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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 27, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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immigration. given the way this administration has attacked immigrants. you can understand why immigrant families would be afraid of the census questionnaire. >> goober is stopping all test of self driving cars in california , the reason behind that decision and what it means for the future of technology in a live interview with a tech interview from the wall street journal . law enforcement says it's the training they need to prepare for emergencies from school shooters to earthquakes to terrorism. community members say the training leads to abuses especially in minority communities. now funding for urban shield is on the line. welcome to the four on to .
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henry lee joins us live from the meeting in oakland with the latest on this, henry? >>reporter: the board of supervisors has a meeting that is still going on with the motion tie -- with emotions high on both sides of the issue . [ loud arguing ] >> there with his think i jeering and plenty of high emotion as opponents of the urban shield program urge the board not to fund it for another year. one person was kicked out by deputies after protesters yelled at a sheriff commander who spoke out in favor of it. they say it is a glorified gun show and macho law enforcement exercise that emphasizes militarization and frightens the public, especially communities of color. but the sheriff's office says urban shield consists of not
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only swat team training but also disaster response and emergency preparedness. recent terror attacks are reason to have the training attracting agencies across the world. we heard from people on both sides of the issue.>> you can't say truthfully that any money has been spent or any strategy has been put forth for everybody in the room to have access to potable water in the event of a water emergency. [ applause ] and all of us will need water in a water emergency, not a swat team. >> the sheriff is resolved and believes strongly in urban shield and i don't think you have to look any further than what is going on around the country was school shootings and the sheriff wants the region to be the best prepared in the country to respond to incidents like that. >> -- >>reporter: the meeting is still going on as of a couple minutes ago. some protesters are asking the
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sheriff's office and the board to separate the swat team's from disaster in emergency preparedness that man-made or natural disasters that we will see within the next hour if the board makes a final decision. >> ktvu news . there is no deadline on when the board of supervisors has to make this decision? >>reporter: not to my knowledge there is a preliminary meeting and they seemed poised to check off on the training once again. once again the president of the board of supervisors is well- versed in the comments are two minutes per speaker but it's been going on for quite some time. the sheriff's office says it did allow federal immigration officers to
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interview for inmates in jail. the interviews took place on march 7 and eight, the same time that ice agents interviewed a agent at the jail prompting an apology. lori smith says none of the four inmates were detained by ice and says her staff mistakenly allowed them into the jail and they have's and strengthen procedures. two more attempts by ice were unsuccessful. second the board of supervisors of voted unanimously to join the u. s. justice department lawsuit against california's sanctuary state laws. california values act is meant to protect undocumented immigrants from step the deportations under the trump administration. you want kodie bowe comes a day after the orange county sheriff's department said it will provide public information on when inmates are set to be released from custody . the attorney general's office announced it will join in and administrative investigation into a 22-year-
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old stephan clark the sacramento police. have a butera says the office will provide independent oversight. he was killed on march 18 in his grandmothers backyard by officers who say they thought he was pointing a gun no weapon was found only a cell phone. they promised transparency in the investigation . my team and i at the california department of justice would do everything in our power to ensure that this investigation is fair, thorough and impartial. >> stephan clark's grandmother is calling for change in the way suspects are confronted. leaders want the two officers involved to be criminally charged claudia has more from sacramento. >> i want justice for my baby. i want justice.
