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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 13, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> protests around the state as president trump makes his first visit to california since taking office. we look at his planned stops. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning, march 13. i'm pam cook. >> i'm frank mallicoat on this tuesday morning. are you ready for rain? >> i'm ready for rain. we had quite a bit yesterday, in marin county. >> there's more on the rain. -- way. if you're leaving right now, you might make it. if you're leaving in about 50 minutes, he probably won't. is sal listening out there? i'm sure he's listening out there. there are, okay. just want to make sure. our system is beginning to get very close here. that line will start to move
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in. it already has toward the north. there is a lot that has to swing through it. the wind has picked up. there is your court low. and then it sends in rain -- wave after wave. we will go into a rainy, kind of cool, breezy pattern here. southeast breeze and that's -- look at that, already south excel oh -- sfo. even out towards the delta or areas to the eastern salama county. look for rain this morning and off-and-on rain taking us with heavy scattered showers this afternoon, and the colder air begins to work its way in. things are looking pretty good in the rain department. really good in the snow department. winter storm warning will kick in. highs will be in the 50s and 60s with morning rain. 4:01. [ alarm ] my goodness.
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this is early. >> yes, it is. >> people waking up, turning the sun here. wanting to see the -- >> they don't have a suit and tie on, i bid -- bet. but i was born with this soudan type. good morning, steve. happy tuesday. if you are driving, you heard the man. it's going to be raining and it's raining, but not raining right now. at least near the altamont pass. there's already some slow traffic heading this way. as you might be able to see from the map here. already a little bit slow on 205. that's all heading this way obviously. you will see traffic that's going to pick up right now. livermore and dublin and he word still looking pretty good. this is a look at estate 880 in oakland. and again, as you heard, you might want to give yourself extra time for your morning commute right now. this -- the roads are clear. it's not raining at the moment. 4:02. let's go back to the desk.
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[ sound of gunfire ] >> san francisco police have released the graphic body camera video of a deadly officer involved shooting that happened at the city's mission district one week ago. 10 officers fired a total of 99 shots and the armed suspect was hit more than 20 time s. released during a contentious town hall meeting last night. police telling the crowd the gunfire came after a standoff with jesus delgado. many people at the meeting shouted out at the police in anger. >> no translators, no nothing. look at that. how terrible could you be?
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>> police say they found the suspect's gun in the trunk of a car. they say the body camera video and a witnessed showed delgado fired that gun before officers started firing back. you can also hear someone talking in spanish to the suspect on a cell phone video from that witness. police chief william scott was at the meeting and told the crowd the investigation into the shooting would continue. >> there are some facts involved in the investigation that we cannot release because either we don't have the answers at this time or the release of certain information could compromise the investigation. so in fairness to all involved, there will be certain fact that we will not be able to release tonight. >> the chief also says he regrets the loss of any human life.
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the meeting was only focused on what happened that night. present trump is heading to california for his first visit since taking office. the president is scheduled to inspect put a types for the proposed border wall near san diego. he will then speak to marines at miramar and had to los angeles to attend a republican fundraiser. he is being met with protests as well in southern california. reporter lauren silva looks at the present those preparations in san diego. >> were going to build a wall. >> it was one of president trump's biggest campaign promises. building a wall between the u.s. and mexico. he is expected to visit this location to inspect the eighth prototype walls. it isn't exactly getting a warm reception. this one of several demonstrations against president trump. >> i don't feel good about it. he is a liar. he's an egotist. >> i think you should go away. he's suing our state, so why is he coming for? >> have a little decency. he has none of that, so he's
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not welcome here. >> reporter: congressman juan vargas held a news conference in san diego to send a loud and clear message to the president. >> he would be welcome if he'd stop this racism, if he would stop people -- pitting people against each other. >> reporter: lashes are nothing -- class use -- clashes are nothing new. >> they don't care about crime. they don't care about death and killings. they don't care about robberies. they don't care about the kind of things that you and i care about. >> reporter: governor jerry brown responded by issuing this letter to the president that says in part, our prosperity is not built on isolation. quite the opposite. california thrives because we welcome immigrants and innovators from across the globe. usually, in california -- you see, in california, we are focused on bridges, not walls. but michael greer -- trump
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supporters like michael greer plan to show their support. >> people coming from other states to show our support. we want the borders secure. >> reporter: the president will had to marine corps air station miramar where he is expected to give a speech. reporting from san diego, i'm gina, fox news. [ crowd chanting ] >> protesters also turned out yesterday in beverly hills in anticipation of the president's stop there for a fundraiser. california state senate leader kevin de leon led the rally there. protesters say they're not surprised the president waited so long to visit california. >> i definitely think he waited so long for a reason because he knows that california is not going to welcome him with open arms. >> there's wine.
