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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  March 28, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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♪ seresto, seresto, seresto whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto a family of eight is seen here is presumed dead after their car plunged from a lookout along highway one on the rocky shore of the pacific. it was a confusing same. there was no skid marks. a horrific crash in mendocino county might have been something more.>> it wiped out
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a family. two mothers and three children known dead. a search for three other children believed to have been in the vehicle. the family's suv plunged from a lookout along highway one north of westport plunging 100 feet on the rocks below. deborah is live on the north coast with the new developments.>> reporter: the sheriff calls this a tragic week for mendocino county. even as searching goes on some questions may never be answered. no one saw the actual crash. >> hannah is still missing. sierra is still missing. and the vontaze is still missing. three siblings and a family of eight from southern washington. jennifer and sarah hartz their adoptive mothers. is. we know an entire family vanished.>> reporter: the sheriff's shares photos he took at the scene monday after the
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suv was spotted upside down in the ocean. it had careened over 100 foot cliff. the two women and three other teenagers were found dead.. we have every indication to believe all six children were in there.>> reporter: authorities search the water for the missing three. and wonder what would cause the vehicle to crash at a white turnout with no curve.. i was at the scene. i can tell you it was a confusing scene.>> no reason to cross 75 feet of flat travel. i don't know if it rolled over the edge. if it launched over the edge. i won't have that information until we get the data back and see what that evidence leads us to. many of us -- remember him during the protests in portland two years ago. >> reporter: he won a claim when he offered hugs during a rally for police reform. an officer accepted the boy to tears. the family end image had come under harsher scrutiny. as it turns out one of the
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mothers had been charged previously with child abuse. had admitted reading and bruising one of her daughters. more recently neighbors in washington complained to authorities the homeschooled children were hungry. unfed is a form of punishment was sneaking out to ask for food. a new cps investigation had been opened. >> no evidence and reason to believe this was an intentional act. >> reporter: what will help is knowing the family's whereabouts since driving away from their house on friday.>> we want to know if anybody recognizes the family of staying in a hotel. eating in a restaurant. getting gas at a gas station.>> reporter: trying to find a timeline leading to the fatal plunge. why did this happen and how can we prevent it from happening again?>> reporter: searching ended with darkness. he will be back out tomorrow on the water and flying drones along the coast. they can predict where the
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other young victims will surface. if as he believes they were in the vehicle. >> the sheriff is appealing or reaching out asking for the public for help in that retracing the whereabouts of this family.>> reporter: that is right. it seems like a long shot. it is a 12 hour drive from woodland washington to the bay area. he would like anybody who might have seen this party traveling to get in touch and help them in the gaps. they don't know if they were heading north or south. they don't know how long it had been in the water. a suspect in custody tonight facing possible homicide charges. for a deadly hit-and-run in san francisco. it happened before 10:30 am at the intersection of illinois and 24th street in the dogpatch neighborhood. the driver was arrested a few miles away at geneva and cayuga avenues. this is video of the suspects taken after police stopped him.
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witnesses say mark dennis of san francisco swung and asked at a group of people before intentionally hitting them with his van and driving off. one person was killed. four others were injured. a witness who did not want to appear on camera that he watched the driver as the violent scene unfolded.>> he got in the van. screaming the whole way. yelling at each other. the guy started to walk away and he flipped the van around and drove it on the sidewalk. and drove over four out of the five. witnesses say the deadly crash followed a fight between the suspect and the victims. police are investigating what might have led up to the fight. details from palo alto were police are searching for a man who they say grabbed a teenage girl with a gun to her head and then sexually assaulted her. the victim told police it happened while she was jogging in the area of -- deer creek road. that is where we find smith.
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the latest from apollo also police. >> reporter: tonight police say the victim is physically okay. emotionally shaken up. the attack happened along this path. as she was jogging. the case highly unusual. that is why every available officer responded. sky fox overhead is a manhunt was underway 1:45 pm wednesday. the lower foothills area apollo also. please say a suspect armed with a handgun attacked a young girl as she was jogging. she had been jogging along a path. right next to the roadway. when she was pulled off that path by an unknown man who she did not know. who then stuck a gun to her head and sexually assaulted her in a green belt off the pathway.>> reporter: the victim flagged down someone who call police. helicopters search from the air and on the ground officer set up a perimeter.
