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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 12, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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nationwide student walkout is planned for this week. mornings at 2 starts now. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm pam cook. >> i'm frank mallicoat . steve is front and center on a week that will keep him mighty busy. >> we hope so. there's some on the way, but it's going to take a while to get here. so you're good to go. that could change. it has a ways to go. it's going to slow down a little bit before does arrive. but low clouds are already being ramped up. you can see, they are still away. just barely beginning to move in. but it's out there. there it is. russian is, will it continue to give us a week of unsettled weather, or be one and done? it looks pretty good. 40s, 50s on the temps. we will have some sun. settling when -- wind at -- in
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advance. that will start to bring some rain in. and also cold air. it does look promising for snow. so things are set. the stage is set. let's hope it all comes together because we need it. highs, 60s and 70s with some sun and that south breeze. all right. she's in for the commute. >> things looking pretty good. let's start with your drive out from tracy towards the livermore valley. you can see 582 the altamonte pass, pretty good. 880 in oakland. north and southbound direction, moving pretty smoothly. northbound 880 at 23rd ave. is reporting pg&e wires down in that area. they've called pg&e out. they've called firefighters out. they are keeping an eye on that. taking a look at the toll plaza, cleared this morning.
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a little bit of cobwebs on the camera lens there. not too many cars on the road. same story. a little busier but traffic looking good. time now is for daca one. let's go back to the desk. we are learning more details this morning about an officer involved shooting in oakland last night where police shot and killed a man. it happened about 6:30 last night near 40th and market street in north oakland. police say they responded to reports of a man with a gun and that man refused their command to drop the gun. we had a photographer on the scene who took video where you can hear the gunfire. [ sound of gunfire ] you can see several officers taking cover behind their vehicle with guns drawn. the officers moved in. we spoke with a member of the oakland police commission who was also on the scene last night. he said he had received a call
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from the police chief. >> i got a call from the chief of police that there was an officer involved shooting today. or tonight. and that the suspect who was armed apparently was dead at the scene and so i came out to see what it is that happened. there's been loss of life. >> police say that they were -- recovered a gun at the scene. oakland police and the alameda county district attorneys office are investigating the shooting. palo alto police are searching for a man who robbed another man at gunpoint. this happened just before 11:00 saturday night. in the city's downtown area. an armed man approached the victim from behind, demanded his wallet. the thief shoved him to the ground, stole his wallet, and his cell phone. police only have a vague description of the suspect because he was wearing a
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bandanna over his face. described as five foot thin -- five foot 6 inches tall. he was wearing a white and red baseball hat and a dark-colored jacket. the smallest of a -- pilot of a small plane seriously injured. the chp says the 73-year-old pilot was trapped inside that plane when emergency crews arrived. he was rescued and taken to the hospital. major injuries, but he is expected to survive. the faa and the summit county sheriff's office are investigating the cause of the crash. as the investigation continues into the deadly shooting at the veterans home in yountville, it's not clear what will happen to the building where that tragedy happened. the building is still a crime scene after a veteran and a former client shot and killed the executive director and two psychologists who work there on friday. the six veterans who are living and receiving treatment there have all been moved to another
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facility. the future of that building is uncertain. >> i was in there yesterday. the place has potholes. whether people will want to come back to work and live in a place were such a tragedy happened, that's a very real thing. >> pathway home is a nonprofit that helps iraq and afghanistan war veterans. it is a group therapy type program and the clients all live together in dorms. the organization started in 2008 and has graduated more than foreign and 50 veterans from the program. today, head coach steve kerr joining congressman ro khanna to talk to high school students about gun violence. they will speak at a memorial high school event at 3:45. kerr has spoken out about the need for stronger control following the gun -- mass shooting in las vegas. the topic is also personal for coach kerr, whose father was
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killed by two gunmen when he was a university professor in 1980 for. students across the country preparing to protest in response to the deadly florida school shooting. organizers are calling for students and staff to walk out of their classrooms this wednesday. dozens of walkouts have been organized for schools here in the bay area, including san francisco state, berkeley high school, and someone a high school -- sonoma high school. calling for additional steps towards gun control. 4:06. the trump administration has released its plan on guns and school safety. it includes a proposal to harden security at schools, improve background checks, and overall parts of the country's mental health system. plan is pushing pressure on the states to make those changes. the white house is also proposing arming school staff. >> for those who are capable, this is one solution that can and should be considered.
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>> we have to be very careful as we balance our individual rights with our need for public safety. >> saturday, the department of justice formally submitted a revelation to van bump stocks, the device that lets high- capacity rifles fire like an automatic weapon. approving dozens of recommendations to strengthen the oversight of the police department. it is the board's latest response to the death of 28- year-old shaleem tindle, who was shot and killed by a bart police near -- officer near the west oakland station in january. the recommendations include improving the office of the independent police auditor and the bart police citizen review board. the board has also agreed to hear public comments about tyndall's death tonight. hundreds of frozen eggs and embryos possibly damaged at one fertility clinic in san francisco. we are going to take a look at what happened and how bad the damage might be.
