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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 12, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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monday morning, march 12. i'm pam cook. happy monday. i'm frank mallicoat. dave clark enjoying a couple of days off. steve has a lot going on. >> by tonight. not too bad this morning. this week does look good. for rain and snow. once it gets here. it still has a ways to go, though. mostly, just low clouds coming in right now. so there will be some sun breaks in the morning. throughout the day, we will get an increase in clouds. that fog is beginning to move in. mild to warm. and then high clouds coming in tonight. that system comes in. sierra snow will get down to for thousand feet. not until tomorrow afternoon, evening. the second system, even lower snow levels. even more rain for us. let's hope it all comes together. sometimes you get closer to it and things change. a few high out might sit by. we are looking for a low clouds
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deck in the morning. temperatures in the cells will be mild. our system still has a way to go. it's going to take a while to get here. we are looking for 50s for many here. low 50s for many to mid 50s. very mild 56 degrees. 50 in the city. 52 in alameda. so temperatures on the mild side with that suddenly breeze and low cloud deck in place. big change starting tonight and into tomorrow. 60s to low 70s. one more day. after that, it will be 60s and 50s. allie already has an issue on -- >> 880. 880 is typically a problem spot. they had some problems with some power lines that came down. it's taken them ever since then to try to clear those lines out of the way. it looks like traffic is kind of moving a bit. you're looking at the back to blaine, southbound direction as you head towards alameda.
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up until -- we haven't gotten notice about the signals being canceled. up until just now, there was a similar backup. traffic closed in both directions. at this was the other angle of the backup. you can see, this is in the 880, the northbound action. traffic just really jammed up. we're keeping an eye on it. we are let you know when the reopen that roadway. taking a look at the south bay, we are going to have -- head down there. the only issue to tell you about in the south bay is that south run 280 north of stevens creek, there was a vehicle that hit the area. it's blocking the left lane. you don't see a too much -- too much of a residual backup cause. 280 has -- san jose looks pretty good. i don't know what happened to our camera here. so 502. i'll just send it back to you guys while we work on that issue.
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>> thank you, allie. we are learning more details this morning about a deadly officer involved shooting in north oakland last night. police shot and killed a man near 40th and market street. ktvu's christien kafton is in oakland with more on how police say this all started. christian x >> we had coverage last night and more coverage this morning. we're getting a closer look at the home where all of this unfolded. we had a patrol car just seven minutes ago. that area between those two homes. oakland police are telling us that the man that they shot here had a gun and refused commands to drop it. our cameras were rolling as officers fired here in oakland last night.
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you can see some of those oakland police officers taking cover behind their vehicles. officers moved in. they say that the man had been hit. they treated him here at the scene, but he has died. police are telling us this started at six in the evening with a call about a person down. those open firefighters say that they started and that man had a gun. officers say when they arrived, they tried to talk to that man. they ordered him repeatedly to drop that weapon. and they say he refused those repeated commands to drop the gun. >> some time had passed. officers made announcement. it was sometime during this course were officers discharged their firearms. >> the officers say that they have recovered a gun at this point. hopefully police -- as well as the alameda county district office -- attorney's office investigating. as we get new information, we
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will for that information to you. >> thank you, christian, for that update. time now is 5:05. palo alto police are searching for a man who robbed another man at an -- gunpoint. police say and armed man approached the victim from behind, demanded his wallet. investigators say the victim ran away but the thief caught him. shoved him to the ground, stole his wallet and his cell phone. police only have a vague description of the suspect because he was wearing a bandanna to cover his face. he is described as five foot 6 inches tall. police say he was wearing a white and red baseball hat and a dark colored jacket. the pilot of a small plane was seriously injured after crashing into a field in rural seminole county. the chp says a 73-year-old pilot from the basketball --
