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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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up next at 11. police are searching for a sexual assault suspect after a young woman is attacked while out for a jog. something like this is extremely concerning anywhere. it is unique to happen in the city. that frightening attack reported apollo also. -- palo alto. somerville police looking for a man who grabbed the teenage girl put a gun to her head and sexually assaulted her. the victim said the attack happened while she was jogging in the area of deer creek road. talking with police and she joins us now live with the latest.>> reporter: earlier today this area was filled with police officers. they set up a command post. please tell us every available
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officer responded to the client. because it is so unusual. it happened along this trail at the end of that crosswalk. at this late hour people have been stopping by asking questions about what happened. all of them expressing concern and surprise. we were overhead is a manhunt was over way. underweight wednesday afternoon. the lower foothills area of palo alto. please say a suspect armed with a handgun attacked a young girl as she was jogging. she had been jogging along a path. right next to the roadway. she was pulled off the pass by an unknown man she did not know. who then stuck a gun to her head and sexually assaulted her in a green belt off the pathway. she flagged down someone who call police. helicopters search from the air and on the ground heavily armed officers set up a perimeter. k-9 units help to search. by the time they got there the
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suspect police say ran away. stranger sexual assaults with the unknown suspect an unknown victim are very rare in any city. they are particularly rare here.>> reporter: this is not too far from tesla's headquarters. it is frequently used by pedestrians joggers and cyclists. pretty shocked. very saddened. that that happened.>> reporter: he considers the trail scenic and safe. he calls the news unexpected and upsetting. is something you hear about often. when walking around the neighborhoods of stanford in this area.>> reporter: the suspect described as a man in his 30s possibly a filipino descent. five feet 10 inches tall. wearing a black sweatshirt with a bear logo. police are asking if anyone saw anything suspicious to call
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them. the victim is physically okay. as you can imagine emotionally shaken up. she was treated at a local hospital. police are working to try to get a sketch of the suspect. if we get a copy of it we will provide it. family tragedy in mendocino county where authorities say six children and their two mothers were killed. the family's suv plunged off a cliff of of the pacific. three children are still missing and presumed dead. the suv plunged 100 feet from a lookout along highway one north of westport. deborah has the latest from the north coast.>> reporter: hannah is still missing. sierra is still missing. and the brontk is still missing.>> reporter: three siblings in a family of eight from southern washington. jennifer and sarah heart her adoptive mother's. we know an entire family vanish.>>
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reporter: shares photos he took at the scene monday. after the hearts suv was spotted upside down in the ocean. it had careened over 100 foot cliff. the women and three other teenagers were found dead. we have every indication to believe all six children were in there.>> reporter: they search the water for the missing three. and wonder what will cause the vehicle to crash at a wide turnout with no curve. it is a confusing scene because there was no skid marks. i don't know if it rolled over the edge. i won't have that information until we get the data back. many of us remember him from a protest in portland.>> reporter: he won a claim when he offered hugs during a rally for police reform and an officer excepted. the family image had lately come under harsher scrutiny. as it turns out one of the mothers have been charged
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previously with child abuse. had admitted to beating and bruising one of her daughters. more recently neighbors in washington complained to authorities the homeschooled children were hungry. unfed is a form of punishment and were sneaking out to ask for food. a new investigation had been opened. no evidence and no reason to believe this was an intentional act.>> reporter: what will help is knowing the family's whereabouts since driving away from their house friday. we want to know if anybody recognizes the family of staying in a hotel eating in a restaurant or getting gas in a gas station.>> reporter: trying to find a timeline leading to the fatal plunge. >> reporter: driver died as a normal race weight when he crashed his car into a wall at high speed. the 75-year-old man from napa was killed during the drags
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event. he was the only driver on the race track at the time. drags and trips gives people a place to race their cars in a controlled environment. this is video of a past event. sheriff's department said the driver who died hit a wall at more than 100 miles per hour. it happened that he was racing his 76 ford pencil on the quarter-mile dragstrip. sonoma raceway said this is the first death in 30 years of wednesday night drags. mayor of oakland said the a's are close to being granted exclusive bargaining rights for two possible sites for a new ballpark. how are terminal at the port of oakland which has some logistical hurdles. the team's current location at the oakland coliseum. the a's revealed they would like to buy the coliseum complex. so they can own their own home they build in the stadium. they are hoping to obtain exclusive negotiating rights. final approval for the coliseum site would need to come from
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city council and the alameda board of supervisors. there are financial questions. real estate firm estimates the site is worth $180 million. the a's said they would pay off the $135 million in debts still owed by the city and county. a suspect in custody and likely facing homicide charges following a deadly hit and run in the cities dogpatch neighborhood. 33-year-old mark dennis of san francisco was involved in some sort of altercation with a group of people before he intentionally hit them with his van and drove off. one person was killed. four others were injured. rob roth talk to a witness who saw it all.>> reporter: san francisco police confirmed that they have arrested the driver. a source identified him of market dennis. we photographed him after police stopped him. he could be facing homicide charges. -- mark dennis.
