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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 22, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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allie rasmus will bring us a live report. >> and in washington, d.c. a 1.3 trillion dollar government spending plan is on the table ready to be approved. what it will pay for and what it does not include that is likely to make a lot people upset. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thanks for waking up with us. a lot of water out on the road. a lot of rain overnight. we are looking live at oakland this morning. you can almost see the water kind of shooting up from the tires as they drive by. so be a little extra careful this morning it's thursday march 22nd i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. steve paulson wants you to give yourself extra time. it goes without saying it's going to be a tough one. >> work from home if you can. today is the day.
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>> the warm sector is going through a -- through right now. a cold front is offshore. it's not gone up the barometer or wind. we have a ways to go. so the warm sector is coming in embedded with that. this looks like a good sell over oakland marogga and -- more raga. highway 24 is probably a -- moraga. highway 24 is probably a mess. it's just rain right now. the line is going through to the north. there's a break to the wft butyou might get a few sun breaks before the front comes onshore. stretching back towards sunnyvale and men lo park into lahonda and into the santa cruz mountains. some is moderate to heavy. 50s and 60s on your temps. snow level is lake level and above holding there until
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tomorrow. and than it will go down. heavy wet snow above the 7,000 foot level. look for a reiny day today. cold are air is on the way. but not for another day. so rain and wind heavy at times this morning. we might get wind more this afternoon a few breaks but a cold system developing friday into early saturday. 5:02. >> speaking who have wieway 24 man we will show that. >> highway 24 -- highway 24, maybe we will show that. >> highway 24 we had a crash. and it demolished one of the vehicles. look at this. it took out a guardrail on 24. this happened just before 4 in the morning and the pickup truck is the total mess. the vehicles have been towed away. this is in heavy rain. again, it happened about an hour ago. but the guard rail is damaged and caltrans needs to fection it. you may see a delay as they are doing that and look at that truck. boy, it's from they badly damaged. three cars, one truck here involved in the crash.
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let's go to the freeways westbound 580. show traffic out of the altamont pass. that's typical but casto valley is the hot spot. we have had crashes in the west with and eastbound direction. 580 coming into the castro valley, eastbound 580 near 150s. -- 150th. several incidents leading me to believe the rain will come down hard. that is look at interstate 880 in oakland. the traffic here is fine. however there's flooding in some of the outside lanes. and westbound bay bridge heavy rain and slow traffic up to the toll plaza. 5:03 now back to the desk. >> as sal was showing us we have seen a tough commute in some areas as heavy rain moves through the bay area. >> you saw it personally. >> i did. >> parts of the north bay may be hit the hardest. ktvu allie rasmus is in marin county right now. what's it like. >> reporter: well, moderate rainfall coming downright now and also the wind is definitely
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picking up. we will step out of the way so you can see northbound 101 at lucky drive. this area typically has problems with roadways flooding when there's a little bit of rain. and as there has been through the overnight hours. there's no exception today. they have a couple inches of rain -- of water pulling up on the highway. you don't see cars driving through it now but a few minutes ago we saw quite a splash. not the rain but the wind. if we look at some of the lights over the highway here, you can see the rain is kind of going a little bit sideways with some of the wind pushing it off to the side there. but, this is the heavy rainfall that's expected for most of the morning. it's going to impact the commute. and again, because of the wind i am holding my hat down so it doesn't blow away. there have been wind advisory for the golden gate bridge and dunn barton. so take it easy out there. you see people slowing down as they go through the puddle and water that pooled up on highway
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101. keep both hands on the wheel and pay attention because it could be challenging driving conditions and a challenging commute. >> that's for sure i drove from marin county allie and the rain was sideways as you said. and both sides of the richmond san rafael bridge was intense. did you head across the bring? >> reporter: -- bridge? >> reporter: you know it started to pick up in the last 10 to 15 minutes or so. so we were over the bridge by that point. but, yeah, it's getting windier as we are out here speaking to you. >> holdton to your hat. yeah. -- hold onto your hat. yeah. it's 5:05. meantime, police in austin texas say a 25 minute confession video was left behind on a cell phone by the serial bomber who killed himself yesterday as the authorities closed in on him.
