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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  March 16, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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and santa cruz mountains. clear lake a half inch. and forestville over an inch. ukiah and windsor kenwood were close. other locations that have been coming in the last couple days have been very wet as well. san jose only this is on the past 24 hours. 14/100. boulder creek over a inch redwood estate over and ich. gilroy almost a inch. bay point san francisco and san ramon had 3/4 of an inch. there's plenty that's picking up decent cells here. right in santa cruz mountains highway 917 that looks really tough. saratoga hills moving into saratoga and heading over 17 scots valley and everybody else. down towards gill row pretty good rain that continues at this hour. to the north it will be lowering snow levels for mendocino and lake county not that they already haven't had low snow levels. but colder's is -- colder air is on the way. picking up a little bit. santa rosa and back over to petaluma nothing too bad and moving in again near inverness
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on the marin coast. but things are quieting down a little bit to the east. but there's a pretty good line from livermore to fremont and peninsula as well. see some of that moving through. and some of these can produce brief heavy rain if you use thesi. nol grade. 40s and 50s on the temps. a cool -- i. in. -- senol grade. and 40s and 50s on the temps. a cool day. a foot of snow is good for reno. for us, cold unstable air mass ecalls off and on rain and possible thunderstorms later. 50s on the temps. 6:01 on a friday. >> it's a tough one out there,steve. wet weather when it's wet, it affects the commute. right now on the east shore freeway, we had an earlier accident on 80 at hill top drive. and that blocked lanes for a bit. it's moved to the shoulder but we have a lot of things we had a crash reported west 80 at powell street. and i think it might be there
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judging looking at this traffic here approaching powell. the one at powell supposedly moved to the right-hand side. but it does look like it slowed traffic at the bay bridge we see slow traffic there as well. and you can see traffic is backed up for at least a 25 minute delay. and this is 880 in oakland and you can see traffic is moving along already. as i have been talking there's a new crash reported in daily city. northbound 280 at highway one north of the ceremony mall and in the south bay slow traffic already on highway 101. it's 6:02. now back to the desk. we start the 6:00 hour with developing news out of the south bay. investigators are trying to figure out what happened in the moments leading up to a deadly car crash in san jose early this morning. >> ktvu christian -- christien kafton is at the scene. we know two are dead and two more with serious injuries. >> reporter: we have new developments in the last hour
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or so. two coroners' advance left with the two victims of the crash. if you look here, you can see tow crews are going to remove the vehicle. and if you look beyond the two men you may be able to make out engine block of the car lying at the top of the communication hill in san jose. we now know more about the victims of the crash. and police are telling us they suspect that alcohol and marijuana were involved in this deadly crash. this was a solo car accident. the car colliding with the tree. san jose police now saying that the man driving the car was killed. a woman passenger was also killed and another female taken to the hospital with injuries. and a male was taken to the hospital as well. he is expected to recover from his injuries. we expect also to hear more about the condition perhaps as the morning progresses. the collision so violent it broke the engine free of the mount and sent it tumbling away. investigators say they received call for help at 1:0.
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a neighbor says she heard the sound of a vehicle racing past her home at a high rate of speed and then the collision. >> i heard this like crash sound. it was really loud. and i saw smoke covering the entire street. so, i started to worry that someone may have got hurt. >> reporter: and again, first responders say two of the people died in the car before they arrived. two others were rushed to medical care. if we can come back to the live picture, you may get a better sense of the car on the back of that tow vehicle. investigators telling us that one dog died here at the scene. we are hearing another dog was saved. at this point, the identities of those involved in the crash not being release. apparently, investigators are trying to feet. >> i -- notify family members. they believe alcohol and marijuana played a role in the crash. other factors that may have played a role is a high rate of speed and wet roads at the time
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of the collision. we will continue monitoring development out here and bring you the latest information as it becomes available to us. >> we will for more details. christien kafton. a fremont police officer shot and wound someone near bay fair mall in san leandro just after 9 last night near his pairian boulevard and bay fair drive. this began when officers from both san leandro and fremont were taking part in an undercover operation. there had to be a shelter in place order issued for the neighborhood as police searched for a second person. that person was taken into custody. police say this all began with an investigation into an earlier shooting in that area. this was an operation, an undercover operation, related to a car burglary ring. we are told no officers were hurt during this. we have ktvu leigh martinez at the scene. we expect a update on yesterday's deadly pedestrian bridge collapse in florida.
