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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 16, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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shouldn't it all just be one thing? that's why xfinity mobile comes with your internet. you can get up to 5 lines of talk and text included at no extra cost. so, all you pay for is data. choose by the gig or unlimited plus for a limited time get a $250 prepaid card when you buy any new samsung. xfinity mobile. it's a new kind of network designed to save you money. click, call, or visit an xfinity store today. track the 10:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts now. new information tonight about the deadly collapse a -- of a pedestrian bridge in florida. including a warning from an engineer about cracks in the structure.>> we want to get to the bottom of what occurred so we can bring closure to the families, bring closure to the investigation, and so is that it does not happen again.
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the death toll in florida has risen to six, with the possibility of additional victims still buried beneath the concrete. good evening i am julie haener.>> and i am frank somerville. investigators are looking at two key factors that may have contributed to that bridge collapsing. first a new report of cracks in the concrete that may have developed while the pre-rickety bridge was being moved into place, and second suspension cables were being tightened when the bridge collapsed.>> she spoke with an engineer tonight, jenna?>> reporter: officials have identified two of the victims killed and officials in florida as you mentioned said they had discovered that an engineer with fig the bridge design company knew about cracks in the concrete, two days before the collapse.>> heavy equipment did the painstaking and painfully slow process of removing the heavy debris to reach victims buried underneath
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the 950 ton bridge that collapsed thursday.>> it was terrible to see knowing there is people you cannot get to, and the major loss of life. when i started counting the cars. some vehicles protruded from the rubble. others still concealed. among the confirmed dead, one construction worker and a student. ecuador's consulate confirmed that alexa do run, an 18-year- old at florida international university, was killed in the driver's seat of her car. her friend in the passenger seat survived.>> she always had a smile on her face. she always wanted to make people laugh and she was always the life of the party.>> other families could only watch and wait.>> my uncle it is amazing. since the car he was driving might be there. i don't know.>> police and fire officials say their top priority is returning remains
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to their families. another part of the bridge was taken down in a planned controlled collapse. the ntsb is investigating what failed. crews were working on a support cable on the north end of the span before it fell down.>> the construction crews were applying a post tensioning force.>> the state of the art bridge was constructed on the side of the road and moved into place saturday using a new technique called abc, or accelerated bridge construction. a structural engineering professor from san francisco state university says concrete is delicate.>> let's say one piece of the bridge moved a little bit. that can crack the concrete and that can cause a failure later on.>> and end of the -- engineer with the fig bridge construction company had detected cracks two days before the collapse, and left a phone message with the order department of transportation employee, saying obviously repairs will have to be done.
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from a safety perspective we do not see there is any issue. the cracking is not good and something is going to have to be done to repair that. >> the florida dot employee was on assignment and did not receive that voicemail message until today. records show the fig bridge group was fined for another wage collapse in virginia in 2012, that injured for workers. reporting live from the newsroom, johnny -- jana katsuyama, ktvu fox2 news. funeral services for marin county sheriff's deputy have been set for next week. 24-year-old deputy ryan circle lost control of his car on highway one and crashed into a tree early thursday morning while responding to a 911 call. deputy circle grew up in nevada and had been with the marin county sheriff department for 2 1/2 years. he leaves behind a fiancie. the memorial service is scheduled to take place at the
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marin center in san raphael, next friday morning at 11. new developments from washington, where attorney general jeff sessions fired former deputy fbi director andrew mccabe, just two days before he was set to retire. and he could lose his pension as a result. within the past hour, president donald j. trump treated, andrew mccabe fired. a great day for the hard- working men and women of the fbi. a great day for democracy. sanctimonious james comey was his boss and made mccabe look like a choir by point he knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the fbi. fox news carolyn shively is on capitol hill tonight with more. >> reporter: hi there frank. attorney general jeff sessions says he fired mccabe for his role in allegedly leaking information to the media about a case related to hillary clinton, then denying it. that comes as we are learning
