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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 26, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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a defamation lawsuit against the president's attorney. new legal maneuvering in a stormy daniels case. the move to file a defamation suit could mean the case avoids arbitration and ends up in court where the president might have to give a deposition under oath. the president has yet to react to the interview on 60 minutes. a spokesperson said today none of her claims are true. deborah live in the newsroom with the legal stakes in the potential political trouble for the president.>> reporter: the president silence is deafening. no tweets directed at stormy daniels. a veiled reference to's fake news. she is doing and sharing. -- suing. i was not a victim. i never said i was a victim.>> reporter: she describes a one-
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time sexual encounter with a newly married donald trump at lake tahoe. recalling his words. you are special. you remind me of my daughter. he is like you are smart beautiful and a woman to be reckoned with. i like you. he denied the accusations. that she may last night. and has been consistent. >> reporter: denials from the white house. false charges  are settled out of court all the time. this is nothing outside the ordinary. she can describe his genitalia in various conversations.>> reporter: what might matter more is the $130,000 his personal lawyer admits paying daniels for her silence. days before the election. possibly violating campaign finance law. it wasn't paid because she made the story up.>> reporter: her attorney calls it thuggish behavior from people in power. let the president take to the podium and called her a
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liar.>> reporter: she acknowledges she has flip- flopped on the affair. she said she was pressured to deny it. the exact sentence used was they can make your life hell in many different ways.>> reporter: several years ago when the story was the merging a stranger threatened her in a parking lot. he looked at my daughter instead that is a beautiful little girl. it will be a shame it happened to her mom.. she declined to discuss the possible existence of video. with the audience heard were stories like spanking trump with a magazine he was on the cover up. pulled his pants down. he had underwear on. i gave him a couple swats.>> reporter: what they might remember was how comfortable she was in her tell all. i don't think anyone has spoken to him like that.>> reporter: another note from daniel's attorney. they are in the process of identifying who it was that accosted threatened her and that vegas parking lot.
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she said in the interview she would recognize the man again in an instant. any indication since the interview whether people found daniels believable?>> reporter: cnn's poll found 63% said they do believe her. that number is even higher with women closer to 70%. the federal trade commission said it is investigating facebook's privacy policies. the announcement follows discovery a trump affiliated consulting firm access the personal data of 50 million facebook users during a 2016 presidential campaign. privacy advocates claim the company violated a 2011 consent decree with the ftc. congress is getting involved. the judiciary committee invited mark zuckerberg to testify. shares of facebook have lost 13% of their value since the scandal broke last week.
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in addition facebook is facing questions about the collection of texts and phone logs from android phones. facebook users who use the messenger app were surprised to see a record of their calls and text messages going back years. yesterday the company admitted it has been collecting call logs and contacts. but said only if users opt into the feature on the download facebook's messenger on their smart phone. cisco has pledged $50 million to help tackle the homeless problem in santa clara county. jana on how the money will be used in the challenge for other tech giants to step up.>> reporter: a san jose contractor working jobs and building homes for people. at the end of the day he returns to his tarp and his dog. at the side of the railroad track. that question is what
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the organization destination home is trying to solve. today at the 10th anniversary event the ceo of cisco at a standing ovation when he announced the company will pledge $50 million over five years to help them reach their goal of providing housing to the homeless. they were thrilled to get the news. and the vote of confidence. from cisco. we have house over 5000 people. 93% of those people have stayed in their housing. >> reporter: the gold to use the donations to build more housing similar to the side at second and keys. we are going to fund the programs to prevent homelessness. >> reporter: the mayor said the pledge will go a long way to help in hopes other tech giants would join in. the city estimates it will need another billion dollars to build the housing needed. in our last count we had more than 4350 homeless residents in the
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city of san jose. on any given night. more than 7400 throughout the entire county. we have a long way to go.>> reporter: a pastor has been working helping the homeless. he said these men and women need immediate help while they wait for the housing to be built. what do we do in the meantime? people are dying out here in record numbers. 138 was the number last year.>> reporter: i asked about transparency with the $50 million donation. destination home plans to issue annual reports to the public about their progress. a tour bus driver is under arrest for allegedly drunk driving with a bus full of passengers. the driver was going north over the golden gate bridge heading for the casino when she had a bridge railed at 9:30 am yesterday.
