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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  March 29, 2018 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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and fired after the sheriff says he had sex with an inmate at the county jail. we are monitoring a situation where people are being told to avoid an area because of a ruptured gas line. baseball is back with the a's said to take the field in just about an hour as the kickoff their season with the rear day game home opener. >> announcer: this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good afternoon everyone. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. hazmat team is currently at the same around a safe zone that's being set up. in san jose. due to a gas leak. according to the san jose fire department, a ruptured gas line has gone off. emergency crews are warning the public to avoid the area for at least the next several hours. some of the work of that's being done will continue to follow this developing story. a santa cruz county
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corrections officer now on the wrong side of the law accused of having sex with an inmate back in july. >> leigh martinez was there as the sheriff announced the rest. she explains how the investigation unfolded. >> law-enforcement officers say that rumors persisted of a sexual relationship between a correction officer and an inmate. those rumors didn't reach the chief until september. that, they say, is a problem. mark odell riel, 29 years old is a four-year veteran from santa cruz county. he is accused of having sexual contact with an incarcerated person. >> under california law, an inmate cannot give consent. and a jail facility's is considered -- facility is considered an environment where coercion can be used in order for somebody to commit an act like this.'s -- this. is no -- no situation is an inmate able to give consent.
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>> unfortunately, those rumors never reached the jail chief for investigation. and that's a problem. we are going to be looking into that. rumors recirculated in november and again, that information ever reached the jail chief in approximately december, we heard about it again. this time, someone stepped forward. >> reporter: the sheriff opened up a criminal and internal affairs investigation. del veale was fired and arrested for having sexual activity with a confined adult. he bailed out on $50,000. the sheriff says they only know of one incident and that they do not believe there are any other victims. in santa cruz, leigh martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. in sacramento, a funeral is underway for stephon clark, the unarmed black man who was killed by sacramento police last week. >> live in our newsroom to
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bring us more on today's service. >> reporter: the family is calling for calm and healing for the community today. for the past few weeks, there have been a number of protests. that service started about 20 minutes ago. mourners ushering in at the bayside bus church in the capital, standing for clark. his death has become a national story sparking 10 days of protest in and around sacramento. clark was killed march 18 after reports that someone was breaking into car windows. clark was pursued and shot 20 times in his grandmother's backyard after police thought what may have been a gun turned out to be a cell phone. let's take a live look inside the service now at that sacramento church. the reverend al sharpton will deliver today's eulogy. in the meantime, friends and family are remembering stefon and a life gone far too soon. >> while you're standing, celebrate the life of stephon clark.
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oh, you can do better than that. can we celebrate this young man's life is there anybody here grateful that he lives? >> reverend sharpton should be speaking at the others in the next 45 minutes. the service is expected to last about two hours. security around the church has been bolstered to keep the peace. after the service and again tonight at the golden1 center, the pacers game, which is become a popular gathering spot for those protesters. on frank mallicoat. a man in sonoma died after officers tased him. to be -- just before 10:00, they received several calls on ramon street just about a man who was making, yelling, and breaking speed lands with his hands. officers and county deputies found the man and say he did not respond to their commands.
