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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  March 15, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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very wet. >> sure looks like it. otherwise, we are okay. >> 3 4:00, forget about it. >> that's about right. the system will be dropping in from the northwest. by tonight, tomorrow, we could have some very low snow levels. maybe another round of thunderstorms. maybe -- again, if you're up to santa rosa, it will be sooner than this on -- or north. timing is always tough on this. i sometimes shy away from showing this because it could zig and zag. there's our system. it is beginning to show itself up in the mendocino coast. it's getting closer. and increasing clouds. so it won't take too long to get there for some. but for everyone else, it's going to drive in late morning, early afternoon. system packs a good little punch here. is still light snow up and blue canyon in truckee. winter storm warning until 5 am saturday.
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it will be a long stretch here. another couple of feet. it was snowing big time up in norton. 30s and 40s. temps. it is cold this morning. 36 palo alto. 40 over fremont. look for some increasing clouds in the morning. then rain develops. to the north, that's a whole different story. more rain for us. we will get a break. before the next system rolls in. that a -- looks pretty good. >> do you have anything you want to get to right away? >> yes, sir. we have nothing i told you about on san pablo avenue. the water is still gushing after this car took out a fire hydrant. we're going on 45 minutes here. this hydrant being taken out on san pablo avenue at kirk lane. and i've heard the incident commander using on radio traffic wondering when east bay -- will arrive. they cannot stop the water
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flowing here. we are going on 45 minutes of this. san pablo avenue at kirk lane, a car that was previously being pursued by police ended up hitting a bunch of other cars and taking out a hydrant. the person was seriously injured with major damage to the car. look at all the water running down the street here. san pablo avenue, looks like it's closed. this is a good area to avoid. this is major police activity and we will let you more -- no more about what happens. san pablo avenue at kirk lane. right there, and the traffic is going to be affected on san pablo avenue.'s so you can see because of this now. as we take a look at the other freeways 80 westbound still looks pretty good. driving through the area. as you drive through and head out to the martinez bridge. and on the eastshore freeway, it looks pretty good to the bay bridge toll plaza. 4:33. let's go back to the desk.
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>> thanks. san jose state university arrested a student for sexual assault. they're asking for witnesses and other victims to step forward. the attack happened on march 3 and was immediately reported by the person who was assaulted. investigators soon learned of the two other attacks and arrested 21-year-old luis vanegas two days later. all of the attacks happened at village a. foothills, community college district police have been issued body cameras. campus police say they are one of 12 california agencies and the only college police department that was awarded the justice department grant to help pay for the cameras. the department provide security for foothills college in los altos and cupertino. the campus police say that they wanted officers to have the body cameras in order to be more transparent with the community. that deadly shooting at the
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veterans home in yountville has led to a treatment program for veterans with ptsd shutting down indefinitely. ktvu's tom vacar reports officials with the pathway home program say they cannot continue now to do the work after last friday's shooting him to the lives of three of their key staff members. >> reporter: it looks like pathway home's announcement of an indefinite closure may mean its mission is over. >> we just don't have a building. and we don't have a clinical staff. we don't have a license, which is what we need to operate the program. this after -- this after a veteran murdered women on friday. he was also found dead. many locals feel the pathway house should survive in some form. >> i think that the pathway home deserves to be in yountville. i think it works well with the community. they both help each other. i don't think one bad action
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should change that. >> i think it would be best to keep it open because we have so many vets that need to be treated and the facility is great up there. i'm hoping they just tighten up the security. >> reporter: with the help of other agencies it should keep tabs on whoever leaves for whatever reason. >> i would like to see a follow- up outpatient program that keeping -- is keeping in contact with these people. and provide some alternate resource. >> i think we should get right back and move forward. >> reporter: at the moment, we can't survive in the manner in which we have been operating. >> reporter: 6 pm monday, anyone was invited to come to the veterans home in yountville for a memorial service for the three women who gave their lives in the service of others. my guess is there will be plenty of people here. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a candlelight vigil was held
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last night for the three women who were shot and killed last week at that veterans home in yountville. people gathered at veterans park in brentwood. they shared stories, sang songs, and lit candles all in the hopes of helping the community heal. >> there's no reason for a veteran to be hurting, to be in pain. and there certainly is no reason for a person whose caring for veterans to be hurt. >> they wanted to recognize the three mental health professionals who were killed while trying to help others. we are now hearing from the student in monterey county who says he was wounded when a teacher accidentally fired a gun inside a cousin. gonzalez had bullet fragments actually lodged into his neck on tuesday. teacher dennis alexander was demonstrating gun safety in his administrative justice class. gonzales says the gun evidently went off and a struck the ceiling, causing debris and bullet fragments to strike
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three students. >> and i look at my shirt like that. there was blood on my shirt. and then i wiped my neck kind of and a bullet fragment comes off my neck. >> we are investigating the incident. we are also investigating our response to the incident. >> both the school district and police are looking into the matter. normally fake guns are used in such demonstrations in schools where real guns are not allowed. alexander now on paid administrative leave. he did not respond to our request for comment. students say he is well-liked, though, and there's a petition circulating in hopes he does not lose his job. wildlife officials say they'd -- they have uncovered one of the largest poaching cases in history. redtail hawks or -- on some role property. authorities were tipped off by
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a neighbor who reported seeing the property owner killing a hawk. the state's wireless agency called this scale of killings and president for california. >> 140 raptors are going to do a tremendous amount of good work in controlling the local populations. that's something that you would hope people would look at and say, yeah, raptors are a valued part of the ecosystem. >> reporter: officials also found two dead bobcats and a dead mountain lion. cleared out yet again. the camp near the interchange of highway 11 and 680 cleared out early february. if you the -- a few days later's -- later, people set up tents. crews removed the camp along with mounds of trash. along with homeless advocates frustrated because they see the homeless just have nowhere to go. 4:39. the house of representatives
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passed the stopped school violence act in response to the florida shooting. coming up, how much will we spent on straightening school security and what that legislation does not include. thousands of embryos potentially damaged at a clinic in san francisco. the failure that now has led to a lawsuit. we have this crash on san pablo avenue. and you can see the car completely demolished here. result of a crash and police activity in san pablo. and took out a fire hydrant as well. that water is still gushing. this is a mess. we will let you know about all of this straight ahead.
