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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 14, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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mornings on 2. good morning. thanks for joining us. march 14.>> you can see the weekend. good morning everyone. i am in for dave clark.>> it came down last night. >> it woke me up. >> maybe more boom today. might be another week. we do have some moving onshore right now. there it is. embedded thunderstorms. as you probably already felt it. cold air is moving in. there is a line stretching from one county over into napa county. the mainline is coming onshore
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around oakland, berkeley and richmond. and right into san francisco. we could get small hail and brief, heavy downpours. snow is on the go. the whole system is beginning to take shape. it will swing in off and on. we will get cold, unstable air. 40s and 50s. yesterday we had a lot of 60s look for off and on rain. and sun breaks. we will build afternoon cumulus clouds. going into the weekend, it looks positive for more rain and mountain snow. 50s on most of the temperatures and low 60s. i hope today is
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better than yesterday. >> the weather may be better, but we have activity on the freeways. right in front of the ups building, there is police activity on southbound 101. blocking the two right lanes. it will start affecting westbound interstate 80. it started at 3:40 pm -- 3:40 am, when moment creek police were chasing -- walnut creek police were chasing a white man. the chase spanned from walnut creek and ended up here. the driver of the white van is in custody. to other people in the vehicle got out of the van and ran off. they are being searched for in the area. a couple of lanes are closed.
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northbound 101 is okay. it is early in the morning. if it is not clear in a reasonable time, it will affect the bay bridge coming in from oakland to san francisco. all of the traffic spilled out here. we will keep an eye on it for you. this is a look at the bay bridge. it is light. it is not raining now. 880 oakland traffic is okay. summit hill bridge looks okay. westbound 580 is light with no major issues. if you look at the bridges, they look good. students in the bay area and across the country will walk out of classes.
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debora villalon examines what is planned. >> students will have demonstrations all across the district.>> reporter: how many students ? the idea has resounding support from san francisco commissioners.>> i think the nra has met its match.>> every day that my kids go to school, this is the biggest worry that i have. this is not where i should be worried.>> reporter:students across the nation, including the bay area, are staging a national "march for our lives" walkout today to mark the 17 lives lost in parkland, florida and to urge congress to enact stricter gun control laws. at 10 a.m., students from oakland to union city, san mateo to petaluma, and san ramon to ross, plan to pick up the megaphones, hold "die ins" and march around neighborhoods hoping to raise awareness and do what they can with their mass protest to hope that another school massacre will never happen again. >> we stand in solidarity with victims of sandy hook, las vegas and parkland, florida.>> reporter:at palo alto unified, interim superintendent karen hendricks said her district is "applauding students'
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commitment to be on the forefront of driving social change. it's a basic human right to be safe in school. it's insane that we should have to question that. >> if you had a teacher who is adept at firearms -->> reporter: there are children mike these who are too young to out. they can watch desert march around the classroom with signs.>> we will not stop students from doing that.>> reporter: districts everywhere are grappling with the walkout. one school threatened to penalize students, then reversed course. for safety, students are asked to stay on campus.>> we have provided spaces for students to have time to have conversations. but what they believe should be done with guns.>> reporter:
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schools are supporting civil activism.>> change is coming. we are told teachers, staff and principals that yes, you care.>> reporter: a resolution offered by students.>> your efforts will have a lasting impact.>> reporter: debora villalon , traffic news.>> check the web link section of our website, for more information. friends and family are demanding an officer face charges. back in january, and officer shot and killed a man, as he thought near a bart station. this video shows them
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wrestling as the officer yells at them to show their hands on the fires times. the gun was found at the scene. the man's family wants the district attorney to press charges.>> he should not have been back at work two weeks after murdering a child. when you talk about communing -- commuting on bart. people pay taxes. he should not have been back to work. >> we are conducting an investigation.>> the district attorney has not given a timeline on when the investigation will be completed. the san francisco police department has fired a rookie officer.police body-cam video shows the moment rookie san francisco police officer christopher samayoa fired through the window of a police car, killing suspect 42-year- old keita o'neil. now, that officer is out of a job. unconscionable. it should not have taken place. and this is a young man who is dead who should not be dead, based on the careless, reckless acts of a police officer. keita o'neil was shot and killed by a rookie san francisco police officer. o'neil was a carjacking suspect who led police on a chase that ended in a public housing project in the bayview. samayoa was the passenger in the police car. at the time of the december shooting, samayoa was only his fourth day of field training after graduating from the police academy.
