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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 10, 2018 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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to be killed by somebody that she was trying to help is really unsettling.>> three women were brutally murdered at the veterans home. >> thank you so much for joining us tonight and we will get to that story in just a moment. we first will go to
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allegra road where police officers made a traffic stop. they were chasing an unwanted man in a wanted vehicle. when the gunman -- when the suspect brought out a gun that was clearly visible, that was when police officers shot at him. the man is in the hospital and we still have yet to receive word on his condition. these three women were killed at a veteran home trying to help officers -- help veterans who suffer from ptsd. >> reporter: we know that yesterday the gunman was in crisis. they have stride to move forward and plan for the future.
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one day after the unspeakable tragedy of lost lives of that now veteran [ inaudible ]. >> you couldn't have asked for more beautiful place to be than right here. it is a nice beautiful spot to live. we had one tragedy and that was all it was, a horrible tragedy. >> reporter: as they look for answers on how to move forward. the thoughts and prayers went out to the three victims who dedicated their lives to treating veterans from afghanistan is dan -- veterans was served in afghanistan. >> the residents are all trying
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to plan for the short-term and long-term. first and foremost we need to find out how these guys will continue to get the care that they need.>> reporter: the flag here at the veterans home is flying at half mast according to instructions from the governor. they must continue in light of this tragedy. >> it will be really hard to replace these three women. it will be extremely hard. but if they keep it going and get it replaced, which i hope they do, they will be able to help more people. >> reporter: some residents of the pathway homes were packing bags and being placed somewhere else. they all shared rooms with the disease gunman who is also an
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ex-veteran. >> reporter: the pathway home is a place to help veterans who suffer from ptsd. the work of the three women will never be forgotten here.>> the money will go directly to support their family. we are asking people to consider giving to the pathway home. >> reporter: a memorial to remember the victims will be held on monday. the pathway home will also start a fund to provide support for the families. you can look at the screen right here and it can be sent -- and donations can be sent to three brave women fund. a lot
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of morning is still going on and people are still trying to come to grips with what is going on here and to look forward to the future. this is rob reporting to fox 2 news. >> the three women whose lives were taken away in this tragic incident all worked for the pathway home. the dead it does they dedicate -- they dedicated their lives to helping veterans suffering from ptsd. >> reporter: she was just 29 years old and she was dedicated to helping veterans. marjorie worked closely with gonzalez who helped returning combat veterans return to college.
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>> i feel strongly that the tribute to her memory is to really push out the research that she did on college campuses and what college campuses can continue to do to prepare for veterans.>> reporter: according to friends, she was seven months pregnant and was married a year ago when she was killed in yesterday's hostage takeover. in twitter, many wrote that jen is good from head to toe which is exceptional natalie does exceptionally rare. tonight friends are also paying tribute to 43-year-old christine who was executive director of the pathway home. the owner of this yoga
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instruction facility, christine also taught yoga to veterans.>> everyone felt so comfortable and at ease around her. i know that with that attitude that she had, it was a really great way for her to help the people at the veterans home. to be taken away the way that she was, especially amongst the people that she was trying really hard to help is really sad. >> reporter: gary rose with the rotary club club of santa rosa worked very closely with christine. also tonight those who worked very close to jennifer golic
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was the pathway home psychiatrist who discharge the gunman a week before the deadly sent off. today i spoke to one of her former colleague, dr. bruce singer. >> she is a very smart and caring, a tremendous person. it was a pleasure to work with her. [ inaudible ] so many years ago. are leaders sent us to wars which still continue to never and. >> reporter: this is alex reporting for fox 2 news. >> according to the cal that facebook site, this is the largest veteran home in the u.s.
