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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 19, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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west shops buys hundreds of the dresses herself. bay area businesses donate money allowing organizers to buy 1300 dresses to give away this year. today at 9:00, we talk live with one of the organizers for life for three women shot and killed. and the finger pointing begins at the investigation into a large fire in the north beach neighborhood continues. >> plus, we'll talk with a podiatrist that is taking what she learned about feet and revolutionizing high-heeled shoes. shoes. good looking monday morning out there. the brackets are busted but have no fear because the sun is shining out there across much of the bay area. but don't get used to it, because we have an active week of storms blowing through the bay area starting tomorrow. welcome to the 9 everyone.
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the brackets i mentioned, my goodness gracious. i might as well rip them up. >> okay. >> you played fantastic over the weekend. chicago in the sweet 16. >> i don't know how i could be leading. >> [ laughter ] >> i chose virginia and they were upset. >> so the brackets are done, but it didn't put a damper on my weekend. i just want to share a story in regard to my family and what we experienced. i sat here a few weeks ago and told you about the loss of our family dog charley and one of our great viewers out there bill, felt an emotional connection to what i was telling everyone on that day and he said, you know what mike? it may not be the right time, but he sent a story of a german shepherd add i told my family, i know it is early, but let's take a peak. on saturday, st. patrick's day,
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we officially adopted a new dog. he is a german shepherd and his previous name was luther. i expect that name because the previous owner and i'll just say has had unforeseen medical circumstances and the dog needed a new home, but my children and wife wanted to give him an irish name being on st. patrick's day and he has had a couple good nights at home. if you can, adopt a dog. i'll say that. thank you bill. never hesitate to reach out because you never know what happens. >> it is a great story. >> we feeling like we have a home again. >> good. >> leapt's check in with steve paulson. >> you have the show. seriously, it is all very good. >> we'll do it a half-hour later. >> we do have changes mike touched on tomorrow. today is okay. we had a little bit of patchy fog but tomorrow everything
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changes. the first couple of days, tuesday, wednesday, this will be a situation where santa barbara could be looking at just excessive rainfall. now today is dry. we're okay there. a rainy week develops. it will start for us tomorrow, won't bow that bad but will pick up late wednesday into thursday. that is our best time for moderate, heavy rain. not flooding rain but a pretty solid week of rain into saturday. santa barbara and the burn scars areas down to l.a.. there could be more rain this time which would cause severe debris flow and evacuations so that is something to watch tomorrow. statewide from crescent city to san diego and the snow level will go way up. by friday it will be back down to 3500 feet and i think they
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will get more feet as well. that is our system. 30s and 40s this morning. today is pretty good, but after that we start to cloud it up tomorrow. we'll keep an eye on it because there could be heavy rain down there. there will be. the question is where is it exactly going to set up? >> for us it could start tuesday morning on light rain and then it will keep going until wednesday and thursday. again, we'll get a break wednesday afternoon, but the next system thursday, that looks pretty strong for us. 60s to near 70s on the temperatures. after today, clouds and rain into friday, probably saturday. >> steve, thank you. you're welcome. >> organizers of tonight's service for the mental health workers hope those who attend will help each other cope with their grief.
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people have been dropping off flags and flowers in memory of the three. people who work and live near the veteran's 's home, said they are having a tough time. the memorial service is being held at the lincoln theater on california drive. the memorial starts at 6:00 this evening and is open to the public. space, however, is limited. seating will be on a first come, first-serve basis. we'll have complete coverage this evening. we will be streaming it live in its entirety at where the celebration of life will take place is one of the event organizers, larry kamar. the three women described as the core of the clinical team, they are in the napa valley, how will they be remembered tonight larry?
