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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 14, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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and will miss the three games after that. he injured his right ankle against the spurs. the warriors say they want to give his ankle or time to heal. today at 9:00 we are bringing extended coverage of students from schools across the country and bay area. they walked out of class to address gun violence. we hear from the sheriff in north carolina who plans to train armed volunteers in -- and place them in elementary schools. we look at the life and contribution of stephen hawking. >> it is a day of action across the country. we've been showing you countless pictures from the east coast marching closer to us here. we are one hour away from bay area students walking out of class. this is a live picture off columbine. columbine high school the scene of a terrible high school
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shooting almost 20 years ago leaving 12 students and one teacher killed. we are seeing a few students file out of the building. this is a town that has been defined by that tragedy and it is feeling what is happening in parkland, florida as so many students across the country are. >> remember being in colorado in 1999. i was going to school in boulder. i remember the pictures, images and stories. this is a generation shaped by gun violence. columbine started that. students then and now want change. they want assault weapons band. they want universal ground checks. they are making their voices heard. >> i'm seeing a lot of engagement on social media. today we've been watching the twitter feeds. many people are out there and using social media to let the world know this is happening. >> what we are seeing in columbine, it's 10:00 there, they are filing out of the building. we see student groups holding
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moments of silence. we see many of them take two loudspeakers, calling for change. specifically addressing lawmakers in washington. 118-year-old students that if the government wants to keep getting paid they need to listen to what we say. columbine in colorado one of the many pictures we are bringing a students are walking out on this national day of action marching to protest gun violence. let's continue our national coverage. marjory stoneman douglas in parkland, florida is one of 3000 schools taking part in this coast-to-coast demonstration. there in parkland one month ago 17 students and staff members were killed. in washington, dc we've been showing you protesters gathering from capitol hill to the white house. >> we want to show kids that anyone can stand up and show their opinions. it doesn't matter how old or young you are. all voices matter. >> there's another rally plan for saturday, march 24.
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demonstrators will march in washington, dc demanding safe schools and an end to gun violence. >> we're less than one hour away from students walking out of there classes. alex savidge joining us now live.>> reporter: in preparation in oakland, we are outside oakland tech. you do have some students beginning to do some of the set up for the event. begins one hour from now. students walking out of class to take a stand against gun violence. they will pay tribute to the victims in the schools -- school shooting in parkland, florida. here in oakland these student protesters have the backing of the district officials who have helped facilitate today's action. yesterday organizers were handing out flyers here on the campus of oakland tech to get
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the word out about today's event. this is part of the nationwide walkout prompted i the school shooting in parkland, florida one month ago when 17 people were killed. students across the country and here in our area are calling on lawmakers to pass stricter gun control measures. and oakland tech some of the parents are glad to see students stepping up and trying to make a change. >> i think it's important for our kids to have their voices heard. especially when it comes to their safety in their schools. school should be a safe place for kids to come. it is about time to change these laws. >> we should feel safe. no one should walk in and feel unsafe. >> across the bay area many school districts like oakland unified are supporting this school walkout. some districts are trying to get students to stay on campus because of their concerns about
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student safety. they are offering to hold in class discussions about the issues of gun violence and there are some school officials warning students they will be given an unexcused absence if they take part in today's walkout. students here at oakland tech and across the bay area planning to leave class at 10:00 this morning. they are planning to give speeches and pay tribute to the victims of the violence we saw in that high school in florida one month ago. they are planted pay tribute to victims of gun violence here in oakland as well. >> we've been asking you will student walkouts help lead to tougher gun safety regulations? 36 percent say yes. 64 say no. the numbers have not changed through the morning. david says unfortunately protesting does not have much
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-->> keep up the great work students. it is hard to get some politicians to do anything about gun control at the federal level but your efforts are moving us in the right direction. >> we will share your responses here at 9:30 am. thank you for using our hashtag. >> as president donald trump and lawmakers continue to debate the best measures to combat gun violence in schools, a north carolina sheriff has decided to put armed volunteers on school campuses.>> reporter: a north carolina sheriff is taking matters into his own hands training armed volunteers to be placed in elementary schools. a first in the country. >> we've been seeing what's been going on and he tried to step up and do something. >> the sheriff and school board members are hoping to add 12
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volunteers to for elementary schools. >> the program offers availability to have boots on the ground. >> before applicants can step foot in the school, they have to go through an extensive background check and have years of experience in law enforcement or as a military police officer. >> we will build off the experience and certifications these applicants and volunteers bring with them. >> this parent who asked to remain anonymous says the reforms for the program are concerning.>> it has good intentions. i would not risk my life for another persons property by volunteering. >> when you have 12 people willing to donate their time and energy it's a good program. >> the sheriff place to train the candidates and april with the goal of having them in elementary schools in 2019.
