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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  March 28, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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or not what they do is legal as long as i get the job done. >> the revamped privacy tool settings being put in place by the social media giant. north korea and chinese officials secretly meeting. the move towards peace as north korea continues nuclear ambitions. spot the reason it north korea wanted to have nuclear missile -- missiles three to the united states is because they can blackmail and course the united states and allies.>> the 4 on 2 starts now. several physical police trying to answer questions after a hit and run that left a person dead and several others injured. within the past hour we have learned a suspect is in custody. tracking down the person was a big priority. welcome to the 4 on 2. i'm ken wayne. it's like i am claudine wong. these events unfolded before 10:30 at the intersection of illinois and 24th street.>> ron ross joined us from the scene with the latest on the suspect
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in the investigation. truck we are on 24th and illinois. you can see the crime scene tape is still up and police are still on the scene. a police source has told us they have made an arrest. they have arrested the driver and we have a video. his name is marco dennis of san francisco and he could be charged with homicide. it happened before 10:30 this morning. paramedics raced to help five pedestrians on the ground at the corner of 24th and illinois street. all were run down by a driver who sped off. one of the victims later died from his injuries. a witness who did not want to appear on camera said it just before, there was an altercation between the driver and the victims.>> i was watching a dispute between a guy in a van, and for -- about five guys on the street. it started off playful and the guy in the van was crazy and
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took it to a different level. >> the man said the driver got out of the van holding an ax. the men took the act the way and took off their belt and chased the driver back to the van. sparky got into the van screaming the hallway, yelling at each other. the guy started to walk away and he flipped the van around and drove it up on the sidewalk a full pedal to the metal and drove over for people. truck police have not confirmed to the account. >> it is unknown what led up to this collision that is still under investigation. truck police stopped cars matching the description of the vehicle and later identified this older model white gmc van with dents on the hood. one police source told us the driver has been arrested in the case. it's like the incident appears to be very isolated and specific from the information that we have at this point. we do not believe the general public is at risk. >> in addition to the person who died, four others are in the hospital. one is critical, two are in serious condition, and one is listed as a fair. police are still not saying what exactly what prompted the
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altercation. >> rob roth, live in the city. authorities have identify a man who endured for people when his suv jumped the curb at oakland international airport last night. 55-year-old juan pablo of oakland faces charges of felony reckless driving and driving without a license. the man told him he had dropped off friends at the airport around 6:15 last night when he lost control, hit a car, and that struck at three people. the fourth person was struck by flying luggage. none of the injured people were hurt seriously. >> according to him his foot was stuck on the accelerator and he mistook the gas pedal for the break. he lost control of the vehicle and was accelerating, and he drove towards the terminal building. >> sheriff's deputies close to the main road in and out of the airport to investigate. that caused a huge traffic backup. some people tried to walk to the airport to catch of their
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flight. you can see them. the road to the airport reopened shortly before 8 p.m. struck 30s trying to learn more about a grim discovery in the east bay. the remains of a male fetus near the berkeley shoreline. was found after 2:30 yesterday afternoon west of tom bates sports field. police say the fetus was fairly well-developed and the umbilical cord attached. officials say the remains they washed up on shore from someplace else. the alameda county coroner planted autopsy for today. public wake underway for stuff on clark. the man shot and killed by sucker mother police 10 days ago. of death has sparked numerous protests include he wanted the sacrament city council meeting last night. later demonstrators box fans from entering the golden ones that are with the sacrament of kings gang was getting underway. the 22-year-old was shot and killed by police march 18. officers say they were responding to calls of a man breaking into cars when they located clark. officers thought he was holding a gun. clark was in his grandmother's backyard holding a cell phone.
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when he was shot by officers 20 times. the circumstances are under investigation with the state department of justice. the me -- family of a man fatally shot last month announced that they are suing the city. the family of 32-year-old ron l foster filed a complaint against the city and the police department. the shooting happened great 13. vallejo police say an officer tried to stop foster because he was riding his bicycle in an unsafe manner, but that foster ran away. police say foster and the officer got into a violent struggle in the officer shot foster in self-defense. earlier today hillary's attorney john barrasso disputed the claim that it was self- defense saying foster was shot in the back, and he was unarmed. >> he was brutally gunned down. he was shot in the back of his head. he was shot three times in the back, killing him on the scene. he was unarmed.