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k-9 units help to search. by the time they all got there the suspect police say ran away. >> strangers sexual assault with an unknown suspect an unknown victim are very rare in any city. they are rare in palo alto. >> reporter: this path is not too far from tesla's headquarters. it is frequently used by pedestrians joggers and cyclists. pretty shocked. very saddened. that that happened. >> reporter: study at nearby stanford university. he considers it scenic and safe. he called the news unexpected and upsetting. >> not something you hear about often. this area. people assume it to be safe. >> reporter: a man in his 30s. possibly a filipino descent. five feet 10 inches tall. he was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt with a beer local. police are asking if anyone saw anything suspicious to call
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them. police are working with the victim to try to get a sketch of the suspect. she was treated at a local hospital. they are trying to get surveillance video from a nearby business park. they want anyone with information to contact police. you might call it a double play for the oakland a's in their quest to build a new ballpark. oakland mayor said the a's are very close to being granted exclusive bargaining rights for two possible ballpark sites. how are terminal at the port of oakland and the team's current location at the oakland coliseum. earlier this week the a's revealed they would like to buy the coliseum complex so they can own their own home when they build the new stadium. they're hoping to obtain exclusive negotiating rights. final approval would need to come from the oakland city council and the alameda county board of supervisors and there are financial questions. real estate firm estimates the coliseum site is worth $180
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million. before any transaction takes place we are going to have to go back out and have that land reappraised.>> the mayor said she wants a deal that benefits the community and doesn't hurt taxpayers. she said negotiating agreements with double oakland chances of keeping the a's in the bay area. trump made another cabin change. fire his secretary of veterans affairs. he plans to replace him with the white house physician who might be best known for his praise of mr. trump's physical and mental health. lauren blanchard reports from washington dc. >> reporter: another member of the child administration is freshening up their resume. after a firing announced in a tweet. it is the secretary of veterans affairs david shulkin who was out. another shuffle at the white house. the president tweeting lonnie jackson is his nominee to be the new secretary of the
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department of veterans affairs. jackson was the doctor who fought off questions in january about the presidents physical and mental health. people should not making those processes about the president. in my opinion that is tabloid psychiatry.>> reporter: david shulkin. the only obama administration hold over and president trump's cabin. recently found himself in hot water overspending on trips overseas. some on capitol hill are hoping to blot jackson's confirmation. arizona representative ruben gallego saying the simple truth is that shulkin was fired because he opposed president trump's extreme privatization agenda. his ouster as to a growing list of officials booted from the trump white house. tillerson and mcmaster were also let go. and when state was communications director hope hicks last full day at the white house. trump is picking a cabinet he wants.
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when he was put into office he did his best job putting together a cabinet. now that he is been there he wants to pick people who he really works well with. until jackson can be confirmed robert wilkie will be the acting secretary. coming up google accused of paying the men and women differently. meet a former employee who is now joining a lawsuit over google's pay practices. lots of sunshine today. temperatures 10 to 15 degrees above average. we will let you know if that continues in your thursday forecast. a car company had is local launch. of this electric vehicle. we will tell you about when they plan to have this on the road. and here you have a bánh mi inspired fried chicken sandwich.