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the area was trapped. he is expected to survive. the faa and the summit county sheriff's office are investigating the cause of the crash. investigation continues into the deadly shooting at that veterans home in yountville . it's not clear what will happen to the building. the pathway home building still a crime scene after a veteran and a former client shot and killed the executive director and two of their psychologists who work there on friday. the six veterans who were living and receiving treatment there had been moved to another facility. the future of that building still uncertain. >> i was in there yesterday. the place has got told. whether people will want to go back to work and live in a place where such a tragedy happened, that's a weary -- very real thing. >> it's a nonprofit that helps iraq and afghanistan war veterans. the clients lived together in
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dorms. the organization started in 2008 and has graduated more than for hundred 50 veterans from their program. a memorial to celebrate the lives of the three women who died will be held at the lincoln theatre in yountville on monday, march 19. the theater seats about 2000 people. organizers are preparing for an overflow crowd. bart has approved liquidations to strengthen the police department. it's the board's latest response to the death of shaleem tindle, who was shot and killed by a bart police officer in january. the recommendations include improving the office of independent police officer and bart police citizen review board. the board has also agreed to hear public comments about tindle's death during the meeting tonight. steve curry is joining south bay congressman ro khanna to talk with high school
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students at a town hall meeting about gun violence in newark. they will speak at newark memorial high school today. kerr has spoken out about the need for stronger gun control following a mess shooting in las vegas and parkland, florida. the topic also very personal for the coach, whose father was killed by two gunmen when he was a university professor in beirut back in 1980 for. on wednesday, students across the country are preparing to protest in response to the deadly florida school shooting. organizers are calling for students and staff to walk out of the classrooms at 10:00 in the morning for 17 minutes. one minute for each of the people killed in the florida school shooting. dozens of walkouts have been organized for schools right here in the bay area including san francisco state. berkeley high school and sonoma high school. there are also two other protests planned in the coming
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weeks calling for additional steps towards gun control. coming up next 5:09 is the time. hundreds of frozen eggs and embryos possibly damaged at a fertility clinical in san francisco. we are going to take a look at what happened and how bad the damage might be. i'm calling on congress to stop funding sanctuary cities. so we can save american lives. >> and the president took a over the weekend once again at sanctuary cities in california. hear what he had to say about oakland mayor libby schaaf as well. and we're still keeping an eye on that alert that was issued on 880. traffic is moving slowly. southbound direction of a 80 in oakland. we will have a look at that coming up. system is on the way. it's not going to get here for a while. this morning, you are all right. watch out for fog and low clouds. we will show you those temps on a monday forecast. a
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with gun-control activists promising to keep up the pressure, the white house has a new plan to address school shootings, calling for federal funding to train volunteer teachers to use firearms and stiffen background checks systems for gun purchases. the fbi's tipline will be audited and the administration is establishing a new federal commission to examine what else can be done. headed by education secretary betsy devos, who appeared on 60
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minutes last night. >> can you feel a sense of urgency? >> yes. >> this sounds like talking. >> there is a sense of urgency indeed. >> reporter: a sense of urgency, especially after the attack at a parkland, florida, high school that left 17 dead. left out of the current recommendations, a proposal to raise the minimum age to purchase of assault style weapons to 21. something the president initially supported. >> he has made statements in recent weeks. although he's gone back and forth. and so it isn't hard to tell exactly where this will end up. >> reporter: while gun-control advocates say this won't go far enough, many conservatives say it gives more power to the federal government. >> gun attitudes vary widely across this country, south, north, west, east, role areas versus urban areas. i think local officials should be allowed to set posses that would make people in those communities feel betters about
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how we treat guns. >> reporter: as far is this commission is concerned, nothing is going to be fast. the white house says there's no specific timeline. they expect recommendations to come in less than a year. >> does the announcement meant mean that the there letting the states take the -- they are letting the states take the initiative? >> maybe so. the white house seems to be shuffling this on this potential commission. it is something they say they will look into. we saw, for instance, florida. it's already moved on legislation to do just that and it's already been the subject of the lawsuit. >> lots to chat about. live for us in washington, thank you. the president criticized oakland mayor libby schaaf once again for wanting the public about -- warning the public's of impending ice raids. >> in oakland, you have a mayor. and she -- [ audience reacts ] and she told people that were