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there is no justification for that level of force. >> the lawsuit seeks undisclosed monetary damages and the release of officer body can video of the shooting. authorities are searching for three children who are unaccounted for after their siblings and parents plunged off a remote coast cliff and died. the highway patrol said today that a 19-year-old marcus heart, 14-year-old dear my heart, and a 14-year-old abigail hart died along with their parents jennifer and sarah . the suv plunged 100 feet off of highway one and onto the rocks and the surf on monday. authorities say the couple's three other children have not been found. searchers are using both the, aircraft, and drones to try to find 16-year-old hannah heart, 15-year-old divorce heart and 12-year-old sierra heart. the family lived in washington state and was on a california road trip when the accident occurred. tesla defending itself after a deadly crash on highway 101 raising questions about the safety of the vehicles and autopilot technology.
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at erasmus explains why the clay markets as a missing highway barrier may be to blame for the severity of the crash. truck some of the questions ntsb what do find out did the driver have the autopilot feature on when he slammed into a concrete barrier next to the hov lane and the the technology contributed to the crash. it happened on highway 101 and 85 friday morning. cell phone video from passerby who tried to help the driver showed the intensity of the crash and the fire afterwards. the car caught fire after the driver was removed from the vehicle, but the driver died at the hospital. in a blog post titled what we know about last week's accident, tesla offered condolences to the driver and family. the automaker defended the safety of the autopilot technology saying, owners have driven the same stretch of highway with autopilot engaged roughly 85,000 times since 2015.
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adding that the vehicles have never been involved in a car wreck like this on the highway. tesla goes on to say that a missing concrete barrier may be to blame for the severity of the crash. the post includes these side-by- side photos of the spot on one- to-one where the car crashed. the photo on the left shows a highway safety barrier called an attenuator in place. the photo on the right shows the barrier missing. the day before the crash happened. tesla says, the reason the crash was so severe as that of the crash attenuator, a highway safety barrier, had been removed or crushed in a prior accident without being replaced. we have never seen this level of damage to a model x and any other crash. al erasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. we are exploring the statement by tesla a little more we are joined by wall street journal tech and auto reporter tim higgins in san francisco. this whole attenuator seems to be the focus of the tesla statement. but if tesla is in a mode where it is supposed to be looking out for things like this, doesn't make it that much of a difference? we will have attenuators missing or damaged on freeways everywhere, aren't we? >> that would be one of the
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questions. we do not know if autopilot, the semi autonomous feature engaged, that is something the federal investigators are looking into. tesla said yesterday that they have not been able to access the cars and computer logs to discover that. to discover any of the data from the incident. that is yet to be determined and this is the second ntsb investigation that has been opened up into a tesla crash in recent weeks. there was one down in the la area earlier this year that has raised questions as well. >> the question about autopilot has to do with whether or not the driver was driving or that he was getting the assistance of the autopilot that may have led to the crash, is that right?>> we do not know yet. the autopilot is not a self driving feature. what it does is puts the car into a super cruise control mode in certain scenarios. the human behind the wheel is a post to still be monitoring the road, but we have seen in other
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instances such as in 2016, a fatal crash in florida, that sometimes the human becomes over dependent on the technology and thinks it can do more than it can handle. >> ultimately, if it is the drivers response ability whether the autopilot is on or not, then what difference does it make? >> the ntsb in the 2016 crash in florida said tesla held some of the blame for the crash because of the way the system wasn't designed, and the lack of some limitations that essentially the human could still use it in place where they should not use it. >> will thus have an effect on autonomous vehicles on autopilot on tesla throughout to the industry, or is this just limited to this particular crash executive order >> we have the crash in tempe arizona last week, the fatal crash involving an uber self driving test car. we have questions about tesla. and then we have this push to
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put a fleet of self driving taxis on the road. a lot of things are going on, and if you look at the tesla stock today, and the bond market, that is -- they are really under the gun as investors wonder about tesla's ability to deliver on some of the promises about self driving cars, and curious whether it can meet at the production goals of for the new model 3 and sedan. like i understand the stock fell 8 percent yesterday. i did not see the latest on the stock. last i checked it was down about seven percent today. the company is paying a price for this, isn't it?>> it is a tough go for tesla. it was about a year ago that the tesla stock soared to levels that gave it a market value greater than ford motor company and eventually greater than general motors making it the biggest us automaker by a market cap which was remarkable -- remarkable given they sell a fraction of the vehicles and have never been profitable, and have not yet brought out a
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mainstream vehicle. all that was the excitement for the vision that ilan must have for personal transportation. electric cars, and cars that can drive themselves. like tim higgins from the wall street journal, thank you for your time and we will keep an eye on this at this evolves and move forward. thank you. coming up, president trump could be taking the stand with the latest in the ongoing drama with adult film star, stormy daniels. struck another shakeup on capitol hill. the latest person to be fired by twitter by president trump. a springlike day lots of sunshine and very warm temperatures. they are up a good 10 or 15 degrees above average. we will let you know if they warm weather pattern continues in the thursday forecast.
