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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  March 21, 2018 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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has not yet had to pay yet. the museum of ice cream will extend its stay in the city at least until the end of may. >> i have a couple of shoots in san francisco that i'm working on that i will have for you in the coming days. >> are you going to be in the news van. >> i am. i like talking on the two-way.
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one of the hardest aspects of this job is when it is raining. if you're trying to get someone to talk to talk to you on the street, do your work when it is raining, it is harder. >> getting the equipment dry. >> so it is -- >> it is a nightmare. i would rather be in the snow than the rain sometimes. >> really. i agree. it is less than a burden. >> when i was a general assignment reporter, i had my rain gear on point. >> on point. >> my good shoe that's didn' -- shoes that didn't leak. if you're wet, you're miserable. >> that's right. according to the weather and steve, you know this as well, the morning commute can be miserable because of more rain. >> steve, you and i have been talking about san francisco airport. the flights are delayed coming in. some say by four hours average. now, do you think that rain is going to stay with us for the next few days? because if it does, flights will be delayed. >> they also changed your
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flight pattern. they have a southeast wind. sometimes that has something to do with it. also the off and on rain. it doesn't look that bad. maybe things will pick up here. tomorrow morning will be tough. we could get heavier rain. sfo has only had about half an inch of rain. it is in the santa cruz mountains and also up towards marin county and russian river. it has begun in santa barbara. they now have three quartersof an inch. some of the lightning coming in, san luis obispo, vandenberg. the heavy rain has digged in. this took a while. they didn't have much. that is an intense brand. also associated with the band coming in from the southwest. that is giving us the muggy feel today. and then the low to the west is starting to funnel our direction. it will be cloudy, mostly cloudy. and the rainfall forecast, i mean, santa barbara -- that's just in town. not in the hills where they could double or triple that amount. fresno, four and a third. that is tremendous rain for the san joaquin valley.
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ross in marin county, three and a quarter. santa cruz, coming in on two inches of rain. kent field over three. occidental. then it tails offment that will be -- off. that will be the focus today. san anselmo, two and three quarters. there is your moisture. it will continue to work its way in. snow levels very high. going up above 7,000 feet. look for the cloudy, mostly cloudy day. and some of the rain will work its way into marin county for four inches of rain after everything is said and done. 64 down in carmel. not that warm in santa cruz. but that is the source of this really warm air. the winter storm warning starts at 5:00 p.m., you guys. it will be heavy wet snow. it will go way down by friday. speaking of the snow, after many parts of the sierra picked up five feet of snow from the
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last wave of storms, more on the way as steve says. it will be coming down in the higher he will vagues, 7500 feet. up to two feet expect. if you are driving to the sierra and you don't have four- wheel drive or snow tires, bring the chains. another late season storm is paralyzing the east this morning. the fourth nor'easter this month. it is being felt from new england down to washington, d.c. much of the federal government is closed down because of the latest storm. it is not cold enough to hold off the cherry bless only festival. the effects of the storm are being felt across the country as thousands of flights have already been canceled. a 16-year-old girl is in critical condition with life threatening injuries after a shooting in maryland at a high school. about 70 miles from washington, d.c. a 14-year-old boy was also shot. he is in stable condition. police say the shooter a 17-
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year-old student, was armed with a handgun. he was shot and killed by a school resource officer that responded to the scene. according to police, the suspect had a prior relationship with the female victim. the male student who was hurt was an innocent bystander. school resource officers are deployed on many campuses in the bay area. >> ktvu's cristina rendon says the city of oakland has its own system. >> reporter: some campuses have armed police officers. others have unarmed guards. but the ultimate goal is the same, the safety of students and staff. >> i think the security of students in oakland is really safe. >> reporter: the police chief for the oakland unified school dis, the only bay area school district to have its own police department. each school is assigned an unarmed resources officer. 20 sworn armed police officers work for the district and respond to calls. >> i would like to have armed
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police officers on campus. i can tell you that a lot of general public will push back on that. we get differing views from the community. even though i don't have a uniform officer sitting in the school, they're a couple minutes away from getting there because they're dedicated to the school district. >> reporter: san francisco, san jose, fremont, mount diablo, san ramon valley and west contra costa county all have armed resource officers at high schools. some are assigned to middle schools too. >> right now school resource officers are on campus. >> reporter: west contra costa unified school district spokesman says the district passed a positive school climate resolution that includes collecting data on the effectiveness and actions of school resource officers. >> there are those that want to see thymion. there are plenty of people that want to see them remain. all we're doing is collecting data and getting information so the superintendent can make an informed recommendation to the