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going to be captured in a big raid that there's going to be a raid. can't do it. you can't do it, folks. >> speaking at the rally, the president called on congress to stop giving federal money to sanctuary cities across the country. immigration was also the key topic in this week's presidential at -- address. >> sanctuary jurisdictions are the best friends of smugglers, gang members, human traffickers, killers, and other violent offenders. we want our cities to be sanctuaries for americans, not safe havens for criminals. that is why i'm calling on congress to walk funds for jurisdictions that shield dangerous criminals. >> the president went on to say that every state is subject to the laws and constitution of
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the united states and that california's status as a sanctuary cities is in direct defiance of federal laws. democrats working to regain control of the house. one focus will be a special election in pennsylvania. democrats would need to pick up 20 for seats to become the majority party in the house. conor lamb is facing off against republican rick saccone. the president return to that area over the weekend to tell his supporters they need to vote republican to help move his agenda forward. >> somebody like lamb, he's not going to vote for us. as soon as he gets in, he's not going to vote for us. he's going to vote the party line. he has to. >> throughout his campaign, candidate lamb has been telling voters he will not support nancy pelosi if he's elected. coming up next 5:17. back over to allie, who is in for sal. what are you keeping an eye on. >> we have some good news to tell people about. a 80 had been shut down -- 880 had been shut down. now you can see from our
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traffic chemical it is back open again. we do expect some serious delays because of this. 880 typically is slow anyway on a monday morning. and because of the downed power lines and the road being closed in both directions for about an hour and a half, you can definitely see the impact of that. this is from the southbound direction. the backup you see on the right hand of the screen, that's 880. we do have reports of some fender benders right in front of the coliseum. there was an accident reported there. so many cars are trying to circumvent this. taking a look at that north bay , that super commute. looks good. highly for looks good as well. san mateo bridge, down in -- south of there, you can the -- c it's getting a little more crowded. definitely getting more crowded. time now, 5:18. let's send it over to steve.
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>> thank you, allie. good morning, everybody. we have low clouds and fog, which is going to eventually give us rain. so rain tonight. main front comes in overnight into tuesday morning. i this time tomorrow, we should have wet streets and some cold air begin to work its way in. and then the next system wednesday night into thursday with mountain snow. you seem a little cautious. because advertised advertised. but then everything looks to be online. but not until later. if you have plans this morning, you're okay. warm front will probably come in later tonight but probably after 6:00 or 7:00. very deep system. once we get very deep cold them -- dynamic system. then we start to get the colder, unstable airmass. that will give us more in the
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rain -- a way of rain. certainly some four-inch amounts are possible. i think it will be a better amount -- even for them -- but not until 1:00 tomorrow. 1:00 tomorrow. until 5:00 on wednesday. now, lake level and above, 2, maybe 3 feet. snow level will be going down to about 3500 feet by wednesday into thursday as well. 40s, 50s for your temps. 48 in morgan hill and san martin. 50 and santa cruz and a lot of upper 40s and 50s. 50 for their. ben lomond is at 45 degrees. 27 up in truckee. this system will be a good time to travel. there will be a south been those winds. you don't have to worry about it until tomorrow. our system will begin to slowly work its way.
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maybe even tonight. might be a little low forming on that. that will slow it down. so monday, clouds. low and high on the rain. -- way. and then we will get the unsettled pattern into wednesday as well. i think it might slow down a teeny bit. that's close. that's the front coming in tomorrow morning. then you'll get impulses into the current low, which will send a lot into wednesday. which each -- with each system, you get a little colder. sacramento, 2 1/3. that's good snow by the time he gets up into the sierra. the rest of the week, looking promising. let's hope it all holds. 60s, 70s on your temps. mild day for some. these are well above average. frank, that's about the end. rain comes in on tuesday. the next -- and then it turns colder. >> they are working on it. thanks, steve. 5:21. a fatal helicopter crash.
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more on the investigation underway after five people were killed after the that chopper plunged into the east river. there could be a major price hike when it comes to a popular sushi ingredient. we will tell you what that is when we come back.
