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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 9, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PST

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saturday. 60s to near 70 on the temps. 4:30. i know on the golden gate, there is thick fog. other places on the cameras there, sal? yeah. as a matter of fact, i'm looking to see what i can see here when it comes to the morning commute. for the most part, steve, the fog is around the caldecott and the golden gate, but we will not see any major slowdowns just yet on 80, vacaville, fairfield, vallejo heading out to the commute. there are no major issues driving through. this is a look at the east shore. we had to focus in tight because the fog is not giving us the wide shot. at the bay bridge, there is a light delay on the outside lanes. 4:30. back to the desk. sal, thank you. the state department is telling americans don't travel to playadele carmen mexico, near
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cancun and very popular for spring break. the state department said there is a security threat there but they didn't give us specifics. government employees are now banned from going to playa del carmen. last month, there was an explosion on a ferry and two dozen people were hurt including 5 american citizens. santa rosa police have a suspect in custody after an armed robbery. a 47-year-old was arrested, accused of holding up a 76 gas station at coffey lane. it shows the suspect pointing a land gun at employees. the clerks handed over cash, and clerks say he drove away in a dark gray volkswagen jetta. police got a tip he was at a hotel and he was arrested with gun, money, and the clothing that the suspect was wearing
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inside the car. a suspect in santa rosa injured last week in an officer- involved shooting after a failed robbery attempt was released from the hospital and booked into jail. the 41-year-old and another man are accused of trying to rob an armored truck company. both men are facing several felony counts including armed robbery. police have now told us the names of two suspects in a street robbery in san francisco that ended with another suspect being shot and killed by the police. authorities have charged 19- year-old victor navarro-flores and 18-year-old cristina juarez with robbery and conpiracy.
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a third suspect, jesus delgado was found hiding in the trunk of the car. policesay that delgado fired at police first and police fired back, killing delgado. thieves are targeting mail trucks, breaking into them and stealing the mail. while the carriers are out delivering mail, thieves break in through the side window with 4 break ins from january to february. the postal inspector said that the thieves may be targeting credit card information and is advising people to check their bank statements for suspicious transactions. >> that will tell us where your information may have been used and provide us with possible video and evidence to further the case. >> breaking into a postal vehicle and stealing mail is a federal crime. it carries a penalty of up to 5 years in prison and a maximum type of $250,000. it goes up to $10,000 for
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information leading to the arrest and conviction of thieves who break into postal vehicles. the time is 4:34. a controversy is brewing at a coffee shop in oakland for refusing to serve police officers in uniform. that coffee shop has a name that means unless death in spanish and opened several months ago in the fruitvale district. the police union said that a sergeant went there a couple of weeks ago to introduce himself and buy a cup of coffee and was turned away. there is a mural criticizing police shootings and law enforcement militarization. neighbors have mixed reaction about denying service to the police. >> i don't think it's fair. they should. they protecting them. if somebody breaks in there, who they gonna call? the police. >> i think if a group of people don't feel safe with a police
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officer currently on duty coming into a space and they want people in this neighborhood to feel safe coming into their space, that is a choice they should be able to make. >> oakland councilman noel gallo talked with them and confirmed it's an unwith respect policy of the coffee shop to refuse to serve police. he said he doesn't agree with the policy and people need to work together and not against each other. police in alameda are crediting their crises intervention training to helping with an unstable man. on machine, police received a call of a disturbance between neighbors. police arrived and noticed a large stash of guns and ammunition in the man's home. members the crisis intervention team were called and they got an order to confiscate the weapons. >> it's legal to have weapons.
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it's probably not a good idea to have that large amount if someone's going through a mental health crisis. >> state law allows police to detain a person and take them into custody while the person under goes mental health treatment. it has been five months sense the north bay wildfires started. people are still rebuilding in the fire zone, and there is a long way to go for many. we talked to the mayor of santa rosa about the recovery process. >> it's hard and frustrating. >> reporter: recovery at 5 months, from the mayor. >> i keep saying i am getting my masters in disaster. >> reporter: in a charred neighborhood, he is learning every day, and so are survivors. >> we have 3000 people who became developers and builders without any desire or plan to do that. so a lot of that is a learning
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curve for them. >> reporter: 3000 homes burned in the city limits and another 2,000 outside and chris coursey said many were under insured and if they were struggling before it's worse now. is officery where he wants it to be? >> i will say no. >> we started from day 1, just start calling and asking questions. >> reporter: the machados are among'households under construction. 22 more from permits. >> to me it doesn't feel like 5 months. >> reporter: still vivid? >> very much so. >> reporter: they raised two boys in the home and escaped with their lives and two cats. pushing forward, they say, has saved them. >> because it's so emotional and so -- we have so much to do. >> reporter: some people don't want to build yet. they want to get through things first. so it's a tough one. >> reporter: most of their
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neighbors are coming back but for sale signs. k-mart, which burned, now gone. no flop rebell. kohl's, wrecked inside by smoke, will reopen this month. support is prominent. >> all your regular customers, the people that we know every day, they don't have their homes. >> i'll have people thanking me 1 minute and yelling at me the next minute. >> reporter: the mayor understands these are emotional times and hopes people will live the sonoma strong slogan. >> if you care about what happened to your neighbors in october, you should still carement. daylight saving time begins this weekend. before you go to bed on saturday night, move the clock forward an hour. you lose an hour that day but you will get extra sunshine in the evening.