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today at 4:00 we will look at gun violence and gun control. will have the latest on the student walkouts, gun laws and what's changed since the shooting in florida. we will look into the issue of mental health today on the for onto. the local weather today doesn't seem like it will keep people from getting outside and getting wet. it's not raining right now in oakland. >> it's all around. it's everywhere. it's beginning to pick up. there's more coming onshore into monterey. looks pretty solid for santa cruz. 34 to 39. it's difficult to get 20s once you get into midshipman march. the nights are too short . there will be some colder air coming in but am looking for 30s inland by the weekend and
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not 20s. walnut creek, lafayette over to clayton some snow. that's a good line heading toward bay point, any out, highway 4. that line is active. some areas could get rain. some of that goes all the way toward oakland and now coming into san francisco. look what's approaching the coast especially the santa cruz. right now lighting up and developing from mendocino county along the sonoma coast. i think this is your best area for thunderstorm activity north and east. to the south there'll be too much cloud cover and not enough breaks. is beginning to fill in around santa cruz. there will be pretty good rain in santa cruz down to monterey as that system fills in. snow continues to stack up and pile up.
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is a winter storm warning until 11:00. it will be at the 4000 foot level. by saturday it will be feet. 40s and 50s on your temperatures. the system begins to rotate and we will get a break tomorrow morning. by tomorrow afternoon the neck system drops in and takes us into friday and saturday. our rainfall is pretty good. we will add to these into friday and saturday. there'll be isolated one inch amounts. if san jose can get three quarters of an inch and napa that's good for everyone. 50s and 60s on the temperatures. stay cool into the weekend. we will get a break on sunday and it looks like another system approaches next week. we are not done yet.>> thank you. physicist and one of the best minds of our time stephen hawking has died. >> he was known for his work on black holes and quantum
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physics. he defied the odds and went to live a productive life decades after being diagnosed with als in 1963. >> amy kellogg takes a look back at his life and contributions to the field of science.>> reporter: too ill to attend his birthday in january of 2012 stephen hawking address the crowd . he had an uplifting message. >> remember to look at the stars and not at your feet. tried to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. be curious. there's always something you can do and succeed at. >> he was one of the greatest scientists of our time. the author of a brief history of time that's the 10 million copies in 40 languages was a world renowned cosmologist. he was behind the theory that the universe has no boundaries and put forth the possibility that intelligent alien life exist somewhere in the
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universe. diagnosed with a motor on disease at the age of 21 he defied the odds by living many times past that prognosis. finding ways to help him committee was the biggest challenge to those around him.>> the disease reduces my powers of movement but does not affect my ability to feel things. >> he had been able to operate a speech synthesizer with his hands. computers could connect the pulsing in his cheek which would get translated into words eventually. as his cheek muscles we can's speech became slow. all of this after he lost his speech in 1985 after a bout with pneumonia. >> for me computers make the difference.>> stephen hawking taught at cambridge university in the united kingdom and over the years had honors on him.
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the 2009 presidential medal of freedom was awarded to him. he was awarded the albert medal by prince philip one of the many moments in his life that his sense of humor had shown through.>> there was a lighter side to his life. stephen hawking appeared as himself on tv shows. he clearly relished his cameo appearance on the simpson .>> i'm here to shape the universe.>> on his 60th birthday stephen hawking dreamed of flying in a hot air balloon and that came true. >> that's something i've always wanted to do. the balloon was a simple of hope. >> stephen hawking became the first quadriplegic to float in zero gravity. it was the first time he moved without his wheelchair in
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decades. >> space here i come. >> he said his life was to understanding of her sister and not to be famous. he did both. and popularizing the field of astrophysics he inspired other great minds. amy kellogg, fox news. many people are going on social media to pay their respects. nasa posted this tweet. remembering stephen hawking that renowned physicist and ambassador of science. may you keep flying like superman and microgravity as you said two astronauts on the space station in 2014. coming up surveillance video we will share with you. the 12-year-old girl being hit by car in san jose. the driver on white she did. the san francisco sheriff's
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office said two deputies violated policy. up next their actions that violated the sanctuary city laws.>> this was my father's church.