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they receive 24 hours nursing care and meals as well as comprehensive activities as well as other amenities. posttraumatic disorder affects 8 million people in the u.s. 37% of people experience symptoms that are considered severe. most of these symptoms are triggered by traumatic events such as combat. symptoms include trouble sleeping, anger outbursts, bad dreams, flashbacks and others. treatment includes psychotherapy and [ inaudible ]. >> reporter: the mayor of california calls [ inaudible ] wong a [ inaudible ]. his
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sister says she saw the facts of combat on wong when he returned. >> i think that was hard for him because when i saw him i barely recognize him. >> reporter: he was in active service from may 2010 to august 2013. he was deployed from afghanistan from april [ inaudible ] and received numerous medals. >> he said days ago that he says he can't believe that he is in a safe place. clearly the idea of being able to step out and not have [ inaudible ] around you. >> reporter: he went back to
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the home after being kicked out two weeks ago. the reality is there may be even more than 20% of veterans diagnosed with ptsd after combat. both of them go without the treatment that they needed most. >> coverage of the story continues on our website at and their we will update the latest information as we get it . coming up the seattle seahawks quarterback is headed to the bay area. find out the payday that he received for signing with the 49ers. also the long road of recovery to come after this fire. we had some scattered showers across portion of the bay area today. there are still areas of thick fog.
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i will talk about that along with big changes in the weather pattern as well as big storms that are coming our way. we use our phones and computers the same way these days.
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over $39 million. more details is still to come. according to the bay area newsroom the attack happened on friday night near the oakland actuary. two men were in an argument when one of the other men struck the other man with an acts. -- axe. one of the other man went into the a tent and refused to come out, the police have charged him with assault. police said 29-year-old [ inaudible ] was taken into custody today due to all story thing -- due to outstanding warrants unrelated to the incident. the driver of the suv was seen running from the crash. his name then appeared as a person of interest the next
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day. it is five months now since the start of the bay area fire. people are still continuing to build in the fire zone. we had the opportunity to speak to the mayor of santa rosa about that recovery. >> it is hard and frustrating. >> reporter: recovery after five months from the mayor. what does in one of santa rosa's charred neighborhood. >> we had 3000 people became developer and builders with no desire or plan to do that. it is a learning curve for them.>> reporter: 3000 homes inside the city limits and out another -- and another thousand outside of the city limits. is recovery where he wants it to be? >> i would say no because there
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are a lot of people who are where they don't want to be in these past five months. >> reporter: this family was one of the 18 households under construction. hundreds are still in the pipeline. >> the memories are still vivid. >> reporter: they raised two boys and is home and then escape for their lives with two cats. pushing forward with what they said save them. >> it is so emotional and you have so much to do. some people don't even want to bill yet, they still want to get through things first. it is tough.>> reporter: most of their neighbors are coming back but there are sale signs. however calls -- the store calls -- however kohl's that was
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destroyed inside by the fire will rebuild and reopen. the mayor understands that these are still emotional times and hope people will live the sonoma strong slogan. >> if you care about what happened to your neighbors in october, you can should still be caring about it now. in just a few hours from now, we will spring forward in daylight savings time. that means we will tell forward an hour. even though we do lose an hour of sleep, we will gain an hour of sunlight. so don't forget to forward your clock an hour. >> the sunset happened tonight
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at 7:13 pm. you can see that there is more daylight out there. tomorrow there will be some sunlight and some scattered showers. you can see the focus is down near monterey bay. san francisco just gained about .01 in precipitation. the main action is not in parts of the bay area but down to the south near monterey and parts of southern california. those clouds are starting to work their way out of the area. the fog is developing and here is a look at the current visibility which isn't too bad. in napa and sonoma county as well as santa rosa is down to a quarter-mile. we can get even more dense fog
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and it can affect your visibility early tomorrow morning. temperatures are in the 40s and 50s out here. sevens -- san francisco is at 79. we are checking in right here at the fog bank that is hanging right here near the bay city. that fog is around four tonight and we will track it the first thing tomorrow morning. overnight lows will be in the 40s and 50s and that is all reflected in your forecast. san francisco and 7:00 will be in the low 50s. then things will start to warm up and there will be a little bit more sunshine. partly cloudy by 3:00 and temperatures in the 60s. a lot happening right here in the pacific. we have this warm set up for tomorrow and then this cold air moves in next week. we will talk more about this and the rain forecast for the
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next five days. we will have all that coming up for you. >> thank you mark. students are getting ready to compete in the alameda county spelling bee. this student came on top for the middle school students. students had to smell -- spell challenging words. the top two that finishes from each level will go to the state competition that will be held in may. what everyone is talking about but there is still a lot of details and an un-absurd -- on answered questions around the north korea leader, jim moon -- kim jong-un. on now! ♪ you gotta go to ross.