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officers used their tasers on the man and say he continued to resist and then suffered some sort of medical distress. he was taken to the hospital, where he later died. new information on a 75- year-old napa man who was killed in a violent crash at sonoma raceway. the driver has been identified as james kenneth rambo. he hit a wall going more than 100 miles an hour at the drags and drift event after hitting his break when his card -- car pulled. he was raising his ford pinto. he was the only driver on the track at a time. the drags and drift event is a popular one. it gives people a place to race their own cars legally and in a controlled environment. what you see here is video of a past event. this is the first ontrack death in the 30 year history of its drag races. new information on yesterday's hit and run incident. just south of at&t ballpark. police say the driver of event struck five people and was arrested a short time you --
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later. witnesses say 33-year-old mark dennis of san francisco first got out of his van and swung an axe at the crew before getting back in his van and intentionally hitting the people and then driving off. one person was killed. 40 others -- four others were injured. another is in serious condition and two others have been did -- discharged. witnesses say the deadly crash followed a fight between the suspect and the five victims. we are following the break news out of lafayette where there is a pretty big back up on 24 because of a crash. live pictures here from skyfox right now. you can see that a couple lanes are blocked because of this. this is the westbound direction for folks heading to oakland just kind of east of happy valley road. the backup is extending out to the 24 680 interchange. it is a long and slow ride up to that accident scene. right now, there are reports of injuries. there is no estimated time when this roadway is going to
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reopen. we will continue to monitor this situation happening in lafayette on 24. president trump is in cleveland, ohio, right now, promoting his infrastructure plan. he's visiting a trade union. the president unveiled his infrastructure plan if every. democrats say it doesn't offer enough federal money and that it puts too much money on individual states. the one a half trumo the -- one and half trillion dollar plan. >> now, with our friends in ohio, we are launching the next phase of america's economic comeback. we're going to rebuild america's crumbling infrastructure. we are going to probably -- >> little expectation this will take up the infrastructure per -- proposal. there are more shakeups at
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the white house. >> kevin corke has more on who's out and who the president wants in his cabinet. >> reporter: for the second time in two weeks, president trump has fired a member of his cabinet, removing the secretary. shulkin was an obama carryover who recently found himself in hot water after an ethics scandal involving spending on overseas trips. he's also clashed with the president over the prime visitation -- privatization of the va. in part, reading, in recent months, though, the environment in washington has turned so toxic, chaotic, disrespectful, and subversive that it became impossible for me to accomplish the important work that our veterans need and deserve. the president's toys for shulkin's replacement is navy rear admiral and physician dr. ronny jackson. >> a man, who understands medicine.
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he understands the military. >> reporter: he's the doctor made famous by his marathon press conference about the president's physical and mental health. >> some people have great genes. >> reporter: there's some concern that dr. jensen make have -- may have a tricky confirmation ahead. the white house says that type of experience hasn't necessarily yielded the best results in the past. veterans of the vietnam war are being celebrated across the country today to honors those who served in -- and sacrificed during the longest conflict in america's history. 45 years since comeback and combat support units withdrew from south vietnam. nearly 50,000 american troops were killed during the war. thousands more were considered pows or listed as mia. the war involved five presidents and covered nearly 2 decades. a special lapel honoring
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their military service. these pins for those inactive duty. the front of the pin says vietnam veterans. on the back, we see the inscription, a grateful nation thanks and honors you. respond to wait is over and opening day is finally here. we will take you out to the coliseum. joe fonzi is standing by live as the a's get ready to host the angels. you and i were kissing melting at the ballpark. it was 9:00 in the morning. it's gotten even warmer since then. bring your son seem -- sunscreen and your sunglasses. an awful lot of sunshine. meteorologist steve paulson is back to give us that forecast and explain what's in store as we inch closer to the weekend. n:3:3:3
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back to that breaking news at. ruptured gas line has buckled the streets and led to a hazmat situation. >> the latest. >> reporter: we just got here. let's show you what happened. san jose fire said at 10:00 this morning, a crew working in the middle of this street behind me down miller actually was working and they say that they ruptured a 2 inch high
