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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  March 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> our priority is to get to the victims and the remains underneath the bridge so that we can take them to a proper place. we want their families to have an appropriate burial and ceremony. >> the bridge had just been built and the investigation what led to the collapse is just underway. the suspension tables had been loosened and tightened when it collapse. we have life team coverage tonight. we will show you similar bridges in the bay area. >> first we go to sweetwater florida. phil keating is there. they just held a news conference what did they say?>> reporter: just wrapped up minutes ago. they confirmed that there were
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construction crews on the bridge at the time of collapse. they were tightening cables to strengthen the bridge when the north side of the bridge came down first. part of the southern side of the bridge had remained partially erect until it was finally demolished today. they said the tightening of the cables should have strengthened the bridge but there is also a new report come out. they say an engineer with the engineering company and designed it, had called florida department of trans rotation on tuesday saying cracks on the bridge had been spotted.
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he said this could be a problem. we are still waiting to get more from that from the department of transportation. no comment as of yet by the bridge group. onto the scene here, it has been a deconstruction seen all day long. as of now, the first of the five known bodies trapped in their cars have now been able to be pulled. one of the top priorities for miami-dade investigators is dignity for the families of the known dead. death toll currently standing at six. one of the six died at the hospital believed to be a construction worker who was on the bridge at the time. the rest of the victims were in their vehicles driving around this very busy artery when
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suddenly the bridge collapsed. the walkway was not yet open to the public. the the cars were crushed. eight vehicles in total. the occupants of two vehicles were able to get out and survive. it was the inhabitants of all the other vehicles who were crushed under the massive weight of the concrete and unable to ask -- escape. they ultimately perished. they are removing all sections of the bridge and high raise -- rise cranes are here. it is going to be a while. first and foremost, investigators want to get all of the concrete from the cloud
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-- concrete bridge so that the remaining bodies can be extracted. families have been waiting for a positive id for most of the day. they cannot be positively id to until the rubble is removed on top of them and confirmed to they are. the dignified and class for families to make sure they can process and have final closure. we did confirm one was a construction worker. another person was a 18-year- old florida student. she was a freshman here at fiu beginning her adult life. suddenly at her nash mac the --
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the bridge collapsed. >> what do we know about the people that were injured? do you know anything about them. ? >> two were in critical condition. we believe the one fatality was a construction worker. he fell down with the bridge. there were at least two or three and possibly six construction workers on the bridge. >> reporter: one of the first responders said one of the person -- persons wasn't breathing. the latest report is that the patients are going to survive.
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there are serious questions on how that bridge was built. we consulted with a world- renowned engineer. tom joins us now with what he learned today. >> reporter: large-scale construction projects are really far and few between. speed can kill. when you look at this video of this fast built florida bridge collapse, something is missing. what is missing is a huge tower that would've held the bridge up. a similar constructed oakland bay bridge was built tower first. this one as well was tower first. i asked a world-renowned
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professor if he ever heard of anyone trying to build a bridge without first building a tower?>> no. >> reporter: that is because concrete is not able to hold up its own weight. they run many strands of thick stretch cable to compress it and making it much stronger. last saturday, the florida contractor slid the bridge across the walkway over supports. it ended up resting on the pillars at each end. >> they actually were in place until saturday.>> reporter: but then, the contractor made an ill-fated decision.>> he remove the supports.>> reporter: removing the supports under the bridge allowed traffic to flow but it is not a good idea with
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active construction. he said workers were adjusting the cables as the bridge hung in midair. had they left them in place, what it have collapsed. >> i think it is very unlikely that it would've happened. >> reporter: in other words, did it fall due to its own weight?>> yes. >> reporter: accelerated bridge construction will now be seriously evaluated along with those contractors who do have a history.>> we have heard that two of the companies have been investigated in the past. it is>> reporter: wait till you hear this. fig bridge engineers win98 ones -- when 90 tons of a bridge collapsed. they did not get permission to
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modify a grid or. a miami-based company had a makeshift bridge that they were building that collapsed on its own weight as well. they were accused of being incompetent and they also paid a good -- big fine. the idea that you would hang a bridge in mid air without supports is mind-boggling to me. i watch that bay bridge being built for 11 years. i saw that other bridge being built. the first thing you do is build the tower. when you send those cables down to it, you have a cohesive unit. it can handle a hurricane or earthquake. what they did here, it may have
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been innovative, but it was deadly. we have learned that a stanford graduate has been killed in a helicopter crash in iraq. he was a recent graduate of stanford law school. seven american servicemembers were killed when that helicopter hit a power line. it happened in western iraq. you can see what it looks like. this is the picture of the type of helicopter. it is used for search and rescue missions. the victim has bay area ties. the dean of stanford law school said, he was one of the most extraordinary students i had the privilege of knowing and he will long be remembered in the institution. the presidents
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of federal immigration caused a stir today. neighbors were concerned when ice made one arrest. paul chambers was in berkeley where community members are demanding answers. >> reporter: a small number of protesters showed up upset about the arrest made by ice. >> it is happening right here in my neighborhood. it felt like a bit of an invasion.>> reporter: it was on this street in berkeley that federal agents drove up in unmarked cars and took a man in custody. this is 2218 parker street. people who knew them say they were nice people and they don't understand why they were taken away. customs said they made one
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criminal arrest in that area today and it is an ongoing investigation. no other information is available. >> i think it is a waste of taxpayer money. i think i am concerned about how people are taken away and put in detention. >> reporter: they only made one arrest. we are looking at a few lingering showers and snow in the mountains. what you can expect for your weekend. coming up. a missing skier in the sierra. why did it take a day to find the missing man. coming up at 6:30 pm, school threats and the difficult balancing act.