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>> they say that stephon clark's grandmother says they did not need to shoot him 20 times.>> why didn't you shoot him in the armor shoot him in the leg, you all didn't have to shoot him 20 times. >> officers responded to reports of a man breaking into several homes. the suspect fled and ignored commands to show his hands and stop. they open fired because they believed he was pointing a gun but afterwards they only found a cell phone. questions are raised about why the officers muted their body cameras. >> no family should have to endure this pain and suffering as they tried to seek answers. >> the 22-year-old's death as part days of protest in sacramento. the naacp is asking the justice department's civil rights division to investigate the killing and they were california to create an inspector general to
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investigate police involved shooting . we need gun control in our communities and we also need gun control in the police department for this nation. >>reporter: the two officers involved are on paid administrative leave as a use of force investigation is in place. claudia cowan, fox news in sacramento . louisiana's it attorney general says no criminal charges will be filed against to why that ruse police officers in the deadly shooting of a black man there. the announcement comes 11 months after the justice department also ruled out federal charges in the death of alton sterling. sterling was shot and killed in july 2016 during a struggle with officers outside of a convenience store when he was selling cds. today the mayor announced an internal investigation. >> as mayor it is my responsibility to ensure that our law enforcement officers follow established police procedure. that is where the
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baton rouge police department investigation when i began and soon conclude with a swift and thorough investigation.>> the review will determine if the officers violated any policy or procedure. alton sterling's family says they plan to file a civil lawsuit . the state of california is suing the federal government over a question that will be on the 2020 census. the form will now ask if the resident is a u. s. citizen. the question is illegal and will discourage immigrants from responding and result in an undercount. >> are you a u. s. citizen? that is the question the trump administration wants to add to the 2020 census. now california is suing say it will intimidate minorities expect given the way the administration has attacked immigrants, you can understand
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why immigrant families would be afraid to fill out the census questionnaire. >> the state of california is suing the federal government to block plans to ask respondents in the 2020 census if they are citizens. other states like new york and massachusetts hope to go to court as well. >> this is something that has been part of the senses for decades and that the department of commerce wanted to add again . >> they believe it will scare away immigrants from answering leading to an undercount. but the trump administration says it will help all minorities and in order to enforce the voting rights act for the government needs a better account of who is old enough and eligible to vote. >> we have concluded that the voting rights act enforcement are asking the question that outweighs other issues. >> the census count is actually required by the constitution, but do you have to answer. >> they are only entitled to force you to answer one thing.
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how many people live there? beyond that you don't have to answer anything. >> the numbers count from the next decade until the next censuses taken and are used to determine how many hospitals and things are need to be built . details on the senses were joined by census expert kemba walker. i want to start with the white house spokeswoman he said it was the commerce department that recommended that the question about whether or not you are a u. s. citizen the on the census form the you are an advisor, were you part of this discussion on whether they should be added to the questionnaire? >> i am not an advisor at the present time, i have been an advisor. >> has this come up in the past . >> in the past it has always been regarded that the question that was on on the long ferment
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on the american community survey was sufficient for the data need. i don't think it was proposed ever before to move it into the main now shorter census. >> i understand it was there in the 50s but for the last 60 years it has not been on the short form question has it? >> it was only a single form in the 50s. as soon as there was a long form or survey the question went on to the long form for the survey. >> i think the question is now appearing largely because the senses has become increasingly contentious and people are eager to see whenever they can but i think this is unfortunate for the professional work that the census bureau endeavors to do.
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>> unfortunate that the question is on the form or unfortunate that the lawsuits are moving forward?>> both. i think it's unfortunate to move this question on to the main census form at this very late date. the census form has already been carefully tested and the census bureau is embarking on a full end-to-end testing of the whole census so it's a very late to upset the basis of the census at this point. >> i guess the big concern for an undocumented immigrant is that if they feel they are answer this truthfully that immigration will hunt them down and try to kick them out of the country do you think that is the fear? >> the senses truly is confidential, these fears are unfounded. they are mistaken but the fears are out there and in the interest of some people they
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encourage them in the political arena but the census bureau does not share the data. we can expect that if the question goes on and is appears , it is going to frighten people. it may reduce response and it might encourage false sensors and we might get poor information about citizenship. >> we are all encouraged to fill out a form that we are not required under law to fill out the form and we're also not rick wired to answer every question on the form are we? >> we are required to answer that. >> all we are but these laws have not been aggressively enforced. >> if we skip a question do we get in trouble? what would happen? >> nothing would happen is item non-response and the census bureau has procedures for trying to minimize the damage.