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it happened this morning. paramedics race to help five pedestrians on the ground. all were run down by a driver who sped off. one of the victims later died from his injuries. a witness who did not want to appear on camera said just before the carnage there was an altercation between the driver and victims. i was watching a dispute between a guy in a van. and four or five guys on the street. it started out playful. the guy in the van was crazy.>> reporter: the driver got out his van holding an ax. the mansard the acts away and chased the driver back to the van. he got in the van screaming the whole way yelling at each other. the guy started to walk away. he flipped the van around and drove it on the sidewalk. and drove over four out of the five.>> reporter: police have not confirmed the account. it is unknown what led to
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this collision. that is still under investigation. >> reporter: to stop cars matching the description of the vehicle later identified this older model white van that had dense on the hood. this appears to be very isolated. and specific. from the information we have at this point. we do not believe the public is at risk.>> reporter: of the four people in the hospital one is in critical condition. police will be looking for surveillance video that might have captured what happened. tesla shares fell to the lowest levels in a year and the investigation into a deadly crash in the bay area and production shortfalls. they dropped more than 7 1/2% after falling 8% yesterday. moody's downgraded their credit rating due in part to failure to meet production goals on the model three. ntsb investigating the accident that killed a model x driver near mountain view last
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friday. in a blog post tesla said a missing highway safety barrier and to keep carson hitting the end of that concrete divider might be to blame for the severity of that crash. tesla said it hasn't been able to review the cars computer logs yet to determine if it was on autopilot at the time. a tech company unveiled an all electric vehicle that it plans to roll out as early as next year. the car company is called sf motors and has factories in indiana and china. santa clara-based company aims to give tesla competition. two concept cars were unveiled tonight. sf five. a luxury suv expected to go into production in 2019. and the sf 7 which is expected to roll out in 2020. our technology is driving everything. that is why we are headquartered in silicon valley. and supported by a strong presence in the midwest. to leverage that regents
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engineering and manufacturing expertise. the crowd heard a video greeting from the chief strategy officer. who was a cofounder of tesla and has now turned competitor. the burning man festival is a sellout once again. 26,000 tickets for the event were gone and half an hour. going on sale at noon today. because $425. 68,000 people will head to the. over labor day for the art and culture event. a limited number of tickets will be released april 4 and august 1. they are still tickets available for low income people. amazon reportedly in trump's crosshairs. today's report the white house to rein in amazon's growing power. $29 million for computers school supplies and more. how a bay area business the field every teacher's wish list. lots of sunshine
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today. temperatures in the 80s. let you know of the warm weather continues in your thursday forecast.
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unlicensed driver behind bars facing charges after his vehicle jumped the curb at the oakland airport. four people were hurt when juan pablo crashed his suv into the dryer off area last night. he clipped another car they mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal. driving up on the sidewalk.
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he is booked into jail on two felony counts of reckless driving causing injuries. one count of driving without a license. facebook plans to revamp their privacy tool settings as the company tries to rebuild trust following a data leak. they said the new system will allow users to more easily control their privacy and security settings. it will be easier for people to make changes by merging different settings into one location. the system will be introduced gradually over the coming weeks. facebook said it is shutting down the type of advertising product that allowed marketers to access user data. amazon stocks almost 5% following reports trump wants to rein in the world's largest online retailer. the news website reported president wants to go after amazon possibly with new antitrust laws and tax regulations. he wants the u.s. postal service to charge amazon more for deliveries. amazon is owned by -- who also owns the washington post.
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the pastor of an east palo alto church hosted a lunch for amazon employees. the reverend called it a welcome to the neighborhood barbecue. it was held at his church on capitol avenue. amazon recently leased an office complex right near the church that is expected to provide 1300 jobs. urging amazon to help the nonprofit organizations in east palo alto. the company is committed to improving the entire community. san francisco business donating big money to teachers all across the country. ripple is a crypto currency company from the bay area that just donated $29 million for every teacher's wish list on the site donors and -- visited a middle school to find out how the money will be spent.>> reporter: instruments are expensive. so is sheet music.