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>> reporter: they will be remembered for their work helping our vets who served our country and came home, needed some extra help with some of their issues, they were right there on the front lines to help them. they will be remembered for their work, for their humanity. they were three really great women, great colleagues and friends. we're here to stand with their families and to show appreciation for our vets and all the people who serve them. >> you want this for healing for the entire community. in the week since we talked with you here, tell us what has been happening there. >> reporter: sure. our first priority at the pathway home was to make sure that the residents of the program were continuing to get care and that a rangement has now been made. we have certainly wanted to do what we can for the families and so the three brave women fund has been set up and people
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can find out about that at the pathway people have been spend ag lot of time with each other. we had a community gathering here last week for people to just be with each other and comfort each other and kind of tell stories and talk. but the real event is tonight, where we have got a, you know, what we think is a respectful and powerful lineup to do things to these three women hand their memories. >> what have people been saying about the three women that were killed? i am sure you're hearing stories that people didn't tell before and now you're finding out. >> reporter: well, that is a great question. each of them came to this work in a different way. christine low ber had been in the television business in her native boston and felt a
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calling to get into social work and specifically to help vets. >> dr. go lick and dr. gonzalez had trained for this all of their lives and then worked in very veteran's programs. you know, each of them had a real force, they were real life forces and great women, just great to be around. i think they were very helpful and dedicated to the vets they served and you know i think all of us are still a bit stunned that such wonderful people could lose their lives especially in this kind of way. someone said to me the other day that we need to consider their loss another casualty of war and unfortunately, i think that is very true and people are beginning to realize that. >> as for the pathway home, the decision to shut it down indefinitely, a difficult one? >> reporter: it was a difficult one, because the need is so
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strong for the kind of work that the pathway home has done for 450 vets over the last ten years. these crisis services, wrap around services, helping them with school, helping them get back with their families and their communities, so the need is still there. this is a compassionated community that wants to help, but without our core clinical staff and without a building that we can access, we had no choice but to shut down for the time being. we are trying to figure out how the spirit of the pathway home can live on and we would urge people to keep checking at the pathway or updates about our future. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> of course. we will be carrying that in its entirety streaming it live on we'll have a number of crews there to bring the celebration of life as it is being called.
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this will be an overflow crowd there. outside of the state of california, other news, the police chief in austin, texas  said the four bombings that killed people this month are believed to be the work of a serial bomber. >> $115,000 reward is being offered that leads to an arrest. here is more on the growing fear among residents when it come toss their safety. >> i don't know a cause. i don't know why this is happening. >> reporter: austin residents still shaken after an explosion on sunday night, a bomb, possibly connected to three others here in recent weeks that left two people dead. this latest explosion injuring two men in their 20s who were either riding or walking their bikes nearby. authorities say they believe it could have been triggered by the victims themselves. >> this device was activated by someone either handling kickk or coming in contact with a
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trip wire that activated the device. >> reporter: brian manly said more than 500 officers are following up on hundreds of leads and he is asking the public to call with possible tips. he has urged an extra level of caution in the city telling residents not to touch suspicious packages and report anything out of the ordinary. they are rattled but they do want to do their part to help police catch whoever is responsible. >> where the bombing was, was not far from me, so that could have been mean. i get packages all the time, so do my roommates so it hits home. >> reporter: earlier sunday before the latest explosion, a reward was increased for anyone that can provide information leading to an arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible. that is the latest from austin, ktvu fox 2 news.
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more reports of missed signs and opportunities leading up to the parkland, florida high school shooting. a new report shows some school officials and a sheriff's deputy recommended shooting suspects nikolas cruz be given a mental evaluation more than a year before the shooting. that recommendation was never acted on. if he had been committed it would have made it more difficult for him to obtain a gun. the shooting at parkland, florida has school districts around the country with many options. some security experts say metal detectors to stop gang violence on campus has made it more difficult to get guns into those schools. now some rural and suburban districts are thinking that is an option for them, as well. the extra time for students to pass through metal detectors would be a minor inconvenience that could prevent another school shooting. >> >> the ques of the day.