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rescue crews don't expect to find anymore survivors at the scene outside miami. at least 6 people were killed and 10 others were hurt when a bridge linking the sweetwater community to florida international university buckled and crashed on to the busy road below. that bridge had been up for less than a week and was not opened to pedestrian yet. we will have a live report from florida with the latest on the investigation as well as a news conference when it happens. it should be in the comings minutes. we are learning 7 american service members were killed when a u.s. military helicopter crashed in iraq yesterday. officials now say the helicopter crashed after hitting a power line. it was in transit from one location to another when it went down in western iraq. the helicopter is used by the air force to do combat search and rescue missions. four suspected robbers are in custody after leading alameda county sheriff department deputies on a high-
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speed chase. we were overhead as the chats wound through the east bay. deputies spotted the get away car and chased it. we see here sky fox overhead. this is on interstate 580. the suspects got off 580 in oakland and you see here what happened. they crashed into the garage of the home in east oakland on 108th near macarthur. they ran but deputies tracked them down with the help of k- 9s. no one hurt. the people in the home were stunned by what happened. >>i was inside the room with my baby, my nephew and i heard a big sound like i said and i heard -- i was thinking they are doing donuts outside and a big sound. i was scared and my legs were shaking. >> the deputies deployed a drone until all four people were captured. the authorityth suspects are part of a group responsible for a series of robberies including san leandro later in the day. modesto couple charged in the stabbing death of a young woman left to die on a rural
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road outside livermore. they are due back in court later this morning. daniel gross and his fiancee melissa leonardo are expected to enterer's plea to charges of murder in the death of their friend, 19-year-old lazzette quita-- questa last months. the victim identified ate tackers before she died from her injuries. during an interview with ktvu shortly after the young woman's death, one of the suspected attackers gross said he simply snapped and he never meant to hurt or kill her. new video from florida show school guards the moment after a gunfire broke out at majory stoneman douglas high school in florida on valentine's day. it shows the on campus deputy scott peterson standing outside the building you see up in the front where the gunman was firing shoes and -- shots and he walks away. the video shows him and another person racing off in a golf cart. several minutes later the deputy emerges from behind a tree. the broward county sheriff
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department says the -- sheriff's department says the video speaks for itself and says peterson resigned and retired rather than face termination. martinez unified school district canceled class today at martinez junior high in response to threatened graffiti a message was found on a bathroom wall specifying a shooting would take place at the junior high campus time today -- sometime today. the school sent a e-mail saying there was no credible threat but they closed the juneior are -- junior high school out of an abundance of caution. james logan high school will be opened following a similar threat. police locked down the campus yesterday afternoon after school workers found threatening graffiti on the wall of the student rest room. police in union city say they believe this too was not a credible threat. the question of the day is how should schools punish students who make violent threats against the school? expulsion, suspension, talk to
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school counselors or leave it to the parents. vote on the ktvu twitter page and leave comments on our facebook page. >> we look forward to the responser. 6:10 the time. and looking for answers in southern california, coming up here, what police say came crashing through this car's windshield that left one man dead in the city of pasadena. and why investigators think it was no accident. >> we continue our coverage of the deadly pedestrian bridge collapse in miami. we will bring you a live report from the crone at 6:40. 0. >> get ready for an active friday. that means thunderstorms are possible later this afternoon. right now there's brief heavy downpours for some. nothing for others. but looks to be be more towards peninsula and south bay for now.
