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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  March 29, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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searching for a sexual assault suspect after young woman was attacked while jogging. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. thursday morning, march 29 . i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather. steve paulson is right here. >> sunny and warm. >> there you go. >> more than yesterday. temperatures already starting off pretty mild. 40s, 50s. it won't take long. it was many yesterday. i really don't see anything stopping us today. already in the 50s. i mean, everybody, santa rosa, oakland, livermore, these are all warmer than yesterday at this time. this will be probably the warmest day. beautiful son. warm, 72 degrees. plan accordingly. no weather issues. 40s for a very few. 50s for many. we are looking at temperatures that will still be very mild because we still have that
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slight northerly breeze. everything continues to be elected well to the north. some patchy fog. a little bit yesterday towards santa cruz, monterey. it got wiped out. we expect the same today. 70s and 80s on a warm thursday. at 4:01 here he his, mr. sal. >> thank you, steve. we are off to a decent start. we're going to start with the tracy came -- super commute. i want to show you that traffic is off to a decent start. you will see just a little bit of slow traffic right there at 205 at 580. that's about all traffic. all the way up to castro valley. this is a look at interstate 880 and traffic in both directions is moving along very well. and this morning's commute at the bay bridge toll plaza is light. at 4:01, let's go back to the desk. >> in just a couple of hours, a searchable resume for three missing children involved in a terrible crash cart in mendocino county and there are
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a lot of questions about what caused that crash. it happened monday afternoon at highway 11 north of westport. the family's suv plunged more than 100 feet off the highway down into the rocks below. the bodies of the parents, two mothers, and three of the children have been recovered. ktvu's debora villalon reveals investigators are asking you, the public, to determine where the family was in the time before that crash. >> hannah, still missing. sierra, is still missing. and devante is still missing. >> reporter: three siblings any family of eight. jennifer and sarah hart their adoptive mothers. >> we do know several things. window that an entire family vanished. >> reporter: sheriff shares photos he took monday afternoon after the suv was spotted upside down in the ocean. it had careened over a 100 foot
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cliff. the three women and two other teenagers were found dead. >> we have every indication to believe that all six children were in their. >> reporter: authorities such the water for the missing three and wonder what would cause the vehicle to crash at a white turnout with no curves. >> i was at the scene. i tell you it was a very and soon -- confusing scene. >> reporter: flat gravel. >> i don't know if it rolled over the edge, if it washed over the edge. we will analyze it and see where the evidence leads us. >> many saw him during a protest two years ago when that picture went viral. >> reporter: 15-year-old devante hart won acclaim when he offered hugs in a rally for police reform. the officer accepted, bringing the boy for -- to tears. as it turns out, one of the moms had been charged with child abuse. more recently, neighbors in
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washington had complained to authorities the homeschooled children are hungry, unfed, as a form of punishment and were sneaking out to ask for food. a new cps investigation had been opened. >> we have no evidence and no reason to believe that this was an intentional act. >> reporter: what will help, the sheriff says, is knowing the family's whereabouts since driving away from their house friday. back -- >> we want to know if anyone recognizes this family. >> reporter: trying to find a timeline leading to the fatal punch. >> nobody wants to get to the bottom of this no more than the guy you're looking at right now. >> reporter: debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news. >> later today, investigators will use drones to surge along the coastline and out in the ocean. investigators reportedly say they can predict where some of the children's bodies may
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surface if those children were in the suv at the time of the crash. a suspect is in custody and facing possible homicide charges in a deadly hit and run. it happened yesterday morning just before 10:30 at illinois and 24th st. in the dogpatch neighborhood of the city. the driver was arrested a few miles away at geneva and cayuga avenue. this is -- i want to show you some video of the suspect shortly after police stopped him. witnesses say 33-year-old mark dennis of san francisco first got out of his van and swung and asked at a group of people before getting back to his van and intentionally hitting the group and the driving off. one person was killed four others injured. one witness who did not want to appear on camera says that he watched the driver as the violence in unfolded. >> he got in the van and screaming go away, just yelling at each other. the guy started to walk away and he flipped the van around and he drove it up on the sidewalk full pedal to