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more about the other big story of the night, the white house is dealing with new allegations from porn actress stormy daniels.>> we take the security of any person fearlessly, certainly would condemn anyone threatening individual -- any individual. but i have no knowledge of that situation.>> reporter: sarah sanders tried to avoid questions about stormy daniels and her claims that she was physically threatened to keep quiet about her alleged sexual relationship with president donald j. trump a decade ago. sanders and other white house officials also sidestepping questions about possible shakeups at the white house. rumored to be on the way out, national security advisor,  veterans affairs chief, and even white house chief of staff, john kelly.>> staff spoke to a number of staff this morning. we reassured them that there were personnel changes, no immediate personnel changes at this time.>> reporter: as to mccabe's firing, his retirement and pension would have quick --
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kicked in at 1201 sunday. since he has been fired, the career officer will receive no pension. >> the trouble began when he got to the seventh floor, and forgot the fact that the rules apply to him even though he is at the top executive level. >> reporter: mccabe denies any wrongdoing, and hence that his firing as part of this administration's ongoing war on the fbi, and the efforts of the special counsel investigation, into whether there was collusion between russia and the campaign. frank and julie, back to you. >> carolyn shively in washington tonight. in a statement andrew mccabe denies leaking information to the media about the hillary clinton email probe which he oversaw. that is the official reason for his firing. he said he is being singled out because of events firing the firing of james comey last may. mccabe became fbi director at that time and spoke out in
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support of james comey. president donald j. trump began calling for mccabe to be fired last summer, suggesting he was biased against his administration. the move tonight could cost mccabe his pension after 21 years at the fbi. we are learning more about a deadly crash involving us military helicopter in iraq. one of the seven servicemembers killed graduated from stanford law school just last year. he has been identified as 37- year-old christopher trypsin at us. the dean of stanford law released a statement about the death of the notice. it read in part, he was one of the most extraordinary students i had the privilege of knowing, and he will long be remembered in the institution. the crash happened in western iraq near the border with syria. the military says the helicopter went down after hitting a powerline. the helicopter was a sikorsky. here is a picture of the same type of chopper. it is typically used by the air force during certain rescue.
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little immigration agents arrested at least one person in berkeley today, setting off a wave of concern. ktvu's paul chambers the rest letter to a protest in the streets. [ cheering ] >> a small number of protesters showed up in berkeley, upset about arrests made by ice in -- on friday morning.>> here it is in my neighborhood. it felt like an invasion.>> it was on this street in berkeley where witnesses say federal agents drove up in unmarked cars and took people into custody. neighbors say those detained lived in this apartment complex at 2218 parker street people who knew them say they were nice people and they don't understand why they were taken away. a spoke person for us immigration and customs enforcement said, ice homeland security investigation made one criminal arrest in that area today, in furtherance of an
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ongoing criminal investigation. because the investigation is ongoing, no further information is available.>> i think it is a waste of taxpayer money, and i think i am concerned about the way people are taken away into detention. >> people at the scene and protesters behind me believe there were three people detained. isis says they only made one arrested in berkeley i am paul chambers, ktvu fox2 news. and north bay community marking one week since a deadly shooting at the state veterans home. at 1030, details on memorial services set for next week for the three women killed by a struggling army vet still some scattered showers. we will talk about what you can expect as we had in to your bay area weekend. the latest on a desperate search for a bay area man who went missing this week during a ski trip in the sierra. he has a good head on his shoulders. i picture him hold up in a snow cave somewhere.