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is silicon valley company unveiled an all electric vehicle that is expect to roll out as soon as next year. janet is live in santa clara. she tells us the car company is called sf motors and has factories in the midwest and china.>> reporter: there is a lot of excitement in santa clara tonight. they rolled out this car they say can go from zero to 60 in less than three seconds. they are hoping that technology will help drive them to surpass tesla and other
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manufacturers.>> red carpet rollout brought vips from the u.s. and china to get the first glimpse of a new electric vehicle concept car by sf motors. the company basic santa clara aims to go wheel to wheel with tesla. guess use displays highlighting the engines components and technology. this is a very cool car. i like the motor.>> reporter: concept cars were unveiled. the luxury suv expected to go into production and on the roads in 2019. the sf 7 slated for 2020. both high-tech. with cameras instead of rearview mirrors and streamlined designs that can go 300 miles between charges. the ceo laid out the vision. the company has been quietly creating a supply chain but a factory in indiana and partner with china to lead up to the launch. that is why -- in silicon
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valley. supported by a strong presence in the midwest to leverage the regions engineering and manufacturing expertise.>> reporter: the crowd heard a greeting from the chief strategy officer. who was a cofounder of tesla now turned competitor. a legacy we will leave for your children tomorrow. both plans can produce multiple models at the same time. total capacity will be about 200,000 units per year. we expect to employ 3500 workers worldwide. exciting to see the new rollout. this is something that we have been looking forward to for the last couple years.>> reporter: the bad news around electric vehicle fires a self driving technology some say they do not see those incidents as a roadblock for this company. some of that is behind us. particularly with a company
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like this. an opportunity to improve on the mistakes others have made. i'm not really discouraged by what has happened in the past.>> reporter: sf motors says they are hoping to start taking preorders for their sf 5 at the end of the year. what about price? how much are they?>> reporter: i asked them about price. just like it is still in the concept parfaits. they are not quite ready just yet to disclose how much they are going to be asking for the car. -- car phase.>> reporter: tesla shares failed to their lowest levels in a year because of the investigation into a deadly crash in the bay area. production shortfalls. tesla shares fell more than 7 1/2% at the following 8% yesterday. downgraded tesla's credit rating due in part to the company's failure to meet production goals of the model
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three. the ntsb is investigating the accident that killed the driver of a model x suv near mountain view last sunday. in a blog post tesla said a missing highway safety barrier to keep cars from hitting the end of the concrete divider might be to blame for the severity of the crash. it hasn't been able to review the cars computer logs to determine if the car was on autopilot at the time. the negative news on tesla and amazon and facebook weighed on the stock market. dow jones philmont points. nasdaq down 59 points. s&p 500 lost seven. a fatal crash at the sonoma raceway. a 75-year-old napa man was killed this evening. during the drags even at the raceway. he was the only driver on the track at the time. the drags event gives people a place to raise vehicles legally in a controlled environment. video of a past event at the raceway. the sonoma county sheriff's office said the driver tonight hit a wall at more than 100
10:18 pm
miles per hour. the man was raising his 1976 ford pencil on the quarter-mile dragstrip. raceway said this is the first ontrack fatality in the 30 year history of its wednesday night drags. alameda sheriff department identified the driver involved in a crash last night at oakland international airport. deputies say 54-year-old juan pablo of oakland was driving without a license. four people were injured when his suv jumped the curb and plowed into the sidewalk drop off area. the accident is raising security concerns. one expert says it should serve as a wake-up call. all of the -- and displaced are set back away from the curb about six feet. that means they have taken the time and money to protect the building but they left all the people on the sidewalk near the curb. they are sacrificed. pablo booked into jail on two felony counts of reckless driving.
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causing injuries and one count of driving without a license. he clipped another car then mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal. driving right onto the sidewalk. a nice warm up across the bay area. lots of 70s and a few low 80s for afternoon high. you can see the 80s el toro concorde antioch in fairfield. santa rosa 82. san francisco 76. san jose in the upper 70s. 78. one record report is a folder reached 77. breaking the old record of 76. in the pacific lots of clear skies. maine stormtrack pushed to the north. we have clear skies for tonight. still clear skies tomorrow. with the exception of high clouds moving into portions of the north bay right now. check in on the current numbers. very mild. still showing you some 60s out toward walnut creek and concorde. san jose 65. san francisco 60.
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here is our live camera worth debate. if you high clouds moving into the short term the next couple hours. here's the deal tomorrow. sunny and warm. temperatures a good 10 to 15 degrees above average. tomorrow could be the warmest day of the week. look at these readings for tomorrow. upper 70s and even more 80s on the map for your thursday afternoon. san jose 82. evermore 81. a few changes heading toward easter. we will talk about that coming up. facebook response to the public backlash. changes road out to help you guard your privacy. a victory in the u.s. out there. the college basketball invitational. how they did. history of abuse. the story of a woman who was killed by her husband inside a church.