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pressure gas line in several places. it happened in the middle of the street and over to the right. p jenny crews are on the scene. they are trying to get this rupture to actually clap it. that could take a couple of hours. at least one home has been evacuated. 10-12 homes, the people have been asked to stay inside. there is also a preschool, rainbow montessori, not said to be in harms way. san jose fire is here on the scene. they will remain here for a couple hours. we are in the area. so we are at miller's and rainbow tucker is actually where the wrap -- ruptured gas line happened. it could, two hours to camp -- clamp this line. people are being asked to stay away from the area. we're less than an hour now away from the open -- oakland a's home opener. off 880 in oakland. the east part of town. traffic is slow getting into that parking lot. >> a little sluggish getting
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off 880 right now as those cars make their way to the tailgate. first pitch less than an hour away. already, you can see the coliseum buzzing with activity. >> we were there with joe fonzi. he got to stay on the field. you got to move to a new part of the ballpark. >> reporter: yes. you guys were out here a little while ago. you know, pretty well documented that we are in polarizing times. i found a couple people that really should be an example to all of us. if you look at them, they are on both sides of the aisle. they are acting very civilized toward each other. how did this happen, you guys? >> i've been in a's fan since birth. >> just watching the game. >> he's a good guy, guys. don't break them down so hard. >> reporter: you guys are in the right spirit. please enjoy yourselves. >> oh, a's! >> reporter: gasia, as you
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said, we are in a different part of the ballpark. this is an incredible view. i was like leftfield because you get a good sense of balls that are heading towards you. you get a chance real good chance to get it signal -- souvenir baseball. we showed you the inside of the tree house. they got foosball tables and pool. wants to be inside on a day like this? people are out here and join the game. it's a place where you can move around and watch the game with lots of different viewpoints. that's what they are getting ready to do right here as the tree house is getting broken in for the first time today. the one thing we know about the a's this year, we knew they had holes in the pitching staff. drone cotton got hurt. but we did know going into camp this year that kendall braverman would be the a's. we talked to bob a few minutes ago about how he needs to come out and act like an a in this
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opener. >> first impressions go a long way. i love opening day. i'm glad that it's over, though. there's a big spotlight. you want to make a good first impression. and he wants to be that guy. he came to camp wanting to be that guy. multiple meeting with the -- meetings with the starting pitchers. being the leader of the group. this is the time. number one pitcher on your staff looks to step up. >> so the a's will -- they want him to get off to a good start. the other thing that's interesting, one of the biggest off-season acquisitions was joe, and he was a two-way player, very much publicized. designated hitter and a pitcher. he's supposed to be the angels'
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starter on sunday. so not only will you get to get out here and see some history. they are going to be celebrating that all season long. but also, if you're out here for this early series, you might see some recent history as well with a designated hitter and a pitcher for the angels in the series. the opening day ceremonies are about to get underway. a beautiful spring day. opening day. >> connie, right now. as i look at the lineup card right now. >> i bet any second now, he's going to lose that suit and tie. steve, you are calling on mornings on 2, it was warm out there. >> very warm. they might not realize it until they get there. a little puff of a breeze, but it's not much. get ready for a very warm day. home opener there. easterly breeze to 5 miles per hour. here's something you
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don't to see all the time. wind gusts, 20 miles per hour. warm 77 degrees at noon. brentwood, half moon bay, they are 78. how about that? mid 70s. we are going to be setting some records today. at to get very close. mountain view is only within 2 degrees of it. some observations in the city, mid 70s. record is 79. officially, it's 70. around oakland, mid 70s. even el cerrito says some the eight. 1-6 degrees warmer than they were 24 hours ago. these are the records to eat. i think it's a slamdunk for mountain view. as a vote is 76. -- sfo is 76. san francisco, they'll have to make up 6 degrees. santa rosa and san jose will probably be there as well. it's not too bad on the coast.
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giants and dodgers, fog. they are dealing with some of that. it gets pretty warm. with this spring weather, we get some allergies. boy, the trees are just going bonkers now. through the roof. if you're suffering, that's the main reason. offshore direction, high pressure blocking everything for now. also, tomorrow sfo a little east wind. half-moon be going -- half moon bay going all over the place. gusting 23. due north. that's making for a big-time offshore event. high pressure says, i think i'm going to stick around for a couple days. by the weekend, we start to ease up a bit. maybe a teeny bit cooler tomorrow. more fog and more of a westerly
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breeze by the time we get to sunday into monday. today, though, it's a warm one. 70s and 80s on the temps. probably end up with five or six the record highs. then they'll be a little cooler, especially sunday into monday. >> this weekend is important for many people. >> yes, it is. >> thank you. coming up, another major diplomatic announcement. the historic summit scheduled to take place next month.
