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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 28, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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driver who hit a five people leaving for a critical condition. the fetus of a boy found near the berkeley shoreline. a live report straight ahead. strategy development regarding the facebook privacy scandal. the changes announced today by the social media giant. good afternoon. >> we are following breaking news out of san francisco. five pedestrians entered in a hit and run. >> it happened before 10:30 at illinois. rob roth is live to bring us the latest. >>reporter: you can see the crime tape and it extends for several blocks. this all happened at about 10:30 this morning. about an hour and a half ago. what we know is that five pedestrians were struck by a vehicle. four of them are in life- threatening conditions. we heard from a witness who says it all started with a
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physical altercation between the driver and victims.>> i was watching a dispute between a guy in a van, and five guys on the street. it started off playful. the guy in the van was crazy and took it to a different level. he got out of the van with an ax and went after the guys. they took off their belt and were lashing at him and then they took the acts away and tased him back to the van. he got in the van and was screaming the whole way. they were yelling at each other. the guy started to walk away and he flipped the van around and drove it on the sidewalk and drove -- over four out of five of them. >>reporter: we are back, we are still waiting for police to confirm the witnesses a description of what happened. police are looking for the driver into the vehicle. they have not put out a
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description of the car or the driver but we are expecting to hear from police for an update any minute. they tell us. we hope to no more than. until then, back to you. >> this is a neighborhood where there may be stores with surveillance cameras they could've captured what is happened? >>reporter: it is possible. police were canvassing the area. it will become part of the investigation. they will canvas the area looking for surveillance video to give them a better opportunity to see what happened. >> 280. not far away from the crime scene. thank you. investigation is underway in berkeley after a male fetus was discovered. >> was found after 2:30 yesterday near the shoreline west of tom bates sports fields. frank mallicoat is there to the latest. >>reporter: good afternoon. just what you said. a gruesome discovery yesterday
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afternoon a passerby found what police are calling a well- developed male fetus that apparently washed up on shore in the bay in berkeley. the area is right behind golden gate field, the horse track and the tom bean sports complex soccer field. a very popular walking trail. here is what it sounded like on the police scanner, yesterday. >> possible defeat -- deceased fetus with a cord attached at the soccer field.>> have a supervisor on the way the parking lot of the sports facility. at the time bates field. >>reporter: the fetus still had an umbilical cord attached. no word on how long it may have been exposed to the elements. james jacob was fishing in the area yesterday and remembers all of the commotion.>> i saw the officers standing in the
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general area. they were investigating the scene and i did not know what happened until you told me. >>reporter: wasn't quite at the scene? >> there were a lot of police officers. probably five cars and seven police officers standing around investigating. >> now that you know what washed up on shore -->> it is amazing. people that do this, i do not understand their thinking. >>reporter: an autopsy is being performed by the alameda county coroner as soon as i get information, hope to hear from the sheriff and berkeley pd. henry lee is working the story and will have an update for you tonight at 4. that is the latest in berkeley, frank mallicoat, ktvu fox 2 news. new development in the latest on the facebook data breaches gado. today to social media giant announced a newly revamped levasy tool settings. despite the announcement comes as three users to file a lawsuit over the privacy issue.