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23-year-old mark conditt reported the -- record the video hours before he -- recorded the video hours before he died when he set off a explosive device as the s.w.a.t. team moved in on him and his car. the video seems to indicate he knew he was about to be captured but didn't reveal why he carried out the bombings. >> what is clear from listening to the video is it was a very troubled young man who was talking about challenges in his life that led him to the point toer with took the actions he took. and there were also indications of actions he was willing to take in the future. >> now investigators say conditt described how he built 7 explosive devices including the 5 that exploded, one that did not and the 7th that he used to kill himself. two people were killed during the bombings. at least 6 more were hurt. for now, investigators don't believe there are anymore bombs out there. meantime, his home in san jose two suspects arrested in connection with a fatal
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shooting back in january. 32-year-old lam mac was arrested on suspicion of murder nicole dela grange is charged with being a accessory after the fact. january 21st, jose cortez was shot and killed outside an apartment complex on charlotte drive near cottle road of the investigators are still trying to find a motive. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is apologizing for allowing private data from tens of millions of users to make its way to political campaign. >> here's question. how safe is your information. doug luzader has more from washington where many in congress are pressing facebook for answers. >> reporter: facebook may be trying to fend off regulation but there's anger about how far social media companies are willing to go to sell user data and what protections there are for those of us who use social media the intersection of
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social media and politics we have known for a long time how important that is. now mark zuckerberg is breaking his silence and apologizing for allowing personal data from about 50 million users to make its way to cambridge andly the cay, a con-- andly the cay, a consult -- and thely the cay -- andly the cay. a firm that did work for the trump campaign. he says there will be more protections but it cost the company billions in stock value and sparked a backlash from many users. >> people don't trust they are safe. they will stop using it and their business model dissolves. >> reporter: it touched off interest from congress. >> if the industry won't solve these kinds of problems themselves, we will have to solve them with legislation. >> reporter: and all may be a good reminder that your personal information is how social media companies make money. >> nothing on the internet is
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free. if of you think you are getting information for free york are you not. you are paying for it one way or another and you probably are paying for it with your privacych. >> reporter: a con-- congress is going to press for answers on this. and zuckerberg raised the possibility that he might testify before congress. in washington, doug lee stayeder, 4 -- luzader fox news. >> the question of the day. should social media companies be regulated by the government. tell us what you think. vote on the ktvu twitter page. you can comment on our ktvu facebook page. all right. we will share the responds throughout the morning. right now it's 5:09. coming up a. new pole on california -- poll on california's race for governor. a republican has slightly nudged into second place. >> up next, strong words from china. it's aimed at the white house accusing the u.s. of repeatedly abusing trade policies. >> it's rainy and windy and that means the drive to work is going to be a tough one. and it's raining here at the
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bay bridge toll plaza and macarthur maze. >> from marin and east bay and peninsula and south bay, it's coming down pretty good.
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we will come back. -- welcome back. classes are canceled today at
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the dvc pleasant hill campus because of what the college is calling a serious threat made against the dbc pleasant hill campus. campus will be closed today as a precaution. classes at the san maown -- ramon campus are not canceled. we are work to get more information on that in -- working to get more information on that in the newsroom. congressional leaders have reached a tentative agreement on 1.3 trillion dollar spending plan and voting on it could begin today. it would avoid a government shut down tomorrow night and keep government agencies operating through september. it includes, 4.7 billion to address the opioid epidemic. 2 billion dollars for new school safety measures including strengthening background checks for gun purchases. there's extra money for the military, and 1.6 billion dollars for the border wall with mexico. the 2 top democrats and two
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republicans in both houses are the ones who negotiated the deal but many lawmakers say they don't like the process. >> it's 1.3 trillion dollars in spending and four people deciding it. and that's not a good way to do business and i hope we can do it better in the future because this is designed -- it's not very transparent. >> the spending bill does not address the daca program. which provides protection from deportation for undocumented immigrant brought to the u.s. as children. the president tweeted response to the spending bill saying "got 1.6 billion to start wall on southern border. the rest will be forthcoming. most importantly got 700 billion to rebuild our military. 716 billion next year most ever had to waste money on dem give aways to take air of -- care of military pay increase and equipment. that tweeted from the president