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checking with the stocks. the dow jones is down. s&p down by half a percent. police in san jose are searching for a hit and run driver that hit a 12-year-old girl and drove off. this happened on north 17th and east julian street. it was caught on surveillance camera. the video shows the girl with the backpack waiting at the crosswalk for the light to turn green. once she makes it half way across the street a car turning the corner hits her sending her flying into the air. the driver pulled over for a moment but then decided to take off. >> i want this woman to be caught. for her to be out there, the
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coldhearted person and not help a helpless little girl needs to be caught. >> that 12-year-old girl is expected to be okay. police have a vague description of the women driving the car. third looking for her camry made between 90 and 2000. the san francisco sheriff's office is admitting to deputies violated policy by allowing federal immigration agents to talk to jail inmates. authorities say in both cases deputies allowed ice agents access to interview rooms inside county jails last week. deputies are not supposed work with ice agents on the the sanctuary laws. san francisco public defender says his office immediately stepped in to investigate.>> one of my attorneys talk to the deputy as the ice agents were walking into the jail. why are you letting them in?
9:19 am
the deputy said, we let them in like any other law enforcement agency. >> the sheriff says she is taking immediate action to make sure this does not happen again. she issued a written statement taking full responsibility for the mistake. the sheriff said, any policy breach is a serious matter especially as it pertains to the department's obligation to upholding the cities sanctuary commitment. the 4970 running back. the 49ers have agreed to a four- year, $30 million deal with former minnesota vikings jared mckinnon.>> that's a lot of money. to local teams who missed out on the men's ncaa basketball tournaments are focusing on the nit instead. the national invitational tournament. sanford host byu in the first round. tipoff is at seven a clock. st. marys took out their frustrations with not getting an invite to the big dance by
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pounding southeastern louisiana. st. marys advances to the second round by winning 89-45. that game was never close. ucla alumni are down. they lost to saint bonaventure. one of the first games in the ncaa tournament. they struggled with bonaventure zone defense and match the season-high 20 turnovers. >> i want to congratulate city college of san francisco state champs again. congratulations. coming up that united airline apologizing after an incident aboard a flight.
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coming up we hear from a family who says their puppy did not survive after a flight attendant told them to put the dog in the overhead bin. rex tillerson makes his final preparation to leave the state department. reaction from countries across the world on the shakeup of the administration.
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welcome back a special congressional in western pennsylvania is too close to call this morning. 100 percent of the presents counted democrat lamb leads the race by 579 votes. he had 49.8 percent of the vote. the republican has 49.6 percent. lim has declared victory. there could be a recount. this is a district that president donald trump one by 20 points in 2016. reaction is coming in from around the world to president donald trump's position to fire rex tillerson. here's the report. the could be more changes coming to the presidents cabinet.>> reporter: rex tillerson leaving a lot of the mimetic work as he prepares to
9:24 am
exit the state department after being fired tuesday by president donald trump. around the world most countries have pledged to work with the new secretary expected to be cia director mike pompeo. in east asia some allies are wary of the change especially on the eve of the historic talks with north korea.>> i thought we could work together to tackle north korean issues. it's disappointing it has come to this. >> some of america's adversaries are taken the opportunity to mock the turnover inside the trump administration.>> we have seen such multiple changes in the past. the whole world is familiar with the situation. >> here in washington the move has sparked rumors of a overhaul. some defending the president and praising his decisiveness>> we are continuing to see
9:25 am
changes and i don't necessarily think that is a bad thing. we want the right people in the right position. >> gina has spelt the woman nominee to replace pompeo is running into some trouble on capitol hill. some lawmakers objecting to her role.>> we are moving into that season, you know the season we get into every two years. my guess it will be somewhat contentious but successful. >> tillerson has designated his responsibilities to his deputy over the state department. mr. tillerson is expected to announce his resignation by months end. right now president donald trump is headed to st. louis for an economic forum and later he will attend a political fundraiser. he traveled to southern san diego county yesterday where he viewed 8 prototypes for the border wall. president donald trump use this visit to california to
9:26 am