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reporter jonathan hunt has the latest.>>reporter: facebook following the disclosure that data from 50 million users made it into the heads of cambridge analytical. a desperate political consulting group linked to the trump campaign. this book ceo mark zuckerberg said he has agreed to testify before congress about the controversy and on wednesday, facebook rolled out a new system for users to control their privacy and security settings. >> they were told they had to have what is known in the legal trade as informed consent. the had to make it obvious, they did not do that.>>reporter: the system will be introduced gradually over the coming weeks. it does not change facebook's privacy policy, but it allows people to change their settings from one place. rather than going through 20 separate sections across the platform. the announcement comes a day after cambridge analytical whistleblower accused facebook of developing the technology to listen to your conversations,
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even when you're not using the app. >> they do not care whether or not what they do is legal as long as they get the job done. >>reporter: the company is facing a lawsuit in state and federal court over the data mining policy. if they do not come up with a credible defense, the penalties could start adding up. >> they could run into billions of dollars if they lose these. >>reporter: it is not clear when zuckerberg will testify for congress. the commerce committee said it plans to hold a hearing in the coming weeks. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, ktvu fox 2 news. three facebook messenger app users have filed a lawsuit in northern california against the social network. the suit claims facebook violated their privacy by collecting logs of their phone
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calls and text messages. facebook announced last weekend it uploaded call and text logs from phones operating on the google android system in 2015. the company says only users who gave appropriate permission were effective. tesla is defending itself after a deadly crash on one-to- one last week in the bay area. it raised questions about the safety of the vehicles and autopilot technology. >> we are live to ask elaine why the carmaker saying a missing highway barrier may be to blame. >>reporter: the questions come at a critical time for tesla. it has had troubles with manufacturing and production over the last several months. the credit rating was downgraded because of it and ever since the national transportation safety board announced it would be investigating the crash, teslas stock has dropped by more than 15 percent. some of the questions ntsb investigators want to find out, did the driver of this tesla model x have the autopilot feature on when he slammed into a concrete barrier and did the technology contributed to the crash? it happened on highway 11 and 85 friday morning. cell phone video from passerby who tried to help the driver showed the intensity of the
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crash and the fire afterwards. the car caught fire after the driver was removed from the vehicle, but the driver later died at the hospital. in a blog post titled what we know about last week's accident, tesla offered condolences to the driver into family. the automaker defended the safety of the autopilot technology saying owners have to the same stretch of highway the autopilot engaged roughly 85,000 times since 2015 adding the vehicles have never involved in a car wreck like this on the highway. tesla goes on to say a missing concrete barrier may be to blame for the severity of the crash. the post includes the side-by- side photos of the spot on one- to-one when a car crashed. the photo on the left shows a highway safety barrier called an attenuator in place. the photo on the right shows superior missing. the day before the crash happened tesla says the reason the crash was so severe is that the crash attenuator, a highway safety barrier had either been removed or crushed in a prior accident without being replaced. we have never seen this level of damage in any other crash. >>reporter: we reached out to
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caltrans to ask what the barrier and the responsive to the tesla came that the missing barrier was to blame for the severity of the crash. representative told us they received our request and are working to get back to us with more information. at 1 a public wake is scheduled for the man shot and killed by secular to police. it follows the protest held yesterday inside a stated capital media stuff on clark's older brother voiced frustration to the mayor while the number of protesters called for action and change. the meeting ended earlier than some expected after someone protesting outside began banging on the windows before being arrested. outside of the sacrament of king game fans were blocked from entering the arena for the second time in less than a week. officer say they 22-year-old clark was shot and killed while officers responding to call some of them and breaking into
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cars. they located clark and said he was holding a gun. it was later revealed he was shot nearly 2 dozen times and had been holding a cell phone. the funeral is set to happen tomorrow. the former golden state warriors ford and tucker mental native matt barnes holt plans to hold a march saturday to protest the killing. the civil rights attorney john burres will held conference announcing a lawsuit. other pay half of the family of her now foster shot and killed by police last month. he also wants the police to release the body can video of the shooting which happened february 13. the police and officer tried to stop foster because he was riding his bicycle in an unsafe matter what foster ran away. police say foster in the officer got into a violent struggle and the officer shot foster in self-defense. is the sheriff's deputies increasing patrols at the whole of justice due to a bomb threat. the video at 850 bryant with the city superior court, the office and county jail. of us to get us a threatening
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call him into the building yesterday. deputies used bomb sniffing dogs to check the building. they did not find anything suspicious. officers the extra patrols are due to an abundance of caution. the santa clara sheriff's deputies patrolling a high school due to a recent threat. the school received a threatening robotic conflict that prompted an emergency evacuation and cancellation of classes. deputies were spotted and did not find any indication of danger after the school. they say it was not a credible threat. investigators say the phone number linked to the robotic call traced back to similar incidents reported nationwide. gives you the right to bear arms. a possible repeal of the second amendment. sunny and warm. we give you a light looked out at the golden gate bridge. the temperatures will continue to rise. we check in with steve for the details. more concerned for residents still impacted by the terrible october wildfires. what one neighborhood is facing. ross has the must-have styles and brands get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event.
