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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  March 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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11 pm news, starts now. two women and their adopted children are considered dead. child protective services was looking into allegations of child abuse and wanted to rest and the parents. the suv was spotted monday after plunged from a lookout along highway-one. neighbors -- highway-1. neighbors had reported some things. >> reporter: the children were presumed to have been in the suv that plunged over the cliff killing their adoptive mothers and three siblings.
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there is no evidence that the crash was deliberate but there were no skid marks. there is scrutiny on the mothers who were accused of abusing or neglecting their children in 12 states. last week one of the kit -- in two states. last week one of the kids went to the neighbors asking for a lot of food.'s erhardt was sentenced to probation for assault after admitting to spanking her six-year-old daughter causing bruises. that girl is among the dead. friends in minnesota are in disbelief. by 2014, the family moved to west lynn in oregon. now is when devante hart hugged a police officer and the picture went viral. he is among the missing. in 2017, the family moved to woodland in washington state. last friday workers launched an investigation after call from neighbors.
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they said a couple of weeks ago, devante began sneaking over and asking for food saying his moms did not feed the kids as punishment. to try to visit the family that they but no one answered the door. the family had packed up and left. >> the next morning when we saw the vehicle was gone, then sunday morning it still wasn't there, we figured something happened. >> reporter: the crash was reported on monday. just three days after the cps visit. >> i was trying to help and protect them. this was the result.>> reporter: they are asking if anyone may have seen the family on the highway and can shed light on what happened, give them a call. new information about a deadly police shooting inside a barbershop. tonight police release body cam footage that shows how the shootout unfolded.
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a 21-year-old man was killed in the shooting. five others were wounded or grazed by bullet -- bullets. the community gathered for a town hall meeting tonight. we were there and are live with what happened. >> reporter: we know it was a chaotic scene. the video makes it clear. police say they were fired on first. as soon as they enter the barbershop and they had to shoot back. >> as you can see from the picture, this is outside the barbershop.>> reporter: the camera on a police officer capture the moment gunfire erupted inside of the barbershop. that officer went down. he was shot in the leg. he crawled out of the shop to safety. for people were hurt in crossfire. one of the wounded became emotional at the town hall meeting to examine the incident. he was one of two barbers
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struck by bullet that they. >> the minute the bullet struck me, whether it was him, the officer or i don't know who shot me.>> reporter: he is shown holding a handgun that police say he fired nine times. officers were responding to a call from a nearby relative that he had a gun. they found him in the barbershop where the violence erupted. some customers complained that the police risked everyone safety and needed to show restraint.>> you guys handle that all messed up. there were dads, brothers, husbands and that shop. my son goes there to do homework in the back. >> reporter: one man was panicked trying to tell police that children were in the building. camera video shows the pandemonium. two officers fired 26 rounds. >> he was struck approximately 18 times. >> reporter: police expressed
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condolences to the relatives who spoke. >> he was family. we will always remember him and this devastating parnevik incident. wood -- >> reporter: the family is divided over whether the force was justified. >> we do not have hatred toward the police department or officers on the scene. >> i am looking for more answers. i'm not satisfied so far. >> reporter: emotions boiled over tonight. tensions between the family and those loyal to the barbers and the shop. some shoving, some shouting and police ushered everyone outside to cool off. the original call was from his parents. they said he flashed a gun, he had threatened them and tried to break into their house. in sacramento there were
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peaceful protests this evening following the funeral of stephon clark. is the young man shot and killed by sacramento police last week. dozens of demonstrators chanted outside the das office. the block traffic on eighth street. there was no disruption at the sacramento kings arena. things wound down before sunset. about 500 people gathered at bayside church in south sacramento for the funeral service this afternoon. stephon clark's brother appeared overcome with emotion. at one point he held onto al sharpton who tried to comfort him and his family.>> that is what we came for. for them to hold onto somebody. that is until we can change this together. all of these protests have not been violent. >> along with stephon clark's