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struck a live look at the conditions at the bay bridge. a beautiful picture as a bridge close in the distance. in san francisco the wind and rain toppled seven ficus trees. no one was hurt but the trees took out power lines causing an outage at the 16th street bart station. the station ended up being shut down for three hours. the rest of the bart system was not affected. a major snowstorm in the sierra
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is dumping loads of fresh powder across the region. is late-season storm has boosted notables. both interstate 80 and highway 50 were shut down today. the two main highways linked the bay area to lake tahoe. interstate 80 has reopened. chains are required. we have life team coverage tonight, our chief meteorologist film artist tagging conditions from bay area up to see her for snow to emberley in berkeley with a rush to get to the snow for the weekend and what it means for our reservoirs. amber?>> julie we are overlooking interstate 80. we just checked on the caltrans website. both ac and highway 50 are open, but chains are wired. -- required. these uc berkeley grad students rented ski gear, compacted into a camper shell on top of a four- wheel-drive suv, and hit the road as soon as they learned interstate 80 reopened after being closed much of friday.>> pretty excited but wrote --
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nervous about the road conditions. excited or if we make it, we will have a good time. >> he has reason to be nervous. mother nature paralyzed traffic on 84 hours. fresh snowfall blanketed the interstate. caltrans worked to clear the roadway. one man who plans to head up to the sierra for a company ski trip says he has been texting -- texting's for his coworkers.>> my colleagues have been stuck in colfax. and they have been there for three or four hours. they just opened. barely get your butt up here so we will try to break it up the road.>> our news photographer took this video off highway 50 at kuipers, while it was shut down. the snow created hazardous road conditions, but an east bay spokesperson said it for bay area water supplies. -- it is great for bay area water supplies. >> we are looking to get another three feet in the sierras. >> she says the party reservoir which supplies drinking water
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was already nearly all -- full at 94 percent. the storms will help even more.>> the snowpack is important because it melts throughout the summer. >> at sports basement in berkeley, the manager tells us that miracle marches a windfall for business. volume may have just surpassed the christmas holiday rush.>> this is the biggest boom we have had all season.>> reporter: there is a pent-up demand after a few diamonds. -- dry months.>> there is a huge demand. it is crazy in rentals and apparel. >> reporter: this man plans to head to truckee with his daughters.>> we were going to go up today but the highway was closed so we decided to rent and go up tomorrow morning. >> reporter: people tell me they are willing to brave those road conditions because they expect to do some great skiing
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this weekend. many tell me they plan to return to the bay area on sunday, so expect some traffic been. julie and frank? -- then. julie and frank? let's go over to chief meteorologist bill martin. he is tracking conditions. it looks like it is raining in berkeley. and all that snow in the mountains five feet of snow, so you mean. five feet of snow in the last five days is a lot. but this is up for avalanche danger. tomorrow and on sunday. that winter storm warning remains in effect for lake tahoe through tomorrow morning. he will get another eight inches tonight perhaps. it is really coming down. a little bit of rain out in berkeley. in the mountains, 50 and 80 open, but they are chaining up because the snow is consistently coming down. scattered showers throughout the bay area right now. the showers showing up here around marin county, and
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towards oakland. this is how, this spotty shower activity, is how it goes basically through tonight and into the early morning hours tomorrow. there is more scattered showers in our forecast for tomorrow as well. but as we move into the weekends things start to shape up. 40 in santa rosa right now, cooler than last night this time. there is a chance that not much tomorrow. there is some chance for someone, and then a chance. not a bad center a bit carry an umbrella. when i come back we will talk about sunday and the next shot at rain which is not far out. man from richmond is reported missing in the sierra. 65-year-old thomas mullarkey went skiing wednesday at bear valley. his wife called authorities when he failed to come home that night. his car was found in the parking lot, but the search
10:18 pm
effort has been slowed by blizzard conditions, poor visibility, and the danger of an avalanche. the chp in the air national guard are searching the area. bear valley is located off highway four in alpine county. mullarkey's niece told us that her uncle is an experienced skier and outdoorsman and is in good health.>> he has a lot of backcountry experience and a good head on his shoulders. i picture him hold up in a snow cave somewhere. he definitely has experience with building snow caves. >> mullarkey is five feet eight, ways hundred and 50 pounds with hair and lies. -- gray hair and blue eyes. a vallejo woman has been charged in state court with raping and accosting her boyfriend. as ktvu crime reporter henry lee tells us, the city of vallejo has agreed to pay the couple $2.5 million for initially calling their odl a hoax. >> matthew miller was sentenced