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i'm calling on congress to stop funding sanctuary cities. so we can save american lives. >> present trump took aim over the weekend at century city's -- sanctuary cities in california. what he had to say about oakland mayor libby schaaf. power lines. you're taking a look at the 80 split heading into san francisco. traffic there looks good. a system is on the way. it will be here this evening if not tonight. we will have a lot of low clouds and some mild temps. we will take a look at those coming up.
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the -- state senator scott weiner proposing a bill that could pave the way for ingesting pricing. the bill would allow jurisdictions to charge drivers a toll to enter congested areas during certain times of the day or certain days in the week as a way to reduce traffic. if the bill passes, two congestion pricing pilot programs would be set up in southern california and here in northern california. san francisco supervisor aaron pesky supports starting one of those programs in san francisco. similar proposals have failed to get citywide support in the past. is working to install wi-fi added stations and on the trains.
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the agency is now looking for a vendor to install wi-fi systems at all 46 stations and on board all the new cars that are rolling out over the next few years. the chronicle reports that bart is hoping to have a contract in place in the next few months so that installation can begin this summer. as far as other agencies tapping into bart's wi-fi, there's no plan for wi-fi. but caltrain says it will have wi- fi on its new electric train. the smart to train -- smart train did have it since its launch last year. meeting the ridership and financial goals. transit agencies say it's carried more than 365,000 passengers. that in line with the ridership projections despite
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interruption of service caused by the fires less fall. the bart trains run from santa rosa down to san rafael. supposed to happen sometime next year. right now, it is 4:13. speaking of all this transit, wi-fi. >> it's nice. your neck of the woods. >> it is. let's check in with alley with the whole commute. >> there is a problem to talk about on 880. we will get to that in just a month -- minute. if you're driving that city. -- super commute, things look pretty good. south bay, san jose area, not looking pretty green except the only issue we have to tell you about, nothing specific, 280. you can see some of the orange and yellow up. 880 is the one we've been following. there's a similar issue just at the top of the hour, both
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ructions of a 80 closed. it's not of this picture you see here. this is by the oakland coliseum. pg&e had some wires that came down in some of the lanes. so they had to close it down. they brought out the fire trucks. they were unable to safely clear those lanes. they are waiting for pg&e to arrive. there e.t.a. is about 10 minutes from now. we will continue to keep an eye on that. taking a look at 80 eastshore freeway, looks pretty foggy there. it will take you about 18 minutes. so time now is 4:14 and there's a lot of fog out there when i was working out. >> there was indeed. there's not as much today. it cleared out. it was a beautiful day. temperatures warmed up. today will still be ready mild. it's not going to get here until much later. so your okay for the morning -- you are okay for the morning.
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maybe you're putting a new roof on your house. rain tonight and tuesday, rain turning cooler. breezy, showers. snow where -- lower snow levels. we do have low clouds in advance to that. it's still some areas of fog. the front itself has a ways to go except for the low clouds. a lot of cold air. at least 20 for hours away. it does not look like it's tapping into this moisture for the south. if it does, we get a lot of lead time on there. monday through friday, there will be some good amounts here. there were some pretty good projections on snow. still, it does look like a pretty good rain week for us and goodness knows you and i know we needed. if you're heading up to the sierra, today is fine. into wednesday, that's when the winter storm watch will probably become a winter storm
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warning as they get closer to that cold air. the source of that low coming in. 40s and 50s on your temps. i don't think that's going to change much. 40s, 50s, even the north. severe 40 for. -- everyone is close. there will be a strong south wind in advance to this. so look for mostly low cloud deck. filtering in for the morning. by this evening, then we will get increase in clouds. it's going to take a while to get here. if you have some chores or things to do in the morning, go for it. the commute should be fine. it's tonight when this rolls in. pretty good rain and snow for our statewide. not too bad as we head towards the rest of the week. 60s to low 70s on the thames with that south wind. pretty mild airmass on the
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place. taking us all the way into friday as of this moment. the weekend looks okay. >> you're going to be busy. i know you like that. >> i do. >> it's been a while.. >> and you've had your feet up on the desk for a bit. >> no, i don't do that. >> he's always been busy. thank you. the white house is detailing its plans on gun control and plans to arm school staff. and ban the controversial bump stocks. however, the proposal seems to back off the issue of restricting gun sales to adult over the age of 21. reporter doug joins us from washington, dc with a look at the white house message on gun reform. >> good morning. the administration is going to form a commission now to look into some of the specifics of gun control, including potentially raising the age to 21. beyond that, we are seeing a broad framework of what the president would like to see. with gun control activists promising to keep up the pressure, the white house has a
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new plan to address school shootings, calling for federal funding to train some volunteer teachers to use firearms and stiffen back ground check system for gun purchases. the administration is establishing a new federal commission to examine what else can be done. headed by education secretary betsy devos , who appeared on cbs 60 minutes last night. >> do you feel a sense of urgency? >> yes. >> because this sounds like a talking. >> there is a sense of urgency indeed. >> reporter: a sense of urgency, especially after the attack at a parkland, florida, high school that left 17 dead. a proposal to raise the minimum age to purchase of assault style weapons to 21, something the president initially supported. >> he has made statements in recent weeks. he's gone back and forth. it isn't hard to tell exactly