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school board. >> as long as you only have one way in or out, it would work perfectly. when you have a school built for, you know, the community to be able to come to school, you have multiple entrances and exits. you won't be able to handle it. you would have to put a metal detector at every exit of every school. it would be too expensive. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the california department of education says it does not track how many districts have armed guards on campuses, saying it is left up to the individual districts to decide whether or not they have school resource officers. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. as christina just mentioned, the west contra costa school district is considering to remove the resource officers off of school campuses. the mayor disagrees with the idea. he is joining us live this morning. why do you disagree. >> i disagree because there should not be a price on school
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safety for our students. i feel that the school district is using this school policy climate policy as a way to save two and a half million dollars. >> you think it is money, not the principle of o'e -- overpolicing. >> absolutely not. we had a presentation by our chief a week ago at the city council meeting. there was 1100 calls of service at the school campus. there was at least 16 cases that were to a -- that were at a point where they needed to be booked. uh-huh. >> okay. 16 cases where there was probably an arrest. 31 where there was some sort of a citation written. so the article that came out where somebody stated it is school to prison. >> uh-huh. >> pipeline is absolutely false. >> what about the overpolicing? some say that these kids are
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dealing with police officers for relatively minor infractions. >> okay. again, what is a minor infraction? somebody bullying and taking somebody's electric pad? their computers. where do we put a line on that. our sfo officers are trained in mental health. they are trained to work with the students. they're not there to bully them or intimidate them. i went to the school board meeting in december of 2017. it was shocking to hear some of the stories. one student says she was tackled from behind by a school resource officer in el cerrito. there is no officer that i know of, unless someone had a gun that would tackle somebody from behind, especially a woman, a young female. >> you're saying that maybe some people's feeling in the community about police is being exaggerated to, you know, get these officers off campus. >> what i found out recently is
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there was a grant of $2 million that was given out to the school district by assembly man thurman in june of 2017. the resolution for the school climate policy didn't get adopted until december 2017. there was not one call to any official, any elected official in west county either have the assembly man's office or the school board. what is going on? as of today, i've been out on this, still have not had a call from the -- many of the school board members at all. >> we had a store knee another district just today that we read about students not being able to afford the ap test because they're strapped for cash and they can't afford to give the students the $94, whatever it is. in your district, you mentioned the two and a half million dollars. one article says take the money and spend it on teachers and counselors. why not do that instead of have these officers on campus. >> mike, i don't want to get on
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the school district. but as a city, when we have any money item that comes up, we have to identify the money source. this school district has been getting recently they have given raises to all of the teachers, the unions, not one fund -- they haven't showed where they're going to get the money from. they're spending the money. none of their resolutions have a funding source when they pass acor adopt any item that has funding in it. their principle of management is flawed in the school district. so i have no idea where their money is coming from. but certainly i don't think that it should come from the s ros. >> let they ask you something, do you think there is a different motive for trying to get the police officers off of the campus than what they are saying? >> i -- yeah. i think that what is occurring is that 9 west controversy -- the west contra costa school
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district is a guinea pig for the state to try. i'm concerned, hey, what are we doing here? i mean, how do we handle combative disruptive behavior in a classroom? the teachers are not allowed to touch the students. the school district has campus security. the campus security is not able to understand and resolve the situation with students. police officers are. that's what they're trained to do. >> you're saying an armed police officer should respond if there is a class disturbance. >> i have no idea what is going on in the classrooms. i think from what i heard from our sros, they don't go to the classrooms. that usually security brings them in and then our sros talk to the student in the principal's office. okay. from my knowledge, this is what our sros said. they are not inside of the classrooms, arresting kids. >> we saw what happened in maryland yesterday. >> we did. >> with an armed police officer confronting and eliminating a threat. >> well, i -- it's a sad part of society.