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welcome back to mornings on two. robert mueller subpoenaed the trump organization for all possible remaining documents that may be relevant to the russia investigation. according to the "new york times," the subpoena comes as mule are appears to be examining the role foreign money may have played in funding president trump's political activities. this request by mule are appears to be the -- mueller appears tonight first related to trump's businesses. and an attorney with the trump organization says the company is continuing to cooperate with the special council's grex white house denies the report another high-profile member of the trump administration is on its way out. washington post reports president trump decided to remove general rh -- hr
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mcmaster. last night president secretary sarah sanders tweeted a denial saying they have a good relationship and there won't be changes. the washington post says the president wants to wait until a strong successor is selected. this comes after a series of high-profile white house shakeups including the firing this week of secretary of state rex tillerson. an attorney is the first undocumented immigrant appointed to statewide position. serving a and state committee to increase college access for those from low income or underserved communities. her parents brought her from mexico to california when she was 14 years old. 6:14 is the time. it's been a tough commute on the roads because of the rainy weather and now sal, you are tracking a problem with bart. a bart station shut down in san francisco. >> that's right. they have been trying to get a generator to 16th street station and that's what the holdup is. we didn't think it was going to
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take this long, but now the commute is really underway, 16th street bart is closed. and it didn't affect as many people but now here we are 6:15, now it's going to start affecting people now i got off the phone with bart and it sounds to me although they didn't say it, it sound like they are getting a handle on the practice lem but for now don'tgo to 16th street. go to 24th or civic center instead of 16th street station. the station has no power. they have been work on trying to get a generator for a bit and we will let you know when that happens. now let's look at the commute here with the freeways. you can see that the traffic is going to be okay in the south bay with no major issues. driving on interstate 880, the traffic here is moving along very nicely. it's wet and there have been a lot of minor accidents that happened and you have to pull to the shoulder. there hasn't been a lot of major delays. the bay bridge is backed up for a 15 to 20 minute wait before making it on the span.
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6:16. let's start weather with steve paulson. >> thanks you sir. let's get to it. there's been pretty good totals coming in. first panel you will see will be four-day totals. santa cruz mountains over 4 1/2. nobody except anybody in weather knows about it. west of heelsburg almost 4 inches of rain probably more than that. it's true. mount tam over 3 inches. the 24 hour rainfall is what you will see next. boarld creek over an inch of rain. redwood estates, .94. gilroy .91. bay point san francisco san ramon 3/4. oakland 2/3 and san jose santa clara 14/100. mount tam 1.68. woodacre 7 1á. winds withor are close and kenwood says we are in there. and napa .68 and clear lake
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.53. we will take it. there's more to go. think we have a week left there. will be a break sunday, monday, tuesday but what looks to be a wet system from the west southwest for next wednesday, thursday. today, though, we will get anything goes again as far as active weather and by that i mean thunderstorms and hail. sun breaks and get the we have heavy downpours moving into lows gatos. santa cruz mountains highway 17 that's gone back over towards from aptos and morgan hill and gilroy. verily the lit up there. low snow levels and very low snow levels towards mendocino and lake counties. that continues. that's not going to change i think through today and even into saturday. as the cold low begins to work et cetera way in here from glen ellyn to the park which has over a inch to petaluma. marin county had rain and a little is coming back in from forest knolls to novato. quieting down in the east bay but will pick up.
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be and livemore and milpitas and peninsula rain continues. that's a pretty good line if you use 6 will 0 -- 680 they go through quick but they are there. palo alto that line is moving over skyline over to the san mateo santa cruz coast a lot moving onshore. 40s and 50s on the temps. santa rosa a cool 41a foot of snow from the observer gary outside reno at the 3,000 foot level. 13 inches of snow. so if reno gets 13 inches of snow. that tells you there's plenty going on in the mountens winter storm warning until 5 a.m. and looks like around gold run on 80, piends and on 50 -- pines and on 50 so you are around the that level and i wouldn't be surprised if it goes lower and north star around south lake tahoe, many, many reports of just brutal conditions. whiteout conditions for some. cold air is settling in. on and off rain. possible thunderstorms and hail. cooler as the cold air moves in
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tonight into tomorrow morning. 50s on the temps. probably the coolest day is today and we will rebound a little bit after saturday. showers on saturday. sunday, monday, tuesday better that the next system on wednesday. >> a little break and then more wet weather moving in next week. >> that's a wetter system. not as cold. >> thanks, steve. the woman who was kidnapped from her home in vallejo and publicly shammed by the vallejo police department will receive $2.5 million from the city under a newly announced settlement. payout to denise huskins comes throw years after show was kidnapped from -- three years after she was kidnapped from her home and drugged and raped. police initially said it was ahoax until someone was arrested by the fbi in connection with the kidnapping. huskins filed a defamation lawsuit and the city agreed to the settlement without admitting wrongdoing. 6:19 this morning.
