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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 8, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PST

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san francisco's mission district for a vigil to remember a young man shot to death by police late tuesday night. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us here at mornings on 2 thursday morning march 8th i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about the weather. steve paulson in the office to tell you. a little bit of rain overnight. >> yeah. >> a little bit in marin this morning. >> more than anybody else marin north. >> okay. >> maren north. not just marin, pam. >> marin north. >> okay. >> thank you. our system has gone through give it credit. it held together and i've seensystems like this fall apart. there's some towards sanna -- sant cruz and this is going through rapid -- santa cruz and it's going through rapidly. partly sunny mostly sunny skies but moisture is streaming towards us and it will into the weekend. there's some of the rain holding on santa cruz
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mountains. but that's all that's left. a quarter of a inch in marin county to a half inch west of santa rosa. 40s and 50s on the temperature. they are held up by cloud covers. and we will have the system clear out rapidly. but look here. there's a awful lot of moisture streaming up. a lot of it looks to take aim towards monterey south but we will deal with it. it looks like saturday could be a ran day. so, we will have more on that coming up later. more than what's showing. 60s on the temps to near 70 for some certainly with more sunshine. 4:01. hello, sal. well, hello, steve. >> how are you. >> i am well. it's thursday and things are doing okay on the roads. i don't see a lot a going on right now. let's start off with tracy super commute and you can see traffic in tracy coming in through 205 and 580 still looks pretty good. so you don't have too much of a hassle. looking at a commute getting out to the dublin interchange,
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traffic looks pretty good. and there's no major problem on interstate 8 # 0 north and south and as you drive to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light but the roads are wet. and you might be wise to give your sea of little extra time this morning. 02 now back to the desk. >> thanks sal. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions is doubling down last night on fox news he added new fuel to the fire between the trump administration and california over the state's sanctuary policy. >> federal law determines immigration policy. state of california is not entitled to block that activity. somebody needs to stand up and say no. you've gone too far. you can't do this. this is not reasonable. it's radical. >> the comments came after the high-profile speech at law enforcement conference in sacramento yesterday morning. while discussing the lawsuit challenging california's saving the wary state policy sessions
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called out several elected leaders including lieutenant governor newsom for encouraging the obstruction of immigration enforcement. and oakland mayor libby schaaf forewarning the public. >> here's my message to mayor schaaf. how dare you. how dare you needlessly endanger the lives of the law enforcement officers to promote a radical open boarders agenda. >> sessions' speech in downtown sacramento drew hundreds of protesters. they took to the streets and blocked traffic. police and private security guards prevented them from entering the hotel and police say there were no arrests. time is now 4:03. the trump adstrags's lawsuit names california, governor injury brown and state attorney general havoc area by sara as defendants. brown and by sara fired back.
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-- javier beccera. >> once again california is in the business of public safety. we are not in the business of deportation. >> becerra said it's underhanded for the trump administration to threaten to take away federal grants to local police departments in order to pressure cities into helping federal agents round up undocumented immigrants. oakland mayor schaaf responded to attorney general sessions' claims she helped criminals escape being arrested and put federal agents in danger when she alerted the public ice raids were coming. >> how dare you to distort the reality about declining violent crime in a diverse sanctuary city like oakland, california. to advance your racist agenda.
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>> later this morning, at 7:30, oakland mayor will be here in the ktvu studios and talk about the trump administration's lawsuit against california and how the attorney general criticized her personally. that's coming up at 7:30. sanctuary laws are not unique to a california but afford different protections in different areas. in addition to california, illinois and oregon also have sanctuary state laws. oregon began -- became the first sanctuary state in 1987. and according to the immigrant legal resource center, hundreds of local governments have sanctuary policies. >> the white house is confirming that next week, president trump will come to california his first visit since he took office. the official agenda of the trip on tuesday has not been released. but the president's expected to go to san diego to see prototypes for the border wall. he will be going to a republican fund-raiser in beverly hills. he is not expected to come here to the bay area.