criticize governor brown.>> i think governor brown has been a poor job running california. they have the highest taxes in the united states. you have sanctuary cities with criminals living in the cities. >> the governor responded with this tweet. thanks for the shout out. the bridges are still better than walls. california is that sixth largest economy in the world and the most props there's prospered state in america. the chancellor has been sworn in for her fourth term as germany's chancellor after lawmakers reelected her as leader in a vote today. in september a divided election almost replaced most of her cabinet. this morning it set the record for the longest the lake between the federal election and the parliaments vote for chancellor. next week melania trump will meet with
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tech companies at the white house to fight cyber bullying and promote internet safety. executives with amazon cost snapchat coffee school -- facebook, google and twitter will meet with the first lady on tuesday. the meeting will be her first official public event on cyber bullying. she expressed an interest in tackling the issue after the election. coming up deny -- toys "r" us is preparing for bankruptcy. up next we will talk about what could affect you and if you are holding any gift cards. some of the top products for your next vacation. up next i will look at what's new on the market for travelers. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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she was falling farther homeworand farther behind.ttle. we thought if we pushed harder.... but pushing harder didn't work.. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. sylvan worked. at sylvan, our certified teachers use personalized programs to help motivate students achieve their personal best. the results aren't just in her grades. her attitude is different. see how sylvan can work for your child. call 1-800-educate today! today students across the
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country are walking out of the class since the shooting in a florida high school. the calling for tighter gun regulations. here in the bay area we expect to see students walking out in the coming minutes. must protest is beginning at 10:00. >> from marjory stoneman douglas to columbine high school in littleton, colorado we have seen students walking out of their classrooms. their railing for gun control.>> reporter: the tragedy at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida is inspiring survivors and their supporters to call for lawmakers to pass gun control measures. today one month after the shooting students from across the country are marching in solidarity with the school safety movement. the being -- they will walk out for 17 minutes. one for each person killed in parkland. >> it's inspiring for us to take the leadership position. >> there are so many people who think their vote does not
9:31 am
count. that will not happen anymore. voices matter. >> here in the nation's capital lawmakers are taking notice with some senators walking off the floor. students from across the dc area gathering in lafayette park across from the white house before marching to capitol hill where they were joined by legislators calling for change.>> the judiciary committee holding a hearing on improving school safety. marco rubio and bill nelson as well as people directed impacted by the parkland shooting were testified in. >> it's common sense to get the assault rifles and the banana clips off the streets. >> this tragedy was a result of two things. the first a multi-systemic failure by government agencies at the federal, state and local level and second because of abilities in our existing less than need to be addressed. >> this movement is not going away. on march 24 to march for lives rally will take place on pennsylvania avenue. on april 20 another mass walkout will take place to commemorate the 19th anniversary of the columbine
9:32 am
school shooting. in washington, dc there's a powerful display in front of the u.s. capital calling on lawmakers to take action on gun control. 7000 pairs of shoes -- that's one pair for each of the children who have died from gun violence since the sandy hook school shooting in 2012. the shoes were donated by people across the country. organizers say is part of the effort to pressure was to pass gun control legislation and keep gun violence in the national conversation. we've been asking the question of the day. will student walkouts help lead to tougher gun safety regulations? 37 percent say yes. 63 percent say no. a lot of tweets on this one. these kids are the future.>> nelson doesn't think this will cause action. how about not building a kid to
9:33 am
his breaking point. about it walkout for anti- bullying. >> it's not a gun issue scott says. >> thank you for your responses. we appreciate your use of our hashtag ktvu . >> we've been working hard on weather and traffic. it seems like we are continuing that trend for another week. >> no rest for this -- that we are. we do have rain moving back in. it may be a shower for some but rain for others. we've had some rainbows. a rainbow morning with delta showers. there's more rain on the way. a good line from walnut creek out to pittsburgh and antioch. also starting to pick up from the coast into san francisco moving to oakland.
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it's heading towards the peninsula. that's the main focus. santa cruz to moderate will be the source of your heaviest rain up to san jose in the santa clara valley. 40s and 50s. napa county in life or thunderstorms along with sonoma county to eastern solano county. look for an active day. i think all the way to the 25th. we are looking for on and off rain. some will be heavy and an active pattern. will have to keep an eye on southern california. 50s and 60s on your temperatures. this -- if it goes as advertised a miracle march. >> thank you. >> these ongoing storms are a welcome sight for all of us especially for water managers. ktvu brings us the current status of the reservoirs. oregon come summer will there be watering? maybe shower restrictions?