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>> since you are saying that this information is not shared and people are to believe that then you encourage everyone to fill out every question. >> why is this a big deal? it has to do with federal funds being distributed not filling out the forms as money we're not getting. >> that is money we're not getting but even worse, the census is used all through industry and business cut down to your local school board, the local area data is the basis on which supplemented with the american community survey, school boards make format -- forecast of how many schools they will need and businesses need them of where to put their business. the whole economic fabric of our stay in the country really depends on an accurate census. >> very important information
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for very -- for a variety of reasons. thank you for being here. the reason all self-serving vehicles may be taken off the roads. on this seal -- on the heels of that drive, breaking it down with tim higgins after the break . another jump in after news highs -- in afternoon highs and the thames for tomorrow coming up.
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self driving car company weimar announced a deal to buy 20,000 electric cars from jaguar . the jaguars will be added to their fleet of 600 chrysler pacifica minivans and used in their healing service. the company disclosed how much they paid for the fleet of 20,000 jaguars . uber is stopping all of it self driving in california. they sent a letter to the department of motor vehicles notifying it they will not renew their current permit to operate the vehicles in california following a deadly crash in arizona involving a self driving uber. after that they halted testing in all four cities where it operates the thomas cars. tempe, pittsburgh pennsylvania, toronto and san francisco .
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lots of movement when it comes to self driving cars that since the deadly wreck in arizona that we are joined by tim higgins. thank you for joining us, why would uber not renew its permit protesting? >> it might be timing. the state was going to require them to renew their permit and as part of the process they were going to be required to share the information. so far, uber has not shared a lot of details publicly and in fast -- in fact autonomous vehicle experts are hopeful to learn about the details of the crash. >> the experts and the autonomous vehicle companies
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say you have to understand how the vehicles work they shoot lasers often radars off so just because it was night when the pedestrian was killed the in theory the vehicle should have seen her and stopped in time. >> do you know if the drivers are required to look up at all times? >> the idea is that they have their hands very close to the wheel to grab control and they are looking at the road for potential hazards were signs that the vehicle doesn't understand the scenario. the drivers we have talked to talked about the state of readiness they are in. it can be quite stressful, the trade-off is it is also hard for a human to pay attention all the time especially when the car is handling everything okay. >> how does the uber affect other car companies trying to test the technology with this accident? >> we seem companies like toyota
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announced they are suspending testing during this phase and then we see companies really double down and push forward on the advanced effort to put robot cars on the road. >> do you think they will be the first ones to get self driving cars on the road? >> if you listen to what they say and hear what everyone else is saying it seems like way mo is the best positioned to deploy commercial fleet. they aim for later this year they are ready have the hands- down there i was down in tempe and i saw the vehicles on the road. >> what you think about the deal with jag wire -- jaguar cars, this is a good deal? >> there are many layers, you
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have the minivan for family use and now they're going to have a premium or lecturing vehicle for perhaps date night, it's all part of the strategy of having multiple use cases even maybe a vehicle you could sleep in at some point. >> that would be interesting for sure, let's hope the car is not moving when the person is sleeping inside of it. thank you tim higgins, we appreciate your time. >> thank you . checking in on the financial district, a nice day in the city. >> gorgeous, upper 60s to 70 in the bay area, looking at san jose with blue skies and 73 degrees reported downtown. temperatures up by five or 10 degrees over where we are yesterday. another view as we look towards alcatraz to see over areas like fort mason. san jose was warmer today, san francisco still 67, oakland, 67,
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and san jose checking in around 73 degrees. here's a look at the 24-hour temperature change. 13 degrees warmer, up by 11 degrees in santa rosa and yesterday, santa rosa was up by 10 degrees from the day before so over the last two days santa rosa has jumped 20 degrees for the afternoon high. hayward is also reporting 10 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. >> we have a little offshore flow helping to drive up temperatures, the storm tracker has been pushed to the north with a little rain and snow over areas like washington and oregon but for us the entire state is dry at this time, waking up with patchy fog over the north bay and that should be about it. chilly start but not quite as cold as it has been. overnight lows are not as cold. 45 degrees to start your day,
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upper 40s in areas like oakland, 49 in san mateo, 80 degrees for santa rosa tomorrow and 79 for morgan hill. mid to upper 70s for the east bay, 77 for antioch and comfortable by the water, 70 in san francisco and upper 60s in pacifica. temperatures continue to climb, temperatures for the weekend are coming up . retaliation as the u. s. and other countries expel russia the details after the break.
