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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 15, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for joining us here on mornings at 2. still, it's still -- it makes the bridge look itty-bitty. and above the fog. there it is. >> that's its own weather. >> and the pretty is -- weather is pretty nice and clear. watch out for the evening commute. thanks for joining us. thursday morning, march 15. i'm pam cook. >> i'm frank mallicoat in for dave. if you see man, it's cold and dry. well, it's cold, but that dry is going to stop pretty quick. >> for us, yes. in the next couple of hours. it's on its way. a lot of 30s and even colder air is going to get up over the net -- next hours. if you're farther north, i know, i get it.
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friday, showers. colder in the morning showers on saturday. then we get a break. still some light snow up in the zero -- sierra. system is already reducing a cold rain for some on the mendocino coast and now moving inland. and this is on the way for us. it's just now approaching the sonoma coast. it takes a while but it's on its way. it's going to start sleeping in here in the next couple of hours. late morning, early afternoon. system drives state out of the north -- straight out of the north. sam martin, guillory. 39. boulder creek 37. this will be a cool, cool date for march. that system spread. clouds in and then it starts to give us rain. for others, it will be in late
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morning, early afternoon. off-and-on rain friday. morning showers and cold on saturday morning. 50s on the temps today. did they tapped that fire hydrant yet?. unfortunately not. this is a complicated situation. let me turn my police radios down. a little bit of quiet here so i can show you. san pablo avenue at kirk lane is where it happened here. this is where the incident is. and you can see that it is still going strong. unfortunately. east bay mud is on the scene. for some reason, they have not been able to cap the water. the car that was driving a high rate of speed is back on its wheels. they had to flip it over. it is basically unrecognizable. it looks like an axe five to me. two people were taken to the hospital. the bmw driving at a high rate of speed ended up taking out a fire hydrant and also impacting other things around, including
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a car. them pebble avenue is closed near kirk lane right near the food -- foodmaxx there. we will let you know a little bit more. a couple people have been transported to the hospital. let's move on and take a look at some other things. this is western 580. we do have 580 at the altamont pass. traffic is going to be okay. approaching castro valley. it's on the shoulder. traffic maybe a little bit slow. this is 880 north and southbound in oakland. it is doing very well. and at the bay bridge, we're getting a little bit more traffic. at 5:03, let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. san francisco police are one step closer the carrying tasers on the job. >> the police commission approved the use of stun guns in november. mission members approved policy guidelines determining how and when officers can use tasers. allie rasmus joins us from san francisco city hall with more
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on that. alley, good morning. >> reporter: now that the policy was approved, police will begin purchasing the tasers and come up with a plan to start putting that any -- to use. possibly start using them as early as this december. under the new guidelines, approved by is 6-1 vote last night, only officers who go through crisis intervention training can carry the electronic weapons. officers can use them only when a suspect is armed with a weapon. such as a knife. officers are visit -- present -- forbidden on using it on pregnant women, elderly, and children. >> officers are trained to understand what level of force. we're talking about the personality. it's not just the taser policy. we are talking about the personality, which is the fundamental of what we are about. we wanted to be proportional to
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the action of the person it's being used against. >> reporter: a measure to arm officers with tasers. that's what proposition h would do. it -- if approved, officers would have those tasers sooner and with fewer restrictions. they say, cindy 8% of san francisco voters want fsb the officers to be equipped with less legal -- lethal options. ensuring this policy is enacted. san francisco is one of the last major cities in the u.s. to arm its officers with tasers. it's something that has been a topic of debate and in the works for the the past decade. back to you guys. >> that is for sure. thank you, alley. we are learning more about a deadly officer-involved shooting that happened in oakland earlier this week. officers sadie responded to a call about a man at a gun at
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40th and market street on sunday. the officers say they found joshua pollack on the ground holding a semiautomatic gun. police told him to put down the gun, but he refused. the officers say they felt that they were in immediate danger and opened fire. the man was shot and killed. the officers were wearing body cameras and that video is being used in the ongoing investigation. taking action against gun violence. a threat was found on the tempest at san leandro high school. and classes there are canceled because of that. threatening graffiti found in a bathroom said a shooting was going to happen at 1:00 today. the school district immediately laced that school on lockdown and conducted a search. nothing suspicious was found on campus. school officials are taking extra precautions in keeping the kids off campus today. the district did notify parents and many showed up to pick up their children. >> in the climate in today's
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school shootings, yes, it's scary. that the reason why i left work and came down here. i mean, today, they are supposed to have a walkout for school shootings that's going on all over the country. and then this happens. so yeah, it scared me a lot as a parent. >> reporter: the district says a copycat incident also at san diego also prompted a lockdown. no threat was found there either. students were dismissed after -- at their usual time. a judge has entered a not guilty plea on behalf of nikolas cruz. he is the 19-year-old charged in last month's mass shooting at a florida high school. the judge entered the plea after cruz remained silent after yesterday's hearing. his attorneys say cruz was standing mute to the charges. cruz faces 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder.