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ross has the brands your whole family will love get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event. president trump took to twitter to reject a by retreat -- retired justice john paul stevens of a young activist who tried to appeal the second amendment. stevens was on the losing side of the to the -- 2008 report ruling that found the said amendment gives individuals the right to own a gun for self- defense. yesterday the 97-year-old wrote
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in the new york times and said after watching saturday's nationwide demonstrations protesters should try to overturn the second amendment which he calls a relic of the 18th century. students who helped organize the marches for not calling for an outright ban.>> we are not trying to take everybody's guns away. >>reporter: legal analyst they were feeling the said amendment would be virtually impossible. changing the constitution. it requires both houses of congress to pass an amendment with a two thirds vote -- vote. the repeal would have to be ratified by three fourths. getting executive order to pay for a border wall with a campaign promise by president trump. now he is floating the idea of having the military pay for it. while the cost about $25 billion to build. the president pitches that the wall is a matter of national security. congress would need to sign off on a move it appears unlikely the white house could get the votes necessary to make it happen. sign -- senate minority leader chuck schumer said it would be a blatant misuse of military funds it would be tied up in
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court for years. the aclu asking greyhound bus company to stop all outing i.c.e. agents to conduct sweeps. this is a video of an incident on a greyhound bus in january. the same on the border patrol agents reported a greyhound bus in southern california and asked every passenger for proof of citizenship. the aclu is asking the company to turn away i.c.e. agents who do not have a warrant for a specific passenger. they say agents are signaling people out based on race and appearance. greyhound says it understands the concerns and it is required to comply with the law. >> the midweek warm-up is well underway. it did not take long. we are in the 70s for some including seven cisco which is at 72 degrees at noon. warm today and well above average temps closer to 6367. we are at 70 and 80 degrees. big bertha says warmer this week hang in there. do not worry.
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rain returns around april 6 unless something changes. the 70s for many. there are very warm temperatures and a northerly breeze or an easterly breeze. high pressure has parked itself off the west coast around the aleutians down to the hawaiian islands and the little guy down in the four corners. we get the flow around that as offshore breeze. we have 76 for the city. an average at 62. the record is 81. we are getting closer. it is 72, not 66. it has not updated. 70s. 70s and oakland. down south it was 70s on the peninsula as well. palo alto 75. pacifica is 70 and union city at 73. the north wins and northeast and that will do it every time. the high-pressure says, i will hang around this week. you will back off as we head
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towards the next week but marino is close to 60 and almost 70. 64 in monterey. fog this morning but it did not have much of a chance. tomorrow at this time it will also be very warm for the eighth home opener. 70 degree temperatures by tomorrow. excited outlook is warmer as well all the way into thursday. 82 degrees. that may be the warmest tomorrow. nice friday and pretty good at the weekend. slightly cool and above average. enjoy. >> what a change. a trial date has been set for the first lawsuit related to the north bay wildfires. the lawsuit claims that the fire approached elderly people that were better by staff at the residential facility of the mountain grove neighborhood of santa rosa. yesterday a judge set a trial date of august 3. the villa was destroyed by the tubs fire. 30 residents and family members are suing the parent company, oakmont senior living. the lawsuit claims employees abandoned a third of the nearly
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70 residents as the fire neared the facility. family members help residents to safety before the building burned to the ground. the water system in the mountain grove neighborhood could take more than two years to replace. santa rosa city officials say the system was contaminated with benzene with a wildfire mother plastic pipes serving 350 homes. democrat desmond press democrat report city leaders know about the contamination in november. residents say they are just finding out now. property owners who have already started rebuilding homes say they are being told they cannot finish the work until there is clean water. fire victims who rely on insurance benefits to cover the cost of temporary housing they the benefits it could expire before the water system is fixed. we are learning more about the man arrested after angering for people when his suv jumped the curb at oakland international airport last night.