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russian government officials are threatening to shut down u. s. consulates in their country. >>moscow threatening to respond with russian foreign minister sergei -- weighing in. and the country taking to twitter to ask which american consulates should close. >>we will respond because nobody wants to tolerate such behavior. >>reporter: over 20 nations are expelling 100 russian diplomats in response to a nerve agent attack on a former spy and has a daughter. agents say that the russian government is responsible.
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>>i think you are seeing an increasingly move of bad judgment by russia. when we see these espionage tactics taking place right here at the heart of the un we cannot have that.>>reporter: most of the expulsions are coming from the u. s. and the european union. 60 diplomats in the u. s. were given a week to leave the country. the consulate in seattle must close by april 2. >>i think the government believes that these people were engaging in intelligence operations against our country and that it was appropriate that we force them to go home. >>reporter: russia says they are not involved in the attack but obviously the u. s., uk and several other countries do not believe that statement. calls continue for facebook ceo mark zuckerberg to testify before congress. we will speak with an expert on what answers lawmakers are seeking. new details about the
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things appear to be getting worse for the world's largest social media network, facebook, after disclosure of data a 50 million users made it into the hands of a political consulting group.>>reporter: facebook, still in hot water with lawmakers, regulators and its
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own users following the disclosure that data from some 50 million people made it into the hands of a political consulting group linked to the trump campaign. that firm, cambridge analytica, also accused of violating campaign laws in several countries. a whistleblower testifying at a british parliament committee hearing describes the business model as modern-day colonialism. >>it is a company that goes around the world and undermines the institutions and countries that are struggling to develop that institution. there is a lot of reason why i find it problematic. >>reporter: this testimony comes as facebook finds itself in more legal trouble back home. the company is now the target of a consumer fraud lawsuit filed late monday in cook county illinois. >>we want to know how many people in illinois who are facebook users had their information exposed because of this breach. >>reporter: on capitol hill
4:33 pm
there are growing calls for facebook ceo, mark zuckerberg, to testify before congress. the house, energy and congress committee plans to hold a hearing and some lawmakers are discussing regulations on social media to make sure this does not happen again. >>social media search engines, that component of the ecosystem on the internet has not been transparent in how they protect privacy. >>reporter: british lawmakers are also inviting zuckerberg to testify before parliament but acknowledged tuesday it is unlikely to happen. mark zuckerberg has reportedly agreed to testify before congress after pressure from lawmakers as reported by cnn money. according to reports facebook sources say that he will testify quote, within a matter of weeks. his team is planning a strategy. for more on all of this we are joined by david levine. >>first off, tell us if you are
4:34 pm
surprised that he will go before congress or reportedly go before congress since he turned down the request to talk to british lawmakers. >>he cannot turn down a request from the united states congress because he could be subpoenaed. british parliament cannot subpoena him unless he were to show up in london or in the uk. to say yes that i am going to come, he said yes before they forced him to come. the real question is what will happen in the hearing, what kind of questions what they ask him. >>that is the question. what answers do they want to know? >>remember this is going to be theater, number one. bringing in mark zuckerberg means that the cameras will be there and members of the committees are going to have a chance to preen and pound the fifth and say how could this have happened what do you intend to do about this. really what will be interesting is to see how well mr. zuckerberg is prepped and coached and practiced for this
4:35 pm
hearing. i think we have all observed that he is maybe not the best in the world at spontaneous interviews. it is a little hard for him. he is used to scripted situations and it will be interesting to see how well facebook can prop him up and make him look good in a congressional hearing. it is a very tough form to be in. >>this is a hearing on data privacy. do we think that if regulations are put into place, is that a punishment for these companies or is it protection for these companies? >>it depends on what the regulations look like. on the one hand it might be punishing in the sense that facebook's business model has all been about scooping up the data of all of us, i am on facebook, i am even a shareholder, a little one, but i am there. scooping up your private data and selling it, when you hit
4:36 pm
like or say happy birthday, all of those things is valuable information. if the regulations mean it will be harder for space -- for facebook to collect that data and disseminated and allow apps to use that information it will be harder. on the other hand if it is regulations that they can live with and if the lawyers work with congress then it might be a situation where they will have regulation but it will force them to get more consent from all of us when we use facebook. but it will then protect them legally down the line. >>this case is the tip of the iceberg. what are the other legal exposures? >>number one, i am sure that there are a number of lawsuits from shareholders because the price of the stock has tanked since all of these revelations. there will be suits around that. there will be suits, state lawsuits, based on fraud claims that consumers and users of facebook were defrauded.