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family, the mayor and matt barnes attended the funeral. the sacramento kings said they are partnering with black lives matter to set up an education fund for stephon clark's two children. family and friends gathered to remember the anniversary of two men that was shot in -- that were shot and killed outside of the pizza parlor in san francisco. they were shot outside of irving pizza in march 2008. they were out with friends when there was an altercation. someone pulled out a gun and began shooting. the family held vigil outside of the pizza parlor to honor the two men. his daughter was only eight when her father was killed. >> he was the life of the party always positive he was someone that i looked up to. the family said their -->>
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family said they are holding out hope that police will find the person responsible. a man accused of driving a man into a group of people in san francisco is facing 15 felony counts including murder. we have more information. >> reporter: a sidewalk memorial was formed at the corner of 24th and illinois where a deadly hit-and-run happened on wednesday. at the memorial was an unidentified photograph. the medical examiner has determined that the man killed was mr. lopez. other men were hospitalized. one is still listed as critical , another serious, and two were discharged. >> a young man that was very distraught came inside our place of business and said he needed help. needed something to stop the bleeding. i looked across and saw four bodies on the floor. two were not moving and one
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person was growing slowly. one person appeared to be huddled over someone asking him to hang on and not leave.>> reporter: another witness said a driver got into an altercation and was holding and asked. he said the man got into his white gmc, flipped it around and platted into the man on the sidewalk. police arrested the suspected driver, mark dennis. he was charged with 15 counts including murder, four counts of attempted murder and six counts of assault with a deadly weapon. on his facebook page he lists himself as a uber driver from san francisco.'s nickname is bare -- bear. we asked him for an interview and he turned us down. he is expected to make his first court appearance next week.
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police say they have made an arrest in a sexual assault case from five years ago. the victim was a 64-year-old woman. she was assaulted in her home in a tober of 2013. dna from the attackers blood left at the scene matched a burglary suspect in washington state. detectives arrested 34-year-old , alexander haynes last night. they say he lived in the area at the time of the attack. he will remain in jail until he can be extradited to california. the judge that wrote the opinion striking down the ban on same-sex marriage in 2012, has died. he was appointed to the federal appeals court by jimmy carter in 1980. sydney thomas called him one of the giants of the federal bench. he was considered one of the most liberal judges on the ninth circuit.
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a court spokesman said he died of a heart attack in los angeles today. he was 87 years old. the irs's morning that hackers may be targeting your tax preparer. the tax scam that could put your refund at risk. in two minutes, a cancer warning on coffee in california. a judges ruling on state law. in weather, temperatures sort to the 80s. -- temperatures soaring to the 80s. we could be tracking rain chances eventually.
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we are learning more about a 75-year-old drag racer that died in a crash at the noma raceway last night. dragracing was a passing poor james kenneth rambo. with the help of his son he built the 1976 ford pinto he was driving when he crashed during wednesday night dragracing event. the cause of the crash is under investigation. he was going more than 100 miles an hour. he hit the brakes moments before hitting a wall. >> shortly before he crossed the finish line he veered left hit the guardrail and died.>> reporter: desmet >> he was the only driver on the strip at the time of the accident. spokeswoman said this was the first totality. the event was created to discourage street racing. racers must have a valid
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drivers license and cars must meet several requirements before being allowed on the track. a california judge has ruled that coffee drinkers need to be warned about a possible cancer risk. he said that roasters failed to show that the threat from a chemical found in coffee is insignificant. a nonprofit sued under prop 65 is the -- prop 65, that is the law that requires disclosure of chemicals. the ceo said coffee has been shown over and over again to be a healthy beverage. the lawsuit is made a mockery of prop 65. it has confused consumers and does nothing to improve public health. with the tax deadline looming, the irs said hackers are finding new ways to steal refunds. hackers are trying to get the information from tax preparers.