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new information on the stabbing death of a woman at a church in san francisco. the victim's estranged husband charged with her killing. we also know the cup had two young children. the couple. police headquarters with the story that is familiar to victims advocates.>> reporter: the church pastor tells me the victim was from china. and did not have family other than her husband and children. we have learned the cycle of violence started years ago.>> police responded to a domestic dispute sunday afternoon at the chinese christian church in the ingleside neighborhood. 41-year-old -- what is the church. attended around 1 pm.
10:24 pm
a church staff member reportedly heard screams. and saw him with his arm around his wife and a knife in his hand. he is accused of stabbing his wife in the chest and back before stabbing himself.>> she later died at the hospital. a neighbor of the couple said she is saddened.>> i was shocked. absolutely shocked. >> reporter: the couple moved into this home five years ago in the broadmoor community near daly city. the couple had two children a boy and girl. the neighbor described the family is happy. she pointed to the deflated balloon a remnant of a birthday party for one of the couple's children held just two weeks ago. you will see them leaving on family trips with the bikes and little kids. they were totally normal. the husband was friendly. he would always say hello. >> reporter: district attorney said police responded to numerous disturbance calls at the home.
10:25 pm
he said he was twice charged with domestic violence that involved his wife. in 2013 case was dismissed. . the victim came to us and said i don't want to cooperate further. i want my husband to come home.>> reporter: the case from last year resulted in a plea bargain. he was sentenced to probation and issued a stay away no contact order that is still in effect.>> we know about the honeymoon period. the offender will come back and try to get back into the good graces. so often victims will drop charges.>> reporter: she filed for divorce in december. advocates say removing the stigma of talking about domestic violence is important. bring the issue to light. there are places that can help.>> reporter: he was appointed a public defender. he faces murder felony battery
10:26 pm
injury on a peace officer and resisting arrest. he is scheduled to be in court tomorrow morning. the couple's two children are now living with a suspects -- the suspects parents. san francisco police planning to hold a town hall meeting tomorrow to discuss the fatal police shooting in a barbershop last week. officers returned fire after a 21-year-old man shot at them inside the amazon barbershop. it is located on the corner of london street and geneva avenue. the man died. five other people including an officer and juvenile were wounded. the town hall meeting will be held at 6 pm tomorrow night at bill bauer high school. 1000 you the avenue -- balboa high school. the search for a mother whose feet is washed ashore. gender pay gap.
10:27 pm
one woman's experience and what advocates say you should do if you think you are being paid unfairly. a big day for hundreds of bay area students. the field trip to see the movie black panther thanks to the director of the film.
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putting the pressure on google when it comes to paying
10:30 pm
women the same as men. we sat down with the newest plaintiff to join a lawsuit against the company. she explores what workers who think they are not being paid fairly can do right now.>> reporter: heidi lamar -- david versus goliath battle. she disjoint a lawsuit against her former employer google. she was a preschool teacher.. all of our work was play- based. we did a lot of partnering with families to create the most high-quality environment we could for the children. i love my job. very much so.>> reporter: she was hired in 2013 told her. we started our new educators at a level i.>> reporter: she started at the lowest category in the pay scale making 1851 in our. 3 1/2 years in a conversation with a coworker opened her
10:31 pm