4:37 pm
the ftc is also a big player because facebook signed a consent decree with the ftc when they got into trouble regarding privacy seven years ago. it is not at all clear whether facebook was really adhering to what the decree required. it had a $40,000 per violation penalty and so the potential is that the damages could be enormous. the ftc is looking into this, we do not know where it will go, that is also a big thing that is facing facebook. getting mark zuckerberg ready for a congressional hearing is hard, getting ready for all of the lawsuits, that is enormous. >>we know that he will be at the hearing and we will see whether or not the ceo of twitter and google also go to the hearing as well. we appreciate your time. thank you for joining us. more than 100 people
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gathered outside and alamo elementary school to show support for the school and the students. the colorful display of rainbow flags and umbrellas was in response to a protest planned by members of the westborough baptist church. that group is based out of kansas and known for picketing with anti-lgbt signs at military funerals and other events. people in the trinity learned that they were coming to alamo. they organized a rainbow umbrella counter demonstration. some members of the group sang in celebration when the westborough picketers finally left. >>there is no anger or hate back, there is none of that aggressiveness, it is just a really celebratory, joyful, loving group of people. >>a member of the westborough
4:39 pm
group told us they came to rancho romero elementary school because they are upset about this sign that was displayed on campus earlier in the year. it talk about the issues of gender fluidity and gender identity. the sign was put up for about a month and taken down at the end of january. the school district decided to delay the start of school this morning to accommodate the people and extra traffic from the demonstrations. during their 50th anniversary see how the a's are working to make the experience at the coliseum better than ever. if you're out to watch the ballgame we will have a look at the current conditions going on and what you can expect during game time and what to expect for your wednesday.
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we are getting a look at a very close encounter with a great white shark caught on camera. >>a great white shark caught on camera swimming up to a volusia county man's boat. kyle says he and a buddy were fishing about 26 miles out saturday afternoon when he noticed a gray blob in the water. >>i yelled at my friend is that there's something big out there. right as he got to the front of the boat it to got into plainview where we could see it and he started saying that the
4:43 pm
great white. >>reporter: he said the shark circled the boat giving them enough time to grab a phone and start recording. he thinks it was 12-15 feet long. >>it circled us three times and it just was not bothered by us, it was while to see. he just check this out and as soon as he was there he just disappeared. >>reporter: the shark disappeared but the video proof is going viral. pull up the video and it is easy to see why. >>wow. >>it is surreal. i cannot believe that is here in our waters. it is like jaws size. >>reporter: a once-in-a- lifetime encounter spreading worldwide. >>it is something crazy to see. >>experts say spotted great white sharks is becoming more common because the population has been growing. here at home the marine mammal center is launching a
4:44 pm
campaign aimed at protecting wildlife especially seals. it is called leave seals be. they want people to know if you come across a steel or a seal pup on the beach, do not get too close. >>the most important thing is if you're out on the beach walking and you see an animal, give it distance. they are wild animals and it is important to leave them alone. if you think the animal is sick or distressed or skinny, give us a call rather than trying to intervene. we have professional training and a lot of ways that we can work safely with animals. >>the marine mammal center says they have rescued 70 seal pups since the beginning of march. that is largely due to the rainy weather which is causing conditions off shore causing pups being separated from their mothers. things are looking hotter.