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back now at 5:34. state senator scott weiner is ghost -- cosponsoring a bill that could clear the way for congestion pricing in the
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downtown san francisco area. it would allow local jurisdictions to charge drivers a toll to enter congested areas of the city as a way to reduce traffic. if the bill passes, two pilot programs would be set up in southern california and northern california. according to the san francisco examiner, san francisco supervisor aaron peskin supports starting one of those pallet programs in the city. similar proposals have failed to get citywide support, though, in the past. our question of the day, is an attempt -- in an attempt to ease conjunction -- congestion, should they be able to charge drivers to enter downtown during peak hours? google's self driving company waymo is hitting the road with self driving semitrucks. waymo says it has been testing the technology for
5:26 am
the past few years here in california and now it's taking that technology on the road. the company plans to test a fleet of its big blue trucks taking cargo to google's data centers in georgia. drivers will be on board to take control of that truck. needs a little bit of help. up next, tesla is increasing the cost of it supercharger. some parts of the country will see the cost double to use at the tesla charging station. the rate went up 30%. tesla owners use to get free supercharging -- charging but that is no longer the case. model three buyers don't have access to referral incentives. tesla says it will adjust rates to reflect changes in local energy costs. coming up next some sushi prices could be going up because of an international's shortage of baby eels. in asia, there's a poor harvest
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this year. maine is the only state with a significant baby eel fishing industry. the company said -- there -- they are a key component in a number of dishes. the same price as an ounce of gold. how about that? forced to work overtime. we will have more on the staffing shortage for the vallejo fire department and the challenges that they face fighting fires right now. plus, thousands of frozen eggs and embryos possibly damaged at a fertility clinic in san francisco. san francisco says how many patients were affected and how it happened. a sion, you've gotta get to the ross spring dress event. on now! ♪ you gotta go to ross.
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if you're looking for anbloom. incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross nothing like a little marshall tuckey -- marshall tucker to get you motivated. get that started, folks. hopefully a little -- can see it. >> good to have you with us. welcome back to mornings at 2 . i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm pam cook. nice to have you here. >> this old cowboy right there.
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you know that is a marshall tucker song. >> he requested marshall tucker. i would not have named that. >> there you go. >> wow. >> old school. all right. bands are still together, that's true. we do have rain on the way. tomorrow morning, yes, that will take us in through most of the rest of the week. tonight will be the one front coming in with the cold front arriving tuesday. then the cold unstable air. next hunk of energy is wednesday night into thursday. right now, we're pretty good. low clouds on the move, though. some fog kind of moving in and around san francisco, parts of the bay. it's dry this morning. that's the good news. the system is -- still has a ways to go. it will bring an increase in class. rainfall looks okay. we will take anything we can get at this stage. looks like maybe an inch of rain by the time we gets to wednesday. also friday. 40s, 50s on your temps.
5:32 am
they are going to stay in the mild side here. until the system arrives. then they are going to turn much colder. this will be the last day of above average 10 -- temps. allie, i hear there's good news on 880. >> that is shutting down the freeways in both directions. it's completely clear. we will show you that pictured -- picture in just a minute. 580 westbound. you can see there's the usual slowing around 205 if it -- as it merges onto i 80. no major issues to tell you about there. 880 in oakland. here's the thing we were tell you about. this had been -- traffic has been at a standstill about an hour ago because of downed power lines. p jenny was able to clear those -- pg and he was able to clear those out-of-the-way. there is a lot of fog in our pictures. i want to show you the picture
5:33 am
from our emeryville camera. that drive on 80 two mccarter mage -- macarthur maze. some pretty heavy fog there. be aware of that. as you get to the a bridge toll plaza, you can see the fog there. time now is 5:33. let's go back to the death. -- desk. a man in custody for allegedly driving under the influence and hitting 40 people in a hit-and-run early sunday morning. santa rosa police say around 1:50, jose ortiz drove into florida people on brookwood avenue and fourth street. witnesses say ortiz dried -- tried to drive away. but stopped his ford explorer after two blocks and then ran. police set up a perimeter. there it is.
