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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  March 29, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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oakland a's here at the coliseum. we will tell you how the team is getting ready for the game, how the plans are preparing, and how the team is getting ready to celebrate 50 years here in oakland. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us. looking at the city. beautiful morning. and it is going to be a warm day. warmer than yesterday, steve has been telling us. thank you for joining us. thursday morning, march 29. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. if you're wondering why we are dressed like this, we are in the colors of the oakland a's for opening day. mornings on 2 will be live there. steve paulson is ready now. >> i'm not in those colors. i'm just glad to be out of the house. >> i should have texted you. i'm sorry. >> i would freak out if somebody texted me at 2:45. we do have -- woke up mostly sunny. it will be warm again today.
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i would expect some pretty warm temps. low to mid 70s by the time everything is said and done. today's average temps will be well above where we should be. we are checking in at 70-84. this looks to be the warmest day so far. there are a lot of 50s already. ready mild conditions, even some low 60s. between los altos in town. 57 58 pacifica. so there is a little component of an offshore for -- breeze. a little cool for some. even vacaville and fairfield, north wind. rather warm to get out of the gate here. it's going to be a warm sunny day. 54, 55. one take much. westerly breeze. get some fog going. maybe by the time we get into the weekend. sunny and warm. and then some coolant will take
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place today. 70s and 80 for everyone. where is the fire. >> hayward and ripple avenue. we will tell you about it in just a bit. i wouldn't right now. if you are driving out to the area. it looks like my maps may have stopped. there you go. if you're driving on 205, you're going to see some stop and go traffic. but it's within the realm of normal. once you get over the past, it does get better into livermore. and over to castro valley. and of the -- i know that we are going have a lot of people coming in for the a's home opener and there's a warriors game at the same facility. if you bring patients and you might consider using public transportation, it doesn't have to be a terrible day. weather is going to be nice.
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looking at the commute here at the bay bridge toll plaza, we do see some beginning congestion here before you make it onto the span. let's go back to the desk. the grim search for three children missing since monday afternoon will resume in the next couple of hours. the family from washington state including two mothers and their six children were driving down the mendocino coast when the family's suv plunged off a cliff. they were north of was pulled -- westport when they dropped onto the rocks below. the bodies of both adult and the three teenagers have been recovered. now, investigators are trying to figure out what may have caused that crash. they are asking the public to look carefully as the family photos. see if you remember seeing the family anywhere since last friday when they left their home . investigators say someone may have seen or heard something that could help them figure out how this crash happened. they say it happened at a highway turnoff where there's
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no curb on the road. >> i was at the scene. i can tell you it was a very confusing scene because there was no skid marks. >> i don't know if it rolled over the edge, if it launched over the edge. i don't have any of that information until we analyze it and see where the evidence leads us to. >> the family to a lot of attention when there were demonstrations for police reform in portland. young devante there offered hugs to police officers. one officer accepted it. there have been reports of neighbors the children were not being well cared for and child protective services had begun an investigation into claims the children were not being fed. in san francisco, a suspect is in custody and facing possible homicide charges in a deadly hit and run. it happened yesterday morning in the dogpatch neighborhood of
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the city. the driver was arrested a few miles away. we want to show you video of the suspect shortly after police stopped him. witnesses say that man, 33-year- old mark dennis first got out of his van and swung and asked at a group of people before getting back in his van and intentionally hitting the group and driving off. one person was killed. four others were injured. what witness who did not want to appear on camera said he watched the driver as the violent scene unfolded. >> he got in the van and screaming the whole way, just yelling at each other. the guy started to walk away. he flipped the van around and drove it on the sidewalk and drove over for out of the five. >> witnesses say the deadly crash followed a fight. police are still investigating what may have led up to that. the l mckenna sheriff's office says -- as told us the name of the driver involved in tuesday night's crash. 54-year-old juan pablo was