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this morning. china accusing the u.s. of repeatingly abusing trade rules after a ruling by the world trade organization. later today, president trump is expected to announce new tariffs on chinese imports. while we don't know the size and scope of the tariffs, a white house official says they are aimed at blocking the theft of u.s. technology and may trying are retaliation from beijing. yesterday the world trade organization ruled that workton had not fully compliend -- washington had not fully complied with the ruling on tariffs on chinese product and this will affect wall street. a new political era begins at the california state capitol. >> duties upon which i am about to enter. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> yesterday, toni atkins a democratic lawmaker from san diego was sworn in as the first woman and first member of the lgbtq community to lead the state senate. she is returning to a
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leadership role from 2014 to 2016 she was the state assembly speaker. >> it's the first time and it's about time. now to be honest with you, i came to the senate to make progress not history. >> the new senate pro tem pledges to change the culture where democrats lost super majority in the because of 3 lawmakers resigning because of sexual misconduct allegations. kevin deleon is leaving because of term limits and is running for the u.s. senate against diane feinstein. right now it's 5:16. we want to go back over to sal. sal, you are covering a number of incidents i am sure weather related. >> we have a lot of slow traffic. i want to show you guys the gilroy commute doesn't look bad. people rely on us to have the, you know, the commutes we
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normally show and the gilroy commute is not a bad one. driving into the gilroy area and beyond that into san jose. there's been no major issues driving through. traffic continues to be okay if you are driving into the main part of the silicone valley and let's talk about the commute here on the area. we do have our very own ktvu frank mallicoat in the elements. that is driving shot and what you can see in the east bay as you drive along this morning. windshield wiper weather and we will be on top of that. frank will have a report coming up soon. >> let's talk about the commute it's raining very hard. northbound 280 traffic is going to be slow. if you are driving to the bay bridge it's full at 5:17.
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just got word of a new crash northbound 280 on the peninsula. earlier 101 in redwood city and plenty of crashes reported early this morning 5 # 0 -- 580 in the castro valley area. let's bring in steve with the weather. >> we will get to it. this is the water vapor image showing the warm southwest direction and the low diving behind that. i realize it's early. you may not be up to every other heartbeat but watch the lightning trikes. watch it right there. thunderstorms lightning strikes all the way up and down the valley san joaquin and sacramento valley. that popped up yesterday. more likely we will see the colder unstable air tomorrow. sfo21, gust of 30. and half-moon bay gusting to 24. oakland 12 but there's been gust at 30 to 35. so it will be a wendy reiny
5:19 am
morning for most. breaks in the north but that's the warm sector not the front. the front has a ways to go and there's pretty good -- well, from a ren county to east bay and fremont -- from marin county to east bay and fremont. there's been a inch and a third. the heaviest rain has been in kenwood and bennett valley with an inch and a half to an inch and 3/4. to the the north things let up but in the last 24 hours 3 inches in cobb montin. you are getting a break but it will pick -- mountain. you are getting a break there, but it will pick up. for here and now east bay, san leandro hayward and stretching back across the san mateo bridge and peninsula and into the mountains. that's the intense rain for right now and from lows gatos high bay 17 -- highway 17.
5:20 am
so to the north things are quieter. 50s. it's a mild pattern. 50s, 60s, 34 in truckee. 50 in sacramento that tells you where the breeze is. again know level above -- it's going to be a heavy wet snow and will really come down on friday. as we get down to 3500 feet at last check, now, it does like look -- look like there's snow above this level. the low tracks towards us and it will be a rany day. warm today, mild yesterday it was a balmy day. felt like we were on the islands and today, rain will give way to a colder system that drops in giving us a thunderstorms or a big drops but that's not until tomorrow. mainly rain and wind. if you get breaks, enjoy it. on and off rain and this is the
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heaviest by far. and it will let up after sunday. >> thank you. time is 5:21. a vote expected on whether or not to f name a terminal in -- to name a terminal at the airport in honor of harvey milk. at first, a former supervisor proposed naming the airport after harvey milk. but since then, a naming committee was created and it recommended renaming only terminal 1 in honor of milk. today's vote would require the airport to a have a plan in place by december 1 1á9 -- 1st. a legendary guitarist for the group journey will play this coming weekend. but coming up, his bay area routes and how he nded up playing with journey. and toys r us are about to begin a important and sad action for employees and
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customers today. day.