9:35 am
probably not. lake shasta the biggest reservoir is at the level it should be at this time of year based on historical averages. lake orville is a special case. that's for deliberate reason. as work continues on the face and spillways of the dam for another year that will allow the work to continue even if a huge atmospheric river should dump a lot of water into it. still a possibility. it's reservoir are in good shape at 94 and 74 percent full. >> right now we are at 80 percent capacity which is great. that's where we want to be. we may get another three feet in the sierra's and snowpack. we got to have feet over the last two weeks. if the forecast is the way we think it should come out we
9:36 am
will be in a good march.>> we are in pretty good shape for this year.>> today -- is under 79 percent full. >> normally it's 59 percent full because we would have taken the water level down to accept the snowmelt that would be coming in. we don't have as much snow so we have not been anxious to take it down. we are starting to lower the reservoir elevation because there is going to be enough snow to melt and produce runoff. >> the current wet weather guarantees the reservoir will be 100 sent full. with current snowpacked one third of normal, what are think so peachy? think the last three rainy seasons. >> the benefits with the wet years have stayed with us. >> for last year's late melting
9:37 am
so pack it kept the reservoirs loaded. from will on the headlines that we've been working on let's get to frank.>> reporter: good morning. here are the top stories we are following. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty against the shooter in the parkland shooting. he's expected to be a rain. the death penalty coming a week after he was indicted by a grand jury on 34 total counts. 17 counts of premeditated murder, 17 counts of attempted murder for the february 14 mass shooting. prosecutors say the death penalty is the only just punishment in this case calling the suspect a cold and calculated killer. opening statement set to begin in the trial of the pulse nightclub shooters widow. noor salman is charged with aiding and abetting her husband
9:38 am
omar mateen in the summer of 2016 in orlando. also providing support to a terrorist organization and obstructing justice by lying to investigators. she denies she knew anything about her husband's plans ahead of time. her defense team plans to argue that she was abused by her husband and was afraid of him. the same for cisco police commission set to meet today to discuss officers use of tasers in the city. the commission voted in favor of giving officers tasers last november. today's meeting will touch on several issues including how the city should regulate the use of tasers and whether the commission should formulate opposed the measure on the june ballot that has less restrictive guidelines for officers use. toys "r" us gift certificate holders may want to go to the store very soon to use them. those cards will not be any
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>> as we have been showing you today's the action for students walking out of class. they're calling on lawmakers for tougher gun control. >> we are extending our coverage to show you what's happening around the bay area. allie rasmus is joining us
9:47 am
live.>> reporter: we are at pittsburgh high school. it is pouring rain but there are students out here. they are staying on campus. the organizers of today are not planning to walk off campus. they plan a series of events that will be happening at the plaza. i want to speak to the students. you are part of the government class that worked with your teacher to organize this. what urged you to take action? >> ever since the florida school shooting in parkland, we realized that there have been too many school shootings for us to let it go by. we have to do something.
9:48 am
>> why did you decide to do this and keep it on campus? what kind of action do you hope to continue after today? >> we want to stop gun violence. we don't want to take away guns. we want to make it harder to get guns and make schools safer.>> is there something about the images in parkland, florida that made it personal? >> the images that we saw were horrific. we have to be the voice.