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victims, students, and cruz's younger brother were there. tens of thousands of students walking out of class at 10:00 in a short of support for -- show of support for tougher gun laws. it was time to happen one month after that deadly shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. we spoke with some of the bay area students who join the walkout. >> usa over nra! >> reporter: from a rally cry to silence, through rain and shine, hundreds to thousands of students all over the bay area came together in their communities calling for stronger gun control in america. >> how many bullets and bodies in the street corner and memorials and -- will it take before we wake up? i wondered to myself, when did america fall so in love with
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the sound of gunshots? >> reporter: students late on the ground to take part in what they call a die-in to pay tribute to victims of gun violence. >> i asked how many of you know someone who was shot or killed? >> i don't want it happening in my school. i think it's very important that we do this because a lot of the times, us as students, our voices don't get hurt because we are seen as children. >> reporter: at alameda high, students read the names and stood silent. for victims who lost their lives at a school shooting in parkland, florida. >> noma violence! >> reporter: the students took to the streets, walking a mile and half so people could hear their cry. >> i'm scared. and i shouldn't have to be scared to go to school. i shouldn't have to be scared to walk around my community.
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>> we are the next generation of voters. if congress members really care about their seats so much, they would start making changes. >> reporter: this was a scene at mission san jose high school in fremont. as students held a rally to mark the walkout. in san francisco, the students rallied before taking to the streets. from skyfox, you can see walk it's -- students walking down. students weren't penalized if they took part in the moment of silence. >> what are your parents going to say about that? >> my parents support it. they appreciate that i'm out here standing up for what i believe in. >> i hope the school will understand that it's educational and important to be engaged in politics. >> reporter: paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. >> the house of representatives passed the stop school violence act in response to the florida school shooting. it addresses school safety but not in control. the bill authorizes $50 million to train students and school personnel to identify signs of
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potential violence. and it will pay for locks on classroom doors and reinforce entryways. >> that gives students, teachers, and law-enforcement more tools to actively identify potential shooter before a tragedy happens. >> while the bill has overwhelming support, some democrats say it does not go far enough. they support several gun control bills that have sought -- stalled with provisions including expanding background checks, inc. -- injuring people on the do not fly list can't buy a gun, and restraining orders for potentially violent people. veterans lighting candles for the victims of last week's veterans home shooting. we will learn the fate of the ptsd counseling program. good morning. we still have traffic that is doing mostly pretty well on the freeway. as we look at the macarthur
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main. you can see traffic humming around the corner. it looks pretty good. >> pretty quiet for us. unless your up to the north. santa rosa reporting mostly cloudy skies and 36 degrees. so for many in the morning commute, you'll be all right. for some in the north, it will start in the next hour or two. it's the ross spring dress event. where you'll find the perfect dress at the perfect price. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you've gotta get to the ross spring dress event.
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sublimity military jet he was, florida,, kills two naval aviators. the plane was returning from a training mission when it crashed while making its final approach towards naval a station. the fa 18 super hornick going down just a mile is of the runway. the two crew members were rushed to the hospital but were later declared that. their identities and hometowns have not been released. but they were based out of virginia. president trump last night tweeted his condolences. republicans in pennsylvania are reportedly considering asking for a recount following tuesday's special congressional election. democrat conor lamb leads republican rick saccone by 627 votes. there are still about 375 unaccounted -- uncounted, that is, provisional military and overseas ballots. lamb is already claiming victory. but saccone has not succeeded with the margin so close. either candidate can actually opt for a recount.