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back now at 4:41. some parents are challenging a proposed sex education course in the city of fremont. school board meeting held last night and it was packed as some parents said the curriculum is inappropriate for children as young as fourth grade. jana katsuyama has details on the controversy. >> reporter: health and sexual education are sensitive topics for some parents, word that fremont school district is exposing the children too early to unnecessary and graphic details about sexuality. >> it's too much detail, talking about the sexuality like into courses. >> reporter: this mother of two girls says she opposes the newly opposed sex education that begins in the fourth grade and says includes topics like different kinds of sexual intercourse. >> why would they need to know about angel sex and oral sex? >> reporter: she is among of -- a group of parents signing a
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petition on it calls the new curriculum inappropriate. some parents also say fourth grade is too young to begin sex education. they oppose the system where parents must request their child not be included in the class. but other parents say they support the sex education curriculum and that the descriptions of sexual intercourse serve an important purpose. >> those topics are covered in the topics that relate to hiv, aids, transmission. it's important for our parent -- students to know how to protect the reproductive health. they nail -- need to know how to protect themselves. >> reporter: they say the lessons are in line with standards. covering a range of topics from anatomy, sexual identity, tendency, and hiv.
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>> transparency and accountability of the school district. >> reporter: the school board resident says they posted the curriculum online for parents to see. >> under the current california educational code, each district has the discretion to decide if the curriculum for sex education for elementary school grades. >> jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the first lawsuit has been filed against a san francisco versatility sit -- fertility clinic. they blame low levels of liquid nitrogen in a tank that held those frozen eggs and embryos. lawsuit claims the clinic was negligent. no way to find out if they are viable until they are implanted. so the attorney who filed the
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lawsuit says it's not just the money. there's also the emotional pain that clients are going to. >> i've spoken with clients who have had cancer or other diseases and had the eggs taken out prior to the onset of the disease. so that now, if these eggs are harmed or destroyed, they're not going to have a second chance. >> we've asked the clinic to comment on the lawsuit. they have not gotten back to us. more families could join the lawsuit. legal experts say it could take years to resolve. it's so heartbreaking. i went out to that fertility clinic because they did a story on the work that they are doing. the caring of the doctors made me cry. they must be just very upset about this. >> and it's quite a process to go through it. emotionally and physically. let alone being a -- an older woman -- >> heartbreaking all around. >> we saw a video of that awful
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accident in san pablo. what's the latest on that? >> that water is still going. let's go right to this picture here. the water has -- is still going here on san pablo avenue near turk lane. and let me show you the traffic is going to be affected by this. now, if you are on san pablo avenue, you will not be able to get through because of this crash. this is on san pablo avenue at kirk lane. and the crash definitely is affecting traffic coming right off the freeway here. so if you are driving through the area, you will not be able to get through. east bay mud according to people on the scene, has arrived. and they are working to -- the water has been flowing for about an hour now. and its kind of sad to see all that water wasted among other things. there are a lot of bad things about this incident. just stay away from san pablo
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avenue at kirk lane. you will see one of our reporters on the scene. you see a crew is on the scene gathering information. let's talk about the altamont pass. you can see traffic is going to be slow. if you're driving on the highway 80 and 205. this is more all along the line of normal slow traffic. there have been no major problems in the pleasanton area heading out to 238. traffic is moving along okay on interstate 880 at the bay bridge. we have a little bit of a backup in some of those outside lanes. speaking of water, wet. it's going to happen later today and the weather. >> that is correct. unless you are up north. our system is going to linger from this afternoon into saudi money. before we get a break saturday night, sunday, monday. inch and a half, favoring areas toward the russian river, marin county. a little different set up. rain is on the way. it turns later today. for the morning, we're fine.