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welcome back. there will be big discounts at toys r us starting today, they will launch a liquidation sale at most stores nationwide. last week, the company announced the bankruptcy liquidation plans. in february, going out of business sales began at many of the u.s. stores because of competition from discount
5:25 am
chains and online retailers. toys r us expects to close all the stores by the end ofdown. up for sale time magazine,fortune mag zone and sports ills -- magazine and sports illustrated. and a lot of jobs will be cuts. the company that owns them plans to cut 100 jobs -- 1200 jobs in the next now months. it's a plan to safe a half billion dollars over the next two years. the city of paloalityo is using technology to help prevented suicides on cal train tracks. palo alto have had security guards at the four train crossings for the past 9 years hired after a series of suicide starting in 2010. now they are installing cameras that use art initial intell jigs to detect potentially dangerous behavior and they will be monitored by security guards. guards can call the authorities orous loudspeakers that are part of the camera set up.
5:26 am
>> somebody is lightering around tracks or locking like they want to harm themselves, we have the ability to say something -- ability to say something who they will enstall additional signs to let pool know the cameras are there and where to get help if they node it. they should be working by this summer. time is 5:26. thousands of flights canceled across the mat at lant he can states. the latest on the nor'easter, the snow in almost every major city along the coast. a shooting inside a san francisco barbershop leaves 6 people hurt including a police officer and a boy. >> and we have driving weather that's going to be tough out there. you can so traffic is going to be wet. the wend chill wipers going fast. we will let you know more about the morning commute.
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this is ktvu motorcycles on 2. >> food -- mornings on 2. >> good morning and welcome back. thursday morning march 22nd i am dave clark. >> good morning i am pam cook. >> that's okay. >> it's coming up on 5:30. >> and it's rainy morning but the east coast is reeling from a powerful snowstorm. more than a foot of snow fell in parts of new york and pennsylvania. those trucks are working hard. it's still snowing in new he canland. in fact, in -- new he canland
5:30 am
-- new england. and in fact in boston schools are closed and the power is out because of the storm. >> hundreds of flights are canceled again today because of the storms. the airports are trying to recover from yesterday back east when more than 4,000 fleets had to be canceled because of the severe weather. many people are actually waking up up in the airport after being trappeded last night. we want to take you live to san francisco this morning for a look outside there. definitely the runways are wet this morning. we did check in with the airport to see if there are any major delays or cancellations because of the storm in the east coast. so far, 19 cancellations at sfo including several flights from new york and new jersey. no major delays. >> there are flash flood watches statewide and that includes san luis obispo, santa barbara and ten toura counties. they suffered the devastating fires and mud slides in the past few months.
5:31 am
mandatory evacuations orders are in place in montecito because the ground is already saturated, heavy rains are forecasted again today. so far we haven't heart of damage but the big concern is what could happen in the next few hours. >> it's the overnight period when the rain is supposed to hit the hardest. and we don't know where it's going to be middle of the night that's why we want to keep everybody out and get them out as safely as possible. >> most people evacuated last night. the sheriff placed the orange ovac situation orders on every day. in january, 21 people tied when the storms triggered matsive -- massive mud slides. >> it's been tough. rain was hard overnight here as well and i was wondering if we will have flash watches or running. >> you are getting good rain in 6 hours. it's possible but not as critical here as down there. >> we have had it spread out. >> we have had it spread out.
5:32 am
they haven't had any until january 8th when they are getting a ton this morning and that day as well. the wind cranked up gust to 30 miles per hour. if alley still -- if allie is there maybe her hat blew away. it's a rain mi morning for most. they are getting a break for some to the north because the warm sector has gone through. doesn't mean the front has. that has a ways to go. it's going to be a double -- it's going to be a double whammy today. sorry about that. listen, it's going to be raining today, yes, sir, and that's when's going on to the north going over san pablo bay and hitting hidden brook as much -- or as much as yesterday. there's reports for 6 1/2 for a few locations. calling down a little bit -- calling down a little bit. there's a -- calming down a little bit there's a break. but not in napa.