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a historic meeting has been announced. officials from north and south korea has agreed to a cross- border summit. >> it's still an -- unclear if it will take place before or after a meeting with president trump and kim jong-un. >> reporter: the leaders of south and north korea will meet for only the third time since the end of the korean war. that announcement coming thursday after diplomatic activity that thought kim jong- un go on his first overseas visit since taking power.  it started with the winter olympics. >> translator: there have been historic events showing our combined efforts, strength, and determination. >> translator: this happened because of decisions made by the leaders of north and south korea. >> reporter: meeting, hoping to reinsure that kim's offer of
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demilitarization -- denuclearization is genuine. >> translator: the tenants the situation has seen some positive changes. >> reporter: the white house is still planning for a meeting between kim and president trump sometime in may. until that happens but -- they will continue beefing up sanctions as part of a hardline stance -- hardline stance against the north. >> we will continue moving forward in this process. >> reporter: the two sides will meet april 4 to make final preparations for the summit. in london, greg, ktvu fox 2 news. shares of amazon are up nearly 1% this afternoon despite reports that president trump wants to rain in the world's largest online retailer. tweeting that amazon pays little or no taxes to state and
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local government. president trump has also said he wants the u.s. postal service to charge amazon more for delivery. amazon is owned by jeff bezos, who also owns the washington post newspaper. solid gains on this, the last day of trading ahead of the easter holiday weekend. the dow jones up. tech stocks, which saw big kleins, are powering much of the market. why the former preschool teacher is joining a lawsuit against her former employer, google. a man accused of sexually assaulting a teenager in palo alto. the latest on this investigation.
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palo alto police are searching for an armed man who sexually assaulted a high school girl who was jogging on a popular path yesterday afternoon. >> azenith smith has more on the research and the description of the suspect. >> reporter: skyfox was overhead as an intense manhunt was underway in the lower foothills area of palo alto, where police say a suspect armed with a handgun and attacked a young girl as she was jogging. >> she had been jogging along a path right next to the roadway.
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when she was pulled off that path by an unknown man who she did not know who then stuck a gun to her head and then sexually assaulted her in a green belt off the pathway. >> reporter: the victim flagged down someone passing by who then called police. helicopters searched from the air and on the ground, heavily armed officers set up a perimeter. by the time they all got there, the suspect, police say, ran away. >> reporter: stranger sexual assaults with an unknown suspect and an unknown victim are very rare in any need city. they are particularly rare in palo alto. >> reporter: not too far from tesla's headquarters. police say it's frequently used by pedestrians, joggers, and cyclists. >> pretty shocked. very saddened that that happened. >> reporter: andrew nguyen is studying at nearby stanford university. he considers the trail scenic and safe. he calls the news unexpected and upsetting.
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>> people assume it to be really safe. >> reporter: the suspect is described as a man in his 30s, possibly of filipino descent. he was wearing a black sweatshirt with a bear logo. if you see anything suspicious, call them. on the mendocino coast, the search continues for three children who have been missing since at least monday. they were with their two mothers and three older siblings when the suv plunged off a cliff on highway 1. the bodies of both adults and the three teenagers have been recovered. now in investigators are trying to figure out what may have led to the crash. they are asking the public to look fear -- carefully at the family photos and see if they remember seeing this family anywhere friday. investigators say someone may
12:32 pm
have seen or heard something that could have helped them figure out how the crash happened. they see it happened at a highway turnout where there's no turbine the road. >> i was at the scene. it was a very can -- confusing scene. >> i don't know if it rolled over the edge, if it launched over the edge. i won't have any of that information until we analyze it and see where the evidence leads us to. >> a couple years ago, young devante offered hugs to police. there have been reports from neighbors that children were not being well cared for and child protective services had launched an investigation into the claims that children were not being fed. ahead of the district board, changing the decision about arming teachers to keep students safe. daniel beau be no longer supports the idea after speaking with city leaders and the district superintendent. he posted an article and