10:19 pm
. vallejo police said haskins and her boyfriend made it all up. miller was rested and convicted but only for kidnapping her. this week is solano county judge signed an arrest warrant for mueller on charges of kidnapping and rape, as well as rubbery burglary and false imprisonment. the new purges were filed by solano county prosecutors. vallejo has a plate -- agreed to pay haskins $2.5 million to settle a lawsuit accusing police of defaming them. under the settlement the city is not admitting any wrongdoing. the couple said what happened to us should not happen to anyone. victims should be protected in their time of need, not humiliated on a public stage. we hope the settlement brings inspiration to others like us to speak up and keep fighting.>> i hope they will never again coming out making these kind of public statements until they know what they are talking about. >> reporter: she hopes vallejo police have change the way the
10:20 pm
investigate these kinds of cases.>> i hope they have learned lessons. i would never have thought the vallejo police department would have made the mistakes they made. they know better than to come out within less than 48 hours calling news conferences, announcing to the world that two individuals that they had just met were lying, committing a hoax.>> the couple had moved away from vallejo. are said to be married this fall. henry lee, ktvu fox2 news. six years ago today sierra lamarr disappeared from her home near morgan hill. she was 15 years old and she was kidnapped on her way to school. last year a jury convicted 26- year-old antoine garcia torres for her kidnap and murder. he is serving a life sentence without parole at san quentin. sierra lamarr's body has not been found, but today the santa clara county sheriff's department said it remains dedicated to finding her remains so her family and friends can give her a proper
10:21 pm
goodbye. a deadly crash on a south bay street.>> i saw the car. it hit the tree and fell off the street. and it crashed. up next tonight when investigators they may have played a role in that crash. has never been done before and could go down it was -- as one of the greatest upsets in college basketball history. martin will tell us about tonight's bracket busting upside later on in sports. a wild chase in the east bay that ended with a crash. what we have learned about the suspects under rearrest. -- arrest.
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more for your thing. that's our thing. visit struck new information from the alameda county sheriff's department about yesterday's high-speed chase. the suspects crashed into a home in east oakland. according to the east bay times, the four suspects arrested were 15 and 16 years
10:24 pm
old. deputies were chasing their black subaru on 580 after a woman was robbed. the car exited the freeway, and the chase came to an end when it crashed into a home near 108th and macarthur. the suspects tried to run, but eventually all of them were arrested.>> alcohol and marijuana are believed to play a role in a deadly car crash in san jose this morning. he responded to catalina drive near communications hill after 130 this morning. the driver of a honda accord collided with a tree, killing the man behind the wheel, and his female passenger, as well as a dog. two other people in the car, a man and a woman were injured along with another dog. one neighbor she told the sound of a vehicle passing her home at a high rate of speed, and then a loud crash when she went outside she says she saw some in the street that gave her a sense of just how violent that crash was.>> it was the engine
10:25 pm
from the car. and i saw the car hit the tree, and then fell off of the street. and crashed on the hill. >> the identities of those involved have not been released until family is notified. police believe alcohol and marijuana were factors in the crash, but they are looking at speed and wet roads. a san leandro neighborhood was under a shelter in place order while police looked for an armed suspect on the run. it started with an undercover operation by fremont police at their fair center in san leandro. investigators say when police moved in on two suspects, they ran and led to hs. one suspect raised a gun at fremont police and shot and wounded him. it was taken into custody. the second suspect was wounded but got away. several hours later he was tracked down by a police k-9.
10:26 pm
police say both men are ex- convicts and will face charges once they are released. northbay community marking one week since the deadly shooting of state veterans home.>> reporter: you're used to seeing people every day and they are not near -- there now. details on memorial services set for next week by the three moment killed. there has been an uptick in the number of school threats since the florida shooting. a look at the emotional toll this may be taking on some students. the iconic ferris wheel at the santa cruz beach boardwalk has reached the end of its run. what is behind the decision to shut it down. closed captioning for the 10:00 news brought to you by mancini sleep world. enjoy huge savings during their met with sale. visit the on now! ♪ you gotta go to ross.