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i mean, that was an illegal weapon. a 17-year-old with an illegal weapon. yes, fortunately, there was a trained police officer there. we also have to remember, this district attempted to have their own police force years ago. they failed so badly that they lost or certification, they came to the cities and asked for the police with the police departments. that's why we're there today. i will mention i reached out to the school district and asked hem to join us on the 9. i have not heard back. certainly if they do, we will share that here. coming up, preparing for a potential disaster. we will take you to san jose airport where right now a full training drill is happening.
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this day nine years ago. fromthey were shot and killed by an ex-felon wanted on a warrant. he opened fire after being pulling over for a traffic violation. there was a subsequent search for him. he was later killed in a shootout. today's memorial will begin at 10:00 this morning at saint benedict's church in east oakland. ktvu has been invited to the mass and our own frank mallicoat will report on that versus coming up at our noon broadcast. we're following developing news in austin, texas where authorities have identified the suspect in a number of bombing attacks. the suspect killed himself overnight. >> investigators are saying 23- year-old marc anthony condit set off a bomb inside his car just as the s.w.a.t. team was closing in on him. lauren blanchard has the details from washington, d.c. >> reporter: police may have gotten their suspected austin
9:17 am
bomber. now the big question, did he have help and could there be more explosive packages still out there? >> although the situation appears to be over, we urge the public to remain alert and report any suspicious activity or packages or devices. >> reporter: around 2:00 a.m., outside round rock, texas, police engaging with the 23- year-old suspect, marc anthony condit. he detonated a bomb inside of his car as s.w.a.t. teams closed in, killing himself and injuring an officer. police are confident that the suspect is connected to all of the bombings over the last three years. >> they pieced all of the information together. >> reporter: the governor of texas says the mastermind behind the attacks is dead. >> he did not have a job. >> we do know at least on our early information that he did not have a criminal history. >> he was not ex-military. we don't know how he gained the skill set. >> reporter: as police try to
9:18 am
piece together who this guy was, where he learned to build bombs, if he had help and what his motivation was. >> they have to go back through his -- his data, his cell phone history, anything that tracks him around the community to look in those areas to see did he put out another trip wire package laying in wait for another victim. as condit's neighbors are waking up to a flurry of police activity. >> praying for the family. and i can't imagine what they're going through. >> reporter: police are warning the people of austin to remain cautious because they are unsure if there were more explosive packages. they are urging anyone who sees something suspicious to call 911. lauren blanchard, ktvu fox 2 news. alex savidge is live at the airport right now.
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>> reporter: good morning, mike. this disaster drill at san jose airport just got started here. we will show you the scene on the tarmac. as part of the scenario that is unfolding here, a regional jet coming in for a landing struck a bird and the flaps are not working properly and it does not have working tires or a blown tire and the jet makes a crash landing. you can see here there are a number of passengers injured in this scenario. all of the folks here are volunteers from the red cross. [audio difficulties]
9:20 am
>> what they would do is put a large blanket of foam to smother the fuel so it can't light off. then we will try to do the most good for the most amount of people. we will do what we call triage and find out who we can help. and then it's just a tiered response from there. and a lot of people here, hopefully helping quickly. >> reporter: and, again, we come back out live to the picture on the tarmac at san jose international airport. the response from the san jose fire department right now they are in the process of triaging all of the victims here in this disaster drill. anyone who can walk has been told to walk and make their way off of the tarmac.
9:21 am
the cessna here is meant to simulate the flight that has made a crash landing at the airport. they don't have an actual jetliner for the drill today. the drill just got underway a couple minutes ago. it is a chance for all of the agencies to respond. sorry. i can't make it.