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facebook message asking people what they think about training and arming teachers as a solution to not being able to hire more resource officers in the district because of budget constraints. meanwhile, a new federal study says there are increasingly more armed security officers at schools. a survey by the national center for education statistics says there were armed officers working at least once a week and 43% of all public schools during the 2015-16 academic year compared to 31 of -- percent of schools 10 years ago. many districts have armed school resource officers or unarmed guards. the oakland unified school district is the only bay area school district that has its own police department. happening today, san francisco police are said to hold a town hall meeting to discuss last week's deadly police shooting. officers say that police returned fire after a 21-year-
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old fired shots at them from inside a barbershop at the corner of london street and geneva avenue. the man died and five other people were injured. police department policy requires that a town hall meeting be held within 10 days of any officer involved shooting. tonight's town hall will be held at 6:00. students gathered this morning to honor the legacy of cesar chavez. >> announcer: -- ♪ >> the students and city leaders marched on king road where they held a rally. cesar chavez lived in san jose for many years. he fought for workers' rights and safer working conditions. they spoke to the children there at the rally. >> gives us a chance to remember my father's legacy but also what it does is it gives us an opportunity to talk to today's children about my
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father's life. what we talked about today was that the aren't so different than my father. they come from humble backgrounds. parents were immigrants. looking for opportunities and a society that sometimes isn't the most welcoming. >> cesar chavez they is a holiday celebrated on his birthday, march 31. a preschool teacher is now joining the fight to take on the tech giant google in a lawsuit claiming that the company paid men more than women for the same work. recently, i talked with a teacher who explains it took her more than three years to find that she was making less than her male counterpart. >> reporter: heidi lamar is in a david versus goliath battle. she just joined a lawsuit against her former employer, google, where she was a preschool teacher. >> all of our work was play- based. we used a lot of natural repurposed materials and did a lot of partnering with families to create the most high-quality environment we could for these children.
12:36 pm
>> reporter: she says when she was hired in 2013, google told her -- >> as a policy, we start educators at a level one. >> reporter: so she started at level 1, the lowest category in google's pay tier scale. a conversation with a coworker opened her eyes. >> we were talking about, isn't it so frustrating that you can be only hired as level 1? my colleague was like what are you talking about? i was hired at level 2. and he was a man. >> reporter: she says he didn't have more experience or better education. lamar complained to her manager. google's human resources investigated and found no evidence of gender-related bias in the hiring process. >> finally i decided that i could not stay at google. i felt like staying at that company was compromising my values. >> reporter: she joined a lawsuit filed by san francisco attorney jim samburg that alleges google systemically
12:37 pm
pays women less than men. >> i don't think google is alone. i think there are problems throughout the valley. paying women less than men for substantially similar work. >> reporter: he says what happens in this legal fight could have an locations throughout tech and beyond, given google's stature. google pointed me to recent action it took to close the gender pay gap saying there is now zero difference in pay for 89% of its workers after the company examined its pay practices and increased the pay of about 200 workers based on what is found. whatever happens in court, workers can take action now. he urges people to share their pay information with their peers, saying salary transparency it helps eliminate gender and racial pay gaps. when i put that idea to one credit finance manager in san francisco, she practically shuttered. why is that not good? >> because then they -- there's quite a disparity actually. i don't want them to be aware of them -- that.