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the metal. >> witnesses say the deadly crash followed a fight. police are investigating what may have led up to that. 4:05. police in palo alto searching for an armed man accused of sexually assaulting a teen a -- a teenage girl. the girl says she was attack yesterday afternoon about 1:45 in the area of arrest zero and deer creek rd. >> not far from tesla's headquarters. the man pulled the girl off the jogging path, put a gun to her head and then sexually assaulted her. the girl told police she was able to flag down someone passing by and that person called 911 after the man when -- ran away. police went to search at an area but they did not find him. >> unknown suspect and an unknown victim, very rare in any city. they are particularly rare in palo alto. >> not thinking -- something you hear about walking around the neighborhood and this area. people assume it can be really
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safe. >> the suspect is described as a man in his 30s, possibly of filipino ascent -- descent, 5'10" feet -- tall. the alameda county sheriff's office has identified the driver involved in tuesday night's crash at the oakland airport. 54-year-old juan pablo of oakland was driving without a license. four people were injured when his suv jumped a curb. the accident is no raising security concerns as well as one expert says this should be a wake-up call. >> all of the -- are set back away from the curb. that means that they've taken the time and money to protect the building but they left all people that are on that sidewalk near the curb, they are what we called sacrificed.
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>> pablo was booked into jail on two felony counts of reckless driving, causing injuries, and one count of driving without a license. investigators say he clipped another car then stepped on the gas and -- instead of his brakes and drove onto the sidewalk. a new federal study says there are increasingly more armed security officers at american schools. a server -- survey says there were armed officers working at least once a week in 43% of all public schools during the 2015 -2016 school year. that compares with 31% of schools 10 years earlier. here in the bay area, many school districts have armed school resource officers or unarmed guards. that include san francisco, san jose, san ramon valley, and west contra costa a -- west contra costa school districts. san francisco police will hold a town call meeting today about last week's fatal police
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shooting inside of a barbershop. officers fired back after a 21- year-old man from suisun city fired shots at them. this is at the corner of london's the -- london street and geneva avenue. that man died. five others including a police officer were hit by gunfire. the police department policy requires a town hall meeting to be held within 10 days after an officer involved shooting. tonight's town hall meeting will be at 6:00 at balboa high school. at 1000 cayuga avenue. it is a double play for the oakland a's and their quest to build a new ballpark. open's mirror says the team is close to being granted exclusive -- exclusive bargaining rights. earlier this week, the a's announced that they would like to by the coliseum complex so
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that the land that they plan to build the stadium on would be onto them. the a's are hoping to obtain those exclusive negotiating rights. final approval would need to come from both the oakland city council and the alameda county board of supervisors. a real estate firm estimates that the coliseum site is worth $180 million. >> before any transaction takes place, we're going to have to go back out and have that land real placed -- reappraised. >> reporter: mayor schaaf says she wants a deal that benefits the community and does not hurt taxpayers. she had -- says it would double oakland's chances of keeping the a's for moving. the las vegas stadium authority signed the final documents needed to build the future home of the raiders. that stadium is due to be finished by august 1 2020. the raiders have said the total cost of the move from oakland to las vegas including a train facility at new headquarters
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will be more than $2 billion. well, google is accused of paying men and women differently. coming up, we need a -- meet a former employee. president trump shakes things up again. he is -- has fired another member of his cabinet. we will tell you who he wants to be the new secretary of veterans affairs. good morning. right now, traffic is off to a decent start as we look at the bay bridge. it's light as you head to san francisco. we're ready for a warm day. temperatures will be well above average. we will take a look at those when we come back at what looks to be a warm thursday.