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>> a bipartisan group of senators says more needs to be done to make sure that the meddling does not happen again
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in the elections. they are protecting against russian cyber attacks and other forms of political coercion leading up to the 2018 mid term elections. the committee is pressing homeland security secretary to do more to protect against russian cyber attacks and other threats to the election process. the secretary says not all election officials except homeland security's offer of support. the board of directors has a new director. the board unanimously confirmed paul henderson. he was nominated by the police commission for the job and has been serving as interim since last june when he was appointed by mark farrell. it was formally known as the office of citizen complaint to investigate all shootings and complaints regarding use of force and misconduct. and it has the ability to audit the police department. a retired nfl star once suspect fended for eyesighting
9:25 am
the drug policy is now selling legal marijuana products here in california. >> you have it. >> no. >> reporter: former nfl great ricky williams laughing. and he has a lot to be happy about. >> my childhood dream to be a football player has transformed into adult calling to be a healer. this product line is a manifestation of that. >> reporter: his face lights up as he talks about his newest endeavor. a line of products called real wellness. get it, rw. >> i started to reflect on where i had been and what i am good at. i sensed that i want to be a healer. >> reporter: it was a study of ancient medicines herbs that fueled the idea for the product line. that and his experience in the nfl. >> i'm a great football player and this is great but i felt
9:26 am
like i was represent containing people at most but distracting people from being present in their lives. they drink beer and watched football on sundays. that wasn't enough for me. i wanted to do something meaningful. >> reporter: once his life was all about football tackling, the violence of the game. now his life is all about healing. but the road has not been an easy one. >> when i left the nfl, it was -- it was -- there was the controversy around cannabis. i was labeled as a pot head and i was an evil bat person. it was the beginning of my healing journey. i feel that i have come full circle. >> reporter: that started in 2004 as he start in the training room watching guys line up to get their ms. >> it dawned on me that, waugh, all of us have to take a pill or a shot every day just to be able to feel good enough to go out there and practice. and i thought, you know, that can't be good for us. >> reporter: years later working at an herb lab, the idea combining cannabis and herbs clicked and he went to
9:27 am
work to help his son's eczema. >> reporter: he has developed real wellness but you can buy it all at 17 legal dispensaries throughout the county. all right. disney is welcoming some new superheros. they are expected to be open by 2020 at disney's california adventure. replacing a bug's land. and at hong kong disneyland, guests will be able to team up with "ant-man" and the wasp as the park expands the iron man experience which is already the most popular attraction. coming up, dana scully launching new lines for real life women.
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oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto >> lots of green on storm tracker 2 this morning. and also on the stock market. we see the dow jones is up gaining about 130 points. s&p having a nice bump of half a percent. nasdaq up as well. we have been watching facebook's stock. it is actually up today, gaining just more than 2% after taking quite a slide earlier in the week because of the data sharing situation, if you will. as we bring in steve, steve, i have a question for you. >> i'll try to have an answer for you, sal. >> i don't know if you have an answer. is this the last significant rainfall of the year. >> that is a good question. once you get to april, it is a little tough. i think we will have an active
9:31 am
spring. i buy into that. the short answer is no. >> okay. >> this one will be tough to beat. the breeze is really picking up. is it warm or warm? redwood city, sfo are 60 degrees. san jose is 69. southeast at 21 miles per hour. this is a tropical warm pattern. that southeast breeze will only get stronger over the next 12 to 18 hours. al of this moisture continues to come in from the west/southwest. it is being funnelled in here. it will intensify and move in for everybody late tonight. with many breaks in the clouds the possibility of thunderstorms exists. with all of the moisture, you get lift and it wouldn't take much. out to the valley and parts of contra costa county. something to keep an eye on. for us, cloudy to mostly cloudy today. off and on rain. marin county and santa cruz mountains and russian river will take the bulk of this. then the colder air will slide in. more rain on the way. some of these are -- you know,
9:32 am
you could doubling some -- could double some of these. after that we will get a break. 60 to near 70 today. a possibility of thunder showers. we will take this into sunday. monday and tuesday look dry but breezy. there you go. four more days. >> okay. thank you, steve. >> you got it. >> for more on the headlines that we have been working on, let's go to dave clark. >> thank you, sal. here are some of the top stories we're following. the countdown is on to another possible government shutdown. midnight friday is the deadline for congress to pass a 1.3 trillion dollars budget plan. the republicansed want to send their plan to the rules committee today, meaning the house would take it up tomorrow, the senate on friday. just hours before the deadline. the big issues include daca and funding of border wall. they're among the key issues. federal safety officials are in arizona. they're investigating the death of a pedestrian hit and killed over the weekend by a driverless uber car. they're examining the car, the
9:33 am
crash scene, and they have dash cam video of the accident. the woman was hit as she with walked her bike across the street. investigators say she was not in the crosswalk. and she may have suddenly appeared from the shadows of the center median. an uber operator was in the car at the time of the accident. the investigation continues. and toyota is suspending testing on its driverless cars after that tragedy in arizona. they're the first major car maker to do that. toyota had been road testing cars here in california and michigan. they haven't said when or if the tests will resume. those are just some of your morning headlines. mike, sal, gasia, i'll send it back to you. >> thank you, dave. down in southern california, many people inmont city have been forced from their homes because of the concerns of mudslides. >> reporter: we just moved a little bit up from where you
9:34 am
last saw us. we're in montecito right in front of montecito creek. you can see this creek it is moving fast and furious. we -- the rain is also coming down very hard. now, after the january mudslides, the mud actually flew over the railing that you see right over here. crews out here told us if the mudslides are intense enough, this creek could fill up in 30 seconds. we have been hearing for the last 15 minutes of what sounds like thunder but it is actually boulders shifting. the january mudslides actually wiped out some of the homes on this street. you can see some of the destruction in the homes on the right over here. 21,000 people are under mandatory evacuation right now. search crews have been going from home to home reminding people to get out now. in fact they're still warning people if you're still here, it is not too late. leave immediately. as of right now we are still watching this creek. it is moving very fast.