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do you think bay area schools should add metal detectors? >> one tweet says this would seem impossible for some schools. it might work if they had only a couple different points of entry. >> it will be cheaper to have an armed guard stationed at each school. >> patrick says detectors have been in urban schools for years. put them in malls and movie theaters while you're at it. we'll share some more at 9:30. thanks for using our #ktvu 9. >> a new investigation of sexual harassment in hollywood. as the investigation continues into this weekend's massive fire in san francisco's north beach district, one supervisor is calling on the
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%fo %fo we're taking a look at stocks here. it is not just the dow that is down today. we'll start here. dow jones down by 1 and 1-3%. 1 and 1 half percent slide. a drop in facebook shares due to allegations the company inappropriately shared the data of millions of its users. later florida will have a moment of silence for the six people who died in the pedestrian bridge collapse. the bridge was put into place days earlier and not open to the public yet until it fell connections the campus to the sweet water community in miami. we are learning more. the youngest 18-year-old alexa duran studying political science.
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they are still investigating whether cracks reported a couple days before that collapse may have played a role in the bridge coming down. meantime the first lawsuit is expected to be filed today on behalf of one of the victims. and now back in the bay area. san francisco fire chief is facing criticism from a san francisco supervisor over the department's response to a big fire in north beach over the weekend. alex has more on the call for her to resign. >> reporter: good morning to you and the supervisor for this district is apparently pretty upset with what he says was the fire department's slow response when this three story building in the neighborhood started burning on saturday night. you can see the level of devastation from this fire. the top floors wereed. those were apartments that were still under construction we're told. supervisor pes skin report cly is calling for joann hayes white to step down following this saturday night fire.
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he tells the examiner it was more than a half-hour before crews started spraying water onto the upper floors of the burning building. we should say everyone inside that building was able to make it out safely and fire chief white -- hayes white, was here on the scene saturday and did respond to that criticism saying firefighters got here fast and focused initially on attacking the flames from inside the building and search ling for those who could be trapped. >> we did have criticism from the supervisor. he was critical. he didn't think we acted quickly enough. we had units on the scene in two minutes and had water on the fire on the interior in six minutes. they did a phenomenal job. there were 8 people displaced by the fire and several businesses on the ground flower damaged as well. on sunday morning, there was
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one firefighter who was hurt after falling from a ladder truck during some of the mop up operations. it is unclear how the fire started. we know the upper floors of the building were apartments that were under construction and the roof unfinished and that's likely contributed to the size and scale of this fire. meantime, we should point out for some context here, supervisor pes kin has had run- ins before, disputeds with joann hayes white and he is calling for a special hearing to look into the fire department's response for this fire over the weekend. across the bay, it has been closed since early february and is new open against since 8:00 this morning. it was closed to repair water damage. a water pipe burst and flooded that building. >> more fallout from the call
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if you're looking for anbloom incredible selection of the
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brands you love, this season's newest trends for a fraction of what you'd pay at department stores, ♪ you gotta go to ross today president donald trump is traveling to new hampshire, a state hit hard by the opioid addiction crisis. he will outline the plans to deal with the crisis there. >> reporter: this administration is committed to fighting the drug epidemic and helping get treatment for those in need for those who have been hurt so terribly. >> reporter: president donald trump heading to new hampshire to unveil his plan. his initiative expected to have harn,er penalty, for the drug dealers and the death penalty in some cases. he is pushing for mandatory sentences force certain illegal opioids and to increase awareness and access to treatment options. >> if you're involved in the
9:23 am
distribution of elicits drugs or if you're improperly using, selling, distributing even legal opioids, there should be serious penalties attached. >> opioids killing more than 42,000 people in the u.s. in 2016. according to the centers for disease control and prevention, that is more than any year on record. while president donald trump declared opioids a national public health emergency, he did face criticism for not giving the crisis national state of emergency status. it is time to liberate our communities from this drug addiction, never been this way. we can be the generation that ends the opioid epidemic. >> the white house also wants to lower the amount of opioid prescriptions given to patients cutting them by one-third within three years. in washington, lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. the white house is now responding to speculation that president donald trump may try