eyes.>> we were talking about is and is so frustrating you can only be hired at level i. one of my lot -- one of my colleagues said he got halyard at level ii.>> reporter: she said he did not have more experience or better education. lemar complained to her managers. google's human resources investigated and found no evidence of gender related bias in the hiring process. i finally decided i cannot stay at google. i felt like staying at the company would feel like i was compromising my values.>> reporter: she joined a lawsuit filed by san francisco attorney that alleges google systemically pays women less than men. i think there are problems throughout the valley. with paying women less than men for substantially similar work.>> reporter: what happens in this fight that have implications throughout tech and beyond event google stature. they declined to talk with me for the report. they pointed me to recent
10:32 pm
action it's a to close the gender pay gap. there is now zero difference in pay for 89% of its workers. after the company examined is pay practices and increase the pay of 200 workers taste on what it found. whatever happens in court workers can take action now. he urges people to share their pay information with their peers. salary transparency helps eliminate gender and racial pay gaps. one credit finance manager she practically shuddered. because there is quite a disparity actually. >> reporter: the reasons why might be lost in the conversation among workers about pay. even though it is based on experience. i don't know if that resonates.>> reporter: california's are legally protected from to retaliation. employees cannot legally use or even ask for an applicant's prior salary to determine their
10:33 pm
pay. women get paid less than a man in america. if you use prior salary to set pay you are going to institutionalize existing discrimination and perpetuate that long going forward. >> reporter: some say the climate of empowerment and equality were prompt them to do what was once taboo. i would be comfortable sharing it. as long as there wouldn't be repercussions.>> reporter: he feels the tide is turning when it turns. comes the pay quality is the more transparency.. when people find out what is going on.>> and they have that bond of being treated unfairly. you can't go back.>> reporter: do you feel better now that you are out of google?>> i do. she works at a nonprofit preschool in berkeley. i feel lighter.>> reporter:
10:34 pm
even though she is engaged in a legal battle against one of the biggest names in silicon valley. if any giant company can make amends and find a way to create a new system the compensates people fairly it might be google. facebook rolled out plans today to revamp its privacy tool settings as the company tries to rebuild trust following a data leak. they say the new system will allow users to more easily control their privacy and security settings. it doesn't change facebook's privacy policy. but will allow people to change settings in one location and make it easier to find. the system will be introduced gradually over the coming weeks. today's announcement comes on the same day three users filed a lawsuit against facebook over privacy violations. hewlett- packard enterprises is planning to move headquarters from palo alto to san jose. the it company says about 1000 workers will be located at the america center in north san
10:35 pm
jose. the area has the highest concentration of tech companies in silicon valley. hpe plans to move into the new headquarters later on this year. lieutenant governor avenue someone take part in any debates in the governor's race until may. the la times said a spokesperson for him said he is already taken part in a number of debates. he said new summit will participate in a televised debate in san jose may 8. ahead of the june primary. democratic rivals including former la mayor antonio -- say he is trying to avoid talking about his record. oakland held a ceremony for a new veterans home. the low income housing development on martin luther king will include more than 60 apartments for military veterans. half of the apartments are set aside for military vets who are currently homeless. the mayor use this afternoon's groundbreaking ceremony to make a direct appeal to the public.
10:36 pm
if you have an apartment that you want to make available to a veteran we now have zero interest loans. insurance. we want to make it easy for you.>> the mayor said this is all part of her commitment to help homeless veterans in oakland. another call for justice in the streets of sacramento. today's process over a police shooting as family members plan the man's funeral. denies forecast for thursday. more 80s. we will talk about your we can outlook. we could be tracking some changes heading to the bay area. this meant a nice forecast. a car careened off a cliff and came to a rest on his route.