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at or website you will find more video from yesterday's events including the remarks about jeff sessions, leby schaaf and the governor. about 100 people showed up in san francisco mission district for a vigil to remember the man shot to death by police tuesday night. friends identified the man as 19er old jesus delgado of san francisco. officers say delgado was in the trunk of a car that had been linked to an armed robbery minutes before. a man who recorded cell phone video of the shooting doesn't want to be identified but says delgado fired his gun first. >> he discharged one shot. i could tell because i saw the flash from the muzzle. seconds later he fired a second one. that's when all hell broke loose. >> it is unbelievable. like, the story they are saying doesn't match with the person he is. >> now delgado's friends say that he worked at a metro pcs
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store and stayed out of trouble. police and district attorney and other city officials are continuing the separate investigation he is -- investigation into the shooting. a familiar lave dan -- investigations. the family -- into the shooting. the family of a danville woman's family is offering a reward for the death of her. detectives determined the woman had been shot to death. she was house sitting. this is the photo. if you have information, call the police. uc president is announcing a new proposal to guarantee admission for transfer students from california community college. >> today, i am calling on ucs academic senate to determine what it will take to extend a guarantee of admission to all qualifying california community college transfer students. >> she made the announcement during a speech of the commonwealth club in san
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francisco yesterday. students would need to complete recommended courses and qualify academically. she says she wants the new guaranteed admission by the fall of next year. it's 4:08. tonight all 6 registered democrats running to become mayor of san francisco will be given a chance to talk about the important issues facing the senate. san francisco democratic party is hosting the event at the san francisco lgbt community center on market street. it's at 8 tonight. amy weiss and jean kim mark leno and michelle bravo have all accepted invitations to be a part of the forum. bay area schools are dealing with the increased number of threats following the school shooting in parkland florida. and coming up, we will talk about the efforts to keep students safe without scaring them. >> reporter: the wintry weather creating havoc for travelers nationwide. i am lauren blanchard at new jersey's newark liberty airport and i will have more coming up. >> and we are looking at the
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east bay commute off to a wet start all over the bay, actually. roads are wet so give yourself extra time on interstate 80 and all the other freeways. >> the weak system came by. not too bad on the rainfall north of the golden gate but it won't last much longer. we will see what's in store for the rest of the day and what's coming for the weekend.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 it's 4:11. european union is considering tariffs on american products if
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president trump goes through with the plan to impose tariffs on imported steel and aluminium. some products the eu mentioned including peanut butter and cranberries. they are deciding whether to put tariffs on bourbon and motorcycles. president trump has threatened to tax european cars if the eu imposes trade barriers. the white house says mexico and canada may be exempted from the president's planned steel and aluminium tariffs. countries and others could fall under national security car bombs. he says the tariff on imported steel and 10% on aluminium are needed to save american jobs. but many republicans are speaking out against those tariffs. we could soon see the first ever court hearing on the science of climate change. a federal judge in san francisco has ordered parties in a landmark global warming lawsuit to appear in court on
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march 21st. lawyers for exxon, beech p, chevron and other oil companies -- bp, chevron and other companies will face attorneys for san francisco and oakland. both considered them of covering up the role in contributing to global warming. the judge is calling for a tutorial on the science behind global warming and many say it's a first, they say it makes sense if the judge is going to make a decision on the topic. very interesting. we will continue to follow developments on that. time is 4:13. sal is over there. i don't have to tell you roads are wet and we have had light rain. >> and sometimes when this happens, we have more people getting into trouble, sliding of the -- off the road. not being able to stop in time. gilroy to san jose commute looks pretty good driving from gilroy or the santa cruz mountains for that matter. driving over to san jose gill more, morgan hill and into thevalley, it looks pretty good so far. roads are wet but traffic is
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light. this is 280 in san jose. you can see traffic is moving along very nicely. and at the bay bridge stale little wet. it's not raining now and it could dry off if it doesn't rain more before the main part of the commute hits. 4:14. let's bring in steve. i think that's a good bet, sal. >> you think so. >> yeah. a little light rain. the system is hang on of the tail end. but that's about it. a little mist maybe. but the main front is pushed off into the big valley and heading up to the sierra where snow levels have gone up because they are warm systems. see brakes to the west but doesn't mean we will have all sunshine a lot of cloud cover streaming up from lower lat tude. in fact, from -- latitudes in fact from off hawaii. there's the rein towards santa cruz and burst of moderate into the santa cruz mountains. 40s and 50s on the temps. very mild for some. san jose says 57 warm degrees. concord 54. 53 in berkeley.