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tributes for a fallen officer. coming up, how officers in the north bay are remembering a 24- year-old sheriff deputy who was killed in the crash as he responded to an emergency call. plus, lower taxes on legal marijuana. up next why state legislators are considering cutting the taxes on cannabis. cannabis.
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>> eds march madness and my voice is going. songs that make you crazy. madness is the theme this morning. i hope your bracket is doing okay. i know gassia is probably beating mike and i i know how that goes. >> all guessing. >> didn't you win last year. >> no i didn't. but i think i did all right. >> you did all right. i know you did. >> you close your eye nos that's our theme march madness songs that make you crazy. jake wanted to hill cypress hill. we are going back on that one. this is a special one you want to hear i will play your request friday morning. use the hashtag ktvu on twitter
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facebook or instagram. federal health officials are taig taking a historic step to cut the level of nicotine to make it less addictive. they are discussing a proposal to cut nicotine by as much as 80% to prevent future generations from becoming addicted to cigarettes. they will seek comments on additional new regulations for the tobacco industry including possibly limitingmentol. law makers in sacramento want to lower taxes on legal marijuana to come against the black market. they say lowering taxes will reduce the price disparity between the legal and black market. legal marijuana sales include 15% state excise tax and sales tax and local cannabis taxes all tolled the taxes can reach
6:25 am
as high as 45%. the legislation calls for suspending the cultivation tax and reducing the state excise tax from 15 to 11%. >> interestingly, when the taxes are reduced, as we propose here, there is greater tax revenue that is generated because more businesses commit to the regulated market which means they are paying taxes and adding to the tax revenue. >> the hope is the lower tax structure will encourage consumers and businesses to transition to the legal market. the city of berkeley will have rules on city owned surveillance equipment. the city council passed a measure to require all city agencies including police to get approval ahead of time before buying and using surveillance equipment or software. that includes cameras, facial recognition systems and license plate readers. >> we have seen horror stories throughout history of the disproportionate impact on vulnerable community from the equipment. it is never applied equally.
6:26 am
>> critics say they are concerned it could allow criminals to avoid surveillance by giving them too much public information on the city's surveillance efforts. the ordinance takes effect after a second vote by the city council. >> oakland city council member introduceed legislation to require restaurants, bars and cafes to only give plastic straws to customers who ask for them. council member says the ordinance would help reduce the number of plastic straws that end up in waterways and threaten marine life. an estimated 500 million straws are used and thrown away every day in this country. 6:26. new options at local college. in moment, how the community college of san francisco gives transgender student better ways to identify themselves on campus.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to. you welcome back in here to mornings on 2. i am alex savidge and pam and david are off. >> i am gasia mikaelian. your drive would -- to work could be affected by the weather. >> when you came in it was in the that bad. >> it was not coming done but it was on the ground. >> i don't know about you alex. >> it was pouring down. >> it was pouring. >> it will be hit or miss. >> over to sal that's right. just kidding. that's right. it will be hit or miss and
6:30 am
rainfall is very good. pat yourself on the back on this panel 1.20. inch and 1/100. there were other areas you know you get to friday and sometimes, the mouth just doesn't want to work. 1.13 at boulder creek. redwood estates up to an inch. gilroy is up to ionch. san francisco san ramon up to 3/4. oakland closer to town .66. sometimes oakland hills as well and san jose 14100th. there's more in the old weather pipeline that will be off and on throughout day. some areas producing storm tracker picking up by san jose. maybe we can add to that. and there's emed byed -- embed areas of rain and hail. the beat goes onto morgan hill and watsonville and gilroy. watsonville had oaf an inch of rain. that's the focus of the heaviest this morning. low snow levels are in the
6:31 am
forecast today. mendocino county lake county. things have called down a little bit but they are picking up glen ellyn to petaluma. as you head from san francisco oakland south you can see the lines have been forming and some go back from redwood city to woodside and back to the sant mateo santa cruz cause a couple items to point out. 39 right here. here's the colder air. 40 in windsor. there's colder air throughout the day. winter storm warning. they are mesh yowrg the snow in feet. we -- we will have low snow levels and off and on rain and 50s on the temps. march madness your theme on the music. >> yeah. >> songs that make you mad, crazy. you know. and this probably is plenty of those out will. good morning. the commute may not be the greatest because of what steve mentioned. highway 24 is okay. we will start with highway 24
6:32 am