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if you're looking for anbloom incredible selection of the brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross one week after the shooting at the state veterans home, friends and colleagues say they want to remember how the victims lived, not how they died. a public memorial service is set for monday in honor of doctor jennifer golic, christine loper, and doctor jennifer gonzales. the service will take place at the lincoln field -- theater at 6 pm and will be open to the public. the women killed were beloved by their coworkers and the veterans whom they served. ktvu's rob roth is telling us how the community is dealing with this tragedy this week.
10:30 pm
>> reporter: one week after the deadly shootings, people who work at the veterans home stopped by the impromptu memorial for the three mental health workers who died. there is sadness among coworkers and among many of the vets who live here.>> i feel very sad about the whole thing. they were very very nice people.>> reporter: one week later, the california highway patrol is investigating what happened inside the pathway home program for veterans struggling with mental problems. thursday the napa county coroner revealed that former patient albert wong shot himself in the head with a shotgun after using a high velocity rifle to kill three accomplished employees. doctor jennifer golic, christine loper, and object are jennifer gonzales. -- doctor jennifer gonzales. >> both women were splendid people. i talked to them twice a week at least. it really is a tragedy. >> reporter: investigators have
10:31 pm
not released a timeline of the events, or of the types of guns used, and other details. a chp spokesman told ktvu it is a highly complex case, but would not say what information they are lacking. for many veterans and residents of this small community, these are tough times.>> reporter: you're not able to believe it. it is still see the patient sinking in. you are used to seeing people every day and they are not there now.>> reporter: it has been addressed they should especially difficult for them and their children.>> going into lockdown was frightening for people. i think a lot of parents are trying to deal with how they feel about that, and how they can answer their kids questions. they are asking a lot of hard ones right now.>> reporter: the communities annual music food and wine is bull runs friday through sunday. it is typically a happy occasion. this year there is a more somber tone. among the proceeds from the weekend festival will go to help the families of those killed. a public memorial for the three
10:32 pm
victims is set for monday evening. in yountville, rob roth, ktvu fox2 news. check home prices in sonoma county have shot up 15 percent northbay wildfires last october. the san francisco real estate company says the fire that caused so much devastation there are the reason for the spike. i a realtor explained it all comes down to a matter of supply and demand.>> is two things. low inventory, but when the 5000 households lose their homes in a market that only sells 6000 homes a year, that is a lot of pressure. >> carlisle went on to say he does not see sonoma health county prices leveling off anytime soon. he said that is the same case for the entire bay area. newman 10 a dallas development company is set to begin the first phase of an extensive construction project
10:33 pm
at alameda point. the renderings of the 68 acre mixed-use development. it will eventually bring 800 residential units to the area, including 200 affordable units. there will be up to 600,000 square feet of commercial space, as well as 15 acres of parks and public open space. construction on the first phase of the $500 million project is expected to begin this month. the base closed in 1997, and several attempts to redevelop it have failed. tubing area schools canceled classes today due to threats and violence. there have been more than a dozen red reported at local will in recent weeks. as ktvu's jesse gary reports, administrators are concerned. >> reporter: pt threats and gun violence at burlingame intermediate school friday. it is an instruction site for a little more than 1000 students. school district staff conferred with burlington police, then the superintendent made the decision to close school.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: if they kept the school open, many parents would have held their kids out anyway. it would have been low attendance. >> reporter: the heightened level of angst comes after 17 people were shot and killed at a parkland florida high school last month. this week, three bay area schools had threats of a mass shooting. tina's junior high school, and burlingame intermediates both closed in response. james logan high in union city held classes, then this mister lee due to what officials believe was a hoax. experts say these two types of threats take a toll. >> reporter: kids are traumatized. >> reporter: doctor thomas plante says this is not the first time that will age children have faced fear stemming from lethal violence. the shadow of the post-world war ii arms race, duck and cover, was the ordained
10:35 pm
response to the threat of you -- nuclear annihilation. that may have been more remote and not seen constantly through the prism of an unyielding new cycle on social media. the current rash of school shootings seem closer to home. it causes more psychological harm, according to doctor plan.>> some kids will be highly anxious. they will have behaviors such as inattentiveness, mood dysregulation, and may act out in some way.>> reporter: police say they are investigating the gun violence threat, even though it was likely a prank. officers say closing school was a no-brainer. >> we will worry about copycats later.>> reporter: it is a new worry for police departments and school districts. one message alters the course of a school day.>> is a constant reminder that schools are not safe places to be.