9:24 am
to fire special counsel robert mueller. president donald trump's attorney said the president is not considering or discussing the possibility that is despite a series of tweets by the president mentioning mueller by name. a call from another white house attorney and the special counsel's investigation did not go over well with the republican chairman of the house oversight committee. russia attacked our country. let special counsel mueller lawyer figure that out. there is no collusion, you should want special counsel mueller to take all the time and have all the independence he needs to do the job. >> some are questioning the firing. mccabe says the attack on his credibility is part of a larger effort, not just a slandering of him personally but the fbi
9:25 am
and law enforcement. the academy of motion picture arts and sciences launched an investigation after three harassment claims were made against john bailey, who is also director and cinema together fur elected last august. the academy has a new code of conduct for sexual misconduct and discrimination after the harvey weinstein scandal. they are demanding answers from facebook after they selected data from users during the 2016 presidential election. cambridge an lit ca gained access to information from about 50 million facebook users. facebook says data was collected for academic purposes but was perhaps firmed to third parties which violated its policies. u.s. senators are asking whether facebook did enough to protect its user data. some are calling for facebook
9:26 am
and mark zuckerberg to testify. facebook says it is conducting internal and external reviews. a publisher is coming under fire for a book entitled great leaders. it shows barack obama, ma gandy and adolf hitler and markets it as 11 leaders who will inspire you. it was published almost two years ago, but didn't get as much attention until los angeles called on the publisher to stop selling the book. the publisher said it is about powerful leaders despite their views or how they conduct themselves. >> >> here on the 9 we'll talk pets and how they may be getting upgraded treatment on future flights. the bill that would give your four-legged friends the same rights you have while on board a plane. one of steph curry's biggest fans will meet his idol. up next, the surprise of a
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welcoming back. in the wake of the deadly shooting at a high school in florida last month, school districts around the country are looking at different security options and installing metal detectors to access the building. do you think bay area schools should add them to campuses? right now, you can look at the results. 63% say yes. 37% say no. a lot of chatter out there on social media about this question. what do you say? >> i am seeing a lot of concern about costs. freddie mac said as much as i say yes, the infrastructure will be astronomical. many people saying my school has 12 entrances. how are you going to protect all of those? >> big bertha says what difference does it make, it
9:30 am
can't shoot back. if someone is bent on killing people, they will start on those manning the metal detectors. >> you can reach us here about anything on twitter. use the #ktvu the 9. the kroger chain will not carry magazines that focus on assault rifles. they have stores here in the bay area. despite eliminating rifle magazines, they will have pebble cases that focus on other guns. this comes a few weeks after they stopped selling ammunition to anyone under 21. since the mass shooting we reported other companies including walmart and dick's have changed their gun store policy. a middle schoolteacher, protesting gun violence. according to the news, the teacher david kisner said he
9:31 am
believes school districts that allowed to take off in the walkout were saying any student's whose parents who signed them out would not be punished. last day of winter. tomorrow is the first day of spring and ski resorts are preparing to be hit with new snow. more than two feet dumped over the past week. this week, those same resorts could see more snow with storms starting to roll in as early as tomorrow afternoon. if you are planning on traveling to the sierra plan on it. the organization clean water here will name him and give him a humanitarian award. they will launch a ten-year
9:32 am
sustainable water plan which is world water day. this morning, we have been talking about the closures i have been featuring, as crews are trying to repair a sinkhole on the other side and in about 30 minutes all lanes will be shut down. they are looking for a thoughts way off and on the island. by personal experience, it will be a tough day today in alameda. >> reporter: it will be a tough drive. you can see we're aiming towards the posey tube. there are two lanes here being pushed down into one lane so it is slow going this morning. we talked to a couple commuters and they said it added add not 20 minutes to their commute. they are fixing a sinkhole. there is only one lane active right now inside. both lanes will be closed. in a less than a half-hour this
9:33 am