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the officer's body-cam video shows samayoa drawing his weapon as the police car is moving. within seconds, the officer shoots o'neil once from inside the police car, shattering the window. o'neil was unarmed. burris said the officer acted recklessly and agreed with the department's decision to release him from the force. it's shocking, that he would actually shoot through a window. o'neil was coming forward on the side, and the officer puts him in his sights, follows him, and then shoots through the window. o'neil was suspected of shoving a state lottery worker to the ground at a potrero hill store, grabbing her keys and carjacking her minivan with lottery tickets inside. police officials would not give a reason for letting officer samayoa go. >> he was coming forward on the side and officer pushed him into site.>> a federal wrongful death suit has been filed on behalf of the family. the city has not responded. prosecutors have not determined if he will face criminal charges. the police department does not have to give a reason for removing him from his job. because he was on probation. police in san jose are searching for a hit-and-run driver who hit a 12-year-old in
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a crosswalk monday morning. and then drove off. it was caught on surveillance cameras. the video shows a girl with a black backpack, waiting at the crosswalk for the light to turn green. when she makes it halfway across the street, a car turning the corner hitter and sends her flying into the air. the driver pulled over for a moment, and then took off.>> i want the girl to be caught. for her to be out there, and not to go help this little girl -- >> the 12-year-old is expected to be okay. please have a vague description of the woman driving that car. there looking for her and the light colored toyota camry. may between 1998 and 2000. sad news. annabelle -- stephen hawking
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has died. he is known for his groundbreaking research on the origin of the universe. he had lou gehrig's disease. he continued his work communicating through a speaker box and becoming one of the most well-known scientist of our time. his life story was brought to the silver screen in the oscar- nominated film, the theory of everything. he died early this morning at his home in cambridge, england. he was 76. his three children issued the statement, we are deeply saddened that our beloved father passed away today. it was a great scientist and an extra ordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years.>> he was a pop icon. he has been animated in the simpsons. and the movie was credible. >> he has been on the big bang theory. the aclu is suing
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the tsa. it has to do with the tsa and mobile phones a special election to fill a u. s. house seat in pennsylvania is still unsettled. the democratic candidate is claiming victory. some improvement in police activity in san francisco along southbound 101 along the ups building. how it is likely to affect the commute. day to -- 2 of the rain and snow pattern. it is looking good.
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a razor's edge separated democrat conor lamb and republican rick saccone early wednesday in their closely watched special election in pennsylvania, where a surprisingly strong bid by first-time candidate lamb severely tested donald trump's sway in a gop stronghold. lamb claimed victory before exuberant supporters after midnight, though many absentee ballots were still to be counted in the contest that has drawn national attention as a bellwether for the midterm elections in november when the republican party's house and senate majorities are at risk. lamb, a marine veteran, told his crowd that voters had directed him to "do your job" in washington. absentee ballots will decide the winner. it is a district that president donald j. trump won by 20 points in 2016. president donald j. trump is flying to
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los angeles. he visited san diego yesterday. reviewed prototypes for the border while. he used the visit to california to criticize governor brown.>> i think governor brown has done a poor job running california. they have the highest taxes in the united states. the place is totally out of control. we have century cities with criminals living in the century cities. the governor responded.>> thanks for the shout out, but bridges are better than walls. california remains the six largest economy in the world. and a prosperous state. gavin newsom reacted to the president trip. by releasing a campaign video. the video called the border wall a monument to idiocy.
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it would be impossible to finish. he also accuses immigration officials of being personal armies of hate. who arrest people illegally and do not have criminal records. the video claims reporting illegal immigrants would eliminate five percent of the american work groups. before the president left for california, he announced he had fired rex tillerson. rex tillerson learned of his firing via a tweet. have been at odds on a number of issues, including the iran deal, north korea and climate change. there is also the perception that rex tillerson was disloyal to the president.>> if you go back a little bit to the line that rex tillerson may have called to a moron, to takes
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names if you're disloyal, you will be eased out. >> the president has nominated mike pompeo, the cia chief, to replace rex tillerson. there is an open seat for the cia. a woman has been nominated to become the new cia director. she will be the first woman to lead the cia. gina haspel has been with the cia since 1985. it is early, but we are all over the traffic. police were chasing a white van. starting in walnut creek. we have some video. there goes the white van through the tolls. chp were continuing the chase on the bridge. this happened just before 4 am.