12:38 pm
>> reporter: the reasons why might be lost in a conversation about pay. >> i'm not sure that that resonates with them. >> reporter: california workers are legally detected against retaliation from their employers if they discuss wages and employers can't legally use or ask for an applicant's prior salary to determine their pay. >> studies show that women get paid less than men in america and so if you use prior salary to set pay, you are going to perpetuate that wrong going forward. >> reporter: some say the current climate what prompted them to do what was once taboo. >> i would be comfortable sharing it as long as there wasn't any type of repercussion, negative repercussions on me if i did share that information. >> reporter: samburg feels the tide is turning. thanks in part two more transparency in the workplace. >> when people find out what's
12:39 pm
going on and they have that bond of being treated unfairly, you can't go back. >> reporter: do you feel better now that you are out of google? >> i do. yes. >> reporter: highly -- heidi lamar now works at a nonprofit preschool in berkeley. lighter, even though she's engaged in a legal battle against one of the biggest names in silicon valley. >> if any giant company can make amends and find a way to create a new system that compensates people more fairly, it might be google. >> reporter: the lawsuit lamar just joined is separate from the federal department of labor investigation into google's pay practices that came about after a routine audit. fire investigators are now trying to determine the cause of an early morning fire. it broke out about 4:00 at the in america's has value in on ripple road with 32 people inside when firefighters arrived. flames were coming out of a
12:40 pm
window. they heard an explosion and that it blew their window out. it took firefighters about 30 minutes to put that fire out. no one was injured. now to oakland, where mayor libby schaaf says the team is very closed to -- close to bargaining rights for two possible sites for a new a's ballpark. the team's current location of the coliseum is one of them. the oakland a's announced that they would like to by the coliseum complex. the a's are hoping to pay those exclusive negotiating rights. final approval would need to come from both the city council and the board of supervisors. one real estate firm estimates of the coliseum site is worth $180 million. speaking of the a's, just about 20 minutes away from first pitch as open gets ready for a rare day game. live pictures inside the coliseum. we're going to check in with
12:41 pm
ktvu's alex savidge at the ballpark. >> i bet you he's already lost his tie and jacket. the bay area is warm, looking over berkeley, emeryville. meteorologist steve paulson will be back with information on what baseball fans can expect and really what's happening all over the bay area.
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in today's major league baseball opening day. giants against the dodgers. opening-day starter, tie block. it will be his fourth career
12:44 pm
appearance at dodger stadium. there big lefty for his eighth straight opening-day start for the dodgers. he will face the dodgers. that games -- game starts a little bit after 4:00. let's bring you right back come to the bay area. we are 20 minutes away from the home opener at the coliseum. >> alex savidge has been out there all morning. he joins us live this afternoon. >> reporter: they are starting to fill up the coliseum. a warm day here at the ballpark. let me tell you what. there are a lot of sick people here inside the coliseum. so many people that have come down with opening-day fever as they light up the fireworks. now, how's that for timing? we are ready for some baseball here at the ballpark in oakland and the fans are ready for it.
12:45 pm
this is the first time in 21 years that the a's have kicked off the season with a day game. it's really something special here. dynamite day for baseball here at the park. and they are getting ready for first pitch. let me show you, the fans showed up really early this morning. diehard a's fans. they were lined up before 8:00 this morning. and they were in parking lot. lot a is where we were this morning. some serious tailgating as they get ready for opening day baseball as they celebrate 50 years here in the city of oakland. all season long, the team will be honoring the 50 greatest a's players of all time. of course, as we get ready to play baseball once again, here in the east bay, a lot of a's fans are focused on where this team will be playing. involved -- they are looking forward to a new ballpark. >> i want a nice ballpark to go to and enjoy the experience. i pay attention to the giants.
12:46 pm
if you build a new stadium, so come the winds. >> opening-day is like christmas. it's just a big thing. you mark your calendar and you get your tickets before it sells out. it's a big deal. >> family tradition. >> oh, yeah. we will get her her own season ticket when she's old enough. >> basketball coming to an end. all we got is baseball. we got to love it. >> reporter: the a's this year. >> i hope they win. we want to see another championship, you know? can't late -- let san francisco take all the victory. >> reporter: there are a lot of new features at the ballpark. they've added some seats along the first baseline and the third base line to get folks even closer to the action. they also have something called the tree house. it's a special a's fans lounge
12:47 pm
that you can hop out on the deck there and enjoy a drink, enjoy some food, and take in the ballgame there. a live picture. you can see the introductions going on as we speak. the a's and the angels first pitch, 1:05. kevin on the hill for the a's. it is just a gorgeous day here. it is quite warm, as you know. mike and gasia, you guys were out here earlier this morning. it's going to be a really warm afternoon for baseball. but nobody here is complaining that trust me. >> perfect f mitzman -- afternoon. hopefully oakland gets a big victory. >> good start. >> thank you so much. enjoy the game. as are so many others. you were joking about the sunscreen. it's really needed. >> it's very warm. we are not used to these temps yet. i forgot. it is a nice day. before we get to the weather and everything, i approve of this message.
