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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 21, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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including a police officer are shot inside of a barbershop.>> i live right there on the corner. the 11:00 newsroom on fox 2 starts now. that wouldn't police officer is listed in fair condition tonight. hello again everyone. the suspect was also wounded and taken to the hospital along with the four other shooting victims. the gunfire broke out 430 this afternoon on the corner of geneva avenue and london street. we will get the latest tonight for -- from deborah who is on the scene outside of the barbershop where it all happened. >> reporter: the police taking down just a little while ago and we were able to get up close you can see, the shades are drawn and there is no real sign of the shootout.>> shots fired. officer down.>> reporter: the
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aftermath of a gun battle that happened in close quarters. a corner barbershop, were police responded to a call, man with a gun.>> two people arguing. >> reporter: those who live on the block, so it play out very quickly. a passerby took this video, of the arriving officers taking cover behind their squad car. a wooded police officer, shot in the leg, crawling across the pavement to safety. other people cower in the doorway of the pharmacy next door. >> i just heard gunshots. i live right there. on the corner. i heard seven or eight loud gunshots. >> there was an exchange of gunfire. >> reporter: san francisco police say five people were hit in addition to the officer. to have potentially life- threatening wounds and that includes the arm the suspect they were responding to. a minor was also injured.
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police will specify how many people were involved in the dispute and how many were bystanders.>> we don't have that information for you just yet. we are still in the early stages of the investigation. folks are receiving medical treatment. witnesses need to be interviewed. >> the suspect is down. the suspect is down. >> reporter: a witnesses a nearby business saw several people taken out of the barbershop and taken into custody. the chief checking on his officer at the hospital, eluded to more than one person involved. >> officers made contact with several individuals inside the business. shots were exchanged. this is an ongoing investigation in the early stages.>> reporter: the officer is from ingleside station, has a couple of years on the force, and the police union tonight says he is in good spirits of the hospital. although the confrontation ended here, the call to police actually originated at a home a few blocks away. for whatever reason, the suspect with a gun around here
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to the barbershop. lee saw a few men leave this building, just a little while ago. they had nothing to say. reporting live in san francisco. deborah, ktvu, fox 2 news. new information on a shooting in oakland. one person has died. it happened just before 9:00 tonight. near eighth and willow. at least one other person was wooded. at this point, no word on what led to the gunfire. texas law enforcement is now looking into the background of the serial bombing suspect as they try to determine what motivated him to kill and maim complete strangers. the 23-year-old of -- accused of spreading fear in us and in killing two people with homemade package bombs is now dead. jonathan reports, the suspect killed himself with one of his own bombs as police were moving in.>> it has been a long three weeks for the community of austin. >> reporter: now the reign of terror is over. the suspect identified as mark
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anthony conditt. police started zeroing in on the 23-year-old over the past 48 hours. using cell phones signals, witness accounts, and surveillance video, they tracked him down to a hotel just north of the state capital. as officers closed in on him, it all came to a explosive and. as members of the boston police department s.w.a.t. team approached the vehicle, the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle. knocking one of are some -- s.w.a.t. officers back. one of the final pieces of the puzzle, surveillance video showing mark anthony conditt wearing a blonde wig and gloves. taking packages to a austin area fedex store over the weekend. the governor of texas also telling fox and friends that mark anthony conditt, who had no known criminal record or military experience, did not destroy his digital footprint.
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>> i think there is a treasure trove of information in his house as well as digital information that should shed light on more of who he was and why he was doing what he was doing. >> reporter: family members are also stumped as to why the young man described as quiet and homeschooled build of the explosive packages he may -- from materials he may have gotten from home depot. killing two people and injuring four others. >> we are praying for the family. i can't imagine what they are going through. >> reporter: police evacuated the area around his home as investigators searched the premises. they are warning residents to remain undulant. >> we are concerned there may be other devices out there. we want to make sure, if you see suspicious packages or bags, continue to call 911. >> reporter: the suspects home remained sealed off as investigators continue to probe his methods and motives.