in the east bay commute. it's a little bit busier than it probably would be on a friday because of the wet weather. and i am looking at the bart station. bart is on time except 16th street station remains shut down because there's no power to that particular station. the crews are there hooking up the generators and i just spoke to bart again and they don't have any idea as to when the station will be back online. but they do think it will be sometime this hour, but, we will see. they can't really dispatchers don't have the ultimate word here. let's move along on 80 westbound. carquinez bridge to the maze. traffic is moderately heavy driving out to the maze. bay bridge toll plaza backed up for 20 minutes. it's not looking very friday light is it right now? might a little later but right now it looks typical. 880 in oakland north and southbound looks good. and we did have a couple crashes on 87 northbound near 280 and that's causing a little
6:33 am
slowing on 87. you can use 85, 101 or 280 as alternate routes. 633 let's go back to the desk. >> thanks. new this morning a shelter in place order has been lifted now in a san leandro neighborhood near bay fair mall hours after someone was shot and wounded by police. >> leigh martinez is live totell us what led to the shooting and shelter in place. >> reporter: we have police activity out here this morning. this is off bay fair drive at the arco station over there. you can see the yellow tape and we have police flashing lights down on bay fair drive. suspect was involved in an earlier shooting and the investigation was in connection to a car burglary ring. now gunfire erupted just after 9:00 thursday night on experian boulevard. officers from san leandro andfremont were involved in a undercover operation. a suspect was allegedly shot by a fremont officer and taken to the hospital. police say a second suspect got
6:34 am
away. and believed to be armed. the shelter in place order was issued around 10:30 p.m. for people who live between his pirian boulevard washington avenue upton avenue and flooresta boulevard. shelter in place was canceled around 4:00 this morning. police say they do have all the suspects in custody and if you are back out here live with us, again, we still do see police activity out here. it's an officer-involved shooting that's still under investigation. the suspect who was shot was taken to the hospital and we are told no officers were injured. >> leigh martinez, live in san leandro, thank you, leigh. marin county sheriff's department mourning the loss of a deputy who died in a crash as he responded to a 911 call. ktvu debora villalon has more. >> reporter: people stood along the street to salute a fallen deputy. as the law enforcement procession brought him home to
6:35 am
marin. >> this is a tough time. tough time for all of us. >> reporter: the county sheriff earlier made the announcement. flanked by members of his department, many holding back tears a young deputy not even 3 years on the job had died in the line of duty. >> deputy sheriff ryan zirkle was 24 years old. he was due to celebrate his 25th birthday in 11 days. >> reporter: he was responding to a 911 call after midnight on winding highway 1 when he spun out on a curve and slammed into a tree. when no one heard from him, his partner drove out to check and found him trapped. it took 35 minutes to get him out of the car. airlifted to petaluma he could not be revived. >> ryan was the starting pointguard of the team and probably best defender. >> reporter: the death hits the san marin community of novato hard. >> and he gave it 110% all the time. >> reporter: that's zirkle number 2 top middle a natural leader and star in three
6:36 am
sports. he lead his basketball team to a league title his senior year. >> he threw a big touchdown pass in the game to seal the win. >> reporter: ing at letcally gifted --ing at letcally gifted but -- athleticly gifted but what made him memorable was his mile and kindness. >> he loves novato and the bay air yars flow one was -- railroad -- area. >> reporter: no one was surprised when he went into the sheriff's department but he stopped by his last school helping out at a basketball game. >> i would see him and ask how he is doing in the pursuit of law enforcement and he thought it was perfect for him and he was so happy with what he was doing. >> reporter: zirkel -- dishingle is survived by his parents two older brothers and fiancee who was his high school sweetheart. >> he wanted to serve his community he grew up in and his friends and beat partners describe him as always what smile on his face and always
6:37 am
happy and very positive. >> reporter: debora villalon. a southern california family is in mourning after a man was killed by a boulder that may have been thrown from a freeway overpass. 23-year-old christopher lopez was sitting in the passenger seat of his family's car when the 35 pound rock the size of a basketball came crashing through the windshield. this happened on tuesday in pasadena. his pregnant wife was driving at the time and their 4-year- old daughter was in the back seat. chpalitya deana posted this pinningture of the car on twitter urging anyone with any information to come forward and investigators do believe someone purposely pushed that boulder on to the freeway. a fertility clinic in san francisco face as second class action lawsuit after a couple filed suit in federal court. the legal action follows the announcement that hundreds of frozen embryos were rend you had unviable when storage -- rendered unso iable when --
6:38 am
unviable when a storage stage broke. the suit accuses the clinic of squashing their dreams of becoming parents. 100 other plaintiffs joined the suit and are seeking 5 million dollars in damages. a san francisco police officer who gained attention for his good looks has been found guilty of felony hit-and- run. christopher kohrs was convicted of hitting two pedestrian in a north beach crosswalk in november of 2015, then leaving his car at the scene and walking away. the two pedestrians suffered serious injuries. officer kohrs claims he abandoned the car because a hostile crowd recognized him. he was nicknamed the hot cop of castro after photos of him went viral on social media. he is scheduled to be sentenced in the case next month. new information on breaking news story we brought you yesterday. oakland police say they found physical injuries on a woman's body they fold from the cat -- pulled from the water of lake