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oracle has won the latest round in the battle over google over copyright infringement since 2000 and oracle is argued that google infringed on the copyright for job a programming technology. the federal appeals court has ruled that google's use of java and the android smartphone exceeds the fair use exemption. google says the decision will add time, money, and complexity to the software development. the judge ordered the case back to trial to decide how much google should pay and damages. oracle originally said it
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wanted $9 billion of it also said as time has passed, the number has gone up. -- >>reporter: -- struggles pages commission lawsuit. is at a meeting with women to join the lawsuit. from her first television interview. heidi lamarck was a preschool teacher where she says a conversation with a male coworker led her to believe she was being underpaid. she says when she was hired she was told all preschool teacher start at level i. the lowest level in the google tier scale. that turned out not to be the case. >> we were talking about, isn't it so frustrating that you can be only hired as level i and a colleague said what are you talking about? i was hired at level ii. a man. >> coming up, what happened when lamarck brought the discrepancy to the managers at google and how google responded overall to claims that it paid men more than women for the same work, and what one implement attorney said all workers should do to help bridge the pay equity gap. google stock is actually slightly down as is the dow jones. down 17 points.
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several big tech companies fell today, but facebook has regained some of the ground it lost recently. a great concern to california's wine industry. how possible terrorists from china could affect the market. several benefits in the anaheim downtown disney are set to be demolished to make room for a brand-new hotel. we will tell you what is on the chopping block. an update. the hit-and-run. five people injured it will bring you the new information after the break.
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officers are still on the scene in the bayview district where a driver plowed into a group of people. but the vehicle left without stopping. five men were hit around 10:30 the corner of illinois and 24th. one of them is being treated for life-threatening injuries. it witness said it started with a physical altercation between a group of people and the driver. the driver allegedly went after the group with an ax and then got back into the vehicle and drove towards the men. according to police, the suspect may have known the victims and this is not a random act.>> the incident appears to be isolated and specific. from the information that we have at this point. we do not believe the general
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public is at risk in regards to this incident. >> police have yet to release descriptions of the vehicle or suspect. it is developing new that we are staying on. we are learning new details about the driver who was arrested after injuring four people when his suv jumped the curb at oakland international airport last night. expect the crash shut down the main road to the airport. alex savidge up states the investigation. truck investigator say an unlicensed driver triggered the crash last night here at the airport. the man has been arrested. authorities say they do not believe this was an intentional act. certainly, the accident caused quite a few delays for travelers here at the airport. main road to the terminal wasn't shut down for the investigation. this happened about 6:15 last night. the red mercedes suv drove up onto the sidewalk outside terminal one, crashing into three people. a fourth person was injured by flying debris. no one was seriously hurt. the driver of the suv has been
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identified as 56-year-old juan pablo. authorities say he had just dropped off friends at the airport when he clipped another car and jumped the curb. the accident investigation shut down the main road leading to the terminal for almost an hour and a half. cars were stopped and traffic was backed up to 880. >> i got out of my car to see if i could walk to the airport but they said it was closed. we were all waiting to see what happens. >> officer said they would open the lanes in two minutes and people that are walking will not let them through. it is little over a mile so they suggested to go to your cars you will get there quicker. truck what you make your flight? it's like it would be nice if we do. truck pablo has been booked into jail on two misdemeanor counts. reckless driving causing injuries, and driving without a license. operations returned to normal at the airport at about 8 p.m. last night ended the moments immediately following the
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crash, there was a chaos, and quite a bit of concern about what may have been going on but it quickly became clear to responding deputies that this was in fact an accident, and there was no threat. at oakland international airport, alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. an investigation is underway into a deadly crash involving an amtrak train and a bicyclist. this happened last night at gilman street, not far from the berkeley station underneath the diversity avenue. people were on board the train and the passengers along with crew members were not hurt. the alameda county corner has not released the identity of the person killed. command under arrest under suspicion of leaving chp on a high-speed chase last night that topped 100 miles per hour. that is one of the tower cameras that recorded part of the pursuit on interstate 880 and oakland. officers chased the suspect from hayward to vallejo. initially officer tried to pull him over for speeding. the chase went from a 80 280 and the car cane bridge. the suspect was captured in vallejo after driving onto a
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dead end street. 30-year-old oscar carmona is facing charges of attempted murder after two shootings in east palo alto earlier this week. the man drove up next to a man as his car was sitting in traffic before 6 on monday. the man was not hit and began chasing the suspect in his cart. carmona shot a 65-year-old woman in the are moments later as she was walking home with her groceries. the first victim stopped to help the injured woman at a short time later police arrested carmona. distracting alameda county board of supervisors has approved $1.5 million for the controversial urban shield program after contentious hearings that lasted for hours. the annual training program is designed to train swat teams and first responders on handling real-life disasters, terrorist attacks or hostage situation. yesterday the supervisors voted unanimously to continue funding training after an emotional three-hour hearing.