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driving without a license. four people were hurt when his suv jumped a curb and went up on a sidewalk outside of terminal one. this is raising security concerns at the airport and one experts -- expert says this should be a wake-up call. >> all of the bollards are set back away from the curb. they've taken the time and money to protect the building. they left all the people that are on that sidewalk, what we call, sacrificed. >> pablo was booked into jail. investigators say he clipped another car then stepped on the gas instead of the brakes and drove onto that sidewalk. there are increasingly more armed security officers at u.s. schools. a survey by the national center for education statistics says there were armed officers working at least once a week in
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43% of all public schools doing the -- during the many 15-2016 school year. many school districts have armed school resource officers or unarmed guards. that includes san francisco, san jose, sunderland valley, and west contra costa unified school district. the oakland unified school district is the only bay area school district that has its own police department. san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting this evening about last week's fatal police shooting inside of a barbershop. police say that officers returned fire after a man fired shots at them from inside the amazon barbershop. it's at the corner of linden street and geneva avenue. that man died. five others including a police officer were wounded. the police department policy
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requires a town hall meeting to be held within 10 days of an officer involved shooting. tonight's town hall meeting will be at 6:00. it will be at balboa high school at 1000 cayuga avenue. breaking news from hayward. fire crews were called to the americas vets value in on whistle road shortly before 4:00 this morning. you can see one of the rooms, at least one of the rooms on fire there. no word of any injuries or how that fire started at this point. but again, this is a hotel in hayward. we will continue to follow this story and bring you any new information as soon as it becomes available. it is baseball's opening day. the oakland a's are ready. we are ready with our oakland a's colors. >> and they are starting with a rare -- alex savidge down on the field at the coliseum right now.
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you look right at home, alex, for today's celebration. good money. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. i feel right at home here. we are getting ready for some baseball. it's going to be a gorgeous day out here at the ballpark. this place is going to be packed. in just a few hours as the a's take on the angels here inside the coliseum. and again, you talk about this being a -- the first opening day day game in 21 years. it's always fun. good morning to you. happy opening day. >> happy opening day. it's a national holiday. >> reporter: how did you get a day game on opening day? >> it's a very special year. it's our 50th anniversary. what better to start the season with a day game? >> reporter: the oakland a's have been playing baseball here in this town for 50 years at the coliseum. that's been quite a run. a few championships along the way and you're going to be paying tribute to the 50 greatest a's of all time. a few names come to mind. who are you honoring?
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>> we have voted the top 50 players. 37 of them are going to be here tomorrow. we have eric byrnes, coco crisp , members of all different teams. we will be honoring the great moments. >> reporter: a lot of good ones here. today, 105. on the mound here at the -- as the a's take on the angels. high hopes, i know, for this team. lots of young talent. what's your sense about what this team can do this year? >> don't make me predict. i'm not going to predict. you know what? our players have been playing together. they've had a lot of success in the minor leagues. we are hopeful that it's going to be a lot of fun. >> reporter: well played. again, first pitch, 105 out here at the ballpark.
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fans are going to be allowed into the parking lot here at the coliseum at 8:00 this morning. you can come on down the party, i think, is going to get started early. pam, dave? it's going to be fun. hope to see you down here. >> she just rattled off a bunch of names we haven't heard any wild. >> absolutely. throwing out the first pitch tonight. >> very, very cold. thanks, alex. we will check in with you throughout the morning. samone -- some new information about the stabbing woman inside a church in san francisco. the circumstances around this tragedy.