12:48 pm
you say thursday, i say it's friday eve because it feels like it. temperatures are way above average. 62-67 is where they should be. it's 73 degrees in san francisco at noon. the record is 79, set in 1987. they will be close. i'd be shocked if mountain view didn't. they are already 75. the record is 77. there's san francisco. sfo will probably get in there as well. there is a little westerly breeze. maybe not. all they say is 65. anyway, you can find about 70, 74, 75 there's some very warm readings here. half moon bay, rocketing up to 78 degrees. novato 77 and run the baker 70s for many. there's san francisco, 73. richmond 72. berkeley lab at 74.
12:49 pm
in northerly breeze. it's a slice -- slight easter -- easterly breeze. really nothing else going on. but that is the only high pressure. it will probably maxed out on a high temps today. tomorrow still looks pretty warm. by the weekend, more of a westerly breeze. it wouldn't take much westerly breeze to get that fog going. there is some down in southern california. no rain yet. maybe around april 6 or seven. looks to be a few hints. enjoy the sunshine and warm temps. a little too early to get this one. but things will even out over the weekend but still dry. >> you think you. >> any time. inspiring hundreds of richmond schoolchildren. after the break, what some of those students say they learned after one of hollywood's hottest directors told them his story. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
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are in the right spirit. please enjoy yourselves. >> go, a's! a big treat for hundreds of richmond schoolers. >> as paul chambers reports, the experience inspiring them to dream big and break stereotypes. >> wonder woman was one of the top superhero films. >> reporter: the topic of
12:53 pm
discussion, women's empowerment and the role of people of color in hollywood. similar discussions are going on in other classrooms, but the conversation won't end here. because all 300 students in the 628 grades are in -- sixth through eighth grades are in for a special treat. >> they need to see things like that. >> reporter: and they did. as students went from the classroom to a field trip they'll never forget, a chance to see their dreams, hopes, and discussions on the big screen, watching the blockbuster hit black panther. >> we can show them what's possible and how powerful and intelligence and beautiful -- intelligent and beautiful they are. >> reporter: did i forget to say, the trip was sponsored by none other than the movie's director and resident ryan coogler, who made a guest appearance.
12:54 pm
>> i'm so proud and so honored that we can take our students to experience this event and speak to ryan coogler and show them representations of themselves in such a powerful and beautiful way. >> reporter: coogler pays for seven buses or wauconda for the day, where he rented out this theater. black panther is the highest grossing superhero film in the u.s. ringing in more than 630 million dollars so far. an important feet for a man with roots in the east bay. >> he grew up in a community that people think is not positive. he excluded his dreams and lived. >> it's important to those who are doing wonderful things not only just in movies and television and sports, but you always want to let the kids see
12:55 pm
what they can possibly be. >> reporter: before the film, coogler sat with the students answer questions. >> i want to understand what motivated him to make the movie because it's important to the black community. >> reporter: he explains the reason he made the movie is because of his love of comics and his interest in africa. he had the chance to break stereotypes showing africans, african-americans, and women in the most positive light. >> all the girls are week. but in black panther, the girls are really strong. >> we are not stupid. we are not all that derogatory conversations that have been propagated along us. >> probably just a person playing back speak all -- basketball. but this time, he empowers the people in the movie. >> reporter: many of the kids we spoke with say they enjoyed the film. they like to see they should -- they would like to see more movies like this in the future. we will take a peek at
12:56 pm
stock here ahead of the easter holiday weekend. tech stocks, which were down sharply early in the week, and we see the dow jones has gained points. evident on the nasdaq and s&p. spyware also watching the veldman's in sacramento. that's where the funeral for stephon clark is underway. >> black lives matter protests are scheduled, where protesters have locked fans from entering the arena. we have a reporter on the scene, and we will have a live report for you this afternoon. police officers tweeted they are investigating a threat of violence that was called into the department, director -- directed at palo alto high schools. the school itself is on lockdown. that's being called a precaution. certainly given the recent events, any threat to a school is taken very seriously. >> the next newscast is the 4
12:57 pm
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