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a large group of activists see the training over emphasizes military tactics and creates fear in communities of color. newly released bart crime statistics show more arrests are being made throughout the transit agency. the police department says it is falling behind in an area. andre senior has the story. toca jess along the uses the west oakland bart station to commute to work in san francisco. there are certain times of the day when she will not use the system. >> if it is after work late, i do not take it. i uber home. truck why? is like i do not feel safe. >>reporter: to make writers feel safer bart is cracking down making 1730 arrest met -- arrested 2017. a 40 percent increase from the 1020 38 made the year before. it's like it shows that the proactive activity of officers within the system really geared towards making the system safer for all those that ride. truck credit changes at officers being more visible. increased contact to check that
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it is up 80 percent. spot proof of payment and while that is an infraction, often times that leads to somebody that may have a warrant to arrest, or maybe wanted for more serious crimes. >>reporter: in 2016 bart reported they had 540 -- 544. that dropped to 444 and bar credits the high-security racks as one of the reasons why the -- has dropped.'s like i like to use the bike legal lockers. it is pretty secure. >>reporter: untamed are types of electronic devices. up a 52 percent. violent crime jumped 24 percent. bart police chief carlos rojas says that the number deserves a context. >> the majority of robberies are a people call phone status. those are the majority of the violent crimes that we see on bart. >>reporter: to have led to issues for the agency. attorney paul is representing six people suing on bart after they were jumped by a group of
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teenagers at the coliseum station last year and robbed of cell phones and other personal possessions. the chief would not comment citing ongoing litigation. he touched on another issue that the investigate team has reported on. bart employees are attacked. 40 incident last year. >> we try to work with employees , first to give them the tools so that they are safe and doing their job, and a second to make sure that we are responsive to anything that might happen on the system. >>reporter: bart issued more permissions. 315 and 2017, two people who defaced bart property, and the chiefs that they hired 60 new police officers for bart pd last year. the most they have hired in a single year since 2050 -- 2013. andre singer ktvu fox 2 news. sheriff's department asking for the public help in finding whoever stole $20,000 with clement and the boys and girls club in el sobrante. they discovered an on-site storage unit had nearly been wiped out on march 20.