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president trump is making another cabinet change with an announcement on twitter. as expected, veterans affairs secretary david chilton is out. he is the second cabinet secretary to lead over -- leave over controversies of travel expenses. the president intends to nominate highly respected white house doctor admiral ronnie jackson as the next secretary. doctor ronnie jackson served the position to president obama's was president trump. president trump could soon be taking the stand in court. stormy daniels attorney, michael avenatti is seeking sworn testimony from mr. trump and his lawyer, michael:, about the $130,000 payment made to daniel stacy for the 2016 presidential election.
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he is hoping to find out of the president knew about, and agreed to the payment in an effort to invalidate a confidentiality agreement on the alleged affair with president trump. the hearing is set for next month are joining us to talk about the legal challenges is legal analyst michael cardoso. i guess he will not be understand, but a deposition. do you think it will happen? >> know. it will not happen. first of all, a lot of people think the president has immunity from being sued or called, but that is only for things that they do in office. it has to be related to the present. in this case, it is something that happened before he was president. think the attorney for stormy daniels is doing a bang up job keeping it in the news, but will he get a federal judge to order the president to go to a deposition, for two hours, know. what the federal judge will do will say, your job as president and i think what we have to do
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is put aside our politics. if you do not like trump and to say, get him in there, no. because of the next president you may like and then there will be precedent to say, it happened before. i don't think it is going to happen. >> i thought it happened before with the paula jones case and bill clinton when he was president. that happened before clinton was president.>> it did happen before but when you look at this case and a judge will weigh things out and say, will i take him away from his presidential duties? is it worth it in a case like this? this case is about certainly a political donation, that is what they are saying it is, but that should be taken care of by the government. by the political people that investigate this. not by stormy daniels. i think a lot of us do not care. we know what character trump has. we know what he is like. he didn't hide that from any of us. wasn't he the one that said i can walk out industry and shoot somebody and nobody would care. here is one where he is probably right. nobody cares about this.
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his wife should care but why should we care other than the alleged contribution of michael: saying he is the attorney for trump, saying, i gave her 130,000 -- 130 to keep her quiet. trump did not sign the agreement. >> that is an election commissions issue. >> i think that it is. >> that could take months. but i think the best people are handling this. there is a restaurant somewhere in the bay area that has a drink they have named after stormy daniels. and i thought, what a great drink. the cost is $130,000. but that is where this should go. >> aside from the legal aspect, the public opinion of all of this, you said a lot of people don't care. i disagree and i think a lot of people do care. stormy daniels attorney is a, as you said, being a very effective. sparky has been very effective. i think he is good.
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i think he is keeping it out there and trying to get trump in to do this. in my opinion a, and this type of case, i do not say that mixing a federal judge saying we are going to take you away from your duties as president of the united states and let michael avenatti depose you for two hours on this case. if there was a contribution, and if election committee decides that, let them take care of it that way. not here, not to advantage stormy daniels. i do not see it. >> 60 minutes had the highest ratings they have had in 10 years. people are definitely interested. >> it is salacious and people are interested, but i don't think politically. we know what he is like. he told us his character before he became president. this is a big shock that he had an affair? a person that she care is his wife, and i know that people are going after her right now saying, do not do what clinton did and say okay, i will stay with you. i lot of interest.