6:39 am
merritt and believe she may have been killed. they searched after 911 calls came in about a man and woman fighting in the water. neighbors say the woman was screaming for help. officers pulled 39-year-old michael grace from the lake. he died at the hospital. hours later divers found the body of 24-year-old tayana johnson. investigators say she showed signs of physical injuries. police are trying to figure out what led to the deaths be a tried to figure out the relationship they may have had. a judge refused to eliminate bail for student at san jose state university who stands accused of sexual assault. the 21-year-old a fourth year chemical engineering student isaccused of assaulting three male classmates living in the dorms on campus. prosecutors say in each cases, he and his victims knew each other and two men reportedly were drugged. >> it was definitely a surprise, especially how i live in the building where it happened. and also that it happened multiple times. >> it was very shocking because
6:40 am
living in cva is one of the dorms that are only tailored to upper grad students or graduate students or professors. >> he was in court yesterday to face the assault charges. but he didn't enterer's plea. he's being held at this point at the santa clara county jail on 210,000 dollars bond. 6:40 the time. crews in florida continuing to search through debris after a pedestrian bridge collapsed yesterday killing at least 6 people. >> the bridge was meant to be a safe way for student at florida international university to cross over a busy highway to the city of sweetwater near miami where many lived. reporter amanda mckenzie joins us live at the scene where the recovery effort is still underway this morning. >> reporter: yes, it's busy scene. and now the sun is out we can get a better look at the crushed vehicles underneath the bridge. we have had to move because there's a upcoming news conference so we are in position to get ready tore
6:41 am
that. we are hoping to -- for that. we are hoping to get more information from ntsb. we hope to get more information about what may have caused this collapse. also share new information we received from the fiu president who can confirm to us that one female student was killed in the bridge collapse. we don't know her name or the name of any of the other five victims. we are told that there were ten people taken to the hospital with injuries. we don't know the extent of their injuries. while talk to the fiu president he expressed condolences for the victims and says he is helping with the investigation. he did want to assure everyone the project was well vetted and all the contractors were certified. the project was touted as a structure that would have been able to with stand the strength of a category 5 hurricane and shortly after it was installed this weekend, there was a celebration and a few days later quickly turned to tragedy
6:42 am
when that 950 ton structure collapsed on vehicles and bystanders. we are waiting for more information as far as how many other potential victims may be out there. >> amanda. can i ask are you getting the sense there's a likelihood that more people could still be found in the rubble of that collapsed bridge? i know the search is ongoing. but do you get the feeling there are people who are missing at this . and they are searching for -- point and they are searching for? >> reporter: yes. there is a sense among everyone here there are no more survivors. this is no longer's rescue mission but a recovery effort. and they believe that there are more vehicles trapped within the center of the bridge that no one can see at this point. and they are having a difficult time getting to that location right now. the deceased victims are still on the scene. they have not beenable to be remove at this point. they are not sure how many other victims could be under the rubble at this time. and it could be days before we finally get a final death toll
6:43 am
count. >> amanda, thank you. well transgender students at city college of san francisco now will be allowed to use their chosen names for student id cards and school e- mails and class rosters. the school says faculties students and community advocates work together to change the name policy to make sure transgender students feel safe on campus. transgender students who want to change their names have to fill out a preferred name change form at the office of admissions and records. 6:43 st. patrick's day is tomorrow. coming up at 7, we will take you live to dublin ireland for more on the preparations underway there. and we will show you how to celebrate right here in the bay area. >> plus a new study shows the families think they are not making enough memories. why parents say the children are making them feel guilty. >> good morning. you can see the traffic is going to be busy in many areas. today's commute in san
6:44 am
francisco is not stop and go but there are plenty people hitting the road. we will tell you more about the commute and others straight ahead. >> well, we are at the halfway point of march and in sacramento they have had more rain through the 15th than in december, january and february combined and the beat goes on here good snow in the mountains. and that low is going to rotate in thunderstorm activity later today. we use our phones and computers the same way these days.