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they took computers, monitors, keyboards and other equipment. the program serves as many as 75 children every summer. the sheriff's department is investigating and urging anyone with information to come forward. the south bay supporters of struggling mall are going head to head with developers. sand hill property has been trying to build homes on the site for four years. the committee filed an application to build 2400 housing units at the val colt my location which does not need approval from the city council. the company is one of the first to take advantage of a state law allowing developers to get around city limitations on new housing developments. half of the units will be affordable. a group of longtime residents are worried about the increase in traffic the new project would bring to the area. the mall is located about a mile from the apple new headquarters. little girl well known and immigration reform movement is a giant full of hope in downtown san jose. the face of it-year-old sophie cruz is featured at a huge
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mural at the san jose -- san jose museum of art. she made headlines in 2015 which he crossed a police barrier in washington dc to ask pope francis to help immigrant children. afterwards, the museum commissioned a muralist to create this. >> this fantastic collaboration came together, and we did this really large-scale portrait of sophie holding a globe and a flower. symbols of togetherness, welcome, and hope. >> sophie was born in los angeles to undocumented mexican immigrants and worries her parents could one day be deported. a san francisco landmark turns 50 japan center, and japan town pisa plover have become a part of the city. today san francisco is kicking off the year-long celebration with a special ceremony. >> jana has more on the history of the famous pagoda. >>reporter: rising up in the san francisco skyline, the japan center piece pagoda has
12:37 pm
become an icon. a >> it is a symbol of peace. >>reporter: a symbol of peace and friendship that was present from osaka japan. the sister city, 50 years ago. select the original designer was and osaka professor. he really envisioned this new modern postmodern approach to bring the two cities together, osaka and san francisco. >>reporter: on march 28, 1968 the peace plaza was officially opened with the japan culture and trade center. it's like it was a state-of-the- art one-of-a-kind in the united states, and this was to introduce the united states into japanese culture. >>reporter: the center mall houses the dance effect appellees consulate. many japanese restaurants and other businesses. george was in a certain -- attorney for the family to help to develop the japan center. >> there were shops, there was a hotel, there were residences. >>reporter: the redevelopment project created a japanese cultural and commercial center, but also came at a cost of for
12:38 pm
families in more than 2000 residences and businesses that were raised. richard hashimoto president of the japan town merchant association says preserving to businesses that survived is important now. it's like it was 36 blocks large and after urban renewal it kind of shrunk down to about nine or 12 blocks that we have today. >>reporter: on wednesday december the recreation and parks wanted the 50th anniversary in the japan center piece of pleasant. >> it is important to celebrate our cultural history in our parks. they are about to place a link the past, present and future.>>reporter: answered at the site for festivals at a gathering place. >> sometimes i just come along to set. >>reporter: including young people drawn into japanese culture. >> i think it connected me more to the culture. it is a fun place to be. it is called the piece pagoda and it is peaceful.
12:39 pm
but you kind of get a cool vibe when you're here. >>reporter: a place that continues, 50 years later, to promote peace.>> it is peace in the sense of world peace, of inner peace, of peace of all kinds. >>reporter: jana katsuyama ktvu fox 2 news. happening today, the former first lady michelle obama is scheduled to speak at oracle arena. the event is billed as a moderated conversation. the speaking arrangement as part of a women's lecture series. ticket prices start at $93.50. some seats are still available. doors open at 6. the former first lady set to speak at 8. a trip that caught many people by surprise. what we are learning about the north korean readers unexpected visit to china, and how president trump is reacting. a gorgeous warm clear day around the bay area. how long will temperatures last? we will check in with -- for details.
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we are learning more about the north korean leader kim jong a favorite tip -- secret trip to china. the first trip he has made since taking power. as caroline shively reports it is sparking optimism from president trump.>>reporter: hopeful tweets wednesday from the president ahead of the highly anticipated meeting with north korean leader kim jong. mr. trump tweeting, for years and for many administrations, everyone said that peace and the denuclearization of the korean peninsula was not even a small possibility.
12:43 pm
now there is a good chance that kim jong-un will do what is right for his people and for humanity. look forward to our meeting. this comes on the heels of a kim jong-un's secret trip -- trip to china. the first i visit to a foreign country since taking power in 2011. the secret trainride also underscores how important china could be in negotiating any deal involving the north koreans. the president also tweeting and parts, received message last night from the president of china that the meeting with kim jong-un went very well and that kim looks forward to his meeting with me. china holds an incredible amount of leverage over north korea as the central trading partner. getting on the train, going over there, is certainly a step in the right direction. an unprecedented step. as the administration pushes optimism about the north korean meeting, they are lobbying a new trade deal with south korea which lets seal avoiding new tariff on steel. this deal only strengthens america's predation that my position in the region.