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president trump has selected larry kudlow to replace larry cohen as his chief economic advisor. kudlow is a former wall street economist. he's opposed trump's recently imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. you may recall on tuesday, president trump firing secretary of state rex tillerson, replacing him with cia director mike pompeo. paul manafort, former chairman of the presidential campaign, asking a federal judge to dismiss some of the federal judge -- charges against him claiming that robert mueller exceeded his authority by prosecuting manafort for offenses that predated the election. mueller was appointed to investigate allegations of collusion between the trump campaign and a russian
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government. manafort could potentially be facing 300 years in jail for charges including hiding earnings from lobbying for ukrainian politicians that were sympathetic of russia. 5:17. back to cell. there's at least one very big problem. it's hard to believe the damage caused to those cars in that one incident. >> that's right. this is in san pablo avenue. closed. because of this crash. here is what police are saying. this vehicle was traveling at a very high rate of speed on san pablo avenue and lost control, hit a fire edge -- hydrant and several other cars. it's a matter as a matter of fact, the water has been flowing out for more than an hour. we are coming up on an hour and in half of this. the fire department is on scene. they are having trouble with at kaiser as a result. and seriously damaged vehicles. two people were taken to the
5:18 am
hospital. look at that. this is one of those things where it is just a big mess. there's a river of water flowing down san pablo avenue. and into some of the nearby parking lot. and for some reason, they are having trouble capping it. we will let you know what is going on. san pablo avenue as the morning wears on, is -- it's closure is going to mean big things for the commute. 80 westbound in the area has not been affected too much. let's go to the other end of the bay. gilroy to san jose, that commute looks pretty good for the gilroy super commute. no major problems so far coming in from gilroy into morgan hill and up into san jose. that silicon valley commute -- it's going to be okay. at the bay bridge toll plaza, was found to switching on. traffic is moderate. 5:18. let's bring steve in with today's weather forecast. do they have net on that? -- an e.t.a. on that? >> i wish i knew.
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>> thank you, sir. speaking of water flowing, there's some coming down from the sky. mendocino county into lake county, some very low snow levels will be coming out of this as well. our system is moving in rapidly through the north. northern sonoma county. it's trying. it's in the mendocino county and lake county. northwest sonoma county. if you're up in cloverdale, probably if it isn't already raining. and marin county, probably another hour or two. it's a sign of things to come for the next few days. morning rain for some. afternoon rain for others. colder and low snow levels and one must system on saturday morning before we get a break saturday evening. so for -- if you're south of santa rosa or north bay, you won't have to deal with this until late morning and then as we head towards the afternoon, that is when it's going to pick up. totals, i would think in where
5:20 am
from an inch to an inch and a half. also into marin county. three quarters of an inch for some. maybe less to the south. there's still light snow to the sierra. it will. right back up again. system getting to pushed to the northwest. it's only a matter of time before that brings in and reinforcement here. 30s and 40s. much colder than we had a couple days ago. even around the bay, low 40s on in there. -- 40s in there. 43 degrees. c1. rain moving in now. it's going to be a very cold, rainy day for some have been mendocino county and lake county. trapped with that cold air. system coming in by now. you can see how it spinning right there. -- it's spinning right there. off-and-on rain all the way into friday. low snow levels. possibility of thunder showers. a little bit hanging on
5:21 am
saturday morning. a cool day here. 50s on the temps. north of santa rosa, 50 degrees. towards care lake and ukiah, 40s today. son settled all the way into saturday morning. before the next system. >> umbrella and a jacket. >> yes, sir. >> thank you, steve. coming up, parents at any space school are challenging a proposed sex education course up next, the reason they say the curriculum is inappropriate for their children.
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welcome back. toys "r" us announced it is officially going out of business . the company will present the plan to close all of its u.s. stores at a bankruptcy hearing this afternoon. management revealed a plan to liquidate so it's employees -- to its employees yesterday. the announcement comes just a few months after the company filed for bankruptcy. toys "r" us had hoped to be able to keep 400 other stores open. but realized it just didn't have enough cash to do so. the company says it has enough money left to pay its 30,000 employees for two more months. toys "r" us, by the way, has been in business for nearly 70 years. u.s. senate approved a plan to roll back rules on banks that would put an end to -- were put into place back in 2008. those rules known as the dodd frank act were enacted after the financial crisis and are
5:25 am
supposed to prevent that kind of failure from happening ever again. the bill is designed to help small and medium-sized banks. the bill could increase the need for future taxpayer bailouts for banks and take away some consumer protections. the house has already passed even less restrictive legislation and now lawmakers will try to work out a compromise to the president -- and the president has promised to sign it. an airline mistakenly flew a family dog to japan instead of kansas city. swindle says she went to a facility to pick up this guy, 10-year-old german shepherd. instead found a great dane. the great dane was supposed to be on a flight to japan. but apparently that they got mixed up. and -- in denver. the airline is flying the dogs back to their respective cities. swindle says so far she still hasn't been reunited with her dog, or go.