5:33 am
back over over to solano and in the east bay of the pi fins lathat's the source of the heaviest rain. that's where moderate to heavy rain is and where the main traffic issues are as well. 50s on the temps to 60. it's mild. this is the front back here the warm atmospheric river swimming through the at move the fear. 5:33. and teel steve, we will show you what it's like. i imagine it's not easy. not good let's go out to 880 and look at the driving shot on 880 heading south. coming up on highway the 2 -- 92 that's the exit on the right. so this is 880 and we are just about right here we are coming up on 92. and you can see traffic is slow. there was a crash earlier on 880 at 91 and it was a shineor
5:34 am
crash and you can see slow traffic here in hay -- minor crash and you can see the slow traffic coming out of hayward. i don't see anything but threats southland mall on the right in case you are watching at home. and you can see traffic is not going to be fun. it's. >> the fun driving as you -- it's not the fun drive as you can see. let's look at vacaville fairfield have a layo commute. traffic -- have a lahoe -- vallejo community. traffic is slowing. traffic is okay heading to the crockett area on the car keenous -- carquinez bridge. it's 5:34 and the bay bridge is backed up. at 5:34. now back to the desk. in other news this monk, latest from san francisco where
5:35 am
6 poem were shot -- people were shot including a police officer and a boy inside a barbershop near the crocker amazon play ground. ktvu deborah villalon is live. >> reporter: from sky fox the aftermath of a gun battle at a corner barbershop where police responded to a call man with a gun. >> two people arguing and the cops got called. >>reporter: those who live on the block saw it play out quickly. a passer-by took this video of a i -- arriving officers taking cover behind the squad cars and wounded police officer shot in the leg crawling acrosses -- the payment to safety. others go in the pharmacy next door. >> heard gunshot and wanted to see because i live right there.
5:36 am
>> there was a exchack of gun fine -- exchange of gun fire inside the barber shot. >> reporter: five people were hit in addition to the officers. two have potentially life threat enings wounds including suspect they responded to. a minor was injured plus police won't specify how many people were involved in the dispute and how many were by tanneders -- bystanders. >> this is the early stages of the investigation and much too early to have that. folks are receiving medical treatment and witnesses need to be interviewed that sort of thing. >> the suspect is down. >> reporter: a witness said a nearby business saw several people brought out and takeninto custody the chief alluded to more than one person involved. >> offers made contact with several individuals inside a building and this is a active and ongoing investigation and it's in the early stages.
5:37 am
>> debora villa loan fox 2 news. there's an investigation at travis air force base after a car burst into flames at the main gate. first responders and emergency teams responded at 7 last night. a car had plowed through the main gate and crashed the driver was killed in the crash. the main gate is still closed today and people are asked to use the hospital gate until that investigation is complete. heyward police are investigating a shooting of a man killed while celebrating his birthday. reel testifies say he was a father figure to his entire family. investigators believe was targeted for his expensive car. he was sitting in his mercedes outside a hooka lounge at 3 in the morning on sunday when he was confronted. police say after the exchangesuspect foird knot car. he tried to get away but crashed into a pole and died at the scene. >> this crime -- there's crimer where.
5:38 am
people do bad things, but for it to happen to somebody like this it's shocking to us. we are all living a nightmare and trying to wake up at any moment because we are in disbelief. >> his family describes him as a devoted husband and father of two daughters and a gifted musician. sheriff's investigators are working on a number of leads but are asking anyone with information or surveillance video to give them a call. a new poll on governor's race in california shows a republican businessman now in second place. the poll by the public policy institute of california says republican john cox pulled ahead of former l.a. mayor antonio villaraigosa for second place ahead of the june 5th primary. gavin newsom is in first place. 28% of likely voters surveyed support gavin newsom. cox 14%. vil are a goinga 12 -- vil rue
5:39 am
ragoesa 12% and -- villaraigosa 12% and allen 10%. diane finestein has 42% support over fellow democrat and former state senate leader kevin de leon who came in at 16%. 300 cows have been dead at a ranch in humboldt county 15 minute from the city of eureka. the rancher raymond frank cysty was arrested on animal cruelty charges. they found hundreds of dead cows left near water wears. authorities found cattle -- waterways. authorities found cattle malnourished and dogs kept in unsanitary condition. we have a update on a scare at a east bay community college. classes canceled today in diablo pleasant college of the we will tell you about an alert and what officials are
5:40 am
describing as a potentially service threat. good morningch the weather is not great for driving out there. if you are driving on the freeways, it is a windshieldwipers in several areas leave early. >> that plume of substrop cal moisture arrived and has it ever. there's really good rain rates but the front has a ways to go. so it's going to be a rany windy day.