9:35 am
hoping that it doesn't fill like up last time. we will send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you. straight to san francisco where aaron peskin is apologizing to the fire chief and his wife. it is following that big fire in the north beach district. he called for the chief's resignation. the supervisor accused fire crews of putting out at four alarm fire slowly. the chief says her first priority was to make sure that there was no one trapped inside. and crews had water on the fire within minutes of arriving on the scene. while i reserve the right to raise questions as more information comes out about sfsd leadership, it was inappropriate to raise them on scenes. now concerns that students from oakland tech won't be able to afford the ap tests. >> they take place at the end of the year and are required to
9:36 am
get college credits. >> amber lee reports. some say that is standing in the way of their education. at oakland tech, students looking towards college attend an after school presentation about financial aid to find their footing. some are taking ap classes. and just learned they will have to find a way to pay a $94 fee for each test to get college credit. >> my parents struggle already. and it's hard to pay bills and go grocery shopping. and ap tests don't seem as worthy as the grocery shopping. >> reporter: this high school senior is taking four ap classes. but the aspiring chemical engineer doesn't think that his parents can pay for the four tests so he could lose the college credits or prove that
9:37 am
escapable of college work. assistant principal coordinates the ap program at oakland tech. there are about 600 students in ap classes and many can't afford the test fees. >> when you start imposing fees, then you start to differentiate who has access to what. >> reporter: taylor says it is an example of income inequality leading to opportunity inequality. >> you see your hard work and then it just goes, well, you don't have the money to pay for it. so then how are you going to make it. >> reporter: juliana she's she and her mother will figure out a way to pay the fee, after recently downsizing to a smaller apartment. >> we're not poor. and we're middle income. but in the bay area, you know, with the cost of rents, it is crazy. i mean, we just are -- we're struggling. >> the ap course was like in -- was a way that i can prove my -- my abilities to myself. but seeing that it is like $94 per ap test, it made me question whether i'm going to have the opportunity to do so.
9:38 am
>> reporter: the deadline to pay the fees is march 30th. administrators here at oakland tech say they will do everything in their power to help raise the money to help hundreds of students take that test to realize their dream of college. in oakland, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. all morning we have been following developing news in the struck of austin bomb -- string of austin bombings. police are evacuating the area around the home of the austin bombing suspect and federal authorities are preparing to deploy an anti--explosives robot. this comes after police closed in on the suspect early this morning. you see that scene here after condit dead nateed a bomb in his vehicle, essentially committed suicide before police could capture him. right now we know that the fbi has police near the home. neighbors are being told to
9:39 am
leave their homes. these orders come after investigators have been searching the home and surrounding the area. police have been clear in saying that just because the suspect is dead doesn't mean that the threat is over. we don't know what he has been doing for the last day or so. facebook shareholders suing the company. we talk about this with in other words on call about the problems facing the site and whether mark zuckerberg might actually testify.