5:34 am
they found ortiz hiding in some bushes. ortiz was arrested, booked for dui and felony hit-and-run. officers say all 4:victims suffered serious injuries but all are expected to survive. hundreds a hopeful parents are waiting to hear if the news is good or bad. after learning of thousands of frozen eggs and embryos may have been damaged at a fertility center in san francisco. a spokesperson at the pacific -- fertility center says patients have been notified that a storage tank failed on march 4. the news comes days after an unrelated nature nitrogen -- liquid nitrogen tank failure affecting 600 families. >> our heart breaks for these patients. i don't think that anything was done wrong or inappropriately. but whenever you deal with technology, there's always going to be the potential for failures. >> the same doctor says this type of failure is so rare that
5:35 am
data doesn't even exist on the risk factor for a malfunction. the technology that keeps embryos and eggs frozen plays a role in the birth of more than 50,000 babies every year. it is 5:35. controversial christopher columbus statue in san jose has been removed from city hall. city council making that decision at the end of january after a number of groups supporting indigenous people called for the towering marble statue to be taken out of city hall after several debates, they eventually found a new home for that nine foot statue. crews separated the 6000 pound statue into two pieces, moved it just a couple blocks north to the italian american heritage foundation cultural center. >> it's more than welcome here. although i think that it should be anymore public place. >> summa still wanted the statue on public property. many activists say columbus was not
5:36 am
an export to be celebrated but a conqueror. it's been a pretty dry winter water -- winter. water use has on up. water conservation efforts have steadily gone down since governor brown announced the end of the drought. a new report says water use is almost back to where it was before the drought started. a group of bay area teenagers want to make sure every student feels included while at school. they say more students feel isolated and alone on campus. ktvu's lynn martinez talked to the students about what they are doing to foster new friendships. >> it is up to us to ensure everyone feels included every day. >> reporter: some of the best friendships are unexpected. >> she's my best friend now. i was in a group of friends in middle school. she was like by herself or something like that. and me and my group of friends asked if she wanted to join our group.
5:37 am
now she's our best friend. >> reporter: tr and her friends approached thalia, a new student . >> i was sitting by myself. i didn't really know anybody. they just came up to me. >> ♪ these days >> reporter: these teens are spreading the word that friendship makes a difference. urging young people to put an end to social isolation. it says millions of middle school students suffer every day from feeling left out because people see them as different. devante says he was once isolated moving into a new school. >> i would watch others be isolated. i would just sit at my desk watching it happen. i really never had the courage to get up and say anything about it. >> reporter: he did find that courage in eighth grade to help all students feel included. the students marched around passing out cards with
5:38 am
conversation starters. something many adolescents struggle with in making new friends. >> i just casually asked them once when their birthday was. when it was their birthday, i went and got them although cupcake and made them a card. i said happy birthday to them. they've been eating lunch with us and are totally part of our friend group now. >> i was humiliated every single day until i found my people. >> reporter: simon says being legally blind could have isolated her at school if it wasn't for a good group of teens who embraced her. she says beyond differences, is society's future. >> this movement of young people , they are done with isolation. they are done with children being discriminated against because of their face or their disability or their language or their country of origin.
5:39 am
we just have to see this community expand. i'm glad to be a part of it. >> reporter: they also stand in solidarity with the national school walkout day and march for our lives movement, contributing to end violence by being more socially inclusive and accepting of fellow students. in oakland, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. firefighters in vallejo say they are overworked and understaffed. in a post on their facebook page, they say they're currently working mandatory overtime on duty. they say this is increasing the number of fire calls as well. this is the video that he posted. firefighters responded to a fire at a commercial building early yesterday morning. they say, outstanding contract issues hindered the department's ability to hire enough personnel to adequately serve vallejo citizens. officials in san mateo county are issuing another
5:40 am
warning about an aggressive mountain line. the latest incident happened in pescadero creek road. homeowners left their small dog out and heard the dog yelp a short time later. the dog has not been seen since. officials can't confirm if it was a mountain lion attack. it comes less than a week after reports that a lie and killed -- lion killed some of the livestock. you might want to put them on the leash, put -- or bring them in. a deadly shooting involving police in oakland. coming up in our 7:00 our, what we know now about the situation that led officers to open fire near the macarthur station. >> what is up with the warriors? they struggle again because they don't have staff, among others. look at the latest loss in minnesota coming up. now that all lanes are reopened in -- on 880, things
5:41 am
looking pretty good on your commute. here's a look at 20 for. no major issues to tell you about there. rain is on the way, but not until tonight. fog is rolling around. some of it right on the old and gate bridge. just underneath the span there.