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lane southbound on this freeway is now open after a car caught on fire. there was a camry that caught on fire around 3:45 pm this afternoon. firefighters were able to put the fire out in less than an hour and luckily no one was hurt. president donald trump is getting more support in his meeting with north korea president, kim jong-un. lawmakers back home are concerned that if the talks collapse, tension are raise.>> if there is no move towards denuclearization, i believe the only option is military. >> the white house says that
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before the meeting happens, north korea will need to take concrete steps towards denuclearization. there is still no word of where or when the talks will happen. ryan reports that british authorities don't even know where these [ inaudible ] came from.>> many of the leaders met today in london. meanwhile troops trained to deal with chemical weapons were at a cemetery where the wife and son were buried and this is where the father and daughter went and may have contaminated
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the poison that they themselves were poisoned with. the police may exhume the wife 's body who passed the weight in 2002 with cancer and they want to make sure that nothing nefarious happened with her like it has happened with her husband. the police believe they may have been poisoned there with items in their food or her daughter may have contracted this nerve agent after returning from moscow a few days ago. we are still reluctant to share too many details with the british public. a california police officer
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has died and another is recovering after standoff with a gunman in pomona which is east of los angeles. when the driver refused to get pulled over, the suspect shot through the door striking both of the police officers and the gunman remained barricaded for 15 hours.>> we have investigators standing by waiting to do interviews and conduct the investigation on how sensitive this is. >> reporter: 30-year-old gregory died at the hospital and the other one is in stable condition. police said there was a shooting at a parking lot which may have been attributed to an argument between two people. they believe that one of the person is the shooter because they found a gun nearby. president donald trump
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defense the move and let's see what he has to say. also you will hear what comes out of the nra's plan to sue the state of florida for this new gun law. ♪ get high-speed internet from at&t $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing.
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president donald trump is getting a warm reception on the trail. however no one -- however not everyone is celebrating the new policy. >> reporter: president donald trump is traveling to pennsylvania this past saturday. >> not all my friends on wall street love it but we love it because we know what it does.
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>> reporter: the white house read obtains its -- retains its decision on the steel and aluminum tariff to help the industry. however not everyone is celebrating the changes, some lawmakers are concerned about the effects on the economy as a whole.>> because of these tariffs, the people that have to pay for it are the american citizens. >> reporter: still not everyone takes it is a bad idea and call let -- and calls it a way of leveling the playing field for americans. >> we will have reciprocity whether it is with texas or terrace.>> reporter: there is still -- terrace -- with taxes
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and tariffs. former [ inaudible ] administrator of president donald trump's administration says he is not concerned with the turnovers. he says it is a natural turn over. he says the biggest challenge for president donald trump is global battling. >> you will know that president donald trump is not a politician . many of us came from not politics. i have not been involved in politics for my entire life. i think it is a natural turn over. >> he also made a comment to the far right group to let them know and let them call you a
10:32 pm
racist [ inaudible ]. -- to let them call you a racist and [ inaudible ]. this is a gun that was used in last year's las vegas massacre. the new legislation would ban this gun. meanwhile the nra is filing a lawsuit on the measure that was passed in florida. this past as an aftermath of the incident at a high school in florida.>> reporter: they say it is a violation of the amendment because it raises the age of acquiring a firearm from 18 to 21. however the state of florida
10:33 pm
says it is a swift decision to prevent young adults in florida from being [ inaudible ]. however federal law prohibits licensed dealers from selling a gun or shotgun to anyone under the age of 18. however neither side got whatever they wanted in this bill but it is to better secure the safety of our children.>> the government can and must move fast. i said and began this process less than three weeks ago that we need to be very careful that we balance our individual rights with the need a public safety.>> reporter: these are devices that allow semi automatic weapons to function
10:34 pm
as fully automatic devices. president donald trump is absolutely committed to the safety and security of every american. president donald trump will propose a regulation to ban and make illegal bomb stock. in washington, i am gary with fox news. a new technology that is being developed by an air carrier. the rain and fog is moving out of the bay area for right now. it looks like a nice sunday forecast but eventually the storms will make its way back next week. we will talk about these changes coming up soon.