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in texas, jonathan hunt, fox news.>> he left behind a 25 minute video confession on his phone but it doesn't explain why he targeted his victims.>> what is clear from listening to the video, is this was a very troubled young man, who was talking about challenges in his life. that led him to the point where he took the actions that he took. there is also indications of actions he was willing to take in the future.>> investigators say he described building seven explosive devices including the five that exploded, one that did not, and the seventh that took his own life. 32-year- old mac was arrested on suspicion of murder and 31-year- old nicole has been charged with being an accessory after
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the fact. both were arrested last month in san jose. they were booked into santa clara county jail. back in generate 21st, san jose police responded to multiple calls of shots fired outside of a apartment complex near cottle road. when officers arrived, they found the victim, jose cortes, suffering from a gunshot wound. he died at the scene. police have not revealed a motive for the killing. alameda county sheriff's deputies are investigating the shooting of a man in hayward while he was out celebrating his birthday this last weekend. a reporter tells us investigators think the men may have made -- been targeted for his expensive car. >> reporter: he was shot and killed just days after celebrating his 40th birthday. his friends and family are struggling to make sense of the laws.>> we will never get over it. he was a fogger -- father figure. he was a brother. he was a best friend.>>
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reporter: he was sitting in his mercedes, parked outside of shista nights hookah lounge. he was confronted at 3 am on sunday. >> they fired into the vehicle multiple times. he was struck, we know that he accelerated away.>> reporter: he crashed into a light pole. paramedics tried to save him. he died at the scene. he had spent the night in san francisco. investigators are retracing his route to the hookah lounge and checking surveillance video. the attackers may have been after his all-black mercedes.>> he may have been a innocent victim in this. >> reporter: he is a devoted husband and father of two daughters. one of whom turns nine this weekend. he was a gifted musician who wants bought all of the flowers from a struggling street vendor. >> he handed them out one by one.
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just to put a smile on people's faces. that is the type of person he was.>> for it to happen to somebody like this, it is shocking to us. we are living a nightmare. we are trying to wake up.>> they have taken away a angel. we are left with a whole. hopefully together as a family we can bounce back. >> reporter: sheriff's investigators are asking anyone with tips or video surveillance to give them a call. reporting in hayward. fox 2 news. police in tempe, arizona have released a dash-cam video from a self driving uber that struck and killed a pedestrian saturday night. the video shows the suv traveling at 40 miles per hour. police initially suggested she darted out into the street, but even so, the car does not detector.
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in the interior view, you can see the employee behind the wheel. she is seen repeatedly looking down. perhaps toward the consul area of the car, until she suddenly appeared shocked to see the pedestrian right in front of her. congressional leaders reached a agreement on a $1.3 trillion spending plan. the deal would keep government agencies operating through september. it would make good to increase military spending. it also blocks much of the president's immigration agenda. the spending bill comes two days before a friday night deadline to avoid another government shutdown. one senate democrats is optimistic.>> i don't believe you will shutdown. >> reporter: the spending bill still faces opposition from the -- many conservative supporters.
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now to our weather and the store moving through the day area. people out walking in downtown san francisco tonight needed an umbrella to stay dry. it ran -- it rained on and off throughout much of the day. this is what it looks like near valley ford road. there is also heavy runoff and force the bill. our cameras found discussing rainwater running through a storm drain. rain also continues to parents southern california tonight. a flash flood warning is now in effect for parts of santa barbara. mandatory evacuations are underway amid fears of mudslides in the areas devastated by wildfires last fall. tonight, the montecito is deserted. so far, the creeks are holding and they are at about a third of capacity. fire officials say they are most concerned about the rain still to come overnight. >> it is going to be the
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overnight period with a rain is supposed to hit the hardest. we don't know where it is going to be. that is why we want to keep everybody out. they should already be out.>> reporter: most people have already left. orange evacuation orders from the sheriff have been posted on every door. i can january, 21 people were killed the montecito windstorms triggered that the -- triggered devastating mudslides. we are tracking rain. now it is raining here. your morning commute is a wet one. i will see you after the break. made a artist that sketches commuters. he has a book of portraits coming out next week. 's book ceo breaking his silence on the data scandal. outlying changes in the works. and unauthorized the vehicle crashes through the main gate.
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we are following developing news tonight. from travis air force base. a car plowed for the main gate and then crast. first responders and emergency teams from the fairfield area responded to the crash at 7:00 tonight. a television station in sacramento is reporting that the car burst into flames and the driver was killed. explosives ordinates disposable teams were also called to the team. this book ceo mark zuckerberg broke his silence today.
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mark zuckerberg vowed to take a series of steps to fix what he called a breach of trust that when the social network and its users. how mark zuckerberg plans to increase data security. >> reporter: facebook founder and ceo mark zuckerberg posted a statement yesterday with a timeline showing that facebook knew back in 2015 about the unauthorized access of 50 million users data by cambridge analytica. at the time, mark zuckerberg says they spoke asked them to delete the user profiles but did not confirm or conduct the audit. in his post, he writes we have a possibility to protect your data and if we can't we don't deserve to serve you. he added, facebook made mistakes and there is more to do. congrats once more answers. >> the first thing that has to happen is facebook needs to come and talk to congress.>> reporter: on cnn mark zuckerberg said he would be happy to testify before congress himself.