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oh no, jake. seresto. 8-month... ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto crews rescued a driver who careened off a cliff in pacifica. you can see the overturned suv. it happened late this afternoon at palmetto avenue. a bystander took this video and posted it on twitter. a highway patrol helicopter ended on the beach and rescue crews loaded the driver onto the chopper. alas report the vehicle was still on the beach. construction crew ruptured
10:40 pm
a gas line near international airport this afternoon. the crews were working on a new hotel they hit the gas line. the construction is underway on south mcdonald road near highway 101. airport spokesperson said operations were not affected. the line has now been repaired. hundreds of black lives matters protesters marched to sacramento. at certain point demonstrators walked into an intersection disrupting traffic. protesting the fatal police shooting of 23-year-old stephon clark. today the mayor spoke about an emotional city council meeting last night. in which clark's brother and others disrupted the form. i did not like what happened. it is my job and it is our job to bear some of the pain that his brother and the community
10:41 pm
is feeling. about the death of stephon clark. a wake was held today for clark. his funeral is set for tomorrow. al sharpton will deliver the eulogy. alameda county coroner's office leading the investigation into a horrifying discovery along the berkeley waterfront. a fetus was found yesterday afternoon the tom bates sports complex on the west side of interstate 80. they say it was a well- developed male fetus with an umbilical cord attached. they think the fetus washed up on shore and have been in the water for a long time. the location where the fetus was found is an area popular with hikers. there was a lot of police officers. like seven police officers investigating the area. alameda county coroner's office hopes and autopsy will solve the mystery. the results could be available
10:42 pm
as early as tomorrow. speeding on bay area freeways is not a good idea. chp oakland posted this on twitter. of an officer stopping a porsche for speeding on highway 24. two hours later it added this photo of a honda whose driver was going more than 100 miles per hour on the same highway. chp contra costa tweeted this also from highway 24. the road we are not stopping you for just driving a hot red sports car. we are stopping you for blowing bias and driving 110 miles per hour with no license plates. the director of black panther. who is from the bay area. treated some students to a free screening. i want to understand what motivated him to make the movie. a field trip for hundreds of kids and delivers a message about the quality. trucking more warm weather. back with the complete bay area forecast. -- tracking.
10:43 pm
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a big treat for hundreds of richmond students. they got a chance to meet the hottest director and see his blockbuster film black panther. paul chambers on that special outing all things to director ryan kluger. the topic of
10:46 pm
discussion in this class at richmond academy women's empowerment and the role of people of color in hollywood. similar discussions going on in other classrooms. the conversation won't end here. all 300 students in the sixth through eighth grades are in for a special treat. it is imperative they see they can go from zero up to the top. with one leave inbound. they need to see that. but. they did. the students want to a field trip they will never forget. a chance to see their dreams hopes and discussions on the big screen watching the blockbuster hit black panther. we can show them what is possible and how powerful and intelligent and beautiful they are. i hope they will see that reflected back and start to believe us.>> reporter: the trip was sponsored by none other than the movies director and richmond resident ryan kluger who made a guest
10:47 pm
appearance. he is from the bay area. i'm so proud and honored we can take students to experience this even speak to him and show them representations of themselves in such a powerful way.>> reporter: he paid for seven buses to take them from school to oakland for the day. he rented out a theater a grand lake. black panther is the highest grossing superhero film in the u.s. bringing more than $630 million estate side. an important feet for a man with roots in the east bay. he grew up in a community that people think is not positive. he --. it is important to those who are doing wonderful things not only just in movies and television and sports. you always want to link the community back with the community and let them see what they can be.>> reporter: before
10:48 pm
the film he sat with the students answer questions. what motivated him to make the movie?>> reporter: he explained the reason is because of his love of comics and interest in africa. he had a chance to break stereotypes showing african- americans and women in the most positive light. and black panther the girls are really strong. we are not stupid. we are not backwards. all the derogatory connotations that have been propagated upon those. he empowers the people in the movie. >> reporter: any of the kids say they enjoyed the film. they hope hollywood takes notice. they would like to see more films like this in the
10:49 pm
future. big weather changes. last week we were tracking the coal systems. the rain showers as well. completely different story today. temperatures above the average. since a 15 degrees above average. we will stick with that for tomorrow. was 70s and 80s in your thursday forecast. very warm at the ballpark for the home opener. sunny skies. temperatures approaching the mid-seventies by first pitch. tomorrow. here is the view in the pacific showing the satellite. you can pick out the main circulation. responsible for the warmth. this area of high pressure. pushing the stormtrack to our north print high clouds into portions of the north bay right now. that is just about it. more sunshine for your thursday. current numbers san francisco 59. still mild in concorde and 67. san jose 65. a live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. still in the clear.