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then it's coming in a little in a. by the time we get to late morning, early afternoon, it will be moving in. it will be light and steady and then it will go moderate. we go to friday. snow levels and storm activity. brief, heavy rain. half inch to three quarters. some areas in the favorable location. an inch and a half. still some light snow and the sierra. again, they'll wind down a little bit. then the get right back up to a winter storm warning. approaching the sonoma coast. santa rosa will probably bring some rain. it's getting very close. it's starts -- it starts in the north much sooner. system is dropping right down to the north. the next one drops in. this one is colder. up in the sierra. if you're traveling, right now would probably be a good time to go because throughout the day is going to deteriorate. 3000 feet. so 5 pm through 5 am, saturday.
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another couple of feet. even down to 4000 feet. that's for sure. 30s, 40s on the 10th. it's colder. that cold air has some in quite -- settled in quite nicely. 40 for san mateo. 39 over to fremont. 27 over in truckee. 53 down in las vegas. that system coming in, it's going to be a cold, rainy day for some. still have a ways to go. it's on its way as that system drops in and we will get little impulses. turning cloudy in the morning. rain is on the way. it develops to the north sooner. off-and-on rain friday. some morning showers and maybe low snow levels by the time we get into friday and saturday as well. maybe most of tuesday. then another system is on the way. this one might tap into tropical moisture. if that's the case, it will be a more rain event than snow.
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50s on the temps. very cool for us this time of year. 70s. not today. we're in the 50s. they will stay there at least into friday. warmer as we get into money. >> all the skiers are saying, bring it on. >> and the restaurants, hotels, everybody out there, getting a little bit is mall. >> are you going back? it's that what you're telling me? >> i got to figure out when i got to sneak out of here. >> onto the warriors. despite playing big time, the dubs completed the season sweep of the lakers. out because of injuries. seven different warriors. they picked up the slack. 26. nick young added 18. second straight double double. 117, 106. warriors have swept l.a. in the regular season.
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first time since the 1993-94 season. san jose was playing catch- up all night in edmonton. the oilers had a 1-0 lead when local -- logan got the puck into the net. yep. pulled ahead though in the second. and scored to tie it up again. it was tied at the end of three periods. hurdles scored again. that put san jose for the -- ahead for the first time. exciting stuff. >> those are some bright uniforms. >> i was thinking the same thing. >> there we go. for -- 4:51. guests stayed overnight at walt disney resort. a new fee that will be added for overnight guests.
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back now at 4:54. retailers, restaurants, and pubs can explain -- six -- expect more green for st. patrick's day. americans will spend a lot of money. $5.9 billion celebrating the
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holiday. the average person will spend about 40 bucks on food, beer, and a lot of green clothing practicing patrick's day is on saturday this year. that's why more americans are expected to splurge. if you're heading to disney world in florida, plan to stay at one of the resorts, you will have to budget money now for parking. anyone making hotel reservations after next tuesday will have to pay to park overnight. and that price will vary from $13 up to 24 depending on which resort you stay at. guests with disabilities, people visiting for the day, or disney vacation club members will still get to park free. disney says other hotels in the area already charge for overnight parking. george lucas broke down in los angeles on his museum. he search for sites of museums for years. but plans in san francisco and chicago never got out -- off the ground. the lucas museum of narrative arts will be built in exposition park right near downtown los angeles. that's what it's going to look like when it's done. funding 1 1/2 billion dollar cost is lucas himself. it will feature his collection
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of artwork. it will include costumes, storyboards, stage sets, and other materials from his movies. it is set to open in 2021. >> beautiful. dozens of fans crowded a san francisco bookstore to get a glimpse of chelsea clinton and an autographed copy of her new group. her new book, she persisted around the world. introducing readers to a group of powerful women who have shaped history all around the globe. the group features iconic women such as physicist marie curry, civil rights activist viola desmond, and author jk rowling. >> i think that chelsea is a great example for young girls but i know she's written this book about persistence and famous women in history. i think it would be great for them to see her as an example and it will be a great keepsake for them to have. >> the book was illustrated by alexander and is a companion to
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the original book entitled, she persisted around the world. >> a lot of women in that list. very influential. coming up in a 5:00 hour, after years of debate, san francisco police will be armed with tasers. coming up, details of last night's police commission vote. another embarrassing mistake involving a pet flying on united airlines. the change in policy just announced. good morning. we do have still a situation with san pablo avenue closed because of a major crash. doesn't look like it's going to open anytime soon. they still haven't been able to cap that water. we will let you know what's happening here coming up. well, snow is on the go. still some light snow this morning. there's more on the way.
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san francisco police could start using tasers by the end of this year. the policy approved by the commission last night and the guidelines. the house of representatives authorized new spending on school safety. what the stop school violence act does and does not do.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us here on mornings at 2. still, it's still -- it makes the bridge look itty-bitty. and above the fog. there it is. >> that's its own weather. >> and the pretty is -- weather is pretty nice and clear. watch out for the evening commute. thanks for joining us. thursday morning, march 15. i'm pam cook. >> i'm frank mallicoat in for dave. if you see man, it's cold and dry. well, it's cold, but that dry is going to stop pretty quick. >> for us, yes. in the next couple of hours. it's on its way. a lot of 30s and even colder air is going to get up over the net -- next hours. if you're farther north, i know, i


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