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it's now 5:14. starting today, if you buy recreational marijuana in berkeley, you'll get a tax break. berkeley is cutting the tax rate on recreational cannabis from 10% down to 5%. the dispensaries in berkeley lobbied for that tax cuts. they say the high tax rate for some marijuana users out of the legal market and back into the illegal market because of the sticker shock. the dispensaries say allowing the sale of recreational marijuana is supposed to
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increase the size of the legal market. pot club say the high taxes and the break relations are actually driving down the market because it's so hard to get a license. lieutenant governor says he won't take part in any other debates until may. the ellie time reports newsom will take part in a televised debate ahead of the june primary. democratic rivals say newsom is trying to avoid talking about his record. president donald trump made another change to his cabinet. he fired the secretary of veterans affairs, david shulkin. shulkin was the only obama administration holdover in the president's cabinet. there had been speculation for weeks he was on his way out. president trump wants the white house physician, ronny jackson, to take over the va. shulkin's firing is just the latest shakeup at the white house. >> trump is picking a cabinet
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that he wants. when he was elected, he did his best job putting together a cabinet. now that he's been there for a while, he wants to. people that he really works well with. >> he says he was fired because he urged caution. many veterans groups have come out against president trump's push to privatize the va. it's 5:15. let's check back in with sal for a look at traffic. i know you're watching that fire in hayward. >> the fire is 2400 whipple. so far, it doesn't look like it's affecting too many people. pam and dave, we will keep you posted. i'm looking at these other commutes. i show you that traffic is going to be mostly good as you drive around the bay area. for example, if you're doing the gilroy super commute, you can see it continues to look good. 35 miles or so, driving that stretch. you can see the road sensors are not picking up a lot.
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i do know that spring break week for some, you can see some schools are out. i know that cow is out, for example. i'm sure your school is out. you might want to let me know so i mentioned it to the viewers. looks okay. this is a look at the macarthur maze. it's 18 -- taking 18 minutes to drive from the carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. it is backed up for about eight -- a 5-10 minute delay. it looks good into san francisco. the weather for today's game, steve, going to be excellent. >> you've been listening. >> i have been listening. >> yes, it's going be really nice. really warm, in fact. don't be surprised it gets 76 degrees. shades, you'll look good. it gets warm down there.
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so a few high clouds. no big deal. 54-64 to start. 70s and 84. these are well above average. deflecting all cloud cover to the north. parts of that easterly component. a deep system. all the way down to the hawaiian al -- islands. 55 san jose. bread what is 58 degrees. holding out a little bit of that temp. upper 40s, mid-40s. santa cruz mountains, mid-40s now. upper 40s, 50s around santa clara, san antonio. there's your north at vacaville . i think that will turn a little bit. you can see some of these clouds coming down out of the northwest.
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51-55. the water temps are cold. all we need is a little westerly breeze. i think it does by the weekend. 60 up in reading already. 50 in monterey. there's some warm temps. we see those higher clouds drifting in. then it will start to ease off a little. it will still be nice for the weekend. it will be a little cooler. any signs of rain? yes, around april 6. here's some temperatures will way above average. -- temperatures way above average. gradually cool as we go into sunday, monday. time is 5:19. there has been a major political breakthrough on the korean insula. agreeing to the first face-to- face meeting next month. april 27, kim jong-un and moon jae-in will meet in the village on the border of their countries. it will be just a third time since the end of the korean
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war. 65 years ago. that the leaders of the two koreas will meet. the details of the agenda, the protocol, the security, and all the media coverage, that's still being worked out. this could have a big impact on the global efforts to resolve the standoffs over north korea's nuclear program. malala yousafzai is back in her home country of pakistan for the first time since she was attacked and shot six years ago by the tele-band. malala arrived today surrounded by very heavy security. her family joined her to meet with pakistan's by minister. she was only 14 years old when she was shot by caliban gunman. she continued her education in england and then went on to win the nobel peace prize in 2014. back in this country,
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teacher's wish really came true. how a big donation from a bay area company is helping music students out of middle school on the peninsula. there are reports the white house wants to rein in the growing power of amazon. the details after the break.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. facebook plans to revamp its privacy tools settings to
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rebuild trust after that massive data leak. facebook says the new system will let users more easily control their privacy and security settings. it will be easier to make changes by merging different setting plus into one location. facebook also says it is shutting down a type of advertising product that let marketers get user information. the stock of amazon fell almost 5% yesterday after reports of president trump reportedly wants to rein in the world's biggest online retailer. the president reported he wants to, quote, go after amazon, possibly with new antitrust laws and tax regulations. also, president trump has said that u.s. postal service should charge amazon more for deliveries. amazon is owned by jeff bezos, who also owned the washington post newspaper, which is often a critic of president trump. just within the last half hour, president trump tweeted this, well, i have stated my
