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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 22, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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california. fears of a trade war caused the selloff on wall street and overseas. the asian markets are all sharply lower. japan's -- more than 4%. hong kong index left -- loss the present. shanghai composite more than 3% lower. this follows the announcement of major tariffs on chinese imports. they affect up to $60 billion worth of chinese goods and investments. in response china is threatening to raise tariffs on u.s. pork aluminum and wine and fruit which are important exports for california. fears of a trade war send shockwaves through wall street. the dell fell -- nasdaq down 178. s&p 500 fell 68. even so trump said u.s. tariffs on china are long overdue.
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we are doing things for this country that should have been done for many years. we have had this abuse by many other countries. in groups of countries that were put together in order to take advantage of the u.s. we don't want that to happen. in a statement chinese officials said they were disappointed in his action and would fight to the end to defend china's interest. the port of oakland could feel the pinch. 77% of its trade is with asia. 12% is with europe. australia and new zealand account for 2%. 7% of the trade is domestic with hawaii and guam. 2% falls under the category of other. the moccasin dam -- authorities issued a flash flood warning saying it was in danger of failing. this video shows raging water going down the emergency
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spillway. the rain has eased in the water is receiving. it was built in 1930 and is located near groveland. people driving to yosemite passage at the intersection of highway 49. the sheriff said it was a stressful afternoon. for a few moments it was very stressful. we felt that we were going to you lose the dam. the threat of the failure is no longer imminent. the sheriff is urging residents to remain vigilant. it is owned by the san francisco puc and as part of the water project. bill martin will join us in about 12 minutes. the wet weather is being blamed for an uptick in traffic accidents especially on highway 17. jesse gary is at the summit of 17 in the santa cruz mountains with the story.>> reporter: chp
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officer say the fact that it stopped raining and the skies have cleared can give drivers a false sense of security. it is cold right now. 36 degrees. there is moisture on the road that can lead to accidents. regular commuters on highway 17 have seen an anecdotal connection between wet weather and fender bender's. there is always a spin out. people drive so fast. like today. i went over today and there were two cars.>> reporter: the past three years has seen accidents inch towards levels not reached in two decades. weather is cited as a cause. during the rainstorms the chp responded to 15 accidents including this rollover crash near the summit. as soon as we get some rain crashes go up. everybody is still in a hurry. they don't want to slow down.>>
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reporter: santa cruz chp officer jason nelson said officers are stationed at strategic points along the 17. from scotts valley to los gatos.. officials from santa cruz and santa clara counties have spent $250 million over 10 years to help make the roads safer. antiskid pavement is installed. the shoulders have been widened. trees have been removed. those measures work until the recent state of wet weather. leading others to believe the most and tactful strategy is a cautious driver. the road is still wet and it is equally as slick. that is one the most collisions happen. as soon as it stops raining people think i can drive normal. that is not the case.>> reporter: 2019 caltrans will put new antiskid pavement on 17
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from santos village to the summit. from highway nine to bear creek road. freshly paved the road will aid in traction. officers suggest you check your vehicle and pay attention to your tire pressure. in the wear on your treads. one of the problems in one of the accidents this week the driver was driving with bald tires. we are learning more about a deadly crash last night at travis air force base. this video shows an suv on fire. the driver forced his way to the front gate before 7 pm last night. he was found dead inside the vehicle which was carrying propane tanks and exploded after crashing into a ditch. a witness described what he heard. i heard a big explosion. two times. unlike what is going on? i looked at the gate. it was a vehicle smoking on
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fire. going down this -- you see the people running. the guards were running after the vehicle. the breach is being investigated as a possible act of terrorism. the field office is working with the air force to find out who the man was and to determine a motive for the security intrusion. staff shakeup continues. president trump announced he is firing national security adviser hr mcmaster and replacing him with former u.s. ambassador to the un john bolton. he tweeted mcmaster had done a outstanding job and would always remain his friend. the president and mcmaster clashed frequently behind the scenes. bolton has expressed hawkish viewpoints including north korea and iran. he is a fox news commentator. he will take over as national security advisor on april 9.