12:44 pm
>> what is beautiful about the deal is that it strengthens the relationship with south korea on the economic front as well as the national security front. >>reporter: still no data for the sitdown between president trump and kim jong-un demonstration has been pushing for it to happen by the end of may. in washington, caroline shively, ktvu fox 2 news. struct president trump's proposed tariffs on china could affect the local wine industry. china has threatened its own tariffs on export since it -- such as california wine, not to come and fruit in response to the policy. us exports to china and hong kong were up 10 percent last year. totaling $200 million. a trade war with china could mean they will turn to other countries for wine but california growers depend on exporting their products.>> we do not have the internal market that could consume all of the product we are producing. to start attacking the export market, it would really set the industry upside down.
12:45 pm
>> us government is expected to release a list of chinese import subject to the new tariffs by next friday. you know what is starting to pop? the vines. >> they are binding. it was a little critical on monday we had some 30s. yesterday, it is gone. you may want to head outside and do a little summer supper. it feels like summer for some. low 70s already showing up. it is warming up a quick. for the afternoon it will be warm and warmer by this evening. 70s and 80s will eventually settle in. just enjoy the nice weather because the rain returns around april 6. that is the way it looks right now. we will get april showers. 70s for temperatures. we warm up quick. that is oakland airport. there 63 with a west wind. a lot of locations haven't easterly or northeasterly. san jose, 77. the average is 60. the record
12:46 pm
is 81 back in 1893. the record low of 36 1972. temperatures towards mountain view, san jose, livermore and hayward are plus 4 and a 5. at the airport is -2 and concorde is a push. santa rosa is 1 compared to 24 hours ago. enough of an easterly or northeasterly breeze that with a dome on everest. a -- high-pressure extending to the north. we had fog this morning but it is getting pushed to the south due to the easterly and northerly breezes that may creep back. water temperatures are cold. it would not take much when you get 80s through the interior. all you need is a westerly breeze. today it is about sunshine and warm temperatures. 70s engineer 80. tomorrow will be the warmest day. speaking of tomorrow, do not to forget. home opener is tomorrow. sunny and warm. take the sunblock. we are not used to it.
12:47 pm
tomorrow will be in the 70s and low 80s. cooler, but okay for the weekend. >> mike and i will be at the coliseum. spot the gates open that 8 for parking. repair costs are still being estimated at the moccasin dam in the sierra foothills. last week a full day on failure was revealed that mike averted after the county was closed to overflowing and started leaking during heavy rain. there is damage to the spillway at water light and also erosion under highway 49. the same physical public utility commission owns the dam which is part of the hedge water system. the bay area water supply was not affected. part of the community near the dam still does not have water. big changes coming to a popular attraction at yosemite national park. the park is finalizing $30 million in new upgrades for bridal veil falls. the funding comes from a nonprofit group. the yosemite conservancy-based interfaces go. the plan calls for a larger parking lot, upgraded toilets,
12:48 pm
hiking trails, and a wooden boardwalk. the plan is expected to be finalized this summer at work would begin next spring and continue through 2020. the falls would remain open during construction. disneyland undergoing a major expansion in the efforts to bring in more out-of-town visitors. a large part of downtown disney will be demolished to clear the way for a new 700 room hotel. according to the orange county register, business is to be demolished included the popular espn zone, rain forest cafi, and amc 12 theaters. it is all to make way for the new four diamond hotel expected to open in 2021. it will include a monorail stop and a new restaurant lounge with a view of the fireworks. the lineup has not been announced, but tickets to the outside lands music festival are set to go on sale soon. when you can get the tickets after the break.
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tonight reliance family returns with a brand-new season and they are resuming the drama at signature fashion. his black ashley dvorkin talks to the stars for a preview of what viewers can expect. >>reporter: empire is back with a vengeance and then some. a level of drama to -- that cast notes audiences expect. >> somebody has to die.