5:26 am
>> all i can do is be hopeful that my dog is going to be okay and return safely. i don't know what else to do at this point. i can't cry anymore. i've cried too much. >> reporter: swindle says she was told by the airline that ergo was on his way back to kansas city but not -- did not say when her dog was going to arrive. what -- when we come back, the decision to issue officers body cameras. more on that. also, authorities arrested a man after finding more than 130 that hawks on his property in northern california. traffic on the freeway, doesn't look too bad. the morning rain is not here. that means traffic is looking pretty normal at the macarthur main. no rain here. but there is some to the north up and mendocino county, lake county. it's about ready to move. if it hasn't already. northern sonoma county. here comes our next system. we use our phones and computers the same way these days.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2.. >> welcome back. i'm frank mallicoat in for dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. i want to check in with steve as the evening commute could be pretty rough. >> for some. >> how far north? >> northern sonoma county. >> cloverdale. >> okay.
5:30 am
>> north. you've been up there lately? beautiful. >> i love it up there. >> food bill. -- we will get to it here. it's a cold rain. for some, it might even be snow. if you get some, you can always let me know. geyserville, northern cloverdale. there you go. it's moving rapidly. this is going to take another few hours before it gets down here. if you're in the south, -- there will be some light steady and then it picks up throughout the day. there's still some snow up in the sierra. though get a little bit of a break. and then that system comes flying in and a winter storm warning goes until 5 pm until 4 pm -- 4 am saturday. it's pecking really cold air. snow levels could get down to 2500 feet by tomorrow. 30s and 40s. if you're stuck up in that cloud cover and that system is
5:31 am
coming in, you're going to have a cold day. 37 cloverdale. 32. 30s all the way to nevada. it's going to be a cold pattern there. the system comes in this time of the morning. hard-pressed to warm up. rain is on the way. if you don't already have it. it's going to sweep in. off-and-on rain into friday. a very cold pattern friday. before we kick it out. 50s on the temps. is somebody there to cap that or what? >> it doesn't seem like it, steve. i'm looking at some of this stuff here. well, let's see. i'm going to put up the picture. and we are going to see if our crew can see any water. it doesn't seem like it from this view. i think my friend said behind the camera is looking around. i'm wondering if there's any water still coming up. i do see the wreckage here. i don't see any water.
5:32 am
i think you can hear me here. it looks like they may have capped the water finally. yes. hasted, -- hey, said, they capped the water. yes, he said, -- did, he said. that is seated. the crash is being cleaned up. two people were taken to the hospital. san pablo avenue is still closed near the foodmaxx near kirk lane. give yourself plenty of time in the area. let's move along to the freeway. 80 westbound. not a bad commute heading out toward the bridge. and continuing down the freeway. 80s, still looks good from the carquinez bridge. the bay bridge, lights are on. there is a backup. it's 5:32. let's go back to the desk. san jose state police -- university police arrested a student for sexual assault.
5:33 am
police say the attack happened on march 3 and was immediately reported by a person who was assaulted. investigators soon learned of two other attacks and arrested 21-year-old luis two days later. they say all the attack -- attack happened at village a. district police have been issued body cameras. campus police say they are one of 12 california agencies and the only college police department that was awarded the justice department grant to help pay for the cameras. the department provide security for foothills college in north altos. campus police say they wanted officers to have the cameras in order to be transparent with the community. the deadly shooting in yountville has led to the treatment children shutting down in definitely. tom vacar reports officials with the pathway home program say they cannot continue to do
5:34 am
their work after last friday's shooting claimed the lives of three of their key staff members. >> reporter: it looks like pathway home's announcement of an indefinite closure may mean its mission is over. >> we just don't have a building and we don't have a clinical staff and we don't have a license, which is what we need to operate. >> reporter: this comes after a combat veteran murdered three women on friday who were only trying to help troubled iraq and afghanistan veterans. he was also found dead. many locals feel the pathway house should survive in some form. >> i think the pathway home deserves to be in yountville. i think it works well with the community. they both help each other. i don't think one bad action should change that. >> i think it will be best to keep it open because we have so many vets the navy -- that need to be treated.