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>>it is pretty good out if you have not had a chance to step outside you should. temperatures are mild and getting warmer. there is the view across the bay where we have wall-to-wall sunshine. temperatures up from the mid and upper 60s at the coast, upper 70s around the bay. if you're going out to the at&t park for the giants game temperatures will cool off, sunset right about 7:30, 64 degrees, west, northwest breeze will continue. not as breezy as last night. temperatures right now 66 reported in san francisco, upper 60s oakland, upper 70s in concord as well as santa rosa and into south bay 73 for san jose. a beautiful day with mostly sunny skies. not as breezy, high pressure strengthening over the bay area creating a north, northeast flow for some. keeping that storm track to the north for the rest of the month. only a few days left.
4:46 pm
we will continue in this pattern for the next few days all the way to the weekend. temperatures will level off and cool down a little bit for saturday and sunday. i will show you this an extended forecast. 20 mile-per-hour wind, half moon bay at 17, still a bit of a breeze but not as breezy or as widespread as monday. warmer today and getting warmer tomorrow. we will wake up with a cool start, overnight lows come up some as the afternoon high comes up. yesterday and into this morning we had temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. now we are going 45 santa rosa to start your day, 46 expected in livermore. around the bay not bad upper 40s, 49 oakland, 49 san francisco and 49 at the coast. that is what you can expect for the start of the day in the afternoon, 80 four santa rosa
4:47 pm
tomorrow, east bay sure we have low 70s expected for oakland, hayward, upper 70s for antioch. along the coast 69 pacifica, 70 expected in san francisco, for the afternoon into south bay 78 san jose, 79 morgan hill, 81 four gilroy. these are the warmest temperatures we have seen in a few weeks. extended forecast temperatures will be at the warmest on thursday, perhaps a few low 80s in the south bay. temperatures coming down friday and into the weekend but really nice if you will be out and about celebrating easter maybe some egg hunts, great weather. >>i saw some snow on some of the hills and we got 80 degree temperatures coming up. what a turnaround. >>anywhere from 20, 25 degree turnaround from sunday to now. >>thank you. julie joins us now with a look at what we are working on
4:48 pm
for 5:00. developing news with the decision on urban shield. >>protesters have been speaking out against the police training exercise all day long. within the past 15 minutes alameda county board of supervisors voted to fund it for one more year. more details on that at 5:00. >>developments on the latest tesla class. >>more information about that deadly crash involving a tesla. investigators are looking into it. new video from the second after the crash. >>we will see you then. next, we will take a look at the newest attraction at the oakland coliseum just in time for the eighth season opener.