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why. i heart radio has more than 850 stations across the country including a popular 80s station in san francisco. owner says they will operate after reaching an agreement with the creditors. that means the popular i heart radio radio app will be available for smart phone owners. it's local radios stations will broadcast. with bay area home prices through the roof right now, a lot of people looking to move out of the region altogether. some bay area real estate agents are helping perspective home buyers look for properties if and around sacramento. bay area agents went to the sacramento area on thursday to view some of the listings. realtors say that luxury homesly theed -- listed at more than a million dollars in roseville and eldorado hills may-unaffordable for many in the sacramento areas but the home prices are almost a bargain for bay area transplants. >> the trend that has plaguedsacramento in the past you don't have the work force
6:48 am
being a government town. that started to tilt because the bay area migration is largely early pos -- 30s mid- 30s and technically skilled people. as an example -- >> as an example homes of asking price of a million dollars in granite bay will receive multiple offers win the first week. it's k4r-67b 48. traffic is one reason sal people say they are going to leave the bay area. -- 6:48. traffic is one reason, sal, people say they are going to leave the bay area. >> tough move away to afford the house. people from brentwood and antioch and places that you know 30 years ago were considered far are now routine. let's go to highway 4 westbound as you drive through bay point and pittsburg. stop and. traffic and we are not geting that friday bounce that -- and we are not getting the friday bounce we get sometimes on a friday sometimes it's easier but today it's not. highway 24 also a little bit slow as you drive through.
6:49 am
you will see the traffic is going to be slow as you drive up to lafayette. there's a report of someone going super slow on 24 near this area as the chp heads out there for that. perhaps the vehicle has mechanical issues. this is 80 westbound. carquinez bridge to the macact your maze a 29 minute delay. and this morning's commute at the toll plaza is backed up all the way out to the maze. i want to mention that we have not heard anything about the bart station in san francisco being reopened a couple hours ago they closed for power and had to get generators there. crews and generators are there. use 24th or civic center instead. trains are moving through the station. the station itself is closed. let's bring in steve in with the weather. >> reporter: we are going to -- >> we are -- we are going to teak you up to blue canyon. because snow is on the go. and if you are driving up there yo u are in a heap of snow for sure. you are up around -- you are in a heap of snow for sure.
6:50 am
you are up around snow. there's 3200 feet and i would not be surprised if some makes it to apelgate which is 2000. and on 50 camino around 3100 feet. so, it's going to be really slow going and winter storm warning continues until 5 a.m. tomorrow. look at that. i mean, that's solid. also our observer gary in reno outside reno at the 3,000 foot level had 13 i. of snow -- inches of snow. winter storm warnings goes into 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. and there's going to be a lot of snow measured in feet at the 3500 foot level, 8 to 16 and above. 6500 feet another 2 to 4 feet. so things are looking good. unfortunately, we have a deficit we will end up about 50% of normal on the snow. but we will take it. mount diablo a inch and third. watsonville is good with over ionch of rain. others boulder creek ionch and
6:51 am
redwood estates close to an inch. bay point 3/4 of san francisco 3/4. and oakland hills 66/100 and hillsborough the most i could find. wood side was close at 4.48. but the pi fins lawill pick up later. clear lake half inch. outville 86/100. windsor shy of an inch. ukiah in there as well. rohnert park and all good. there's bands moving through. some of these are intense or heavier than others. i would think there's a snow up on mount hamilton or the lick observatory turning over there. the higher peaks up a around 4,000 feet but good thunderstorm activity is possible later today and there are bands that won't stop from morgan hill and from watsonville to gilroy and into the santa cruz mountains and peninsula. there's low snow levels for some tonight. there have been up in mend seen theo and lake county.