12:52 pm
a couple of people because it could be fatal to the empire. somebody find love. >> the first episode back and it is interesting because it is almost a standalone episode by itself. it wraps up a lot of storylines. >>reporter: we caught up with the cast and they shared what it is like to reunite. >> we are like kids in high school. we are. it feels like it is senior year. and this is finals week this is always fun to get together. >> it is hard for me to see them as anyone but my sons. that is the secret recipe that works for us we are a true family unit. >>reporter: they know that fans feel like they are part of the family also. >> i will be cooking until the end of time. i don't care they will not call me katherine johnson. they forgot all about event
12:53 pm
from a baby boy. i am cookie. >> i have always been terrence howard no matter what. now it is lucius. lucius has become a part of the family. part of the circle of friends.>>reporter: schedule quality time with the lions as empire resumes wednesday night on fox. in new york, ashley dvorkin the, fox news. you can watch empire right here on ktvu to. is texting a tub of the developing story from san francisco where four people were run over and are hospitalized with a serious injury. the search for the suspect is underway and we will have the latest information on the conditions of the victims and the investigation today on the 4 on 2. and up and out day on the
12:54 pm
dow jones we find ourselves slightly up gaining 48 points. new exhibit open at the oakland museum of california called respect. hip-hop style, and wisdom. the exhibit takes a look at how hip-hop changed the world through things such as dj in, breakdancing, and fashion. the artifacts come from private and university collections. our turntables used once, grand master/videos, mike's, mears, drawings, clothing, and a car. there is a map showing hip-hop history of the bay area.>> we work with photographers who are documenting that they were a hip-hop scene in the 90s which is considered the golden age of the area hip-hop. a lot of musicians came out folks like too short and hammer were coming out. spot the exhibit is open at the oakland museum of california until august. the adult -- lineup for the outside layout the festival is yet to be announced but fans are getting a chance to buy tickets. starting tomorrow at 10 a.m.
12:55 pm
at the three day passes go on sale. general admission will be $325. vip passes are going for $750. to begin music festival kicks off at golden gate park august 10. the second woman of the year happens this weekend and it will be the last one for a while. it will reach the peak fullness saturday morning. the term blue moon is used to describe the second full moon to appear within a single calendar month. the first of the month month accord mark second. the next blue moon will not come around until 2020. more injuries and for the giants. aj park may have to go on -- undergo elbow surgery and possibly miss the entire season. on the other side of the bay mark elliot and it may not be ready for tomorrow's opener against the dodgers in la because of an arm discomfort. the giants shut out the a's 3-0 in the bay bridge serious. a free agent outfielder austin jackson had a 2 run a single. the giants announced the opening day roster rookie outfielder stephen dugger really impressed with the team
12:56 pm
in spring training and will start in the minors in sacramento. an exciting programming note. we are taking the 9 on the road. sal, mike, and i will be live at the coliseum for the eight opening day against the angels and next week we had across the bay at at&t park for the giants home opener against the mariners. about 30 minutes ago the oakland a's raised their flag above oakland city hall. sky fox was there with them as they raised the flag. the president and mayor hosted -- hoisted the flag high above the city to mark the start of the athletic season. it is the teams 50th season in oakland. the mega millions lottery jackpot has jumped to more than half $1 billion for -- a price for friday's drawing is $502 million for the fourth time in history the jackpot has been that high. last night was the 23rd time no one matched all six of the winning numbers. 7, 25, 43, 56, 59, the mega
12:57 pm
number 13. >> still give it a shot. you never know. the a's went to 75-87 last year but they had a big wedding month in september. the new season is getting underway for the oakland athletics. we will be up there tomorrow morning. thank you for watching. the next newscast is the 4 on 2.
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dr. oz: a dr. oz investigation. the truth about d.n.a. test kits. are your genes being sold? >> who owns your sample once you submitted it? dr. oz: is your privacy at risk? >> we sent your d.n.a. to three different companies and they refused -- there is conflicting information. dr. oz: and we can block out stress, anxiety and the exhaustion. oming up next. are you ready to save some lives today? [cheers and applause] >> i love you, dr. oz. [cheers and applause]


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