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to learn more.
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the searches on today for a man who went skiing and has not
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been seen since. the conditions are dangerous with a lot of new snow. they are national guard are scouring the area around bear valley mountain resort. you spoke to those who do thomas mullerkey . >> reporter: they are worried but hopeful that this 65-year- old sick gear -- skier is still alive. they called the sheriff's office when he went skiing but failed to return to the home in the evening. they found his car at the resort. chp arrived yesterday morning but grounded due to poor visibility. he is an experienced skier and outdoorsman. he was wearing close for a daylong's d trip. -- ski trip.
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>> his good head on his shoulders. i picture him held up in a snow camp. he can build a snow cave. >> reporter: he is described as a white man five foot eight inches tall. anyone's with information is asked to contact the alpine county sheriff's office. the storms in the syria -- sierra are making it tough for drivers. you do need chains. i-80 was closed due to whiteout conditions. it is will -- open once again. the rainy weather has been up factor in an early-morning power outage at the 16th street bart station. it was first reported around 4 am. trains did not stop for more
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than three hours. this morning's power outage did not affect the rest of the system. we are tracking your bay area weather. it is nice out there right now. look at the golden gate bridge. you cannot give me that shot can you? it will come up here in a second. it does not look like this morning does it? we have a few scattered showers. they are up towards the davis area. those are middle puffy clouds. nimbus is wrecked -- represents rain. the rainfall accumulations have been light but the story has been the snow.
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it is dumping in the mountains. that could happen later on tonight. chains will be throughout the night needed. scattered showers to the north. i think that is what we were picking up on. you see often the distance what a beautiful afternoon. we've had a week of wet commutes. forecast for tomorrow morning excuse me tonight. tomorrow a chance of a shower exists. tomorrow afternoon a chance of a shower exists. it is not like, wow there's a front. more snow in the mountains. we will see you back here in the long-range. this video
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is terrifying which happened overseas in the country of georgia. the ski lift see what happens. it malfunctions and goes backwards and then picks up speed. some skiers were able to jump off but others were flung right off the ski lift. eight people were injured. can you imagine that? those things are really moving.>> right at the bottom there. they are so lucky that no one was killed. just horrible and terrifying. gone in an instant. a painting on a wall that was stolen. a talk with an artist about the loss. the look back after opening up a time capsule. that is next.
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the judge signed and arrest warrant for robbery, burglary and false imprisonment. the city of vallejo has agreed to pay $2.5 million to settle a lawsuit. the city is not admitting any wrongdoing. an attorney said she hopes of vallejo police will change the way they conduct their investigations. >> i hope they learn lessons. i would never have thought the below i police department would've made the mistake that they made. they called news conferences less than 48 hours announcing to the world that two individuals were lying committing a hoax. >> they are now engaged in set
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to be married this fall. scott weiner of san francisco is pushing for a new state law to allow some bars to stay open till 4 am. the last call for alcohol is 2 am. last year a similar bill that would've extended it till 4 am died in the assembly. this time he is trying to limited to six cities. >> there are people who get off at work at 11 pm or one a.m. -- or 1 am and they're deprived of the opportunity to go out. >> they said it would increase duis in the area. they said it would help compete with other large cities.
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santa clara's sheriff's office is asking for your help. this painting is worth $16,000 and was recently taken. the sheriff's office release the photo of the suspect walking out without -- with the painting. the artist said it was made for the benefit of the patients there. >> it was to help people. it's for people in need. it is such a shame. from that environment. in hospitals, i believe it is vital. >> the artwork was one of a pair of paintings that was commissioned through the san francisco gallery. the artist will make a replacement piece of art. glenview elementary took a trip back in time today. a time capsule dating back to
6:27 pm
1927 was opened. the time capsule contain photographs, newspapers and books. the kids may have been hoping for toys and baseball cards that they found the items interesting. it was found inside a wall during construction. news at 6:30 pm is next. it seems like every day we are reporting about social -- school violence. keeping your students safe during these frightening times. an apology from the teacher who accidentally fired a gun in a classroom injuring a student. those students want him back. one week later we go to yountville in the investigation of the veterans home of california. how that town is trying to heal.