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there's food. most likely there'll be immigrants. immigrants probably serve him. i find that ironic. >> the fundraiser is in beverly hills tonight. coming up next spokesman for the ice office in san francisco has resigned. james schwab has reportedly said his decision is tied to what he described as false and misleading statements made by the top ranking officials of the trumpet ms. tatian. schwab says he was -- schwab says he personally feels mayor
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schaaf's actions were misguided, but that the information that was provided to the public was false. san francisco sheriffs department allows federal immigration officers into two of -- violating the city's sanctuary policy. the deputies who allowed the ice agents into the jails made a mistake. sheriff's office said ice agents asked to speak with the two inmates. one declined to speak while another spoke with an agent. deputies will be reminded that san francisco is a century city and local law enforcement is not supposed to cooperate with federal immigration officials. tonight, we will hear details of a plan to decrease sexual violence in the palo alto school district. the district has a new title ix coordinator who will release her plan to combat the problem. we have early information from that report that there have been 140 for reports of sexual
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violence across the district. we are also told that she sees increased education as the most important way to solve the problem. and this follows an investigation by the office of civil rights that found the district failed to take appropriate steps in cases of alleged sexual assault. now, the title ix coordinator will release her full report at tonight's school board meeting. that will be during the public portion of the board meeting, which starts at 6:30 tonight and is being held at the school district administration building at 25 churchill ave. in palo alto. >> reporter:, thousands of bay area students protesting gun violence. how some school administrators are handling that plant walkout. family members opening up about one victim in last week's deadly school shooting. more on the message they say she was -- would want to share about veterans in need. good morning. we're off to a start. it's not raining right now. what it does coming up.
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welcome back to mornings at 2. it's 4:13 family members of the three women who were killed in friday's veterans home shooting in yountville are telling us more about their lives. >> christine loeber, and dr. jennifer and -- gonzalez. talking to gonzalez's husband and father about what she would have wanted in line of the tragedy. >> jennifer would be the first
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person to tell us, you guys need to be understanding and compassionate. >> reporter: two men who knew jennifer gonzalez best, herb -- her dad, and her husband of one year, expecting their first child in three months. >> the loss is very tough. it's going to be very tough. but at this point, what we want to do is be her voice again. we want her to be heard. >> heard on what she cared so passionately about, healing and reintegrating military veterans. dr. gonzalez was a teenager when 9/11 happened. but the wars to follow shaped her life. >> she actively pursued this career. she was a helper. she looked at them as folks that had given so much to us. >> reporter: soldiers equipped to fight but not for the traumatic effects they would carry home. 332 rolled psychologist didn't wait at a desk for them to find
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her. >> jennifer would go out looking for vets to tell them, you can come here. there are tools available to you. >> reporter: but the past -- for the past two years, she worked with the pathway home program. until a rampage thrusted into a different spotlight. her family points out suspect albert wong's suicide was likely one of two dozen veteran suicides that same day. >> there critical need. and before it gets to the point where it's too late. >> it's keir they know to -- jennifer would want more dedication to because of it not despite of it. >> she enjoyed the work. >> reporter: she told family it wasn't easy work. but worth it. >> they wanted to get better. and for a mental health professor -- professional, that is a big thing. >> reporter: her example, they
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say. >> jennifer had the most amount of grace i've seen from anyone. it's what we keep coming back two. she is an amazing, amazing individual. i will miss her dearly. >> reporter: jan had three brothers. she left family and friends. she visited all 50 states before she was 30 and was learning to play the ukulele from her grandmother. a gofundme account has been set up to help offset expenses. we have a link to that on in yountville, deborah, ktvu fox 2 news. we are hearing from family members from friends of christine loeber. dr. golick's husband and brother talked about her loss. golick was a clinical director and she leaves behind an eight year old daughter. her family say she was very loving and was a big fan of the san francisco giants. >> i feel sadness throughout my
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entire body. i woke up yesterday morning crying in my sleep. and when i got up, i was still crying. and i'm still crying inside. and i will be forever. >> she was a very beloved mother, sister, daughter, colleague, and a friend. we appreciate the outpouring of love and support from our community and outlying communities as well. she is missed terribly. >> christine loeber was the executive director of the pathway home. she also taught yoga to veterans suffering from ptsd at the yoga one studio in seminole county. the owner of the studio says she also created a yoga program to help veteran amputees. >> she cared about everyone. that was the wonderful thing. she was focusing on veterans, but she cared about everybody. >> reporter: the remaining
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clients have been placed in other facilities. the board is still considering the future of the program after losing the executive director and the two top clinicians to violence. the board says this recovery will be very difficult. coming up next let's switch gears now get you outside, because i'm feeling the commute could get a little dicey but not too bad so far, right? >> yeah, a -- as you heard steve say, the rain is on the way. please give yourself of extra time. this commute looks pretty good. and it continues to be a very nice one. all the way up into morgan hill and into the main part of the silicon valley. you can see traffic is okay. but definitely, it's been raining here. if it's not raining to -- right now on to 80. -- 280. or you might want to consider using public transportation. coming up next let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> things are kind of quiet,