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i just do not see it. >> all right. thank you for your time. we are talking about a warm temperatures in the bay area. a lot of 70s and a few low 80s. last week we were tracking the cold-weather pattern and the storm clouds. today we have nothing but sunshine. here's the camera looking out towards the richmond santa file bridge. we are clear from the north to the south bay. the main storm back towards colorado this afternoon, but we are in the clear up and down the state. fog free as well. let's check in on current numbers. it is warm outside. the numbers agree with the observation. lower 80s in concorde and phil friel. san jose is 78. oakland, 72. san francisco is 70. here is the live camera. this is the place to be looking out towards ocean beach this afternoon for your wednesday. as i mentioned, it is still in the clear and the coast is warming up nicely into the 70s
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at least for today and tomorrow, looking like a great day to get outside towards the coastline. temperatures are a good 10 or 50 degrees above the average at forecast-tomorrow, a lot of 70s and a few neighborhoods will warm back to the 80s around 80 or 84 degrees possibly tomorrow. starting at the day in the 40s and 50s in most areas. we are showing you the 70s and a few spots back into the 80s by 3:00 or 4:00 for your thursday. tomorrow is probably one of the warmest days of the week. just a minor cooling by friday and more cooling by the weekend. it will still be above the average. take a look at the numbers for tomorrow. lots of 70s, and 80s at the map for santa rosa out towards livermore and san jose at 82. morgan hill, 83. the bay shore line is back up into the upper 70s. the home opener for the a's tomorrow looks great. it will be warm with temperatures by 1 p.m. around 74 degrees tomorrow.
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i think we could be talking about temperatures back up into at least in the upper 70s by 3 or 4. get ready if you are going to the game. lots of sunscreen and drink lots of water. temperatures soaring back up and it will feel probably like the 80s at the ballpark tomorrow afternoon. we will talk more about to begin outlook into the easter forecast , coming up. coming up, and an event -- in the pulse nightclub student. the wife was accused of helping her husband. ♪
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lawyers presenting the gunman's wife in the nightclub shooting are resting their case. >> holly bristow depace -- reports that the wife is -- >> i believe in the jury and it has been a long road but a very good road. >> defense adesnik >>reporter: the defense attorney walking out of court. he has his team rested their case after calling doctor bruce into the stand in front a clinical psychologist is pencil -- specializing in disputed confection. >> false confession testimony occurs all of the time. >>reporter: the doctor telling the jury that noor salman was vulnerable by being questioned by the fbi because of her low iq, and exhaustion from the 11 hour interview and mental illness. because of that, she is more at risk to falsely confess than most people. like i cannot see how there
4:26 pm
would be any doubt in anyone's mind after today's testimony that this woman wasn't railroaded. she admitted to things that were not true, to get out of there. >>reporter: the government trying to discount doctor from can's credibility by asking him how much he is getting paid for his testimony. the defense finishing the presentation to the jury by reading pulse security guard testimony stating that the night of the attack a strange man walked up to him asking why is it so slow tonight, where are the girls that? your security and i see all of the time. after the massacre the security that mix curti guard told investigators about the exchange identified the man as omar mateen saying that he was checking them out have it -- to see if he had a gun. the jury taking notes and paying close attention leaving the family of noor salman feeling confident. >> after i saw the jury and the intelligence, they were paying attention. we had faith in the jury. >>reporter: closing arguments began at nine -- 9 i am tomorrow and the jury should have the case by late afternoon to deliberate. reporting, holly bristow, fox
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news pack --. the white house announced that they deal with south korea. but north korea and the ambitions are taking center stage. start of elements on the facebook privacy scandal. the changes announced today by the social media giant.