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now for today's top stories a search is underway for a missing skier. thomas mullerkey has been missing since wednesday . he failed to return home from bear
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valley mountain resort. he is said to be an advanced skier. they found his car at the resort but an air search had to be scrubbed due to poor visibility . in florida, they are in covering body and -- uncovering bodies due to a bridge that was collapse. tonight officials say an engineer reported seeing cracks on the span two days before the collapse. the voicemail was not picked up into bay areaschools kept the doors close and a third school had an early dismissal. all this is due to guns of -- threats of gun violence. jesse gary has more now at a burlingame school.>> reporter:
6:32 pm
the graffiti threatened gun violence at the school friday. it is a instructions site for little more than 1000 students. the superintendent made the decision to close schools. >> there would've been a lot of parents that would've held their parents out anyway so it would've been a low attendance day. >> reporter: this is after 17 people were killed in parkland, florida. martinez junior high school and burlingame closed in response. james logan high in union city held classes and dismissed early due to what was believed to be a hoax. these type of threats do take a toll.>> it is not a good thing to have kids traumatized. >> reporter: dr. thomas plant
6:33 pm
said this is not the first time that school age children have faced fears.>> first you duck and then you cover. the post-world war ii arms race , duck and cover was stated. a current rash of school shootings seem closer to home and causes more psychological harm. >> some kids are going to be highly anxious. they are going to have behaviors that are inattentiveness, mood dysregulation and may act out.>> reporter: police say they are investigating the gun violence threat even though it was likely a plank -- prank. it
6:34 pm
is a new worry for police departments and school districts. when one random message can alter the course of a school day for everyone. >> it's a constant reminder that schools are not a safe place to be and that is going to be really hard for a lot of kids who are nervous to begin with.>> reporter: school is scheduled to begin on monday. they will reassess. a teacher who fired a gun inside his classroom has apologized. he is that councilmember at the city of seaside. at last night's council meeting he did not offer an explanation what happened last tuesday. he only expressed regret. he was
6:35 pm
teaching gun safety when the weapon went off. the bullet hit the ceiling and three students were injured by falling debris and fragments. >> first i want to apologize from the bottom of my heart. i can't find the words to say i am sorry. i want to thank all of those who showed support. it helps a lot. it helps me get through the day.>> dozens of students attended the meeting in support of their teacher. he is on paid leave. he was not authorized to have a gun at school. they are working with the monterey county das office to see if charges will be filed. the state veterans home in yacht bill had three people shot . many people are still trying to come to terms with what
6:36 pm
happened.>> reporter: one week after the deadly shooting at the veterans home in yacht bill stop by the memorial for the workers who died. there is sadness here. >> i feel very sad about the whole thing. they were very nice people.>> reporter: one week later the highway patrol is still he -- still investigating the pathway home program. the napa county coroner stated he shot himself with -- stated the suspect shot himself in the head and shot all three women. >> they were splendid women. i would talk to them about twice a week at least. it really is a tragedy.>>
6:37 pm
reporter: investigators have not released a timeline of the events or the types of guns used or other details. a chp spokesman said it is a highly complex case. for many veterans and residents of this small wine country community, these are tough times. >> you don't want to believe it. it is still sinking in.>> reporter: parents say it has been especially difficult for them and their children. >> might son attends the school as well. the lockdown was very frightening for them. they are asking a lot of hard questions.>> reporter: the proceeds from the week and festival will help the families of those killed. the public memorial is set for monday evening.
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coming up, it has been a favorite on the beach boardwalk. the ferris wheel is going away.
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♪ ♪ get high speed internet from at&t. $30 per month. no extra monthly fees. more for your thing. that's our thing. visit with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california.
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pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. it stood for decades. the santa cruz beach boardwalk family favorite attraction. the boardwalk is shutting down the ferris wheel that is been
6:41 pm
there since 1959. ann ruben has more on the memories. >> reporter: this is the eli ridge company number 16 ferris wheel. it has been a part of the santa cruz beach walk for nearly 60 years. to this man it was also a an important part of his childhood .>> it was a wonderful ride to get of you.>> reporter: it was a site of countless dates and a marriage proposal. there was even at high balancing act. >> it is not a safety issue. it is an ongoing maintenance issue for the ride. >> reporter: park officials say people were not lining up like they used to. it was still a difficult decision to make. >> the ferris wheel is such an
6:42 pm
iconic part. >> reporter: nothing will replace it right away. they may get one that is bigger and flashier. they say nothing can replace the memories. >> that was an amazing thing to watch. it was very scary and the best memory. i have had a great life and i'm excited for whatever they do for that spot.>> reporter: the boardwalk will dismantle what is left of the ferris wheel. in santa cruz, and ruben fox2 news. how mother nature is making it difficult to get up to the sierra. it is all the new snow dumping in that area. >> blue skies outside right now. details coming up.