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help for republicans in the california covers raise. sandy ogle -- john cox has moved into second place behind lieutenant governor gavin newsom. christina spoke with him today and has more on the poll numbers.>> reporter: if you haven't heard of john cox he is a san diego county businessman born and raised in chicago. now running for governor. cannot run an economy the way it has been running. i'm going to change that.>> reporter: he is been in real estate for 30 years. the latest poll shows gavin newsom is the clear frontrunner. cox's a republican is second. a slight edge over antonio -->> people are looking for a better alternative.>> reporter: californians are tired of getting taxed by democrats in this leading the effort to repeal the gas tax. people are ready for a change. people are starting to question
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whether they have what it takes to be governor. if they should be governor.>> reporter: chairman of the republican party said the bay area is in a bit of a bubble. he is not surprised by his ranking in the poll. there are nearly 5 million republicans in california. what is important is that a quarter of the voters are still undecided.>> reporter: there poll also shows immigration is the most important topic the voters want to hear about. people are starting to pay attention. this is one of the most important decisions voters will make this year.>> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions announced he was suing california over is sanctuary policies. cox wants to appeal the sanctuary status saying local officials should communicate with federal immigration authorities. most of all he said he wants to
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remove the special interests from sacramento. he believes are driving up the cost of living. i want my children to be able to live near me in california. there is a lot of people like me that are fearful of the fact their children will have to move away.>> reporter: our economy needs to lift more families into the middle class and keep them there. polls go up and down we remain focused on our vision of greater economic opportunity and equality for all. we reached out to gavin newsom did not hear back. napa high school into a 120 year tradition by retiring at their indian mascot. not without controversy. deborah is in the napa with how the vote came down.>> reporter: unanimous vote of the school board the mascot are so long synonymous with napa high will be history at the end of the school year. the mascot has
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had a wound on me. my identity and my spirit.>> reporter: a board room is because came forward to denounce the mascot napa high has had since before world war ii. the indian local is prominent across campus on buildings and uniforms. a city committee and the superintendent recommended be retired is demeaning. a discriminatory symbol past this time. there is no honor in being stereotyped. no honor in locking us into it image of what you think we should be. i don't think our kids have to grow up the way i grew up.>> reporter: past meetings have been volatile. native dancers showed up alongside demonstrators. alumni arguing the mascot is key to tradition. hundreds of people packed in auditorium last year shouting each other down. the issue was tabled. i suggest you remove the banner.>> reporter: this meeting was interrupted by a
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anti-mascot banner and disagreement over whether it can stay or was disruptive. not a feeling of derogatory or diminish anyone. it is quite the contrary.>> reporter: is trying to save it argued the indian is honored. i believe the whole mascot -- is due to political correctness. this whole meeting is a sham.>> reporter: a new argument that the district can't afford to rebrand itself one has a $12 million deficit. for some the issue is simply too divisive to remain stuck on. and voting unanimously to dump the indian.
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it is going to take a few years to phase out. and phase in a new mascot. that new mascot is yet to be decided. that will be an entirely new process. they plan to put some of the indian number of billion into a case and create a historical exhibit on campus. to mark the years that the indian was part of the tradition. is this it the final decision or is there anything that people who want to keep the mascot can do now?>> reporter: this is really it. this is been simmering for a couple years. many public hearings. it is a school board decision. tonight they made it. protesters move on to a california freeway stopping traffic and then target a sacramento arena. their message following a controversial police shooting. issued out involving six people. we will hear from the owner of the barbershop with a gun battle happened. some raindrops that could
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like lives matter protesters forced the highway patrol to shut down i 5. the demonstration came after the police killing of an unarmed man this weekend. they later moved to the golden center placed on lockdown and cause the sacramento kings game to be delayed for 25 minutes. officers did not make any arrests. the shooting took place sunday
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night while sacramento police officers were looking for a suspect who had been breaking into cars. officers encountered stephanie clark and his grandmother's backyard. they say they thought he had a gun. body camera footage shows officers asking him to show his hands. please ended up firing 20 shots. it turns out he did not have a gun. he was only carrying a cell phone. the tragedy warrants not only our sorrow. a deep examination of what occurred and what policies and procedures must be examined and changed. to minimize the chance that this does not happen again. police say they thought clark was pointing a handgun at them. the officer did. an investigation is underway. new information about yesterday's shoot out at a barbershop in san francisco. the suspect in that shooting has now died.
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a police officer and four others were wounded. police responded to reports of a man with a gun outside a home two blocks away from amazon barbershop. he ran into the barbershop. the gunfire broke out. the owner said the barbershop has been around for 100 years and never has had a problem. he died at the hospital. the police officer into barbers and the others wounded are all recovering tonight. a plan retrofit project on bards trans bay tube will have a major impact on early morning commuters this year or early next year. in an effort to speed up the project barth says planes -- trains will not run between 4 am and 5 am.