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but the system is knocking on the door. our system will slide through, start to increase the rain. over and inch of rain down -- an inch of rain down there. as it inches closer, rain weights -- rates will pick up. off-and-on rain later today as the system finally inches closer. yesterday was one of those very warm days. and then we had the warm front sector bringing us rain. pretty steady for some down towards santa cruz mountains. rainfall won't be too bad. maybe three quarters of an inch for some work and then we see another system come thursday. that will probably linger into friday, maybe saturday morning. winter storm warning kicks in. temperatures just to warm with that south breeze. 30s and 40s. it's pretty warm. that's going to start dropping as we head's -- headed toward
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tonight. 1:00 today, that winter storm warning kicks in. they're going to measure it in feet certainly above lake level by the time we get into wednesday night and thursday. 50s and 60s on the temps, as you might imagine. there's a howling so that the breeze. sfo 25. not as robust but it still picking up out towards the eastern counties. it's a southerly breeze. 45 in trouble -- 63 down in monterey. the system which is where the warm sector is will continue to rotate through most of the day. as it does, it's going to send in wave after wave. that will continue to be all the way through most of the week here. 60s and 50s on the temps. some of the high temps will probably be set very early in the morning because we will see some of that cold air begin to work its way in. off and on rain all the way into saturday. it does look like a break sunday and monday. an axe rain tuesday after that.
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>> lining up here in march. >> the door is opening up. >> a lot of good new snow. >> eventually. >> thank you, steve. coming up next it seems like it's oakland mayor libby schaaf versus the white house right now. >> the mayor's actions are disgraceful. >> vice president mike pence calling out mayor schaaf over her warning about immigration raids. a breakdown on what the vice president had to say coming up next. coming up next a call to freeze tuition rates. where lawmakers want to cover gaps in funding.
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welcome back. classes are expected be back in session inch llano county this morning. after a bomb threat forced evacuations at the school yesterday. the system got two anonymous phone calls saying there was a bomb at each campus. the campuses were all swept by bomb sniffing dogs and were all declared safe by yesterday afternoon. is some state lawmakers are now calling for a tuition freeze at both cal state and davie -- and the university of california campuses. providing them with a 3% funding increase. csu says it will still need to come up with one $71 million more to avoid tuition hikes.
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they say they will need an additional $105 million. lawmakers say california has a large budget surplus and should foot the bill for that extra funding. >> the legislature needs to step up. the costs would be just a fraction of our current budget surplus. we must make this investment. not just in our students, but in the future of our great state. >> the state is projecting a budget surplus of more than $6 billion. governor brown wants most of that to go into the states -- state's rainy day fund. the expansion of the musse county center in san francisco has reached a major milestone. city officials were on hand as the final steel beam was put into place. the convention center expansion is expected to help the city's economy. mark farrell says it will boost convention business and allow tourism businesses to hire more people. the new and improved musse
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county center is expected to reopen later this year. coming up next the new hampshire woman who won a jackpot has won her lawsuit to stay anonymous. she's been fighting to keep her name out of the set -- headlines . last month, she sued the new hampshire lottery commission and yesterday the judge said the woman had proof in that her right to privacy with the public's interest in learning her name. the commission gave her lawyers 260 for million dollars after taxes were deducted so that she could start donating to local charities where she bought that ticket, about 10 minutes from my old house. >> oh, really? >> can you imagine? >> wednesday's drawing is for hundred 20 million. still have a chance. >> hold onto that. >> 4:20 six is the time right now. students are preparing to walk out of school to protest gun
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violence. we will detailed what is expected. coming up next the justice department has a new plan to decrease gun violence. prosecuting those who lie on background checks coming up. san francisco traffic, north bend one-to-one, traffic here looks okay. approaching the 80s split. definitely looks like it's what out there. rain is picking up. it's only going to pick up in the next couple of hours. hard-pressed to probably get around it. i'll let you know going forward.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back to mornings at 2. taking a look at the storms
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outside. today's storm is expected to bring in possible mudslides to southern california. they've been dealing with such a tragedy out there. another evacuation order was issued in santa barbara county late last night. just been devastated by those mudslides. police and fire officials went door to door to let people know two months ago, of course, the mudslide killed 17 people, caused massive destruction in the area. that's all after the horrible fires in december. >> i think you're getting the brunt of at least the early storms. good morning. welcome back to mornings at 2. it is tuesday, march 13. and i'm frank mallicoat. >> nice to have you here again. good morning to you. i'm pam cook. it's 4:30. steve is here. a decent amount of rain. >> over an inch of rain. i think it's next week that looks even more ominous. >> oh, for southern. >> next tuesday, wednesday. >> they are not used to get -- getting th


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