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i -- everyone is pretty close. heaviest rain from marin to northward from an inch to a half. 48 there and petaluma and running warmer in the 50s. 39 in truckee. that tells you everything to know. 51 in reno. 40s for eu kipa. we will get part -- eu kita. there's moisture here's systems digging in and a lot up at pacific. it will draw a lot of moisture in here and it looks like saturday will be the rain day. but there's going to be a lot of cloud cover coming through, again, the point is where is this going to set up? looks like around monterey but we will focus our atigs on a system to the north by -- attention to a system to the north on tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so it looks active for the next 10, 15 days if the models are right. 60s and 70s on the temps. another very mild pattern. if you get the sun, then temperatures shoot up to the near 70 degree mark.
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it will stay this way through the end of the week and rain day saturday and we will focus our attention next week on colder air coming back in. >> as you said march is going to be pretty wet. >> it's been pretty good so far. >> thanks, steve. 4:16 is the time. and speaking weather, pack your patience, that's the advice this morning of the big winter storm in the northeast impacts travel across the country. >> lauren blanchard jones us live in newark new jersey. i see the wind blowing. good morning. what's it like back there? >> reporter: good morning, yeah, good morning, pam and dave. i am at the newark liberty airport where roadways have reopened but hundreds of flights have been canceled today as the winter storm is proving to be a continued nuisance for many travelers. >> i came in here ready for my flight. i find out that it's been canceled. >> reporter: the late winter storm causing a travel nightmare for thousands and it could be days before airlines will be able to get schedules back on track after massive
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storms days apart. >> i was supposed to catch a flight to washington today. and the flight got canceled. so i came here real early this morning to book the ticket train ticket to washington. >> reporter: the winter weather continuing to pound some parts of the northeast while in its path, residents are left to dig out from as much as 2 feet of snow. eventually dry out from coastal flooding and for hundreds of thousands, wait out a massive power outage. >> we have heaters so he think we will be. and then candles so maybe some board games. >> reporter: but not everybody is complaining about the snow. for some, it's a chance to get outside. >> i actually don't mend it. keeps the dog park cleaner than being mud -- mind it. it keeps the dog park cleaner than being muddy and chappy likes the snow so it's not too bad. >> reporter: and airports are warning people they should check in with their airlines and check the flight status before they head out.
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pam, dave. >> and people out here have business, or personal travel back there. we are hearing a lot of problems with the roads that people were not heeding the warnings and they were on the roads and keeping the snowplows from getting in. what are the roads across the east coast like this morning. >> reporter: well, remember, this storm, there's snow in massachusetts. it's snowing even this morning. here in new jersey, the roads wehave condition driving along them and they are slippery. crews have been out all night working to clear them. but authorities are urging people to take it a little bit slower today especially if there is still snow on the ground or if it is still snowing because you know, just because it stops snowing doesn't mean the ground is completely clear. there's ice every where. >> in the new york new jersey felly area were there -- philly area were there many reports of damage or injuries related to the storm? >> reporter: well, actually, in
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southern new jersey, this is kind of an interesting one. thankfully, everybody was okay. but a middle schoolteacher was out when she was holding an umbrella and lightning struck her. she was taken to the hospital but is all right. and this was just one of many cases folks were hearing thundersnow from philly up to new york city. really bizarre phenomenon especially when it's snowing and raining to hear that rumble of thunder as well. >> yeah. that's crazy. scary. and then we see it sunny where you are now. >> yes. >> do they expect this was a quick move through and now things will start to melt? >> reporter: yeah, i think that's what they are hoping is that this was kind of the late winter storm to pass through and hopefully it will start to get nicer. but, remember, this is the second massive winter storm like this in less than two weeks. so they are hoping this was kind of something that's going to blow through and keeps going