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they went into san francisco . the van as to the far right. there were three people in the van. the driver is in custody. a couple of other people are outstanding. however, became across the bay bridge. the van snuck through traffic with no headlights. the chase ended on 101, new the ups building. i have a live picture of the area where it ended. in san francisco, right in front of the ups building. they have taken the scene away. traffic is moving along well. we know at least one person is in custody following the chase. no word on why they were
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running. westbound bay bridge, traffic is light. no major problems. traffic in both directions is moving along relatively well. if driving from gilroy to san jose, a good commute. no major issues. let's bring in steve. >> there was a car facing the other way on 24 ?>> that has been cleared up. the good folks at the meteorology department are very good. thank you for using the rain year and not the water year. two thirds of an inch of rain at the state university.
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thank you sir, may i have another ? yes you may. we will get more sun breaks today. a lot has to swing an. as it does, cold, unstable air will lift. you will get isolated under showers. a rainbow day and hail would not surprise me. one band went through san -- santa rosa. it is fading out. a line stretches back in from vallejo, american canyon and into berkeley. you can see it's lit up. pretty good rain at berkeley campus. southern marin county and over the golden gate, look at that. it looks intense.
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it is going right over it. things will stay more isolated. snow city in this era. we will measure the layers and feet. it will be in the forecast over the next few days. winter storm warnings start at 4000. snow level could get down to 3000. three feet around the 4000 foot level. a wet snow. the system will rotate. another one drops in to take the place. as it swings and, a wide variety of off and on rain. 40s and 50s and 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 40s for everybody. mid 40s for some. southerly breeze and not as robust as yesterday. 32, turkey -- truckee.
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abroad brush. another rain day into early friday. even early saturday. a break sunday and monday. the system looks really good for snow going forward. the system next week may tracked toward central california. 50s and 60s, but more 50s than anything else. thundershowers possible. we get a break late wednesday. and early thursday. and probably through saturday.>> it looks great. we need it.>> tough for the commute to and from work.>> bring the chains for the mountains ? >> i would. united airlines apologizing after another
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incident. a dog died on a flight from houston to new york. witnesses told investigators a flight attendant ordered the person to put the dog in the overhead bin. the dog died before they arrived. united called it a horrible mistake. noting pets should never be put in the overhead storage compartment. the airline issued the statement. we assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to supporting them. it is not clear at this point if the flight attendant will be allowed to keep her job. it is not great news for united airlines, the company and the stock. a lot of talk about this.>> the dog weighed under 10 pounds.
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almost 4:30 am. the weather is great news for our bay area reservoirs. is it enough ? we will learn how full the reservoirs are in northern california.
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ikea is offering help for anyone who does not like assembling furniture.
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they required -- acquired task rabbit. shoppers can book tasker's when they buy furniture. they will come to the home and do assembly for them. assembly start at $36. walmart is looking to expand delivery to cities. they will offer same-day delivery of fresh produce and all the grocery needs that you have. orders will be packaged in store. deliveries will be made by partners such as uber and lyft. it carries a $10 delivery fee. each order must be at least $30. you could see a brighter than usual display of the northern lights if heading as far north as washington state, michigan or maine. is a big solar storm which is earth today. an explosion of electromagnetic energy from the sun that can last a few minutes to a few hours. creates a bright light display
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that edges further south. it could be a week fluctuation on the power grid. it could cause interference with satellite operations. it is relatively minor in our solar system. you do not have to be a math scholar to celebrate today. it is pi day. 3.14. the endless number depicting the circumference. pizza chains are offering promotions to celebrate pi day. blaze pizza, pop murphys and italian kitchen. they are offering pizzas for $3.14. whole foods offers a $3.14 discount on their pies. sometimes the kids have fun. and elementary school, we are brought in pies to eat. if
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you have a toys "r" us gift card line around, you may want to use it soon. up next, the effect the bankruptcy will have. a teacher accidentally fired a gun during a public safety lecture.
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