10:50 pm
it will be that way tomorrow morning. heading to work or school first thing tomorrow morning. overnight lows in the 40s. upper 40s to the 50s with fair skies. in the afternoon hours a nice recovery. lots of 70s. links up with the 80s. tomorrow most areas will be a touch warmer than today. that will be the same story friday as well. 70s and 80s the next couple days. by saturday this week system moves and sending in extra clouds. a little bit of a drop in the numbers. snow report is warming up in the sierra. you can see this. select resorts here. still healthy base heading up to tahoe. for this weekend. as we head towards easter. still mostly sunny skies for thursday. same deal and friday. saturday extra clouds and cool
10:51 pm
off with temperatures by just a few degrees heading toward the weekend. 70s and 80s. a beautiful thursday afternoon. upper 70s out towards oakland. more 80s toward concorde antioch and brentwood. san jose 82. gilroy 84. san francisco downtown in the upper 70s. a look ahead your five-day forecast. it is drive. if you missed a rain a chance of rainfall maybe thursday or better bet friday. with the jump in easter -- it will be a nice forecast as we head towards easter sunday. coming up $29 million being distributed among teachers. the big donation from a bay area company. record-setting night for one of the nba's bright young stars. the highlights and the rest of sports coming up next. ♪you've got a friend in me
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the usf dons in a national championship game tonight. we will take it. playing the university of north texas. the most famous alarm -- don henley. they used to be known as the eagles. that is where he got the name for his group. that is
10:55 pm
interesting. behind the music program for today. they don't call themselves the eagles anymore. they are known as mean green. they put it on usf trying to wrap up the cpi. frankie ferrari. quite a phenomenon for usf. he will feed -- here. the dons target after they were behind by 11 early. pretty much all mean green. ryan -- streaking scores. back up to 10 over the dons. take it easy from there. jordan with a reverse. he had 15 points and nine rebounds. they will play the decider in the three-game cpi championship. up friday in texas. as far as the warriors go maybe they know something we don't. after all they lost six of
10:56 pm
their last nine. last night the feet against the pacers was the 10th at oracle this year. that is more than they have had at home in the three combined seasons prior. prior to the game last night like i said maybe they know something we don't. they sure are in a good mood. maybe they know they will get kb and greenback tomorrow night. against the milwaukee bucks. the loss of the pacers. 33 points in the second half. 11 turnovers. 11 points in the fourth quarter. we're times for the warriors. nobody knows what to say. that includes the media. you guys are exactly like -- nobody has any energy. media or players. playoffs started right now the warriors first round playoff opponent would be the timberwolves.
10:57 pm
they've always played them tough as they match up not so great against him. the big reason is carl anthony -- a career night tonight. 56 points. 15 rebounds. six of eight for 3. a minnesota franchise scoring record. those 56 points. timberwolves easily -- atlanta behind anthony towns. celtics trailed the jazz. now type. get it to jaelyn brown. he shot the three. falling away. .3 seconds left. celtics trailed most of the night wind up beating the hot jazz. another team the warriors have problems with. major-league baseball the a's their first afternoon opener in a long time. tomorrow against the angels.
10:58 pm
giants are down in la. bay bridge series completed this week. go to san francisco. memorable moments. we have to get the mvp most valuable fan award. to that young lady. the disinterest -- of course barry and his -- the biggest luminary on hand for the bay bridge series. the pouting award. that he would not get her in the cotton candy. she takes off. look at the lower lip. the best interview has to go to san francisco's derek holland's.
10:59 pm
that is his kermit the frog. i thought it was pee-wee herman. we do have time to check this out. this might be the shot of the night. portland and memphis grizzlies -- it goes -- sometimes it is just your night. he was foul. meantime we will tell you who is in town. playing a little soccer. both have soccer grant -- backgrounds. steve nash. as it turns out they did it into the 90s. he can do more than just dominate on the basketball court. actually it was 94 times. before it finally went awry. all worth checking out. that takes skill. that is the sporting life. the hour is 11 pm. time for more news. coming
11:00 pm
up next at 11. police are searching for a sexual assault suspect after a young woman is attacked while out for a jog. something like this is extremely concerning anywhere. it is unique to happen in the city. that frightening attack reported apollo also. -- palo alto. somerville police looking for a man who grabbed the teenage girl put a gun to her head and sexually assaulted her. the victim said the attack happened while she was jogging in the area of deer creek road. talking with police and she joins us now live with the latest.>> reporter: earlier today this area was filled with police officers. they set up a command post. please tell us every available


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