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new developments in the latest on the facebook data breach scandal. today the social media giant announced revamped the tool
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settings. as jonathan hunt shows us, the announcement comes as three users of file a lawsuit over the privacy issue. >>reporter: facebook is still under fire following the disclosure that data from 50 million users made it into the hands of cambridge analytical. a political consulting group linked to the trump campaign. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg says he has agreed to testify before congress about the controversy, and on wednesday, facebook rolled out a new system for users to control their privacy and security settings. >> they were told they had to have what is known in the legal trade as informed consent. they had to make it obvious and they did not do that.>>reporter: the system will be introduced gradually over the coming weeks. it does not change the facebook privacy policy, but it allows people to change settings and from one place. rather than going through 20 separate sections across the platform. the announcement comes a day
4:31 pm
after a cambridge analytical was a blower accused facebook of developing the technology to listen to your conversations, even when you're not using the app. it's like they do not care whether or not what they do is legal, as long as they get the job done. 12 the company facing multiple lawsuit in state and federal court over the data manning policy, and they do not come up with a credible defense, the penalties could start adding up. >> that could run into billions of dollars if they lose it. >>reporter: it is not clear when zuckerberg will testify before congress, but the commerce committee says it plans to hold a hearing in the coming weeks. in los angeles, jonathan hunt, ktvu fox 2 news. today, three facebook messenger app users filed a lawsuit in san francisco against the social network. the suit claims facebook violated the privacy by collecting logs of their phone calls and text messages.
4:32 pm
facebook announced last weekend that a uploaded call and text logs from phones operated on the google android system in 2015. the company says only users who gave appropriate permission were effective. to talk more about the changes in facebook is making we are joined by professor peter young. good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i guess everyone keeps asking is it too little too late? will this make facebook users happy, or will it appease the people who are frustrated? >> one of the issues that is happening today is that the facebook has announced a new privacy policy. but there are other to popular apps. whatsapp and instagram. there is no indication that facebook will change the privacy policies of those two companies which have also been accused of collecting millions of pieces of data on all of us. we have a real issue here with the transparency and as we look at, instagram, the instagram
4:33 pm
privacy policy actually has not changed since the 2013. like here is the thing that i took away when i was reading this. they are saying, you guys needed to go in and you need to do these 20 pages and if you do not check these boxes then we will take as much as we want. as opposed to two people saying, facebook, maybe you should not do this to begin with and we do not have to check these boxes. maybe it is not just about users . >> the opt in versus opt out policy is essentially what you are talking about. that is something that facebook is going to have to address given the cambridge analytics issue, and of course the android phone data capture. that is, you will wanted to change the policy from opting out, to opting in. so that the default is that your privacy settings are set to
4:34 pm
the office. right now they are set to on and that is a problem for a lot of users. they do not know what they do not know. they have been using facebook, and instagram, and whatsapp with all of these things turned off as not being able to opt out well. is black that is leading to the lack of trust of the people have a general knowing that they have been opted in without knowing. at the end of the day, they have this delete facebook movement where people are saying, forgot about it. how much momentum do you think that is actually going to gain? do you think people would forget facebook because they are so addicted to social media that they will stay on instagram and crossing their fingers or do you think this will have an impact on how many people use the services? >> one of the things that we know is that the overall weekly use of the facebook has dropped about four percent or five percent from the height at about 22 percent of the total user base over the last year.
4:35 pm
that is an economic issue for facebook to handle. now that we have discovered that instagram and whatsapp, the facebook to other larger properties, have not changed any part of their privacy, with a lot of people moving from facebook to instagram, for example, i think people will start rethinking what platforms they want to use. i don't see facebook losing a lot of users. i do see facebook losing a lot of regular users. spot maybe it opens the door for a new platform to say, come to us and we will not do that. it becomes a selling point. >> it may be. spot peter young, professor of new media technologies at san jose state, thank you for your insight and your time. president trump things there is a good chance that north korea wants to move towards peace. the president took to twitter saying he thinks that and i will do what is right for his people and humanity.