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where this is going to end up. >> reporter: while gun control advocates say this will go far enough committee conservatives say it gives more power to the federal government. >> the south, the north, the west, the east, rural areas versus urban areas, i do think that local officials should be allowed to set policies that will keep people in those communities feel better about how we keep -- treat guns. >> as far as this commission is concerned, there is no specific timeline under which they are operating. the white house only expects some recommendations within a year. >> thank you, doug. 4:19. president trump heading to southern california on tuesday. it will be his first visit to the state since taking office a year plus ago. he is said to visit san diego to see the prototypes for that proposed border wall. he is scheduled to attend a government fundraiser in beverly hills. he took aim at oakland mayor libby schaaf for warning the public about the impending ice
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raids. >> in oakland, you have a mere. and she -- mayor. >> and she told people that were going to be captured in a big raid that there's going to be a raid. can't do it. you can't do it, folks. >> speaking at a rally saturday outside of pittsburgh, pa, the president called on congress to stop giving federal money to sanctuary cities across countries. immigration was also a key topic in this week's presidential address. >> sanctuary jurisdictions are the best friends of smugglers, gang members, drug dealers, human traffickers, killers, and other violent offenders. we want our cities to be sanctuaries for americans, not safe havens for criminals. that is why i'm calling on congress to lock funds to jurisdictions that shield
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dangerous criminals. >> the president went on to say that every state is subject to the laws that constitution of the united states and that california's status as a -- as a sanctuary state is in direct defiance of federal laws. >> democrats are working to regain control of the house. one focus will be a special election this week in pennsylvania. democrats need to pick up 20 for seats in this year's midterm election. conor lamb is facing off against republican rick saccone. president trump returned to the area over the weekend to tell his supporters that they need to vote for republicans to help move his agenda forward. >> somebody like lamb, he's not going to vote for us. as soon as he gets in, he's not going to vote for us. he's going to vote the party line. he has to. >> democratic candidate lamb has been telling voters he won't support nancy pelosi if he is elected. 4:20 one. a fatal elk raptor --
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helicopter crash. five people were killed when that helicopter plunged into a river. and sushi lovers, we have some bad news. prices could be going up. we will tell you why when we return.
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welcome back. we should find out if toys "r" us will close all of its stores. the retailer is considering liquor -- liquidation to save
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what you can. they say a weaker than expected holiday season and a $5 billion debt load are major factors. the company filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. a decision could be made today. elon musk is eyeing a trip to marge -- mars once again. he says that spacex is looking to test its first interplanetary ship next year. the company is developing a new rocket and a ship called the bfr 2022. is the target they -- date for a trip to mars. >> want to get away? i don't think so. google's self driving company waymo is hitting the road with self driving semitrucks. waymo says it has been trust -- testing the technology for the best few years. here in california. and now it's taking that tech to the road.
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it's testing a fleet of its big blue trucks in the state of georgia. drivers will be on board to take control of the big trucks if they need it. tesla is now increasing the cost of its supercharger. some parts of the country will see the cost double to use a tesla charging station. in california, that rate went up 30%. tesla owners used to to get free two -- supercharging, but that is no longer the case. model 3 buyers don't have access to a referral incentive, by the way. tesla says it will adjust rates to reflect changes in local -- and low local -- and local energy rates. shortage in baby eels. and asia, -- maine is the only state with a sniffing and baby el fishing industry. -- el fishing industry.
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they are sold for about $1300 per pound at the dock. which is the same rice as an ounce of gold. >> i will take salmon, thank you. >> salmon is fine for me, too. tuna, maybe. 4:27. time on this morning, forced to work overtime, we will have more on the stead -- staffing shortage for the fire department and the challenges they face to fight fires. thousands of frozen eggs and embryos possibly damaged. how many patients are affected and the reason it happened. we are keeping an eye on the commute, particularly 880 because we told you there was a similar issue. it looks like traffic will be moving again. we will have an update coming up. there's a system on the way. a cold front, but it's not going to get here until tonight.
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we will take a look at those forecasts and monday highs.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome back. we're talking about another storm. there northeast preparing again with the third nor'easter. it looks to be heading towards the east coast. we've been dealing with a lot of weather back there. this is some of the video from last week in pennsylvania. left more than 1 million customers without power. the good news is the third round is not expected to be as bad as the last two storms. >> my tenants got a big white flag. he's like enough already. >> you lived back there for quite a while. >> we know nor'easters well. usually by mid-march you're starting to think about opening day. they're getting slammed. welcome back to mornings at


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