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4:50 pm
it is a big year for the
4:51 pm
a's, the 50th year and they have a lot of plans to celebrate. >>we take a look at what to expect at the coliseum. >>it is no secret that the a's would like to play somewhere besides the coliseum soon, a concrete location for a new ballpark has not yet been determined. in the meantime the coo knows you have to continue doing something important. >>if we are going to be successful in the new ballpark we need to grow the fan base and better engage the community and invite them out to enjoy the games.>>reporter: that means in the 50th year in oakland, continuing to dress up the old place. today beyond the left field fence that the a's introduced what they are calling the treehouse. some fans like to buy a program and sit in their seats and concentrate on baseball for nine innings, others like to roam around and do other things
4:52 pm
like play foosball, pool, maybe grab a drink and sit on the patio. the treehouse is made for them. >>we did a bunch of research leading up to the season. the younger demographics of fans want a more flexible experience. they do not want to come and sit in a single sit that's mixing for the entire game. they can come in here into the bar area and watch a few innings. they can go out to the patio area and have a great view. they can move to the seating adjacent and watch from there. it allows folks to move around and have a bunch of different experiences. >>reporter: it is not an exclusive area. all you need for admission is your game ticket. they are also offering special treehouse only packages by the month or for the entire season. the a's also showed off the hats, jerseys and other items that they will be giving away this year in the 50th anniversary season. >>the inside of the treehouse is finished. the rosters are pretty much
4:53 pm
set, one group of people have been working very hard right up until opening day, these guys. they are still putting the finishing touches on the outside of the treehouse. walmart will no longer sell cosmetology magazine. they are removing the fashion magazine from checkout lines in 5000 stores. that is according to the national center on sexual exploitation. the group that help to instigate the policy change. the group says that cosmo features quotes, hyper sexualized and degrading content. so far no word from walmart or cosmo. speaking of walmart, you may soon be able to buy a car at their stores. they plan to start a pilot program that began two years ago. the program connects car buyers and dealerships, financing and insurance. it is being rolled out nationally on and will expand to 250 walmart locations starting with stores in georgia, illinois, indiana
4:54 pm
and virginia. larry nasser's former boss is accused of sexual misconduct at msu. details coming up.
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to fight for embattled judge aaron persky. he is the judge who sentenced stanford swimmer brock turner to jail for sexual assault. critics who thought the sentence was too lenient gathered signatures to put a measure on the june ballot to recall him. persky filed an appeal on the grounds that the recall campaign should have been filed on the state level because he considers himself a quote, state officer. a former dean at michigan state has been charged in the william nasser scandal. >> he has been charged with not only keeping the doctor in line, but also sexually harassing female students. mike tobin has more from chicago. more now from the lot at michigan state university. prosecutors have been investigating how the university handles complaints against sports doctor larry nassar. the former usa gymnastics doctor accused of molesting women and girls in his care. >> we wanted to find out how michigan state failed survivors of larry nassar, and how he was
4:58 pm
allowed to pray upon so many victims for so long without anybody stopping him. >> reporter: now a medical school official who was his boss has himself been charged with groping female students, and storing nude photos of students on his computer. william strampel is charged with failing to enforce protocols set for larry nassar when he faced allegations of sexual misconduct in 2014. >> as dean of the college, strampel used his office to harass, discriminate, demean, sexual proposition and sexually assault female students in violation of his statutory duty as a public officer. >> strampel was arraigned tuesday after his arrest monday. the 70-year-old was dean of the college of osteopathic math tocci madison until 2002.
4:59 pm
he is charged with sexual misconduct, neglect of duty and misconduct a public official. if convicted, the charges could bring 5 years in prison. in chicago, mike tobin, fox news. day long tensions in oakland. protesters thrown out of a meeting. they gathered as alameda county discusses a funding for an alameda police training exercise. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. urban shield is designed to train the s.w.a.t. officers. they go through training, over the course of 48 hours. protesters say this leads to the militarization of police. today, they asked the alameda county board of supervisors to cut funding for urban shield. ktvu's henry lee is outside of the supervisors meeting. they just made a decision. >> reporter: within the past hour, the board of supervisors voted 4-1 to approve funding for urban shield for this spot. this came after a hearing that lasted for more than three hours.
5:00 pm
there was plenty of high emotion, as opponents of the sheriff shield program urged the board not to fund it for another year. one person who hoped to speak was picked up by deputies after protesters yelled at the sheriff's commander who spoke in favor of it. critics are blasting urban shield as a glorified gun show and macho law-enforcement exercise that exercises militarization and friends the public. especially communities of color. >> i'm sure there is a place somewhere in the world, for sheriff ahern and urban shield. but, that place is not an alameda county. >> and if you think there is no relationship between urban shield kind of training, and what is happening to killing of young black people in this country, you are wrong! >> reporter: supporters say urban shield, hosted by the sheriff's office since 2007, consists of only


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