morning. that closure will run until midnight. the repairs are taking place at 6 and harrison streets and will take about a week until the repairs are entirely done. commuters told to use public transportation and when one going to san francisco to consider using the ferry. take a look. we were talking about it earlier. that backup. you can see how far back it goes into alameda and imagine once this closes down entirely. remember, the outbound off alameda will be completely closed in a little less than a half-hour. any drivers who are stuck here are then going to have to make their way to one of the bridges to get off the island. it will be a long day. >> yes. i can tell just by looking at that shot that it is probably backed up to central and then people getting from the west side of the island over to the
9:34 am
east end to get off so all those streets, they are going to be just not very good driving today. >> thank you. >> we talked to a couple drivers and they said it has run the gamut. some have said yes, it is taking forever. some are taking it more in stride but what we're hearing it is about an extra 20 minutes for their morning commute. for more on some of the other headlines we have been working on, here is dave clark. >> here are some of the top stories we're following. a freeway shooting saturday night that seriously injured a young girl was road rage. it happened about 9:00 p.m. eastbound on interstate 80 in herk cue less. a woman in the car was also hurt, but expected to recover. the driver drove them both to a hospital. investigators say if you were in the area that night, you possibly have information, call
9:35 am
the chp. that investigation continues. >> a decision by an immigration about whether a father of three detained by i.c.e. agents will be deported. he is an undocuments immigrant from mexico who has been living in the u.s. for 20 years. back in october he was dropping off his four-year-old daughter at daycare when he was detained. he has been in federal custody ever since. so san francisco mayor and other local leaders will announce a new funding plan to strengthen san francisco's sea wall. he will introduce legislation to call for as much as $250 million in state funding to build the sea wall which needs repairs for earths and rising sea levels. >> >> tonight at 7:30 in san francisco, five candidates for mayor will appear at a forum in the castro district. they all are expected to take
9:36 am
part. that forum will be at the castro theater from 7:30 until 9:00 p.m. it will focus on neighborhood issues, as well as issues affecting the lgbtq community. those are just some of the morning headlines. i'll send it back to you. >> thank you. protestors faced off. the cafe' refuses to serve union formed police officers. >> there are anti-american people. we're using our first amendment rights by protesting in front of this hateful anti-american anti police officer coffee shop. about a dozen demonstrators who oppose the cafe' policy are there. the cafe' declined to serve an officer in uniform earlier this month. they asked them to leave for the physical and emotional safety of its customers. counterprotesters showed up to support the cafe''s policy of
9:37 am
not allowing uniformed officers inside. they are not saying cops can't come in. they are saying uniform with weapons and they are saying because most of our community will feel traumatized as a result of it. uniformed police responded to the demonstration that end the when the protestors moved onto the farmer's market. they went to to confront. they want pets who travel on commercial airlines to have the same rights as human passengers. >> a bill will make it illegal to put pets in overhead storage bins and require the cargo hold to be pressurized and ventilated. she is taking that action after a french bulldog in its carrier died. you remember the story last week on a united airlines flight from houston to new york
9:38 am
city. the dog's owner said a flight attendant insisted the dog be put in the bin overhead in the carrier. they were not allowed to get up and check on the pet during the flight. they are answering many of the customers questions. the company says most stores will likely shut the doors it next two months. toys-r-us will pay employees flew the next 60 dares. they say anyone who has a gift card, act fast. those will only be honored for the next 30 days and if you have something you bought at toys-r-us or babies are us that you want to return, you can do that at any location that is still open. a seven-year-old boy will have his dream come true. he is going to meet steph curry of the warriors, his idol. jonathan was diagnosed when he was two with a rare disease. he is confined to a wheelchair. he loves watching basketball on television. jonathan is going to travel to the bay area with his family on
9:39 am
wednesday for some sightseeing, and friday he will have a meet and treat with steph curry made possible by dream on 3. it grants sports dreams for children with major medical conditions. >> that is very cool. stanford women's basketball team will try to make it to the sweet 16 tonight. they host 12 seated florida tonight. they were on point saturday night easily defeating gonzaga at home. they are hoping to carry that into tonight's big game. tip-off is at 6:00 tonight. >> and the stanford men's team plays tonight, as well in stillwater oklahoma. they played a nailbiter but came out on top. today's tip-off set for 4:00. the one seed st. mary's team opening game last week. now they will hope for the same results tonight as the washington huskies are in town.