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>> reporter: the irs told us today that they have detected a rise in how computer hackers are trying to steal your identity and your tax refund. >> we are seeing tax professionals who are getting their data breached. >> reporter: asus -- a successful hack can get lots of information. >> they have everything they can use. not just pieces. the whole deal. >> reporter: from that they can create and submit lightning quick, false tax returns. that hack also includes the taxpayers bank routing number for electronic deposit. >> we are seeing erroneous refunds showing up in the real bank account and then the criminal calls and threatens arrest and that they want the
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refund back. the taxpayer is then directed where to transfer the funds. many comply. we informed people of this this afternoon. we first met darren michaels in a barbershop. >> it is the in the now society. by going through the tax guys, it is simple to get all of the information all at once. >> is a honeypot effect. there is consolidation of data. they just need access to that one honeypot.>> it is unnerving. we trust the tax guys to keep our information safe. now who knows? >> reporter: one tax preparer said the industry knows about the hacking. there constantly playing the cat and most -- cat and mouse game with the hackers. the software these days is
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better than it was years ago. >> we have to login many times and go through electronic security that we did not have years ago. >> reporter: with the best software, even if fact, the hackers get gobbledygook instead of data. there was a green light to space x to launch a broadband network using satellites. it will allow space x to provide ultrafast wireless internet service to people who are not already connected. it will use more than 4400 satellites and is expected to be built within six years. disapproval is the first of its kind. a nice warm up today in the bay area. lots of 80s. a little bit of a drop as we head into friday.
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santa rosa 86, san rafael 84. san jose 82 and lots of places at 81. the entire bay area in the 80s. mostly clear skies for tonight. a few high clouds have been drifting in from the pacific. the high clouds will continue to move into the area as we head into early friday morning. here are the current numbers. it is mild out there. lots of 60s right now. here is our life camera looking toward the bay bridge toward san francisco. it is a nice, mild evening out there. overnight low's will start the day in the upper 40s to mid- 50s. this is friday morning. not extremely cold. the area of high pressure has been building. it sticks around for another day and then weakens.
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it will cool things off a little bit for friday. the disturbance moves in over the weekend. more cooling for saturday and sunday. these are just minor changes. the storm track remains to the north for now. that will change next week. we could have more rainfall a week from today. a better bet would be one week from tomorrow. here we are on saturday. partly cloudy skies and more clouds on sunday. overcast by sunday afternoon. for the most part, the weekend will be partly cloudy with temperatures in the mid-60s to mid 70s. still warm tomorrow. san jose will be 80. it is pretty quiet on the five- day forecast. no rain on easter. early next week it is quite as well. we will track the rain chance later next week. survivors
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of january's mudslides in montecito began filing wrongful death lawsuit against southern california edison. 's suit filed claims faulty equipment sparked a huge wildfire that stripped the area ahead of heavy rains that set up the mudslides. a similar suit was filed this week by a separate group of plaintiffs, including a woman whose 12-year-old daughter was killed in the mudslides. a spokesman for southern california edison said it would be premature for the company to comment on the lawsuits. coming up, the boys are back. the giants and the a's scored opening-day wins. tonight we have a beautiful shot of the moon. is not full yet. it doesn't it s it looks like it but the next full moon is saturday -- it does look like it but the next woman is
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if you are with us at 10 pm, mark had a green tie on for the a's now he has a black tie on. i guess we are now leading with the giant? >> she is wearing her a's dress.
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we are starting with the giants. here we go. it was a great game at dodger stadium. to to think type lockwood outdo clayton kershaw. that is what happened. -- did you think he would outdo kershaw? that is what happened. that is no cheaply right there. enter, hunter strickland. he inherits the role and did well. crawford took care of it. save number one. the giants 11-0 -- the giants were the winners 1-0. who better to throw out the first pitch than the mustached one?
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davis had 40+ homers in the last couple of years. the second pitch, matt olson followed that home run. he picked up where he left off last year. he ropes one into right field. that is the bottom of the 11th, marcus simeon had his third hit of the game. the win on opening day. the worries used to have a slogan, rua warriors warrior? that is when they were terrible. now if you are not worried about the warriors, there is a winning smile. it looks like the return might make a difference.
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he missed his first couple of shots. 16 steals for milwaukee. bad pass there. he put it down and had 14 of 18 shots. 32 point. here is the turning point. right before the half. katie gets hammered. he has a right to complain about the call. -- kd gets hammered. he has the right to complain about the call. the warriors went downhill from there. 168--- 116-107. the sharks in nashville tonight. it came down to this. nashville was leading 4-3. ellis purposely knocked the net off. he is penalized.
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logan will get the penalty shot . under two minutes left. it is not going to happen. it is a 5-3 final. bay area teams breakeven today. the sharks need one more point for playoff. tonight everyone. there's only one word for the all new
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