6:52 am
vim -- mendocino and lake counties. sonoma over to petaluma but not a lot. that's light. marin county has about in and out of the rain and then in the rain. one band going through. but couch approaching san francisco and op -- but some approaching san francisco. and heading over to millbrae and burlingame and another around woodside and lahonda. so things are picking up if you missed the rain. cold low will swing in and gives us 40s and 50s today. it's going to be a cool day and with any sun breaks get the buildups and hail. so there's off and on rain taking us into tonight and tomorrow. and cold head being into this and system will -- heading into this and snow levels late tonight and tomorrow morning. >> 50s on the temps -- >> -- morning. 50s on the temps and a break saturday night and sunday. warmer monday and tuesday. rain and snow in southern california trickeled a mudslide east of malibu. several vehicles got stuck and
6:53 am
they had to be towed out with more storms this weekend. a road about 4 miles long is shut down through at least sunday night. caltrans says the ground in the area was burned by wild fires last year and is has become saturated. large rocks and mud and ash slid down the hill. and on to the road. 6:53. home again at last. the reunion after an airline mixup landed this dog halfway around the world from where he was supposed to be.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
♪[music] ♪ unless we get a little crazy ♪ ♪ no we're never going to survive ♪ ♪ >> crazy. march madness. crazy brackets. crazy basketballs. >> this is seal and crazy. that's our theme, crazy, madness. if there's a special song that want to hear, let us know. i play your requests on fridays. often we have a theme. just use #ktvu on twitter, facebook or instagram. >> you can't go wrong with seal. donald trump jr. and his wife are splitting up. after 12 years of marriage, they have decided to go their separate ways. a number of news outlets are reporting that his wife filed for divorce in new york city and is asking for an
6:57 am
uncontested proceeding. this indicates that the trumps may have already hammered out the details of the split like child custody and property. they have five children together. united airlines is investigating another embarrassing incident involving a doggone one of its flights. the german shepherd was mistakenly flown to japan. she went to retrieve her dog in kansas city but ergo wasn't there. instead she found a great dane. that great dane was supposed to be in japan. united took action putting ergo on a private jet back to the u.s. and that set the stage for a private reunion. >> we were really really upset that they weren't doing everything that should have been done. but the last couple of hours have been good and they have been updating us like every
6:58 am
hour and sending pictures. >> this mishap tuesday came after a highly publicized incident when a bulldog died on a flight from houston to new york. queen elizabeth has given her consent for prince harry to mary meghan markle. certainly she approved from the very beginning. the wedding invitations are already out. the couple will get married on may 19th. the san francisco museum of modern art is opening a new exhibit to commemorate the 50th anniversary of robert f kennedy's death. this is entitled the train. it is a series of photographs that show the people who witnessed kennedy's casket as it made its way by train to arlington cemetery. the artist shows the exhibit -- or says it shows how kennedy
6:59 am
was able to connect with people of all walks of life. it opens this saturday. happening today, the fun begins at the imagination playground which opens in san jose this morning. it is a room full of giant blocks that allows children to build anything that they can imagine. the goal is to put aside video games and smart phones and engage with each other and the real world. the blocks will be at the children's discovery museum today and tomorrow in the latest stop in a 17-city tour. >> the real world. speaking of, a according to a new study, six in ten parents are worrying they are not making enough family memories in the real world. it claims parents are missing crucial family time. researchers surveyed over 2,000 parents and found that 57% of them struggled to find quality time with their kids. that translates into a feeling of disconnect as one in three children say their parents are
7:00 am
working too much. 44% of adults say their kids have made them feel guilty about not spending enough family time together. police now tell us they suspect alcohol and marijuana may have been involved in a fatal accident here this morning. we will hear the latest development. plus, a suspect shot by police near the bay fair mall in san leandro. we will tell you the connection this person had to an early crime. we expect to get an update on the latest developments in florida. how florida's governor is promising accountability following the deadly bridge collapse at florida international university. this and more as mornings on 2 continues. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on a wet friday morning. thanks for joining us on mornings on 2. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning, everyone. i'm alex savidge, in for dave clark today. we want to talk about that -- the wet conditions out there. sort of hit and miss


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