9:40 am
tim off at 8:00. march madness upset between u-m bc and virginia last friday which i hated because it ruined my bracket but free pizza for you perhaps or everyone. little caesar's is coming through on a bold promise they made. they said if anything crazy happened like a number 16 seed beat ag number one seed, it would give away free pizza for lunch and sure enough that is what happened with the win over what was considered one of the best teams in the nation. little caesar's says everyone can get a free lunch combo from 11:30 to 1:00 p.m. april 2nd. >> ch mow one picked u-m bc in that one here. that game was great to see in regards to the small school that's not only just won, right. it wasn't a buzzer beater, they destroyed virginia. >> a big guy. >> i look forward to the players stories and their lives
9:41 am
and where they go from here because they will be here in the years to come. >> forget that. they ruined my bracket. >> but you get free pizza. >> we highlight bay area children and teens. this week meet the nine-year- old a.j. who goes by a.j. stunt. his mom said he started riding when he was three. he wants to be a motorcycle stunt performer when he grows up. he is growing out his hair so he can donate it to children with cancer so he looks great, doing great things. on the bike and off the bike. >> yes. >> there you go. that is what happens when you let them start when they are superyoung, great balance, great speed. >> i have forbidden my children from touching one. we would love for you to do the
9:42 am
same. give us a brief one. hat kid's got game. next, the creators of family guy, a couple of big reveals on last night's episode. the truth about stu wit's accent and the thing fans have wanted to know for years. if you carry your shoes at the end of the night. we'll talk to a poe dryest who has new high-tech high heels. they will leave you looking hot and feeling great all day and all night long.
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workweek or night, like i do, they have the answer for you. bay podiatrist has a shoe line that remedies women so much pain. so excited to have dr. joan with your line of shoes. first, congratulations. >> thank you for having me. >> it is my pleasure. i love a good high heel, sometimes the higher the better. i don't work on my feet all day, so i don't have that eight hours in being miserable but many of your patients do. >> there are many things it causes. it changes your center of gravity and everyone realizes your foot is going forward. ity destroys the bones, tendons going in. your knee is being stressed, your low back. going from your foot to your knee to your hip to your back, everything is destroyed. >> a lot of women know this, we
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can't give up our high heels. i was lucky enough to wear your shoes this morning. let me show you here. i love the high heel and i do love a good high heel. these have been so comfortable i feel like i'm on the price is right. i have these on and i have no problem wearing them. usually by this point in the morning, i am like how soon can i put on my cozy shoes. you say women wear these all day long and into the night. >> yes. >> why are they different and special? >> they are different. they are ergonomically correct. i have completely changed the way high fashion shoes have been made. we know that the comfort world has expand and they are trying to get more fashionable but the problem is due to the construction of a comfort shoe it will never look like a high- end high fashion shoe so i basically was able to put orthotics customized insoles
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into a high heel shoe. it startings with the form that the shoe is made on. ours is a tom mick. it is shaped like a foot. most think about how the shoe looks like. we start from the foundation up. >> so if i can have you grab me that booty there. that is a nice high heel and almost a spike heel. people think they need to be flat, chunky, unattractive to be comfortable. if this can give comfort of it, you can wear this to the office, you can wear this out. is that the key striking that sweet middle spot to get everything? >> absolutely. the interesting thing, the higher the heel, the more shocked win are when they wear them. when they are flat, they are comfortable but there are comfortable flats but when you put on a four inch stiletto heel and it feels comfortable, women are going wow.