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she continued driving. with 40 passengers on board. one of them called 911 to say she was driving erratically at unsafe speeds even passing on the shoulder. chp officers tried to stop the bus in petaluma. they were not able to get out in front of it. the driver was detained in a parking lot of the casino. 34-year-old angela teasley was booked on dui charges. her blood alcohol level was almost 4 times the legal limit of .08. from a linebacker for the raiders aldon smith charged with three additional misdemeanor counts of violating a court order. he was arrested earlier for an alleged domestic assault involving his fiancie. then he was rearrested last friday for allegedly contacting her in violation of a court order. he is due back in court before a judge on friday. sacramento police release video of the shooting death of a burglary suspect last week. they say they thought stephan clark was armed with a gun and officer shot him 20 times in
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his grandmother's backyard. aerial footage shows officers pursuing a man suspected of breaking into cars and smashing the window of a house. it turned out he was not armed. he was holding a cell phone. his family is calling for federal and state prosecutors to investigate his killing. g. police released bodycam footage of the shooting. and that video about seven minutes after the gunfire you can hear an instruction to mute their body cameras. the audio on the footage goes silent. a judge in the south bay cleared the way for santa clara county voters to decide the fate of aaron persky. they denied his appeal of the recall today. he is the judge to sentence brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an
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unconscious woman. people who thought the sentence was too lenient gathered more than 94,000 signatures to put a measure on the june ballot to recall the judge. persky filed an appeal and grounds the recall campaign should've been filed at the state level because he considers himself a state officer. oakland a's occupied the coliseum for decades. they might decide it is there best place for the home of the future. they are offering to pay off the $135 million in debt still owed on the coliseum. amber has been talking with fans about what it would mean if this deal works out. she joins us live.>> reporter: the coliseum is the popular choice among the fans we spoke with. this location can't be beat. in keeping with the oakland a's a slogan rooted in oakland the team president said they would like to enter into an exclusive
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negotiating agreement to buy the coliseum. which is co-owned by oakland and alameda county. it means owning your home. it is important to be in a place where you control your own destiny.>> reporter: the team president said the howard terminal site remains under consideration. the transportation and infrastructure improvements needed to make the location uncertain. in the site near lake merritt is off the table he cussed the community college district doesn't want to sell. he won't commit to a price tag. he said the team would pay the $135 million in debt currently owned by the city and county. at least one city councilmember said the coliseum site is ideal. we have a site that already has barred. freeway access and parking. central to the bay area. it is publicly owned with a completed environmental review.>> reporter: fans arriving at at&t park this
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evening. set the coliseum is their first choice. they are cautiously optimistic. the coliseum is perfect. the bart station stops in front of it. i'm not sure how assessable the other side is.>> reporter: a mile from the coliseum the owner of hagan burger restaurant said business and produces on day -- business increases by 30% on game day. he would like days to stay at the coliseum. even if they move to jack lemmon square that is still going to impact all the businesses. in this area. that is a really big deal. it is a compelling offer. it can be a win-win for the city and the 80s.>> reporter: the first thing that needs to be worked out as the length of the exclusive negotiation agreement. there are other parties interested in the coliseum site. he needs to make sure the exclusive negotiation agreement is good for the city and
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county. california's filing a lawsuit against the trump administration over question that is set to appear on the 2020 census forms. the government announced it will include a question about residence citizenship status. state attorney general said the question is illegal. and would discourage noncitizens from participating out of fear of deportation. that could result in a less accurate count which helps determine political representation in congress federal funding and other matters. justice department getting support from texas and more than a dozen other states with republican governments in their lawsuit over california sanctuary laws. california does not have the authority to pass laws interfering with federal immigration enforcement. the federal lawsuit filed earlier this month seeks to overturn three california laws meant to protect undocumented
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residents. a grateful 93-year-old man after being rescued from a well. how firefighters jumped into action when he needed help. a truck crashes into cars and lands on its side. details as police look for the driver. i think you're going to like tomorrow. details on this bay area warming trend coming up.
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governor of arizona suspended uber from testing self driving vehicles following the death of a pedestrian. march 18 a woman walking her bike was hit and killed by a self driving uber carb. the governor has now sent a letter to the ceo of uber informing him of the decision. they had already voluntarily halted is autonomous vehicle program. animal abuse charges tonight after a dead horse was found on his property. the ranch is located near cloverdale. the dead horse among a dozen down malnourished. one of them was 300 pounds underweight. all of the horses are being cared for and foster stables and are expected to survive. a neighbor who had been feeding the horses out of concern called authorities. are deputy -- our deputy found a
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small pastor. saturated in mud and puddles of water. the horses were being forced to stand in the high water and mud. they looked unhealthy. you can see bones coming through the skin. they looked emaciated. authorities have charged the owner of those horses with multiple felony animal abuse charges. he was released on $10,000 veil. 92-year-old man recovering after falling more than 20 feet into a whale. he spent 30 minutes treading water before he was rescued. and ruben talk to him about how he is doing and the gratitude he has for the firefighters who pulled him to safety.>> reporter: 92-year-old ernest silva has a sore back. not to mention some bumps and bruises. this did not stop him from walking over to thank the fremont firefighters that rescued him after he fell down this 26 foot well.