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it will provide buses to take people into the city. worked on the tube could start as soon as september. they are working out the details and officials say the buses right not be put into service until next february. windy and rainy weather in the santa cruz mountains and brought down trees and power lines leaving a mess for cruise.. a look at the damage in the cleanup.>> reporter: thursday brought road closures and power restoration to thousands of customers. several days and several inches of rain across northern california. the pg&e crews worked to restore high-voltage power lines that came down last night because of a eucalyptus tree. residence at the -- woke up to no power. this is all that is left of this tree that came crashing down onto the multipurpose room around 10 am yesterday. crushing some of the five cars that were damaged. sometimes i drop my son
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off. i would drop him off and let him walk to school.>> reporter: students have been inside the building before. thankfully the room was empty when the tree came crashing down and no one was hurt. i feel god was protecting the school at that time.>> reporter: stephen who owns a tree company said all his gear is wet after making -- working every day for the past week. all of a sudden we get this. one after another.>> reporter: wins's intercom after wind gusts overnight. 50 mile-per-hour winds with gusts up to 70 miles per hour. the santa cruz mountains saw more than five inches of rain the big dutchman area assault twice as much. illustrating the impact the storm had further south is expected. we are attracting
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the lack of rain right now. some rain back at the forecast heading to the weekend. outside it is nice. the winds are still blowing. we have some wins at the beach. as we look at the pictures from today you can see the sky cover. maybe a few sprinkles in the north area. going into the lunch time this is your day tomorrow. this is your day on saturday. sunday will be the best day. we go into next week and temperatures will make it into the 70s. middle 70s by the end of next week. a slight chance of showers on friday. when you look at the model look at how vague it is. tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow night there might be something. is this rolls through. hopefully it will be gone by saturday morning. saturday evening again another band that goes through. it keeps it going. this is not -- it should be
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fine. there might be a few sprinkles. just be aware towards the end of the day tomorrow and saturday you might see some showers begin to develop. a little something sunday morning. that is it. sunday is your best day of the bay area weekend. upper 50s and low 60s. a five-day forecast you will like as we look into the future and see that we are drying up and warming up. next week it will feel like spring. by sunday. start to warm up. by next week it will feel like spring. it is weird. they are just waiting. middle 70s next week.
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coming up in sports a playoff push for the sharks. they took on one of the hottest teams in the league and went to overtime. sad news. the founder of toys "r" us has died at the age of 94. charles lazarus founded the company's 70 years ago. he was ceo until 94. tomorrow they are said to begin liquidation sales as the company closes all of its stores in the u.s. we are back in two minutes. te
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all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd. it is the right time to get hot. going in it was like the golden knights with the story. they are in first place. shark said not in our house. we rolled to victor. they were down 1-zero. that quick wrist of -- doing his thing. his 11th of the year. 1-1. it stayed that way going into overtime. the sharks -- logan with a backhand. it is a victory for the sharks. six in a row. 2-1 the final. within seven points of first place. only eight games left in the regular season. just had an
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mri today. they have not announced the results as of yet. he has problems with his right shoulder. the giants look better the last couple nights on the playing field. what a beautiful night it was in scottsdale. the cubs and giants two of the most attractive teams in baseball have it going. joe panic takes a hit away from hayward. down 2-zero in the third. buster posey -- three run homer. the giants take a 3-2 leave. it is tied 3-3. jerry long shot to make the team. base hit in left field. the walk off bouncer to end it. the giants beat the cubs. the a's lost 4-2 to the rockies. this year's cinderella story in the ncaa playoffs has to be leola
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chicago. the first time ever for them in the final format. the knock musselman and company. they had a great ride themselves for reno. nobody playing defense. musselman is all pumped up. he could not pull this comeback off. richardson for andre jackson. the goal of four. the final seconds. nevada needs a big time three. out of marcus -- that gave them a four-point lead with six seconds left. they came back and hit want to make it close. 69-68. sister jean a lot more than a good luck charm. 98 years old. the chaplain for leola chicago. a great story. it is time to check this out. you take a look at this. when was the last time you saw this? the hurricanes goalie looking
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for the pot. he cannot find it. everybody is looking for it. caught in his gait. he gets back to defend the net for a puck he doesn't know where it is. it is in his skate. first time you have ever seen that. see you later everybody. at night. -- good night. ) oh, great.
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we got the prius that can make dinner reservations, buy movie tickets, tell us the weather. i just want one that opens. (alert chirps) maybe we should have gotten that one. (chirps) (chuckles) mitchell? oh--oh, my god, teddy. cam, this is teddy. (chuckles) teddy? teddy teddy? doc--doctor teddy! teddy was mitch's one significant boyfriend before me. uh, mitch had recently just come out. and as he put it, it was hard to love someone else if he couldn't love himself. i actually said those words? ugh. it's kind of hard to love myself right now. you were the one who said, "i need some time. i'll call you when i heal more." ten years later... ohh! i never said that. time to heal more! that's so sweet and sensitive. why did you kill that part of yourself? you know, i'm hosting a fund-raiser for the hospital this weekend at that roller rink on south main. any chance you guys can come? yeah. absolutely, we'll be there. possibly. okay. great. so 4:00 saturday. i'm so glad i bumped into y'all.


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