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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 14, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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this is translate warnings on 2. -- ktvu mornings on 2 dij. >> good morning. it is 4:31 am. a nice look at the bay bridge. may need to use your windshield wipers. we have a little bit of rain on radar.>> turn on the music. >> good morning everyone i am
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frank mallicoat. >> i am pam cook. sound like the rain may not lit up.>> hit and miss. not like yesterday. colder air has moved in. thunderstorm activity later. more likely for friday. there is enough to destabilize the atmosphere. a few more sun breaks. a little piece of energy. tracking toward santa cruz mountains. a line moving from lake county to napa county. on the way out to eastern solano county. it is rotating back to richmond and berkeley. on the way to highway 24. and back over the richmond bridge and over the bay bridge. even golden gate. a pretty good sell from timberline over to marina.
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there is a lot of snow in the sierras. a winter storm warnings goes until 11 pm. snow down to 4000 feet. the system will rotate in. a strong area of low pressure. another storm arriving toward thursday. 40s, 50s and cooler on the peninsula. 40s on the coast. a southerly breeze taking in. off and on rain. energy is tracking south. 50s and 60s. you have had a busy morning. where do you want to start ?>> we will start with solano county. they think highly of you. >> and you.>> i do not know about me. you, for sure. westbound 80 from vacaville,
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fairfield and vallejo. traffic is moving okay. if driving out, there are no major problems. traffic is looking good. this is a look at the bridge. it looks good. steve mentioned a chase that went through here. it is gone. it is no longer affecting traffic. it ended in san francisco. one person in custody. it is not causing any traffic issues. let's go back to the desk. students across the nation, including the bay area, are staging a national "march for our lives" walkout today to mark the 17 lives lost in parkland, florida and to urge congress to enact stricter gun control laws. at 10 a.m., students from oakland to union city, san mateo to petaluma, and san ramon to ross, plan to pick up the megaphones, hold "die ins" and march around neighborhoods hoping to raise awareness and
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bay area students are planning a number of events. including a rally at 11:30 am at seven cisco city hall. some schools are setting up rally zones at their campuses. the majority of the walk out in the bay area are planned for 10 am this morning. we are going to stay on the air to follow the walk out with live video from five be area schools. our coverage will continue on the ktvu news at noon. we will live stream as well on all of her social media and our website, tran for. -- . a mother plans to file a lawsuit one month after her teenage daughter was shot and killed by undercover police detectives. the 16-year-old was pregnant and shot and killed on the night of march 14, 2017. fremont detectives were in unmarked cars on a stakeout for a robbery suspect in hayward. she was parked in a gray sedan
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and police started shooting when the driver rammed into a car and sped away. she was hit four times and later died.>> it is crazy. it is too much. i cannot wrap my head around this.>> she has her daughter's nickname, abby, -- ebby, tattooed near her heart. the pain is made worse by the fact that the fremont lease department has never reached out to her or explained what happened.>> it is obvious something went really wrong. for them to be cleared of everything does not make sense. my baby is not here. something went wrong.>> attorney john burris plans to file a federal civil rights
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suit. he says the fremont officers engaged in a series of egregious tactical errors that went against training and common sense. the department declined comment. they have said the officers were cleared of any wrongdoing. the district attorney's office charged the driver. napa police detectives charged a man with body armor and weapons. he led them on a short chase before pulling over and north napa. police say he tossed a rifle out of the window. they found a fully loaded semi automatic rifle. also, a ski mask. he was wanted in connection for two shootings. prosecutors will seek the death penalty against nikolas cruz for the deadly parkland, florida shootings. he was indicted by a grand jury 434 counts of premeditated
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murder for the a 14, mass shooting in florida. 70 people were killed and 17 others were badly injured. prosecutors say the death penalty is the only just punishment in this case. calling him a cold, calculated killer. today at 4 pm, we will take an in-depth look at gun violence and can control. we have the latest on the student walkouts. we will cover them live in will have a recap tonight. gun laws, as well. what has changed since the shooting and we will look into the complicated issue of mental health and can control. that is today on 4 on 2. three students were injured after a teacher accidentally fired a gun inside a high school classroom on the meant -- monterey peninsula. he is a teacher at seaside high school who worked as a police officer. investigators say he was teaching a course on gun safety when his gun went off while he was pointing it at the ceiling.