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starting today, if you by recreational marijuana in berkeley, you get a tax break. 10% down to 5%. dispensaries in berkeley lobbied for that tax cut saying the high tax rate for some marijuana users out of the legal market and back into the illegal market because of the sticker shock. the dispensaries see allowing the sale of marijuana was supposed to lower -- it's actually driven down the market because it's so hard to get a license. lieutenant governor gabba newson says he won't take part in any more debates until may.
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the l.a. time reports a spokesperson for new some says he's already taken part in a number of debates. he will participate in a televised debate that -- ahead of the new primary. he's trying to avoid talking about his record. president trump made another change to his cabinet. he fired the secretary of veterans affairs, david shulkin. so can was the only obama administration holdover in president trump's cabinet. there had been speculations for weeks that he was on his way out. the president wants his physician ronny jackson to take over the v8. show can's firing is just the latest shakeup at the white house. >> trump is picking a cabinet that he wants. when he was elected, when he was put into office. he did his best job putting
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together a cabinet. now that he's been there for a while, he wants to pick people that he really works well with. >> reporter: show can says he believes he was fired because he urged cautions on privatizing the healthcare system for veterans. many veterans have him out against president trump for privatizing the va. sal is here covering traffic. you're going to be out of the oakland a's game. >> i'm loving pam's colors. >> icy. color coordinator -- coordinated. absolutely. i am going to be out there. i'm going to ditch the coat and tie. i'm going to go out there and be with the fans is what i'm going to do. and also going to provide you with excellent traffic coverage until about 9 and then the whole show is going to be out there. good morning to you. if you're starting off in gilroy perhaps, you want to check out this. it looks good. as a matter of fact, it looks pretty good all the way up into the valley.
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but even farther still, if you're going to san francisco, it's very go -- good on the one- to-one. so far so good. there's 280 in san jose. it looks fine. the east they commute out friends in the east bay are also out to a good start. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is still light. that's going to be good weather today for that home opener. it lookeds -- looks like it's going to be in the 70s. >> easily. one record yesterday. that was at sfo. if you are at sfo, it's pretty warm. 76. today, 70-84. sunny and warm. you know those two. 10 and 15 degrees above the average. speaking of the a's home opener, 72, would not be surprised. 1:00 should be about 70-72. 50s at livermore. oakland is at 52.
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san jose, 55. 40s for of you. -- a few. the coast is clear. they dropped as well. 52 degrees. around the bay. because an easterly breeze coming in, the berkeley lab is a balmy 63 degrees. a lot of 50s here. low, mid to upper even mid 50s. alameda is at 56 degrees. everyone is pretty mild here. still a slight northerly to northeasterly breeze. everything continues to be going up and over. it will be here into the weekend. i think today, we top it out. 51, 50. there is a teeny bit of fog yesterday. there was some. there was some. 51-55. moderate is 55. high pressure, sunny and warm. there will be a little more of a westerly flow as we head to the weekend. we will get a little cooling. but it will still be in the low 70s for many.
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there's going to be a lot of 80s. warmest temps, north, south, does matter. everyone will be pretty close here. and then that's what we have. slightly cooler as we go into the weekend. and then early next week. >> it really nice for the weekend and for the a's today. >> very nice for the a's. >> very warm. thank you, steve. 4:19 is the time right now. there's a been a major political break through on the korean peninsula. the first face-to-face meeting next month. kim jong-un and moon jae-in will meet in a bridge -- village . it will be just the third time since the end of the korean war 65 years ago that the leaders of the two areas will meet. details of an agenda to call for security, and media coverage are still being worked out. but some political analysts say it could prove significant in global efforts to resolve the standoff over north korea's nuclear program. new this morning, nobel peace prize winner mama you saw
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say is now back in her home country. pakistan for the first time since she was attacked and shot six years ago by the taliban. malala arrived today surrounded by very heavy security. her family joined her to meet with pakistan's prime minister. she was only 14 when she was shot by taliban gunmen in 2012 for supporting women's education in pakistan. after being treated at a hospital in england, she continued her education there. then went on to win the nobel peace prize in 2018. 4:20 is the time right now. a teacher's wish come to. how a big donation from a be area company is helping music students at a middle school on the peninsula. reports the white house wants to rein in the growing power of amazon. the details coming up after the break.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. that anything that matches your taste can match your budget. that green living doesn't have to cost much green. we believe that you should always have room for the little things. and that your dream kitchen should work as hard as you do. ikea family members get 15% back when you spend $2000 or more
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at the ikea kitchen event. and financing is now available with the ikea projekt credit card. welcome back. facebook has launched plans to revamp its privacy tools. following that massive data leak. the company says the new system will allow users more easily to control their privacy and security settings. it will be easier for people to merge settings into one location.