10:36 pm
-- it is a constant reminder that schools are not a safe place to be.>> school is scheduled to resume on monday. police officials say if it appears they are getting copycats, they will have to reassess. in burlingame, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. to come here, another bombshell in hollywood. what we are learning about harassment allegations against the president of the academy of motion pictures. we are tracking scattered showers out there now. big snow in the mountains. and more to come. is ski the scare caught on camera. we will show you the moment as the lift picks up speed, going backwards, sending skiers flying.
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some terrifying moments caught on camera ski resort in the eurasian country of georgia. a ski lift malfunctions. all of a sudden the lift began picking up speed and going backwards. some passengers were literally flung right off the lift. others were able to jump off. at least 10 people were injured. there are no reports of deaths.
10:40 pm
new at 10. the president of the academy of motion pictures is under investigation for sexual harassment. john bailey was elected president of the academy last year according to variety, the organization received three complaints of harassment this week. officials are now investigating. bailey is a veteran cinematographer shot films such as the big chill and groundhog day. the investigation into the sales -- the investigation into the sales practices that wells fargo is expanding. the justice department and the exterior days -- wells fargo has been under investigation since the fall of 2016. employees open more than 3 million accounts for customers without their authorization. on wall street stocks at higher today with gains from energy companies. the dow is up 72, the nasdaq added a fraction of a point. the s&p 500 was up for. students at quenneville -- glenview elementary school did
10:41 pm
time traveling today. the school opened a time capsule dating to 1927. the items inside tell the story of the world 91 years ago. it contained photographs, newspapers, and books. they say they found the items inside pretty interesting.>> there was newspapers, and an old scarf that smelled bad. [ indescernible ] >> that was really exciting because my classmates said it was cool.>> a lot of people said money might be in there. i did not think i was going to happen. >> reporter: the time capsule was discovered by construction include -- cruise insider while at the school during a remodeling project. did -- still to come. big changes coming to the ferris wheel.
10:42 pm
up next, why this right is being retired. and chief meteorologist bill martin will have your complete bay area forecast. we will be right back.
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it is the end of an era at the santa cruz beach boardwalk here to the amusement park is retiring at ferris wheel, which has been operation -- in operation for 60 years. ktvu's ann rubin tells us about the decision, the memories, and what will replace it.>> reporter: this is the eli bridge companies number 16 ferris wheel, a k a the aristocrat. it has been a part of the santa cruz beach boardwalk for nearly 6 years patient 60 years. it was also an important part of this man's childhood.>> was a wonderful ride to get a view. >> reporter: it was the site of countless states, marriage proposals, and even one high- profile balancing sent by acrobat nick linda. now that ferris wheel is being retired. >> it is not a safety issue, it is an ongoing maintenance issue for the ride. it is about changing the
10:46 pm
offering we have>> reporter: park officials people were not lining up for the ferris wheel like they used to. still it was a difficult decision to make >> especially for the ferris wheel because it is an iconic part of a seaside -- amusement park experience. >> reporter: nothing will replace it when away, but the boardwalk is considering another ferris wheel, maybe one bigger and flashier. still, fans could say nothing could possibly replace his memories of it, like that belinda higher where act.>> reporter: that was an amazing thing to watch that. very scary but one of my best memories of the boardwalk was. it has had a great life. 60 years for any right is amazing. i am excited for what they do in the future. >> reporter: over the next few weeks, the boardwalk will dismantle what is left of the ferris wheel. no word on how long it might take to find a suitable replacement. in the cruise, ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. we are tracking what is left of that weather
10:47 pm
system that has been with us virtually all week. started wet on monday and has ended up wet on friday. there will be more showers tonight and a few showers tomorrow, but not many. it is winding down. your weekend looks good for the most part. here is the system. sort of interesting, there is below. and literally that is the mom, the parent. that low has generated all this motion that has been swinging areas like this into the bay area. in presenting us with rain and snow in the mountains. it has been a productive system. rainfall commission has been good, 3 to 4 inches in the bay area. some areas have a foot. but in the mountains it has been stunning. four and five feet of snow over 5 degrees, averaging a foot a day. another eight inches tonight most likely, and another three or four inches tomorrow. showers are out there right now. san mateo we have shower activity you can see it right there. welcome to your day tomorrow, right? spotty showers. if you get under one you will