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pieces of the ceiling came to the ground. one student received moderate injuries. to other students had minor injuries. alexander has been placed on administrative leave from the school and the sand city police department. the american civil liberties union wants more information about screening procedures and post at u. s. airports by the transportation security administration. the aclu is concerned about the screening process for passengers with electronic devices. the organization filed a lawsuit in san francisco against the tsa to find that the motivation behind the intensified screening process. and culture is making her first appearance -- ann coultier is making her first appearance in san francisco. she was greeted by friendly audience. she spoke to a crowd of 600 conservative people , describe themselves as registered republicans. she spoke about her avid and
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early support of president donald j. trump. his immigration policy and the border wall.>> we have to stop the dumping of the third world on our country.>> the event was organized by the liberty arm of the silicon valley. nonprofit that describes the cells is a nonpartisan conservative group. security was tight. private security was at the event. only two protesters were on site. her next speaking engagement is scheduled for march 21 at the university of colorado. she says she would like to speak at berkeley at some point. toys "r" us gift card holders, pay a visit to the store as soon as possible. the gift cards will be ineffective if they close all of their stores. experts are encouraging customers to use their gift cards immediately as the clock
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ticks for the future of the retailer. if they do go out of business. customers will be able to regain any funds left. they close 170 stores nationwide. after the mcgruff the announcement last september. they are talking about closing the rest. abortive books would down, people lost a lot of money. -- when border books went down, people lost a lot of money. and officers fired. why his actions came under scrutiny. up next, how much longer step curries in -- step curries a goal will keep him off the court. it looks good going into the bay bridge.>> it is raining for some towards
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kensington and albany. that is a good line going straight forward.
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welcome back to ktvu mornings on 2. we are talking about the current status of the local reservoirs.>> reporter: come summer, would that be watering ? probably not. lake shasta, the biggest reservoir is exactly where it should be at this time of year. lake oroville is a special case. that is for a deliberate reason. as work continues on the face
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and spillways on the dam for another year, it will allow work to continue even if a huge atmospheric river should dump a lot of water into it. it is a possibility. east bay utilities district says east bay reservoirs are in good shape at 94 and 74 percent full. >> right now we are at 80 percent capacity. which is great. that is exactly where we want to be at this point in the season when we expect more rain. we make it three feet. we got two and half feet over the last two weeks. at the forecast is the way we think it will, it is a good march.>> reporter: san francisco owned reservoir. >> we are in good shape. the picture will be clearly better soon.>> reporter: today, it is just under 79 percent full.>> normally at this time it is 59 percent.
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we would have taken the water level down to accept the snowmelt. we do not have as much snow and we are not anxious to take it down. we are just starting to lower the was a elevation -- the reservoir elevation. >> reporter: the current what weather guarantees it will be 100 percent full. and water districts and cities that by water from this area will not be rationed. with snowpack one third of normal, why are things so peachy ? thank the last rainy season. >> the benefits of the what your stay with us. because it was a bounty.>> reporter: 4 reservoirs and the late melt kept the reservoirs loaded. tom vacar. the third powerful moisture in less than two weeks, dumped
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snow back east. it brought blizzard conditions and within two feet of snow to massachusetts, rhode island, connecticut and parts of new hampshire. 160,000 homes and businesses are without power. prompting school districts to cancel school once again. utility companies said they would have extra crews out to restore power to those who do not have it. the fences come down and have another storm on the horizon. it is mid march. you start to see april and the red sox. and you think where is spring ? we do not have a of rain for the next week. the commute could be tough.>> march 31 or is it between it ?>> i think it is the 29th.