5:35 am
i hope they just tighten up the security. >> reporter: they say it should keep tabs on whoever at least for whatever reason. >> i would like to see some type of follow up outpatient program to where they keep in contact with these people. and if they release somebody, that they provide some alternate resource. >> i think we should get right back and move forward. >> at the moment, we can't surprise -- survive in the manner in which we have been operating. >> reporter: anyone is invited to come to the veterans home for a memorial service for the three women who gave their lives in the service of others. my guess is there will be plenty of people here. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. and candlelight vigil was also held last night across the county for the three women who are shot and killed in yountville. people gathered at the veterans park on belfour road. they shared stories, sang
5:36 am
songs, and lit candles, all in the hopes of helping the community heal. >> there's no reason for a veteran to be hurting, to be in pain. and there's certainly no reason for a person who is caring for veterans to be hurt. >> organizers of last night's vigil say they wanted to recognize the three when -- mental health professionals who were killed while trying to help others. we are hearing from that student who says he is -- was muted after a teacher accidentally fired a gun. gonzales had bullet fragments want -- lodged in his neck. the teacher was demonstrating gun safety in the administrative justice class. gonzales says the gun went off and some debris and bullet fragments struck three of the students. >> i look at my shirt and there's blood on my shirt. i want my neck kind of and a bullet fragment comes off my neck.
5:37 am
>> we are investigating the incident. we are also investigating the response to the incident. >> reporter: both the school district and seaside police are looking into the matter. usually fake guns are used. alexander now on fake administrative leave. he did not respond to our request for comment. students say, though, he is very well- liked on campus and there's a petition circulating in hopes he does not lose his job. in northern california man was arrested after more than 130 dead hawks and other dead wildlife were found on his property. officers with the california department of fish and wildlife found 135 dead raptors mostly red tailed hawks on rural property. authorities were tipped off by neighbor who reported seeing the property owner killing a hawk. the state's wireless agency called the scale of the
5:38 am
killings unprecedented for california. >> these birds, 1 to 40 raptors, are going to do a tremendous amount of good work in controlling the local wildlife populations. that's something that you would help people would look at and say, yeah, raptors are a valuable part of the ecosystem. inspect the also found two dead bobcats and a dead mountain line on the property. -- lien on the property. the camp near the interchange of highway 101 and 280 and 680 was all cleaned up. a few days later's, people set up tents on the other side of the fence. yesterday, crews removed that camp along with mounds of trash from people who lived at the encampment along with the homeless advocates. they are frustrated because they say the homeless don't have a place to go. is a -- a state senator introduced legislation yesterday but say -- to save
5:39 am
net neutrality. scott weiner wants a level playing field on the internet. preventing internet providers from blocking or slowing data or favoring company -- data from companies that pay extra money. last week, washington became the first state in the country to enact rules that make it illegal for broadband companies to block or slow down websites. in a statement yesterday, a spokesperson said that they can't have 50 different state regulations governing the internet. 5:39 is the time. something we've been falling for all morning long, a crash in san pablo water has been rushing onto the roads. coming up, we will have a live report in our next half hour
5:40 am
from that scene. thousands of eggs and embryos potentially damaged at a fertility clinic in san francisco. up next, the failure that's now led to a lawsuit. good morning. we do have traffic that is going to be getting busier on 80 westbound heading to the maze. we will tell you more straight ahead.