10:48 pm
be wet. but most likely you will be dodging them all day. most of the day you will be fine. if you're going to play 18 holes you can do that, just if it starts to rain it will stop in about 10 minutes. you probably noticed that. they are transitory. that is how tomorrow will be. duck under some shelter and get going again. life camera, that is sso. these are the forecast overnight lows. a little chilly considering there is cloud cover. snow levels are pretty low. san jose tomorrow, chance of a morning shower. that is the best shop for showers. and in the afternoon, maybe a shower. and then again to see the drips. do not worry about it. you see this thing will move through in 5 to 10 minutes in the sun will come out again. your picture of it, backup. there is tomorrow morning. of course here we are. you just saw all those impulses sliding through. not well organized. then there is the whole day. sunday, sunday is money then it
10:49 pm
clears right up. -- money than it clears right up. sunday is a slamdunk day for the whole day. but saturday will be a fine day as well. there is a five day forecast. it has been a good week of rain. next week promises more rain. later in the week looks like we will get more rain, maybe a few more inches. it is adding up. it is not saving us, well i guess it is saving us, it is helping anyway. if we did not get this we would be sad. but we are still 60 percent of average.>> this whole thing has been interesting how one minute is nice out, and the next minute it changes.>> that is how it will go again tomorrow. all of a sudden a thunderstorm will come up. just duck under something and ducked back out. it won't last long. -- ducked back out. it won't last long. barbara lee tweeted today announcing a
10:50 pm
new bill called the women's history quarter dollar coin act. lee, along with a congressman from maine, introduced a commemorative portrait collection honoring significant women in history from every state and territory. it is similar to the current $.25 piece that honors each of the 50 states. coming up on the 11:00 news, law enforcement on bay area roads as the st. patrick's day we can get underway. a live look at what is being done to keep people safe. without three of their superstars, the wires were left tonight without help. injuries continue to pile up. but you didn't ask me. you know what? i'll mind my own business. denny's $4 dollar everyday value slam. available at will
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martin with sports. i feel bad for the people that saved up their money and had great seats for the warriors tonight. they were so excited to see the team. they are without their top three players. tickets for a warrior game at oracle are 3 to 400 bucks. and you see none of the stars tonight. people will say, yeah between those three, you what about an average of 73 points a game. of course they will not do well. but the guys who did play, a lot of dumb mistakes and a lot of problems. they may step back, but he will be out another week. ankle springs are contagious with this team. ombre caspi goes down early.
10:54 pm
look at the right ankle. he goes limping off. he will be off for a while. the emergence of quinn cook here. a rookie. he's trading off between santa cruz and the warriors. cook will drive, make a nice shot off glass. career-high 25 for him. did you see the replay, 10 of 13. nice economy upshot. fourth quarter under two minutes left, dear on fox with a little jumper, 9190 kings. they trailed most of the night. now they are up three. dream on green decides i will take a crack at the three. and he hits that one. we are tied. 50 seconds left, however under 20, they are down only one. agrees way off this time. ill-advised shot. he is frustrated. the warriors still have a chance, 12 seconds left. swag ep is swatted by willie. on the other end he will score, 98 to 93, to say the least, the warriors are limping through
10:55 pm
the rest of the regular season. to make matters worse, kevin durand's going to be out a while. this is the play we think he injured his ribs on. it came against minnesota last weekend. watch his elbow jim into his own ribs. durand will miss at least a couple weeks. an mri today revealed an incomplete rib cartilage frak sure. he will be reevaluated in two weeks. that of course does not necessarily mean he is going to play. we had ncaa history tonight on the basketball court. it has never happened before. a 16th seed beat a number one. the retrievers you have heard of them will right? they are the university of maryland baltimore county. they trounced virginia, transition three, jarvis liles the 28. they go up 14 in the second half. kj mara here, a steel for the retrievers. wild, two are:, will hit a quarter three. it was all working for them.