5:41 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. all classes canceled at the pleasant hill campus of diablo valley college. now, this is the notice on the dvc website. it says a closes -- classes at the pleasant hill campus are canceled because of a potentially serious threat that's being investigated.
5:43 am
the college says it's closing the campus as a precaution. classes at the dvc location in san ramon will continue as scheduled at this point. we will continue to cover the situation and get updates and bring them to you as soon as we get them. the bay area music awards you might remember those. they are making a comeback after a 20 year hiatus. this saturday. saturday it feature members of iconic bay area bands. >> it should be a big, big day. ken wayne sat down with a legendary guitars who sat down with neal schon from journey. >> reporter: neal schon was recognize the before he established journey. at the age of 15 he was getting the attention of eric aton and
5:44 am
carlos santana. >> i never imagined that i would have gotten on stage with him in berkeley community thetter with derrick and the domino's or with him fg. i was playing with carlos and the wise. >> reporter: both quitar -- with him. i was playing with carlos and the guys. both with guitars. >> i wanted to do both. >> reporter: he chose santana. . >>i would have loved to have played with eric but everybody was not in such a good space at that time. health wise. and so, i went with santana and it was like the right decision. >> reporter: musician and producer michael walden who recorded with ray charles to whitney hughes -- houston
5:45 am
recognized it. >> who is this guy? it was neal and he has a great gift. >> now i sound like i am in slow-motion compared to all thisstuff today. >> reporter: after world tours and two albams with santana he helped found gurn -- albums with santana, he helped to found journey. >> this is all about you fans and about the music we have made together. >> reporter: last year, neal and his journey band mates were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame. it made headlines when some members visited president trump. >> i will let the music do the talking. all the other cab i don't care about i am where i am at they are where they are at it's all cooled and everybody is entitled to go where they want to go. i was abiding by things that make sense to meow don't want to say i am a democrat, i am
5:46 am
republican because you will lose fans. >> he has within the last -- >> reporter: he is the last man standing and now is anxious to bring a mix to the old and new to the bammies reunion. >> it comes back in two seconds like riding a bike. i remember it all and i think we will probably be laying out some of the best renditions of those songs everything. >> he teamed up for a new album called universe. >> we want to produce on and with him. his sound is so beautiful and the way he can speak on the guitar is really beautiful -- boutful. >> reporter: after this reunion concert, they will focus on the future and younger bay area
5:47 am
musicians. that's fine with sean. i want to learn new material ready new material updating old material and you are not sitting in neutral and you can rest on your laurels and rest on your success. and know that the majority of people that come to a regular journey concert are going to want to hear the hits. if you don't play some they will throw stuff at you. >> you want to be there. >> i do. >> tomorrow sammy and steven will be inducted into the bamies walk of fame at the bill tbram civic auditorium and bammies reunion auditorium is saturday. >> that's nice because we have a lot of tale end come from the bay area. that's for sure. and also talented and very busy traffic reporter. >> yeah. >> this morning. all right.
5:48 am
i was talking to. >> you've lot of stuff going. >> i was talking to one of my favorite producers. she is there and is not imaginary. >> seriously. >> and what are you talking about. >> roads. >> yeah. >> so anyway we are talking about another crash there's been four crashes at this spot westbound at this and -- 24 and the ferb ranp area all kinds of crashes. i will show you a driving shot interest would of the crews. we can go to it west bound driving south. traffic is going to be windshield whipper weather and we left our shop here heading down now towards fremont and it has been wet weather. let's talk about the commutes here. slow traffic on 37 as well and slow traffic across the
5:49 am
carquinez bridge. mcarthur -- macarthur maze traffic is spilling out. and we have traffic that's backed out to the maze and getting a call of another injury accident on 124 near -- 24 near st. stevens. we have had several there and showed outbadly damaged pickup truck and i see two incidents so 24 is not doing well. at 5:49 let's bring in the weather expert. >> again if we are going the people are doing the same thing arinda side fish ranch. >> yes. you have experience driving through that area. >> a little bit. >> from, let's say lafayette up to orinda crossroads there's four crashes where people lost control in thatter's yeah on that climb -- that area on the climb. >> thank you. and there's a lot of water that comes on the orinda side. >> that may be it, yes.