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look at the bright side. daylight saving time begins at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. you will need to set your clocks forward. >> who do we know who does that? >> let's just go it when we go to bed. meantime, florida is considering staying on daylight saving time all year round. if approved, florida will not participate in the time change. arizona and hawaii do not change their clocks. they stay on standard time year around. we have had locals, california legislators proposing that as well. our question of the day to you is do you believe california should end the time change and observe daylight saving time year round? let us know what you think. you can comment on our facebook page. >> should get a lot of comments. >> yes. still ahead, president trump going after oakland mayor
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libby schaaf. what the president said about the mayor's warning the public that immigration raids were coming up. even though the warriors lost curry early against the spurs, it did not stop them from coming out on top. we have highlights. good morning. right now, traffic is moving along pretty well if you are on interstate 880. however, the fog will be an issue for some drivers. there will be a lot of high clouds streaming overhead. tomorrow is when it looks like rain will move into the bay area, some to the north and to the south but just not here.
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welcome back. the warriors beat the san antonio spurs last night, 110-
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107. they squeaked that one out but steph curry hurt his ankle again. the 2-time mvp twisted his right ankle right there and left last night's game in the 1st quarter. that hurts. the warriors don't think it's too serious but the head coach steve kerr said he will miss the upcoming 2-game road trip that starts in portland. way to go. the warriors did trail in the game but capitalized on turnovers. kevin durant, a great night, 14 straight points in the 4th and finished with 37 and 11 rebounds and led the warriors to a comeback win. draymond green picked up his third triple double of the season and the warriors held on to win. tonight's game is in portland starting at 7:00. 1800 menorahs passed out by
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the warriors are recalled. the consumer product safety commission said they melt and that's a fire hazard. they were handed out in december on jewish night. if you have one of those menorahs, stop using it and throw it away. giants' fans have a reason to celebrate after last night's stellar performance by johnny cueto. he struck out 5 and held the mariners scoreless. the giants went on to win, 4-0. it's still spring training but the number 2 starter looks sharp. today's game against the mariners is important because buster posey returns to the lineup. he was out for nearly two weeks with an injured left ankle. the as beat the angels yesterday in the spring training game. >> ouch.
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>> yeah. a scary moment when jeff bagley was hit in the head by a pitch. they tell us that he is okay. that was a big inning as the as took the lead. they do have -- they won 3 straight games and play the brewers this afternoon. the first pitch is at 12:05. >> that was scary. we should point out that the san jose sharks won last night. >> they did. it's 4:45 and sal knows about the friday morning commute. how does it look? pretty good. we have a little slow traffic. the tracy commute, 580 westbound doesn't look too bad. there is a little slow traffic as we drive on 580 after 205 and a little bit on 205 but once you get to livermore, it looks good in pleasanton and castro valley. the fog will get your intention. it's -- attention. it's low here, and at the bay
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bridge toll plaza, it's appearing in the outside lanes but on the bridge, it looks good. it's 4:46. let's bring in steve with the weather forecast. thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> good morning, everybody. we have fog out there. it might look clear but there are clouds up there with a day of a lot of cloud cover streaming overhead. okay. we can get to it here. the fog, some of that, a puff of a breeze, but testify offshore last night. that could change as we get into a southerly protection. the temperature and dew point, right there together. thick fog near the bay. so watch out for that. the rain is on the way, though, for us tomorrow. it looks to be heavier south. by that, santa cruz mountains, san jose south and some to have the north. tuesday morning, we will focus our rain from the west northwest not the west southwest. wednesday, cold air arrives which will lower the snow
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level. so it looks like an active pattern starting this weekend into next week. today, a mild air mass and sun breaks, upper 60s to 70s. some rain to the north could bring rain to mendicino county. we are watching this system. my gosh. tapping into this and lifting north, a fine line between moderate to steady rain and other areas not getting much at all. towards san jose, morgan hill, ben lomand, rain. 40s and 50s on the temps, and cloud cover, partly cloudy from there but it will turn cloudy tonight and that will give us a very mild air pass and high snow levels. saturday and early sunday, 60s and 70s on the temps them
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clearing. monday, starts off all right and then we'll cloud up and the next system on tuesday, colder. >> okay. colder rain and snow, that's good. not down here but up in the mountains? >> that's correct. >> all right, steve. thank you. if you are wondering what to do this weekend, there are plenty of events happening around the bay area. >> from a virtual reality fair to a bacon and beer festival. you won't be bored. >> reporter: heading into the weekend, here are a few events happening around the bay. starting in oak lap you can enjoy the 5th annual bacon and beer festival on saturday in jack london square. also in jack london square, second saturday with local artists, music, food, and entertainment. in the south bay, hop n vine festival and market this saturday at the santa clara county fairgrounds in san jose.