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the system will be introduced gradually over the next few weeks. facebook also said it is shutting down a type of advertising product that allowed marketers to access user data. amazon's stock fell 5% yesterday following reports that the president wants to rein in the world's largest online retailer. the news website -- the president wants to go after amazon, possibly with new antitrust laws and tax regulations. for example, the president wants the u.s. postal service to charge amazon more for deliveries. amazon owned by jeff bezos, a frequent critic of the president. hewlett-packard's spinoff will move its headquarters from palo alto to san jose later this year. hbe says about thousand workers will be moved to the america center in north in san jose. that area has the highest concentration of technology companies in silicon valley. they plan to move to the new 220,000 square foot headquarters again later this
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year. tonight, the warriors play the walkie at oracle. they expect two of their injured stars to be back at play. kevin durant and draymond green listed as probable for the game. kevin has been out since march 14 with a rib injury. draymond has battled several injuries including an injured shoulder and he has had the flu, too. the warriors lost their last two games without their top players. steph curry and play thompson are still out. the los angeles rams said to make history this upcoming season. the nfl franchise will become the first team to include men on their cheerleading squad. clinton perrone and napoleon gennis were among the 76 finalists who earned a spot on the roster. made up of 40 two. -- cheerleaders. singh men performed as dancers has never been seen on an nfl
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team. it's surprising because they are all over college football. our own paul chambers was a fabulous to you later. >> very accomplished cheerleader. time is 4:26. hundreds of protesters with black lives matter marched through sin -- sacramento. we will tell you about today's funeral for stephan white. a disturbing discovery in the east bay. authorities search for the mother, the baby that washed ashore. we are off to a decent start when it comes to the morning commute. right now in san rafael, south bend one-on-one traffic looks good from lovato. well, if you're heading to the a's opener. i would say the -- take the sunblock or a hat. it's going to be a sunny and warm day. look at these thursday temps coming up.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. thursday morning, march 29 . i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. it's just about 4:30. it already feels pretty nice out there. it's going to be warmer than it was yesterday, stephen. >> yes. we will peek it out today. it will still be nice tomorrow. sunshine and warm temps are on the weather menu today. we are well above average. 70-84 will be the highs today. we should be about 63-67 degrees. temperatures won't take long to recover. they will stay warm for the a's home opener. warm, sunny, lots of sunshine for everybody today. we are already in the 50s for all of these so far. mid 50s for some san jose in san francisco. low 50s for others. also up to lakeport, but remember monday, a little bit
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in the 30s. look at napa now. 59, cloverdale. 54 now, san rafael. there is a little bit of an easterly breeze. that sure helps over by the coast. we are hard-pressed to find any clouds or fog. yesterday, there was a little bit. 70s, 80s. sunny and warm. sal? good morning, sir. >> good morning to you, steve. >> what do you have? >> we are off to a good start, i would say, if you're driving through solano county. you're going to like what you see on 80 westbound. so far so good. driving out to the carquinez bridge and eventually getting onto the eastshore freeway. from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze, it looks pretty good onto the bridge. and there have been no


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