5:42 am
5:43 am
happening today, former raider and 49er linebacker ellen smith scheduled to appear in court in san francisco. he smith -- turned himself in let -- last tuesday. he was released from custody after posting a $30,000 bond. police had issued an award -- arrest warrant for smith after allegations that he assaulted his fiancee. smith later entered a rehab facility. the 28 year old has a history of legal problems, including dui arrests, and possession of an automatic weapon. on the warriors had a rare
5:44 am
sunday matinee and took on minnesota. kevin durant asked to carry the big scoring load. another first quarter -- slow first-quarter start. could not pull it off. heading the warriors their second straight loss. the warriors now fall a game and a behind houston in the west after the rockets won over dallas. march madness is here. sadly, no -- st. maries did not make the cut. they lost to byu in the semifinals in the west coast conference tournament. that despite the mighty impressive season. they had a big win over gonzaga
5:45 am
at gonzaga. >> they were pretty quiet. so we will see. it hurt. that much i know. >> it happens. you hope it doesn't happen to you. but when it does, you got to deal with it and move on. and that's right where we are at. >> well, they are not done yet. they will play the nit. they will have to settle to that. they are -- the gaels will take on southeastern louisiana tomorrow night at seven in moraga. hopefully they can put together a lot of wins in the nit. stanford, duke will also make a splash in the and i.t. they will host byu wednesday night at maples for the pavilion at 7:00. >> my bruins are in. >> your bruins are in. >> they are both 11. >> the bodies are good. >> the bonnie's. >> bonnie's.
5:46 am
>> i saw bonnie's. who are they playing? anyway, basketball season. now we have to talk traffic. >> my team is never in. >> they are all studying. >> they are known for other things. >> i feel your pain. >> sometimes it's fun. anyway, let's take a look at the traffic map this morning. we're going to start off with a look at the south bay because there's still just one accident that's been here for the last hour or so. it's not causing any residual backups. this is without -- southbound 280. not causing any other problems. so that is the goodness. taking a look at also in that area, 280 in san jose looks pretty good in both directions. 880 now doing a lot better compared to what this look like about an hour ago when the traffic was shut down in both actions at 23rd avenue causing
5:47 am
a big back up. they reopened that about 45 minutes ago. there are some minor fender benders. you can see some of the flashing lights on the bottom right-hand side of your screen. 66 avenue. there were some vehicles involved in the collision there. also, there was a small crash there that was walking some of the lanes. the bay bridge, though, tell plaza looks pretty crowded this morning. you're looking at a 20 minute delay. and there's quite a bit of fog out there. so keep that in mind. we are also seeing a lot of fog in our cameras on the golden gate bridge. but also the eastshore freeway as well. if you're driving to that area, be sure to keep your eye on the road. let's send it over to steve. >> there is a lot of fog. thank you. we do have rain on the way. not until tonight, though. for the low clouds and fog. rain moves in tonight. and then the parent low will
5:48 am
swing in late wednesday into thursday and linger all the way into friday. we do have low clouds and fog beginning to thicken up here. the front is still out there. if you're taking care of something this morning, you are good. the system is on its way. it is going to intensify. eventually rain will make it. today will be the last day, i think, upper 60s, 70s. not bad. we need every drop we can get right now. there will be more throughout the week. more is on the way. snow will be on the go, but not until about tomorrow morning. the winter storm begin -- warning begins at 1 pm tomorrow.