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snow has been coming down all day long and in fact, i-80 was closed all day long. tonight it is back open. you do need change though. >> is good news for the snowpack and ski resorts if you can get there >> reporter: the weekend starting off on the i-80 shoulder. the fresh snowfall continues to
6:46 pm
blanket the interstate. they are working to clear a hazardous commute. >> we got stuck in baxter for an hour. >> reporter: there are wide- open runs in deep powder. >> if you like storm skiing today is the day for you.>> reporter: conditions prime for those brave enough to hit the slope. >> it took a lot of energy to get back here. >> reporter: your first time snowboarding in these conditions?>> last time snowboarding in these conditions. >> a lot of people do not think about this snow environment is roof shedding. you don't want kids to be under a roof because that can be a lot of snow falling down.>> reporter: winter playing catch- up after a below average season. the snowpack is better late
6:47 pm
than never. >> march has been incredible which is hundred and 12 inches. >> reporter: they are still hoping for more. >> i bet it is worth it once you get up there. >> i was up there a couple weeks ago. it is fun but it is not. >> it is hard to see. the snow is clomping up on your face. >> can you imagine driving up i- 80? there is no good detour. >> i got a lot of calls today. i -80 and 50 were closed today. the traffic will get better.
6:48 pm
if you're trying to get up there just wait a little later. tomorrow will be a snowy day. we had raindrops today. than mountains will be snow showers tomorrow. tomorrow -- sundays the day you want to go skiing. we have tomorrow which is scattered showers. no big deal. sunday is the best day of the weekend. i think tomorrow will look like it does right now. tomorrow midmorning there will be a few showers. there are a few showers out there but not enough to shut you down. here is the model showing san francisco. then you see some waves and showers go through and then it sunshine. that is the way the day is tomorrow. do what you're going to do and pack a jacket.
6:49 pm
i do not see any reason to not get in 18 holes tomorrow or go to a baseball game. here is what the model does. there is tomorrow morning. just some showers. there is tomorrow afternoon. dodging some raindrops. then a few clouds come in sunday afternoon. that is the plan. you will be fine tomorrow. scattered showers and some clouds. here's the five day forecast. looks like we get back into rain next week towards the middle end of next week. the madness continues. the second day brings more. the latest on kevin durant. i will have the details coming up in sports. ♪ ♪
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it seems like we are getting bad news on the warriors health. >> i don't think i have anything -- seen anything like this. this coming in just last have
6:53 pm
our. turns out it is kind of worst than what people think. kevin durant will miss at least two weeks. an mri performed earlier today reveals an incomplete rib cartilage fracture. he will be reevaluated in two weeks. that does not mean he will be back in the lineup in two weeks. the warriors having health problems. they will play sacramental tonight. there will be no klay thompson or curry. the good news, west and green are going to be back. he is trying to work his left hand a little bit. you have no control over but there is no doubt how important
6:54 pm
health really is.>> it is frustrating. we have bodies and we have the mentality. we are dealing with a lot of injuries right now. we are keeping things afloat. >> as far as bay area basketball involved in the tournament, slim pickens. cal stanford no go. cal women are out of the ncaa. they came in as the number seven seed. virginia, asia thomas 17 points for the night. and they drive by smith. the bears are down only one. check this out. virginia has a she came off the bench to score
6:55 pm
16 points. virginia 68-62. they will play tomorrow. men's basketball, coach greg marshall is not a big run. john elmore had a beautiful pass . watson with four off the bench. wichita straight -- state trailing. marshall wins it 81- 75. they will faced west virginia or murray state. the 49ers made the early news in the nfl's free-agent. raiders coming on a little bit. they signed a couple quarterbacks. they help out there defensive
6:56 pm
backfield. they did lose michael crabtree. did not take him long to find a home. crabtree got a three-year deal with $21 million with baltimore. crabtree released thursday by the raiders. finding a new home with the baltimore ravens. if you follow golf, always interested in tiger. the news is pretty good. he is still in the hunt. tiger sunk a 22 foot putt at the arnold palmer invitational. staying in it. he is tied for 17th. he is in the field. he is chasing stinson.
6:57 pm
he held the first round lead and had a long birdie putt. he is tied with the lead. meantime, baseball no final on the giants. the oakland a's do in their business. take a look at and they sundrenched crowd. 10,000 out there. gonzalez to the right. the double off the runner. he has figured to be in the starting to be in the rotation. the a's went up beating the indians 7-3. the warriors in sacramento tonight. thank you for joining us.
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