembly woman gonzales fletcher says handing out wal-mart gift cards for the guns is counter productive. wal-mart is a major gun retailer. it doesn't sell guns in california but it is the largest ammunition seller in the state.
9:37 am
another key member of the trump administration is stepping down. sending shock waves through washington yet again. it is one of a number of issues that appeared to be rocking the white house this week. griff jenkins at the nation's capitol to bring us the turmoil inside of the west wing. >> we have a terrific economic team here. we're going to consistently execute the president's strategy. >> reporter: add gary cohn to the list of high profile departures from the white house. president trump's chief economic adviser is walking away after disagreeing with the president over planned tariffs on aluminum and steel. those set to go into effect despite widespread criticism. >> we're going to roll this out quickly. >> reporter: the administration does not seem overly concerned about the string of exits. president trump says, quote, everyone wants to work in the white house. he will be making a decision soon on the appointment of i new chief economic adviser. >> he has a number of people to choose from.
9:38 am
in the meantime gary will still be here as a voice for, you know, the next several weeks. >> reporter: tariffs and staffing not the only controversy surrounding the president right now. an adult film actress who contends she had a sexual relationship with him is suing to invalidate a nondisclosure agreement signed ahead of the election. michael cohen says he paid daniels $130,000 of his own money and the trump organization and campaign played no role in the transaction. >> what i will tell you, there was obviously a reason for the payment of $130,000. and we are assert it was in an effort to silence here. >> reporter: daniels says it is not have a valid because the president never signed it. in washington, griff jenkins, ktvu fox 2 news. cynthia nixon who played miranda on "sex and the city" is considering a run for the
9:39 am
mayor of new york. she has begun to assemble a staff, including two veterans of mayor bill de plays joe's election team. she will be challenging cuomo in the primary. the primary election is scheduled for september 13th. coming up next, the experience of a young woman's trip to see "black panther" is getting the attention of one of the movie's stars. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be
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>> welcome back. right now california attorney general and governor jerry brown are speaking at the state capitol. let's listen in. >> the federal government ought to do its job and not blame california for its own inability to solve the problem, whether it is crime of immigration. that is the job for this attorney general. he shouldn't come out to a political show to try to engage in these tactics as opposed to being above the fray, being the attorney general for all of us, and working together. and despite what he has done, i still put my hand out and say i'll cooperate, jeff, if you can get off this current maneuver you're on because it
9:42 am
is unbecoming, it is based on nontruth and i hope you shape up before it is too late. this lawsuit they're talking about going to the supreme court, this lawsuit is going to last a lot longer than the trump administration. >> usually as an attorney you advise your client not to say anything in public. i think in this case i'm pleased that my client, the governor, has made it clear where the state of california stands. and i think you can trace all of this back to the fact that washington, d.c. as the governor just mentioned, the trump administration has failed utterly to fix a broken immigration system. this is what it comes down, these types of actions that take us nowhere in advancing both immigration policy and protecting states and the people in our states to make sure that we're doing the job of public safety and advancing the general welfare of all of our people in the united states
9:43 am
of america. i want to thank the governor for his words. i want to thank him for his actions. it was his signature on these measures that are giving californians the type of protection they need to be able to do everything that has made us the sixth largest economy in the world today. here in california, we respect the law and the constitution. we expect the federal government to do the same. as i have said many times, our state laws work in concert with federal laws. and our state law enforcement officials work in concert with federal law enforcement officials every day. that's not something that we intend to change. our federal and state teams are working together indeed today to go after drug dealers, to combat sex traffickers, to take down gang violence and we have no intention of changing that
9:44 am
public safety work. our teams have had a chance within their california department of justice to look at the lawsuit that attorney general sessions filed against us late last night. and today i want to offer a few initial responses to some of ag sessions' claims. the lawsuit challenges some of our state laws which are, again, fully constitutional and provide for the safety and welfare of all of our people. the trump administration says that ab-450, a law that protects californians privacy at the workplace prevents ice from carrying out its investigations at work sites. that's not true. ab-450 clearly allows employers to cooperate with ice. it simply requires that before immigration enforcement agents enter certain areas of the
9:45 am
workplace or access employee records, they first present employers with documents that ensure employers and employees their rights and their privacy and that those are being respected. the trump administration says that ab-103, which requires my office to review detention facilities where noncitizens are held prevents the federal government from doing its job. that is not true. our residents and our public officials have a right to know the conditions underwhich -- under which people are detained in the facilities. that includes whether they are being treated properly, whether they have access to necessary medical care, whether they have access to an attorney, if they have an attorney, and whether or not they are being afforded due process. all people deserve humane
9:46 am
treatment and they deserve due process under the laws and constitution of the united states. finally the trump administration says that sb-54, the values act, violates federal law. that's not true either. the 10th amendment provides california with the right to decline to participate in civil immigration enforcement. in adopting sb-54, the values act, california has exercised its rights to define the circumstances where state and local law enforcement may participate in immigration enforcement. and once again, california is in the business of public safety. we're not in the business of deportations. i believe it is a low blow -- i believe it is a low blow for the trump administration to deny our men and women who wear