9:40 am
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>> there are now several reports that facebook ceo mark zuckerberg will make a state about the data breach. a group of investors are suing the company saying they suffered financial losses because facebook did not tell 50 million of its users that it
9:42 am
allowed third parties to obtain their personal information. the stock was down 9% before the opening bell. monday had its worst day in history. we look at the numbers now. the stock is up 2 and a half percent. that could result in facebook being hit with fines of close to 1 trillion dollars says one legal expert. >> joining us via skype is ryan of in other words of call. if zuckerberg talks publicly within the next 24 hours, what do you think he is going to and a what should he say. >> i think he will have to make it clear that he is protecting our personal data on facebook and that is more important to him than money is. with the exit of alex stamos yesterday, the chief information security officer, estated yesterday on twitter that he thinks that the company is putting money before users. especially when it comes to privacy. and that is why he says that he was going to depart. he will be staying on until august to kind of have a
9:43 am
transition there. but both zuckerberg and cheryl sandberg, the coo of facebook, have yet to make a public statement. everybody has been waiting for him to say something. facebook was hauled before a parliamentary committee in the u.k. in february to talk about possible russian meddling in the whole brexit thing with facebook's influence. and they didn't even send a senior executive. now the parliament investigation committee is basically saying we want zuck to show up and tell us what is going on. attorney generals all over the united states, many senators, including adam schiff, have been asking to get zuck before congress to discuss privacy policies. the ftc is looking into this. this is a big thing for facebook right now. >> some people say that facebook was complicit in helping, you know, the
9:44 am
republicans perhaps steal the election. other people say they were just negligent and not safeguarding how their information is used. do you get a feeling what most people think about this? >> well, you know, this all -- this all kind of stemmed -- this specific thing with cambridge analytica stemmed from a survey that a cambridge university scholar put up online. it was a person test. about 270,000 people participated in this personality test. what nobody really knew was this was also going out and scraping friends and family, anyone who was connected to the test, it was scraping their data as well. this was a breach of up to 50 million users. at the time in 2014, this was totally cool. there was nothing wrong with this. the problem came when that scholar then shared that data with a private organization, cambridge analytica which was founded by steve bannon and
9:45 am
robert mercer. they allegedly used that data to help influence the election. now cambridge analytica says we deleted the data. but we are taking their word for it at this point. we are waiting to see if the government steps in and gets a subpoena to see if that happened or if facebook sues them to get more information on that. when it comes to facebook, it is not just what we participate in. every time that we download an app, there is a little thing that says this is all much the information that it will collect from us. most of us ignore that. oftentimes it is giving them access to our friends list. once they get access to our friends list or they can see where we go when we're online, it is not hard to figure out where the political leanings are on based on the pages we visit and things like that. >> ryan, let's take you down to the user level. a lot of people telling me, i can't give up facebook. it is how i keep in touch with my family. for the user who is going to stay on facebook, what's the
9:46 am
smartest way to use it without giving up all of your information? >> yeah. so first thing that you want to do is audit all of the apps that you have attached to facebook. any games that you aren't using anymore or any little tests or quizzes that you participated in. it is all in the apps section of the facebook setting. you can also go down into your facebook setting and tighten up your security. make sure it that your profile is private. make sure that you're not sharing information or leaking it out. and then there's also a section in the settings area where you can see what facebook knows about you. this isn't by far a complete list because facebook not only tracks your usage while you're on the site but it also tracks your usage while you're just cruising around the internet. if you have logged into your facebook account on your browser at any time, it will track you whether or not you want to or not, whether you have gone to google or whether you're going to political websites or whether you're just looking at home shopping network stuff. >> ryan with nerds on call.
9:47 am
appreciate you having a question with us. >> thank you. >> will the scandal involving facebook over the misuse of personal data cause you to delete facebook? here are the results. >> frank mallicoat is joining us live from the cafe in livermore asking people what they think. >> reporter: i found two millennial who's have facebook pages. that is unusual in itself. they are both from livermore. let's start with you. you have done a little homework on this. would you shut down your facebook account after what has transpired. >> i would have to do more research find out how the pages were used. i post politically but i use the page to connect with my family across the country and other countries and with my coworkers. >> reporter: does it bother you that facebook might be using your likes and dislikes to market you one way or the other. >> as an education measure, i
9:48 am
find it educational because it is cheap educational tools. but it is creamy r.r. creepy that they're reaching every -- but it is creepy because they are watching my every move. >> it creeps me out. for me personally, i like -- i hardly ever go on facebook. i do have an account. so like i do have likes and dislikes up. there they're not tailored or personal to how i am. for me i can see how i wouldn't shut down my account just because i don't have that much on it. but i understand how other people would be. but it makes me upset that -- >> yeah. we talked about it. if you're out buying something in particular, a rubber chicken on amazon, you have rubber chicken advertisements on your facebook. >> yeah. >> reporter: does that bug you? >> yeah. i don't see it as much on facebook as i do an instagram. >> reporter: know who owns instagram. >> probably facebook.