5:50 am
>> we will get to it, here. our warm convague belt of moisture is moving onshore -- conveyor belt of moisture is moving onshore. anyway, watch out in the valley watch the lightning bolts. right there. can you see them. starting one more time right there. anyway thunderstorms yesterday, possibility over the next couple days. what's going on is the deep plume of moisture is moving onshore drawn in by the low. so the low is getting closer. pressure difference are getting a good south wind. what's happening is the deep moisture is coming onshore and has a low level jet around 5,000 feet. that's where it's converging. because of the low offshore approaching that turns into diverge ns aconvergence and that leads to rain. the amount of moisture is off the chart.
5:51 am
so the deep moisture is getting hem from die nam exfor some it's to the north: it will pick up again later. but in napa county moderate to heavy rain. but the main focus is around the east bay towards fremont and towards the peninsula on the san mateo bridge and this bridge. that goes redwood city and that's intense rain extending towards lahonda, skyline into the santa cruz mountains. 50s, 60s on the temps. 34 up in truckee and this is a winter storm warning for heavy wet snow. because the snow levels are going up and will drop on friday. but the pass of 2 to 3 feet and you said heavy rain.
5:52 am
the front back here will sweep through later today. then we will bring in cold are air. a few sun breaks but mainly rain and wind unless you are up to the north. rain and wind and possibility of thundershowers and cold air moves in friday. another system saturday into sunday and we will have a break most of next week. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. 5:52 is the time. four crashes westbound 24 on the orinda side of the tunnel. sal is look for the problem spots in the morning commute. we will be right back.
5:53 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2. happening today, new designs for a remodeled toll plaza for the golden gate bridge. images will be released of the concept designs for a new toll collection system. five year ago human toll takers at the bridge were eliminated. since threne several vehicles crashed into the narrow -- since then, several vehicles crashed into the narrow booths. the new one will have lights and cameras. the old toll booths will be remove. the design will be preen to the board of the bridge district. the giant and a's are moving closer to wrapping up spring training. they are looking pretty good. giants shut out the d-backs 14-
5:56 am
0. in the latest cactus league win. they scored 4 runs in the firsingle and had -- inning and had12 hits. the joint 12-14 this spring. they play the cubs today in scottsdale. the a's have a little rougher time they 12th game of the spring yesterday. 4 to 3 to the brewers. the a's scored in the 5th and 6th inning. led until the 8th when the brewers tied it up. milwaukee won in the bottom of the 9th on a walk off sacrifice flyby devin hairston. up neck the rockies today in mesa for the a's in mesa arizona good luck. it's 5:56. we will tell you about something in the east bay the authoritiessay a potentially serious threat has been made against the diablo valley college in pleasant hill. coming up at 6, the alert that was sent out and what the school is doing today to make
5:57 am
sure students and faculty are safe. >> plus our team coverage continues on the latest bay area storm moving through. we will tell you about the crash that caused problems on highway 24 in orinda. there's more than one. >> that's right. we have a brand new injury accident right in the same spot. we do have a driving shot for you of what traffic is like now and this is likely what you are facing as you head out the door.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> reporter: windy rainy conditions for the morning drive of the we will look at weather and latest storm heading and now in the bay area. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. it's a rough one. >> it is. >> we are covering a lot of rain and accidents unfortunately. thanks for joining us. thursday morning, march 22nd. i am pam cook. >> good morning. i am dave clark. let's go to steve paulson to get the weather related stuff night coming down in buckets. >> yeah. >> for some. >> all over? >> no not all over but for most. up to the north, you had a little break and let up and it will come back. the front has to arrive. that's the deep moisture that
6:00 am
was with us yesterday. yesterday it was more overrunning and such as the santa cruz mountains and marin county. today, the actual dynamics are kicking in and you are getting the rain widespread. heaviest in the morning. sometimes i am hesitant to show this because you can get a burst that will stop but the heaviest is in the morning and when the front goes through it will pick up again later on. due south gusting 30 miles, 35 for some at the front direction. a barometer should be going down. that's the deep moisture that came by yesterday gave us balmy conditions. that's mock onshore and gone through to the north. but there's really heavy rain embedded within this from napa county back over to the east bay pi nines lan south bay. san francisco missed out on it but looks like it's filling inmarin county picking up. some low cage has over 3 inches of rain -- location has over 3 inches of rain. that's picking up. onshore and back over towards hay wavered union


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