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in the wake of last year's major weather events like hurricane harvey and irma, this company is looking to reconnect family members when cell towers are down. >> reporter: last can't during -- last year during the hurricane season of hurricane irma and harvey, this company is trying to develop technology that can provide cell phone service to first responders or the public immediately after an storm. this drone can fly for 15 hours and can go as high as 14,000 feet. it can provide service for
10:38 pm
about a 40 mile range. >> you know that cell phones last about 24-48 hours top. if you can't get to them before their cell phone dies, they cannot make a call at all. as soon as the storm passes, we can put this up in the air.>> reporter: the drone is designed to provide enough signal for a phone call. this way first responders and the public can connect to one drone simultaneously. 2017 was a costly disaster for the u.s. and as well as taxing for first responders as well.>> this will be a big tool that emergency management can use. >> reporter: at&t and verizon expect next year to fly this pending faa approval.
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i will throw things to mark right now who will tell us about the clouds that are moving into our area. >> yes we had rain clouds in the area today and those are moving out. the rainfall photos today are not too big. however things will be changing as we head towards the new week. it looks like later in the day monday and tuesday morning we can be talking about the rain again. once again wednesday later in the day. this could set the stage for possibly more significant rain on thursday and friday. in the coming week, the rainfall numbers to change quite a bit. we are not talking about a few rainfall or a quarter of an inch. but we are talk about 1-2 inches in our area and down to the south as well. right here in southern
10:40 pm
california there is a lot of call coverage -- cloud coverage. today hasn't shaped up to be of bad day but just watch out for the low fog and there is report of visibility in santa rosa and the surrounding areas. santa rosa right now is 46 and san jose is in the 50s and walnut creek is checking in at 50 degrees. here is the fog that we are talk about not just the valley fog at the coastal fog as well. tomorrow will feel warm because of this flow from the south to the west. then the cold will move down from the north by tuesday.
10:41 pm
this is the deal for today. there was a little bit more sunshine out there by the afternoon hours. here's the cold front that is approaching the bay area. tuesday morning we could be tracking the rain and later on in the day on wednesday. that is what things are shaping up to be like right now. we will try to get the timeline down to the our for the next five day forecast that we will be talking about in just a little bit. we will start out tomorrow with some fog and it will be partly cloudy spy -- by the afternoon hours. monday morning we will start with a few showers and it will be better by later evening. but be careful on the tuesday morning commute where we will get possible showers as well as into wednesday. the warmest locations were close to 73 towards [ inaudible ] hill and he roy. -- he roy -- hilroy.
10:42 pm
once again the rain clouds were moving to the area on tuesday night and wednesday. coming up next, the 49ers keep their friends close and their enemies even closer by signing the quarterback of the seattle seahawks. we will have more details for you along with more sports right after this. we use our phones and computers the same way these days. so, why do we pay to have a phone connected, when we're already paying for internet. shouldn't it all just be one thing? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you can get up to 5 lines of talk and text included at no extra cost. so, all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited plus for a limited time get a $250 prepaid card when you buy any new samsung. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today.
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good evening everyone and welcome to the satyrs night sports rap. -- wrap. richard sherman the
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quarterback of seahawks has now agreed to sign a contract with the 49 year -- 49ers. in the final seconds of the 2015 nfc games, sherman was able to clinch the game for the seattle seahawks. he was also the player who was famously celebrating days giving dinner [ inaudible ]. and he will now be laying for the 49ers. st. mary and stanford will be awaiting decisions tomorrow. today onto the teams that were playing on their confer


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