5:49 am
once they get going. 40s, 50s on the temps. it will stay pretty mild here. also, a southerly breeze. 40s and 50s. mid 40s, upper 40s, low 50s. everyone is pretty close here. low clouds will continue to be pushed in advance. but we will be dry until tonight. it's coming in monday. and then evening rain. we will give way to that system tomorrow morning. i will plan on what seems to be a wet commute. statewide looks pretty good. maybe not that much towards southern california. northern california, central and this year, does look like the really good event. so let's hope it holds. because they can get 4-5 feet this week. it all continues to march in as advertised. this is it for the 70s. rain, tuesday. off-and-on rain will take us into the end of the week. does look better by the
5:50 am
weekend. >> we needed, though. >> yes, we do. >> running out of time. it's fine. it is fine. you know how cranky they can get. >> makes for a long day. >> especially at 3:30 in the morning. this pretty incredible thing that happened. mcgraw collapsed on stage during a contract -- concert. he was in dublin, performing in ireland. he sat down. fans in the audience worried. his wife, faith hill, went to check on him. they said that he was okay, just really dehydrated. doctors say he should be fine with a little rest. black panther continues its historic run at the box office over the weekend. the movie past the 1 million bark and global sales this
5:51 am
weekend. black panther brought in another $41 million in ticket sales so far. it is projected to be the second-highest grossing superhero release of all time, right behind the dark knight. two new films made their debut behind black panther. "a wrinkle in time" martin $33 million in its opening weekend. another redo of that movie, adaptation of the popular series of books. strangers pray at night debuted at 10 man dollars in sales. >> we are getting a sneak peek inside disneyland's new star wars themed land. construction underway at starr risk allergy -- galaxy edge. the traction will open sometime next year. it will look like a collect thick -- galactic planet. the millennial factor -- falcon and all the rest.
5:52 am
>> cannot wait. i'm going down in april. i'll take some video. i can't wait to see him. i'm having a hard time picturing exactly where it is. >> i have not been there so long. i love disneyland. >> i do, too. >> big hit here. >> that's true. a gumball machine. we are talking about a thief in sacramento caught on camera. countless attempts to try to escape through a doggie door with that gumball machine when we come back. a
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back at 5:55, a plane crash in the poll has killed at least 15 people. the plane crashed as it was attempting to land at the kathmandu airport. authorities say in addition to the people died, 23 people are injured. several passengers are still reported missing. witnesses say the plane burst into flames. the flight was arriving from bangladesh. we don't yet know what caused that crash. an investigation is underway into what caused a deadly helicopter crash into new york's east river. five passengers on board were killed. the pilot survived. the helicopter was a tour helicopter hired for a photo
5:56 am
shoot. witnesses saw the very cold water we begin to fill that helicopter. >> it took a while for the divers to get these people out. they worked very quickly, as fast as they could. 50 feet of water there. there was a for mile an hour current. the temperatures below 40. everyone worked very hard. it's a great tragedy. otherwise quiet sunday evening. >> the crash investigation has been turned over to the national transportation safety board. it's cold out there. >> an animal shelter in sacramento is looking for the man who broke into the shelter and stole a gumball machine. police released the surveillance video of the man using a doggie door to sneak into the animal shelter wednesday night. he then tried to force that gumball machine back to the doggie door. lost the gumballs. lost a lot of quarters out of
5:57 am
that gumball machine. he eventually got it outside, three back door. and then threw it over a barbed wire fence. the shelter says there was also a donation box full of money that the thief never notice. the shelter is hoping someone will recognize him. >> the police hashtag is dumbest criminal. gumball bennett -- bandits. we continue to follow developments involving the veteran shooting. new details about the victims and the gunman as plans for a memorial are now underway. the gun control debate continues where the white house has come up with a new plan. i'm doug in washington. we will have the details coming up. we use our phones and computers the same way these days.
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an unexpected problem at a fertility nick, leaving thousands of frozen eggs and embryos possibly damaged. mornings at 2 continues >> announcer: this is ktvu
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mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. march 12. i'm pam cook. >> i'm kevin corke. -- frank mallicoat. let's get you right over to whether because we got a lot going on. >> we do. that's a good point. fog is the main story this morning. it will be rain. somebody named allie rasmus sent this on twitter. anyway, she said lots of fog around the bay bridge. right there. right there. right there. a lot of fog at the a bridge toll plaza. i'm sure she will have more on that coming up in just a second. rain is on the way. in fact, it will be here tonight. tomorrow morning, and then the colder air comes in with more rain wednesday night and thursday. maybe all the way into friday. if all that comes in the way it should, we're looking for good rainfall. half inch to 2 inch. other half inch to an inch and


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