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concerns with amazon long before the election. unlike others, they pay little or no taxes to state and local government, use our postal system as their delivery boy, causing tremendous loss to the u.s., and are putting many thousands of retailers out of business. 5:25. tonight, the warriors play milwaukee at oracle, expect two of the injures -- injured warriors stars to play. kevin durant and draymond green listed as probable. out with an injured rib. draymond green has battled several injuries, including an injured shoulder. the workers have lost their last two games without their top players, steph curry and klay thompson are still out. the l.a. rams did something. they are about to do's -- make history. the first team to include men as
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cheerleaders. clinton perrone and napoleon jennings were among the 76 finalists on a roster made up of 40 chiller just for the -- cheerleaders for the rams. male stuntman representing the teams. men have never been performed as dancers. for an nfl team. it is 5:26. hundreds of protesters for black lives matter protesting the police shooting of stephon clark. what sacramento's mayor says about that. details on the funeral today for stephon clark. palo alto police say they're searching for a -- an armed man who assaulted a teenage girl who was out on a job -- jog. you can see traffic is moving along pretty well on northbound 280. and into the west valley. if you're a fan of 70s and
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80 degree temps, you may stand up and cheer today because that's what we have. a little cooler going into the week.
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>> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning to. thank you for joining us. thursday morning, march 29. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. coming up on a very warm day. let's check in with steve. >> that is true.
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nice to warm. the coast will be nice, maybe not warm warm. the a's home opener will be warm. it will be warm a little north, northeasterly. it's going to be very warm. normal high, 63-67. 70-84 today. the rest are in the 50s. san francisco showing 57. there are a lot of 50s. a couple 40s in there. it won't take long to start warming up here. a northerly breeze keeps that beat going. overall, that is really it. high pressure is here today and tomorrow, then it will start to ease up a little bit as we get some low clouds and fog and a few high clouds. it will be okay on the weekend. not as nice and as warm as today, which equals 70s and 80s
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for many. sal? enjoy. it will be nice today. >> i am enjoying it. thank you, steve. if you're driving anytime soon on in solano county, the traffic is also nice for the most. you can see fog at the limit. continuing across that carquinez bridge. we do see some slowing on 37 heading west toward sonoma and marin county. 80, crockett looks good to hercules. the traffic is going to be okay. once you get to the toll plaza, it is racked up for about a 10- 50 minute delay. for the most part, we're off to a very nice start when it comes to the commute. and the east bay. 5:31. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. palo alto police are searching for an armed man accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl who was jogging on a very popular pass. >> leigh martinez, you're in
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palo alto now with the latest on the investigation. and they are searching for that suspect. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, palo alto police say that stranger sexual assaults are rare here. that's why every available officer responded to this search. an intense manhunt started wednesday afternoon in the lower foothills area of palo alto. chp helicopter's searched from the air. on the ground, have your -- heavily armed officers. they were looking for an armed suspect who attacked a teenage girl while she was jogging. >> she had been jogging along a path right next to the roadway. when she was pulled off that path by an unknown man who she did not know who then stuck a gun to her head and sexually assaulted her in a greenbelt off the pathway. >> the victim flagged someone
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passing by who then called police. the suspect has not yet been found. he's described as a man in his 30s, possibly a filipino descent. 5 feet 10 inches tall and was wearing a black sweatshirt with a bear logo. palo alto police say that the victim was treated at a local hospital and that she is working with the detectives to come up with a sketch of the suspect. >> thank you, lee. today, in sacramento, the funeral will be held for stephon clark. the unarmed african-american man who was fatally shot by police in his grandmother's backyard. clark's family and friends who remember his life during services at the bayside of south sacramento church. the reverend al sharpton will deliver the eulogy. they are calling for calm and healing for the community. >> black lives! >> matter! >> another protest is land by
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black lives matter in sacramento. outside of the sacramento county da's office. hundreds of demonstrators marched yesterday, disrupting traffic. the mayor says he understands why emotions are high and raw after the fatal shooting, even if he didn't support the interruption of tuesday night's city council meeting i protesters, including stephon clark's older brother. >> while i didn't like what happened, it is my job and it's our job to bear some of the pain that stefon's brother and the community is feeling about the death of stephon clark. >> the protesters have already disrupted two games of the sacramento kings since that shooting. the police are working with the kings to keep tom outside of tonight's game at golden1 center. the king will be holding the -- hosting the indiana pacers.