4:36 pm
as caroline shively tells us, many endless remain skeptical that the hermit nation will give up the nuclear program. >>reporter: north korean dictator kim jong-un left his country the first time since taking power in 2011. in a surprising trip to china. the administration says it is proof that the maximum pressure campaign is working. this handshake it made things a little more comp located for president trump. analysts warn the surprise a visit by north korean leader kim jong to see the chinese president shows kim is trying to gain leverage for negotiations with the us. despite the meeting is a means to demonstrate that relations with china, despite all of the past tensions, are still not so bad and that china has his back. >>reporter: in a wednesday tweet president trump said she told him that kim looks forward to meeting with me and in the meantime, and unfortunately, maximum sanctions and pressure
4:37 pm
must be maintained at all cost. but we would like to see this, this is something of a global importance and we want to make sure that it is done as soon as you can, but we wanted to make sure it is done properly.>>reporter: north korea hopes to have china in its quarter the us plans to have ally, south korea. the president also touted a new trade deal with south korea in a tweet. saying, let's not focus on the important security relationship. at the forefront of the security relationship is keeping the korean peninsula nuclear free. >> recent news -- north korea wants nuclear missiles that reaches the united states is to blackmail and course united states and allies.>>reporter: the ministrations that a goal before the end of may. there is no firm date, but house officials say they are cautioned that cautiously optimistic it will happen. caroline shively, fox news. it is almost a sure thing that the oakland a's will remain in oakland. the question becomes, where.
4:38 pm
details are coming up after the break. in weather, a nice warm-up across the entire bay area. we are talking about more 80s in the thursday forecast. we'll take a look at the height you can expect and if you changes moving and heading towards easter. at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't. more experts preventing security issues... & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products
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the oakland a's have apparently one exquisite marketing rights to put a new ballpark either at the port of the oakland howard terminal, oretta the current 120 acre site at the coliseum.
4:41 pm
>> tom baker joined the five the latest on a deal that could erase the $135 million debt the city and county still owe. >>reporter: there are just a few particulars left to the deal. the fact of the matter is that it is almost a done deal and it is exciting. here is the report. >>reporter: the oakland a's and the city of oakland rose the team flag over the roof of city hall as the season was about to open along with a new chapter in the 50 year history of the a's tenure. pending approval of the port of oakland for howard terminal and approval of the city and county for the coliseum site there will be exclusive negotiating rights granted to the oakland a's for both sites. >> so that we double our chances to keep the a's rooted in oakland. spoke with the setback in december i think it is important to have options. we want to find a solution that works for the city of oakland, our community and for the a's and being able to parallel the two options is a great step. >>reporter: the sticking point
4:42 pm
is when the raiders considered by the land a while ago is valid for $150 million. today, principles of a major commercial real estate firm say, as a logistics center alone, to service the port, it may be worth $180 million. for a mixed-use combination of housing, retail, light industrial, and other amenities. the price goes higher. and the a's wanted to put housing, retail, offices and every date uses on the property to make sure it pays for itself and enhances in the community. spot before any transaction takes place, will have to go back out and have the land reappraised. if anything else, it would be a gift of public funds. >>reporter: the a's initial offer of $135 million is at best, only an opening bid. >> this is a 52 a 100 year decision. the price, the terms and the different aspects will be conducted in the negotiation. >> figure out what a fair value is for the a's and for the taxpayers.
4:43 pm
>>reporter: the eighth say they would like to have the steele wrapped up by the end of the year so they can have the brand- new ballpark ready to go for the 2023 season. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> you say that little tweaks that need to be made. anything else out there to sweeten the deal even more? truck there is a good question. the answer is yes. there is an arbitration going on right now between the authority and the warriors who are leaving. the question is how much are the warriors going to have to pay of their share for the improvements that were made to the oakland arena. it could amount to a few million dollars. that is something that could potentially sweeten the deal depending on what the arbitrator decides. >> we will keep an eye on it. checking in with marketing weather center. a good day to be at the oakland coliseum if the a's were playing, but they aren't. to market ready.
4:44 pm
another warm-up. temperatures may be a touch warmer. here we are looking towards the coliseum across the estuary. we have a little hazy, but mostly clear skies over a portion of the bay area. it is hard to believe the last week we had cold temperatures and the rain showers as well. what a different story. the stormy weather is out towards the colorado. as becoming closer, we take a look at the current temperature pattern. look at the lower 80s towards concord and fairfield. 81 degrees. santa rosa is 79. san jose is a 78. i worked on sunday i thought we would get lucky if we would hit 80 on thursday. and we are already reaching the lower 80s this afternoon. here is a live camera looking out towards ocean beach for your wednesday afternoon. you can see the swell out there and lots of sunshine and mild temperatures and for the coast. back into the 70s once again. the numbers are a good 10 to 15 degrees above the average. here is a safer temperature range for tomorrow. around 70, all the way to eighty four for your thursday.