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he asked me not show his face. he wanted his message to be heard. 100%. i couldn't be better. the men are just great.>> reporter: he had been on the pump house on his property when it's floorboards gave way. sending him tumbling into the well below. he pressed his feet and back against the walls trying to keep his head above water. somebody was watching over me. i did all right.>> reporter:'s daughter called for help. one of the first on the scene. we saw him down there. i said are you okay? he said yes. just get me out of this hole.>> reporter: first they brought the fire truck in close and use it to rig a rope system. a firefighter went down into the well to pull him out. we have some older properties. as far as people falling down the wells this was a first for a lot of us.>> reporter: he was
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taken to the hospital before he got to say thank you. i don't think i knew where i was for a minute.>> reporter: he is feeling better and wants to make sure his rescuers know how grateful he is. i'm very thankful for them. very much so. i'll always remember that. anything that happens that is the guys together.>> reporter: the are not done helping. their union plans to come out over the next week to replace the old pump house. outside this afternoon temperatures are warm over yesterday by several degrees. by 10 degrees over santa rosa. 5 degrees above the babe. inland communities by 10 to 15 degrees. we will continue this the next few days. what we saw today. as we get into tomorrow
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temperatures from the middle 60s the middle 70s. those warmer spots will continue to climb. the view outside right now we have 53 san francisco. as well as oakland. 45 napa. 46 livermore. temperatures will continue to follow into the overnight. take a look at the numbers on the back end of the forecast. the pattern that will be in place the next couple days. the system that brought us the rain throughout last week. even over the weekend we had unsettled weather. it is moving to the east. it will be replaced by high pressure. the ridge builds in and strengthens it will continue our warming trend. we are right in between. if you had adverse conditions today that is why the pressure gradient between the two. the high pressure moves closer and strengthens the winds will die down. it could be breezy tomorrow. not as widespread and windy yesterday. tuesday will be warmer than today. wednesday will be warmer. thursday is when temperatures
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will peak. low 80s for some of our southbay locations. temperatures tomorrow in the 40s. 42 santa rosa. 49 san francisco. 46 hayward. 45 san jose. afternoon highs will 70s san rafael. middle to upper 70s from novato into santa rosa. 68 san francisco. southbay locations 73 san jose and los gatos. your extended forecast. warming trend continues. warmest temperatures we have had in a week. upper 70s to near 80 by thursday. only slightly cooler on friday. the extended forecast is dry with beautiful weather in store for the bay area weekend. we have new video of a shooting and crash that happened in oakland a couple hours ago. police received reports of gunfire beats -- before 8 pm. when they arrived they found a pickup truck that had been driven up onto the sidewalk.
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and crashed into a couple of parked cars. they heard gunfire and saw the driver take off running. police are trying to locate him. no reports of any injuries. giants try to make it two in a row. in the bay bridge series. mark is next with sports. a live load of downtown oakland. thank you for joining us. 11 news will continue in a few minutes.
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sharks join the bandwagon. they are on a total tear. he said they were coming on. just as the playoffs get near. is it a coincidence? when he picked up this guy cane at the trade deadline. they were in chicago tonight. here he comes. watch how fast evander kane is. just like that. sharks turn a 2-1 visit into a type. eight holes and 13 games. it is hurdles slicing across to score. they went up 3-cement. the blackhawks tie it. they go to overtime. now to the shoot out. fourth round kevin leblanc. that is a lot harder than it
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looks. they win. for the eighth consecutive time. longest winning streak in seven years. tomorrow night they are back at it in st. louis. second of a four-game road trip. all the teams in the major leagues. are all going to open. that hasn't happened in decades. all on the same day. she is ready. for opening day in a big way. she was without question the highlight. in this loss of the 80s. hunter pence. buster who had doubled his and with a slide. a 1-zero lead. third inning derek on the mound. serving it up. the guys the a's are excited about. manchild power permit matt chapman -- and then with his fourth hit of the night.
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base hit left-field to get a beginning going. they score 7 times. that giants fan does get me out of here. 9-2. usf -- when he feels good. the cbi. playing the north texas mini grain. usf out of the gate quick. the first tab. that is jordan who hid five of six. 17 points. the lead islam. 115 (frankie ferrari. down the lane. there you go. they lead it 72-62 the final. usf in round one over the main grain. playing texas on wednesday. we can check this out. some of the activity. international soccer. and although is an unwanted
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greeting -- rinaldo. he's looking around like where is security? finally they get there. kind of casually. one of the greatest players in history. he is unprotected. it had a good ending. the fans were cool. it did not have to turn out that way. thank you for joining us. good night. st day of school" pancakes.
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whipped-cream smile? dad, i'm in high school now. just put it in my mouth. okay, that's disgusting. stop it. save some of that bossing people around for the office, lady. after a 20-year vacation, claire is rejoining the work force. not a vacation. but i am starting a job at my dad's closet company. he's kind of grooming me to take over. i have a background in marketing. i'm so proud of her. oh, uh, speaking of marketing -- we're out of milk. claire: i'm actually kind of nervous. you're gonna be great. and remember, if you get into a jam, just do the impression i taught you. [ as christopher walken ] hey. you can hang your clothes in me. [ normal voice ] christopher walk-in closet. i'm not doing that. okay, relax, mom. you're working for grandpa. it's not even a real job. it's like that summer when i worked for dad. he was just trying to make me feel good about myself. he didn't really need my help. that's not true. i needed your help distributing all those fliers. and i did. wink, wink. how are you already doing homework?


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