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protesters say they will be there tonight and for saturday's game against the warriors. the family of a man who was shot by police in vallejo last month announced they are suing the city. the family of ronell foster filed their complaint against the city and the vallejo police department. vallejo police say he was riding his bike in an unsafe manner and that foster ran off. according to police, foster and the officer got into a struggle and the officer shot foster in self-defense. civil rights attorney john burris disputed the self- defense claim, saying that foster was shot in the back and was unarmed. >> he was brutally gunned down. he was shot in the back of his head. he was shot three times in the back. killing him on the scene. he was unarmed. there was no justification for that level of
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force. >> the vallejo police chief responded by saying the officer's body camera video tells a different story than what burris is saying. the lawsuit seeks undisclosed monetary damages and the relief -- release of that body camera video. the alameda county coroner's office is investigating the discovery of a fetus that was found along the berkeley waterfront. it was found along interstate 80. the fetus was well-developed, was born prematurely. the umbilical cord was still attached. they believe the fetus had been in the water for some time and washed ashore. there were no signs of trauma. >> there were a lot of police officers. standing around, investigating the area. >> the coroner's office will perform an autopsy. they'll try to determine where the fetus came from but hopefully get more information
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about the mother. a 75-year-old napa man was killed in a violent crash at sonoma raceway. the driver hit a wall at more than 100 miles per hour at the drags and drift event. he was raising his 1976 ford pinto. he was the only driver on the track at the time. the drags and drift event is very popular. it gives people a place to race their own cars legally in a controlled environment. this is video of a past event at the raceway. this is the first ontrack death in the 30 year history of its wednesday night drag races. the crash is still under investigation. the man who is suspected of killing his estranged wife inside a church is due in court this morning. now we know the couple had two young children. ktvu's amber lee has the new information on the past of this couple from the police and from neighbors. >> police responded to it is -- domestic dispute at the chinese christian church in the ingle
5:38 am
five -- ingleside neighborhood. 41-year-old wendling on watched -- walked into the church. a church staff member reportedly heard screams and saw leong with a gun around his wife. -- knife around his wife. >> he dropped the knife. we have him in custody. >> reporter: a neighbor of the couple who asked us not to reveal her identity says she's saddened. >> i was shocked. absolutely shocked >> >> reporter: the couple moved into this home near daly city. the couple had two children, a boy and a girl. the neighbor described the family is happy. she pointed to the deflated balloon. >> you see them leaving their
5:39 am
minivan with the bikes and a little kids. they were toli noma -- totally normal. >> reporter: san mateo district attorney says police responded to numerous disturbance calls at the home. leong was twice charged with domestic violence that involved his wife. a 2013 case was dismissed. >> the victim came to us and said, i don't want to cooperate any further. i don't want to have this against him. >> reporter: the case from last year resulted in a plea bargain. he was issued a stay away no contact order. >> we know about the honeymoon period where the offender will come back and try to get back at the good graces and so often victims will drop charges. >> reporter: zhao did file for diverse in september. removing the stigma of talking about domestic violence is important. >> you know, bringing the issue
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to light that there's places that can help. >> reporter: leong faces charges of murder, felony battery. the couple's two children are now living with the suspect's parents. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. today, lawyers for bill cosby our expected to try one more time to postpone his sexual assault retrial in pennsylvania. as the final pretrial hearings today, cosby's attorneys are expected to pressure the judge to step aside. last week, cosby's attorneys demanded the judge remove himself from the case. arguing that he could be seen as bias because his wife is a social worker who has described herself as an advocate for assault victims.