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it is striking. what we can't see, we have hidden platforms in there. so with the technology, the platform will help the pitch but it is more than just pitch. i put a false canal under the platform under the met ta tar sal heads. they float. they are not hitting every time. they are protected inside my heels. >> you have a pop up in san francisco. you have been successful online. for me, i have to feel it and walk in it. i imagine it is a huge step, forgive the pun, for people to feel, touch, try on your shoes. >> it is not only exciting for them to be able and a lot have been afraid to buy because they haven't try ed them and for me connecting with women is the most fun of all of this. talking about the shoes, meeting women, seeing their reaction when they first step in them is the fun. being in the factor ryes it can be a lonely experience burt
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meeting women in bloomingdales, it is a dream come true for me. >> it is not $29.99 but there is a push for investment dressing, one perfect bag, three or four pairs of these shoes can replace a closet of painful not responsible shoes. >> but i'm very sensitive to the cost. we have gotten the prices lower because it is hard because they are hand-made and using the finest italian leathers but what you're wearing ex-the signature 3-inch heel pump and whatever ry woman wants in their closet. it is under $300. if yeah can get this in the high 20s, it can cost ten times more than a normal insole so that is going to protect your feet. >> and you look for a million dollars for under 300 dollars. try on the shoes. we have the information on dr. joan olof shoe line at you'll find it in the web link
9:50 am
session on the morning on 2 tab or mobile app or bloomingdales in san francisco. her pop-up shop is there through the 31st. >> yes. >> thank you for joining us >> thank you for having me. give me a hug. >> absolutely. i love local women doing great things. thank you for being here. >> we will be right back. i might take the shoe with me. i can't imagine you brought this in a 9. >> it is beautiful. >> you want to try it? >> ♪
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it is monday and your chance to win a fox 2 news mug. go to our facebook page to enter and click on the contest link and fill out that entry form. entries accepted from now to 1:00 nis afternoon so don't miss out for your chance to win. these are the mugs. if you're the winner, thank you. >> double duty. >> "the price is right." i like that line. the hand model. [ laughter ] >> take a picture of the winner and send it to us. we'll put it on next mug monday. >> a portion of the practice was transformed over the weekend into a prom dress showroom. more than 800 teens from across the bay had a chance to choose, try on and take home a brand new prom dress part of an annual dress by west event
9:54 am
organized by the wife of david west. leslie west started it 13 years >> go. this is her second year holding it in oakland. she shops for hundreds of the dresses herself. businesses donate money and they got 1300 dresses this year. reporter previewed a secret that was to be reviewed on last night's episode of family guy. the hit show explored one-year- old stu wit's accent and sexuality. his british accent is fake but he keeps it up to mess with his family. for the first time he discusses his in securities with a therapist and addresses the pressures in gay culture but never comes out and fans say this proves a long time theory the youngest member of the family is gay. after months of separation and thousands of miles traveled, he is reunited with a
9:55 am
dog from overseas that showed up at a campground in afghanistan. he started feeding him everyday. he came home and flew him to arizona. they coordinated the travel and helped raise the $5,000 needed to bring apollo to the united states. he had a flight from afghanistan all the way to turkey. then from kerr ty to d.c. and then from d.c. to here. he had along travel period. it is amazing to have him back home. >> he said apollo was a little shy when he arrived in arizona but quickly made himself right at home. >> president donald trump's war of words with james comey is paying off for comey. his book called the higher loyalty goes into stores april 17th. the american people will hear my story very soon. the president fired comey last
9:56 am
year and has fired part of the on going obstruction of justice investigation. >> do you think you spend too much time on the internet? research shows most of us are doing that. around 1 in 4 american adults are online almost constantly. that is a 5% jump from 2015. 43% go online several times a day. young people are more likely to be web obsessed. 39% between 18 and 29 are almost constantly connected. according to those who did the research, these numbers are likely to keep rising because the growing number of mobile phones and streamlined internet access. >> if you taught your children not to play with their food, you may want to think about this again. we'll talk to the developer that encourages your children to learn and explore about their food and hopefully eat things that otherwise, they would not want to try. it is called the superfood
9:57 am
explorer and just a quick peek. definitely notebooks and magnifying glass in there. it is a good idea to see what you're eating a little more. >> i love an adventurous eater at any age. we all have little ones. you don't want them to -- good old-fashioned food, food that your ancestors recognize food. >> try something different, shellfish. >> i don't know. >> we'll see you back here at noon.
9:58 am
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> now, here's wendy! whoo-hoo! whoo-hoo! whoo-hoo! >> wendy: hello! thanks for watching. thank you for waiting.


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