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>> all 30 teams play that day.>> the gates open.>> i am ready. good morning. it is already slow and we have a crash. a crush on 580 at 24. -- 580 at 205. i said that wrong. you can see slow traffic. as you drive through the area. no major issues. 205 will be slow due to that crash. if getting on the freeway in livermore, you bypassed it. this is a look at interstate 880. steve and one of our directors mentioned the crash on 24 at
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gateway. where a car was perpendicular. it has been moved and is on the shoulder. it could cause minor delays. this is the bay bridge. it looks like rain. i see traffic is going to be okay. windshield wipers are going. let's bring in steve. i remember a week ago, we said people need to be positive. i don't want to use that dword until the end of april. i will be able to wash my car the summer. more rain and snow on the way. i wish people would be more positive. a lot of rain and snow is on the way. there will be isolated areas where it come down good. another piece of energy is
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coming in. tracking toward santa cruz. rain from vacaville to cordelia. back over to america canyon and vallejo. it slides into crockett, martinez and a good band coming in off of richmond. kensington and berkeley as well. if you're getting hail, please let me know. it seems and tends. downpours associated. heading toward pleasant hill. you can see the storm track line. you get the idea that it is heading toward the northeast. and then toward emeryville. and also towards the golden gate bridge. then toward daly city and the bay view district. there is rain associated with it. and there is snow on the go.
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yesterday i posted this on twitter. over 10 days, both had 62 inches of snow over the sierra. identical projections for 10 days. they are measuring it in feet. it is a really good information and good for the snowpack. winter storm warning goes until 11 pm. it will get down to 4000 foot level. up to three feet. one piece of energy will rotate in. 40s and 50s for temperatures for the south. 48, morgan hill. 48, saratoga. there will be a southerly breeze. 32, truckee. it looks like the heavier focus of rain will be towards
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monterey. everything is looking positive, as we go forward over the next week. another system arrives tuesday. it may track toward southern california. in santa barbara gets that much rain, they could have problems. the snow projection looks positive over the next seven days. 50s for temperatures. and low 60s. everything is setting up for off and on rain. one more system drops into the north on thursday into friday. that will be the coldest air. it takes us to saturday morning. tuesday and wednesday, maybe more.>> know we are closer to friday, what is the drive to tahoe like ? >> snow at 2000 feet. it will not be smooth sailing.>> should people call in sick ? >> that is up to you.
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the warriors will be playing without steph curry for a while due to a severe ankle sprain. word is he will not play tonight. we will also miss him in the next three games. he injured it in the first quarter of the spurs game. where your say, they want him to heal properly. and give him all the time he needs with the playoffs not too far off. today is his 30th birthday.>> and he is number 30. it is a bummer for everybody.>> i have a buddy and he has tickets to go to the game tonight.>> that is a disappointment. there are plenty of other guys
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playing the put on a show. bit coin, the largest crypto currency now facing another challenge. google planning to ban all online advertisements. we will tell you why.
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google is going to ban
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online ads for crypto currency. they announce that decision and an update to their policies. they will ban online ads for things like bit coin. facebook announced a similar policy in january. apple has announced this at a developers conference. it brings together the most creative developers. it will be in san jose. it allows millions of developers to learn more about creating new experiences across apples platform. they can apply for tickets until 10 am --. tickets will be randomly issued. it is almost 5 am. there will be a national school walkout. it is one month after the parkland school shooting. a
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12-year-old goal -- girl was hit by a car. the search for the driver who is facing felony hit and run charges. good morning. there is often on rain. your commute may be slow in some areas. we will tell you where the slowdowns are. wait five or 10 minutes. we will talk about the weather next.
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good morning. in just a few hours students across the country and in the bay area will be leaving class. they will be calling for tougher gun laws after the deadly shooting in florida. we will talk about the demonstrations in the bay area. the president is wrapping up his trip in southern california. this was not after -- this was after criticizing governor jerry brown. this is ktvu mornings on 2.


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