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5:42 am
some parents in fremont think the school district's new sex ed program will expose their kids to unnecessary details. the school board meeting held last night and it was packed. some of the parents argued the kirkland is inappropriate for children as young as the fourth grade. they signed a petition on to stop the program, saying it will, quote, sexualized their children. >> why would they need to know about what anal sex and oral sex. it's too much we should be forcing on them to know about these terms. >> reporter: the parents
5:43 am
against the sex ed program also say the opt out system where parents can request their children not to be included is just not enough. and they could lead their kids to being singled out or teased. but other parents say the support the curriculum and that the details serve an important purpose. >> those topics are covered in the topics that relate to hiv, aids transmission and as -- sti transmission. it's important for our students to know how to protect their reproductive health. they need to know what behaviors can transmit disease and how to protect themselves. >> the supporters say the fremont lesson plans are in line with the national health education standards. sex education. the curriculum is still set to begin in april for students in the fourth through 12th grade. question of the day, at what age should sex education be taught in our schools? elementary, junior high, middle school? or high school? let us know what you think i voting on our ktvu twitter
5:44 am
page. you can also comment on our ktvu facebook page. spawn the first lawsuit has been filed against the san francisco fertility clinic where frozen embryos and eggs may have been damaged. they blame low levels of liquid nitrogen in a tank that held those frozen eggs and embryos. the lawsuit claims the clinic was negligent. clients say they spent between eight and $100,000 to have their eggs or embryos harvested and saved. there's no way to find out if they are viable until they are implanted. the attorney who fired -- filed the lawsuit said there's also the emotional pain clients are going through. >> i've spoken with clients who have had cancer or other diseases and had the eggs taken out prior to the onset of the disease so that now if these eggs are harmed or destroyed, they are not going to have a second chance. >> we've asked pacific fertility clinic to comment on
5:45 am
the lawsuit. so far, they have not been back to us. more families could join that lawsuit and legal experts say it could take years to resolve. >> devastating news for families. now trying to have kids. i didn't realize it has to be implanted to find out. >> yeah,, there's no way of knowing. again, i was out at eye clinic doing a story about a year ago. the doctors were so caring and loving. i'm sure they are heartbroken as well. >> a tough situation. let's get you outside. we got a difficult situation. what's the latest on that? >> major street, san pablo avenue is still closed. this is a big mess. they've managed to stop the water. san pablo avenue is still closed at kirk lane. right near the foodmaxx there. major streets as well. and now finally things look like they are beginning to get cleared up. you should use an alternate route. the freeway is open and traffic
5:46 am
is flowing well. it's not as slow as it normally is. this is somewhat goodness. you will see that it's not out of the ordinary. once you get to livermore, it looks pretty good. no major issues all the way to hayward. this is a look at interstate 880 and oakland. looking pretty good. bay bridge, we have a pretty large backup expanding all the way out to the macarthur maze. my friend, steve expect thank you, my friend. it is raining to the north, getting to move in. not locally but it's getting closer. as our system is moving to parts of mendocino county and northern sonoma county. past cloverdale. healdsburg, windsor, getting ready to push and through the russian river area. event right off -- highway 1 and that is the leading edge of the system. probably about 8:00 today. eight this morning. and noon.
5:47 am
rain volpes today. much colder air arrives on friday. widely scattered showers. and then one more little impulse on saturday. rain returns today. again, the timeline is it will pick up. again, it -- maybe not until 8:00. you might not have to wait until 10:00. for others to the north, it's coming up hurty [ clicking ] there will be some locations i would think in marin county up into the russian river. most areas between now and interest arctic about half inch to three quarters. it looks good. positive from north to south. we will take a. very low snow levels. a winter storm warning, again, kicks it at 5 pm and goes through 5 am saturday. this one again, will even give low snow levels to the north. one system kicks out, the next one takes its place. it's coming right out of the northwest.
5:48 am
cold, rainy day. you get temperatures like this and the system already coming in. it will probably be hard for us to get to the mid 40s or upper 40s for some. that's our system. it's going to take a lot to get here for some. rain develops. off-and-on rain, a cold one at that. possible hail reports tomorrow. one more system on saturday. 50s on the temps. upper 50s to the south. low 50s to the north. rain develops. it will pick up a little later. thundershowers tomorrow. we get a break saturday night, sunday, monday, maybe tuesday. looks like it's tapping tropical moisture. >> i think that's okay, right in time for the weekend. >> kind of nice. thank you. how about some sports? despite playing shorthanded, the warriors completed eight sweep of the lakers. playing without steph curry. note greymane green. seven different warriors scored
5:49 am
double figures. kevin durant nicking -- leading the way. double double with 10 points. a dozen rebounds. with a 117-106 when. -- win. nice win by golden state. sharks start the road trip in canada. playing catchup all night in edmonton. the warriors and their electric orange colors. check them out. 1-0 lead. getting the puck into the net. edmonton pulled ahead again in the second. scored it and tied it up again. it was all tied at the end of three periods. which sent it to overtime. hurdles scored again and that put san jose again for the first time all night. the sharks went on to win it 4- 3. up in canada. >> yeah.