9:49 am
>> reporter: yeah. >> do you use facebook? you're 19 years old. >> do i use it every day. >> reporter: do you use it a lot? >> i use it to like reshare things that have already been shared 1500 times. >> okay. like i was telling you, if i do something, i will make a post about it. i hardly ever am putting actual things into it every day. >> reporter: thank you, ladies. i appreciate it. some good information there from a couple of millennial that's do like -- millennials that do like facebook. they're on the fence of whether they will shut it down. coming up, the mother of marshawn lynch give fans a fright. many were worried that beast mode was thinking of moving to the 49ers.
9:50 am
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>> police are investigating a possible tip in the case of an 11-year-old mesa, arizona girl who has been missing for 19 years. she went missing back in 1999. last week a dollar bill with a note written on it was found in wisconsin. it said my name is mikel biggs, kidnapped from mesa, arizona. but her name was misspelled on the bill. >> you can't negate any tip without following through on it. it could be a situation where someone was rushed or otherwise. we don't know. >> i think best case scenario, it could be someone may know something. maybe they thought they saw
9:53 am
her. maybe they did at some point. maybe they were with her at some point. it could be a number of scenarios. that is her sister. she says the possible tip was a strange and unexpected one. though it gives her a glimmer of hope. delta is apologizing for sending a puppy to the wrong place over and over and over again. it was supposed to go from virginia to idaho but it was flown to detroit and las vegas and salt lake city and then finally boise. the mistake was discovered when the owner went to pick up the dog and found another dog instead. now united airlines is suspending its pet shipping program. since last year, 18 pets have died while being transported in the cargo compartment under united's pet safe program. that is triple the number of the animal deaths on american, delta and alaskan combined. united says the program will be on hold until may 1st while
9:54 am
animal safety experts review their policies. x files agent scully has changed how women look attica rears in steam fields. they call it the scully effect. women who regularly watch or watched the x files are 50% more likely to work in the steam industry. nerly two-thirds of women in the feel say that agent scully served as a role model to them. the x files by the way is in its 11th season right here on fox television. the san jose sharks notched their fifth win a row. the sharks got off to a fast start scoring three in the 1st period. that would have been enough to earn the victory but they scored another three in the 2nd period for a final score of 6-
9:55 am
2. san jose. it was a real team victory. the fourth line, the group that usually comes in to give the top players a rest, scored half of the total goals. pretty good. the sharks host the division leading golden knights tomorrow. they're looking good and the playoffs are knocking on the door. they would like to win five or six more games to win home ice. that is important. >> richard sherman is ready to play. the former seattle seahawks star was introduced by 49ers yesterday in santa clara. and he said he is happy to be with the 49ers. he says coming here was a difficult decision but said that the moves by the coaches and executives in the off season shows him that the team is ready to win. >> it is john and kyle. they brought stability to the organization. they brought fun. they brought belief. they brought faith.
9:56 am
kyle is obviously innovative offensively. and i have respect for the way that he calls the game for a los angeles time. he always gives us issues with plays that we have never seen. routes we have never seen. concepts. and then the rest of the league piggy backs on what he has. look at this great offensive coordinator. >> sherman missed most of last season because of a ruptured achilles. he expects to be back on the field in may or june. the raider nation went into beast mode after seeing a tweet by marshawn lynch's mom. she asked the 49ers to add her son to the roster. she put them at ease reminding them that she has more than one son that plays football. by the way, marshawn lynch recently restructured his contract to return to the raiders for the 2018 season. he took a $500,000 pay cut, making his base salary now five and a half million dollars.
9:57 am
>> night -- nice. i hope you're with us tomorrow. we will be joined on the set by oakland a's coo. we will talk about opening day coming up and the search for a new stadium, a new home, if you will, in oakland. and also improvements they're making to the coliseum site itself. so they're not just picking up and leaving. as long as we're here, let's make it all right. homeowner a week from tomorrow. it is not a night day. they have a gay game out there at the coliseum. that's right. we will see you back here at noon for the rest of your day's news.
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