10:56 pm
retrievers by 20, 74 254. and get this, as you see the sad virginia looks, the first tournament win for the retrievers in school history. that is quite an upset. it did not make everybody happy. round one, cal is gone. bay area slip -- slim pickings for our teams. in the ncaa's fourth quarter, asia thomas has 17, the cuts the deficit for cal against virginia. still down three 2 1/2 left. it is kiana smith with a nice drive. the bears trail by one. smith had 20, but virginia has a 6'9" center on the bench. they utilize her. felicia i you thanh. she scores and puts it away. virginia eliminates cal, 68 to 62. stanford will play tomorrow. you score 3 goals in a hockey game, that is a hat trick. they do not and they asks around, have a cute game --
10:57 pm
name if you score 4. other than to say you are very very good if you score 4 goals in a game. the sharks do have their fans up in calgary. the bearded one there. and evander kane is the man leading san jose to a third straight win. we will show you all four of kane's goals. he had three before the third period ended. the first hat trick of his career, let alone four goals. he was all over the ice. they brought him here to add energy. it has certainly done that. it was the day she was acquired at the trade deadline for buffalo. it is friday night in calgary. and yeah. evander kane is definitely biased. he shows up the four pucks right there. i was a little surprised by this. michael crabtree released by the oakland raiders yesterday. he has already got himself a job, the baltimore ravens. they have signed him to a three- year, $21 million deal. 11 million of it guaranteed. i would imagine coach john harbaugh of the ravens inquired from his brother, jim, as to
10:58 pm
crabtree's attitude and such. crabtree signs on. he had 25 touchdown catches in three years with the raiders. but he is gone. anytime tiger takes a club out of his bag and anger, you're going to have people interested. that is the case at the arnold palmer invitational. tiger is in the hunt. 15 here. he will sink a 22 foot par. saving it there. and got it to go. the very next hole. his eagle attempt breaks right. he will get to easy tap in for bird after that. he sits at tied for 17th, four under, after shooting and even 72. everybody is chasing i rick stinson. par 3/7. and there you go. stinson, your leader. meanwhile, the san francisco giants had the day off in cactus league. the letter is take care of
10:59 pm
their business. look at the nice crowd at spokane park in mesa. 5 2/3, gave up only a couple of runs. had some defense. that is a nice catch from powell. then he doubles up the runner at second base, defense looking good. the offense here from bruce maxwell not bad either. he goes up though, to runs. in the letter a is scored five runs. -- and the letter a is scored five runs. more college basketball women's style. the ball sticks in the hoop and get this. the officials looked at everything, and they decided not to give her a basket. i don't know, no one could figure it out. they replayed it. no matter. tennessee won the game, by 20 points. no problem. so all worth checking out. weirdness and sports. that is the sporting life. it is 11:00, and time for more news with frank and julie. thank you. next at 11.
11:00 pm
st. patrick's day celebrations underway, and law enforcement is out in force hoping to catch drunk drivers. the 11:00 news on ktvu fox2 starts now. hello again everyone i am frank somerville.>> and i am julie haener. celebrations are happening all weekend long. if you are out on the roads, you will expect to see more police. we are live in nevada tonight where a dui checkpoint has been set up.>> reporter: about 1600 vehicles have passed through here so far. 30 have been pulled out for more screening. three people have been tested for dui. all of them passed. but it is about deterrence. a checkpoint success is measured by how few people are impaired, not how many.>> can i take a look atou


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