4:45 pm
overnight lows will be in the 40s and 50s. santa rosa 58. san jose, 51. morgan hill 49 and livermore at 50. here is the plan in san francisco. fair skies at 7. 53 degrees and into the afternoon it will be a great day to get outside and go for a walk for lunchtime, already approaching the mid- seventies around 76 and we will put you in the upper 70s by about 4 p.m. tomorrow. you can see the upper level wind rotating around this building and. this is a warm weather pattern. thursday and friday is sunny and warm. 70s and 80s. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. by the weekend we have partly sunny skies, as they we can system it moves them. this sense temperatures down as we head towards a saturday. this is what the forecast model thinks with the cloud cover. tomorrow is mostly clear skies. the same deal friday and some
4:46 pm
of the cloud cover begins to work in to the bay area by a saturday, midmorning. temperatures tomorrow, we dusted off the forecast map we typically use it for the summer. we are showing you all of the microclimates for your thursday afternoon, and look at the 80s for santa rosa, napa, fairfield and vacaville. around the rim of the bay, the upper 70s and 80s towards antioch and brentwood. san jose is 82. a great day in santa cruz at 81. it near the immediate coast it will be nice once again, mainly in the 70s and we will go to 79 in downtown tampa disco. here's a look at the five day forecast. temperatures may cool off slightly by friday and there is the bouncing easter bunny. here we go to the weekend. saturday is color, but still a lot of 60s and 70s. sunday fair skies and into next week it looks quiet. it seems like every year i am tracking the chance of rain on easter sunday. this year, that is not the case. >> easter egg hunts.>> you can plan on a rain free easter egg hunt.
4:47 pm
>> more people are hopping besides the bunny. everybody is happy. coming up, the oakland museum paying respect to all things hip-hop. a look inside the latest exhibit, after the break. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto jake... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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president trump proposed tariffs on china could affect the local wine industry. china has threatened their own tariffs on experts like california wind, fruit, and i did responded to policies. europe and canada are still the biggest markets for exports and, exports to china and hong kong were up 10 percent last year totaling $200 million. a trade war with china could mean it would turn into undercooked -- other countries for wine and california growers depend on exporting product.
4:50 pm
like we do not have the internal market to consume the product we are producing. to start attacking the export market would really set the industry upside down. >> us government is expected to release a list of chinese imports subject to the new tariffs by next friday. tonight the lions of family returns for the brand-new season of empire and they are resuming the popular drama and signature fashion. >> ashley dvorkin talked to the stars for a preview of what viewers can expect. >>reporter: empire is back with a vengeance and then some. a level of drama the cast notes audiences expect. >> somebody has to die. a couple of people, actually. they could be fatal to the empire. somebody finds a love. and a lot of good treats and surprises. spot the first episode back is interesting because it is
4:51 pm
almost a standalone episode by itself. you wraps up a lot of storylines. the truck we cannot -- caught up with the cast and they shared what it is like to reunite. >> we are like kids in high school. we are. season four and it feels like senior year. this is finals week. this is always fun when we get together. it's like it is hard for me to see them as anything but my sons. that is the secret recipe that works for us. we are a true family unit. >>reporter: they know that fans feel like they are part of the family also. >> i will be cookie until the end of time. i don't care what. they will not call me katherine johnson. they forgot all about yvette from baby boy. i am cookie. >> i am terrence howard no matter what film. now it is lucius. lucius has become part of the family. part of the circle of friends. >> we have to stick together.