5:41 am
the same judge resided over cosby's first trial, which ended in a hung jury last year. the selection of the jury is scheduled to begin on monday. 5:40. a forum will be held on the lgbtq community. the county of santa clara office of lgbtq affairs is partnering with the city to host the first community listening forum. a planning -- and planning future products. that forum will be held from 7- then pm -- 7-on pm. a family's car plunges off a cliff. coming up in our 6:00 hour, we have the investigation into the final hours before this terrible crash. a silicon valley tech company unveils an all electric car that's expected to give tesla competition and hit the roads as soon as next year. not a bad commute for a thursday so far.
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golden gate bridge traffic looks good. heading south into san francisco. under mostly clear skies. the almost full moon. almost it will be full. 95% visible. it's also going to be warm. maybe record-setting warm.
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we're learning how a generous gift is affecting music students. as we've been reporting, the san francisco based cryptocurrency company ripple donated to $9 million to for so -- fulfilled the wishes of every public school teacher who posted a request. one of those schools is ravenswood middle school. the music teacher sarah moeller, had 4000 dollars worth of requests. that included a new viola and band uniforms. mueller says she's had requests
5:45 am
granted before but the idea of every teacher's wish coming true is overwhelming. >> i can't even fathom that amount of money. i don't understand how somebody can be so generous and take care of so many classrooms. >> the executives at ripple says the donation? the gratitude they have for the teachers who changed their lives. she's already made another request for software to help 160 students practice at school and at home. >> what a great story. silicon valley startup car company unveiled its first cars . two all electric cars. they may be on the road as early as next year. the company is sf motors. it's the u.s. branch of the chinese company's up on. the two concept cars were unveiled in santa clara.
5:46 am
the sf five and a luxury suv expected to be available for reordered by the end of the year. the other is the sf sent -- sf seven, expected in 2020. they are expected to give tesla competition. >> our technology is trailing everything. that's why we our headquarters in -- headquartered in silicon valley and supported by a strong presence in the midwest to leverage that engineering and manufacturing expertise. maserati unveiled an suv at the new york auto show. the automaker claims there's a new car day. >> i need that. >> the 2019 lamonte to fail is one of its fastest models ever. tell -- turbocharged v8 engine.
5:47 am
gorgeous looking car because it's a maserati. it can hit 60 miles per hour. it goes on sale late this summer. i haven't seen a price tag for that. >> that's okay. >> i'm guessing it's more than a few bucks. >> i'm going to ask sal on working on getting me one. i need that, sal. >> you know what? you wouldn't be able to use it to its full potential. it's funny. yesterday, the chp was tweeting after the people -- they put a picture of a porsche going 140 miles per hour on highway 24. >> so that driver taking advantage of the -- >> and they pulled that guy over and say he got a bad  ticket. >> good. >> there you go. that's just a little warning from me and my friends over at ch.. let's take a look at the commute
5:48 am
now. you're not going fast at all at the altamont pass. you can see traffic is going to be a little bit slow here. once you get past that, you are driving from livermore to pleasanton, it looks pretty good. and then we also have a little bit of slow traffic. i noticed it here. traffic continues to move along relatively well. there have been no major issues. this is a look at interstate 880. today is the a's opening day. there's a warriors game tonight. so the two events are going to but quite a bit of traffic on 880 all day and into the evening. just be aware. also, people are going to be using bart. bart is probably your best bet for a day like today. here is a look now on the a bridge. 5:48. let's bring steve in. >> i remember back in the day when you would go to the a's game and then walk over and see the warriors and no problems. >> nowadays -- get that blue
5:49 am
plate special. >> we had one record high yesterday. they might -- there could be a bunch of records. 77, the record was 76. that's the same today. oakland, all they have to get is 77 degrees. san francisco as to get to 79. that was set in 1987, a record low. i'm going 77 today. i've seen forecast highs from 77 to 79. is going to be close. 15 degrees above average. 72 as well for the a's home opener, at least first pitch. a little northerly breeze. we are well above average on the temps. fair and warm. 63-67. it will be 70-84 degrees. we see the high pressure right there. it's not going anywhere today or tomorrow. 55 in san jose. a few upper 40s. it won't take long to warm up.