9:47 am
the badge the funding they need to keep us all safe by coercing us to try to do what they want us to do. this is not a good public safety technique, to try to coerce us to try to do what they want us to do. in california, we don't confuse coercion with cooperation. neither should the trump administration. i look forward to making these arguments in court. and we will continue to stand up for our police and our sheriffs whose funding has been threatened by the trump administration and for the policies that have -- that we have enacted to increase trust in our communities and that our officers and sheriffs are sworn to protect. we intend to make sure that public safety is job one for
9:48 am
law enforcement in california. we respect the federal government's right to take on immigration enforcement. with that, we will take any questions. >> all right. you've been listening to the state attorney general there responding to yesterday's lawsuit filed here in california, in sacramento, in federal court that seeks to overturn really three state laws. sanctuary laws, sanctuary state laws. one being sb-54. he talked about this. that one specifically prohibits police have notifying federal agents that an immigrant will be released from custody. we heard from the attorney general for the state of california on that claim that it violates law and he says it does not violate law. >> there was an address by
9:49 am
attorney general jeff sessions who spoke at a law enforcement event in sacramento. we brought you that address live. he did call out oakland mayor for warning the public about immigration raids late last month. >> so here is my message to mayor schaaf. how dare you. how dare you needles -- needlessly endanger our law enforcement. >> we would love to hear from the mayor directly. i the mayor tweeted around 9:00 the fact that oakland's violent crime rate had dropped dramatically in the last five years. the trump administration filed a lawsuit in federal court attempting to overturn three california sanctuary state laws, including asking people about their immigration status. >> before we go to break, interim mayor of san francisco
9:50 am
mark farrell tweeted a couple minutes ago that attorney general jeff sessions' attack on our immigrant communities and residents is just another attempt for them to further their fear based and divisive agenda. san francisco stands united with our immigrants. >> san jose's mayor sam liccardo also issued a statement largely along those lines. stay with us. more after this.
9:51 am
my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our
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gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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>> former 49ers and raiders linebacker smith is out on bail this morning after surrendering yesterday to san francisco police. he was booked on misdemeanor charges of domestic violence, assault, vandalism and false imprisonment. he posted $30,000 bail and was released. he walked out of the jail and got into an awaiting suv. and didn't say anything to ktvu crews. police had issued an arrest warrant after a call on saturday night. the pac-12 men's basketball tournament starts today in las vegas. two bay area teams will actually play each other in the first round. ktvu sports anchor scott reese has a preview. >> reporter: cal and stanford have had very different seasons. the bears finished last. but their paths have converged in las vegas. winner moves on, the loser goes home. >> we have to play as hard as we can for 40 minutes. we have beaten these guys before. we have gotten beaten by them.
9:54 am
it will be a fun game. the so-called rivalry going. i just like my guys being in this atmosphere and the excitement. i think they will play well. >> the big picture of the tournament, it is a quick- hitting thing. the first game is like a regular season game. you have to handle it. if you are fortunate to advance, it is a little different in preparation. but i think you're guys are looking at this just the next game. >> reporter: still in this city sometimes extreme long shots do pay off. in las vegas, scott reese, ktvu fox 2 news. and today's game between cal and stanford scheduled tipoff 3:30 this afternoon. the winner will play ucla tomorrow afternoon. the arizona diamond backs are celebrating their 20th anniversary in the major leagues by stepping back in time. the d-backs will be the first team to bring back what was known as the bullpen cart.
9:55 am
you see it here. the team says the cart will ferry relief pitchers from the bullpen to the mound. it is not just for arizona's pitchers. it is also for the opposing team pitchers. they will use that cart. the last time it was used was in 19956789 this one make -- in 1995. >> tell me exactly what happened. >> okay. so we had an employee he was on campus and walked into a glass window, hitting his head. he has a little bit of a cut on the eyebrow. >> the apple campus which opened in january is made mostly of glass and employees are apparently running face first into the glass walls. now stickers are being used to workers can spot the glass walls. apple has not commented on the
9:56 am
problem. mattel revealed a line of barbie dolls inspired by real life women. preorders are happening right now. the dolls go for $30 each. a san francisco teenager who went viral rear for reaction to "black panther" has her orthodontist to thank for it. she was so excited to see a shirtless michael jordan during the film that she clenched her teeth hard enough for the retainer to break. she decided to identify herself as the girl who broke her retainer over michael b jordan. to her surprise, he started following her on twitter and offer today pay for the repair. instead she asked for a photo with herself and her orthodontist next time that jordan is in town. >> critical. >> that is very nice. trust me, those things can be expensive. it is a nice offer on his
9:57 am
behalf. what a star he has become. >> yes. >> this movie, "black panther," by oaklander ryan is off the chart. >> it is michael b jordan. >> not number 23. >> no. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. it has been a busy news day that continues online on mike and i are back with more news at noon. have a great morning. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card.
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