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also at the santa clara county fair grounds, climb aboard the great train show with riding trains for the kids. in san francisco get an eye full with mind blowing technology and music food and more at pier 48 or take part in the superhero run on saturday. it welcomes costumes at marina county green. the san francisco chocolate salon on saturday with tastings. sunday streets are back and will start in the mission district this weekend. walk, bike, or roller skate as most cars are banned. in the north bay, jam out at the blue grass and folk festival on saturday featuring bluegrass, old time, and folk
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acts with food and beverages. the sharks are home and warriors are away. i'm rosemary orozco. >> again, sharks are doing well. >> go, sharks. the next census is two years away but leaders are already preparing. when they started to do to get as many people as possible counted.
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welcome back. a new analysis shows prices are going up for coverage by the affordable care act. californians can expect 10 to 20% increases in the year 2020, and other states are expected to see hikes of 94%. as for what is causing the increase, the study found that the largest effects comes from the elimination of the individual mandate starting next year. it was repealed as part of president trump's tax plan. that move alone is expected to increase premiums by up to 15% next year. our time is 4:53. in san francisco, a proposal to clean streets was defeated by committee. the proposal by supervisor jane kim called for the city to use $2.5 million left over in
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budget money for street cleaning. the board rejected it 2-1 saying they should wait to see the budget plan by the interim mayor in june. jane kim, who is also running for mayor, said that the city should not wait and approving the spending now would deliver needed services sooner. the next census is 2 years away but san jose is taking action to make sure everyone's counted. the census counted 945,000 people in san jose. and officials said that as many as 70,000 people were missed and led to a financial loss of $20 million a year in federal funding. the city has launched a new program to get an accurate count for 2020. trained volunteers will be out looking for signs of non- centeringal forms of housing and using a texting app to document what they find. >> we know a lot of families are living in garages and back
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units because of the cost of housing care. we know we are not counting many of those families. >> volunteers will look for things like several satellite dishes or mailboxes and garages with their own entrances. city officials are worried that recent immigration raids could affect the 2020 count. the mayor wants undocumented immigrants to know that the information will not be given to immigration authorities. tesla's ceo elon musk posted this photo on instant dwram on -- instagram of the first new electric semi truck. the trucks attracted a lot of attention when they were unveiled last november. a number of major companies including pepsi and walmart have placed orders. the iconic barbie doll is
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celebrating her 15th birthday today making her debut at the sphwrl -- international at a 4 in 1959. it's estimated more than 1 billion were sole. her name is barbara millicent roberts. >> i didn't know that. >> they will be releasing a series of 17 new dolls based on heroic and inspiring women, amelia earhart, frida kahlo and caught rip johnson, one -- catherine johnson, a hidden figure. i love her. >> anyone who watches knows that you are the queen of barbie dolls. >> we have a few billion of them. [laughter] president trump said he will meet with north korean
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leader kim jong un. we are following developing news out of walnut creek where police are investigating a homicide. good morning. we're off to a nice start on a friday. it looks good if you are on northbound 280 in san jose.
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good morning. head to head. san francisco's mayoral candidates answered questions. will president trump sit down with kim jong un? it looks like that will happen. we'll have details coming up. good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's not wait. steve paulsen is here. right here. i'm here. we will have a kohler pattern next week but the one coming in tomorrow will be a warm one. we have a lot of fog to deal with, and i mean mainly south of the golden gate. it doesn't mean there won't be
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any but tuesday morning, we'll get rain for everybody. that will come in from the west northwest and cold air will move in next wednesday. the active pattern continues. this morning, it's all about the fog. around the bay, thick fog watch out for that. the golden gate and caldecott and maybe where you are as well. santa rosa and hayward are reporting fog. a lot of high clouds and rain for you well to the north, north of fort bragg for now. look at the moisture streaming in from the west southwest, the saturday system. 40s and 50s for the temps and partly to mostly cloudy and tomorrow, we'll cloud up rapidly and bring in rain. two systems, one to the north today and that gives us some clouds. the one we are focused on is this one for saturday. highs today, 60s to near 70 degrees, above average. traffic we hope on a friday will be quiet but if you ar


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