5:50 am
stay tuned. the nfl period and the 49ers doing a little shopping. they are reportedly interested in former raiders quarterback turned wide receiver trail prior . meantime, the niners have landed themselves the jets. they signed former minnesota vikings running back jared mccann into a $30 million deal. he rushed 1900 yards. now becomes the fourth highest paid running back in the league. with the addition of mckinnon, the 49ers no longer need carlos hyde. hide went to school at ohio state. he ran for more than 900 yards twice with the niners. hide has been more productive in the career. mckinnon is considered the faster and more explosive back. and the raiders continuing to pursue former green bay packers receiver jordy nelson. he's in town. visiting with the raiders after
5:51 am
being released by the packers. familiar with the coupled -- couple of people in the organization. edgar bennett is the former offensive coordinator. general manager reggie mckenzie. nelson poorly also has some scheduled visits with the seattle seahawks and new orleans saints. coming up next, guests stayed overnight at walt disney's world resort will soon have to add another expense to that vacation budget. a new fee that will be added for overnight biking -- parking. stay with us.
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welcome back to mornings at 2. airline food workers are bringing their fed up message to airports across the country. it's part of a national day of action. they say they'll be protesting at airports. the workers who say they make an average of eight dollars on a cents an hour are demanding higher wages from the big three airlines. if you're headed to disney world in florida and plan to stay at one of the resorts there, you might need to bring a little extra money for parking. anyone making hotel reservations after next tuesday will have to pay to park overnight now and the price will vary from $13 up to 24
5:55 am
depending on which resort you stay at and how big your car is. guests with disabilities, people visiting for the day or club members will still get free parking. disney says other hotels in the area already charge for overnight talking. george lucas broke ground in los angeles yesterday on the new museum. the star wars writer and director searched for a site for the museum for years. but planned in san francisco -- plans in san francisco and chicago never got off the ground. the museum will be built at exposition park near downtown l.a. those are some pictures of what it's going to look like. fabulous looking building. one and half billion dollar cost. it will feature -- looks kind of like something out of a star wars movie. >> it's like the millennium falcon. >> a little bit. it's going to feature lucas's collection of artwork, costumes, storyboards, stage sets, and other material from his movies. it is set to open in 2021.
5:56 am
>> it's a shame it's not here. we got to go to l.a. dozens of fans crowded a bookstore in san francisco yesterday to get a glimpse of chelsea clinton autographing copies of her new book and the book titled she persisted around the world, 13 women who changed history. a group of incredible women who shaped the history all around the globe. the book features iconic women such as marie curie, civil rights activist viola desmond and author jk rowling. >> i think that chelsea is a great example for young girls. i know she's written this book for young girls about persistence, famous women in history. i think it will be great as an example. it will be a great keepsake for the house. >> that book was illustrated by alexander boger and is a companion to the original collaboration of book entitled she persisted around the world, 13 women who change the world.
5:57 am
>> that's for sure. spyware coming up on our 6:00 our. coming up, more changes in washington this morning. change is in the air with talk of a major shakeup at the white house. whether the senate will stand in the way, that's another question. i'm in washington. i've got that story coming up. so far, it's okay on the 880 freeway. interstate 880 in oakland, you can see traffic is moving well. both directions, in the coliseum. and rain will be in there. it's already started well to the north. it will stay allowed to get here for some. another cold system dropped in.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. san pablo avenue shutdown here in the city of san pablo after an early morning crash that left one person badly hurt. and sent a geyser of water shooting into the air. we will tell you what we know about this accident coming up. and oakland police are on the scene of lake -- where a domestic dispute reportedly turned violent. mornings at 2 continues.
6:00 am
>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and good thursday morning to you. march 15. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm frank mallicoat in for dave clark. no rain right now unless you are way up north. around here in the bay area, different story. >> times for the evening commute -- >> by far, it will be here by then. it's time to revisit the bay area peaks. >> let's go. >> that was -- >> i know, i always forget. >> the outlook no problem. next 48 hours. 2500 feet. that's possible friday night and saturday. grizzly peak that may be. san bruno, i'd be surprised. good morning, steve. a brisk start for 39 degrees. are we going sk


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