9:49 am
most school shootings are affecting the students. >> reporter: these are the students that worked with the teachers and administrators to plan some of these events. they will have a memorial walk. things are getting a little crazy. >> it is a vibrant scene where she is. say tuned. students are walking out at 10:00. we will bring alex in a few
9:50 am
minutes as we continue the state of protest. >> allie rasmus mentioned the safety of the students. the administrators said to confine it to campus. they are establishing an atmosphere of safety. >> we all have young children. would you be comfortable if your kids were doing this if they were old enough? on the talking about the political message. i'm talking about will they be safe. >> i would be comfortable if one of my children wanted to partake. if my other child wanted to stay that would be okay as well. more coverage to come on this national walkout day. >> united airlines is taking some heat. they are taking full responsibility for the death of a dog on board a flight from
9:51 am
houston, texas to new york city. >> the flight attendant would not allow the dog owners to put the puppy in ats the tsa carrier under the seat. >> we don't want anyone else to suffer.>> sophia and her mother are speaking up after their 10- month-old french bulldog puppy died on a united airlines flight.>> it's unbelievable. >> catalina and newborn baby were visiting family in houston. the puppy was in a tsa approved pet carrier and pay to keep the dog under the seat. the flight attendant made them put the dog in the overhead bin. >> the flight attendant came in sheet told us to put where the
9:52 am
luggage goes. >> i said this is my dog. >> when the flight arrived at laguardia they open that been in the puppy was dead.>> i said wake up, wake up. he died. >> my mom was trying to hit him in the chest to breathe but nothing worked. >> sophia and her mom were crying and fellow passengers were heartbroken tweeting and posting the tragedy on facebook. the united flight attendant apologized but the flight attendant who made them put the dock in the overhead bin tonight she knew it was a real dog.>> she touch the back. we told her there was a dog.>> united airlines says it is investigating and taking responsibility saying, this was a tragic accident that should never have occurred as pets should not be placed in the overhead bin. we assume full responsibility for this tragedy and express our deepest condolences to the family and are committed to
9:53 am
supporting them.>> he was my best friend. i slept with him.>> linda schmidt was reporting. passengers said they heard the dog bark for half an hour in the overhead bin before the animal went silent. >> coming up we have more on the school walkout around the bay area. some are starting right now. we expect more to begin in the next minutes. we are extending the nine for you past 10:00 and bring you coverage. we will be right back as we leave you with this picture on what's happening at a high school in pittsburgh. the students not deterred by the rain. they are out of class with their umbrellas calling for stricter gun control and an end to gun violence. please keep your shoes on!
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here's a live picture in the bay area. we monitor a national school walkout happening here in the bay area. sky fox ahead in valley. the school is home to 3000 students and hundreds are walking out of class right now minutes ahead of 10:00. they are participating in a nationwide event. this marks one month since the high school shooting in parkland, florida. they are calling for and an end to gun violence. they are calling on lawmakers for stricter gun control. students taking action. it does not look like it's raining in castro valley.
9:57 am
that was the case in pittsburgh. that did not keep students from walking out of class. we are marking one month since the florida high school shooting. it has the attention of many people across the state and country. here in telephone the superintendent of public instruction issued a statement in response to the planned walkouts. he said, i applaud the students empathy and civic engagement. i support exercising first amendment rights. i encourage administrators to work with students to create opportunities for safe and>> full expression of views on this tragic event. this can be an extension of the safe haven discussion occurring in many districts which involve making our schools safer for all students and parents. i miss caution students hopefully can stay on campus. they plan a 30 minute recess to honor the victims of the school shooting in florida. >> in dc this morning house minority nancy pelosi spoke to
9:58 am
students protesting against gun violence in front of the capital of the united states. >> we are moved by your eloquence and fearless insistence on action to prevent gun violence. thank you. you are bringing your urgency to this fight. >> she called for congress to vote on common sense gun legislation including strengthening brown checks which she says 97 percent of americans support. >> california senator tweeted her support for the walkout in writing, i stand in solidarity with students across the country who are walking out and demanding action on gun violence. you deserve to be hurt and have a government that is responsive to this crisis.>> paul ryan says changes coming to protect students. he tweeted this. tragic violence has no place in our school. today the house will take concrete action to prevent this violence through the bipartisan
9:59 am
stop school violence act which implements new training programs in our schools, update security technology and more. i have to add social media today has been very busy.>> here are a few. trending on twitter is the hashtag national walk out day. many voicing their words. also putting pictures alongside which help tell the story. it's more powerful when you see the images from all parts of the country. >> let's bring a life picture from here at home. the situation in oakland specifically at oakland tech. we see students walking out of oakland tech. a large high school not too far from downtown. we see tents have been set up. we brought you this picture a
10:00 am
couple of hours ago. we saw student organizers setting up these tents. it's a very organized process. let's bring it alex savidge. he is live at oakland tech. open students are very vocal and today is no exception. >> reporter: this has been highly organized and carefully coordinated by a number of the student leadership members at oakland tech. they have been planning this for some time. will show you the scene. we are on the plaza outside the main entrance to oakland tech on the broadway site. as we move toward the top of the hour and it just hit 10:00 we are seeing a steady stream of students making their way out of the campus to take part in this national walkout. these students feel passionately. they want to take a stand against gun violence. we should point out in oakland especially -- this has been facilitated, supported by


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