4:52 pm
>>reporter: schedule quality time with the lions as empire resumes wednesday night on fox. in new york, ashley dvorkin, fox news.>> you can watch empire here on ktvu at 8 p.m. followed by the season premiere of star at 9 and join us for the 10 at 11 p.m. news on ktvu. a new exhibit opened at the oakland museum of california called respect, hip-hop style and wisdom. the exhibit takes a look at how hip-hop it changed the world through dj, breakdance, and fashion. the artifacts come from private and university collections. there are turntables once used by grand master/. videos. microphones. mirrors, drawings a, and a car. there is a map showing hip-hop history in the bay area.>> we worked with photographers who were documenting that they were the hip-hop scene in the 90s, which is considered the golden age of hip-hop. a lot of musicians came out folks like too short and hammer
4:53 pm
were coming out. >> the exhibit is opened at the oakland museum of california until august. the lineup for the outside lines of festival in august has yet to be announced. fans are getting a chance to buy earlybird tickets. tomorrow at 10 a.m. the three day passes also known as eager beaver tickets, go on sale. general admission is $325 and vip passes will go for about $750. the weekend music, art, and comedy festival kicks off at golden gate park august 10. the ncaa is joining lawsuits by states around the country after the controversial new census question. we will have that after the break.
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
we're marching 50 miles, can you hear us? ha, ha, we're dreaming, we're -- if you don't listen, paul, your rating will surely fall. >> a group of wisconsin students took their gun violence protests on the road about 50 students completing their 50-mile more march today. it began sunday in madison, wisconsin, and ended in janesville, the hometown of house speaker paul ryan. the four-day journey inspired by the 54-mile march led by martin luther king, jr. during the civil rights era. along the way, students slept in predetermined locations. the students say they wanted to be the last generation to worry
4:57 pm
about mass shootings. >> i marched this week because gun violence is an issue that affects every, single american especially the students of america. enough is enough. and i want every policymaker out there to know that i will be voting in the 2020 elections. and many other of my cohorts will be voting in the 2018 midterms. [ screaming ] >> the students plan to hold a rally once they reach janesville. it's unclear whether paul ryan will be in attendance legal action against the trump administration is ramping up following the announcement that citizenship statusly a question on the 20 census. >> we have more from washington. reporter: legal challenges against the trump administration are beginning to take shape following an announcement that citizenship status will be a question on the 2020 census. the naacp is suing the feds joining several groups and the
4:58 pm
state of california all of whom say the question is discriminatory and violates the mandate to count everyone. >> we believe there are constitutional limits on how badly and how disproportionately badly the government can conduct the county. >> reporter: the question has broad support among republican lawmakers who point out noncitizens shouldn't be determined in the count that determines the distribution of congressional seats. >> this this isn't just about documented or undocumented, it's about status to be used for valid statistics that democrats. >> reporter: it comes amid a broader crackdown on illegal immigration including targeting california for its sanctuary state policies. president trump's supports efforts in orange county, california, to post the release dates of undocumented criminals tweeting in part, all citizens have the right to be protected by federal law and strong borders. experts say there's not much the state can do to stop it. >> posting a sign of who is
4:59 pm
being released from jail is protected by the first amendment. and that cannot be interfered with by california law. >> reporter: on tuesday, orange county also voted to join the federal government in its lawsuit against california over the state's sanctuary policies. in washington, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. a strange deadly hit-and- run in san francisco. police say an argument turned violent when a man driving a van plowed into a group of five people killing at least one person. tonight police say they have arrested that driver. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. all of this started just before 10:30 this morning. the hit-and-run happened at the intersection of illinois and 24th streets in the city's dogpatch neighborhood. the driver was later arrested a few miles away. rob roth is on the scene with more. reporter: well, frank,
5:00 pm
we're on 24th and illinois streets and police have just opened up the road. now, that corner, that is where it all happened where all five people were struck by a hit-and- run driver leaving one person dead and four others in the hospital. reporter: san francisco police confirmed they have arrested the driver. a source identified him as mark dennis of san francisco. we photographed him just after police stopped him. he could be facing homicide charges. it happened just before 10:30 this morning. paramedics raced to help five pedestrians on the ground at the corner of 24th and illinois streets. all were run down by a driver who then sped off. one of the victims later died from his injuries. a witness who did not want to appear on camera said just before the carnage, there was an altercation between the driver and the victim. >> i was watching a dispute between a guy in a van and five guys on the street started off very playful and the guy in the van was just crazy and


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