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on out of here but who knows if something will pop up soon enough. >> lauren blanchard you took us there. from newark new jersey, thank you. 4:20 the is time right now. good news for jobs in the california economic outlook. new numbers show the jobless rate is the lowest level on record. >> and up next, before driverless cars can hit san francisco roads, the city wants more safety insurance -- assurances from the companys that are building the cars.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the value of bitcoin is half of what it was in december. crypto currency took another hit after the u.s. securities and exchange commission issued another statement saying online trading platforms should register with the fcc. that sparked concern that tighter regulation could limit trading. this morning bitcoin value is about 10,000 u.s. dollars. it was trading 20,000 dollars last year. uber founder and exceo announced his next project on twitter saying he started a new investment fund called 10-100 focusing on invasion in china and india and real estate. and says it will pursue nonprofit and education and the future of cities. time is 4:23. uber and lyft may have to pay a per ride tax. in oakland. city councilwoman kaplan wants a ballot measure saying under
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her plan the extra money would be used for road improvements. other major cities have similar taxes. if approved, oakland will be the first city in california to impose such a tax. san francisco's thinking about a similar measure. public opinion is split. >> i think it's worth it for the safety of it. i mean i. use it more if you are not able to drive or safety at night. >> now others in oakland say a tax may affect the decision to use the ride sharing services for now. the position of people in the ride sharing business is cities have no right to impose such a tax. the bay area wouldn't be alone in taxing riders. the city of chicago has a 15 cent per ride tax. philadelphia has a 1.4% surcharge. massachusetts collects 20 cents per rise and new york is proposing a 2 to 5 dollar per ride fee. san francisco is asking forcooperation from companies that make driverless cars as
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they test next month without a human being behind the wheel. now right now, driverless cars are required to have a backup driver inside as a precaution. but starting april 2nd, the dmv will inusual -- issue perminute for full driverless testing. san francisco's mayor is sending a letter to the 50 companies testing self-driving technology in california. and while he acknowledges the city has no regulatory control, he is urging companies to voluntarily demonstrate safety features to city agencies and first responders so they know how to respond if a driverless car breaks down or gets into an accident. time is 4:25. microsoft introducing s mode to simplify a program that is used by students and businesses. last year, windows 10a was introduceed allowing customers to use windows through apps at microsoft app store but some
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were confused. they had the option to switch to the normal version of windows for 49 dollars. now, any windows user can switch in and out of s mode for free. which microsoft calls a familiar productive windows experience. it is streamp lined for security and performance. -- streamed line for security and performs and. there's a -- performance. there's a impact between teachers and the school district in pittsburgh. >> florida state legislature passed a historic new gun control measure three weeks after the deadly school shooting in parkland. >> good morning. right now traffic is off to a nice start. although it's little wet out there. this is a look at 28in san jose. not a -- 280 in san jose. not a bad commute. >> there's some rain in the santa cruz mountains maybe highway 17 and okay totals from marin county north. we will look at those coming up.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. [ music ] >> this is just for pam cook. >> is it. >> live picture in the middle of the night. >> i love billy joel. >> i love billy joel. >> classic. >> that's how we get you started with a bouty shot and middle of the night. belly joel he. >> thanks for getting up with us in the middle of the night. >> that's right. >> feels like it. >> good morning. welcome to mornings on 2. thursday march 8th. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. it's about 4:30. i will call it an intermittent morning coming from marin county because that was my windshield wiper setting. >> it was pretty much done by the time we got out. >> in the middle of the night. >> he had his own channel either he did or does. >> i think he still does. yeah. >> still does.
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>> yeah. >> thank you. i have a leonard skinnard channel now which is tasty. let's get to it here. our system has gone through for most. there's holding on in santa cruz mountains but today partly sunny mostly cloudy friday and a lot of moisture coming up from the hawaiian islands. 3/4 of an inch last 24 hours. wood acre over a half inch of rain and quarter of an inch. kentfield napa 2/10 and san francisco.06 and mountainview point .06. santa cruz highway 17 and i think that's the tail end of it. 40s, 50s on the temps. cloud cover very mild. hawaiian look at the moisture screaming up from the hawaiian island. it's going to play into our weather by the time we get to friday and the weekend. looks like rain is headed or way saturday. today, though, partly sunny, partly cloudy but the rainfall looks good going forward over the next seven days. we will go from warmer to ld


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