5:50 am
64 degrees 55 in alameda. 58. you can see a lot of mid 50s even in san francisco, also oakland. we are on our way to a rather warm day. there are a few 40s. but it won't take long to warm up because we have that northerly trees. easterly breeze nationally. many five in denver. but that windchill is pretty cold there in bismarck and fargo. it's not 20 or 30 below. that will quite right through you. the active line of weather is a boundary in between these two between the ohio valley and the deep south. for us, nothing but high pressure and a few high clouds. 20s up in the mountains. 30s. 50s for everyone else. everything is all set for a warm day. high pressure will peek out today. about the same tomorrow. a little more so on the
5:51 am
weekend. system will move onto the north. i think some fog will be back as well. the water temps are cold enough. some of these and 80s. today is the date when temperatures will be well above average. today and tomorrow looks good. >> we will get out and enjoy it. thank you. time is five. radee one. some bay area students saw the red-hot movie black panther for free. up next, the big bonus. they met the movie's director, who talked to them about growing up in oakland and why he wanted to make that movie.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the city of oakland had a brown -- groundbreaking ceremony for a new veterans home. it's on mlk way. it will include more than 60 apartments for military veterans. half of the apartments are set aside for military vets who are homeless right now. mayor schaaf says it shows her commitment to helping homeless veterans in oakland. such a great story. a big treat for hundreds of students who were given the chance to meet movie director and bay area native ryan coogler and see his hit movie black panther for free. >> somebody from our city. >> coogler rented out the theater and paid for buses to take 300 students to see his
5:55 am
film. before the screening. there he was. answering questions from the students. he told them the reason he made the movie is because of his love of comics and his interest in africa. he also wanted to break stereotypes and show african, african-americans, and women any more positive light. >> even though he grew up in the community that people think is not positive, he excluded his dreams and -- >> it's imperative that these kids see that they can go from zero up to the top. they need to see things like that. >> yes, they do. black panther has surpassed the one billion dollars mark in global sales. it is now the highest grossing superhero film in north america. 5:55. today is opening day for baseball. the giants are down in los angeles to play the dodgers. the opening-day starter is left- hander type block. it will be his fourth career appearance. the dodgers will start quite
5:56 am
encourage on. for his eighth straight opening day for the dodgers. the new lineup includes andrew mccutchen and evan longoria. the game starts around 4 am -- 4 pm. students in the l -- plan to march to honor caesar shop as -- cesar chavez. the students and local leaders plan to walk to and approved park. it's a state holiday honoring cesar chavez's birthday. it was a fire this morning at a motel at the east bay. coming up, more of this cell phone video. this early morning fire at a bay word in. major league baseball live at the oakland coliseum as we count down the afternoon a's home opener.
5:57 am
it's going to be crowded in the east bay because of the home opener and just a couple of other things we will tell you about. for the morning and evening commutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. a family tragedy on the mendocino county coast. the search for three children. the family car went off a 100 foot cliff. mornings on 2 continues. >> you shoot us down! >> more rallies are expected today in sacramento as the funeral services will be held for stephon clark. the famous pastor delivering a use -- eulogy and the message clark's family has for the community. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. thank you for waking up with us this morning. hopefully you're getting your green and gold ready to go for the a's opening day. thursday, morning, march 29. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. steve paulson knows all about the forecast. >> it's pretty warm today.
6:00 am
it's going be very warm, not only coos bay but also inland and even for the a's home opener. 72 degrees. northerly breeze. look for temperatures to warm up pretty quick. very warm air aloft. it won't take long to make it to the surface. 62-67 is the average for this time of year. a lot of 50s including san francisco at 56. 58 out in brentwood. temperatures even out to fear filled with a north wind at 55. we are seeing some 40s, 50s. vallejo is already 54 degrees. 50s at hills berg. well above average temperatures. high pressure just hanging out for a couple of days. it will start to back off the weekend. sunny and warm today. a little cooler, though. today, 70s and 80s. 6:00 on a monday -- morning. traffic is


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