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at ravenswood middle school there is never enough money to cover it all. music problem. user programs can be expensive. i cannot as the district for everything we need.>> reporter: is a teacher uses donors -- you make a request and donors can choose to pay for it. she had four requests on the site yesterday when the unthinkable happened. ripple donated $29 million to fund every single classroom project.>> reporter: is san francisco based crypto currency company paid for every request on the entire site. $35,000 in all. among them $3500. 3500 computers. 270 county leaders and the list goes on. they wanted to thank teachers across the nation for the hard work they do each day. i do not believe there has ever been a day when this many classroom dreams came true.>> reporter:
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nearly half the students are homeless. nearly all qualify for free or reduced lunch. administrators say the impact of a gift like this is enormous. it will give us an equal field to our students. many of our schools don't have.>> reporter: the new uniforms on the way. students and teachers say they are grateful to ripple for helping them get the tools they need to make music. it cost a lot of money. the people who are donating or helping a lot. i have no words. i cannot imagine $29 million. i can't fathom that amount of money. i don't know how someone could be so generous. i'm excited for the teachers.>> reporter: the school district said there were always more needs to be met. they posted a new request on donors today. the 10th largest
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lottery prize in u.s. history up for grabs. this friday night the mega millions jackpot is climbed above the $500 million mark since no one has matched all six numbers since january. it will offer players a chance to overcome staggering odds to spend just two dollars to when you have billion dollar jackpot. mega millions tickets are sold in 43 states including california. a nice warm up across the bay area. lots of 70s and a few 80s. tomorrow a few neighborhoods could be warmer. we are in the clear right now. it is mild for wednesday evening. take a look at the hide. really warming up the past couple days. if you 80s in santa rosa. fairfield and antioch. san jose 78. one record sfo that topped out at 77. bringing the old record of 76. the key headlines sunny and warm temperatures. 10 to 15 degrees above normal.
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we continue heading into thursday forecast. the main stormtrack is else a bit north of the bay area. clear skies. high clouds have been drifting from the north. expecting more sunshine for tomorrow. current numbers we have 64 in concorde. san francisco 59. santa rosa 55. looking out toward the golden gate bridge. is it -- it is in the clear. little bit of a breeze. winds around 10 to 15 miles per hour. overnight lows tomorrow morning upper 40s to the 50s. not extremely cold. just in the north bay talking about 40s. a quick recovery into the afternoon. to get the orange. wake up to the 80s. a few more 80s in the forecast for tomorrow. tomorrow probably one of the warmest days of the week for thursday. just some minor cooling by friday. by the weekend will be tracking the weather system that can send extra clouds.
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no rainfall. a drop in the numbers by saturday. clear skies tomorrow. mostly clear skies for friday. by saturday high clouds drifting in. a drop off in the numbers. 70s and 80s for tomorrow. santa rosa 83. hayward 79. san jose 82. half moon bay middle 70s. 75 degrees. your five-day forecast. we are cruising into the weekend. a drop off in the numbers. partly sunny skies on saturday. easter sunday will be dry with mild conditions. you notice the change stepping outside today. it is in that perfect range. coming up next in sports a former cal player hits a buzzer beater in the nba. the dons need one victory to be crowned champions of the college basketball invitational. if they get it?.
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mark is back. u.s. of the dons have a chance to win a national championship. the cbi is a big tournament. you can make fun of it. the fact is that we have a basketball winner in the bay area. not tonight. u.s. of has a chance to win the cbi. against the main grain of north texas. university of north texas usf with frankie ferrari dishing it off to jumbo. they come back. to tie the game after trailing by 11. after that pretty much all mean green. a steal. he will take it himself. they get that lead back up to 10. pretty much cruising from there. nicely to jordan. 15 points and nine rebounds.
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69-55 the final. national championship series. the cbi friday it will be in texas. pretty good news for the warriors. green and kb. katie will play on thursday night with milwaukee in town. the fan drawl. the playoffs started tonight they will be taking on the timberwolves in the first round. look out for this guy. carl anthony towns. he had a career night. 56 points. 15 rebounds. he is a load. he was 6 for 8 for threes. that is a minnesota scoring record. kathmandu doing at all. atlanta. the absolute moment of the night for the nba this evening. celtics trailed the jazz most of the night. they are now tied.
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jaelyn brown in the clutch. following away with .3 seconds left. to break a tie. the jazz go down as the celtics pull it out. they have a way of doing that. it is time to check this out. for a wednesday night. on the eve of opening day. early on this might be not the clutch shot of the night. the circus shot of the night. grizzlies -- wayne makes it happen. the main mascot. he just ruined -- the jazz mascot. he walked him to the concession stand. they paid for another bucket of m&ms. looking forward to opening day tomorrow. weather should be great.
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middle 70s. first day game opener for the a's in 24 years. 50th year in the bay area. see you later everyone. have a good night. ng. no begging.
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