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it is officials also say they want more details. >> weather or not facebook took appropriate measures, when they found that there may have been a breach. >> reporter: facebook posted online a list of actions it will take. among them, auditing apps that had access to large amounts of data prior to some 2014 security changes. removing developers access to data if you haven't used them in many months. putting privacy tools at the top of your newsfeed in not just in settings. audits, a good step forward, cannot guarantee data has been a race. >> there may be system logs for example that you can look at. --
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customers are being told to contact the manufacturer and replace. sketching is a hobby. a collection of his portraits are not being published. tonight we rode of a bart. some called him artist. using his smart phone, artist
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do not know he is drawing them. each drawing captures a moment in time. >> i can see a new subject every single day. i can ride at the same bart every single day for a year and not run into the same person twice. >> he teaches website and app development at the academy of art. his book, rapid transit, will be available on amazon. we head into thursday with rain in the morning commute. you see this atmospheric river pointed mainly from big surf south down towards the santa barbara. they are going to get a bunch of rain. we will get the rain as well, maybe a half inch in some places. hours will be right on the morning commute, as well as theirs, but they can see four, five, six inches in the next 38 hours. there is the rain moving through their. much more significant than our
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rain. it is going to keep coming. they are right in the path of a very strong flow moisture. we are not in the direct path so we are getting residual stuff. it is amounting to some rain. we have some areas over the past couple of days. 3 1/2 inches almost 4 inches of rain. for most of us, san jose, san francisco, an inch of andy quarter over the past few days. raining pretty hard and moderate in most areas. tomorrow morning, it is going to be a nasty commute. not every early morning commute, but that 730 a.m. to 9:30 am. that is how it looks now. the temperatures are warm. that is why santa barbara is going to be inundated. 62 degrees. it is spring, but barely. 62 degrees at 11 at night. that is a warm air mass. outside, what on the bridge.
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here is the morning commute, for everybody. here is the mid morning commute for everybody. a little bit of wind. right after lunchtime, it leaves. hopefully that will be the case. the afternoon commute looks pretty dry. the five day forecast, this is the main event here. don't sweat any of this. we have to put it in because there is going to be a drop. you are doing your stuff all of those days. there is just a chance of a shower. it is not a shutdown deal. that will be tomorrow morning. by the time we get to tomorrow afternoon, it is game on. you can do stuff.>> so here for a while. thanks. st. mary's, just one victory away. one victory away from a trip to madison square garden's. the nit semi final. mark is up next on how the use came into last night's game
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what a bummer for st. mary's. i thought they were heading to new york.>> they are a solid team overall. midseason, they were easy. ranked 11 at one point. they were going to the ncaa's and didn't make it. it doesn't happen. even with the advantage of all of those fans, pumped up and ready to go, i almost choked. i am so upset about this thing. early on, amit, with a great shot right there. third quarter, the guilt actually led by two. you know it is your night when this goes. you call that a shooter's bounce. they go up again. later, in the overtime, it is up five with the the youths. fairfield with three. he had five of seven. look at them in the locker room
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afterwards. that makes fans feel even worse. they come to st. mary's, and they conquer. 67-58. it is starting to trend a little bit better for the golden state warriors. it needs to. we are getting closer to the playoffs. one guy looks like he will be back. gray looks like he was able to practice today. steve kerr, assesses the situation. >> he looks great. he is chomping at the bit. we will see how he responds in the next couple of days. before we decide whether he plays or not.>> meanwhile, cactus league baseball. we are just about a week now from opening day. both teams are ripping it up. we will go to the giants game first because they played this evening in the maricopa county. there is the first homerun, as a giant, by injury. way back into the picnic area. look at that score, 14-0. over the diamondbacks.
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fun this afternoon for the a's. they take care of business early. chad, hits one out. solo slot -- shot. they lead, 3-0. it is a 4-3 final. despite the celebrity showing up. i think he played with zz top. check this out. i found this the most amusing play. duane howard, at the 34 line. mister whammy, tried to jinx him. he is successful. dwight missed both of those free throws. complicated inbound play. that is denver's mallik and his teammates got a kick out of that. i put this in there for you frank. i am actually surprised this doesn't happen more often. down they go.
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usually, they are more adept at getting out of the way. then, just for pure skill, one of the best, that is tim crosby, of pittsburgh penguins. he passed it to himself. frank, not too many guys can do that. >> that was pretty cool. that will do it for us. see you later everyone. good night. ktvu fox 2 news, complete they area sports coverage. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd.
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